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My First Valentine - What's Valentine's Day?[edit]

Rosetta: ...
Rosetta looks into the deeply blue, serene skies and laughs.
The crew doesn't know what to make of Rosetta's sudden change of mood, so they exchange glances.
Io: Why're you giggling?
Rosetta: That's an easy one. It's almost Valentine's Day.
Io: Oh, right...
Rosetta: It's been so long since I've made chocolate. I thought I might give it a go.
Lyria: ...
Lyria looks at Rosetta with question marks in her eyes.
Lyria: Um... What's Valentine's Day?
Katalina: That's right. I've never told you...
Katalina: Every year around this time, there's a day called Valentine's Day.
Katalina: On that day it's custom to give chocolate to people you care for.
Rosetta: That's not all. Valentine's Day is also the perfect time to profess your love.
Rosetta: You pour your heart and soul into chocolate and give it to that special someone. Hehe. Adding sweet words of love never hurts either.
Katalina: Rosetta!
Katalina: Don't you think Lyria is still too young to learn about things like that?
Rosetta: Hmm... I wonder. Lyria seems plenty interested to me.
Rosetta: I see the way she stares at (Captain)—
Lyria: H-hey!
Katalina: Rosetta!
Rosetta: Hehe. Don't get mad.
Vyrn: I dunno what's going on, but Rosetta sure looks happy!
Lyria: Has... everyone here...
Lyria: Given chocolate to someone they care about before?
Rosetta: Of course. That's what Valentine's Day is all about.
Rosetta: The days I shared my feelings were long ago though...
Katalina: I too have given chocolates to express my gratitude.
Io: I'm jealous... I've always wanted to give my master chocolate...
Io: But since Valtz is hot all year round, it never goes well when I try to make some.
Katalina: That makes sense. Valtz doesn't seem ideal for handmade chocolate.
Lyria casts envying eyes at the others telling tales of Valentine's Day with smiles on their faces.
Lyria: Valentine's Day sounds wonderful.
Lyria: I... want to try making chocolate for someone I care about!
Rosetta: Hehe... Then this year how about we do things together?
Lyria: Okay!
Lyria's heart swells with excitement as a smile spreads across her face.
Lyria feels (Captain) looking her way, and her heart skips a beat.
Lyria: (Captain)? Do you need something?
  1. Who you making chocolate for?
  2. How about we make it together?

Choose: Who you making chocolate for?
Lyria: That's... a secret!
Vyrn: Lyria's always thinking about other people, so I'm sure she's gonna make some for the whole crew.
Io: Sigh... You're hopeless, Vyrn.
Vyrn: What'd you say!
Rosetta: Hehe. Don't mind her, Vyrn. Leave all this to us.
Vyrn: You got it!
Since it's Lyria's first Valentine's Day, Rosetta wants to make sure everything goes wonderfully for her.

Choose: How about we make it together?
Lyria: But you're supposed to be on the receiving end...
Rosetta: Let's just say there's more than one way to express your affections on this day.
Rosetta: However...
Rosetta gives Lyria a thoughtful glance and then smiles at (Captain).
Rosetta: (Captain), why not just relax and enjoy the chocolate as usual this year?
Since it's Lyria's first Valentine's Day, Rosetta wants to make sure everything goes wonderfully for her.
Continue 1
Rosetta: Lyria.
Rosetta: To really show someone how much you care, you can't buy your chocolate—you have to make it.
Lyria: Make it?
Katalina: Don't fret. I can teach you all you need to know.
Lyria: Really? Thank you, Katalina!
Vyrn: Sounds like a recipe for disaster...
Vyrn: What do you think, (Captain)?
  1. ...

