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Platinum Sky II - Opening

A certain Erune boy always hoped to follow in his father's footsteps and race on Nimmus Island. But the island was put on lockdown to conduct research on ruins, leading to the discovery of a mysterious device. Today, the course reopens.

It all began a decade ago.
This treasured memory, though presently sealed away, lives on deep inside the heart of an innocent youth.
Young Fehr: Wow... You did it, Daddy! I can't believe we're going faster than the wind!
Quark: Haha, you can say that again! The winds on this island sure are fickle though...
Young Fehr: Ngh!
Quark: Hold on tight!
Young Fehr: O-okay!
The father and son weave their way through the swirling gales.
Young Fehr: Phew!
Young Fehr: You're amazing, Daddy! The wind is no match for you!
Young Fehr: When I grow up, I wanna be a racer just like you!
Young Fehr: I'll become the champion of Nimmus Island's racecourse!
Quark: Guess that means you and I are gonna be rivals.
Young Fehr: Hehehe, I'll come out on top even against you, Daddy! Just you wait!
Quark: Hm... The Nimmus Course might not be the one to hang your hopes on though.
Young Fehr: Why? I'm sure I can do it if I give it my all!
Quark: Oh, I'm sure you could. But the next race is going to be the last on the island.
Young Fehr: No way! Why!
Quark: Some important ruins have been discovered, and in order to excavate and research them thoroughly, the island will be closed off to outsiders.
Young Fehr: Ruins? Ex-ca-what?
Quark: Haha, I guess that's too tough for you at your age.
Quark: Though I'll admit not being able to race here anymore is a real shame.
Young Fehr: You love this island too, Dad?
Quark: You bet I do! There's just something special about this place.
Quark: It's said that skyracing as a whole started out on Nimmus Island.
Quark: 'Course, who knows if that's really true.
Young Fehr: Hm?
Quark: Anyhoo, let's just worry about tomorrow's race for now!
Young Fehr: You can do it, Dad! Don't lose out to Mr. Draph!
Quark: You mean Maddie? Nah, I'll beat that guy—just like I always do.
Young Fehr: Oh yeah? Mom said your record was more like fifty-fifty.
Quark: I'm tellin' ya: I've got this in the bag!
Young Fehr: Mom also said you can be really immature.
Quark: Rgh!
Quark: In my defense, you could probably say the same of all skyracers! We all hate losing!
Quark: Anyway, I'm sure it'll go great! I'm primed for success! Hahaha!
The years pass by for this closed-off island.
Assistant: Sir! Sir! Is it true we've found it?
Archaeologist: Take a look at this.
Assistant: Oh my...
Archaeologist: We've finally reached it!
Assistant: We did it, Professor!
Archaeologist: Your deduction that it was on this stratum was the spark that led to this discovery.
Assistant: Oh, no, no... Professor, it was your many years of research and dedication to this long, drawn-out excavation effort that got us to where we are today.
Archaeologist: Yes, well... If we unlock this device's secrets, life in the Sky Realm as we know it could change completely.
Archaeologist: Transportation between islands would become safer and more reliable. The agricultural industry would advance by leaps and bounds.
Archaeologist: Best of all, we might even get closer to cracking the mystery of the Grim Basin!
Assistant: This must be a blessing from the heavens...
Archaeologist: I concur with that assessment. These breakthroughs would greatly enrich the lives of all skydwellers.
Archaeologist: But first, we must carry this to ground level.
Assistant: We also have to test whether that key we found at the other site will work with this.
Archaeologist: Mm-hm. Things are going to get busy!

Platinum Sky II - Chapter 1: Reboot - Episode 1

(Captain) struggles but manages to keep up with Meteon during a practice run for the upcoming race on Nimmus Island. The two find a pit area to rest up in and talk about how great it is that Nimmus is open to the public again after such a long hiatus.

Vyrn: Whew! These are some crazy winds!
Lyria: The ship won't stop shaking!
(Captain), taking the controls of the Nightcypher, carefully navigates through rocky terrain, battling punishing air turbulence.
Vyrn: Watch it! Giant boulder coming up on the right side!
(Captain) pulls the control stick to one side, narrowly dodging the encroaching obstacle.
Lyria: You did it, (Captain)!
Vyrn: Geez, we can't let our guard down for a sec. Racer Champ's already way ahead of us.
Lyria: Meteon goes so fast even when the wind's really strong. See, he's not in view anymore.
Vyrn: We'll catch up in a jiffy! Let's show him what us skyfarers are made of!
Lyria: Uh-huh! We've flown through all sorts of weather conditions in our travels through the skies! We can do this!
Vyrn: Phew! Finally got through that craggy rockland!
Lyria: Great piloting, (Captain)!
Vyrn: Huh? Isn't that Blue Orbit over there?
Lyria: I guess that means Meteon was waiting for us?
Meteon: ...
Meteon gestures toward the outer perimeter of the racetrack.
Vyrn: He wants us to stop?
Lyria: On the other side of that flag is... the pit area, maybe?
(Captain) steers Nightcypher into the pit lane, pulling up right behind Blue Orbit.
Meteon: Good work.
Meteon comes out of Blue Orbit with a smile.
Meteon: You got past the air turbulence like a pro. I knew you could do it, (Captain)!
Vyrn: Hehe, it wasn't too bad!
Lyria: But the shaking was enough to make my head spin!
Meteon: Haha! Looks like no setback is enough to keep you guys down!
Meteon: Not to mention your speedship doesn't have a single scratch on it. Bravo, (Captain). Bravo.
Vyrn: You're more worried about our ship than us?
Meteon: I mean, you guys are tough as nails.
Vyrn: C'mon now...
Vyrn: But it's good we followed your advice and came to take a look beforehand though. Wasn't expecting the racetrack to have rough spots like this.
Meteon: What surprises me most is that you guys didn't even know about practice runs.
Lyria: Well, it was the first we'd heard of being able to try out the course before the actual race.
(Captain) nods at Lyria's remark, to which Meteon simply shrugs.
Meteon: Just when I think (Captain) can't surprise me any more...
Meteon: Anyhow, no matter how accustomed you get to the track during practice runs, it's no guarantee that the race itself will go well.
Meteon: It's not like the air currents are going to suddenly calm down tomorrow.
Meteon: But even then, it's still better going in there with an idea of how things might pan out.
Vyrn: True that. If we'd showed up for the race tomorrow clueless, we might've been blown right off the island.
Lyria: I guess it helps long-time racers like you too?
Meteon: Definitely. Even on tracks I'm used to, I always make sure to do practice runs.
Meteon: Part of it is also to check on the condition of my ship.
Lyria: How was Blue Orbit today?
Meteon: Not bad. I'm starting to get comfortable with the new setup.
Meteon: But for the upcoming competition, that's not enough.
Meteon: This is the legendary Nimmus Course after all!

Platinum Sky II - Chapter 1: Reboot - Episode 2

Seeing firsthand the rapidly shifting conditions on the Nimmus racetrack, Meteon recalls a conversation with Fangio on the topic while (Captain) and company's confidence falters. Their spirits are restored when Meteon comments that such a race ought to be right up a skyfarer's alley.

Fangio: The Nimmus Island Course is coming back?
Meteon: That's right! I've never been there, so this is a chance I can't miss out on.
Fangio: It's been a real long time since the course was closed and the island was put on lockdown.
Meteon: You've flown there before, right, Fange?
Fangio: Plenty of times. Back in the day, Nimmus was the place to go to for skyraces.
Meteon: I was reading some documentation about Nimmus... and boy, is it one heck of a course.
Meteon: Seems like something you've gotta try yourself to see how rough it really is.
Fangio: Sounds about right. The Nimmus Course is no walk in the park.
Fangio: As many times as I flew that course, something different threw me off every time.
Fangio: There's so much to discover and learn... It's absolutely brutal, but that's why it's so worth it...
Fangio: If there's one regret I've got in my old age, it's how my last run on this course turned out.
Fangio: My ship went belly-up halfway through the race, and I had to call it quits...
Meteon: ...
It's pretty rare to see you so chatty, Fange.
Fangio: Shut it.
Fangio: You'd better be ready with every damn fiber of your being, and I mean it. Focus on speed alone like you always do, and you're not gonna get very far.
Meteon: Heh... I like a challenge.
Meteon: I still plan on going faster than everyone else, but I'll prove to you that I've got more than speed up my sleeves!
Fangio: Hehe! I'll be watching.
Meteon: So I heard the stories from Fange and read all the documentation I could find...
Meteon: But actually flying through the course felt different from what I imagined it to be.
Meteon: The eddies resulting from the air turbulence weren't as strong as I expected.
Meteon: Increasing altitude might be more effective than blazing past them.
Meteon: Maybe I should talk to Fange and see if we can manage to cut some weight.
Meteon puts on a serious expression as he walks around Blue Orbit.
Vyrn: I guess Racer Champ really knows his stuff, huh.
Lyria: It sure seems that way. We have it hard enough just getting through the course.
Lyria: Tweaking your speedship to match the specific course seems like such a difficult thing to do.
Vyrn: Yeah, it was a definitely a learning experience.
Vyrn: About the ship though, maybe we can ask gramps or Rackam for some advice later.
Meteon, back from fiddling with Blue Orbit, joins the conversation.
Meteon: That's the spirit. You're on your way to becoming full-fledged skyracers.
Lyria: Ehehe, you think so?
Meteon: Mm-hm, stay sharp though. We're still only halfway through the course. There's gonna be more tight spots ahead of us.
Vyrn: Whoa, true! I almost forgot!
Lyria: The rest of the track has...
Meteon: We've got misty swamplands, a deep ravine with a strong downdraft, and who knows what else.
Meteon: I'm looking forward to that ravine at the very end myself.
Lyria: Yikes! Will we really be okay?
Meteon: Hahaha, what a thing to say. I thought dealing with bad weather would be right in a skyfarer's wheelhouse.
Meteon: If you think of it that way, I'd say you guys might even have the advantage on a course like this.
Vyrn: You got that right! Seasoned skyfarers like us aren't gonna let some nasty racetrack get us down!
Meteon: That's more like it! Just don't forget I'll be in the race too!

Platinum Sky II - Chapter 1: Reboot - Episode 3

While (Captain) and company are still resting, Catherine joins them in the pit area. It turns out she will be entering the race as well, and is particularly curious about the ancient ruins linked to the course's decade-long shutdown.

Vyrn: What the... Another ship's headed this way. Think they're contestants too?
Meteon: Mm-hm. Only those who'll be in the race get to do practice runs.
A third speedship enters the pit area.
Its pilot gets out to greet the crew.
???: Hello, (Captain).
Lyria: Cather—
Catherine gently puts a finger over Lyria's lips before continuing.
Cathy: I'll be entering as Cathy. I'd rather not have my phantom thief... I mean, my real name used around here.
Lyria: Oh, okay... Sorry.
Cathy: Aw, how adorable. There's no need to apologize though. If anything, I should be the one saying sorry.
Vyrn: What a surprise. You'll be joining tomorrow's race too?
Cathy: That's right. I'm glad to bump into someone I know here.
Lyria: Yay! We feel the same way!
Cathy: Haha, go easy on me, okay?
Cathy: Oh my... Is that the PSC champion you have with you? I'm Cathy. Nice to meet you.
Meteon: Likewise.
Cathy: What a lucky gal I am to meet a true pro here.
Meteon: When it comes to this island's course, I'm just as much of a beginner as anyone else.
Cathy: Right... It must've been ten or so years that the island was closed off.
Cathy: But as one of the racing elite, surely you must know something about it?
Cathy: Maybe from when you came to watch the races as a child?
Meteon: Sorry to say that this is my first time on the island.
Cathy: Ah, I see.
Vyrn: Didn't that all start because of some valuable ruins they found here?
Lyria: Yeah, Siero mentioned that the average person wasn't allowed on the island because of the focus on digging up and researching the ruins.
Meteon: I don't know the whole story myself, but I did hear that the layer of earth they're digging through is tens of thousands of years old.
Cathy: Wow, that sounds like a huge find.
Cathy: Is it really okay for us to be dabbling in skyracing when something so major is happening?
Meteon: It shouldn't be a problem. Because even for the limited duration that the authorities keep the island open, the ruins will continue to be off-limits.
Meteon: Not to mention the racecourse stretches from the eastern part of the island to the south, while the ruins are more toward the center and north.
Cathy: Oho.
Lyria: Hm? Is something wrong?
Cathy: I was just thinking that we don't have to worry about going out of bounds and accidentally landing in the ruins.
Vyrn: Ahaha! So we can focus on the flying without having to worry about some big shot calling us out on that!
Meteon: Exactly. We just have to keep our minds on tomorrow's race and away from those ancient ruins.
Meteon: There's a limit to how much time we have for practice runs, so we'd better get moving.

Platinum Sky II - Chapter 1: Reboot - Episode 4

The racers—(Captain), Meteon, Dorothy, Cathy, Nicholas, Sturm and Drang, Maddie, and newcomer Fehr—are at the starting line of Nimmus Island's legendary racetrack, waiting for the signal.

