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Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours Sky-High! - Opening

Chika Takami is a student at Uranohoshi Girls' High School and founder of the school idol group, Aqours. While working on a new promo video, she and the other members of the group fall asleep in their clubroom. Soon afterward Chika, You, and Riko awaken to find themselves in an unknown meadow, having no idea how they got there.

Chika: My name is Chika Takami! I'm a student at Uranohoshi Girls' High School.
Chika: Inspired by the school idol group μ's, I started the group Aqours with eight of my friends.
Chika: Not long after our formation, we set to work trying to prevent our school from being shut down and merged with another school.
Chika: We thought if we could make Aqours a success and get our school's name out there, Uranohoshi would get more applicants and wouldn't have to close.
Chika: Our ranking went up thanks to all our hard work, but the school's number of new applicants is still a big fat zero.
Chika: We decided to change up our approach, and our book-loving member Hanamaru came up with some amazing costume ideas!
Chika: So now we're working on a brand-new promo video to share online!
Uranohoshi Girls' High School.
The Aqours members return to the school idol club room, completely worn out.
Chika: We're finally back... Sleep time...
You: Urgh... Dropping anchor... Aye aye...
Kanan: Hey, you two! I know you're tired, but at least wipe all that sweat off before you fall asleep!
Riko: Haha... It sure was exhausting running all over taking test shots for the promo video.
Ruby: Hanamaru's costume ideas were really great, so I made sure to do my Rubesty.
Hanamaru: Hehe... I modeled them after the outfits in a book I like, zura.
Yoshiko: Raiments of darkness from another world...
Yoshiko: I can feel my fallen angel powers soaring to new heights!
Yoshiko: Now to await a fateful encounter with a realm of fallen angels where I can spread my wings!
Kanan: Yeah, that's what we're missing. These outfits have a different feel from what we're used to, so it's hard to figure out what kind of location we need.
Chika: Maybe we oughta focus on the background panel... But I don't think that's the problem...
Chika: Augh, I don't know! But since we're going to all the trouble of making a new promo video, I don't really wanna make compromises...
Dia: Correct! There's no point in even making a new promo video if it isn't going to be the best, most flawless video it can be!
Mari: Then why don't we use our club funds to do some location scouting? We can search all the way from Hokkaido in the north to Okinawa in the south.
Chika: Huh? We have enough money to do that?
Mari: Hehe. That was a joke.
Chika: Figures...
Second-Years: Hmm...
First-Years: Hmm...
Third-Years: Hmm...
The girls wrack their brains for ideas.
Chika lays her head on the desk, searching for images on their laptop, but she fails to come across so much as a hint.
The club room remains silent as the girls sit lost in thought.
Ruby: Yawn... Sis, I'm sleepy...
Dia: Me too, Ruby... Urgh... I can't be falling asleep in the club room—I'm the student council president...
Chika: ...
Chika eventually loses the fight to stay awake and drifts off to sleep.
Chika: (Ngh... Is that the bell ringing? Wonder what time it is...)
You: Ch-Chika! Hey, wake up!
Chika: Mm... Morning already? It's too early...
Riko: Come on, snap out of it!
Chika: But, Rikooo, I'm so sleepy... Hey, what time is it? Where am I? Who am I?
Chika: Huh?
Chika suddenly realizes that the school building is nowhere in sight.
The desk she had been sleeping on, along with various items from the club room, lie scattered across the grass of an unfamiliar meadow.
Chika: Wait, seriously—where are we? Is this Okinawa? Did Mari bring us here as a surprise?
Riko: I highly doubt that...
Chika: Hey, where'd everybody else go?
You: I dunno... When I opened my eyes, it was just the three of us.
Riko: Even if we tried to contact the others, our phones aren't getting any service...
Chika: What are we supposed to do?
The trio are confused after being hurled into an unknown territory—when suddenly things get even more confusing.
Second-Years: Whoa!
The girls brace themselves against a sudden gust of wind. Everything on the desk goes flying into the air.
You: Th-the laptop!
Chika: Nice catch, You...
Riko: Where did that wind come from?
Hearing the sound of a propeller above their heads, they instinctively look up into the sky.
Riko: What is that? An airplane? A giant helicopter?
You: No, Riko. That's... a ship.
Riko: You're right. Looks like we're way farther than just Hokkaido or Okinawa...
Chika: Urgh... Geez...
Chika: What the heck's going on!
The girls have awakened to find themselves in an unknown land.
What new encounters await them?

Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours Sky-High! - Chapter 1: Where Are We? - Episode 1

(Captain) and company visit a town named Tenacie on a mission to investigate why the residents there have fallen into despair. Lyria senses a presence enveloping the island, and the crew splits up to search for anything out of the ordinary. (Captain) and Lyria travel to a nearby meadow where they come across Chika, You, and Riko being attacked by a shadowy monster.

Μ's First-Years not in crew, Μ's Second-Years not in crew, Μ's Third-Years not in crew

(Captain) and the crew are visiting a certain island on a mission.
They've been asked to look into the cause of a strange phenomenon occurring in a town there.
Vyrn: So did somethin' bad happen to this Tenacie place?
Lyria: Yeah. Siero said the townspeople are all acting really down.
Μ's First-Years is a crew member, Μ's Second-Years is a crew member, Μ's Third-Years is a crew member

Some time has passed since the crew joined forces with the nine members of μ's to resolve an incident regarding the primal beast Beobachter.
One day, (Captain) and company receive a request from the mayor of Tenacie and make their way back to the town once more.
Vyrn: So what happened here this time?
Lyria: The mayor said the townspeople are acting really down again.
Vyrn: Again? I guess that means the town's back to how μ's described it before they showed up.
A quick glance around confirms the information they've been given—the people's expressions are indeed clouded with gloom.
Young Woman 1: I can't take it anymore... Just let me be reborn as a rock or something...
Young Woman 2: Ugh... I'd rather shove myself in a closet than have to do any restocking...
Io: Everybody's definitely acting weird.
Io: Siero mentioned that the town's basically come to a standstill.
Vyrn: They won't even answer when we talk to 'em. What the heck's goin' on?
Io: Do you sense anything strange, Lyria?
Μ's First-Years not in crew, Μ's Second-Years not in crew, Μ's Third-Years not in crew

Lyria: Well... I'm not sure how to explain it, but I sense something spread throughout the island. It's really faint though.
Lyria: I wonder if it's the presence of a primal beast? It seems to be more focused in a few places—in town, in the forest, and in the meadow.
Μ's First-Years is a crew member, Μ's Second-Years is a crew member, Μ's Third-Years is a crew member

Lyria: Well... I sense the presence of the same primal beast as the last time we came here, but it feels stronger than before.
Lyria: I can't tell what its owner is like, but the presence seems to be more focused in a few places—in town, in the forest, and in the meadow.
The crew wonder if the locations Lyria mentioned might hold clues to completing their mission.
(Captain) suggests that they split up to investigate each area.
Μ's First-Years not in crew, Μ's Second-Years not in crew, Μ's Third-Years not in crew

Vyrn: Good idea. We've still got time before we meet with the big shot who made the request, so I guess it wouldn't hurt to look around.
Μ's First-Years is a crew member, Μ's Second-Years is a crew member, Μ's Third-Years is a crew member

Vyrn: Good idea. We've still got time before we meet with the mayor lady, so I guess it wouldn't hurt to look around.
Lyria: Um, so (Captain) and I will check out the meadow...
Io: I'm going to the forest, right? Got it.
Vyrn: I'll try to find somethin' fishy in town!
Fortunately it seems that there aren't any dangerous monsters inhabiting the island.
After making plans to rendezvous in town later, (Captain) and the others part ways and head off to investigate.
Chika: Hmm... What are we supposed to do now?
Riko: We can't just stay here forever...
You: Huh?
You: Hey, Chika. Riko. There's somebody over there.
???: ...
Chika: You're right.
Heeey! Can you tell us where—
???: Grr...
Second-Years: ...
As they get closer to the figure, it starts to look less like a person and more like some sort of hazy shadow...
Riko: A m-m-m—
Chika: A monster!
You: Um, guys? I think it's... looking at us...
???: Groooar!
Chika: Whoa! It's coming this way!
Second-Years: Aaahh!
The girls run away as fast as their legs can carry them, but the dark shadow glides after them at high speed, catching up in no time.
???: Groooar!
Chika: ...!
You: Chika!
Shadowy Monster: Grrroooar!
Chika & You: ...!
You rushes over to protect Chika. They both squeeze their eyes shut, overwhelmed by fear.
???: Grr...
Lyria: Are you okay?
But (Captain) comes flying in at the last second to defend them from the monster's attack.
Second-Years: ...
The girls crumple to the ground, too terrified to move a muscle as (Captain) stands to face the monster, weapon at the ready.
Shadowy Monster: Grr...

1: Where Are We?

(Captain) defeats the monsters attacking the girls with ease. The captain is suspicious of the trio at first, thinking they may have something to do with the strange state of the town, but they appear to just be ordinary girls. Concerned about leaving the trio to fend for themselves, (Captain) and Lyria decide to lead them to the town.

Shadowy Monster: Graaah...
(Captain) cuts down the incoming monsters one after another.
Shadowy Monster: Graaah...
Shadowy Monster: Graaah...
Sensing a chill from behind, the captain spins around to slice through yet another monster in one clean motion.
Djeeta is the Main Character

Chika: That...
Second-Years: That was so cool...
Gran is the Main Character

Chika: That...
Second-Years: That was amazing...
Lyria: Um, are any of you hurt?
Chika: (She's so pretty!)
Riko: W-we're fine... Thank you so much...
  1. What were you doing out here?

Choose: What were you doing out here?
Chika: Huh? Um, well, actually... We don't really know.
The crew learns that the three girls—Chika Takami, You Watanabe, and Riko Sakurauchi—awoke to find themselves in the meadow.
(Captain) wonders if they might have something to do with the strange state of the town, but Lyria shakes her head.
Lyria: I don't think so. They just seem like regular girls to me.
(Captain) turns to look at the trio.
Chika: Oh man... I thought I was gonna die...
Riko: That was so scary...
You: It's a good thing (Captain) and the others showed up...
Just as Lyria says, they appear to just be ordinary small-town girls.
Lyria: They don't seem to know anything about this area, so maybe we should lead them to town.
It would indeed be dangerous to leave them behind, so (Captain) decides to bring them back to town with the others.

Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours Sky-High! - Chapter 1: Where Are We? - Episode 2

While on their way to town, Chika explains that she and the other girls are school idols who inspire others with their singing and dancing. (Captain) and company enter a forest, where suddenly they hear Ruby scream. They rush over to find her, Yoshiko, and Hanamaru under attack by shadowy monsters, with Io for some reason swinging her staff instead of using her magic.

Μ's First-Years not in crew, Μ's Second-Years not in crew, Μ's Third-Years not in crew

Lyria: School idols?
Μ's First-Years is a crew member, Μ's Second-Years is a crew member, Μ's Third-Years is a crew member

Vyrn: (Captain) is shocked to hear the girls refer to themselves as school idols.

    Chika: Yep! We're part of a school idol group called Aqours.
    (Captain) and the crew listen to the trio's explanation on the way back to town.
    Riko: School idols are groups of high school girls who put on performances where they sing and dance.
    You: Chika comes up with the lyrics, Riko writes the music, and I make the costumes.
    Μ's First-Years not in crew, Μ's Second-Years not in crew, Μ's Third-Years not in crew

    Chika: We're doing everything we can to save our school, Uranohoshi Girls' High School, from closing.
    Lyria: Umm... So in other words, school idols sing and dance to save people.

      Μ's First-Years is a crew member, Μ's Second-Years is a crew member, Μ's Third-Years is a crew member

      Chika: We're doing everything we can to save our school, Uranohoshi Girls' High School, from closing.
      1. That sounds wonderful.
      2. So how did you get started?

      Choose: That sounds wonderful.
      Chika: Yeah! We shine brightly in order to make everyone smile! What could be more wonderful than that?
      Chika: By the way...

      Choose: So how did you get started?
      Chika: Well, I used to be... ordinary.
      Lyria: Ordinary?
      Chika: Yeah. I can't use a weapon or anything like (Captain), and nothing out there really interested me.
      Chika: But one day I saw a video of a school idol group named μ's, and everything changed.
      Chika: A bunch of ordinary high schoolers just like me were up on stage, shining so brightly...
      Chika: I wanted to shine brightly just like them.
      You: So she started inviting other people to join her, like me and Riko.
      Riko: Hehe. Feels like forever ago.
      Chika: I asked every cute girl I came across...
      Chika: It sure took a while to get all nine of us together though.
      Chika: Actually, on that note...
      Continue 1
      Gran is the Main Character

      Chika: Whaddya say, Lyria? Wanna be a school idol?
      Lyria: Huh? Me?
      Chika: Yeah! Don't you wanna try shining brightly with us?
      Lyria: Wh-what do you think, (Captain)?
      Chika: We'd love for you to sing on stage with us, even if it's just once!
      Riko: Hey, Chika... You're making Lyria all flustered.
      Chika: But she's so pretty! I can't just not invite her! She'd be super popular!
      Djeeta is the Main Character

      Chika: Whaddya say, Lyria? (Captain)? Wanna be school idols?
      Lyria: Huh? Us?
      Chika: Yeah! Don't you wanna try shining brightly with us?
      Lyria: Wh-what do you think, (Captain)?
      Chika: We'd love for you to sing on stage with us, even if it's just once!
      Riko: Hey, Chika... You're making them all flustered.
      Chika: But they're so pretty! I can't just not invite them! They'd be super popular!
      You: That's true, but you can't just ask out of the blue like that. Haha...
      Μ's First-Years not in crew, Μ's Second-Years not in crew, Μ's Third-Years not in crew

      Lyria: Shining on stage, huh... It's hard for me to imagine what that would be like...
      Μ's First-Years is a crew member, Μ's Second-Years is a crew member, Μ's Third-Years is a crew member

      Lyria: Shining on stage, huh... Just like μ's... It's hard for me to imagine what that would be like...
      Lyria: I do love singing though. (Captain), would you like to try singing together after we're done with our mission?
      Throughout their journey, (Captain) and the crew have grown from the experiences they've shared meeting new people.
      Understanding that this could turn out to be another valuable new experience, (Captain) nods.
      Chika: Yay!
      Chika: I'm so happy! Let's sing together, Lyria!
      Lyria: Y-you're squeezing too tight, Chika...
      Chika: I can't wait to introduce you to the others!
      Lyria: Oh, that's right. You did say your group has nine members. What happened to your friends?
      Riko: Well... We're not sure if they ended up here with us or not.
      You: Maybe they're off living it up back in Uchiura...
      They decide to search for the other six members and head into a dimly lit forest. There the girls hear a familiar voice.
      ???: Eeeeep!
      Second-Years: Ruby!
      Lyria: Huh?
      Lyria: W-wait! Don't run off alone!
      Io: Ugh! You buggers just don't know when to give up, do you? Go away!
      Shadowy Monster: Grr...
      Ruby: I-I'm scared! Sis!
      Yoshiko: Could this be a demon of darkness, once sealed within the pits of hell? Has it awakened in response to the power of the fallen angel, Yohane?
      Hanamaru: Yoshiko! Now isn't the time for all that, zura!
      Yoshiko: My name's Yohane!
      Yoshiko: Hyah!
      Shadowy Monster: Grr...
      Chika: Oh no! They're fighting one of those weird things from earlier!
      Io: Take this!
      Io raises her staff above her head and swings it at the monster.
      Lyria: Huh? Why isn't Io using her magic?
      (Captain) and company are filled with a sense of foreboding at the sight of Io waving her staff wildly, when things suddenly take a turn for the worse.
      Shadowy Monsters: ...!
      Ruby: Eep!
      Lyria: Huh? A-a bunch more monsters appeared! We have to help those girls!

      Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours Sky-High! - Chapter 1: Where Are We? - Episode 2: Scene 2

      The monsters are defeated, but (Captain) feels something strange. When asked why she didn't use her magic, Io explains that she hasn't been able to since encountering the monsters, and Lyria seems to be experiencing problems of her own. Meanwhile the girls of Aqours enjoy a heartfelt reunion, and they resume their trek into town, watched by a sinister figure.

      Shadowy Monsters: Urrr...
      After confirming the monsters have been thoroughly exterminated, (Captain) returns the sword to its sheath.
      Lyria: ...?
      Why were you staring at your sword so closely?
      (Captain) had felt something strange. But the captain brushes it off, not wanting to alarm the others.
      First-Years: W-we're saved, zura...
      W-we're saved...
      Chika: Ruby! Yoshiko! Hanamaru!
      First-Years: Zura!


      Overflowing with happiness upon being reunited with her friends, Chika dashes over to tackle them in a hug.
      Chika: So you guys ended up here too! I'm so glad you're okay!
      You & Riko: Haha...
      You and Riko smile wryly at the sight of Chika bowling the other girls over onto the ground.
      (Captain) fills Io in on the situation as they watch the girls' joyful reunion.
      Io: Thanks for your help, (Captain).
      The captain asks Io why she didn't use her magic.
      Io: I've been feeling off ever since I ran into that monster. I don't really understand it myself though...
      Lyria: Oh no... Are you okay?
      Io: Yeah. I'm sure I'll be back to normal soon.
      Chika: Another pretty girl...
      Riko: They're in the middle of something, Chika. Don't even think about it.
      Oblivious to the glint in Chika's eye, Io continues.
      Io: Anyway, is this the area you were talking about before, Lyria?
      Io: I didn't find anything suspicious, unless you count Ruby and the others.
      Lyria: Hmm... Let me see if I can sense anything...
      Io: Did the presence disappear?
      Lyria: No, I don't think so. I'm having trouble sensing anything right now, actually.
      Io: Don't tell me there's something wrong with you too...
      Lyria: Haha... It's nothing serious.
      Hanamaru: Um... Could we talk to you for a second?
      Ruby: Th-thank you for saving us back there!
      Yoshiko: I, the fallen angel, Yohane, extend my gratitude as well. I very nearly had my fallen angel powers stolen by those evil spirits of darkness.
      Io: Spirits of darkness? Yohane, do you know something about what's happening on this island?
      Yoshiko: Huh?
      Yoshiko: But of course. Those were descendants of darkness resurrected from the depths of hell. Detestable creatures that were forced to descend after they rebelled against the heavens.
      Yoshiko: I, myself, descended upon this realm to destroy the descendants of darkness for the sake of all mortals and set this world on the correct path.
      Lyria: Umm, this fallen angel, Yohane, must be pretty amazing, huh?
      Io: Even if she's not of this world, as long as she's here to put a stop to the strange occurrences on the island, I guess she's not our enemy.
      (Captain) and the crew struggle to make sense of Yohane's words.
      But just as Io says, the fallen angel doesn't appear to be their enemy.
      Yoshiko: ...
      Hanamaru: Yoshiko, cut it out, zura. I'm always telling you to lay off the fallen angel stuff, but this time it's different.
      Yoshiko: I told you I'm not Yoshiko! I'm Yohane!
      Yoshiko: And how is it different?
      Ruby: (Captain) and the others are totally believing everything you say...
      Ruby: And they're not even weirded out by our costumes. Actually, they act like our outfits are completely normal...
      Hanamaru: It kinda feels like we've been sucked into a book or something.
      Io: A book? Our world is that much different from yours?
      Hanamaru: Magic and monsters don't exist in our world. And on top of that...
      Μ's First-Years not in crew, Μ's Second-Years not in crew, Μ's Third-Years not in crew

      (Captain) and company make their way back to town as they listen to the girls' unbelievable story.
      Μ's First-Years is a crew member, Μ's Second-Years is a crew member, Μ's Third-Years is a crew member

      The girls explain that they have come from Uchiura, a coastal town surrounded by mountains.
      Judging from the abundance of nature they describe, it seems to be a very different world than that of the concrete jungle called Akiba the crew once caught a glimpse of.
      (Captain) and company listen with great interest as they make their way back to town.
      ???: ...
      A shadowy figure glares at (Captain) and the others from behind.
      ???: A hero who wields a sword, and one who uses magic... My enemies...
      ???: And...
      The figure curses under its breath and vanishes.
      Lyria: ...?
      1. Something wrong?

      Choose: Something wrong?
      Lyria: Hm... No... It was probably just my imagination.

      Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours Sky-High! - Chapter 1: Where Are We? - Episode 3

      Mari, Kanan, and Dia attempt to approach the residents for information, but the gloomy townspeople avoid them. They run into Vyrn who is investigating the town and end up meeting the crew and the other Aqours members at the mayor's house. The mayor explains that the townspeople have been depressed ever since the appearance of shadowy monsters in the town.

      Lyria: We're almost to the town, everyone.
      1st & 2nd-Years: Wow...
      The girls' mouths drop open as they gaze up at the towering walls surrounding the town.
      Hanamaru: This really is a storybook world, zura...
      Ruby: I wonder if Sis and the others are here?
      Io: We found the six of you in the areas where Lyria felt a strange presence, so I'd say it's likely the other three are here too.
      Mari: Wow, this townscape is simply fantastic!
      Kanan: How are you so relaxed, Mari?
      Dia: Good question. Before we knew it, we were in an unknown land. What in the world happened?
      Mari: No, no! Papa always says you need to keep a calm and clear mind when faced with an unfamiliar situation!
      Mari: Panicking will just make things worse. So let's all try to keep our cool.
      Kanan: Okay...
      Dia: You may be right, but still...
      Townspeople: ...
      Kanan: The people here are all keeping their distance. Maybe they're scared of us...
      Mari: Not to worry—I have plenty of experience traveling overseas! Just leave it to me!
      Mari: Even if the townspeople are unsociable, if we just talk to them with shiny smiles on our faces, I'm sure they'll open up to us!
      As if to prove her point, Mari approaches a passing woman.
      Mari: Ciao! I have something I'd like to ask you, my shiny friend.
      Young Woman 1: Me?
      Mari: Yes! We're lost, you see. Would you mind giving us directions?
      Young Woman 1: Lost...
      Young Woman 1: Big deal! I, on the other hand, have lost my direction in life, doomed to wander in an endless labyrinth with no escape!
      Mari: What? Um, er...
      Young Woman 1: Waaah!
      The woman takes off running, wailing loudly.
      Mari: Oh...
      The people avert their eyes from the trio following the exchange, their expressions grim. They appear to be far more than just unsociable.
      Kanan: You know... I don't think these people are unfriendly. They just seem really depressed...
      Dia: It's like they're willing us to not talk to them...
      Mari: Reminds me of how a couple of girls I know used to be.
      Kanan & Dia: Ngh...
      Mari: Hehe. That was a joke. I'm sure someone will respond eventually if we just keep trying.
      Kanan: Yeah, you're right. I guess I ought to try talking to them too.
      Dia: They can't possibly all be scared. But that being said...
      The townspeople have all left the area, perhaps terrified that the girls might speak to them.
      Mari: The people all vanished...
      Vyrn: Hey, you three. Can I ask you somethin'?
      Third-Years: ...!
      Vyrn: Have you seen any shady folks around here?
      Third-Years: ...
      Vyrn: Anything would help. No one'll talk to me, so I'm not makin' any progress...
      Dia: Shady folks?
      Mari: Yes, we have...
      Kanan: There's one right in front of us...
      Vyrn: Huh?
      Vyrn: I-I ain't shady!
      Vyrn: And that's what happened.
      Lyria: I felt a strange presence...
      Io: And there those nine girls were...
      Second-Years: ...
      First-Years: ...
      Third-Years: ...
      Io: They're not primal beasts or anything, right?
      Yoshiko: No, I'm a fallen angel, not a prime beast—
      Hanamaru: Yoshiko, hush, zura.
      Yoshiko: I told you, my name's not Yoshiko! It's Yo-ha-ne!
      Vyrn: There's a weird one mixed in with the bunch, but I get the feelin' they're just regular girls.
      Μ's First-Years not in crew, Μ's Second-Years not in crew, Μ's Third-Years not in crew

      Lyria: Yeah. I don't think they're the ones causing the people in town to act strangely...
      Io: Hmm... But I get the feeling it might all be connected somehow...
      The crew tries to figure out how the girls might be related to the strange events in town, but nothing comes to mind.
      Μ's First-Years is a crew member, Μ's Second-Years is a crew member, Μ's Third-Years is a crew member

      (Captain) and the crew consider the fact that the girls call themselves school idols just as μ's had.
      Vyrn: Do you think that primal beast Beobachter's the one who brought 'em here?
      Lyria: I have a feeling you're right. Beobachter was probably trying to help the people of Tenacie smile again.
      (Captain) and the others find it incredibly peculiar that the previously cheerful town is now overflowing with doom and gloom.
      They speculate that the townspeople's brooding is being induced by a substantial power, perhaps belonging to the primal beast Lyria had sensed on the island.
      It would be only logical to assume that Beobachter had chosen to intervene, wanting to fulfill its discovered purpose.
      As they're thinking, their client, the mayor of the town, appears.
      Mayor: My apologies for keeping you waiting, everyone.
      Vyrn: No big deal! We've been lookin' around outside.
      Mayor: Oh my, there certainly are a number of you... I'll need to put out more snacks and fruit. Hehe...
      Chika: Yay, mikan oranges! Thanks!
      Dia: Control yourself, Chika. Just because she offered us snacks, that doesn't mean you should sit there and eat them all.
      Mayor: No, please help yourselves. Seeing you lively ladies really cheers me up. No one smiles in town anymore, so it's been a while since my heart felt so light.
      Io: All the townspeople are seriously depressed. Would you mind telling us exactly what's happening here?
      Μ's First-Years is a crew member, Μ's Second-Years is a crew member, Μ's Third-Years is a crew member

      Mayor: Seeing as how some of you haven't been here before, let me tell you a little about our town.
      Μ's First-Years not in crew, Μ's Second-Years not in crew, Μ's Third-Years not in crew

      Mayor: This town never really had anything that set it apart, so the population wasn't very large.
      Mayor: But for a period of time this town was really lively... It was bright and cheerful, overflowing with the smiles of young ladies.
      Mayor: But that didn't last long. Ever since those black shadows appeared, everyone's fallen into despair.
      Ruby: Black shadows? Like the monster that was chasing us?
      Mayor: What! I've never heard of them attacking anyone before.
      Vyrn: So I guess that means things are gettin' worse. We gotta figure this out fast...
      Vyrn: I guess for now we oughta do some more investigatin' around town.
      Mayor: Please, save our town. I beg you...
      The mayor sets her mouth in a hard line and lowers her head.
      Chika: ...

      Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours Sky-High! - Chapter 1: Where Are We? - Episode 4

      The members of Aqours offer to help with the crew's mission and set out to investigate the town. They come across an enormous stage in the town square where shadowy monsters appear and attack Chika. (Captain) rushes over to help, but the sword flies out of the captain's grip and almost hits Vyrn.

      Chika: ...
      Kanan: What's wrong, Chika? Are you thinking about what the mayor said?
      Chika: Yeah. She looked really upset when she was talking about the town. And she seemed exhausted...
      Vyrn: I think she's been runnin' all over tryin' to keep the town afloat. That's why she was late to meet us.
      Chika: So that's why...
      Chika: Hey, (Captain). Is there anything we can help with?
      Io: Hold on, Chika. Our mission is going to be pretty dangerous.
      Kanan: Yeah, Chika... What do you plan to do if more monsters show up? You've already been attacked once, remember?
      Chika: Well, yeah, I can't fight like (Captain), and I don't really know anything about this town...
      Chika: But when I saw how much that lady cares about the people here, I just felt like I had to do something...
      Mari: I guess that makes two of us, Chika.
      Dia: Mari! What are you talking about?
      Mari: Imagine if the students at Uranohoshi were acting like the people here.
      Mari: As the chairman and student council president, the two of us wouldn't be able to just sit around and watch, right?
      Dia: Well, yes, that's true...
      Mari: Plus, there's one more reason.
      Mari pulls Dia and Kanan toward her.
      Mari: Think about what would happen if we tried telling Chika to stop.
      Kanan: Hey, Chika. I think you should give up on this idea.
      Chika: No way!
      Dia & Kanan: Good point...
      Mari: If Chika was the type to give up when told to stop, Aqours as it is now wouldn't exist.
      Dia: I see. So that's the real reason you agreed.
      Kanan: If Chika's going to do this with or without our help, it would be better for us to be with her. Makes sense.
      Chika: Hey... What are you guys talking about?
      Third-Years: ...!
      Kanan: Nothing. We'll help (Captain)'s crew as long as we're not in any danger.
      Kanan: We won't go anywhere dangerous. If we feel like we're in danger, we leave. Okay?
      Chika: Got it.
      Vyrn: Well, we'll take care of all the fightin', so I don't think you gotta worry too much.
      With the captain there to protect them, they have nothing to fear.
      (Captain) suggests that the girls help with the investigation of the town as the crew's informants.
      Vyrn: Since we can't get info out of anybody, I guess it's up to us to explore on our own...
      Chika: Thanks, (Captain). I'll do my best not to miss anything important!
      And so (Captain) and company set out to search the island.
      Μ's First-Years not in crew, Μ's Second-Years not in crew, Μ's Third-Years not in crew