Choose: ...
Vyrn: Hey! Don't ignore me!
Katalina: Everything will be fine. I'll make sure Lyria is properly instructed.
Vyrn: Uh... Haha...
Io: That reminds me!
Io: There's a place close by called Chocolae Island.
Lyria: Chocolae Island? That sounds like a tasty place!
Io: Right? They say...
Io: The seeds of the cacao tree found there make really good chocolate.
Io: I also heard those seeds are filled with love magic!
Lyria: Wha? Love magic?
Rosetta: Doesn't that sound romantic? I think I just felt my heart soar.
Io: I'm not really into that kinda stuff though, so...
Io: The head of that island is a baker... Oh wait, a chocolatier, not a baker.
Io: Maybe they'll teach us how to make really tasty sweets.
Rosetta: That would be nice.
Rosetta: (Captain), would you take us there?
And so the crew ventures to Chocolae Island.
Upon arrival...
The crew is hit by a delicious fragrance in the air.
Lyria: Hehe. This place gives me the munchies for chocolate.
Katalina: Haha. Agreed.
Katalina: But we're not here to eat. This is a harvest.
Lyria: Right!
Io: Um... Do you hear that?
???: ...
Katalina: Monsters?
Lyria: Really? That just looks like a giant piece of chocolate to me...
The strange beast, pounding the ground with each step, heads straight for the crew.
Lyria: Ahh!
Vyrn: (Captain), dunno what that thing is, but it means business!

My First Valentine - What's Valentine's Day?: Scene 2[edit]

???: ...
Something strange happens.
As soon as the crew defeats the monster, it turns into the ingredients needed for making chocolate.
Io: Huh? What just happened?
Before the crew is able to understand the situation, a mob of girls surrounds them.
Vyrn: What the huff? Were they the ones we heard a second ago?
Girl 1: Hey! That was my first chocolate sprite!
Katalina: What do you mean by... chocolate sprite?
Lyria: Wait, let me guess... Are you talking about the monster we just defeated?
Girl 1: Totally! You came here and, like, didn't even know that? Are you serious?
Lyria: Maybe...
Girl 1: Gosh, you're hopeless. Let me give you the 411.
Girl 1: That monster thing was a chocolate sprite.
Girl 1: Some people say that they come from the cacao seeds found here...
Girl 1: But don't ask why that happens, 'cause no one knows.
Vyrn: What the...
Girl 1: So! Like, if you want this island's chocolate ingredients, you've gotta trounce those sprites.
Io: So that's how we'll make our chocolate...
Girl 1: Exactly! Gotta get that love magic!
Girl 2: Oh! My! Gosh! Found a chocolate sprite!
Girl 1: No way!
The girls dash into the forest on the hunt for their next monster.
Girl 1: One last thing!
Girl 1: If you collect enough ingredients, the head of the village will teach you how to make chocolate!
With that, the girls leave like bats out of the underworld.
Vyrn: That enthusiasm was something else...
Vyrn: Talk about overwhelming...
Lyria: They really are giving it their all for Valentine's Day...
Io: Sure are... We've gotta put just as much effort into this!
Rosetta: Let's get the ball rolling. We need to have just as much love magic in our chocolate too.
Armed with new information, the crew begin their hunt for chocolate sprites.

My First Valentine - With All My Heart[edit]

The crew split and begin their search for chocolate ingredients.
Deep in the forest, Lyria and Katalina count their findings.
Katalina: Phew... We've collected a fair amount, but it's still not enough to make chocolate for the entire crew.
Lyria: Katalina... Are you doing all this for everyone?
Katalina: Of course. This is the perfect opportunity to let all of our members know how much I appreciate them.
Lyria: ...
Katalina: Hehe... My end goal is to give thanks to all. But that doesn't mean you need to share that desire.
Katalina: If you only want to give chocolate to that special someone, that's perfectly acceptable.
Lyria: Okay. Thank you...
Katalina: May I ask... who that special someone is?
Katalina: I noticed you perked up when they mentioned love magic...
Katalina: Oh, this is coming out all wrong. I don't mean to pry.
Katalina: It's just... I can't help but wonder...
Seeing how flustered Katalina's becoming, Lyria shyly gazes toward the ground.
Then she utters "(Captain)" softly to Katalina.
Katalina: I see...
Lyria: If you ever find that special someone, let me know who it is, okay?
Katalina: L-Lyria...
Lyria: Hehe...
Katalina: Haha...
Katalina: Well, then! Let's get back to finding those ingredients.
In another corner of the forest, Rosetta and Io continue the hunt for chocolate sprites.
Rosetta: Hehe. Isn't this a lovely change of pace?
Io: You seem to be having a really good time. Who do you want to give chocolate to?
Rosetta: Hm? So you do want to know?
Rosetta: First... Tell me who you're working so hard for.
Io: Huh? Why!
Rosetta: You can't ask me to share my secrets if you won't share yours.
Rosetta: Don't worry. I'll take what you tell me to my grave.
Io: Um... But...
Rosetta: Hmm... Maybe I already know...
Io: Huh?
Io: I-I just want to give chocolate to my master!
Rosetta: Really now? I was thinking of someone who's normally a bit closer to you.
Io: N-no way...
Io: Okay! Now you go.
Rosetta: I'm making chocolate for everyone.
Io: Uhh...
Rosetta: Hehe. I think wanting to give to a special someone is wonderful in its own way.
Rosetta: You could even say such feelings exemplify the true essence of beauty.
Rosetta: It's a pivotal point in your life when you transition from child to adult.
Io: R-really?
Chocolate Sprite: ...
Rosetta: Fantastic timing...
With Valentine's Day on the horizon, nearly everyone is rushing to find chocolate sprites.
In direct contrast to the rowdy crowds, Vyrn and (Captain) reach their limits.
Girl 1: Look! There's another one over there!
Girl 2: Wait! Gimme that chocolate!
Vyrn: Where are they getting all that energy from?
Girl 1: There's one over there!
Girl 2: I'm not letting it get away!
Vyrn: Agh!
Vyrn: Ow...
Vyrn: They didn't even notice me...
Vyrn: This is like a battlefield to them.
  1. We should keep going too!