Commentator: Ladies and gentlemen! At long last comes the moment we've all been waiting for...
Commentator: Nimmus Island's legendary racecourse is set to reopen before our very eyes!
Commentator: For a special one-day race festival!
Commentator: Before we move on, please allow me to introduce today's color commentator.
Commentator: If you follow skyracing regularly, then this little lady will need no introduction! Give it up for Sierokarte!
Sierokarte: Hello, hello, everyone!
Commentator: Now that we have our resident expert in the house, let's hear her thoughts on the race.
Sierokarte: Teehee. I've very much been looking forward to today myself.
Commentator: So, Siero, I heard you're the one who called for all this to happen?
Sierokarte: More accurately, the idea started with Maddie.
Commentator: Whoo, didn't take long for that name to pop up! Skyracing superstar Maddie!
Commentator: This is his twenty-first year on the circuit. He's as popular as ever and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon!
Commentator: So it turns out he's the one who pushed for this race to happen?
Sierokarte: Yes, because due to various circumstances, the Platinum Sky Cup—commonly known as the PSC—might not take place this year.
Sierokarte: As a huge skyracing fan myself, I couldn't bear to see a year pass by without a competition of that measure.
Sierokarte: So I decided to help Maddie get this thing going.
Commentator: Thank you, Maddie! Thank you, Sierokarte!
Commentator: It's a bit earlier than the usual PSC season, which is why we're calling this the Holiday Eve Cup!
Sierokarte: Hehe. Although it's still a bit early for the holiday season too.
Commentator: Of course, we can't neglect to mention the Holiday Eve Cup's main attraction: this absolutely spectacular venue!
Commentator: As you may already know, Nimmus is a legendary island among skyracing enthusiasts.
Commentator: All sorts of competitions were held here in the past, until the course was unfortunately shut down ten years prior.
Commentator: And today marks the long-awaited revival of the Nimmus Course!
Sierokarte: Today's event is for both skyracing fans of yesteryear...
Sierokarte: And newer fans who are seeing this course for the very first time.
Commentator: Now, why don't we take a closer look at the racetrack.
Commentator: Right at the start is this harsh wildland where raging sandstorms blow!
Commentator: Meaning things are gonna get savage as soon as the light turns green!
Commentator: From there is this rocky stretch where the air turbulence can be a challenge for even the most veteran racers!
Commentator: What fancy maneuvering can we expect to see from each machine as they navigate through these treacherous obstacles!
Commentator: And that's only the half of it! Next up is swampland covered in a mist that stews over it all year round!
Commentator: A mist so deep that it reduces visibility to zero!
Commentator: To make matters worse, the surrounding humidity's bad enough that it could affect the machines.
Commentator: It's going to take some clever technique and a ton of guts to get through this area!
Commentator: After the swamplands is a deep ravine with a constant downward wind adding to the gravitational pull!
Commentator: That last one is really going to the test the limits of a racer's skill!
Commentator: Now what sort of an epic battle can we expect to see on this legendary racetrack!
Sierokarte: In recent years, we've seen battles between speedships equipped with all sorts of attack gizmos and the need for speed taking center stage.
Sierokarte: But here on Nimmus Island, you could say that the course itself is the gizmo—an all-natural one, at that.
Commentator: My, my, you never disappoint with your nuggets of wisdom, Sierokarte.
Commentator: You know, this is actually my first time commentating for a race on Nimmus Island.
Commentator: My heart's racing just as fast as everyone else's in the spectator stands—no pun intended!
Spectator 1: Boy am I lucky to be alive to see another race on this island!
Spectator 2: Gah, I can't wait anymore! Go, go, go already!
Commentator: Whoa-ho! Would you look at the time!
Commentator: Ladies and gentlemen! As you may have already noticed, the competing speedships are out and ready to race!
Commentator: First up is (Captain) with the Nightcypher!
Commentator: I remember this contestant's exploits at the last PSC like it all happened yesterday! I certainly won't be calling (Captain) a rookie anymore!
Vyrn: All righty! Let's do this!
Lyria: Yeah! The two of us aren't rookies anymore either!
Commentator: Moving right along, I present to you... Dorothy's Sky Carriage Shooting Star Pew Pew. Hm, that "pew pew" part's kind of embarrassing to say...
Constance: Ah, Dorothy... Do your best, Dorothy... And be safe!
Claudia: I see nothing to be worried about, Queen Constance.
Constance: But aren't skyraces supposed to be dangerous? I just can't stop worrying...
Claudia: Dorothy will be fine. Personally, I'm more concerned about the other racers who might run into her on the track.
Dorothy: Teehee. I was so jealous that Claudia got to participate in the Grandsky Rumble.
Dorothy: But now it's my turn to show Master (Captain) what I'm capable of!
Dorothy: And I'll actually get to watch my dearest master in action up close... Am I lucky or what!
Commentator: Next up is Smokin' Cathy! We have a few words from its pilot!
Catherine: I'm still new to this, so I hope you'll all take it easy on me.
Commentator: So she says... But I've been doing this for a long time, and something tells me she's one to watch out for.
Commentator: You just can't underestimate the rookies these days.
Commentator: Now get a load of this next one! Nicholas and the Gigante Saucer!
Commentator: That thing is a behemoth! I mean, just look at it! I've never seen a ship shaped like that either!
Nicholas: Hahaha... Yeah, go on. Check me out real good, and you'll see that I've got more than just size...
Nicholas: Open this baby up, and prepare to be floored by a setup so awesome that it'd stop any Astral dead in their tracks! Right, Doc?
Dr. Rashomon: Mm-hm. I look forward to seeing how we newcomers will fare against battle-hardened racers and their machines.
Dr. Rashomon: But one thing's for certain: in terms of research and design, the Gigante Saucer absolutely lives up to our reputation as the architects of the Rashomon Research Vessel.
Dr. Rashomon: We have as much in the way of hopes, dreams, and ambitions as anyone else on the circuit today! Show them what you're made of, Nicholas!
Commentator: Next in line is... Well...
Commentator: They call their machine the Mad Holiday. And they've entered the race as...
Commentator: Santa and Red-Nosed Reindeer!
Santa?: ...
Reindeer?: ...
Girl: Mama, did they just say Santa?
Mother: You heard right, dear. Though Santa usually shows up a bit later in the season.
Sierokarte: Haha. What a treat for us all to have Santa and a reindeer help spread some holiday cheer for the occasion!
Commentator: Talk about commitment to a holly, jolly season from Stur... I mean, Santa and Red-Nosed Reindeer!
Santa?: ...
Reindeer?: Ahaha...
Commentator: Ahem... Moving on with introductions, I present to you Maddie and his Beokaiser!
Maddie: I'm taking down every last one of these suckers. You can count on it.
Commentator: As nice as it is to see good ol' Maddie again... It's been how many years since we last saw him like this?
Sierokarte: He took a four-year hiatus before resurfacing at the previous PSC as a speedship himself with his man-machine fusion system.
Commentator: Let's see if he's kept up his game since then! Maybe the old Maddie can still surprise us!
Commentator: Okay, this next one is an up-and-comer you definitely want to watch out for! Fehr and his Lightning Violet!
Commentator: He's the one and only son of former racing star Quark!
Sierokarte: Quark used to go toe to toe with Maddie and really left a mark on the skyracing scene, didn't he.
Commentator: It's been six years since he passed away in that unfortunate accident... But his fame still rides the winds.
Commentator: And today marks his son's long-awaited debut! We have a few words from Fehr.
Fehr: I have a long way to go before I can be worthy of my father's name, but I look forward to competing with so many great racers today.
Commentator: You heard it here first!
Commentator: And last but not least!
Commentator: A superstar who needs no introduction: Meteon and the Blue Orbit!
Meteon: Let's go, Blue Orbit.
Spectator 3: Meteon! I'm rooting for you!
Spectator 3: Wait, Fehr's kind of cute too... Oh, decisions, decisions!
Spectator 3: I'm rooting for both of you!
Commentator: Here it comes—the starting signal!
Commentator: The Holiday Eve Cup is on!

Platinum Sky II - Chapter 2: Unpredictable - Episode 1

The raging sandstorm from the start of the race makes it hard to see anything, but Maddie easily pushes past most of the competition to join the dead heat among the leading pack. Fehr, despite being new to the scene, shows that he's done his research on the other contestants and can hold his own.

Commentator: Blue Orbit and Lightning Violet are off to a blazing start!
Commentator: And what's this? The Nightcypher is not, I repeat not, stuck at the starting line this time!
Vyrn: Heheh! We can't afford to be the turtle in the race every single time!
Meteon: Haha! Not bad, guys. Me though...
Meteon: I'm pushing ahead!
Commentator: Whooaaa! Meteon is already taking the lead with a nitro boost right out of the gate!
Fehr: Right from the get-go, I see... Hehe, he's definitely living up to his reputation as a speedster.
Sierokarte: Maybe it's an effort to blaze past what's likely going to turn into an all-out brawl in the sandstorm.
Sierokarte: Looks like a really clever way to make full use of his starting lead.
Maddie: Not if I have anything to say about it!
Commentator: Look at Maddie! He's catching up fast!
Maddie: Outta the way!
Lyria: Eep!
Vyrn: Careful!
Maddie: Wahaha! That's what you get for being slowpokes!
Commentator: The Beokaiser knocks Nightcypher aside and closes the distance with Lightning Violet!
Maddie: You're next!
Fehr: I figured you might try to do that... Hrgh!
Maddie: Turnin' tail, huh?
Fehr: ...
Commentator: Beokaiser barrels past Lightning Violet, nearly ramming into it!
Commentator: But Fehr pulls off an incredible dodge, almost as if he saw the attack coming!
Maddie: Hah! Losers who can't keep up ought to stay in the slow lane!
Vyrn: Whew... I guess Machine-Man doesn't need to dock into his ship to be a complete bully on the racetrack.
Lyria: Let's show them we have what it takes too!
Vyrn: You sure are pumped about this, Lyria! C'mon, (Captain)! Let's squeeze some more juice outta this thing!
  1. You're pretty pumped yourself, Vyrn.
  2. I'm on it!

Choose: You're pretty pumped yourself, Vyrn.
Vyrn: Hehe, you bet I am! These races are such a blast!

Choose: I'm on it!
Lyria: Yay!
Continue 1
(Captain) shifts gears and accelerates.
Commentator: Now it's Nightcypher coming in fast! Watch out, Lightning Violet!
Fehr: Nightcypher, eh? That group of skyfarers, was it?
Vyrn: Yeah, we caught up! Time to turn the tables!
Fehr: Heh... You, it won't be so easy for.
Commentator: Buuut Lightning Violet doesn't seem so keen on giving up its lead!
Vyrn: ...!
I guess this newcomer's no pushover!
Fehr: I thought shaking them off would be easier... I'm impressed.
Commentator: An exciting dead heat ensues in the midst of this billowing sandstorm!
Dorothy: Eep! I can't believe how cool my master is!
Dorothy: Boy, it sure is dusty here.
???: Aaaah... choo!
Commentator: What! Am I hearing things? Did someone just sneeze?
???: Mrr...
Commentator: You know, I thought that might be some kind of machine, but it's actually alive!
???: Achoo! Achoo!
Sierokarte: Must be all the dust. The way it sneezes is so adorable that I just want to pick it up and say, "Ah-choo cute!"
Commentator: Hrm... I'll give you a six out of ten for that one!
???: Achoo!
Dorothy: We all know that dust does a body bad. So I definitely wouldn't want it to get in the way of my master.
Dorothy: Teehee. Time for some winter cleaning.
Dorothy: Whee!
Nicholas: What the! Fire?
Reindeer?: Ouch! Ouch!

Platinum Sky II - Chapter 2: Unpredictable - Episode 2

Having had enough of Dorothy's flamethrower, Sturm and Drang activate their speedship's gift box gizmo to knock her off-balance. She torches all their presents as retaliation.

Commentator: Holy smokes, someone get me a fire extinguisher! Or not! It's only Sky Carriage Shooting Star Pew Pew's flamethrower!
Dorothy: Haah! Time to dust away all this clutter!
Commentator: Whoa, whoa, whoa! The flame's blowing stronger than ever! I might really need that fire extinguisher now!
Cathy: Talk about an extreme approach. But passion alone isn't enough to one-up me.
Commentator: Smokin' Cathy's not gonna have it! She's increased altitude to avoid being fried to a crisp!
Sierokarte: The flames produced an updraft. She took advantage of that.
Commentator: That's one rookie you don't want to underestimate!
Santa?: I've had enough!
Sturm: Urgh!
Drang: E-everything okay?
Sturm: I was a fool for going along with your stupid shenanigans.
Drang: It's not called the "Holiday Eve Cup" for nothing! The holiday season! A time of wonder!
Sturm: What of it?
Drang: A race during this special time calls for something more festive.
Sturm: How about you keep the festivities to your imagination?
Drang: Aw, that's so mean, Sturm. But can you at least give it some thought?
Drang: I'm sure the other contestants are all planning something special for this race.
Sturm: So?
Drang: So wouldn't we stick out like two sore thumbs if we were the only ones looking like our usual selves?
Sturm: No. And who cares.
Drang: Aw, c'mon! Just give it a chance!
Sturm: A race is a race—doesn't matter when it happens. Focusing on winning is all that matters.
Drang: Yeah, yeah, I hear you!
Drang: But can you imagine us decking ourselves out in holiday decor and winning on top of that? Now that's what I call a victory!
Sturm: ...
Drang: Stuuurm.
Sturm: Shut up. You win.
Drang: Sturm! You mean...
Sturm: Just don't expect me to lift a finger. You're handling all of it.
Drang: Yeah, of course! Leave it to me!
Sturm: And what we get is this. I don't see a single person bubbling over how Santa's come to town.
Drang: Hahaha... Strange, isn't it. I wonder why...
Sturm: Damn you...
Drang: Ohmigosh, I'm so sorry!
I'm so sorry, Sturm!
Sturm: Shut up. I don't need your blather.
Sturm: Get the Mad Claw ready.
Drang: Ah, erm...
Sturm: Please don't tell me—
Drang: No, no, it'll be fine! Promise! I'll make it work somehow!
Sturm: Your handiwork again, huh...
Drang: Okay, let's do this!
Commentator: What are we seeing here!
Commentator: Usually, they'd be bringing out the Mad Claw about now, but...
Commentator: What they just whipped out instead was... an entire collection of gift-wrapped packages?
Sierokarte: Well, you know what they say: seeing is believing. Santa must be getting ready to distribute the holiday presents.
Commentator: Is that a holiday song I hear?
Commentator: Now that's the festive spirit I like to see! Way to go, Mad Holiday!
Sturm: ...
Dorothy: Wow! They're so shiny and pretty!
Commentator: Oh! Did Sky Carriage Shooting Star Pew Pew's flamethrower just stop?
???: Mrr!
???: Mwargh!
Dorothy: Eek!
Commentator: Uh-oh! Sky Carriage looks to be losing control!
Sierokarte: Colliding with the presents gave it a different sort of holiday surprise!
Commentator: What appeared to be a worthless gizmo is actually getting Santa and Red-Nosed Reindeer ahead! Mad Holiday is another machine you do not want to underestimate!
Dorothy: Noooo!
Constance: D-Dorothy!
Constance: Claudia, what do we do! Dorothy's—
Claudia: Queen Constance, please calm yourself.
Claudia: As unfortunate as the situation is, there is little we can do.
Constance: How awful Dorothy must be feeling right now!
Drang: You see that, Sturm? Was that our most creative attack ever or what?
Sturm: Keep your eyes on the road!
Cathy: A surprise present, huh? How lovely.
Cathy: But I'll pass. A woman of my caliber can't be wooed with a few simple gifts.
Commentator: Smokin' Cathy dodges the nicely gift-wrapped packages coming her way and zooms ahead!
Cathy: Ciao.
Commentator: And it goes on to overtake Mad Holiday!
Drang: Oh, no you don't—
Dorothy: Grr, now you've done it!
Commentator: Ooh! Just when we thought Sky Carriage had enough presents to keep it busy for a while, it's already back in the running!
Dorothy: Don't mess with my cleaning routine!
Commentator: There goes the flamethrower again! And goodbye, holiday presents!
Drang: Gah! How could she torch presents!
Sturm: You're gonna get what's coming to you when this is over, Drang!