      Io: Hey, Lyria, are you sensing anything weird now?
      Lyria: Umm... Yes. I think so, at least...
      Μ's First-Years is a crew member, Μ's Second-Years is a crew member, Μ's Third-Years is a crew member

      Vyrn: (Captain), you're worried about that primal beast Lyria sensed when we got here, right?
      Vyrn: Think you could ask it to come out for a chat, Lyria?
      Lyria: I don't know... It doesn't really feel like it would come when called, and I can't tell exactly where it is...
      Vyrn: You don't sound very sure. Why's that?
      Lyria: Umm... Well, I've been having trouble focusing for a little while now...
      Io: You too?
      Lyria: Haha... I'm all right. Don't worry. Let's keep looking around.
      They continue their search.
      Chika: Hey, what's that?
      Riko: Is that a big stage?
      Chika points at what appears to be an enormous stone stage in the town square.
      Μ's First-Years not in crew, Μ's Second-Years not in crew, Μ's Third-Years not in crew

      Vyrn: Wow... That's pretty crazy. There's a bunch of equipment lyin' around too.
      Μ's First-Years is a crew member, Μ's Second-Years is a crew member, Μ's Third-Years is a crew member

      The stage stands on the location where μ's once compelled the townspeople to join their practice, and where they later held a joint concert together.
      As if in commemoration, a plethora of equipment adorns the once simple stage, turning it into a magnificent sight.
      You: Is that lighting and... sound equipment maybe? The stage is really impressive, but it looks like it's been abandoned.
      Ruby: It hasn't been taken care of, so it's all beat up... I kinda feel sorry for it...
      Io: Judging by the equipment, I guess they used to perform songs or plays or something here.
      Μ's First-Years not in crew, Μ's Second-Years not in crew, Μ's Third-Years not in crew

      Lyria: I wonder if the townspeople used to do things like that here back when they were still happy.
      Chika: Songs and plays, huh...
      Μ's First-Years is a crew member, Μ's Second-Years is a crew member, Μ's Third-Years is a crew member

      Vyrn: Man, there's stuff everywhere. With all that, they could put on any show they want!
      Chika: ...
      Chika reaches her hand out toward the stage.
      Μ's First-Years not in crew, Μ's Second-Years not in crew, Μ's Third-Years not in crew

      Chika: What if idols used to sing and dance here—
      Μ's First-Years is a crew member, Μ's Second-Years is a crew member, Μ's Third-Years is a crew member

      Chika: Songs and plays, huh...
      Lyria: Ch-Chika! Behind you!
      Chika: Huh?
      Chika spins around to see what Lyria is looking at.
      Shadowy Monster: Grr...
      Chika: Whaaaat! Again?
      Vyrn: H-hey, (Captain)! She's in trouble!
      (Captain) rushes over immediately, drawing the sword from its sheath.
      But (Captain) misjudges the proper amount of force to use, and the weapon is sent flying out of the captain's hands.
      Vyrn: Th-that was close! What're you doin' throwin' your sword over here, (Captain)?
      Vyrn: You okay? You don't usually do stuff like that.
      (Captain) retrieves the sword from Vyrn and once again takes off toward the monster on the stage.

      Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours Sky-High! - Chapter 1: Where Are We? - Episode 4: Scene 2

      (Captain) manages to defeat the monsters, but there is clearly something wrong with the captain. It turns out that (Captain) seems to be suffering from the same sort of problem as Io and Lyria and has forgotten how to wield a sword.

      Shadowy Monster: ...
      Vyrn, Lyria, & Io: ...
      Io: Hey... What's wrong with you?
      Lyria: (Captain)... Are you having the same problem as us?
      (Captain) had sensed earlier that Lyria and Io weren't the only ones feeling off.
      And now the captain has finally realized what the problem is.
      (Captain) has completely forgotten how to wield a sword.

      Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours Sky-High! - Chapter 2: Welcome to Tenacie - Episode 1

      (Captain) sits in the inn brooding over the fact that Vyrn was almost seriously injured by the captain's own sword. Vyrn arrives and attempts to cheer (Captain) up, but is unsuccessful. Suddenly (Captain) hears a voice claiming that the captain is nothing without a sword.

      They manage to defeat the monsters in the square with great difficulty. However, a number of problems still remain unresolved.
      Chika: Huh? Where's (Captain)?
      Vyrn: (Captain)'s actin' kinda weird... Went back to the inn and hasn't left the room since...
      You: (Captain) seemed kinda depressed.
      Vyrn: Yeah. (Captain)'s never slacked off on a mission like this before.
      Vyrn: Lyria's out of sorts because of (Captain), and Io still can't use her magic. This ain't good...
      Vyrn: I'm gonna go see how (Captain)'s holdin' up... Do you girls wanna go check on Lyria and Io?
      Vyrn: I think Lyria'd be glad to see ya.
      Chika: Sure. I wanna talk to Lyria some more anyway.
      Kanan: Lyria's in her room, right? What about Io?
      Vyrn: Y'know, I haven't seen her around. Maybe she's outside the inn...
      Kanan: Okay then, we'll do some jogging and look for her.
      They all head off to check on their friends.
      (Captain) sits in the inn, staring at the sword leaning up against the wall.
      Vyrn: Th-that was close! What're you doin' throwin' your sword over here, (Captain)?
      The sword has never slipped out of the captain's hands like that before.
      Vyrn: Hey, (Captain).
      If the sword had flown in a slightly different direction, it would have hit Vyrn. That grave truth weighs heavily on (Captain)'s mind.
      Vyrn: I said, hey!
      (Captain) finally notices Vyrn as he tries to get the captain's attention.
      Vyrn: What's gotten into you? What're you spacin' out in your room for?
      1. I-I'm sorry...

      Choose: I-I'm sorry...
      Vyrn: Are you hung up on what happened in that fight earlier? I didn't get hurt or anything. Come on, this ain't like you.
      Vyrn: We gotta get back to investigatin'. Let's go finish this mission like we always do.
      (Captain) came to the island on a mission. But now all that comes to mind is the incident with the sword.
      The captain declines, wanting to calm down first.
      Vyrn: Okay. I won't force ya. Let's get back to explorin' once you feel better.
      Vyrn lightly pats (Captain)'s shoulder and exits the room.
      (Captain) goes back to staring at the sword leaning on the wall.
      Even though the sword has long felt like an extension of (Captain)'s own body, the captain now can't even envision swinging it.
      ???: That sword is what made you a hero...
      ???: Without it, you are nothing...
      (Captain) jumps up and looks around the room, but the source of the voice is nowhere to be found.
      Figuring it was just the wind, the captain remains in the silent room, unmoving.

      Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours Sky-High! - Chapter 2: Welcome to Tenacie - Episode 2

      Yoshiko, Hanamaru, and Ruby happen upon Io struggling to use her magic, when suddenly a figure calling itself the primal beast Nihilith appears before them. Nihilith claims to have robbed Io of her hope and taunts the girls for their powerlessness before vanishing.

      Io: Hrgh...
      Strained noises escape Io's throat as she glares at the lantern in her hand.
      Io: It's no use...
      Hanamaru: Io, whatcha up to, zura?
      Yoshiko: Are you holding a ritual to gather dark magical power?
      Io: Mm... Not quite. This lantern's lit with magic. So I'm gathering light magical power, not dark.
      Yoshiko: O-oh...
      Ruby: But why are you using a lantern when it's light outside?
      Io: I'm not using it for the light. I can't cast magic with my staff no matter how hard I try, so I've been testing other things...
      Io: I thought maybe it would work if I used a different tool, but I guess I was wrong.
      Yoshiko: Magic sure is useful...
      Io: It's used everywhere. Lights are powered by magic, and that sound equipment too.
      Hanamaru: It's the future, zura...
      Ruby: You must be a really hard worker. Even when the going gets tough, you don't give up.
      Io: Maybe, maybe not... Magic's just really important to me.
      Io: I don't want to lose the ability to help people with my magic.
      ???: So in other words, without magic you are nothing...
      Hanamaru: Yoshiko? Why would you say something like that?
      Yoshiko: Th-that wasn't me! And my name's Yohane!
      Ruby: Then who said that?
      ???: Hee... Hee-hee! I'm impressed you still manage to cling to hope after being affected by my minion's power...
      Io: ...!
      ???: Magic is your comfort, is it not? Then allow me to personally drag you down into the pits of despair—there is not a spark of magic left within you!
      The shadowy figure suddenly grabs Io by the throat.
      Io: No!
      ???: Hee-hee... Hahaha!
      Io: Aaahh!
      First-Years: Io!
      ???: There is nothing left within your heart. Thanks to my power, all your hope has turned to naught.
      Io: Huff... Huff...
      Io: (What's happening? I don't have the energy to move...)
      ???: Isn't it painful? Don't you feel absolutely empty? Hee-hee-hee...
      Dia: What is that thing?
      Mari: Maybe it's the ringleader of those monsters that appeared on the stage?
      ???: I see you figured it out, little dancers. But it's already too late. There's nothing you can do.
      Io: Huff... Huff... Urgh...
      Kanan: How dare you! Now I'm angry!
      Nihilith: You silly little dancers have nothing—do you actually intend to fight me, the primal beast Nihilith?
      Nihilith: Hee-hee-hee... I will make you understand just how powerless you truly are, little dancers from another world...
      Ruby: She disappeared... That was so scary, Sis...
      Dia: Don't worry—she's gone. Let's take Io back to the inn.
      Io: ...
      Vyrn: A primal beast? That's what she called herself?
      Dia: Yes. And she said she stole all the hope from Io's heart and replaced it with nothingness.
      Μ's First-Years not in crew, Μ's Second-Years not in crew, Μ's Third-Years not in crew

      Vyrn: Think (Captain) ended up that way because of one of those shadows too?
      Lyria: ...
      Lyria: I'm sorry... It's all my fault. If only I'd been able to sense her presence, this never would have happened...
      Μ's First-Years is a crew member, Μ's Second-Years is a crew member, Μ's Third-Years is a crew member

      Vyrn: It's just like (Captain) thought! I can't believe I knew and still couldn't do anythin' to help!
      Lyria: ...
      Vyrn: Since that primal doesn't give off a presence, she could pick us off one by one! Talk about playin' dirty...
      Lyria: I'm sorry... It's all my fault. If only I'd had my act together, this never would have happened...
      Yoshiko: That's not true! It's all that monster's fault!
      Vyrn: She's right. Maybe your powers are being affected by (Captain) since your lives are connected.
      Lyria: That... could be...
      Lyria: I'm so overcome with negative emotions I can't use my powers properly. It's a horrible feeling.
      The room falls silent at Lyria's words.
      Μ's First-Years not in crew, Μ's Second-Years not in crew, Μ's Third-Years not in crew

      Vyrn: Man, I really don't feel like fighting a primal beast...
      Μ's First-Years is a crew member, Μ's Second-Years is a crew member, Μ's Third-Years is a crew member

      Vyrn: That primal beast's gotta be pretty nasty to mess up (Captain) as much as she did.
      Chika: Um... What's a primal beast anyway?
      Lyria: Well, long ago they were used as weapons in the War...
      You: Hmm... Kinda like how the battleship Yamato was all like "aye aye!" and went on a rampage?
      Riko: Th-that's a pretty crazy story...
      Kanan: But she looked more like a person than a weapon...
      Vyrn: Yeah. Some of 'em look like people, and others look like monsters, so that makes sense.
      Chika: Urgh... We wouldn't be able to do anything against a thing like that...
      Ruby: U-um! Can I ask a question? Why didn't she do anything to me and my friends?
      Vyrn: Good question.
      Yoshiko: The prime beast's darkness must have been conquered by the powers of the fallen angel, Yohane!
      Lyria: Hmm...
      Yoshiko: (She didn't even argue!)
      Vyrn: Oh, I think I get it. Maybe it's because you guys can't do anything.
      Dia: Excuse me, Vyrn? Did I just hear you insult my friends and little sister?
      Vyrn: N-no, that's not what I meant!
      Vyrn: (Captain) lost the ability to use a sword, Io lost her magic, and Lyria lost her primal beast powers, right?
      Vyrn: Nihilith must've been used in the War, so she probably thought it was pointless to do anything to me or you girls since we can't fight.
      Mari: But the townspeople didn't seem that different from us.
      Lyria: Maybe she's the type of primal whose power encompasses an entire island, affecting the people little by little.
      You: Do you think we'll end up like them if we stick around here too long?
      Vyrn: Maybe. So we better do somethin' before that happens...

      Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours Sky-High! - Welcome to Tenacie

      While struggling to come up with a solution to the situation, Chika decides to show Lyria one of μ's concerts on her laptop in order to help Lyria remember what it's like to have fun. As soon as Chika learns that Lyria enjoys singing, she invites her to practice together with Aqours. Lyria finds herself cheering up thanks to her new friends.

      Vyrn: Come on... You gotta be kiddin' me. The Grandcypher won't move?
      Chika: So much for leaving the island...
      Vyrn: Man... I never woulda thought that primal'd be able to keep our ship from flyin'...
      Vyrn: Uhh, so we can't leave the island, and if we ask for (Captain)'s help with those shadows, it'll be the same thing all over again...
      Vyrn: Maybe we could get Lyria to use her powers... But I don't wanna push her too hard...
      Chika: Hmm...
      Chika: It's no good. I can't think of any ideas...
      You: Me neither.
      Riko: Same here...
      Vyrn: Let's take a break.
      Lyria: ...
      Chika: Whatcha reading, Lyria?
      Lyria: My journal. I thought it might help me remember something fun.
      Lyria: But even though I wrote the words myself, it doesn't feel like any of it really happened...
      Riko: You can't remember anything fun? There has to be a way to jog your memory.
      You: How about I make Lyria a cute outfit?
      Chika: Hey... First you should sing along with Riko on the piano!
      Lyria: U-um... Okay...
      Chika & You: You'll sing?
      You'll wear the outfit?
      Lyria: Hehe... I guess both? Or, well, I actually haven't seen Aqours sing or dance yet...
      Chika: Oh yeah... Hang on just a sec, Lyria!
      Chika: Ta-da! Our laptop!
      You: Huh, I forgot the desk was transported here with us.
      Chika: Heh-heh... Since I invited Lyria, I figured I oughta teach her about Aqours' roots.
      Chika opens the flat object and starts fiddling with it.
      A few moments later, music begins to play, and a group of girls appears.
      Μ's First-Years not in crew, Μ's Second-Years not in crew, Μ's Third-Years not in crew

      Lyria: ...
      Μ's First-Years is a crew member, Μ's Second-Years is a crew member, Μ's Third-Years is a crew member

      Lyria: ...!
      Chika: The girls singing are a group called μ's. This concert is what made me decide I wanted to be a school idol.
      Lyria: They're shining...
      Chika: Right?
      The two of them stare with their eyes glued to the girls on the screen.
      Chika: ...
      Lyria turns to watch as a bright smile spreads across Chika's face.
      Lyria: You really like school idols, don't you?
      Chika: Yeah. I love them. It'd make me really happy if you came to love them too someday, Lyria...
      Chika: And next up is one of our videos...
      As soon as the words come out of Chika's mouth, the screen goes blank, and the music stops abruptly.
      Chika & Lyria: Huh?
      Chika: Hey, laptop! What's wrong with you?
      Chika messes with the laptop, but nothing happens.
      You: Oh, Chika... The battery died...
      Chika: Huuuh? No way...
      Riko: Lyria, do you know where we can find an outlet?
      Lyria: An out-let?
      Riko: Guess that's a no...
      Lyria: Does this mean we can't watch the rest?
      Chika: Sorry...
      Μ's First-Years not in crew, Μ's Second-Years not in crew, Μ's Third-Years not in crew

      Lyria: That's too bad... But thank you. Hearing those girls sing reminded me a little bit of what it's like to have fun.
      Μ's First-Years is a crew member, Μ's Second-Years is a crew member, Μ's Third-Years is a crew member

      Lyria: That's too bad... But thank you. Seeing that made me really happy.
      Lyria: I've never sung in front of a bunch of people before... But I've always loved singing with Katalina and the others.
      Chika: Hey, why don't we practice together?
      Riko: We'll teach you to sing and dance!
      Lyria: Oh... Okay!
      You: Then let's get going! Full speed ahead! Aye aye!
      After spending some time with the Aqours members, Lyria has started to return to her old self, little by little.

      Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours Sky-High! - Chapter 2: Welcome to Tenacie - Episode 4

      Chika suggests that they put on a concert for the townspeople to bring happiness back to the town. After receiving permission from the mayor to use the stage in the town square, they split into groups to pass out flyers, clean the stage, and get the stage equipment working. But Chika, You, and Riko are unable to hand out a single flyer.

      Lyria: Hehe... Um, so the next part of the dance goes like this, right?
      Chika: Haha! Looking good, Lyria!
      (Captain) is awakened from a long nap by the sound of singing outside.
      The captain exits the room to find Lyria and the others singing along to some choreography.
      Lyria: Oh! (Captain)!
      (Captain)'s heart lightens at the sight of Lyria's bright smile.
      Lyria: Chika and the other girls were just teaching me how to sing and dance.
      (Captain) can't help but grin as Lyria happily chats away.
      Lyria: Um, (Captain)...
      Lyria: It doesn't have to be right away... But if you're in the mood, would you please sing with me?
      1. I'll just watch for now.

      Choose: I'll just watch for now.
      (Captain) takes a seat to watch Lyria and the others practice.
      Lyria: Hehe... This is kind of fun.
      You: Haha. I'm glad we got the chance to practice together.
      Riko: But don't push yourself too hard, okay? We don't want you wearing yourself out.
      Lyria: Okay!
      As (Captain) watches the girls singing cheerfully, the incident with Vyrn and the sword slowly begins to fade from the captain's mind.
      Suddenly (Captain) hears a noise from behind and turns around.
      Young Woman 1: Oh...
      Chika: Huh? Is something wrong?
      Young Woman 1: It's nothing... Nothing at all! Don't mind me. Please continue...
      Voice full of pain, the woman dashes away.
      Chika: ...
      Chika seems to notice something hidden beneath her complicated expression.
      Dia: You thought of something we can do?
      Hanamaru: We can help (Captain) and the townspeople, zura?
      Chika: Yeah!
      Mari: So what exactly do you plan for us to do?
      Yoshiko: Are we going to use my fallen angel powers to guide the townspeople afflicted by those evil spirits of darkness, turning them all into my little demons?
      Chika: Yup!
      Yoshiko: Huh?
      Chika: We're gonna descend... Wait, no! We're gonna put on a concert!
      All Eight: A concert?
      Chika: Yeah! Lyria loves music, so μ's and our songs cheered her up...
      Chika: The people here like dancing and singing enough that they built that awesome stage, so I bet a concert'd cheer them right up too!
      Dia: I see. That somehow makes sense and yet doesn't at the same time...
      Dia: But it wouldn't be easy. We may have all the equipment we need, but we can't use it.
      Ruby: And we'd have to clean up the stage first... The poor thing hasn't been taken care of, so it's all worn-out...
      Mari: There are a lot of issues with the idea... But I guess it wouldn't hurt to ask the mayor if we could use the stage.
      Chika: Yeah!
      The girls head off to meet with the mayor.
      Mayor: You want to use the stage in the town square? What do you plan to do there?
      Chika: We're school idols!
      You: We'd like to put on a concert for the townspeople.
      Riko: We want to help cheer them up.
      Mayor: A concert...
      The mayor hesitates, lost in thought.
      Chika: Please!
      Mayor: Well, I don't mind...
      Chika: Thank you!
      Chika: Let's go, everybody!
      Having received permission to use the stage, the girls thank the mayor and leave the room.
      Mayor: School idols...
      Third-Years: We'll clean the stage!
      Vyrn & 2nd-Years: We'll hand out flyers!
      First-Years: And we'll figure out the equipment!
      Chika: Okay, everybody's got a job!
      Vyrn: I was wonderin' what you were gonna say, but I definitely wasn't expecting it to be a concert.
      Chika: The stage may be in bad shape, but I'm sure there are still people here who love singing and dancing!
      Chika: We can't fight the primal beast or anything, but we wanna do what we can before we end up depressed and lose our motivation.
      Vyrn: Well, might as well give it a shot!
      You: Then let's move out, everybody! Full speed ahead!
      Vyrn & Aqours: Aye aye!
      Dia: Cough, cough! For some reason I feel like I always get stuck cleaning...
      Mari: Hehe. Pool cleaning is your specialty.
      Dia: You're wrong! And that was all your fault to begin with!
      Kanan: Come on, you two. Quit bickering and get back to cleaning. We don't have much time.
      Hanamaru & Ruby: Nnnnngh...
      Backstage, Ruby, Hanamaru, and Yoshiko attempt to channel their energy into the magic-powered sound equipment.
      Yoshiko: Come, resonating devices, heralds of the world's end!
      Yoshiko: Be resurrected from the darkness of the abyss so that I may spread my jet-black wings!
      First-Years: ...
      Yoshiko: My spell didn't work? They've forced my hand... I shall unleash the eighty-fifth incantation!
      Hanamaru: Do you think Yoshiko can really make them work, zura?
      Ruby: I don't know...
      Second-Years: Hello, everyone! We're the school idol group, Aqours!
      Chika: Um, hi there! We're going to be putting on a concert!
      Young Woman 2: ...
      You: It's going to take place on the stage in the town square!
      Riko: W-we'd love it if you came!
      Young Woman 2: Humph... School idols? Who needs 'em...
      Chika: Huh?
      The woman glances at the flyer in Chika's hands without a flicker of interest and leaves.
      Chika: U-um...
      Chika: We're school idols!
      Young Woman 3: A concert? Who cares!
      You: We're a school idol group from Uchiura called Aqours!
      Young Woman 4: Aqua? Humph...
      Riko: We'll be putting on a concert soon!
      Townspeople: ...
      The girls' efforts are in vain as the townspeople continue to simply glare at them.
      Chika: We're school idols! We'll cheer you all up with our singing and dancing...
      Chika: We're school idols!
      Refusing to be discouraged, the girls continue attempting to pass out their flyers.
      Chika: No way...
      You: So the grand total of flyers we handed out is...
      Riko: Zero...
      Chika: Urgh... Zero again?
      The trio is bewildered by the townspeople's unexpectedly cold reactions.

      Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours Sky-High! - Chapter 3: What We Can Do - Episode 1

      Chika, You, and Riko refuse to give up, despite failing to distribute any flyers. Meanwhile, unable to get the sound equipment working, Yoshiko, Hanamaru, and Ruby prepare to clean the stage instead. A group of townspeople gather around them telling them it's pointless, but the girls ignore them and get to work cleaning.

      Chika: What's going on? Why won't anybody take a flyer?
      Chika has devised a plan to cheer the townspeople up with a concert, but the reactions have been less than favorable.
      Riko: I can't believe we didn't hand out a single flyer...
      Chika: I thought people would be at least a little interested. Feels like my heart's about to break...
      You: ...
      You: Are you giving up?
      Chika: Heck no!
      Riko: Hehe. Of course not.
      Chika: We need to find a way to hook the townspeople and get them to come to the stage...
      Io: ...
      Io watches Chika and the others for a moment longer and then departs from the inn.
      Meanwhile the team entrusted with the stage equipment continues to be unsuccessful.
      Yoshiko: Ngh! Are you telling me my magic isn't strong enough?
      Hanamaru: In the end we weren't able to get the equipment working, zura.
      Yoshiko: Meeting up with the cleaning team is all well and good, but where did the group in question run off to?
      Ruby: They went to talk to the mayor about the equipment.
      Ruby: Hm?
      Townspeople: ...
      Ruby: Eep!
      They turn to see a group of people watching them from afar.
      Hanamaru: D-do you need something from us, zura?
      Young Woman 4: What use is there cleaning the stage at this point?
      Yoshiko: Heh heh. I, the fallen angel, Yohane, shall use my power to expel the darkness enveloping this town and transform this place into a paradise for my little demons!
      Young Woman 5: There's no point...
      The people wander off elsewhere.
      First-Years: ...
      Hanamaru: Okay, let's get cleaning.
      Yoshiko: Heh heh... Yes. Nothing can stand in the way of the fallen angel, Yohane.
      Ruby: Don't worry! I'll do my Rubesty too!
      Io: ...
      Io feels her emotions stirring as the Aqours members continue to be undaunted by the townspeople's words.

      Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours Sky-High! - Chapter 3: What We Can Do - Episode 2

      A hopeless Io appears before the trio as they clean the stage. She asks them how they have the motivation to work so hard, and the girls reply that it's for the sake of restoring everyone's smiles. Io's eyes begin to regain their sparkle as the thinks about her beloved master who once taught her the same thing, and she offers to help with the equipment.

      Io: Hey...
      Yoshiko: An assassin from the heavens!
      Hanamaru: Yoshiko, knock it off, zura.
      Yoshiko: My name's Yohane!
      Ruby: U-um, Io... What's wrong?
      Io: I saw Chika, You, and Riko trying to pass out flyers... but they didn't hand out a single one.
      First-Years: ...
      Io: But they didn't let it get to them at all.
      Io: And here you three are cleaning this enormous stage by yourselves.
      Io: The way I feel right now, I can't understand how you could possibly have the motivation to try so hard.
      First-Years: ...
      Ruby: U-um! I know why! Umm... Umm...
      Ruby: We want to see everyone smile!
      Io: Smile...
      Hanamaru: It's just like Chika said earlier, zura. School idols give their all to make everyone smile.
      Yoshiko: Yes. We do it to guide all the lost little demons in need of direction.
      Ruby: It's a lot of work writing songs, making costumes, and thinking up and memorizing choreography...
      Hanamaru: There was even a time when we didn't have a single fan to cheer us on.
      Yoshiko: But it is because of those trials that we are able to continue shining as fallen angels, beating our wings until the very end...
      Ruby: Our purpose as school idols is to shine and make everyone smile.
      Io: You give your all to make everyone smile...
      Io closes her mouth, deep in thought.
      Io: My master—the man who raised me from when I was very young—said the same thing.
      Io: He believes that magic exists to make everyone happy.
      Hanamaru: That's wonderful, zura.
      Io: Yeah! My master is really great!
      As Io thinks about her beloved master, the light slowly begins to return to her eyes.
      Io: Mind if I help out with the stage equipment?
      Io: You can't get it working, right? I might be able to do something about it using the magic I learned from my master.
      Io: I'll give my all to make everyone smile...
      Io: How did I forget something so important?
      The fog clouding Io's heart is far from being fully cleared, but she takes her first step forward.
      Nihilith: ...
      Nihilith watches, her heart full of bitterness.

      Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours Sky-High! - Chapter 3: What We Can Do - Episode 3

      Mari, Dia, and Kanan visit the mayor to discuss the stage equipment, where they learn that the town used to have its own school idols. The young women once engaged in friendly competition to see which group could shine the brightest, but they lost their happiness along with the rest of the townspeople. When the girls relay this information to Chika, she dashes out of the inn.

      Dia: Excuse us.
      Mayor: Oh, welcome back. Think you'll be able to use the stage?
      Mari: We still have a ways to go. The cleaning and maintenance are a lot of work.
      Kanan: That's why we came to ask you a favor. We were wondering if there was anything you could do to help us get the equipment working...
      Dia: We also thought it might be helpful if you could tell us what exactly happened here in the past.
      Mari: The townspeople started acting strangely as soon as Chika started talking about having a concert. They were depressed at first, but then they turned aggressive.
      Mari: Even though they built that huge stage, it felt like they hated singing and dancing.
      Kanan: What happened in this town? Why was that stage abandoned?
      Mayor: ...
      Mayor: The truth is, this town used to have school idols of its own.
      Third-Years: Huuuh?
      Kanan: But this town doesn't have a school, does it?
      Mayor: Oh... They're actually related to schools?
      Mayor: We refer to any groups of girls who sing and dance as school idols.
      Mari: So the naming is just a coincidence?
      Could we ask you to tell us more about these school idols?
      Mayor: Of course. The entire notion of school idols appeared quite suddenly in this town, which previously had nothing that really set it apart.
      Mayor: The girls here began to sing and dance, engaging in friendly competition to see who could shine the brightest.
      Mayor: Thanks to them, the town became bright and lively. It transformed into a wonderful place, overflowing with the smiles of those young ladies.
      Mayor: But those days were short-lived. As time went on, the girls' expressions gradually grew darker and darker.
      Third-Years: ...
      Chika: Hmm... So this wording on the flyers didn't work either...
      Chika, You, and Riko have tried every possible means of arousing interest in their concert, but the response remains far from enthusiastic.
      You: I wonder if there's some sort of phrase we could use to really capture their hearts...
      Riko: What can we do to make people actually care about the concert?
      Chika: Augh! We're just beating our heads against the ground!
      Riko: I think you mean the wall. But you still don't plan on giving up, do you?
      Chika: Nope. If they still didn't like us after hearing us sing... it would hurt, but I could accept it. What I can't accept is them refusing to even listen!
      You: Why does everybody hate the idea of us singing on stage so much?
      Dia: Everyone gather around. We just learned something incredible about this town.
      1st & 2nd-Years: This town had school idols?
      Dia: Yes. They used to be idols themselves before they lost heart. That's why they're so against us having a concert.
      Chika: No way...
      Chika: ...!
      Unable to hold back any longer, Chika dashes out of the inn.

      Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours Sky-High! - Chapter 3: What We Can Do - Episode 4

      Chika speaks with a young woman who used to be one of the town's school idols. She tells Chika that everyone used to love singing and dancing, but they all began to quit one by one, even though she knew they still wanted to shine. Seeing the woman's pain first-hand, the members of Aqours strengthen their resolve to save the town.

      Chika: Huff... Huff... Huff...
      Chika: Um, excuse me!
      Young Woman 1: Are you talking to me?
      Chika: This town used to have school idols, right?
      Young Woman 1: ...
      Chika: Um, please! Tell me what happened!
      Young Woman 1: All right.
      Chika: Why did they stop singing?
      Young Woman 1: I don't know... They wouldn't tell the rest of us.
      Young Woman 1: They all loved singing and dancing and shone with everything they had. We used to have so much fun together...
      Young Woman 1: I thought those days would last forever, but they all began to quit one by one...
      Young Woman 1: I just know that deep in their hearts they wanted to continue shining! So why did they give up?
      Young Woman 1: I kept clinging on until the bitter end. But eventually no one else would stand on stage. I wonder if there's anything I could have done...
      Chika: ...
      Young Woman 1: When was it that I lost the motivation to stay positive and keep giving it my all?
      Young Woman 1: Just seeing school idols is painful now... Even that poster makes my heart ache.
      Having said her piece, the woman takes her leave.
      Chika: ...
      Chika stares as the woman walks away, unable to find the words to call after her.
      Chika: ...!
      Without the words to express herself, Chika's emotions continue welling up inside.
      A short while later, the other Aqours members come over to her.
      Kanan: What's the plan, Chika?
      Chika: Let's do the concert. I can't bear to sit around and not do anything when there are other school idols hurting.
      You: Yeah. That settles it.
      Riko: We need to have them listen to our song no matter what.
      Chika: There are girls here who used to give their all as school idols... I just know our song will be able to reach them!
      Chika: Let's help the school idols in this town shine again!
      Chika: Together!
      Aqours: Yeah!
      The girls nod firmly, filled with determination.
      They vow to reignite the passion of the town's school idols so the townspeople can shine brightly once again.

      Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours Sky-High! - Chapter 4: Reignite Their Passion! - Episode 1

      While trying to come up with a way to draw people to the town square, the crew and Aqours draw inspiration from one of Yoshiko's nonsensical rants. Meanwhile (Captain) runs into Mari, Kanan, and Dia while pursuing the shadowy monsters alone. The girls explain their outrageous plan to (Captain), their hopeful words echoing in the captain's clouded heart.

      Vyrn: I get it. In other words, those girls think their song might be able to get the people here back on their feet.
      Lyria: Their song helped cheer me up, so it's possible...
      Io: If they can just remind the townspeople of the things they used to love, I'm sure it'll work out!
      The friends work to flesh out the strategy for the concert.
      But a large hurdle stands in their way.
      Vyrn: Now we just gotta figure out how to actually get people to the town square.
      Chika: Nobody would take any of our flyers...
      Dia: I suppose that shouldn't be surprising.
      Kanan: It takes a lot of courage to face something again once you've given up on it.
      Mari: Truer words were never spoken. I definitely had a rough time with it myself.
      Dia & Kanan: Urgh!
      Dia: A-anyway! If we just keep talking to them like we have been, nothing's going to change.
      Kanan: We need to find another way...
      Ruby: How can we get people to come?
      Yoshiko: Twilight of the Gods, the appointed time... The lost little demons will be guided by the fallen angel's mighty gospel of darkness...
      Io: Hm... Do you have an idea, Yohane?
      Yoshiko: I, the fallen angel, Yohane, shall use my powers to bring forth a catastrophe of darkness in order to banish the shadows infesting this town!
      Hanamaru: Yoshiko, quit it, zura.
      Yoshiko: My name's Yohane! And I want to help too!
      Vyrn: Is she talkin' crazy again? I don't really get any of it, but the things Yohane says are pretty scary...
      Vyrn, Lyria & Io: ...
      Io: Say, Yohane. How long do you think you can keep talking like that?
      Yoshiko: Huh?
      Vyrn: Hmm... Looks like just invitin' people isn't gonna cut it, so it might be worth a shot.
      Lyria: Yeah. I have a feeling Yohane can do this.
      Yoshiko: What?
      Vyrn: All that matters is we get people to come to the stage, right?
      Yoshiko's words have given Vyrn and the others an idea. They begin thinking up ways to utilize her talent.
      While pursuing the shadowy monsters alone, (Captain) runs into some familiar faces.
      Dia: Oh, there's (Captain)!
      Mari: How are you feeling? Are you back to your old shiny self?
      (Captain) mumbles a response, slightly overwhelmed by the girls' bright smiles.
      The captain is filled with frustration at not being able to complete the mission like normal.
      (Captain) has always hunted down the root of the problem, using a sword when necessary. But now the captain can no longer do so.
      (Captain)'s head shakes back and forth, as though trying to expunge the fog there.
      Kanan: Um, please let us help with your mission.
      Kanan: We want to team up with Vyrn and the rest of the crew to try something.
      Dia: So we felt we should talk to you about it first.
      Mari: We all wracked our brains to come up with a super shiny strategy!
      Their idea turns out to be beyond crazy. Even if they do manage to execute their plan, (Captain) has no idea if it will go well.
      Dia: The three of us decided to become school idols in order to save our school.
      Kanan: We want to bring hope to people's hearts with our music. We've worked so hard to make that dream into a reality.
      Mari: Our dream exists for the sake of everyone's shiny smiles. So we at least have to try.
      Dia: I have a feeling our plan is going to cause quite a stir. But please trust us.
      The trio make their departure. (Captain) watches them go, lost in thought.
      Dream. The word sounds almost foreign as it echoes within (Captain)'s heart.

      Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours Sky-High! - Chapter 4: Reignite Their Passion! - Episode 2

      The crew and Aqours combine their efforts to prepare the stage and finally initiate their grand scheme. As Yoshiko stands upon the stage making fearsome claims, the terrified townspeople begin gathering in the town square to assess the situation. On Yoshiko's signal Lyria unleashes her power, summoning the primal beast Tiamat.

      Io: Hm, let's see... So here's the spell for this machine...
      While Vyrn, Lyria, and the Aqours members clean the stage, Io works to repair the sound equipment.
      Squinting her eyes, she tries to read an engraving of a spell while identifying and repairing the various nonworking parts.
      Io: I'll get this working using the magic my master taught me!
      The sound device suddenly emits a piercing noise.
      Io: All right! Looks like I'll be able to get the lights working too, so I guess that's about it for the repairs!
      Mari: Io, nice work!
      Dia: So that means...
      Vyrn: It's Yohane's turn!
      Yoshiko: Yes. I will show you the true power of the fallen angel, Yohane.
      Lyria: Let's do our best out there, Yohane!
      Yoshiko: Hehe... I'm counting on you, Lyria.
      Ruby: I hope she'll be okay...
      Hanamaru: Lyria's with her, so I'm sure she'll be fine, zura.
      Young Woman 1: Excuse me, I'd like to buy some bread.
      Young Woman 2: Can't help you there... I don't have the willpower to even knead the dough...
      Young Woman 1: I know what you mean. I suppose that's just as well... Someone like me deserves to just wither away anyway...
      Young Woman 2: Oh... If only I had the energy to sprinkle water on the flour... But I've completely lost the desire to bake bread...
      The townspeople continue to wallow in their despair. But suddenly they hear a voice.
      Yoshiko: Wretched, inferior mortals! Heed my call!
      Young Woman 1: Wh-what's going on? Whose voice is that?
      Young Woman 2: It's coming from the town square! What's happening?
      Yoshiko: I am the fallen angel, Yohane! I have descended upon this land led by the gods of Babylon!
      Yoshiko: Come, citizens of Tenacie! Hearken to the words of the fallen angel, Yohane! And...
      Yoshiko: Become my little demons!
      Young Woman 1: Who's that girl? What's she going on about?
      Young Woman 2: I don't understand a word she's saying... But I think she's planning something terrible!
      Thoroughly bewildered by Yoshiko's speech, the townspeople slowly make their way to the stage to make sense of what's happening.
      Yoshiko: Wretched, inferior mortals. Observe as I demonstrate my power.
      Yoshiko: O great mother, creator of ancient Babylon! Ruler of life itself, who connects all from the Tigris to Uchiura! Thy name is... Tiamat!
      Lyria: ...!
      Lyria unleashes her powers, and a violent wind begins to blow.
      Yoshiko: Huh? What the...
      Ruby: H-Hanamaru! Yoshiko!
      Hanamaru: I'm sure everything's okay, zura. Lyria told us she was going to borrow the power of someone strong and kind...
      The next moment, the wind grows even stronger.
      First-Years: Whoa!


      The three girls go flying into the air.
      Tiamat: ...
      The next thing they know, they have landed in the palm of a primal beast's hand.
      First-Years: ...
      Ruby: S-so this is...
      Hanamaru: Tiamat... zura?
      Yoshiko: Um, hello. It's nice to meet you...
      Tiamat: ...
      Tiamat looks at the trio, awaiting their next instruction.
      Hanamaru: U-um... We have a script and everything...
      Ruby: S-so please lend us your power...
      Tiamat: ...
      Tiamat nods slightly. Just as Lyria said, the primal beast seems willing to cooperate.
      Yoshiko: ...
      Tiamat: ...?
      Yoshiko: (She's enormous...)
      The three girls are frozen with fear in the face of the greatest threat they have encountered thus far.

      Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours Sky-High! - Chapter 4: Reignite Their Passion! - Episode 3

      Tiamat's appearance causes the townspeople to fly into a panic, and Mari, Dia, and Kanan direct them to take refuge in the town square. Once their audience has gathered, the girls of Aqours begin to sing and dance, causing the people's expressions to brighten. Able to use a sword once more, (Captain) faces Nihilith and the shadowy monsters that suddenly appear.

      Tiamat: ...
      Yoshiko: Come, Tiamat, one of the primordial gods and mother of all life! Make your power known to these mortals before you!
      Young Woman 1: Wh-what is that thing?
      Young Woman 2: That's the power of the fallen angel, Yohane?
      The people look up at the sky in fear. (Captain) can't help but snicker softly upon seeing their reactions.
      With Tiamat's help, the captain's companions attempt to put the finishing touches on their magnificent prank.
      Mari: Oh no! At this rate that monster is going to turn this town into mincemeat!
      Dia: Stop that! They're already scared enough!
      Mari: That was a joke.
      Mari: Everyone! The others are taking shelter in the town square where it's safe!
      Dia: Gather your family and friends and head to the square!
      Young Woman 1: W-we'll be safe there?
      Young Woman 2: Hurry, we need to round up everyone and get away...
      Following Dia and Mari's instructions, the people make their way toward the town square in a state of confusion.
      Kanan: Um, (Captain)... I'm still not sure if this is the right thing to do...
      Kanan: But we all decided to work together in order to help you and this town...
      Kanan: So...
      At that moment (Captain)'s balance is suddenly thrown off by a powerful gust of wind.
      A sealed letter flies out of the captain's pocket and soars away on the breeze.
      Kanan: Oh!
      (Captain) immediately reaches out to grab the letter, but can't quite reach it. The captain takes off in pursuit.
      Kanan: Is that important to you?
      (Captain) nods. Despite feeling extremely sluggish, the captain still somehow manages to chase after the letter.
      Young Woman 1: Did that strong wind finally stop?
      Young Woman 2: Yeah... I can't see that monster the fallen angel, Yohane, summoned from here...
      Upon reaching the town square, (Captain) hears the anxious voices of the townspeople.
      They still appear terrified by the primal beast of wind who suddenly appeared before them.
      Second-Years: ...
      So terrified, in fact, that they fail to notice the three girls standing on stage.
      Chika: Okay, let's go, You. Riko.
      You: The stage equipment's not fixed yet, so we'll have to do this a cappella.
      Chika: Yeah. We just need to hold out until Io finishes fixing the equipment and the others get here...
      Riko: The three of us will keep the townspeople from leaving.
      They have no lights and no music. The only sound that can be heard is the clamor of the crowd.
      Chika: ...
      Chika, You, and Riko begin to sing, their voices resonating powerfully from the stage.
      Young Women: ...!
      The song is the first they ever wrote, full of their love for school idols.
      As they sing, their voices overflow with countless emotions—
      The resolve that allowed them to overcome numerous setbacks, the courage that pushed them to chase their dream, and the joy they shared with their precious friends along the way.
      The square falls silent. The townspeople are unable to tear their eyes away from the girls singing on the stage that had been left abandoned for so long.
      Their voices echo throughout the town square—gently, yet powerfully.
      Young Women: ...
      Chika: Nice to meet you! We're the school idol group...
      Second-Years: Aqours!
      Chika: I guess things got kinda outta hand. Sorry about that.
      Chika: We heard there used to be school idols here... But they were hurting and had forgotten how to shine.
      Chika: We decided we wanted to do something to help! So please! Listen to our song!
      Young Women: ...
      No one leaves the area.
      Perhaps they had been waiting all along for someone to come along and drive the bitterness from their hearts.
      Meanwhile the other members continue with their duties.
      Mari: Evacuation complete.
      Dia: Good grief... That was beyond ridiculous.
      Kanan: Hehe. But you know, sometimes it takes a push to get people back on their feet. Like a hug... or a slap in the face.
      Mari: Urgh...
      Kanan: Hehe. I'm just teasing you. Okay, let's get going.
      Third-Years: Yeah!
      Ruby's Voice: Eeeeep!
      Third-Years: ...!
      Tiamat: ...
      After confirming the people have gathered in the town square, Tiamat creates a sudden gust of wind to blow Ruby, Hanamaru, and Yoshiko toward the stage.
      The wind picks up Dia, Kanan, and Mari along the way as well, carrying them all to the square together.
      Third-Years: Whoa!
      First-Years: Whoa!
      Kanan: Ow...
      Dia: W-well, I certainly wasn't expecting that...
      Chika: Haha... Welcome back, guys.
      Mari: So the townspeople and all the members of Aqours are finally together...
      Io: Almost there...
      Io: Got it!
      Yoshiko: Now that Io has gained the divine protection of the gods, all that's left is for us to descend upon the stage!
      Chika: Yeah! Let's go, everybody!
      Young Women: ...
      The townspeople watch the girls intently with bated breath.
      Music flows from the sound devices, and the girls begin to dance in time.
      Young Women: ...!
      The people's faces brighten and regain their shine.
      Passion overflows from the girls' choreography and voices as they put everything they have into their performance.
      Meanwhile the wind carries back the letter that had blown out of (Captain)'s pocket.
      (Captain), too, had been struggling to recover something important.
      Nihilith: ...
      Lyria: There she is! The primal beast Nihilith!
      Nihilith: How is it that mere dancers are able to nullify my power time and time again? You loathsome little girls!
      Nihilith: I refuse to let anyone foil my attempts to plunge this town into despair!
      Shadowy Monsters: ...
      Townspeople: Aaahh!
      Shadowy Monsters: ...!
      One of the monsters threatening the townspeople is sliced in two.
      Vyrn: (Captain)!
      A line from the letter pops into (Captain)'s mind.
      I'll be waiting for you in Estalucia, the island of the Astrals.
      (Captain) can sense the extraordinary effort and passion behind the girls' singing and dancing.
      A memory comes flooding back to (Captain)—picking up a sword for the first time, ready to search for a father lost in the skies.
      Shadowy Monsters: ...!
      (Captain) fights, sword swinging recklessly, slowly growing stronger every moment.
      In the face of adversity, the captain realizes it's fine to continue improving slowly but surely, just like in the past.

      Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours Sky-High! - Chapter 4: Reignite Their Passion! - Episode 4

      Having returned to full form, (Captain) easily defeats the shadowy monsters. As Nihilith expresses her confusion over the girls' ability to suppress her powers despite not having powers of their own, (Captain) stands before her, weapon at the ready.

      Shadowy Monsters: ...!
      One swing at a time, (Captain) returns to full form.
      Lyria: (Captain)... Thank goodness...
      Djeeta is the Main Character

      Chika: That...
      Second-Years: That was so cool!

      Gran is the Main Character

      Chika: That...
      Second-Years: That was amazing!
      Continue 1
      The weight upon (Captain)'s heart has been lifted. While the captain is not yet back at one-hundred percent, this number of monsters is child's play.
      As the shadows in the area are cut down one after another, (Captain) is alerted to a certain presence.
      Nihilith: ...
      Nihilith: Hero, you were felled by my power... How is it that you are able to draw your sword once more?
      Nihilith: How is it that mere dancers, unable to wield a sword or use magic, are able to thwart the power of a primal beast?
      Nihilith approaches the girls, a terrifying expression on her face.
      Aqours: Eek!
      Nihilith: You continue to save the town and lift the hero's spirits over and over and over again! I will have no more of it!
      (Captain) and the crew stand before the primal beast, weapons drawn.
      Nihilith: That sword is what makes you a hero... So I will just have to take it from you myself!
      Nihilith: Little dancers, I will show you just how powerless you are before the power of the primal beast Nihilith!

      Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours Sky-High! - Sky-High!!

      (Captain) and the crew defeat Nihilith, but she disappears before Lyria is able to absorb her power. Aqours puts on a shining performance atop the stage, bringing smiles and hope back to the townspeople, and inspiring the school idols of Tenacie to shine once again.

      Chika: I'm pooped...
      Kanan: That was a lot more work than our usual concerts.
      Hanamaru: Haha... It was pretty crazy getting blown into the air with Yoshiko and Ruby, zura...
      Riko: Was all that really necessary?
      Dia: Seriously. That was quite a scene.
      Chika: Maybe we went a bit overboard...
      Chika: But at least we were able to bring back everyone's smiles.
      Mari: Yes! It was a huge success!
      Vyrn: Get her, (Captain)!
      Nihilith: Urgh!
      Nihilith: Why... is my power... not working?
      Lyria: Nihilith's presence is weakening. I might be able to absorb her power now!
      Nihilith: ...!
      Nihilith: No!
      Chika: She disappeared...
      Lyria: Her presence is spread throughout the island again... I can't pinpoint it anymore.
      Vyrn: That gal's a real pain in the butt. So we didn't defeat her?
      Lyria: No, we didn't... Nihilith's power still seems to be affecting the island.
      Io: But... Does that really matter anymore?
      Young Woman 1: Excuse me... Aqours!
      Young Woman 2: Please... Please let us hear the rest of your concert!
      Io: They've all remembered the things that are important to them and are smiling again.
      The people's voices grow louder and louder as they clamor for an encore.
      Chika: ...
      You: Whaddya think, Chika?
      Chika: Our song was able to reach them!
      Chika: Come on, everybody! Let's get out there and sing again for all the people waiting for us!
      All Eight: Yeah!
      Chika: Here we go!
      Chika: Aqours...
      Aqours: Sunshine!
      Aqours: Chasing down the path of a dream I've never seen!
      Aqours: Shining Road, this feeling of being off to the races,
      I searched for you energetically, straight and true.
      Aqours: No way we can wait one second, let's leap out there!
      The courage we have in us is clamoring.
      Vyrn, Lyria, & Io: Wow...
      Townspeople: ...
      The nine girls truly shine upon the stage.
      Every ounce of their youth and passion is poured into their singing and dancing.
      Aqours: I want to start it! My story!
      Blue skies are waiting.
      Aqours: Hug that dream tight, and Jumping Heart,

      Just with that, I can move on to tomorrow,

      Youth full speed ahead?!
      Aqours: From when it began,
      Cherish that thrill in our hearts always.
      Aqours: We'll go out to catch our dreams,
      Not knowing what might happen is part of the fun!
      The people raise their arms into the air and jump in unison.
      Bright smiles illuminate their faces.
      The moment the song ends, the girls are showered with thunderous applause.
      Chika: We're the school idol group...
      Aqours: Aqours!
      Chika: We weren't sure why we ended up here...
      Chika: But after talking to you all and learning about what was happening in the town... we knew.
      Chika: We were brought here to bring back everyone's shine!
      Chika: So let's all shine together again!
      Townspeople: ...
      Chika: ...
      The former school idols applaud for Chika.
      You: Chika.
      Chika: Yeah.
      Chika: I'm so glad... We reached their hearts!
      Chika: It's a miracle!
      The town's atmosphere has changed completelyーsmiles and cheers have returned to its citizens.
      Their eyes are alight with an abundance of hope.
      With the help of Aqours, the town's school idols have been revived to shine once again.
      To be continued...

      Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours Sky-High! - Chapter 5: Let's Shine Together! - Episode 1

      Following the concert, the girls of Aqours are still at a loss as to how to return home to Uchiura. Chika announces that she wants Aqours to put on a concert with the town's school idols, and (Captain) and the crew agree to cooperate as thanks for the girls' help with their mission.

      Mari: Hmm...
      Kanan: So...
      Chika: What do we do now?
      Dia: The question is...
      Ruby: How do we get back to Uchiura?
      Dia: Correct! That's my little sister for you! We need to search for a way to return to Uchiura—
      Chika: A concert!
      All Eight: A concert?
      Chika: Yeah! We oughta have a concert now that everybody's cheered up! This time with all the other idols!
      Dia: Wrong! We need to return to Uchiura as soon as possible to finish our new promo video!
      Dia: While we're over here, other school idol groups are putting out their own new videos and moving up in the rankings!
      Hanamaru: So if we don't get back soon, Aqours' ranking might drop, zura?
      Dia: Correct. We have no time to waste dawdling!
      Chika: What! Please, Dia! I wanna see the town's school idols up on stage!
      Chika: I mean, meeting other idol groups has helped us improve before, right?
      Chika: Come on, please?
      Mari: Hmm... You don't come across chances like this every day. Don't you think it'd be okay to watch their shiny performance?
      Dia: Mari! You too?
      Mari: If you think of this as an Aqours overseas tour, Chika may have a point.
      Ruby: Now I kinda want to see it too...
      Ruby: Please, Sis?
      Dia: Urgh! H-how can I say no to those eyes!
      Dia: Sigh... Fine.
      Dia: But let's use this as an opportunity to iron out the concept for our new promo video. We still need to decide on a location.
      Chika: Yeah! Thanks, Dia!
      Vyrn: You're gonna put on another concert? This time with the other gals in town?
      Lyria: That means we'll get to see you all shining on stage again!
      Io: In that case, you can count on me to handle the stage equipment.
      Chika: Io!
      Io: H-hey! Stop clinging to me!
      Lyria: ...
      Chika: Lyria? What's wrong?
      Lyria: Oh... It's nothing.
      Chika: Were you wanting a hug too?
      Chika: Gotcha!
      Lyria: Whoa!
      Vyrn: Haha... They sure are a rowdy bunch.
      Vyrn: You'll lend a hand too, right, (Captain)?
      (Captain) nods, wanting to return the favor for the girls' help with the mission.
      Chika: Then let's make some flyers and get the music ready...
      You: Objectives loaded! Full speed ahead! Aye aye!
      Thus the group begins planning for the joint concert between the town's school idols and Aqours.

      Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours Sky-High! - Chapter 5: Let's Shine Together! - Episode 2

      The members of Aqours head into town to advertise their concert and invite the town's former school idols to perform with them. The young women eagerly agree and begin practicing for the concert, their eyes sparkling. But one onlooker is not amused.

      Following Nihilith's defeat, the people have returned to their everyday lives.
      Even the stage in the town square is slowly being restored to its former glory.
      Young Woman 1: The stage looks nicer by the day.
      Young Woman 2: I wonder if we'll get to see another concert there?
      Chika: Excuse me! Can we talk to you for a sec?
      Young Woman 1: Y-yes?
      Riko: We're going to be putting on another concert.
      You: We'd love to have you all sing together with us on stage.
      Young Woman 1: Y-yes! Of course!
      Kanan: So what do you say, school idols of Tenacie?
      Mari: In other words, it would be like a joint event between Tenacie and Uchiura.
      Young Woman 3: Um, will that one adorable little girl be performing?
      Dia: Of course. There's no reason why I'd perform without my little sister.
      Young Woman 3: I'm so glad I get to see her again... She was just too cute...
      Hanamaru: Um... Did you used to be a school idol too, zura?
      Young Woman 4: Yes. I was a member of the town's top idol group. Well... former top group.
      Ruby: Wow! Um, would you like to be in our concert? I'd love to see you perform!
      Young Woman 4: Of course. We'll put on a performance that will blow you away. As a thank-you.
      Yoshiko: Hehe... I'm looking forward to seeing your descent upon the stage.
      Young Woman 4: Eek! I-it's the fallen angel, Yohane!
      Yoshiko: Huh?
      Young Women: Psst... That's the fallen angel, Yohane. She possesses terrible powers on par with the primal beasts...
      Yoshiko: U-um...
      Ruby: Oh no, everyone's scared of her...
      Hanamaru: Yoshiko, you went a bit too far, zura.
      Yoshiko: But this has never happened before...
      Yoshiko: And I told you, my name's Yohane!
      There isn't a single gloomy face to be found throughout the town. Their dreams clear to them once more, the people prepare for the concert with a newfound sparkle in their eyes.
      Shadowy Monsters: ...
      One onlooker is not amused.

      Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours Sky-High! - Chapter 5: Let's Shine Together! - Episode 3

      Mari catches Lyria and Io admiring Aqours' costumes and offers to make them outfits so they can all perform together. Unfortunately the fabric they need for the costumes is out of stock since the town was stagnant for so long, so the girls of Aqours decide to travel with the crew to other islands to gather materials.

      Lyria: ...
      Io: Hey, Lyria. What are you doing up so early?
      Lyria: Umm... I just had something on my mind...
      Lyria walks over to the wall.
      Io: By something do you mean those costumes?
      Lyria: Hehe... They're just so sparkly and cute. I wanted to get a good look at them.
      Io: Now that you mention it, they're made from pretty rare materials. I wonder how they managed to make them?
      Lyria: I think I remember them saying You makes the costumes. She's really talented...
      ???: ...
      Lyria & Io: Eek!
      Mari: Gotcha!
      Lyria & Io: Whoa!
      The pair let out exclamations of surprise as Mari suddenly hugs them from behind.
      Mari: Oh, you two are pretty thin... Are you sure you're eating properly?
      Lyria: Huh? Wh-what?
      Io: Hey! Watch your hands!
      Mari: Hehe. I had a feeling you'd come, and here you are. I was so happy I couldn't help but hug you!
      Lyria: You had a feeling?
      Mari: Yes! I thought you might have taken an interest in school idols, Lyria.
      Mari: So... why don't we discuss making costumes for the two of you?
      Io: Huh? Me too?
      Lyria: But you all need to practice. Are you sure?
      Chika: Of course! Right, You?
      You: Yeah!
      Chika: Yay! You're going to be on the stage too!
      Chika: Hey, wait a minute...
      Chika: Why did you invite them, Mari? I was thinking about inviting them too!
      Mari: Hehe. Time is money! First come, first served!
      Chika: Grr...
      Chika: Th-then Lyria! What kind of costume do you want? Time to do some brainstorming! This time with me!
      Lyria: Oh my... U-um! Well...
      Kanan: Chika, you're coming on too strong. Lyria doesn't know how to react.
      Chika: Hehe... But it just makes me so happy when people catch the idol bug after seeing us perform.
      Chika: And besides, I want to thank them for saving us from those monsters and everything else they've done for us!
      You: Hehe. Just leave it to me! I wonder what kind of outfits would look good on them.
      Lyria: Um, actually... I kind of had something in mind.
      Lyria opens her notebook to show the others.
      Second-Years: Ooh...
      First-Years: Ooh...
      Third-Years: Ooh...
      Inside is a drawing of a blue and white costume.
      Lyria: I was thinking if I was going to sing on stage, I'd like to wear something like this... Hehe... This is kind of embarrassing.
      You: Not at all! It's really cute, Lyria!
      Gran is the Main Character

      You: So if we make Io's and Lyria's outfits like this... Yeah! I can see it now!

      Djeeta is the Main Character

      You: So if we make their outfits like this... Yeah! I can see it now!
      Continue 1
      Riko: Hehe. She's all fired up.
      Chika: Then let's go buy the materials for those costumes! There's no time like the present, after all!
      All Eight: Yeah!
      Sierokarte: Costume materials, you say?
      Vyrn: Yeah. These girls wanna make some more outfits like the ones they're wearin'.
      Sierokarte: Well, you see... Since the people on this island were being all mopey, deliveries got delayed, and we're all out of stock.
      Io: Does that mean the other girls can't make their costumes either?
      Sierokarte: Yeah. The townsfolk came looking for fabric too, but we didn't have any to give them...
      Io: Then we can't do the concert!
      Io: D-don't get the wrong idea! It's not like I wanted to wear one of those sparkly, frilly outfits or anything!
      Io: I just wanted to help make everyone smile...
      Sierokarte: So... You'll just have to go around to other islands to get your materials!
      You: How are we supposed to do that?
      Sierokarte: Oho? Did nobody tell you?
      Vyrn: Oh, right. I guess they've never seen it flyin' before.
      Vyrn: We're skyfarers! We travel the skies on that ship.
      You: A ship! If we use that...
      Riko: We can get the things we need from other islands?
      Chika: Wow! It's a miracle!
      And so the Grandcypher takes flight into the skies once more, this time with the members of Aqours on board.

      Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours Sky-High! - Chapter 5: Let's Shine Together! - Episode 4

      (Captain) and the crew offer to pay for the costume materials, but the Aqours members decide to undertake a request from Sierokarte and earn the money themselves. The job turns out to be at a beach snack bar in Auguste, and the girls split into groups of three to take care of their assigned tasks.

      Sierokarte: I'll need around... thirty or forty thousand rupies to get the same quality cloth that you girls used.
      Hanamaru: (Captain) and the crew said they'd pay for the materials, but...
      Ruby: Since it's supposed to be a thank-you, it'd be nice if we could give it to them as a present.
      Dia: Exactly! That's my little sister!
      Mari: Any school idols worth their salt should raise money for costumes themselves!
      Vyrn: But I can't believe you girls accepted a request from the Knickknack Shack... You sure this is gonna be okay?
      Sierokarte: Of course. It's not a dangerous mission or anything.
      Sierokarte: I'd like to ask them to help at a beach snack bar in the Auguste Isles.
      Chika: Umm, so You, Riko, and I will use the ship to pick up what we need for the snack bar...
      Kanan: Mari, Dia, and I will get the ingredients for the food...
      Hanamaru: And Ruby, Yoshiko, and I will take care of the cleaning, right, zura?
      Yoshiko: My name's Yohane!
      Io: Well, that doesn't sound dangerous... But you never know what could happen, so be careful, okay?
      Sierokarte: There's no need to worry. The shop has its own bodyguards...
      Sierokarte: And besides, if the ruffians around there see my sign, they won't dare try anything.
      Vyrn: I'm not so sure about all this, but if you say it's okay, I guess it's okay.
      Vyrn: Oh, looks like the ship's ready to go.
      Io: We'll drop you girls off in Auguste and head to Port Breeze to pick up materials, okay?
      Chika: Let's give this job at the snack bar everything we've got! Whaddya say, everybody?
      Aqours: Yeah!
      Vyrn: All right! Time to set sail!
      You: Full speed ahead! Aye aye!
      (Captain) and company part ways to take care of their assigned tasks.

      Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours Sky-High! - Chapter 6: An Ordinary Girl - Episode 1

      The girls of Aqours complete their job at the snack bar and present their friends with brand-new costumes of their own. Inspired by the sight of the town's school idols practicing feverishly for the concert, the girls begin their own preparations.

      Aqours: Last time on Love Live! Sunshine!!
      Chika: While practicing for a new promo video, the nine of us were suddenly transported to an unfamiliar place.
      Chika: There we met (Captain) and the crew, and we decided to put on a concert together!
      Chika: But we were having trouble finding the materials to make costumes...
      Aqours: A beach snack bar?
      Chika: So we set off on (Captain)'s ship to gather materials from other islands and raise funds.
      Chika: We all worked really hard to make the snack bar into a success. And now our efforts have finally paid off...
      Gran is the Main Character

      Lyria: Wh-what do you think?
      Chika: Cute! You look adorable!

      Djeeta is the Main Character

      Lyria: Wh-what do you think?
      Chika: Cute! You three look adorable!
      Continue 1
      Lyria: Hehe... I'm so glad! Aren't you, Io?
      Io: I-I'm just along for the ride here!
      Chika: Hehe. Now all we gotta do is get out there and shine together!
      Chika: We're finally ready for our concert in Tenacie!
      Chika: It's almost time for the concert.
      Kanan: Look, Chika.
      Young Women: One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight...
      Chika: Everyone's practicing their dances.
      The town has changed completely since the battle against the primal beast Nihilith.
      Chika: Everyone has their smiles back, so I know they'll be able to put on great performances...
      Chika: Oh man, I'm so excited!
      Dia: Be careful what you say. If we were to lose here, winning Love Live! may as well be nothing more than just a dream.
      Chika: Yeah. We need to show everyone just what we're made of!
      Io: Are you sure it's okay for us to participate in something so important on the fly?
      Chika: Of course! It'll be super encouraging having you with us!
      And so the girls continue making preparations diligently for the concert.

      Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours Sky-High! - Chapter 6: An Ordinary Girl - Episode 2

      Nihilith's presence grows increasingly stronger as the day of the concert approaches. Chika asks the reason behind Nihilith's behavior and learns that primal beasts were all created with a purpose instilled within them. (Captain) and company vow to make the concert a success in order to keep Nihilith's power from affecting the townspeople.

      Lyria: ...
      Vyrn: What's up? You nervous?
      Lyria: No, that's not it... I'm just a bit worried about that primal beast.
      Vyrn: Yeah, she's been pretty quiet. But she's still around, right?
      Lyria: Yeah. Nihilith's power is still affecting this island.
      Lyria: Her presence keeps growing stronger the closer we get to the concert.
      Lyria: She seems to be overflowing with hostility... I can't say for sure, but I think she's upset that everyone's happy again.
      Chika: Why do they do things like this?
      Lyria: Every primal beast has a purpose instilled within them—even the ones who choose to follow me.
      Chika: So they don't even need their own reason?
      Vyrn: Yeah. They all have a job to do. It's just how they were made.
      Chika: That's kinda scary...
      Lyria: But right now the islanders' power is strong enough to fend off the primal's influence.
      Lyria: As long as the people have something to encourage them, Nihilith's power may not be able to reach them.
      Chika: So maybe everything will be okay if we can just help the school idols shine again.
      Chika: If that's the case, we gotta make sure the concert's a success!
      Vyrn: Don't let your guard down! But if anything happens, you can count on us to help!
      Chika: Yeah, thanks! Glad to have you with us, (Captain)!

      Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours Sky-High! - Chapter 6: An Ordinary Girl - Episode 3

      A few days before the concert, monsters suddenly appear in town. (Captain) and company rush over to find Nihilith in a state of anguish over Aqours' ability to negate her powers, and the crew stands to face her once again in order to save the concert.

      Yoshiko: I can sense it. The other little demons' fallen angel powers are surging.
      Yoshiko: Yes! Let us perform the promised ritual here and now!
      Young Woman 4: Lady Yohane... Will our concert be a success?
      Yoshiko: Allow me to divine your fate in the name of Asmodeus!
      Yoshiko: The answer is... a resounding yes!
      Yoshiko: Eek!
      Kanan: (Captain)! There's a monster in town!
      Lyria: The primal beast's presence is incredibly strong! It feels like she's about to go berserk!
      Lyria: (Captain)! Let's go! I have a feeling she's about to show herself!
      Nihilith: ...!
      Young Women: Eek!
      Kanan: Wait! Why are you doing this?
      Kanan: Is it so wrong for everyone to want to shine again?
      Nihilith: Little dancers from another world... Your singing and dancing is interfering with my mission!
      Nihilith: How is this happening! I am a primal beast!
      Shadowy Monster: Groooar!
      Kanan: I don't know! Please, let's talk this through!
      Nihilith: You... You are my enemies!
      Kanan: ...!
      Dia: We can't do anything special. We're just ordinary high schoolers.
      Mari: Unbelievable...
      Nihilith: How are mere mortals such as yourselves able to negate my power?
      Nihilith: You're not heroes! You're not villains!
      Lyria: I can sense Nihilith's anger... and sadness...
      Vyrn: Who cares what that primal thinks!
      Io: Yeah! We've worked so hard to make it this far!
      Lyria: (Captain)! We need to deal with this in order to help make Aqours' performance a success!
      Nihilith: Sword-wielding hero, mage, commander of primal beasts—my power exists to suppress those blessed with special abilities such as yourselves!
      Nihilith: Behold my power, little dancers!

      Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours Sky-High! - Chapter 6: An Ordinary Girl - Episode 4

      As Nihilith bombards (Captain) and company with unpleasant false memories, Chika catches a glimpse of the primal beast's own past and discovers she used to be an ordinary person. The members of Aqours reach out to Nihilith telling her she has a place to shine, but as she reaches back to them, the inconsistency between her will and purpose causes her to vanish.

      Nihilith: Augh!
      Vyrn: Lyria! Now!
      Lyria: Right! I'll absorb Nihilith's power!
      Nihilith: No! My... power!
      Nihilith: Don't take it away from me!
      Lyria: ...!
      Aqours: ...?
      Nihilith unleashes her power. As the waves wash across (Captain) and company, powerful visions manifest in their minds.
      Vyrn: What're you lookin' for, (Captain)?
      Vyrn: Your dad's letter? I tossed it out.
      Vyrn: You don't need that thing! Your dad abandoned you! What point is there chasing after him?
      The false memories begin to warp (Captain)'s heart.
      You: A school idol? Are you serious, Chika?
      You: Yeah right! There's no way! You've never taken on any challenges before now, have you?
      Chika: Urgh... You would never say a thing like that! That's not her!
      Chika: Oh, you can't play the piano anymore, Riko?
      Chika: Well, that's fine, isn't it? I mean, wasn't it a lot easier back when you gave up playing?
      Riko: Does it even really matter if you're around, You?
      Riko: The other members are more important to Chika anyway.
      Aqours: ...!
      Everyone understands that the memories are nothing more than Nihilith's fabrications.
      Even so, the painful false memories become more and more believable until they start to feel true.
      Chika: Wait! Why are you doing this!
      Chika: Why are you trying to make our happy memories into lies!
      As her friends fall to their knees, Chika alone stands to approach Nihilith.
      Nihilith: ...!
      Confronted by this ordinary girl who somehow remains unaffected by her power, Nihilith desperately increases its intensity.
      Hanamaru: There's nothing special about you...
      Ruby: You have nothing...
      Yoshiko: It's impossible for you to accomplish anything...
      Dia: That goes for both you and me...
      Mari: We are nothing...
      Kanan: So...
      Chika: That's... not true!
      ???: Please, I beg of you... Turn me into a primal beast...
      Chika: ...!
      As Chika reaches out, her hand brushes against something. It seems to be a fragment of Nihilith's power, imparted with a life of its own.
      Chika: Was that you talking just now? Is that something you said to someone in the past?
      Nihilith: ...!
      Chika: You were sad because you had nothing... You were just ordinary...
      Nihilith: No... That's not true!
      Yoshiko: So you really decided to give up being a person?
      Nihilith: ...
      The illusion disappears. Chika searches for the words to say to the silent, downhearted Nihilith.
      Chika: Um... Hey! Listen! I have no way of understanding how much pain you were going through...
      Chika: But there are also things I can understand! So please...
      Chika: Won't you sing with us?
      Nihilith: ...!
      Chika: Even if you're ordinary, even if there's nothing special about you, everyone has a place to shine!
      Chika: So... please!
      Nihilith is unable to conceal her confusion as the girls reach their hands out toward her.
      Aqours: Do you want to be a school idol?
      Nihilith: I'm a primal beast! That's impossible!
      Nihilith: (Totally impossible... But then why...)
      Nihilith: (Why am I reaching out to them?)
      Chika: She disappeared...
      According to Lyria, this was Nihilith's fate.
      She was created to steal the smiles of others, and yet she desired to see Aqours put smiles on everyone's faces...
      The inconsistency between her will and purpose caused her to self-destruct.
      Chika: Nihilith...
      Chika brings her outstretched hand to clutch it in front of her chest, quietly closing her eyes.

      Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours Sky-High! - Ending

      A few days after Nihilith's disappearance, the curtain finally rises on the concert. The members of Aqours are shocked to learn that μ's once visited the town as well. Just as the girls are about to take the stage, they wake up in their clubroom having no recollection of the dream they shared, but they are all mysteriously in agreement over the theme of a great blue sky for their promo video.

      A few days have passed since Nihilith's disappearance. The day of the concert has finally arrived.
      A large crowd is gathered in front of the stage in the town square, each face glowing with excitement.
      Vyrn: I didn't know this town had so many people. This sure did turn into a big deal.
      Lyria: Urgh... Suddenly I'm all nervous...
      Io: We practiced a ton... But I sure hope it carries over...
      Kanan: You'll be fine. The moment you start to sing, you'll forget about everything else.
      Mari: And if you mess up, no problem!
      Mari: No one does it perfectly their first time!
      Dia: Your performances are far from bad.
      Dia: So try to have more faith in yourselves.
      The mayor approaches the girls as they encourage each other.
      Mayor: The day is finally upon us, everyone. We've waited so long for this moment—when our girls finally shine once again.
      Young Woman 4: The concert's about to start, so we'd better get going.
      Young Woman 4: Make sure not to miss the grand comeback of our group—Tenacie's.
      Ruby: G-good luck out there!
      The members of Aqours cheer them on as they take the stage.
      When the group reaches the center of the stage, the spotlight illuminates them, and music begins to play.
      Chika: ...!
      This song!
      Dia: Isn't this song by μ's?
      Mayor: Oh, you know about μ's?
      Chika: Know about them? I became a school idol because I wanted to be like them!
      Mayor: Is that so?
      The mayor smiles gently, a nostalgic look in her eyes.
      Mayor: The nine girls of μ's suddenly appeared in this town one day and introduced us to the concept of school idols.
      Mayor: The song they left behind put smiles on our faces and lit a fire within us.
      Mayor: That fire burned out for a while, but you girls were able to rekindle it once again.
      Second-Years: ...
      Third-Years: ...
      First-Years: ...
      The members of Aqours smile as they watch the girls singing and dancing on the stage.
      Mayor: Ah, they're shining so brightly... Thank you so much, everyone.
      Ruby: Hehe... We didn't do anything special...
      Chika: ...
      Chika: Wow... I can't believe μ's came here too...
      Μ's First-Years not in crew, Μ's Second-Years not in crew, Μ's Third-Years not in crew

      Lyria: That's the group you showed me on that machine, right? I wish I could've seen them perform...
      Io: You think maybe we'll meet them someday on our journey?
      Lyria: I hope so... Hehe. I can't wait to see!
      Μ's First-Years is a crew member, Μ's Second-Years is a crew member, Μ's Third-Years is a crew member