Choose: We should keep going too!
Vyrn: Haha. Yeah. Everyone else is trying just as hard.
Vyrn: What kind of skyfarers would we be if we gave up here?
Vyrn: Let's show 'em what we're really made of, (Captain)!

My First Valentine - With All My Heart: Scene 2[edit]

The crew's hard work results in a large pool of ingredients.
With that, Lyria attempts to make chocolate for the very first time.
Rosetta: There's nothing wrong with the steps you've taken, but the flavor and consistency are still a bit lackluster...
Lyria: I guess because it's my first time, I must be missing some of the finer points.
Rosetta: I don't think that's the case. These ingredients in particular just require a special touch.
Katalina: In that case... What if we made some alterations?
Io: B-but we went through so much trouble to get all this.
Vyrn: Y-yeah!
Vyrn: Since Lyria's still new to this...
Vyrn: I don't think we should try anything too fancy.
Katalina: Hm... You make a good point.
Vyrn: Phew...
Lyria: ...
Rosetta: Lyria, don't lose heart. Let's just change the amount we use for now, okay?
Rosetta: We'll keep at this until you've made a delicious treat.
Katalina: Agreed. The effort you put into your chocolate will be reflected in the taste.
Io: She's right! Let's keep at it, okay, Lyria?
Lyria: Okay! I'll do this as many times as I need to. I'll pour my heart into my chocolate for...
Lyria gets ahead of herself and utters "(Captain)" before quickly closing her mouth.
Lyria pretends nothing has happened and begins humming a tune.
Vyrn: Hm? Did you say something about (Captain)?
Lyria: W-what are you talking about?
Katalina: Vyrn, (Captain), leave this to us. Why don't you go rest in another room.
Vyrn: Hey! You weren't the only ones who gathered this stuff, you know!
Io: Vyrn, go lie down!
Io: We don't need you breathing down our necks! We can make chocolate without you just fine!
Rosetta: Hehe. (Captain), remember you're on the receiving end this time, okay?
Vyrn: Fine. If that's how it is, then we're outta here. Come on, (Captain).
Once (Captain) and Vyrn leave the room, Lyria lets out a sigh of relief.
Lyria: Phew...
Io: So you want to make chocolate to give to (Captain)?
Lyria: Huh? I...
Io: I'll have to get it together for my master too!
Io: Rosetta, why are you laughing?
Rosetta: Hehe. No special reason.
Katalina: About the chocolate... This doesn't look good for us...
???: Worry nevermore! For I have arrived.
Lyria and the others turn to see a woman with a soft smile standing near the entrance of the kitchen.
Katalina: Who are you?
Lyria: Sniff, sniff...
Lyria: You wouldn't be the island's choco... chocolatier, would you?
Chocolatier: The one and only.
Io: Lyria, how did you know that?
Lyria: Hehe. She just smelled so sweet and tasty!
Chocolatier: I've seen your hearts—I've seen the volume of ingredients you've collected.
Chocolatier: And now would you allow me to share my knowledge of the chocolate arts with you?
Lyria: Yes, please!
Lyria: Could you... Could you tell me if there really is love magic...
Lyria: In these ingredients?
Chocolatier: Let me be frank. The answer is no.
Rosetta: Well, I never...
Lyria: Really?
Chocolatier: I'm not finished!
Chocolatier: What will reside in the chocolate you prepare today are your feelings.
Chocolatier: That is what I believe.
Lyria: I want to believe it too!
Chocolatier: Hehe... You with the blue hair... You truly care for the one whom you're preparing chocolate for.
Chocolatier: I can see the love in your eyes.
Lyria: What! How?
Chocolatier: Very well. You will begin preparing the chocolate under my instruction.
Lyria: Yes, ma'am!
So begins the crash course in chocolate creation.
Lyria and friends prepare for Valentine's Day while picturing the faces of the people they intend to deliver their chocolate to.
Valentine's Day arrives.
The faces on the ship's deck appear joyous.
Rosetta: It looks like everyone's Valentine's Day went just as planned.
Lyria: It did! I'm so happy I was able to give away my chocolate.
Io: Me too.
Just look at everyone. Their smiles make me even happier!
Katalina: (I still can't believe I was forced to do that...)
Io: (It was kinda embarrassing, but I got to show how much I care.)
Rosetta: (Hehe. (Captain) was just so cute. Getting all shy around me...)
Lyria: Let's do this again next year!
And so Valentine's Day ends with happy memories for all.
(Captain) looks upon all the smiling faces and is consumed by the warmth.
Just then, (Captain)'s eyes meet Lyria's.
Lyria: Hehe...
Lyria's countenance reveals it all: a shy smile, red cheeks, and lovestruck eyes.