Platinum Sky II - Chapter 2: Unpredictable - Episode 3

Amid the air turbulence, Nicholas begins to pick up speed. Cathy, seeing that his large vessel is so much more resistant to wind than hers, latches on with a grappling hook. The first gauntlet of the race nears its end with Meteon, Maddie, Fehr, and (Captain) each trying to pass each other at the front.

Commentator: Okay, let me get back in the saddle here...
Commentator: We'll be moving from wildlands to rocky ground real soon, everyone!
Commentator: And coming out of the sandstorm now is... Gigante Saucer!
Nicholas: It was a slow start after all... I guess ramping up speed's not easy with a ship of this mass.
Nicholas: But now that it's properly warmed up, I can stop playing catch-up! System standby!
Commentator: Would you believe it's not even flinching in the midst of all that turbulence!
Cathy: Well, well... I suppose a bit of wind wouldn't bother you when you're that big.
Cathy: Mm, I like a strong ship. Care to keep me company for a while?
Commentator: My, my, my! What did we just witness!
Sierokarte: Smokin' Cathy latched onto Gigante Saucer with a grappling hook.
Cathy: Haha, let's make this date a fun one.
Commentator: I've never seen anything like it, but it's one clever way to get through punishing air currents! Now that's sssmokin'!
Sierokarte: Machine control becomes that much harder in this area.
Sierokarte: Having the stable Gigante Saucer do all the work for you is a pretty smart move.
Commentator: Does Gigante Saucer's pilot even realize that another ship's tagging along for the ride?
Nicholas: Hm? Is the ship slightly off-kilter? The tech's still a work in progress, so a few minor adjustments ought to do the trick...
Nicholas: There! Much better! Good to know my adventures in buoyancy and locomotion weren't wasted!
Nicholas: To be more specific, the repulsion field generator on the ship's underbelly allows the vessel to stay afloat, while any surplus energy works to counteract wind resistance.
Nicholas: Simple enough, right? Hahaha! I bet we've got the best functionality in the house, Doc!
Commentator: Nope! He doesn't notice a thing!
Vyrn: Phew! This turbulence gets me every time!
Lyria: But at least we're doing better than yesterday!
Vyrn: That's for sure! Let's just take this nice and easy!
Commentator: Now back to the front-runners!
Commentator: Blue Orbit still has the lead, with Beokaiser hot on its heels.
Commentator: Further behind them are Lightning Violet and Nightcypher!
Commentator: Every machine on the track looks to be keeping up the pace.
Commentator: The air currents around this rocky stretch are supposed to be really rough...
Commentator: But the racers sure aren't showing it!
Sierokarte: They each have a unique way of handling it. Meteon gets by with his extraordinary piloting skills.
Sierokarte: Maddie uses the weight and power of his machine to just cruise through it all.
Sierokarte: Our resident skyfarer, (Captain), has an uncanny knack for overcoming the most impossible of odds.
Sierokarte: Fehr manages by staying remarkably calm and collected—despite this being his first race.
Meteon: I can't believe Maddie's still picking up the pace under these conditions!
Maddie: I know exactly how you fly, pretty boy. And I'm gonna enjoy edging you off the course!
Meteon: Hah, good luck trying!
Meteon: Though honestly, I'm too focused on just getting through this turbulence right now to give a damn about you.
Commentator: They're still in their first and second positions, but Beokaiser keeps up the pressure!
Commentator: And it looks like there's a new development behind them!
Fehr: Urgh... I can't shake them off!
Vyrn: Nice work, (Captain)!
Lyria: Now we just have to keep it up!
Commentator: Slowly but surely, Nightcypher is inching into third place!
Djeeta is the Main Character

Fehr: I have no intention of losing to someone who's not even a racer.
Commentator: Or maybe not! Because Lightning Violet's not gonna have it!
Fehr: ...!
Nicholas: (Captain)! I finally caught up!
Vyrn: Whoa! It's Mecha-Nick with his ginormous machine!
Lyria: S-since when?
Commentator: Gigante Saucer takes us all by surprise, getting ready to join the leading pack!
Nicholas: Once I've accelerated, there's no stopping me! You'll see!
Lyria: Eep!
Fehr: Wha!
Commentator: Cheese and crackers! It just zoomed past both ships!
Vyrn: Rgh! Whoa! The shaking's getting worse!
Fehr: Darn it!
Commentator: Nightcypher and Lightning Violet are left in the dust...
Commentator: And now both machines are trembling violently!
Sierokarte: Gigante Saucer passing through must have really disrupted the air currents.
Commentator: Boy is that one heck of a saucer! It didn't just overtake them—it's widening the gap!
Nicholas: I'm going for the grand prize!
Maddie: Huh? This might actually be some decent competition.
Commentator: Beokaiser's slowing down. Wait... Is it getting ready to attack Gigante Saucer?
Maddie: Speed alone's not gonna get you very far!
Maddie: Hah hah!
Nicholas: Ngh!
Commentator: Beokaiser goes in hard on Gigante Saucer with a tackle! Mad Maddie does it again!
Commentator: That saucer might be "gigante" all right, but it's nothing that good ol' heavyweight Maddie can't handle!
Sierokarte: Even without his man-machine fusion system, his strength and maneuvering really shows.
Nicholas: Haha... That guy's a real juggernaut... I thought I did my research, but apparently I've still got lots to learn!
Nicholas: But any good engineer learns to expect the unexpected! That's why I've got the perfect backup plan in place!
Nicholas: Gigante Saucer, transform!
Commentator: Holy smokeronie! What are we seeing!
Commentator: The Gigante Saucer's taking the shape of a man!
Maddie: Hahahaha! That's more like it! Try to keep up, yeah?
Nicholas: I learned a thing or two from seeing how you race, Maddie! Hraaagh!
Commentator: I can't believe my eyes! I don't think I've ever seen a speedship battle this intense!
Commentator: I'm so excited I can barely hold on to the edge of my seat!
Sierokarte: Haha. Yeah, that really is something. Looks like fun.
Commentator: Why, aren't you awfully calm!
Commentator: Where's your sense of adventure, Sierokarte!
Commentator: Then again, I'd be pretty surprised if you suddenly jumped on the table and started cheering the racers on.

Platinum Sky II - Chapter 2: Unpredictable - Episode 4

Nicholas battles it out with Maddie. The shockwaves from the clashing of two large speedships sends ripples throughout the track, which Cathy takes advantage of to put up a smoke screen. Nicholas loses control after taking a lightning bolt head-on, dragging Fehr along for the fall.

Vyrn: Hey, whaddya think they're doin' over there?
Lyria: Yikes! Even I can feel the shockwaves from all the way here!
Commentator: The epic battle between Beokaiser and Gigante Saucer continues!
Commentator: In fact, it's so epic that the other racers can feel every clash!
Fehr: Tch... The turbulence is already bad enough, but now I have to worry about this?
Fehr: I definitely wasn't expecting this!
Fehr: Can't fly... straight...
Vyrn: Hey, this could be our chance! Those two are so busy duking it out that they won't even notice us passing through!
Lyria: Even though the air current's changed, we should be able to do this if we wait for the right moment!
Commentator: A bold move from Nightcypher, taking advantage of the confusion to pull ahead!
Commentator: Just where does this intrepid skyfarer get all that gusto from!
Maddie: Hell no! There's no damn way I'm letting you get ahead!
Vyrn: Ack! Man-Machine's coming fast!
Commentator: Could this be the start of a battle royale?
Cathy: Impressive as always, (Captain). As for me...
Cathy: Good day, everyone.
Nicholas: Rgh! The heck?
Maddie: A smoke screen?
Commentator: I'd bet a million rupies that was Smokin' Cathy living up to its name!
Fehr: Ugh, what now!
Lyria: Cough, cough... I can't see ahead!
Commentator: I'm counting... five ships caught in the smoke screen, including Smokin' Cathy.
Commentator: But if I'm going to be honest, even I can't see clearly through all that haze! Apologies in advance if I'm off the mark!
Meteon: What's happening behind me! A smoke screen?
Meteon: I can't afford to be caught up in that! I'm pushing through no matter what!
Commentator: Meanwhile, Blue Orbit's revving up to increase its lead!
Meteon: If I can help it, I'd rather not use my second nitro boost yet.
Meteon: Hang in there, Blue Orbit!
Commentator: Get a load of that reckless piloting! But hey, at least it's going faster! Now that's something you don't see from Meteon very often.
Sierokarte: Fair point. Meteon always flies with such perfect form.
Commentator: You think maybe he's got a... tummy ache or something?
Sierokarte: I suppose it could be a feint. Either way, I think this is the best move he has right now.
Sierokarte: Ideally, he'd want to leave a nitro boost for the latter half of the match.
Sierokarte: But at the same time, he doesn't want to get caught in the smoke screen.
Commentator: So even if it meant forcing his way through the turbulence, he just had to get ahead, huh...
Commentator: This is a side of Meteon we've never seen before.
Commentator: As good as the multi-time champion is, he's still young in his years...
Commentator: Hoo boy, this is shaping up to be one heck of a race!
Meteon: I'm almost out of this rocky stretch!
Meteon: Huh? Is that rain?
Commentator: Hm... Looks like the weather could change any second now.
Sierokarte: Yep, it's raining.
Commentator: Goodness gracious, I wasn't expecting it to rain cats and dogs! How does this even happen out of the blue!
Sierokarte: Luckily for the racers, that should clear the smoke screen real fast.
Nicholas: Finally, I can see where I'm going! Now's my chance—
Nicholas: Ergh, I don't like the sound of that...
Fehr: Great, now we have a thunderstorm! Out of the frying pan, and into the fire...
Nicholas: Ack!
Nicholas: Crud!
Commentator: Whoa! Did a lightning bolt just strike Gigante Saucer head-on?
Sierokarte: Oh, that can't be good! Unlike the other machines, Gigante Saucer's made entirely of metal.
Nicholas: Phooey! I need to reset the repulsion field generator!
Maddie: Hah! Looks like I came out on top after all!
Lyria: Oh no! Watch out!
Commentator: I smell an accident waiting to happen as Gigante Saucer loses control!
Commentator: Beokaiser and Nightcypher managed to slip past it, but...
Fehr: Good grief! What is it this time?
Fehr: Ngh!
Commentator: Lightning Violet, on the other hand, gets caught in the mess!
Nicholas: Gah! Hey, I'm so sorry for dragging you into this!
Nicholas: It's not working! Doc, I messed up... Damn it!
Nicholas: We should've outfitted Gigante with some sort of lightning resistance!
Commentator: Welp! Looks like the thunderstorm put Gigante Saucer out of commission!

Platinum Sky II - Chapter 3: Upset - Episode 1

Sudden rainfall hits the remaining contestants as they enter the swamplands for the next leg of the race. Shortly after, the weather immediately clears up, paving the way for a dead heat between (Captain), Meteon, and Maddie.

Commentator: With Gigante Saucer out for the count, the race is now at the halfway point as our remaining contestants enter the misty swampland! With just one caveat...
Vyrn: I can't make anything out with all this rain!
Sierokarte: The mist doesn't even matter anymore at this rate.
Lyria: But isn't that true for everyone else too?
Vyrn: Hm? Yeah, I guess you're right...
Lyria: Then...
Lyria shoots (Captain) a pleading look, to which the captain responds with a devil-may-care grin.
Vyrn: We're really gonna do it? Yeah? Go for it then!
(Captain) activates Nightcypher's acceleration device.
Lyria: Huh? Wait a sec...
Commentator: Nightcypher's going full speed ahead! But is this really the best time to be pushing speed?
Commentator: What madness!
Sierokarte: You'd probably cover more distance with a speed boost under better conditions, but using it right now when everyone else is struggling might give the bigger advantage.
Commentator: Still takes some crazy guts if you ask me!
Commentator: But it might just be working! I mean, look at it go! Actually, I can't really see it all that well—no thanks to the rain...
Lyria: Ah... The rain's stopping!
Sierokarte: It's one surprise after another!
Vyrn: I've no clue what's up with the weather, but we might as well ride the opportunity!
Commentator: As if the rain letting up wasn't enough, we even have crystal clear skies now!
Sierokarte: Funny thing is this swampland is supposed to be covered in mist all year round.
Commentator: Not to rain on anyone's parade, but there's no time to sit back and take in the fresh air!
Commentator: The race waits for no one!
Commentator: Nightcypher's fast approaching the front of the pack!
Meteon: Something doesn't feel right... First the mist, now even the wind has stopped.
Meteon: Either way, now's as good a time as any!
Meteon: ...!
Maddie: I can read your every move from a mile away!
Meteon: Rgh... You're in the way!
Maddie: I knew you'd try to maximize your advantage with a nitro boost as soon as we got out of that mess, but I'm here to make sure you don't get your way!
Commentator: Blue Orbit slowed down for a second only to have Beokaiser gain the advantage!
Commentator: Maddie seems intent on blocking Blue Orbit from retaking the lead!
Sierokarte: Seems like he knew exactly when Meteon might try to activate a nitro boost.
Meteon: Tch, not a bad move...
Maddie: I don't need bad weather to beat you into submission!
Commentator: Blue Orbit can't break through!
Lyria: Ah! It's Meteon and Maddie!
Vyrn: About time we caught up!
Commentator: Whoa-ho! Looks like Nightcypher's joined the front of the pack!
Commentator: Elsewhere, Lightning Violet's finally recovered from its collision with Gigante Saucer!
Commentator: But can it even catch up at this point?
Fehr: ...
Commentator: Back at the front, we have Beokaiser, Blue Orbit, and Nightcypher...
Commentator: That familiar trio from the PSC! Is anyone else feeling deja vu yet?
Vyrn: Keep the speed up, and we might just pass them!
Maddie: You can bet I've got you in my sights too!
Lyria: Eep! Careful!
Vyrn: Darn it! I should've known it wouldn't be that easy!
Commentator: Beokaiser swings to the side to pick off Nightcypher!
Commentator: But Nightcypher manages to dodge the attack at the last second!
Maddie: I'll be the one to win this race!
Lyria: W-we don't plan on losing!
Meteon: (Captain), this probably isn't what you meant to do, but you have my thanks either way.
Commentator: What now! The Blue Orbit's dropping in speed? But why, Meteon!
Sierokarte: To create some distance, I suppose?
Maddie: Damn him!
Meteon: Let's go, Blue Orbit!
Commentator: Whooo! There it is—the nitro boost!
Commentator: Blue Orbit propels itself back into first place!
Maddie: Ugh! Two can play at that game!
Vyrn: Ack!
Commentator: The impact of Beokaiser's afterburners leaves Nightcypher reeling!
Sierokarte: Coming from Maddie, that was probably intentional.
Commentator: Nightcypher takes a big hit in this last leg of the race!
Vyrn: We can't let that set us back!
Lyria: Of course not! Let's go after them!
Maddie: Gwahahaha! Give it up already!
Meteon: Nice to know I won't be alone in the front.
Meteon: But I'm going full speed ahead! Think you can keep up?

