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Official Profile

Age (N/A) Height 5 shaku 1 sun (155 cm) Race Human
Hobbies Listening to the voice of the nature
Likes The nature of Kamuikotan
Dislikes People who do not have any respect for nature
Character Release
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Age (N/A) Height 五尺一寸(155cm) Race ヒューマン
Hobbies 自然の声を聞くこと
Likes カムイコタンの自然
Dislikes 自然を大切に出来ない人たち
Character Release
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Special Cutscenes

This character does not have special holiday cutscenes.

Fate Episodes

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Protectors of Nature

The shrine maidens Nakoruru and Rimururu join (Captain)'s crew on their journey. A comment from Rimururu on the quality of Nakoruru's culinary skills piques Lyria's curiosity.

(Captain) and Nakoruru continue their quest to defeat Shiro Amakusa, wellspring of evil.
Along the way, the crew also adds Nakoruru's little sister and fellow shrine maiden Rimururu to its ranks.
The closer they get to Amakusa, the thicker the poisonous miasma becomes. Strangely enough, however, this only causes their conversation to grow even friendlier.
Rimururu: Hey, Lyria! Can I ask you about something Sis mentioned earlier?
Rimururu: She said you can hear the voices of nature too. Is that true?
Lyria: No, it's nothing like that. I just... get a sense of what nature's saying. That's all.
Rimururu: Hmm... If you say so. I thought you were a friend of us shrine maidens, so it bums me out to hear that.
Lyria: I feel the same way you do. It makes me so sad to see nature destroyed... We have to hurry!
Nakoruru: Hee hee... You're such a kind soul, Lyria. When you say things like that, we can't help but see you as a shrine maiden.
Lyria: Heh heh... You really think so?
Lyria: Oh, that's right! What does the voice of nature sound like? I've been super curious about it this whole time.
Nakoruru: It's far more indistinct than human speech, but we can clearly make out emotions such as love, hate, sadness, and fear...
Nakoruru: We rely on those voices to defeat those who would dare defile the natural world.
Nakoruru: Amakusa brought great suffering to nature long ago. I had no choice but to defeat him.
The expression on Nakoruru's face is one of dedication suffused with a profound calm... and an equally profound melancholy.
It lingers on her face for only a moment, but Rimururu notices instantly.
Rimururu: Amakusa is the worst! He's screwing up Mother Nature and putting you in harm's way, Sis! And he won't even stay dead! He sucks and I hate him!
Nakoruru: Hee hee... Thank you, Rimururu. But this is our duty as shrine maidens.
Nakoruru flashes a gallant smile, but this only causes Rimururu more worry.
Rimururu: I'm gonna help too, Sis! You can't stop me! I'm not a kid anymore!
Nakoruru smiles, gently tousling Rimururu's hair.
Lyria can't help but smile seeing this either.
Lyria: Hee hee, you really love your sister, don't you, Rimururu?
Rimururu: Yup! She's the best! I wanna be just like her when I grow up!
Rimururu: She's strong, and pretty, and kind! And she can cook too!
Lyria: Oh my gosh! Really?
Rimururu: Better believe it! Her cooking's super delicious! The rataskep she makes for me in the morning is my favorite!
Lyria: Rataskep? I don't think I know what that is... Aren't you curious to find out, (Captain)?
  1. Can you make some for us tomorrow?
  2. What are the ingredients exactly?

Choose: Can you make some for us tomorrow?
Lyria: That's a wonderful idea! Don't you think so, Nakoruru?
Nakoruru: Of course. I'll have to make sure our ingredients are in order tomorrow morning.

Choose: What are the ingredients exactly?
Lyria: Um, Nakoruru? Does rataskep have anything... strange in it?
Nakoruru: Hee hee. No need to worry. It's very good for you and full of mountain vegetables.
Continue 1
Rimururu: Hey, Sis! Let's ask the forest where we can find the vegetables we need!
Nakoruru and Rimururu clear their thoughts and engage in conversation with Mother Nature.
Rimururu: Sis! The forest says we can find delicious vegetables over there!
Nakoruru: Wait, Rimururu. It's not safe to go by yourself.
Lyria: Whew... You were able to figure all that out just by concentrating? Shrine maidens really are incredible...
The crew catches a glimpse of the bond shared between these two shrine maidens... and the burden they both shoulder.
(Captain) and Lyria's desire to protect and help them only grows deeper and more resolute.

Partner Appreciation Day

Nakoruru and Rimururu work alongside their steadfast companions Mamahaha and Konru, causing Lyria to express a twinge of jealousy. This inspires Nakoruru to suggest expressing thanks to their friends with a trip to a nearby spring.

One exceedingly beautiful morning, (Captain) and the crew visit a grassy field with Nakoruru and Rimururu.
Nakoruru: Over here, Mamahaha!
Mamahaha: ...
Rimururu: Nonno! Konrunonno!
Konru: ...
Both shrine maidens are joined by their partners.
Nakoruru is joined by the hawk Mamahaha. Rimururu is joined by Konru, an ice spirit.
Each of the girls is tied to her partner with a strong bond of love and trust; they are one in body and soul.
Lyria: Wow! They're so friendly with you two!
Lyria: Hee hee... I'm kind of jealous! It must be nice to have someone like that by your side all the time.
Lyria says this with a slightly lonely look on her face. Rimururu can't help but chime in.
Rimururu: But why? Don't you have—
Nakoruru gently shushes her younger sister before she can finish her sentence.
Rimururu: (Huh? Why did you stop me, Sis?)
Nakoruru: I know what you want to say, Rimururu. However...
Nakoruru thinks for a moment before responding in a slightly ostentatious voice.
Nakoruru: Ah, I believe I have an idea. Let us give thanks to those friends of ours who help us during our journey.
Lyria: What a wonderful idea! Mamahaha and Konru will be overjoyed!
Rimururu: Hold on a sec, Sis! What should I do to say thanks to Konru?
Nakoruru: Hm... That's a good question. I hadn't thought that far ahead.
Lyria: How about giving Konru a nice bath?
Nakoruru: A... bath?
Lyria: Yes! I hear there's a beautiful, sparkling spring nearby!
Nakoruru: Hee hee... That sounds wonderful. I've been busy keeping Mamahaha groomed, so I'm sure she'll be happy to have a proper cleaning.
Rimururu: Konru loves cold water! I can't wait! Let's go!
Their destination decided, the crew begins heading toward a small spring in a nearby forest.