My First Valentine - A Secret Message[edit]

The sun sets and darkness takes the forest while Lyria, alone and afraid, tries to find her way back to the ship.
Lyria: Pant...
Lyria: Gasp!
Lyria: Ouch...
Lyria: Ah!
Lyria, having tripped on the roots of a tree, senses something approaching her from behind.
Consumed with fear, she turns to face what comes.
Teena: Lyria? Are you okay?
Lyria: Teena?
Lyria: Phew... I thought you were a monster.
Teena: Sorry if I scared you.
Lyria's fight-or-flight response weakens, and she takes a deep breath to calm her nerves.
Teena: Why are you walking around all by yourself?
Lyria: Well... We're short on ingredients, so I thought I'd go look for some chocolate sprites.
Lyria: But now I'm just lost.
Teena: Join the club! I'm in the same boat as you.
Teena: We've got to get back before the others start worrying about us. But first, let's get those ingredients.
Lyria: Okay!
Lyria: Huh? What's that rumbling?
Teena: Lyria, look out!
???: ...
From the heart of the forest comes a gigantic beast of sorts, nearly slashing Lyria before Teena saves her.
The thing hides quickly in the trees, and Teena tries to track its movements.
Teena: ...
Choco Fantastica: ...
Teena: What is... that?
Lyria: Maybe a huge piece of chocolate?
Choco Fantastica: ...
It glances at its surroundings, finds Lyria and Teena, then strikes again.
Teena: Lyria, we need to get out of here!
Lyria: Okay!
???: Are you two all right?
A voice from the sky calls to Lyria and Teena.
Teena: Huh?
Lyria: Look, Teena! Above the chocolate monster!
Medusa: I don't know what this thing is, but it wants the two of you! Stay alert!
Teena: Got it!
Teena: But, uh...
Teena: Why were you up there?
Medusa: I thought if I dove into the skies, I might find something big to ride on!
Medusa: Then this thing went and started attacking...
Medusa: Hey! Stop right there!
Teena: I... have no idea what's going on...
Lyria: Me neither! But let's keep moving!
Narmaya: Medusa, it's not safe up there! Come down!
Narmaya effortlessly cuts through the forest as she calls out to Medusa.
Narmaya: Do you need help getting down?
Medusa: Hey! Why are you following me? Get out of here!
Choco Fantastica: ...
The large chocolate enemy commences its assault on Narmaya.
Lyria: Narmaya, watch out!
Narmaya: Ha! Eeyagh!
Just in the nick of time, Narmaya transforms into a butterfly and flies safely to Lyria and Teena.
Narmaya: Thanks, Lyria. You saved me.
Teena: What is that thing?
Narmaya: I think it's a chocolate sprite. But why is it so big?
Teena: Don't they usually run away? Why is this one so aggressive?
Lyria: Maybe it's motivated by something?
From the forest's center come jolly voices.
Girl 1: There's a chocolate sprite!
Girl 2: We need to get it, or we won't have enough materials for Valentine's Day!
Choco Fantastica: ...
The goliath hears the voices and changes trajectory.
Narmaya: Maybe this thing targets people who group together.
Lyria: You might be right! It keeps looking around!
Teena: That means those girls are in danger! We have to stop this monster!
Narmaya: Ready, Medusa?
Medusa: Humph! I was born ready. Let's send this thing back to the Stone Age!