Platinum Sky II - Chapter 3: Upset - Episode 2

Meteon takes the win, with Maddie and (Captain) coming in second and third. Maddie offers Fehr, the son of his former rival Quark, some harsh words before walking off.

Commentator: After a breathtaking dead heat, the results of the top three are in!
Commentator: Coming in third, Nightcypher!
Commentator: Coming in second, Beokaiser!
Commentator: Annnd in first place... Blue Orbit!
Vyrn: Shucks! I guess we couldn't catch up to them after all.
Lyria: We were so close!
Vyrn: Racer Champ's the champ again. No surprise there...
Vyrn: And Man-Machine's still a force to reckon with even without docking into his ship.
Lyria: Yeah. He's too strong for us to handle. And also...
Lyria: It's not just power, but he also really understands races in general.
Maddie: Heh. Nice to know you kids are finally starting to see what a race is all about.
Maddie: Except you're still such goody two-shoes that I can't stand watching you.
Vyrn: Maybe you just see it that way because we have a different approach to racing? Ever consider that?
Maddie: Ugh! You really know how to get under my skin, don't you, filthy lizard!
Vyrn: Gah! I ain't no filthy lizard!
Maddie: Regardless, I've finally gotten my revenge on you. Meteon's next...
Meteon: Thanks for another win.
Maddie: So you like to talk big now, I see. The spirit of competition must be worming its way into you.
Meteon: You wish. But to borrow a line from Vyrn, you and I have a different approach to racing.
Maddie: You little squirts all the say the same thing...
Vyrn: You know, Machine Man, I was actually on pins and needles wondering if you might go on a total rampage again after losing.
Maddie: Eh?
Vyrn: Urk! I mean... You remember what happened at the PSC, right?
Maddie: The bitterness from a loss is supposed to help you grow... It's not something you use as an excuse to just blow up on people.
Maddie: In all my years as a racer, how many losses do you think I had to take to get to where I am today?
Maddie: Even before this guy came into the picture.
Meteon: ...
Maddie: No matter how many times I got knocked down, no matter how depressing it was...
Maddie: I'd get right back up and train twice as hard for the next race, ready to grip the control stick again.
Maddie: That's what a pro racer does.
Meteon: Yep. I'm starting to see that myself.
Maddie: Hah! Maybe you'll get some practice when I finally get to crush you.
Maddie: Hey, you there...
Fehr: Huh? Me?
Maddie: You're not even a racer, just a damn brat. Why are you even here? To see the sights?
Fehr: ...
Fehr: I apologize if I've offended you. I knew this coming in, but it's even more apparent to me now that I still have a lot to learn from everyone.
Maddie: Oh, shut your face already! Your brownnosing makes me sick!
Fehr: ...!
Maddie: You gave up the race in the end. Did you think people wouldn't notice?
Maddie: Psh, I bet you never even planned on winning.
Fehr: I...
Maddie: They say you're Quark's kid, but boy, are you one heck of a letdown.
Maddie: Why don't you just pack up your trashy speedship and piss off already!
With that caustic remark, Maddie squares his shoulders and walks away.
Vyrn: Geez... Machine-Man can be a real meanie.
Vyrn: You okay, buddy? Don't let him get to you, okay?
Fehr: I'm fine... Thanks for caring.
Vyrn: And off he goes... Things are still really tense even though the race is over.
Lyria: Yeah...
Lyria: That reminds me... I wonder if Catherine—I mean Cathy—is back yet.
Vyrn: She hasn't reached the finish line?
Lyria: I can't be sure since we were focused on the race, but...
Lyria: She seems to have disappeared after using that smoke screen.
Vyrn: Maybe she just got lost? I'm sure we'll see her soon.
Lyria: Yeah... I hope you're right...

Platinum Sky II - Chapter 3: Upset - Episode 3

During the awards ceremony, the commentator and Sierokarte note that though the contestants did an admirable job traversing the adverse conditions, the drastic climate fluctuations seen during the race were abnormal even for Nimmus. Just then, word of an approaching tornado reaches them.

Commentator: Why don't we reflect on the race while preparations for the awards ceremony are underway?
Commentator: Nimmus Island really lived up to its reputation as a legendary course.
Commentator: What are your thoughts on the weather conditions playing such a tremendous role in this race, Sierokarte?
Sierokarte: Usually that's to be expected from Nimmus, but things were particularly bizarre this time.
Commentator: Right? Especially toward the latter half when we went from full-blown thunderstorm to calm blue skies without a wisp of mist!
Sierokarte: I'm sure a lot of people were looking forward to the windy ravine, so it's a real shame.
Commentator: Then again, on the whole I'd say it hit all the right notes for a good skyrace.
Sierokarte: You could definitely say that. In a way, stormy weather really tests the limits of a speedship.
Sierokarte: Although the ability to traverse all sorts of adverse conditions via superior maneuverability has always been one of a speedship's greatest strengths.
Sierokarte: Those machines weaving their way past every obstacle is like poetry in motion. It's what makes skyracing so thrilling.
Commentator: What happened today is something you don't get to see very often. I consider us extraordinarily lucky for being able to witness it all firsthand!
Commentator: Oh, so it seems that the awards ceremony is ready to start soon. Let's just hope the weather holds up.
Spectator 1: Dude... Take a look out there.
Spectator 2: Huh? Why would I do that? The race is long over now.
Spectator 1: Geez, would it hurt to just take a look!
Spectator 2: Nothing but wasteland out there anyway—
Spectator 2: What the... Isn't that...
Spectator 1: You see it too?
Spectator 2: Holy crap—we have to get outta here!
Commentator: You're telling me that a tornado is headed straight at us? This could be trouble!
The mics have been turned off, as unexpected bad news brings a sense of panic to the commentator box.
Sierokarte: Please begin evacuating the spectators. Thankfully we can use the port right behind this venue.
Commentator: Okay, now to keep everyone calm... Um, I think you might be better at this, Sierokarte.
Sierokarte: What makes you say that?
Commentator: See how calm you are even now? You're definitely the person for the job.
Sierokarte: If you say so. I'll do what I can.
Sierokarte turns her mic back on.
Sierokarte: Holiday Eve Cup attendees, please remain calm and listen closely.

Platinum Sky II - Chapter 3: Upset - Episode 4

Wild panic overtakes the spectator stands as Rackam drops by to explain that the entire island is enveloped in a storm, making evacuation an impossibility. As Meteon and Maddie calm the crowds, a rampaging monster no one has ever seen suddenly emerges from the storm.

News of the approaching tornado stirs unrest among the spectators.
Spectator 3: What's this about a tornado? Are we really safe here? I need to get away fast...
???: Rest assured that preparations for evacuation are underway.
Spectator 3: Huh?
Meteon: I understand your concern.
Spectator 3: M-Meteon?
Meteon: Did you know we have battle-hardened skyfarers here who've been to hell and back more times than I can count? And their airship is just as impressive.
Meteon: Anyway, my point is every single one of us is gonna make it out of here okay. So chin up.
Spectator 3: R-right!
Meteon: I'll need your help to ensure that the evacuation goes smoothly.
Spectator 3: Yeah! Of course!
Spectator 1: Seriously now, what's holding up the line? Let's get moving already!
Spectator 2: Get your mitts off me! We've got too many people around to be shoving each other left and right!
Spectator 1: Like I give a hoot! You're the real problem here, slowpoke!
Spectator 2: You wanna try saying that to my face?
???: Would you two quit moaning already!
Spectator 1: Wha? Maddie!
Maddie: Look, I don't know what your problem is, but you need to cut that crap out.
Spectator 1: But Maddie...
Maddie: What's there to be afraid of? Don't forget we've got an entire flock of racers here who can sail through the roughest storms.
Maddie: As long as you mooks don't mess things up for everyone, this itsy-bitsy tornado might as well be a fart in the wind!
Spectator 1: I-I guess you're right...
Spectator 2: Like I've been saying, everything's gonna be fine.
Spectator 1: I sure as heck don't remember hearing you say that!
Maddie: Shut the hell up already, both of you!
Racers and spectators alike finally come together as one, making the evacuation process relatively painless and efficient.
However, not all is well.
Vyrn: Yikes... That can't be good!
The view from the port suggests a raging storm is brewing around the island, blocking all routes in and out of Nimmus.
Lyria: Even the Grandcypher would have trouble flying through a storm like that...
Rackam: Guys!
Vyrn: Rackam! How's it look? Can we get the ship moving?
Rackam: What do you think? It'd be one heck of a takeoff under these conditions.
Lyria: I thought that'd be the case...
Rackam: We'd stand a decent chance if it were just us. But to get everyone off the island would be a real challenge.
Rackam: I hate to say it, but I can't guarantee everyone's safety.
Vyrn: Aren't there any other ports we could use? Maybe the storm's not as bad elsewhere.
Rackam: That won't work. It's like this all over the island.
Lyria: So then... We're basically trapped here?
Rackam: That's one way to put it.
Vyrn: None of this makes any sense though. Why's the weather so finicky today?
Vyrn: I mean, a hurricane on the island, and a storm all around it?
Rackam: My thoughts exactly, Vyrn. Any chance that this is the work of some primal beast?
Lyria: I doubt it. I don't feel the presence of a primal anywhere on this island.
Vyrn: How do we explain what's happening then!
Vyrn: That storm's almost as bad as the Grim Basin!
Lyria: This is awful! Why would similar conditions be showing up here all of a sudden?
Rackam: ...!
Look, over there!
Monster: ...!
A mysterious creature suddenly appears from the storm, unleashing an earsplitting sound with each flap of its wings.
Lyria: Eep!
Spectator 3: What the! A monster?
Spectator 2: What's it even doing here! Where are we supposed to run to next!
Monster: ...!
Vyrn: I don't think I've ever seen a monster like that!
Monster: ...!
Rackam: Urgh! It's a nasty one.
Rackam: This might even be worse than the Grim Basin.
Lyria: We have to do something before anyone gets hurt!
Vyrn: We're up! C'mon, (Captain)!

Platinum Sky II - Chapter 4: Adapting - Episode 1

The broken and tattered assistant to the archaeologist who had been investigating the ruins appears before the crew, explaining that an ancient weather-control device called Ishkur is responsible for the island's drastic climate fluctuations of late. The archaeologist stayed behind in the ruins to stop Ishkur, and the assistant pleads for the crew to assist in the endeavor.

Vyrn: Phew, that does it for the monster.
Rackam: Doesn't change our situation with the storm though. Getting out is gonna be rough.
Lyria: The weather isn't something we can really do anything about...
Rackam: No doubt about that. Hm, how are we gonna get through this...
As the storm shows no signs of abating, the crew is at a loss on how to proceed.
Just then, a great clamor arises from the direction of the port entrance.
Vyrn: What now!
Lyria: Something must've happened... Let's go take a look!
Assistant: P-please... Someone help!
Lyria: Wh-what's going on?
Oh no, you're injured!
Assistant: This is really bad; we need to hurry... Can someone, anyone, please lend me a hand!
Vyrn: Whoa, slow down there! We need to take a look at you first!
Assistant: Forget about me. Something bigger's happening...
Dr. Rashomon: Wait, aren't you...
Assistant: Ah! Dr. Rashomon!
Nicholas: You two know each other?
Dr. Rashomon: He's an assistant to an old archaeologist friend of mine.
Dr. Rashomon: Which reminds me, it was the ruins on this island that you two were researching.
Dr. Rashomon: Something about a very old machine, was it?
Assistant: That's right! We finally found it! A weather-control device!
Vyrn: Hold it, did you just say weather control?
Nicholas: I can't even begin to imagine how something like that would work, but could the erratic climate patterns on this island be—
Assistant: Because Ishkur's out of control!
Lyria: Ishkur?
Assistant: That's the name we gave to the device we dug up!
Dr. Rashomon: I always thought a machine that can control the weather was the stuff of dreams...
Dr. Rashomon: Who'd have imagined such a thing actually exists. Why did the device go haywire to begin with?
Assistant: The device was every bit as ancient as the professor had theorized, and parts of it were in disrepair.
Assistant: Although the body of the device, which activates weather, was fully intact, the component that adjusts intensity was damaged.
Nicholas: Any device is going to suffer wear and tear over time, no matter when it was made. And we all know how sensitive machines can be.
Assistant: Well, despite the damage, we decided to insert the activation key to see what happened...
Dr. Rashomon: Thus causing the meltdown, I see.
Assistant: To begin with, the professor and I weren't exactly expecting the device to power up so easily.
Dr. Rashomon: Ancient machines are sensitive, but powerful.
Dr. Rashomon: They may not always function as we expect them to.
Nicholas: Old machines are more likely to have issues with, what was it called... variable resistance and metal whiskering? Potentially causing machines to lose control over the amount of force used—Kenji mentioned it once.
Assistant: Oh... I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry!
Nicholas: Where's the professor now?
Assistant: Ah, right! He's the one who needs aid!
Assistant: He asked me to escape with the excavation team, while staying behind in the ruins himself...
Dr. Rashomon: You mean he's still there?
Assistant: The professor's doing his best to bring Ishkur back under control.
Assistant: Please, you have to help him!