Partner Appreciation Day: Scene 2

The crew reaches the spring, washing away the weariness of their harsh journey with a day of refreshing fun. Nakoruru signals (Captain) to come into the water and play with Lyria.

Lyria and friends reach the spring.
Mamahaha and Konru both eagerly dip into the refreshing waters.
Rimururu: Hahaha... Konru, wait up! I'm coming in too!
Nakoruru: Hee hee... I don't know if I've ever seen you so happy, Mamahaha.
Lyria: How wonderful! Everyone seems to be having a great time here.
Rimururu: Hurry up and jump in, Sis!
With an innocent smile on her face, Rimururu splashes water on her sister.
Nakoruru: Ah! You've done it now, Rimururu.
Rimururu: Hahaha... It's so cold! In a good way!
Nakoruru: What about you, Lyria?
Lyria: It's freezing! But I love it!
Mamahaha: ...
Konru: ...
All enjoy this brief moment of respite, the harsh journey ahead of them vanishing into the back of their minds.
The cool waters wash away the cloudiness that had settled over everyone's hearts, returning them to their playful selves.
That's when Nakoruru decides to splash water on (Captain).
Lyria: Nakoruru! You shouldn't do that!
Nakoruru: It's fine, Lyria. Won't you come join us, (Captain)?
When (Captain) sees the shy look on Lyria's face, the true meaning behind Nakoruru's smile becomes clear.
(Captain) disarms and joins everyone in the cool spring waters.
Lyria: Huh? (Captain), what are you doing?
(Captain) playfully splashes water on Lyria. Lyria realizes this is an apology for not being able to spend time together lately.
Lyria soon starts smiling again and begins returning the splashy favor with some waves of her own.
Lyria: We haven't been able to enjoy ourselves much lately, so let's have as much fun as we can!
The crew has a day of innocent fun in the water.
Unfortunately the sound of their escapade soon draws the attention of some nearby monsters.

Partner Appreciation Day: Scene 3

Lyria and (Captain) thank Nakoruru for the suggestion to go to the spring. Nakoruru's hawk Mamahaha gives (Captain) a flower, which (Captain) delivers to Lyria as a token of appreciation.

Nakoruru and Rimururu are talking on the deck of the ship while the wind dries their hair.
Lyria and (Captain) approach with apologetic looks on their faces.
Lyria: Um... Thanks so much for today...
Rimururu: Hm? What for?
In contrast to the slightly oblivious Rimururu, Nakoruru responds to Lyria with a smile, fully aware of the reasons for her being there.
Nakoruru: Hee hee... It's wonderful being able to let your friends know how much you care about them, isn't it?
Rimururu finally realizes what's going on.
Rimururu: So that's it! This is all because you said you were jealous of me and Konru, isn't it, Lyria?
Rimururu: It's okay. I thought you and (Captain) had a good thing going too when I said that!
Lyria: Hee hee...
Lyria laughs with a slight twinge of embarrassment. Suddenly a small shadow flits into view.
Mamahaha: ...
Mamahaha lands on Nakoruru's shoulder and releases two flowers from her beak.
Nakoruru: Why, thank you, Mamahaha.
Nakoruru hands one of the flowers to (Captain).
Nakoruru: Here, (Captain). You have thanks of your own to give.
(Captain) takes the flower, bashfully brings it to Lyria, and says thanks.
(Captain) then places it in Lyria's beautiful, azure locks.
Lyria: Oh my gosh... (Captain)?
Lyria: Hee hee... Thank you so much. It's a little embarrassing though...
Nakoruru: Oh, Lyria...
Rimururu: That's not fair, Sis! I want one too!
Nakoruru: Hee hee... Very well. Come right this way, Rimururu. I have one more flower left.
Rimururu: Yay! You're the bestest, Sis!
With a cool breeze at their backs, the crew spends the rest of the day basking in the warm smiles of their friends.
With a cool breeze at their backs, the crew spends the rest of the day basking in the warm smiles of their friends.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
あれ? 確かに…リムルルの声が… Was that... Rimururu's voice?
シクルゥ、ママハハ!行きますよ! Shikuruu! Mamahaha! Here we go!
聞こえませんか?大自然の声が… Can you hear the voice of nature?
物凄い邪気…でも、負けられない! Such incredible evil... But I won't back down!
山のカムイに誓って必ず勝利を… I swear upon the mountain gods... Victory will be mine!
大自然の精霊達よ…力を貸して! Great spirits of nature... Lend me your strength!
一撃離脱が私のやり方です… I prefer hit-and-run tactics.
巫女の使命…全うして見せます I will fulfill my duty as a shrine maiden.
(主人公)さん私に任せてください! Let me handle this, (Captain)!
(主人公)さん見くびらないで下さい Do not underestimate me, (Captain).