My First Valentine - A Secret Message: Scene 2[edit]

Choco Fantastica: ...
Lyria: Huh?
Narmaya: Phew... Is everyone okay?
Teena: Yeah. We're fine.
Medusa: That's what happens when you mess with me!
Narmaya: Lyria, how about you? Did you get hurt? Do you need my attention?
Lyria: No... I'm okay.
Lyria: What happened to the big chocolate sprite?
The gigantic chocolate begins to break down, and a white smoke arises from the beast's body.
From the remains of the monster, many smaller chocolate sprites come forth.
Chocolate Sprite: ...
The chocolate sprites in turn release their own white smoke from their bodies and melt into ingredients for making chocolate.
Lyria: ...
Teena: It was just made up of smaller chocolate sprites?
Teena: Then why didn't it run from us?
Lyria: I think I saw it smile before it started melting...
Narmaya: Smile? Why?
Medusa: Enough jibber-jabber! We need to hurry up and make chocolate before it's too late!
Medusa: That's why we're out here in the middle of the night, right?
Lyria: Oh... Yeah!
Lyria picks up the ingredients and is startled by their warmth.
Lyria: What if the chocolate sprites...
Lyria: Knew that we needed more ingredients to make chocolate and decided to...
Lyria: Give their lives for our cause?
Medusa: You think they knew we were under a time crunch?
Lyria: That could be what happened...
Teena: ...
Narmaya: ...
Lyria: Everyone! Touch the ingredients!
Just as Lyria asks, everyone reaches for the nearest ingredient and surprise overtakes them.
Teena: Hehe. It's so warm...
Narmaya: Hehe! I think Lyria might be on to something.
Medusa: Humph... Why didn't the chocolate sprites just communicate what they were trying to do to begin with?
Medusa: I guess they're just shy little creatures. Oh well.
Lyria: What if we share these ingredients with all the others who need them too?
Medusa: Medusiana!
Medusiana comes dashing into sight.
Medusiana: !
Lyria: Medusa?
Medusa: Ya'll need to get back to make chocolate, right? Leave this to me.
Medusa: I'll make sure everyone who needs ingredients gets some.
Narmaya: Hehe. Will you be okay all by yourself? I should stay to help you.
Narmaya gently smiles and somewhat forcibly mounts Medusiana.
Medusa: Hey! Who said you could ride my Medusiana!
Narmaya: Pretty please? We need to get this to the others right away!
Narmaya: You'll help me too, right, Medusiana?
Medusiana: !
As Narmaya strokes Medusiana's head, the pet flicks its tongue in delight.
Medusa: Ugh, this is why I don't get along with people...
Medusa: Just this once! Got it?
Medusa's harsh tone is betrayed by her sly smile. She and Narmaya leave to hand out the ingredients.
Teena: Hahaha! They make a nice team.
Lyria: Hehe. I think so too.
Lyria takes the ingredients she needs and remembers the love that went into this wonderfully warm gift.
The chocolate sprites must have been secretly rooting for her and everyone else's sweet success on Valentine's Day.

My First Valentine - Lyria - Episode 1[edit]

Lyria: How is it that chocolate can be made from these things which don't look very tasty?
Lyria: Don't you think it's strange that in the end, I get a really yummy treat from all of this?
Lyria: Okay... First...
Lyria: D-don't worry!
Lyria: The chocolatier taught me everything I need to know!
Lyria: It's going to be the best chocolate ever!
Lyria: I'm sure you'll just love it!