Platinum Sky II - Chapter 4: Adapting - Episode 2

Maddie suggests they split into three groups: he and Nicholas will find and secure the stray excavation staff; (Captain), Meteon, and Fehr will resolve the situation at the ruins; and the rest of the crew will keep everyone safe at the port.

Vyrn: So, in other words...
Vyrn: If we want this wacky weather we're seeing to go back to normal, we've gotta stop that Ishkur thingamajig?
Assistant: Yes, that sounds about right. But I don't know how easy it'll be...
Assistant: After I led the excavation team out, tornados began forming all over the central part of the island.
Assistant: I could no longer approach the ruins amid the chaos of it all. I'm not sure how much longer the professor will last before he simply gets swallowed up...
Lyria: Oh no! He's in real danger!
Rackam: Where are the excavators who came out with you?
Assistant: They've taken shelter somewhere in the rocky terrain nearby. Since we all came scurrying out in a mad panic, many suffered injuries.
Assistant: I thought it best if I came out alone first to find help.
Rackam: So that's what happened. We'll have to make sure they're okay too.
Maddie: How 'bout we stop talking and start acting already?
Meteon: The situation calls for speed.
Rackam: Right, but we need to have a plan of action first.
Maddie: Those of us who stand a fighting chance need to split into three groups.
Maddie: To start with, we can't leave the port unguarded.
Maddie: Tornados are headed this way too, and the situation could change at any moment.
Rackam: Let's not forget more of those vicious monsters could show up again. Someone needs to keep the spectators safe.
Rackam: Leave that to me and the Grandcypher crew.
Rackam: And I'm sure Sierokarte can help keep everyone calm.
Rackam: If the storm should start to ease up, evacuation off the island is another possibility.
Maddie: Nice.
Maddie: Next, we need a group to find the injured people hiding out there and bring them to a safer spot.
Dr. Rashomon: The excavation team, eh... I imagine it's a pretty big group.
Nicholas: Leave it to my Gigante Saucer to transport them safely!
Maddie: Your giant saucer's the perfect thing for the job. I might as well tag along.
Vyrn: So that leaves...
Maddie: The ruins at the center of the island.
Maddie: That's a job for Blue Orbit, Nightcypher, and Lightning Violet.
Fehr: Wha! Me?
Maddie: Surely you've ridden with your dad on this island before.
Fehr: I have...
Maddie: Then make yourself useful and show them the way.
Fehr: ...
Maddie: (Captain), we all know you're a seasoned skyfarer. A bit of danger ought to be right up your alley.
Vyrn: You make it sound like we look for danger, but I guess that's not entirely wrong...
Lyria: We have to do something either way, so let's get to it!
Meteon: And me?
Maddie: Show us that going fast isn't the only thing you're good for.
Meteon: Hah. Since when have I been a one-trick pony?

Platinum Sky II - Chapter 4: Adapting - Episode 3

(Captain) and company ask Fangio to take another look at their speedships before they go off on their mission. Fehr is unsure that he'll be of any help, but Meteon reassures him that his experience outside of the track on Nimmus Island will prove most useful. (Captain) hands everyone a transceiver before they depart.

Vyrn: All righty! You guys ready to do this?
Meteon: Just one sec...
Meteon: Fange!
Fangio: Yeah, I already know what you're gonna say. Get your machines into the pit stall, everyone.
Vyrn: Do we really have time for that right now? I thought we had to get a move on...
Fangio: You idiot! We're doing this because it's an emergency.
Fangio: Did you really plan on flying in there unprepared!
At Fange's urging, the three fly their speedships into the pit stall.
Fangio: Go ahead and fill up your fuel tanks. I'll be checking on your machines in the meanwhile.
Lyria: Okay!
Meteon: Fange, you can leave Blue Orbit for last.
Meteon: Since you've already tuned it to traverse the harsh conditions of this island.
Fangio: I guess I'll start with Nightcypher then. Gimme a hand, kiddo.
Meteon: Of course!
Fangio: Hm... It's in pretty good shape, but the wings could use some reinforcement.
Fangio: Get me the parts, kiddo. And Elly, fetch me my toolbox, wouldja?
Elly: Woof!
Meteon and Elly are quick to act.
Meanwhile, (Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn try to stay out of the way while offering what little assistance they can.
Fehr: ...
Fehr, however, staying toward the back, simply watches with a perplexed look on his face.
Lyria: What's wrong with Fehr.... Do you think he's okay?
Vyrn: Machine-Man did say some pretty mean stuff to him...
Understanding their concern, (Captain) approaches Fehr with them.
Vyrn: Hey, buddy, you were lookin' a bit down in the mouth. Think you'll be all right?
Fehr: Oh, I'm fine...
Meteon: If you have something to get off your chest, now's the time. 'Cause whatever it is, it might be too late to take care of once we take off.
Fehr: It's just... Are we really going to do this?
Lyria: Huh?
Fehr: I keep hearing about how dangerous it is toward the center of the island.
Fehr: With all the tornados converging there, there's no telling what might happen...
Fehr: And we'll be plunging right into the ruins at the heart of it all...
Meteon: Make no mistake: it's going to be dangerous. The winds are fierce and unpredictable.
Lyria: But there's someone trapped in there.
Vyrn: And if we don't do something about that device, even the ground we're standing on right now could turn into a danger zone.
Fehr: That's true, but...
Meteon: On the flip side, our speedships are the only things that can brave the raging storms. You could say the whole operation's riding on us.
Fehr: That might be true for you two, but I strongly doubt I'd be of any use.
Meteon: You've flown on this island before, right? I mean, even off the racecourse.
Fehr: Yeah, my dad brought me around...
Meteon: The most I did was take a look at a map of the island. All my flight experience here is on the track.
Meteon: Having someone familiar with the territory around would be a huge help.
Fehr: ...
Fangio: How 'bout you stop twisting his arm for goodness' sake?
Meteon: Fange?
Fangio: Keep in mind that he was just a lil' urchin when he flew around the island. Yet you expect him to remember it all?
Fehr: I do. I never forget places I've flown before.
Lyria: Really? That's amazing!
Vyrn: Things'd go that much smoother with you to back us up!
Fehr: Knowing the route isn't going to—
Vyrn: That reminds me! (Captain), why don't you give one of those out to everyone?
The captain nods and takes out a few small devices.
Meteon: What are those?
Lyria: Transceivers!

Platinum Sky II - Chapter 4: Adapting - Episode 4

Drang pops into the pit stall to warn of more fast-approaching tornados. Nicholas has already used his ship's Gigante Circular to clear away the immediate tornado blocking their path, allowing (Captain) and company to proceed.

Beatrix: You are sooo lucky, (Captain)! Oh, what I'd give to be in another skyrace!
Beatrix: My Pinky Bearheart Pop-Along Fighter's been itching for more action!
Zeta: You're still hung up on that, Bea? Like I was saying, we've got a mission coming up, and that has to take priority.
Beatrix: Sigh... Why did our mission have to be now of all times...
Eustace: Beatrix.
Beatrix: All right already! Sheesh, would you stop glaring at me like that? I'm coming!
Zeta: Besides... Didn't your Pinky-whatchamacallit fall apart at the last PSC?
Beatrix: S-so what! If I'd gotten the chance to enter this race, I was going to get it repaired!
Zeta: Right, right. If you say so.
Vyrn: Well, it's not like there aren't other skyraces happening out there. I'm sure you'll get your chance, Blue.
Lyria: Uh-huh! Maybe we can even join you again!
Beatrix: Really? Promise?
Beatrix runs up to (Captain) for a pinky swear, to which the captain acquiesces with a wry smile.
Zeta: Let's get going already. The sooner we leave, the sooner we can get it over with.
Beatrix: Would it kill you to wait a sec for me! Zeta!
Vaseraga: Those two are as boisterous as ever.
Lyria: Good luck on the mission to you and Eustace too.
Vaseraga: That goes for you as well.
Vyrn: I'm sure we'll be fine. It'll just be a bit of cruising around in our speedship.
Vaseraga: A lot happened at the previous tournament. I advise you to stay on guard.
Lyria: Hm, you're right. We'll be careful!
Eustace: (Captain). Take these.
Lyria: They look familiar...
Vyrn: Transceivers? The same thing you lent us at the PSC?
Eustace: If things go south, they might come in handy.
Vyrn: Appreciate the gesture, but don't you think you're making a big deal out of nothing?
Eustace: If nothing happens, great. But it doesn't hurt to be prepared.
Lyria: Aren't transceivers supposed to be very valuable though?
Lyria: Are you really okay with lending them to us?
Eustace: Just be careful not to break them.
Lyria: Eustace lent them to us. But we didn't have a use for them during the race.
Vyrn: We'll be flying on three separate speedships. But with these, communication should be a cinch.
Meteon: Yeah? What a handy thing to have.
Lyria: Ah! Be careful not to break it, okay?
Meteon: Haha, I'll be gentle with it.
(Captain) hands a transceiver to Fehr next.
Fehr: Thanks...
Lyria: One for you, (Captain)... And what do we do with the last one?
  1. Maybe you can try using it, Lyria.
  2. Let's put it away for safekeeping.

Choose: Maybe you can try using it, Lyria.
Lyria: Huh? I don't think I'll need it! I'll be right next to you the whole time anyway. Besides...
Lyria: I wouldn't want to accidentally break it.
Vyrn: Haha! We can just stash it then.

Choose: Let's put it away for safekeeping.
Vyrn: It's not like we've gotta use every single one anyhow.
Continue 1
Meteon: Wait, can I have that one?
Lyria: Hm? Didn't I already give you one?
Meteon: It's for Fange. Better if we can keep in contact with him too, wouldn't you say?
Vyrn: That's for sure. Good thinking!
Meteon: You cool with that, Fange?
Fangio: Yeah. Give it here.
Lyria: That's definitely reassuring.
Drang: Great! You guys are still here!
Lyria: It's Drang!
Drang: Goodness, (Captain)! This is no time to be kicking back!
Meteon: Have there been any developments?
Drang: The twisters approaching us are gaining in speed. And the storm outside the port gets more intense by the second.
Meteon: Time's running out.
Drang: Yep, that's the gist of it. I hope you guys are ready to take off, like, five seconds ago.
Vyrn: Yeah, we hear ya!
Lyria: But shouldn't we do something about the tornados first? Leaving them alone could be dangerous...
Drang: We've got a handle on that. For the time being, we're confident we can keep everyone safe, and one of us found a way to clear a path.
Vyrn: Clear a path?
Drang: There's no time to explain! You need to go yesterday! Go, go, gooooo!
Meteon: Ready?
Fangio: Bah... No, not really, but none of it'll matter if we can't even make it on time. Go on and take your machines, everyone!
Nicholas: Visual contact with tornado established! 1,100 meters out!
Dr. Rashomon: Yes, this could work. Charging the Gigante Circular now... Five... Three, two, one... It's done!
Nicholas: Weapon ready! Target locked! Fire!

Platinum Sky II - Chapter 5: Teamwork - Episode 1

With the tornado out of their way, Nightcypher, Blue Orbit, and Lightning Violet head out, only to be greeted by another raging storm. Meteon leads the way.

Vyrn: Whoa! That tornado just went kapoof!
Lyria: So that's what Drang was talking about!
Meteon: Keep your focus, guys. Everything's riding on us!
Lyria: Right!
(Captain) and company take their chance to fly out of the pit stall when the tornado is blown away, only to be immediately welcomed by a violent tempest.
Vyrn: Sheesh, the wind just doesn't let up!
Lyria: It's hard to see anything with the dust flying everywhere! Maybe we should slow down a bit...
Fehr: No, we can't afford to do that.
Meteon: We'd only lose momentum and get blown away.
Vyrn: Seriously?
Meteon: And what we're experiencing is still tame. It's bound to get worse the closer we get to the device in the ruins.
Vyrn: Hoo boy, this is gonna be one rocky trip!
Meteon: I've got a good eye for winds and obstacles, so I'll guide us through the safest route. Stay close.
Lyria: Okay! Let's go, (Captain)!

Platinum Sky II - Chapter 5: Teamwork - Episode 1: Scene 2

While Meteon and (Captain) are pushing through the storm with relative ease, Fehr must focus all of his concentration to keep up—so much so that he loses track of their route. Thankfully, a transmission from Fangio reaffirms that they are headed in the right direction.

Meteon: Not bad, (Captain)! You've got a real handle on this!
Vyrn: Racer Champ, whaddya think of the route to the right? Winds look pretty calm there.
Meteon: Agreed!
Meteon shows off remarkable technique with Blue Orbit's every turn.
(Captain), too, manages to read the currents and follows him closely.
Fehr however, gripping the control stick with a strained expression, begins to fall behind.
Fehr: Ergh!
Lyria: Fehr! What's wrong?
Fehr: Stop worrying about me!
Meteon: You might wanna up your speed a bit, or things could get messy!
Fehr: I know!
Fehr: (I've never flown in winds like this before...)
Fehr: (I'll just be left behind at this rate!)
Fehr: Concentrate! Concentrate...
Fehr: (If I can just maintain this speed and keep up with them somehow...)
Fehr: (I'm afraid I'll miss something if I even blink!)
Meteon: Fehr, what do you think?
Fehr: Huh?
Meteon: About the route. The map says we should be coming out of this mountain range soon...
Meteon: But I just wanted to double-check with you that it's safe to keep going this way.
Fehr: Erm...
Fehr: (Oh no. I was so focused on just trying to keep up....)
Fehr: Well...
Fangio: As long as you're headed in the right direction, the exact path you take won't matter. Keep going.
Meteon: Fange?
Fangio: Every route out that way will get you back to the plains.
Fangio: From there, fly southwest along the mountains!
Meteon: Got it!
Fehr: ...