      Lyria: We actually got to meet them back then. That's why I was so happy when you showed me their performance.
      Chika: ...
      Chika and Lyria exchange smiles, surprised that—by some miracle—they had both received encouragement from μ's.
      The performance ends, and finally the time has come for Aqours to take the stage.
      Chika: We'll be back in a bit, Lyria.
      Lyria: Okay. I'm sorry I can't be out there with you.
      Lyria: Now that I've absorbed Nihilith's power, she says she doesn't mind if I perform on stage, but she doesn't want it to be with Aqours...
      Nihilith: ...
      Chika: Hehe. It's all good! But...
      Nihilith: ...!
      Chika: I hope we can stand on stage together someday, Nihilith.
      Nihilith's mouth opens and closes wordlessly as Chika hugs her.
      Mayor: All right, Aqours. You're up.
      Aqours: Yeah!
      Chika: Okay, let's go!
      Chika: Let's shine with everything we've got!
      Chika: Aqours...
      Aqours: Sunshine!
      Chika: Ngh... I fell asleep...
      You & Riko: Zzz...
      Third-Years: Zzz...
      Second-Years: Zzz...
      Chika: It's pitch-dark outside. Wake up, guys...
      Dia: Mm... How careless of me...
      Mari: All nine of us fell asleep? That's pretty funny.
      Chika: ...
      You: What's wrong, Chika?
      Chika: An image just popped into my head—a location that would be perfect for our new costumes.
      Riko: What kind of location?
      Chika: Um, a great big sky!
      Chika: An endless sky realm that's blue and sparkling... What do you think?
      Hanamaru: Oh... I was about to suggest the same thing, zura.
      Ruby: That's weird. I was thinking that too.
      They awaken from their dream to find themselves suddenly in agreement.
      Yoshiko: Could this be synchronicity brought forth by the power of the fallen angel, Yohane?
      Second-Years: ...
      Third-Years: ...
      Hanamaru & Ruby: ...
      Chika: Maybe. Hehe. It's a miracle.
      The girls start making notes on the theme they want to use for their promo video.
      There's only one problem...
      Ruby: Eep! G-guys! Look at the time!
      Dia: Ack! It's already time for the last bus!
      Chika: Whoa! You're right! Let's get going!
      Chika: Lyria, Io, (Captain), hurry!
      All Eight: Lyria? Io? (Captain)?
      Hanamaru: Who are they, zura? I feel like I've heard their names before...
      Chika: I dunno... I guess I'm still half asleep. Haha.
      The girls scramble to clean up while putting finishing touches on the theme for their promo video location shoot.
      Chika: (I can't remember who those names belong to...)
      Chika: (But I feel like they're connected to a precious memory...)
      Even though they retain no memory of the fleeting dream they shared in the club room, the experience will surely continue to inspire the members of Aqours.
      The End

      Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours Sky-High! - Day 1

      Mari: Oh my! This outfit is just so tres chic!
      Hanamaru: Hehe... I modeled the designs after the characters in a book I like, zura.
      Ruby: That's our Hanamaru! This is one of my favorites yet.
      Mari: Oh yes! These fantastic getups have me in the mood for some dragon slaying!
      Yoshiko: If it's dragons you seek, the fallen angel, Yohane, shall light the way.
      Chika: Ahaha... I don't think we'll find any dragons in Uchiura.
      You: Hmm... I mean, we've got wild boars and monkeys, at least.
      Chika: I guess...
      Riko: Wait, wild boars and monkeys?
      Kanan: Yeah. Sometimes they show up in town.
      Riko: Whoa...
      Dia: All right, that's enough chitchat! We need to get ready for our promo video!
      The Eight: Okay!

      Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours Sky-High! - Day 2

      Riko: By the way, Chika, how are the lyrics coming along?
      Chika: Um... Hehehe...
      Riko: Don't tell me...
      Chika: I'm sorry!
      Riko: Sigh... When do you think you'll have them ready?
      Chika: Um, about that...
      Riko: Chiiika...
      Chika: I mean, I just can't think of any lyrics to go with these outfits at all!
      You: Ahaha... It looks like you're struggling more than expected.
      Chika: Ngh...
      Chika: Oh, I've got it!
      You: Did you think of something good?
      Chika: I was thinking maybe I'd read Hanamaru's book that Ruby used as reference for these outfits.
      Chika: If I did that, maybe I could think of...
      Riko: We don't have time for you to finish reading a novel!
      Chika: Oof... You're right...
      You: Come on, Chika, brighten up! We'll help you out.
      Chika: Really! You'll really help me?
      You: Yep!
      Riko: Geez... Fine, I guess.
      Chika: Thanks, you two!

      Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours Sky-High! - Day 3

      Hanamaru: Ruby, Ruby! Look, there's a ship flying over there, zura!
      Hanamaru: This is fantasy brought to life, zura! It's like a world right out of a book, zura!
      Yoshiko: Fantasy and true sorcery! Ah... Wisdom of the dark arts unbeknownst even to myself lies waiting to be discovered!
      Yoshiko: If I were to obtain such wisdom, I could continue my descent into the abyss...
      Ruby: You two seem to be having a good time...
      Yoshiko: What's wrong, Ruby? You look a little worried.
      Ruby: I am worried! I mean, we don't even know if we can go back...
      Hanamaru: We'll be okay, Ruby.
      Hanamaru: Me, Yoshiko and the rest of Aqours are here, zura.
      Hanamaru: And (Captain) and the others too, zura.
      Yoshiko: It's Yohane!
      Yoshiko: And Zuramaru's right!
      Yoshiko: So let's enjoy the time we have in this world while we're here!
      Hanamaru: Yoshiko here might be enjoying this world a little too much, zura...
      Hanamaru: If this fallen angel falls any further, I don't think we'll be able to keep her in check, zura.
      Ruby: Ahaha...
      Ruby: Thanks for cheering me up, you guys. I'll hang in there!
      Ruby: And I'll do my Rubesty!
      Hanamaru: That's the spirit, Ruby!

      Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours Sky-High! - Day 4

      Mari: You've been awfully fidgety, Kanan. Is something the matter?
      Kanan: I-it's nothing. Don't worry about it.
      Mari: Oh? All right, if you say so...
      Kanan: !
      Dia: Um, Kanan... You're squeezing me a little too hard...
      Kanan: S-sorry...
      Mari: Oh, I see! Kanan, you're scared!
      Mari: Hehe... Our brave Kanan's a bit of a fraidy-cat!
      Kanan: Am not! I was just surprised for a second, that's all!
      Kanan: More importantly, let's get moving!
      Dia: Kanan, it's dangerous to go off on your own like that!
      Kanan: I-it's fine! I'll lead the way!
      Kanan: !
      Kanan: I... Um, I think it's better if we all stick together.
      Dia: Yes, let's do that.
      Mari: If you get scared again, Kanan, you can just hug me like always... Huuugs!
      Kanan: I'm not gonna hug you!

      Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours Sky-High! - Day 5

      You: Whoa... So this is an airship!
      Lyria: Um, is it really that unique?
      You: Yep! We don't have a lot of ships like this in our world that can fly!
      Chika: The only ships we have that can fly are blimps and stuff.
      You: Yeah! That's why it's really unique!
      Lyria: Ahaha... You've really taken a liking to it.
      Chika: You's dad captains a ferry, actually.
      Chika: That's why she loves boats and ships.
      Vyrn: I can see that.
      You: Say, (Captain). Would it be all right if we look around some more? And maybe check out the controls and stuff!
      1. Go ahead.
      2. Just don't steer it on your own.

      Choose: Go ahead.
      You: Thanks!

      Choose: Just don't steer it on your own.
      You: Of course not!
      Continue 1
      You: All right, Chika! We'll check out the control room first! Aye aye!
      Chika: Okay! Whoa, she's already gone!
      Chika: You, wait for me too!

      Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours Sky-High! - Day 6

      Hanamaru: Nom, nom... This is really tasty, zura!
      Ruby: Wow, you're right... It's delicious.
      Hanamaru: Nom, nom... The food in this world is really good, zura.
      Ruby: It sure is!
      Hanamaru: Ooh, it looks like there's a food stand over there, zura! Let's go check it out next, zura!
      Ruby: We can't, Hanamaru! We need to go shop for things soon...
      Ruby: Dia's going to be worried if we're late.
      Hanamaru: Ngh... I guess you're right. Fine, zura.
      Ruby: Geez, don't look at me like that.
      Ruby: Sigh... Fine, but only that stand over there.
      Hanamaru: Ruby, you're the best, zura!
      Hanamaru: Let's go check it out right now, zura!

      Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours Sky-High! - Day 7

      Io: Yaaah!
      Yoshiko: Oho, true sorcery!
      Yoshiko: Gulp... If I had such power, summoning little demons with a magical threshold of 200 million would be mere child's play!
      Io: Little demons?
      Yoshiko: Heh... Even the heavens tremble before them—my precious little demons from hell!
      Io: Um, I don't know about the heavens and hell and all that, but you want to learn how to summon monsters, right?
      Yoshiko: Heh, that's right. But there's no way that such sorcery to summon beasts from the heavens or hell could exist...
      Io: Um, I'm not so sure about that. I think it does.
      Yoshiko: It does?
      Io: Yeah... I don't really know too much about it, though.
      Yoshiko: I see. Alas, still just a fantasy...

      Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours Sky-High! - Day 8

      Kanan: Huff... Puff... We worked up quite a sweat.
      Kanan: Hehe. Still, though... This is the first time I've had anyone keep up with me.
      Kanan: Not bad, (Captain).
      1. Pant... Th-thanks...
      2. Huff... I can't even...

      Choose: Huff... I can't even...
      Lyria: Are you gonna be okay, (Captain)?
      Choose: Pant... Th-thanks...
      Lyria: But, Kanan, you really are amazing!
      Lyria: You're not even out of breath after running all that way!
      Kanan: Hehe... I'm pretty confident when it comes to athletics!
      Kanan: Anyways, that should do for a break. I think I'll take another lap.
      Vyrn: Geez, that girl's got some real stamina!
      Vyrn: I'd say she's probably cut out to be a skyfarer, even!
      Lyria: Ahaha... You're probably right.

      Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours Sky-High! - Day 9

      Riko: Hmm...
      Lyria: What's the matter, Riko? You're looking a little glum.
      Riko: Well... I'm actually having a hard time coming up with a song for our concert, you see.
      Riko: I usually come up with song ideas while playing the piano, but there aren't any pianos here, so...
      Vyrn: Hmm... A piano, huh?
      Lyria: Actually, I think there's a piano in the mayor's house...
      Riko: Wait, you have pianos in this world?
      Lyria: Well, I don't know if it's the same type of piano you're talking about, but we do have pianos!
      Riko: Please, show me the way to the mayor's house!
      Riko: If there's a piano, I'll be able to come up with something for sure!
      Lyria: O-of course. Just follow me then!
      Riko: Thank you!
      Riko: Oh, thank goodness... Now I'll be able to come up with a song...

      Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours Sky-High! - Day 10

      Hanamaru: I never dreamed we'd have a concert in a place like this, zura.
      Ruby: Yeah, I hope it goes well. I mean, there's still that primal beast to worry about...
      Yoshiko: Heh. Fear not.
      Yoshiko: For as long as the dark powers of the fallen angel, Yohane, are with you, not even primal beasts stand a chance!
      Hanamaru: Those words are finally reassuring for once, zura.
      Ruby: Ahaha... Yeah.
      Yoshiko: The sound of our voices shall cause the people to descend and drive out the influence of the heavens!
      Hanamaru: That's enough, zura!
      Yoshiko: Ouch...
      Hanamaru: We've just restored the town's liveliness, so there won't be any falling from the heavens today, zura.
      Ruby: That's right. Let's do our best to make the people in this town as happy as possible!
      Yoshiko: Th-that much I know!
      Hanamaru: We'll do our best together! And bring smiles to everybody, zura!
      Ruby: I'll do my Rubesty!
      Yoshiko: Heh... The time has come for the fallen angel, Yohane, to show off her true power...
      Hanamaru: Cut it out, Yoshiko.
      Yoshiko: It's Yohane!

      Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours Sky-High! - Day 11

      Mari: Let's do our best for the concert!
      Dia: Mari really is fearless, isn't she?
      Kanan: She really is.
      Kanan: Aren't you scared... of the primal beast?
      Mari: Not at all!
      Mari: I mean, all of Aqours is here, not to mention (Captain) and the others too!
      Mari: And if we don't put on a smile, there's no way we can expect to bring smiles to everyone else!
      Mari: Dia, Kanan. Together with everyone else in Aqours, we're bringing smiles to the townspeople, right?
      Mari: So we have to smile from the inside first!
      Kanan: You're right...
      Kanan: Heh. You say some pretty good things sometimes, Mari.
      Dia: Indeed. I'm a little surprised, actually.
      Mari: Hey now, what's that supposed to mean?
      Kanan: Kidding, kidding.
      Mari: Geez!
      Dia: But thanks to you, I'm starting to feel a little excited.
      Kanan: Yeah. We need to put on a fun concert for everyone in town.
      Mari: Exactly! And we'll create new Aqours fans in this world too!
      Dia: Hehe... Leaving our name here in this world...
      Dia: I like the sound of that!
      Kanan: But to do that, we need to put on a concert to remember.
      Mari: Of course!

      Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours Sky-High! - Day 12

      Chika: Let's put on the best show ever! And put smiles on everyone's faces!
      You: Yeah! Let's give it all we've got—we'll bring happiness back to the town for sure!
      Riko: Yes... So, Chika, don't look so nervous.
      Chika: H-huh? Do I look nervous right now?
      You: Yep, totally worried.
      Riko: Other people might not notice it, but...
      Riko: We've been by your side through it all, Chika.
      You: That's why we can tell.
      Chika: You... Riko...
      You: I know it'll be all right, Chika. I'm with you, Riko's with you, and so is everyone else.
      Riko: Yeah, You's exactly right.
      Chika: ...
      Chika: Of course... It'll be great—I just know it!
      Chika: Okay! Now let's all give those people the best show they've ever seen!

      Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours Sky-High! - Day 13

      Hanamaru: Ngh... I'm actually more nervous than usual for this concert...
      Ruby: I wonder if it'll be all right...
      Yoshiko: This is nothing, compared to the wrath of the heavens...
      Hanamaru: Yoshiko... Your legs are shaking.
      Yoshiko: It's Yohane!
      Yoshiko: I... I can't help it. It's such a large stage, after all.
      Dia: W-we'll be fine. We've practiced so much up until now.
      Riko: But, Dia... Your legs are shaking too.
      Dia: Y-you're just imagining things!
      Chika: I don't think we need to worry about whether it'll go well or not.
      Kanan: Chika?
      Chika: Because we're putting on this concert together!
      Chika: So let's do it just how we want to!
      Chika: And bring happiness to everyone with our shining performance!
      You and Riko: ...
      First-Years: ...
      Third-Years: ...
      Chika: H-huh? Did I say something weird?
      You: No... It was just so you to say something like that, Chika.
      Mari: Exactly! It was just so you, Chika! Fantastic!
      Chika: You, Mari... What does that mean?
      Kanan: Hehe, they're praising you, Chika.
      Lyria: Um, is everyone ready? It's almost time.
      Mari: Good to go!
      Chika: Let's do this, everyone!
      You and Riko: Yeah!
      First-Years: Okay!

      I'm ready, zura!

      Prepare to witness the power of the fallen angel, Yohane!
      Third-Years: Hehe, let's live it up!


      Aquors: Aqours, Sunshine!
      Aquors: Aqours, Sunshine!