My First Valentine - Lyria - Episode 2[edit]

Lyria: You got all of this just for me? There's so much of it!
Lyria: Thank you, (Captain)!
Lyria: I'll put just as much effort into making my chocolate as you put into getting these ingredients for me!
  1. Who will you give it to?

Choose: Who will you give it to?
Lyria: Huh? T-that's...
Lyria: A secret!

My First Valentine - Lyria - Episode 3[edit]

Lyria: Look, look! I finally got it right!
Lyria: These are my very first chocolates!
Lyria: Who knew that chocolate would be this hard to make...
Lyria: But it was so fun! There was just so much that was new to me!
Lyria: Hehe... I even wrapped them with beautiful paper.
Lyria: There's... someone I want to give my first handmade chocolate to...

My First Valentine - Lyria - Episode 3: Scene 2[edit]

Lyria: That person is you,
I want you to have this...
Lyria: So... Here...
Let me know how it tastes later,

My First Valentine - Lyria - Episode 4[edit]

Lyria: Thank you!
Lyria: I messed up so many times that just now I ran out of ingredients.
Lyria: You really saved the day bringing me all this, (Captain).
  1. You're the one who always saves my day.

Choose: You're the one who always saves my day.
Lyria: Wha!
Lyria: B-but... It's you who's always saving me...
Lyria: You're making me blush...
Lyria: What's that burning smell?
Lyria: Ah!
Lyria: I burnt my chocolate again... Haha...

My First Valentine - Lyria - Episode 5[edit]

Lyria: You brought me the ingredients to make chocolate again?
Lyria: Thank you so much, (Captain)!
Lyria: This time I'll try to make them even better than before.
Lyria: I think Rosetta said that Valentine's Day is a day to express your feelings...
Lyria: So... that's why... I...
Lyria: Umm... I have to go back to making tasty chocolate now!

My First Valentine - Lyria - Episode 6[edit]

Lyria: Do you... have a little time?
Lyria: I... made this chocolate.
Lyria: I think it's better than the last time...
Lyria: I... I'm just so grateful to you, (Captain).
Lyria: Not only that... I have other feelings for you...
Lyria: Hehe... This is so embarrassing...

My First Valentine - Lyria - Episode 6: Scene 2[edit]

Lyria: But... It's Valentine's Day, so...
Lyria: Here...
I put my feelings for you
into all of these chocolates!

My First Valentine - Katalina - Episode 1[edit]

Katalina: Oh, (Captain)... You brought me ingredients for making chocolate?
Katalina: Thanks. That helps.
Katalina: These ingredients are of a high quality.
Katalina: Hehe. I could practically make delicious chocolate in my sleep with this caliber of goods.
Katalina: Hehe... You always know how to help me.

My First Valentine - Katalina - Episode 2[edit]

Katalina: (Captain). You've brought me even more ingredients? Thank you. I've been so busy I couldn't go myself.
Katalina: Well then... Here I go!
Katalina: First I'll need chocolate mass, milk, and sugar over a flame...
Katalina: Hm? What's wrong? (Captain), you're not sure this is how it should be mixed?
Katalina: Is that... a book on how to make chocolate? How thoughtful of you.
Katalina: Hahaha! Don't worry. I don't need that book at all.
Katalina: Huh? Why?
Katalina: Because I've made chocolate before. And not just once or twice.
Katalina: I stake my honor on its taste.

My First Valentine - Katalina - Episode 3[edit]

Katalina: Haha! It's ready! Doesn't this look fantastic?
Katalina: What did I tell you? I'm no amateur when it comes to making chocolate.
Katalina: Cough... All right...
Katalina: Eat up, (Captain).
Katalina: Hehe... A day dedicated to showing how we feel really is delightful.
Katalina: I very much wanted to show you two how I felt.
Katalina: Lyria... and you that is...
Katalina: I intended to protect you both, but I had no idea you two would become pillars I could rely on. I really am grateful.
(Captain): ...
Katalina: Hm? What's wrong? Why are you looking at the floor?
Katalina: You... won't take my chocolate?
Katalina: What! Y-you...
Katalina: You want me to feed it to you!
Katalina: W-wait! Don't rush. I feel kind of awkward...
Katalina: You... You're making me blush!