Platinum Sky II - Chapter 5: Teamwork - Episode 2

Dorothy, Claudia, Drang, and Sturm work together to keep the spectators calm at the port. Meanwhile, Maddie goes to Nicholas and Doctor Rashomon with a proposition after seeing them take out a tornado.

Spectator 1: How much longer do we have to stay here?
Spectator 2: We're as good as stuck on the island if the storm doesn't let up.
Spectator 1: That really blows...
Spectator 4: Something about this storm seems awfully amiss. Can we really make it out of here safely?
Constance: Everyone's getting restless... I guess that's to be expected.
Constance: But isn't there anything we, or rather, I can do about it? Think, Constance, Think!
Claudia: Please calm down, my queen.
Dorothy: Yeah! I'm sure everyone's just a little worse for the wear.
Dorothy: But it's nothing that a bit of hot tea can't fix!
Claudia: What say we pour them all a cup or two, Dorothy?
Dorothy: My thoughts exactly, Claudia!
Dorothy: Our master's counting on us to keep things orderly here, so let's get to it!
Dorothy: Hey, all! We'll be serving delicious, piping hot tea to anyone who'd like some!
Spectator 1: You were in the race with your... Sky Carriage.
Dorothy: Nuh-uh, it's Sky Carriage Shooting Star Pew Pew.
Spectator 1: Hahaha, sorry for getting the name wrong. If you don't mind, can you tell us what it's like to ride a speedship?
Dorothy: I suppose we can get to that while you're sipping tea.
Spectator 2: Sure, I'll have some.
Claudia: Would you like some as well, miss?
Spectator 3: Me?
Claudia: You appear a bit worn out... It pains me to see the melancholy on your face.
Claudia: Perhaps a spot of black tea would make you feel better.
Spectator 3: Mm, you're right...
Claudia: I hope this eases the anxiety, even if just a bit. You could try smiling too.
Girl: Waah, why are we still here! I wanna go home already!
Mother: I'm so sorry things turned out like this, but can you wait just a bit longer?
Girl: How much longer is a bit longer! I'm tired of waiting!
Drang: Oh my...
Reindeer?: Why, hello there! What a nice little girl we have here!
Girl: Sniff... A reindeer?
Reindeer?: Mm-hm, I'm the red-nosed reindeer! You haven't been naughty, have you?
Girl: I've been nice.
Reindeer?: Attagirl! A great kid like you deserves some candy!
Girl: Candy? Where?
Sturm: Sigh...
Santa?: Looks like you've been nice. Here's your present.
Girl: Yay! Thank you, Santa!
Santa?: No more crying, okay?
Girl: I'll hold it in. Because I'm a good girl.
Santa?: Good.
Girl: But... the holidays haven't started yet.
Santa?: Er, well...
Girl: I guess you're not so great at waiting either, Santa.
Santa?: ...
Reindeer?: Wasn't that one of the presents aboard Mad Holiday?
Santa?: What of it?
Reindeer?: Haha, I'm just glad it came in handy.
Santa?: Don't think I've forgiven you.
Reindeer?: Ahaha... I wouldn't dare...
Dr. Rashomon: That was our first time using the Gigante Circular in a field test. I'm glad it went well.
Nicholas: Yes, Doc! Though I'd say a tornado of that size is as far as we can push it.
Nicholas: And that storm surrounding the island is beyond our capabilities. We'll just have to pray that things go well for (Captain) and the others.
Dr. Rashomon: There's no telling what might happen from here on out, so let's have the Gigante Circular on standby just in case.
Nicholas: Right, good point!
Nicholas: Marie and my kid are waiting for me back home. I've gotta make it back to them no matter what.
Dr. Rashomon: Likewise. I can't wait to see my adorable grandchild again.
Maddie: Guys, we need to talk.
Nicholas: Maddie! What's up?
Dr. Rashomon: Are the excavators safe?
Maddie: Yeah. Some of them were injured, but they're fine for the most part.
Dr. Rashomon: Ah, what a relief... Thank you for saving my friends.
Maddie: How in the hell did you wipe out that tornado earlier?
Dr. Rashomon: That was the work of Gigante Circular, which is essentially a heavy-repulsion tornado.
Maddie: Heavy repulsion?
Nicholas: Allow me to elaborate!
Nicholas: We simply shot the repulsion field generator into the tornado!
Nicholas: Since it rotated in the opposite direction to the tornado, they ended up canceling each other out!
Maddie: Well... You guys obviously know what you're talking about, so I have a favor to ask!
Dr. Rashomon: That look on your face tells me it's a cause for concern. Whatever it is, we'll do everything we can to help, Maddie.
Maddie: I need you to see something. Follow me.

Platinum Sky II - Chapter 5: Teamwork - Episode 3

(Captain) and company find Catherine with the archaeologist in a grotto. He explains that a shield came online when he tried to deactivate Ishkur, knocking him away. And it turns out Catherine was after Ishkur all along.

Lyria: Eep!
Vyrn: Lyria! Hold on tight! And more importantly, hold onto me too!
Lyria: O-okay! I have you, Vyrn!
Lyria: The storm's getting worse the further we go.
Meteon: That too, but the bigger problem is our ships getting lighter as we go.
Meteon: We lose weight as we burn fuel, making us more susceptible to the strong winds.
Vyrn: So that's what's happening... Speedships can be such delicate things.
Meteon: Isn't that what makes them so much fun? Well, at least when things aren't so frantic.
Fehr: Huff... Huff...
Meteon: Fehr, are you okay? Hang in there!
Fehr: I'm fine! And I'm done lagging behind!
Meteon: Trying lowering the nose of your ship a bit.
Meteon: Urgh!
Fehr: Meteon!
Lyria: He collided with...
Meteon: I'll be fine! Thankfully, it wasn't too big of a rock.
Lyria: But your ship's damaged...
Meteon: It's only the plating! I can pull outta this!
Vyrn: Whoo! Nice maneuvering there, Race Champ!
Fehr: ...
Meteon: Sorry if I made you guys worry. Still doesn't change the fix we're in though.
Meteon: The ruins should be coming up soon. Right, Fehr?
Fehr: Yes. Less than ten kilometers away now. Roughly eight to go.
Meteon: The winds are as fast as ever, but at least their direction has stabilized. Use this chance to kick up your speed.
Lyria: There was talk of so many tornadoes around the ruins, but we're not seeing that here.
Meteon: Must mean the situation's changing.
Vyrn: What the... Look, over there!
Lyria: That's Catherine's speedship!
Meteon: We didn't see her at the finish line earlier. What's she doing here?
Vyrn: No clue, but we'd better check it out.
Meteon: Okay, but approach with caution!
Cathy: (Captain)!
Lyria: Cather... Er, I mean Cathy? I'm so sorry!
Catherine: Haha... It's fine to call me Catherine here. Not like there's much of a crowd around anyway.
Catherine: And especially since Cathy seems so hard for you to remember, Lyria.
Lyria: Ehehe... Sorry.
Catherine: No sorries. I don't let just anyone use my real name, but you're an exception.
Lyria: Hehe, thanks! I'm happy to see you're safe!
Vyrn: You sure had us worried! What were you doing out here anyway?
Vyrn: And who's the old fella?
Archaeologist: ...
Meteon: You must be...
Catherine: I found this one wandering around all beat up. Apparently he's an archaeologist.
Lyria: So it was you who dug up the weather-control machine?
Archaeologist: Indeed, it was me.
Meteon: We came to stop it... From the looks of things, I'd say the device is still going bonkers?
Archaeologist: As shameful as it is to admit...
Meteon: We heard you'd stayed behind to shut it down... I guess that didn't work out so well, huh.
Archaeologist: I couldn't get close enough to Ishkur.
Vyrn: Whaddya mean? You sure got close enough to start it up.
Archaeologist: Yes, things worked fine when we inserted the plate-shaped key that was excavated elsewhere.
Lyria: So things should return to normal if we remove that key?
Archaeologist: Yes, but it locked itself immediately thereafter.
Archaeologist: After having my helpers evacuate, I did everything I could to undo that lock.
Archaeologist: That's when Ishkur activated what I surmise is its self-defense sequence.
Vyrn: What's that all about?
Archaeologist: A shield deployed around the device itself, the shockwave of which sent me flying backwards.
Archaeologist: I can no longer get near it.
Catherine: Seems he went to look for help, since he wasn't getting anywhere on his own—that's when I ran into him.
Catherine: But then the storm hit, and...
Meteon: So that's what went down. Thankfully, you're both safe.
Vyrn: Why'd you decide to come all the way out here anyway, Catherine?
Vyrn: We got pretty worried when you vanished off the racetrack.
Catherine: ...
Lyria: Was it for a job?
Catherine: That's for me to know.
Catherine: But luckily for you, now isn't the time to be keeping secrets.
Catherine: As you guessed, I'm here on a job. My mission was to retrieve the ancient artifact found in the ruins of Nimmus Island.
Lyria: Which, I'm guessing, was Ishkur?
Catherine: Seems like it. They didn't exactly give me much info to go on.
Catherine: The client described it as a simple antique.
Catherine: I wasn't told much more than that.
Vyrn: No matter how you slice it, it's definitely no simple antique we're dealing with...
Catherine: The mission seemed fishy from the get-go, which actually was all the more reason for me to take it on.
Meteon: You use a false name and accept an assignment steeped in mystery... There's a ton I'd love to ask you.
Meteon: But I'll refrain from nosing around. That'd only complicate matters.
Catherine: Haha, I like a man who knows how to respect a woman's privacy.
Meteon: Appreciate the compliment. I have to say though: you did a fantastic job flying all the way here.
Catherine: To be fair, I arrived before the storm got really bad.
Catherine: Sure, there were a few tornados, but they were nothing I couldn't zoom past.
Lyria: So the weather really is still changing, isn't it.
Catherine: That's for sure. It's definitely gotten worse since I got here.
Meteon: And there's no telling what'll happen from here on out...
Lyria: The faster we can take care of the device, the better.

Platinum Sky II - Chapter 5: Teamwork - Episode 4

Fehr plans on staying behind at first so as not to slow anyone down, but Meteon gives him a pep talk, convincing him to come along. Meteon then announces that he'll be leaving collision-damaged Blue Orbit behind.

Having met up with Catherine and the archaeologist in a grotto, the crew discuss their next steps.
The discussion, however, does not progress smoothly.
Fehr: ...
Fehr is sitting on the ground a ways apart from them, gaze downcast.
Meteon: You okay?
Fehr: There's no need to worry about a good-for-nothing amateur like me.
Meteon: You've flown all this way without breaking concentration. It's no wonder you're feeling beat, both mentally and physically.
Fehr: Even then it's pretty obvious how sub-par I am when stacked up to the rest of you.
Fehr: You could've done this all without me.
Meteon: And how's that make you feel?
Fehr: I...
As Fehr grits his teeth in response, Meteon plunks down beside him.
Meteon: You didn't look the least bit troubled when you lost the race.
Meteon: Maybe that's why Maddie said the things he said.
Maddie: You gave up the race in the end. Did you think people wouldn't notice?
Maddie: Psh, I bet you never even planned on winning.
Meteon: You really look like it bothers you now though.
Fehr: ...
Fehr: I didn't think I actually stood a chance of winning the race.
Fehr: My father's fame might garner me attention, but in the end I'm still a rookie. Pinning your hopes on me is a surefire way to set yourself up for disappointment.
Fehr: You probably wouldn't understand. Considering you've won every race since your debut.
Meteon: ...
Fehr: Don't let a lightweight like me drag you down, especially not in a situation like this.
Fehr: ...
My dad died racing in a storm.
Meteon: That's... gotta weigh heavy.
Fehr: I love flying in my speedship. I can't think of anything I enjoy more.
Fehr: But at the same time, I know exactly how dangerous it can be. That's why...
Fehr: I'd like you to leave me behind here.
With a deep sigh, Fehr hangs his head.
Meteon: No matter how hard the going gets or how desperate you start to feel, the pro racer always grips the control stick, ready for the next race...
Following a brief silence, Fehr lifts his eyes.
Fehr: That's what Maddie said...
Maddie: No matter how many times I got knocked down, no matter how depressing it was...
Maddie: I'd get right back up and train twice as hard for the next race, ready to grip the control stick again.
Maddie: That's what a pro racer does.
Meteon: It was only recently that I started to see for myself what that really means.
Meteon: The heats of the previous PSC gave me my first taste of defeat.
Meteon: Even now, I can't say I've gotten over it entirely. Just thinking back on it makes my stomach twist and turn.
Meteon: But when I got into Blue Orbit again after that loss and gripped the control stick...
Meteon: It felt as if that was the moment I really earned the right to call myself a racer.
Fehr: There's more to it than meets the eye, I see...
Meteon: I chose the path of a pro racer.
Meteon: And that means pushing forward with my speedship, come what may.
Meteon: I know it won't be easy, but I'm going to hold my head up high and keep doing what I do best.
Meteon's voice is surprisingly calm, yet perhaps that is why his words hit home for Fehr.
Fehr: A racer's pride...
Meteon: I know what we're up against here isn't a race.
Meteon: But it's something that only we racers can handle.
Meteon: To be completely honest though, I have to admit there's someone who's had a huge influence on me.
Meteon grins, glancing over at (Captain), who is speaking with Catherine.
Fehr: That skyfarer?
Meteon: Mm-hm. (Captain)'s special, in more ways than one.
Meteon: Anyhow, I'm gonna keep going forward.
Meteon: What will you do?
Fehr: ...
Fehr: I'm coming too.
Meteon: That's the spirit!
With a confident smile, Meteon calls out to the others.
Meteon: Hey! You guys should hear this too.
Vyrn: Hm? What is it?
Meteon: About our next move...
Meteon: I'm going to leave Blue Orbit behind.

