Luminiera Alter

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This summon has multiple versionsDifferent summon versions can still be equipped simultaneously.
Summon m 2030032000.jpgSummon m 2030066000.jpgSummon m 2040047000.jpg
LuminieraLuminiera AlterLuminiera Omega
Label Rarity SR.pngSummonSeries Omega Series icon.pngOmega Series
[Omega Series]
Luminiera Alter

Summon b 2030066000.png

Label Element Light.png HP ATK
Level 1 58 145
Level 75 381 910
Obtain Granblue Fantasy Chronicle Vol. 04 Serial Code
Combo Call Name
First HalfUsed when this summon is called first in the combo. Oath of
Second HalfUsed when this summon is called second in the combo. Restraint

ID 2030066000
Summon ID 2032
NameJP 騎解のシュヴァリエ
Release Date
Other Sites Icon Huiji Wiki.pngHuiji Wiki
(Chinese wiki)

The chronicles of the world tell of a guardian of chivalry, one that protects its city on its own accord. May its gallant heart be a guiding light to its possessor.
Aura - Luminiera Alter's Aura
0★This is the basic aura for this summon. Its level does not influence the aura. ???
3★This is the aura for the 3★ version of this summon. Reduce damage taken from light.
Call - Oath of RestraintCooldown
0★This is the basic call for this summon. Its level does not influence the call. ??? 9T9 turn cooldown.
3★This is the call for the 3★ version of this summon.Big Light damage to all foes. All allies gain Status Dark Cut 20.png20% Dark CutDark DMG is cut 20%
Dark Damage Cut.

This summon is fully uncapped when obtained.
Omega Series
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