My First Valentine - Katalina - Episode 3: Scene 2[edit]

Katalina: Tch... I suppose I don't have a
If that's what you want...
Katalina: Open wide! I said open up!
H-here goes...

My First Valentine - Katalina - Episode 4[edit]

Katalina: Now then... Time for the next round!
Katalina: Huh? You know what I mean! I'm going to make chocolate even more delectable than before!
Katalina: Hm? I can make more next year?
Katalina: Of course I will make some next year as well, but as they say there is no time like the present.
Katalina: It's thanks to you that my chocolate-making spirit burns so brightly.
Katalina: Preparing these treats really is so much fun. Don't you think, (Captain)?

My First Valentine - Katalina - Episode 5[edit]

Katalina: Hm... Where is (Captain)?
Katalina: Oh! I was waiting for you, (Captain)! I just had a great idea.
Katalina: I was thinking we could add a few things to the last recipe we used.
Katalina: It'll be fine. Don't worry! Just look!
Katalina: First the chocolate mass, milk, and sugar... Then we'll add a potion and this herb all over a strong flame!
Katalina: Hahaha. What do you think, (Captain)? I really do excel at this, right?

My First Valentine - Katalina - Episode 6[edit]

Katalina: There... All done.
Katalina: With all the ingredients you collected and my idea, this masterpiece was born.
Katalina: Phew... This is exactly what I wanted. Now here is the year's best chocolate!
Katalina: It's all thanks to you. You made this happen. Thank you.
Katalina: All right. Time to taste test.
Katalina: Hm? First let Lyria try some?
Katalina: Haha. If I give one to Lyria, she'll want them all.
Katalina: I won't rest till you've had at least one.
Katalina: This is the final version. Please take some, (Captain).
(Captain): ...
Katalina: Hm? What? Why are you looking at the floor again...
Katalina: No... D-don't tell me that you want to be hand-fed again!

My First Valentine - Katalina - Episode 6: Scene 2[edit]

Katalina: I can't believe this...
P-please stop! Don't leave!
I just need a moment to prepare.
Katalina: I'll... never get used to this!
Come on! Open up... Quickly!
H-here you go...

My First Valentine - Io - Episode 1[edit]

Io: Huh?
Io: Are those chocolate ingredients for me?
Io: T-thanks...
Io: I wonder if this chocolate mass is any good? Have you tried it before?
  1. It's tasty. Have a bite.
  2. You can eat this?

Choose: It's tasty. Have a bite.
Io: So you have had it before.
Io: Okay then...

Choose: You can eat this?
Io: I hear it's healthy, so I think you can eat it...
Continue 1
Io: Nom...
Io: It's b-bitter!
Io: Is this really what goes in chocolate!
Io: Hey! Are you laughing at me? Seriously!

My First Valentine - Io - Episode 2[edit]

Io: What? Can I make chocolate?
Io: How rude! I can make... simple stuff!
Io: As long as I have a recipe...
Io: What? You don't believe me?
Io: At the very least, I can make chocolate better than Katalina.
Io: You just wait! I'll prove it to you!

My First Valentine - Io - Episode 3[edit]

Io: Phew... I'm done!
Io: Hmm... This seems pretty good to me...
Io: Valtz is a hot place, so chocolate doesn't really solidify...
Io: This is the first time I've ever been able to make Valentine's Day chocolate.
Io: Could you try some? I'm not sure if it's good or not...
Io: Hey! Just a little bit, okay! It should be kinda tasty.
Io: Gasp... Why are you laughing!
Io: Just take it already!

My First Valentine - Io - Episode 3: Scene 2[edit]

Io: I hope it's good. If I'm going to give
this away, I at least want the
other person to smile for me.
Io: I-I'm not talking about you!
I'm talking about my master!
Don't get the wrong idea!

My First Valentine - Io - Episode 4[edit]

Io: Is that for me?
Io: Thanks!
Io: When the chocolate solidifies, it gets tough to deal with. Making it all shiny is hard too...
Io: But I want really pretty chocolate, so I'll give this my all!
Io: Huh? Who will I give it to?
Io: M-Master! That's who! Let's give it one last shot!