Platinum Sky II - Chapter 6: Riding On - Episode 1

Meteon apologizes to Fangio via transmission for forfeiting Blue Orbit, but the mechanic, not being one to get sentimental, simply spurs him to action.

Fehr: What are you saying!
Meteon: Blue Orbit won't take me any further.
Lyria: Wh-what makes you so sure?
Meteon: The damage from the rock collision earlier was considerably greater than I expected.
Meteon: And all the wear and tear from recklessly flying through the storm is starting to take its toll.
Meteon: It's on its last leg.
Meteon: If this was just another race, I'd have no problem at all pushing through to the end.
Meteon: But this is no race.
Lyria: But...
Meteon: Thankfully, we now have Catherine's speedship available to us.
Meteon: I took a quick look, and it's got more heft and can take more punishment than Blue Orbit.
Meteon: Nor could I find any damage on it—no small thanks to the pilot, I'm sure.
Catherine: You're making me blush.
Meteon: Nightcypher, Smokin' Cathy, and Lightning Violet...
Meteon: The three of them have space enough to get every single one of us out of here.
Vyrn: Hold up, Racer Champ!
Meteon: Blue Orbit was originally built with one purpose in mind—speed.
Meteon: Which means it's the lightest and most fragile of all the ships here.
Fangio: You plan on flying with Blue Orbit again this time, kiddo?
Meteon: That's the plan. Of course, it's gonna need some work done on it.
Fangio: You can say that again...
Meteon: Does it look doable?
Meteon: It's true that Blue Orbit's focus on mobility and speed makes it unsuitable for harsh weather conditions, but...
Fangio: Hey, I didn't say anything about it being impossible. You sure do know how to drum up extra work for me though.
Meteon: That's what you're worried about? Shouldn't you be itching for this chance to really put your mechanic skills to the test?
Fangio: Oh, shut it! Save your arrogance for the racetrack and give me a hand!
Meteon: Of course, Fange and I made some tweaks to Blue Orbit just for this race. But even with that...
Lyria: Is there... Is there really no other way than to leave your ship behind?
Lyria: Blue Orbit's like your partner...
Meteon: I appreciate the sentiment, Lyria.
Meteon: But it's precisely because I've been through so much with Blue Orbit that I can't afford to take my chances with it, knowing how slim they are.
As a thick silence begins to fill the room, Meteon puts a hand on his transceiver.
Meteon: Fange, you hearing this?
Fangio: Yeah.
Meteon: Sorry to break it to you this way...
Fangio: You're apologizing to me? What for? It's your ship; you decide what you wanna do with it.
Meteon: Fair enough... It's more than that though.
Meteon: I feel like you're having to forfeit a second race on this island, and this time it's all my fault.
Fangio: If there's one regret I've got in my old age, it's that when I last flew that course in my prime...
Fangio: My ship went belly-up halfway through the race, and I had to call it quits...
Fangio: Geez, how stuck-up can you be...
Fangio: When did this turn into a forfeit? Heck, we're just getting to the best part.
Meteon: True.
Fangio: So how about we quit it with the sentimental crap and go stop ourselves a weather-control machine?
Meteon: Nuff said!

Platinum Sky II - Chapter 6: Riding On - Episode 2

A discussion with the archaeologist reveals that Nightcypher's acceleration device may be operating on the same technology as Ishkur. With that being the case, it may be possible to get the two to resonate and break Ishkur's shield.

Meteon: First things first: how do we even stop the device?
Catherine: Getting past those shields is the hard part. You can't even get close to the thing if they're still up.
Meteon: Sorry, but I'm all out of ideas.
Meteon: I might know my speedships, but I couldn't tell an ancient gadget apart from this transceiver.
Vyrn: Same here. Maybe Mr. Archaeologist can think of something.
Archaeologist: Deactivate the shields, and Ishkur can be stopped. But in order to achieve that...
Fehr: (Captain)?
Seeing (Captain) deep in thought, Fehr turns to the captain.
Fehr: Did you think of something?
(Captain) responds, "I was thinking back to the race."
Fehr: The race?
Lyria: Me too. You mean when you used the acceleration device?
(Captain) comments on how that extra boost of speed toward the end felt different from usual.
Meteon: I thought it was just my imagination, but I sensed some sort of noise rushing through the air.
Vyrn: You too, Racer Champ?
Meteon: Yeah. And then the thunderstorm and wind stopped right after that.
Fehr: Now that you mention it, all that mist suddenly cleared up and gave way to sunny skies... Is that when it happened?
Lyria: Yes, right then.
While this is mere conjecture without any concrete evidence...
(Captain) can't help but wonder if there is some sort of connection between the weather-control device and the Nightcypher's acceleration device.
The archaeologist is first to respond.
Archaeologist: Could you possibly show me this gadget of yours on the Nightcypher?
Vyrn: Sure thing! Maybe you can tell us a little more about it!
Archaeologist: Oho... My, my... I see...
Lyria: How does it look? Fangio mentioned that it uses Astral technology.
Archaeologist: Yes, I can see that. The mechanisms behind the engine design stem from the time of the War.
Archaeologist: But the core, which is responsible for energy generation, is even older than that—tens of thousands of years old...
Meteon: Sounds like it's right up there with the weather-control device.
Archaeologist: Indeed. This may very well be using a power source identical to that of Ishkur.
Vyrn: Er... So that means... What does it all mean?
Archaeologist: When Nightcypher's engine outputs enough energy in a single instant...
Archaeologist: There's a good chance it resonates with Ishkur in one way or another.
Lyria: They resonate... What exactly does that lead to?
Archaeologist: I really wish I could tell you.
Archaeologist: But if we play our cards right, we may have a chance of shutting down those shields.
Archaeologist: Of course, I cannot deny the possibility that doing so will only further power up the weather-control device.
Fehr: Can we really take that risk?
Meteon: I don't see any other options. It might be a gamble, but it's one that we have to take.
Meteon turns to (Captain).
Meteon: Nightcypher's your baby, (Captain). You decide.
  1. Let's give it a shot.
  2. Let me think on it.

Choose: Let's give it a shot.
Vyrn: Yeah! We'll just have to give it a whirl and see how things land!

Choose: Let me think on it.
Vyrn: There's not much time for that. We can't exactly sit here all day, you know.
Lyria: (Captain), I think it'll be fine.
Lyria: Why don't we give it a try?
Encouraged by Lyria's words, (Captain) gives an affirmative nod.
Continue 1
Meteon: Good. Now that that's decided, let's get a move on.
Catherine: So, (Captain), you'll have to activate your acceleration gizmo once you get close to the shield.
Archaeologist: If you can get that part done, I'll stop Ishkur even it kills me.
Meteon: Is it all right if I take Smokin' Cathy's controls?
Meteon: Not to say that you're a bad driver—far from it—but I'm pretty sure I can get a better handle on it.
Catherine: Sounds good to me. I suppose I'll just plop into the back seat.
Meteon: Great. Professor, you can ride in Lightning Violet.
Meteon: Fehr, I need to get our archaeologist friend in there as soon as the shield goes down.
Fehr: Got it.
Meteon: Me and Catherine will be the backup.

Platinum Sky II - Chapter 6: Riding On - Episode 3

(Captain) and company lose track of where they're going when their control panels go haywire in the storm, but fortunately Fehr is able to lead the way. When they find Ishkur, (Captain) activates Nightcypher's acceleration device and blazes toward the shield.

Vyrn: Ready to go!
Fehr: Same.
Meteon: All right. I'll be right with you guys!
Meteon next turns to Blue Orbit beside him and places his hands on it one last time.
Meteon: You got banged up pretty bad...
Meteon can feel the damage to Nightcypher's plating even through his gloves.
Meteon: ...
Meteon closes his eyes and presses his forehead to his beloved speedship.
Meteon: I'm heading out for a bit.
Lyria: Ngh... The wind's too strong!
Vyrn: It gets worse the farther in we go! I can't even see what's ahead anymore!
Meteon: This is bad.
Meteon: Fehr!
Fehr: I have it just as bad!
Vyrn: What's wrong?
Meteon: The control panel's gone haywire! The speedometer, altimeter, tachometer, fuel gauge... None of it's showing the right numbers!
Lyria: It's the same with Nightcypher!
Archaeologist: Could it be caused by the shield? Perhaps it's generated a magnetic field that interferes with sensitive instruments.
Catherine: Can you steer the ship itself okay?
Meteon: No guarantees.
Meteon: Guys! It's time to speed things up!
Vyrn: Ack! As if our visibility wasn't bad enough, now we've gotta worry about broken meters?
Lyria: H-how do we know which way we're going!
Meteon: Professor! Can you tell us the way there?
Archaeologist: My apologies! With this terrible storm... and me riding in a speedship for the first time ever... I don't even know where we are anymore!
Catherine: You can't really blame him, given what we're going through.
Meteon: The map showed a straight path... and I doubt we've strayed off course too much...
Archaeologist: Eek!
Fehr: Damn, why's the control stick feel so heavy!
Fehr: I won't be the one to drag us all down!
Fehr: Meteon!
Meteon: Fehr? What is it?
Fehr: We need to kick up the speed if our machines are gonna last!
Vyrn: But what do we do if we end up going the wrong way!
Vyrn: Cause I can't even tell left from right as it is!
Fehr: We're on the right track! Just go straight ahead!
Meteon: You seem pretty sure about that.
Vyrn: How do you know!
Fehr: I don't know how I know—I just do. I'm gonna have to ask you to trust me on this!
Fehr: Or we could put it this way: what makes you think that we might be going the wrong way!
Vyrn: Eep... You're soundin' pretty angry.
Meteon: Haha! All right then, Fehr. Lead the way!
Fehr: Okay!
Lyria: Amazing. How do you think Fehr knows the way?
Meteon: Some people out there just have an absolutely remarkable sense of direction. He's probably one of them.
Meteon: Not to mention he also seems to have a really sharp memory. I think we can trust him on this.
As they forge ahead through the turbulent storm ravaging the plains, a dome emitting a faint light comes into view in the distance.
Archaeologist: That's it! That's the shield covering Ishkur!
Fehr: (Captain)! Given how close we are to the shield, I'd say now's a good time to activate your acceleration device.
Vyrn: All righty! We've got this!
Meteon: Careful, (Captain)!
Meteon: If the shield doesn't dissipate, be ready to either ramp up altitude or make a sharp U-turn!
Meteon: We'll follow a safe distance behind you.
Lyria: Okay! Let's go, (Captain)!
With a deep breath, (Captain) flicks the switch for the acceleration device.
Fehr: It's that noise again!
Catherine: The shield's faltering!
Meteon: Not enough to do away with it!
Fehr: (Captain)!
Vyrn: Uh-oh! What now?
Lyria: It looks like we put a dent into it though! If we can just increase the intensity a bit!
(Captain) nods in agreement.
Vyrn: I guess it's do-or-die time for all of us...
(Captain) and Lyria each put a hand on the lever that controls the acceleration device, bringing it to the next notch.
Vyrn: Booyah! Take that!
Fehr: They accelerated again? But why!
Meteon: Pull up, don't speed up! You're headed straight for the shield!

Platinum Sky II - Chapter 6: Riding On - Episode 4

Ishkur's shield goes offline right before Nightcypher collides with it. Just as (Captain) and the others shut down Ishkur, a sudden gust of wind knocks Fehr's ship away. Left with no other choice, (Captain) and Meteon decide to destroy Ishkur.

Vyrn: Uh-oh, we're gonna cr—
Lyria: Eep!
Meteon: It's gone!
Fehr: I'm going in!
Fehr: Cripes, really! More air currents? I can't let that bother me now!
The dispersing shield gives way to air turbulence, but Fehr pays it no heed as he rushes ahead in Lightning Violet.
Fehr: Lowering altitude!
Archaeologist: U-understood!
With Ishkur right before them, the archaeologist steps out of Lightning Violet.
Archaeologist: Now to remove that plate...
Archaeologist: I-I did it!
Catherine: It's done...
Meteon: It worked...
Lyria: (Captain), Vyrn, look! The weather machine's stopped!
Having overshot Ishkur's position, Nightcypher slowly makes its way back.
Vyrn: Whew, we pulled it off!
However, their relief comes a bit too soon.
Ishkur continues to emit a very faint glow.
(Captain) is the first to notice. The captain yanks the control stick back and yells into the transceiver.
  1. Get out of there!

Choose: Get out of there!
Meteon: Hold on tight, Catherine!
Catherine: ...!
Meteon kicks into high gear and gets Smokin' Cathy away from Ishkur.
However, things don't go quite as smoothly for Fehr.
Archaeologist: Urk!
Fehr: Grab my hand! Quick!
Ready to make a break for it, Fehr pulls the archaeologist up into the speedship.
Fehr: Ergh!
A violent gust of wind knocks Lightning Violet away with the impact of an explosion.
Meteon: Fehr!
Lightning Violet slams into a boulder, hurling Fehr and the archaeologist from the ship.
Lyria: Oh no!
Meteon and (Captain) rush to their aid.
Fehr: Ngh...
Meteon: Are you okay!
Fehr: Yeah, I'll be fine.
Archaeologist: Rgh... I hit my back pretty hard... but I can still move.
Lyria: I'm glad you're both safe.
Vyrn: That's definitely some weight off our minds, but...
Vyrn: Uh, what's happening now?
Fehr: How is it still running with the plate key removed?
Archaeologist: I have no idea...
Meteon: In other words, you're not sure how to stop this thing.
Archaeologist: No...
Catherine: We'll just have to wreck it for good.
Meteon: Sounds like the only option to me.
Meteon: Thankfully its shield is down. Should make it easier to get close.
Vyrn: Sure, no problem. It's only floating in the middle of the storm of the century.
Meteon: (Captain), any chance I can pilot Nightcypher for a bit?
Lyria: Meteon?
Meteon: Of course, I'll need you in there too, (Captain).
Meteon: Once I get close enough, that'll be your chance to bust it up for good.
Fehr: Do you think it'll go down that easily?
Catherine: Sounds like you don't know what a phenomenal skyfarer (Captain) is.
Lyria: That's right. If anyone can do it, (Captain) can.
Meteon: Ready?
(Captain) nods with confidence.
Meteon: All right. Let's go.
Taking Nightcypher's controls, Meteon slowly lifts off.
Meteon: Once I gain some speed, I'll head toward the tornado.
Meteon: Riding shotgun's a bit different from the pilot seat. It's gonna be a rough ride; be careful you don't fall out!
Nightcypher braves the raging tempest to get close to Ishkur.
Meteon: Perfect! I've caught an updraft! Here's our chance!

Platinum Sky II - Ending - Episode 1

Though Ishkur is done for, the tornado wall it created blocks the path back. When everyone is about to lose hope, Maddie shows up to help in his MMF form with Blue Orbit in tow.

Meteon: It stopped...
Meteon: Way to go, (Captain).
Having confirmed Ishkur's shutdown, (Captain) sits back down next to Meteon.
Meteon: Just like you're one heck of a skyfarer, (Captain), Nightcypher's one heck of a machine. Take good care of it.
With that line and an absent smile, Meteon turns the Nightcypher back toward the others.
Vyrn: Yippee!
Lyria: You two are amazing! You're not hurt, are you?
Meteon: Oh, we're fine. But thanks for asking.
Lyria: Has the storm outside the island calmed down as well?
Meteon: About that, I've been trying to get ahold of Fange, but I'm not getting any response. Could the transceiver be broken?
Lyria: Oh no! Those are borrowed...
Fehr: Maybe it only operates within a set distance? And let's not forget the magnetic field from the shield might have a lingering effect.
(Captain) surveys their surroundings and spots something far off on the horizon.
Fehr: Wait. Over there!
Vyrn: Huh?
Meteon: Another tornado?
Lyria: More? But I thought the machine stopped...
Archaeologist: Yes, Ishkur is definitely no longer active.
Vyrn: Then how do you explain that!
Archaeologist: In its current state, Ishkur is unable to generate any more abnormal weather patterns.
Archaeologist: Perhaps what we're seeing are remnants of everything that Ishkur stirred up when it first came back online.
Meteon: This is a lot to handle...
Meteon: What the! It's getting closer!
Fehr: No, it's more like...
Fehr: We're in the eye of the storm. Think of us as being hemmed in by a wind wall on every side.
Catherine: In other words, we're gonna have to poke a hole through the storm if we're going to make it out of here.
Meteon: Right, so I should say it's closing in on us.
Vyrn: Please tell me someone has a plan!
Catherine: Am I right to assume that the machine won't respond anymore?
Archaeologist: Indeed, you are. The storm we currently face is acting independently of Ishkur.
Archaeologist: Just as Ishkur can no longer generate new climate patterns, it cannot extinguish what's already been created.
Catherine: Okay, it's settled then.
Archaeologist: Aah! Ishkur's—
Vyrn: What did you just do!
Catherine: That's for insurance. We wouldn't want Ishkur acting up again, would we.
Lyria: But didn't you come to pick up the device?
Catherine: I make it a point not to carry out the jobs I take blindly.
Catherine: I'd already planned on destroying the gadget if it turned out to be something dangerous.
Vyrn: Good point... Who knows what might happen if this fell into the wrong hands.
Archaeologist: Certainly, you didn't have to go this far...
The archaeologist slumps before the bullet-riddled Ishkur.
Catherine: I hope you don't take it personally, but this isn't something we could afford to leave behind.
Catherine: It's far too powerful and unwieldy for civilization to take control of.
Catherine: Besides, I'm of the opinion that skydwellers trying to take the weather into their own hands is flat-out wrong.
Meteon: You said it.
Meteon: Be it mechanical or natural, power of such magnitude isn't to be taken lightly.
Eyeing the approaching storm wall, Meteon mutters under his breath.
Vyrn: I think it's time we made tracks, guys.
Fehr: But my ship...
Fehr: Won't fly.
Meteon: ...
Catherine: Which means we've only got Nightcypher and Smokin' Cathy to bail us out of here.
Lyria: If we huddle up close together, we should all be able to fit in.
Meteon: Sure, but the real question is, would we be able to break out of here like that?
Vyrn: Whaddya mean?
Meteon: Having piloted both ships, I can tell you that if we did make it, it'd be by the skin of our teeth.
Meteon: Both vessels are pretty badly damaged from battling the storms all this time.
Meteon: And Smokin' Cathy's remaining fuel level doesn't have me feeling too optimistic.
Meteon: Whether it's got the speed and horsepower to break through that wall is going to be one heck of a gamble.
Vyrn: How 'bout us?
Meteon: I'd say Nightcypher stands a decent chance.
Meteon: Problem is, there's no way all seven of us are gonna fit in there.
Vyrn: Oh, I know! Why don't we go back and get your Blue Orbit?
Meteon: That's out of the question.
Meteon responds firmly, his eyes locked on the ever-shrinking storm wall.
Meteon: We wouldn't make it in time.
Meteon: At the rate they're moving, those searing winds would reach Blue Orbit before us.
Lyria: Then Blue Orbit's really...
Tears well up in Lyria's eyes, but Meteon simply smiles.
Meteon: Thanks for the concern, Lyria.
Fehr: As far as I can tell, Blue Orbit's been your pride and joy ever since your debut race, Meteon...
Meteon: Yeah...
Fehr: Many racers simply choose a different ship for each new race, instead of tweaking their machines to better suit the specific course.
Fehr: By its very nature, skyracing is a highly intense and dangerous sport.
Fehr: Oftentimes, machines come apart and have to be replaced with new ones... Yet, in your case...
Meteon: Right. If I was going to see that dazzling view, I made sure it was always through Blue Orbit's windshield.
Fehr: View?
Meteon: But even then, I never lost sight of how dangerous skyracing was.
Meteon: That's why I've always given it 120% every second I'm on the track. If it meant losing my trusty sidekick in the process, I was ready for it.
Meteon: Though you know...
Meteon: I always thought that if Blue Orbit had to go one day, it'd be when I was riding it.
Fehr: Meteon...
Meteon: Anyway, it's time for us to make a difficult choice.
Meteon: Do a few of us ride out of here on Nightcypher...
Meteon: Or should we take our chances with Smokin' Cathy...
Meteon: Or should we all stay behind and pray that the storm will peter out before it hits us?
Catherine: There's not much time to dwell on it either.
Meteon: Right, take your pick.
Fehr: ...
A tense silence fills the air.
Just then, static crackles from Meteon's transceiver.
???: ...!
Meteon: Huh? What was that...
Fangio: Hey, kiddo!
Meteon: Fange!
Fangio: Finally got a connection. There's no time to waste, so listen up.
Meteon: The situation's looking pretty dire here, old man—
Fangio: Shut up and listen, damn it! You were transmitting the whole time, so I know what's going on there.
Fangio: Someone'll be there to pick you up.
Meteon: Huh? What?
Fangio: No one's quitting today, kiddo. You'd better come back in one p—
Meteon: Fange! Fange! Hey!
Meteon: I got cut off again...
Fehr: He mentioned someone's coming?
Lyria: Who could it possibly be?
Vyrn: How would that even be possible? Who'd be crazy enough to break through that storm wall?
Lyria: That sound!
Vyrn: It's Machine-Man! He's done that fusion thing again!
Fehr: Wasn't that his ship from the PSC?
Lyria: I thought he couldn't use it right now.
Meteon: I don't know what the deal is, but it looks like Maddie's not our only guest.
Fehr: Blue Orbit!

Platinum Sky II - Ending - Episode 2

Everyone gets prepared to take off. To get through the growing tornado, Lyria opens a path by summoning Bahamut. A joyous reunion and a redo of the race await back at port.

The jaws of (Captain) and company drop to the ground as Kaiser Herrshaft comes to a stop before them with Blue Orbit in tow.
Maddie: Hope you kids are done goofing around and ready to hightail it outta here!
Vyrn: Uh, someone wanna tell me what just happened? I have about a million and one questions swirling in my head!
Vyrn: Why'd you dock into your speedship again? And how did you get all the way here?
Maddie: There you go running your mouth again, noisy lizard!
Vyrn: Gah! I ain't no noisy lizard...
Maddie: I got to rubbing shoulders with this brilliant scientist. Turned out to be the perfect person to fix up my MMF system.
Maddie: And what was your other question? How I got here?
Maddie: Ain't it obvious? I smashed my way in here!
Fehr: As in, smashed your way through the storm wall?
Maddie: Hah! As if there were any other way.
Maddie: To get to the point though, you guys ready to fly?
Meteon: Blue Orbit's in decent shape...
With Kaiser Herrschaft's grip on Blue Orbit released, Meteon breathes a sigh of relief as he inspects his beloved sidekick.
Meteon: Thank goodness. This just might work.
Vyrn: You sure about that? Weren't you saying earlier that Blue Orbit's too risky to fly?
Meteon: Right, it still is a risk. But the path ahead won't be as bad as what we had to endure getting here.
Meteon: We break through this one storm wall, and we're practically home free. And I'm confident I've got what it takes to pull it off.
Relieved to know that they're making headway, (Captain) gets to double-checking Nightcypher.
Lyria: We're good to go too!
Catherine: That leaves Smokin' Cathy...
Maddie: All three of you, get in there.
Fehr: Huh? But this machine's—
Maddie: Like I don't know! Just get in and link it up to me!
Lyria: You mean, to the Kaiser Herrschaft?
Meteon: Maddie's an absolute powerhouse compared to us.
Meteon: Especially when you consider he dragged Blue Orbit all the way here.
Maddie: Stop talking and get moving! But don't pin all your hopes on me—keep your hand on that control stick just in case.
Maddie: That's not asking too much, is it, kid?
Fehr: I can do it.
(Captain) and company complete preparations for takeoff.
Vyrn: Whew! The storm wall's staring us right in the eyes!
Catherine: Look at how thick it is. You really think we can just ram our way through?
Fehr: It looks like it's getting thicker as the funnel contracts...
Meteon: So basically, we're gonna have a harder time getting out than Maddie had getting in...
Lyria: Um... I just remembered something!
Vyrn: What's that, Lyria?
Lyria: About that thing Nicholas used with Gigante Saucer when we exited the pit stall...
Nicholas: Visual contact with tornado established! 1,100 meters out!
Nicholas: Weapon ready! Target locked! Fire!
Lyria: The tornado we're facing now is much larger than the one before, so I don't see us canceling it out completely, but...
Lyria: I think I can at least create an opening!
Vyrn: Sounds like a plan! Go for it, Lyria!
Lyria: Primeval dragon, child of flames and darkness! Thy name is...
Lyria: Bahamut!
Meteon: That's our cue!
Nightcypher, Blue Orbit, and Kaiser Herrschaft—all three ships take off at breakneck speed.
Vyrn: We've gotta make it before that hole closes up!
Meteon: Nothing like one last challenge to shake things up! Good thing I held back my need for speed and saved a nitro boost!
Meteon: I'll take the lead!
Meteon: Whoooo!
Maddie: You're not getting ahead of me with that wreck of a machine!
Vyrn: We just have to stay on them!
Lyria: Goooo!
Archaeologist: E-eeeep... What speed!
Catherine: Careful you don't bite your tongue.
Fehr: This must be the view that a pro racer sees...
Fehr strengthens his grip on Smokin' Cathy's control stick.
Fehr: I have so far to go...
His eyes are transfixed on the horizon, as it stretches out endlessly beneath a blazing platinum field.
Fehr: Dammit!
Maddie: Waaaaargh!
Meteon: Hraaaaagh!
Dorothy: Oh, look! They're back!
Claudia: Ah, dearest Lyria... I hope you're okay.
Though bruised and battered, every member of the rescue party is accounted for back at port.
With Ishkur out of the picture, the storm outside the island has cleared up, bringing a huge sense of relief to all.
Vyrn: Whew, what a trip. All's well that ends well, I guess.
Lyria: I'm bushed...
Lyria: But I'm glad we all made it back safe and sound!
Meteon: We couldn't have done it without you, Maddie. Really appreciate it.
Maddie: No need to mention it.
Maddie: I only saved you for the chance to crush you in our next race together!
Meteon: Heh. I'll take you on anytime, any day.
Maddie: Humph... That other runt still alive?
You didn't wet your pants, did you?
Fehr: Geez, what a thing to say! And no, I did not!
Fehr: Though as much as I hate to admit it, that was a terrifying situation.
Maddie: Cheeky brat...
Fehr: Regardless, I'm going to continue skyracing.
Fehr: And I'll get to where you are one day. That's a promise.
Putting all his doubts behind him, Fehr speaks with bold confidence.
Meteon: Hahaha! I'll be waiting, Fehr.
Maddie: Psh, dream on! You talk a big game, but I'm gonna be the one to thrash Meteon on the track!
Fehr: If we're such "brats," as you like to say, why do you waste so much time lashing out at us, Maddie?
Fehr: I suppose I should feel honored.
Maddie: Tch, revealing your cocky side now, eh?
Meteon: Ahahaha! Nice job showing him up, Fehr.
Maddie: Hey, wipe that smirk off your face!
Fehr: Can we calm down already, Maddie?
Maddie: Ergh... That disgusting high-and-mighty look you've got on reminds me of what a pain in the rear Quark was!
Lyria: Haha, a lot happened today, but I'm glad everything turned out okay.
Vyrn: Sigh... We came for a skyrace, but ended up getting so much more than we bargained for.
Meteon: About that...
Meteon: You know how we had to deal with all those outrageous weather patterns thanks to that Ishkur thingie?
Lyria: Yes, it really shook things up.
Meteon: That was fun in its own way, but since we came all the way out here to fly the Nimmus Course as it's meant to be...
Meteon: What say we give it another shot? I mean, we're already here and it's not like we drop by Nimmus every other day.
Maddie: Now that's what I'm talking about!
Fehr: Wait, but my speedship's still in the gutter! What happened to racing fair and square!
Vyrn: Whoa, are we actually doing this?
Lyria: Ahaha... Everyone loves skyracing so much.
Vyrn: What the... (Captain)'s already getting Nightcypher prepped!
Lyria: Teehee, maybe we can call (Captain) a pro racer too now.
Vyrn: I don't know how much more I can handle...
Commentator: Ladies and gentlemen! Please fasten your metaphorical seatbelts!
Commentator: We're only seconds away from another breathtaking race!
Commentator: On your mark, get set, goooo!
The End