My First Valentine - Io - Episode 5[edit]

Io: (Captain), thank you! I was running low on ingredients!
Io: Hehe. I think this batch will be the prettiest and tastiest I've ever made!
Io: Huh? What kind of chocolate am I making?
Io: That's a secret!
Io: That's what makes it special!

My First Valentine - Io - Episode 6[edit]

Io: So... this goes here and that ribbon goes there...
Io: Ahh! Did you see that?
Io: How long have you been there?
Io: Aw... I wanted to get the timing perfect...
Io: All right. Here. For you...
Io: For helping me get all the ingredients...
Io: And for always being there for me. I don't normally say thank you, but I want to today.
Io: This is the best tasting and prettiest chocolate I've made so far! And I wrapped it!

My First Valentine - Io - Episode 6: Scene 2[edit]

Io: Huh? My face is getting red?
Why do you have to go
and say that kinda stuff!
Io: I... I just... Thank you.
For everything...
I hope you like it.

My First Valentine - Rosetta - Episode 1[edit]

Rosetta: Are those... for me?
Rosetta: How thoughtful. There is someone I really want to give my chocolate to.
Rosetta: Who? Why, that's a secret.
Rosetta: Hm? Why the face? You want my chocolate too?
Rosetta: Hehe... Once I've finished making it, I'll give you a little piece.
Rosetta: Thanks for helping me, (Captain).

My First Valentine - Rosetta - Episode 2[edit]

Rosetta: Just a little more... I've made great strides thanks to you, (Captain).
Rosetta: Hehe... As a token of my gratitude, maybe I'll let you have the first taste.
Rosetta: I mean... You did do so much for me. I'll have to make sure you at least get a taste.

My First Valentine - Rosetta - Episode 3[edit]

Rosetta: All thanks to you, I made my first batch of chocolates.
Rosetta: The flavor is just right... Now I just need to work on the presentation.
Rosetta: (Captain), could I get you to sample the goods?
Rosetta: Hehehe... Why am I giving you the chocolates this way?
Rosetta: I burnt my hands earlier. I really am so clumsy...

My First Valentine - Rosetta - Episode 3: Scene 2[edit]

Rosetta: Since I can't hold anything with my
hands... I don't have any other way
to give you it, right? Hehe...
Rosetta: Go ahead... Take it...

My First Valentine - Rosetta - Episode 4[edit]

Rosetta: Perfect... My chocolate will look just gorgeous.
Rosetta: To bring out the beauty in anything, color must be in harmony.
Rosetta: Even a rose with the most beautiful scent cannot attract the butterflies if its color isn't equally charming.
Rosetta: My chocolate is a rose. It must please the eyes and then the tongue.
Rosetta: Once the beauty is brought out, then the eating may begin.
Rosetta: Isn't this just lovely?

My First Valentine - Rosetta - Episode 5[edit]

Rosetta: (Captain), thank you for always bringing me ingredients.
Rosetta: It'll just be a bit more before I'm finished. Now I just need to get the shape of the chocolate down and I'm done.
Rosetta: Why worry about the shape?
Rosetta: Well... Wouldn't it be a little strange to give you an odd-looking chocolate?
Rosetta: And what better way to show you the shape of my heart than with the shape of my chocolate?
  1. Shape of your heart?
  2. Do you mean...

Choose: Shape of your heart?
Rosetta: Oh? Do you want to know more?
Rosetta: Hehe... That's...
Rosetta: A secret.

Choose: Do you mean...
Rosetta: Hm? (Captain), do you know what I'm talking about?
Continue 1
Rosetta: When the chocolate's done, you will truly understand.
Rosetta: Hehe. You just wait.

My First Valentine - Rosetta - Episode 6[edit]

Rosetta: Now that I've wrapped this beautifully, it's ready.
Rosetta: When was the last time I worked myself so hard? Hehehe...
Rosetta: Why did I do all this work?
Rosetta: That's a given. This was all for you, silly.
Rosetta: The longer two people are together, the harder it becomes to tell them how you feel through words...
Rosetta: Will you take this? As a token of my appreciation...
Rosetta: Hehehe... I really am clumsy. I burnt my hands again.

My First Valentine - Rosetta - Episode 6: Scene 2[edit]

Rosetta: Hm? You don't approve of the way
I give out chocolate?
Rosetta: Don't be shy. If you don't hurry,
my chocolates will start melting.
Eat them all up. Come on.