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Official Profile[edit]

Npc f 3030130000 01.jpg Sakura Shinguji
Age (N/A)
Height 155 cm
Race (N/A)
Hobbies (N/A)
Likes (N/A)
Dislikes (N/A)

Npc f 3030130000 01.jpg Sakura Shinguji
Age (N/A)
Height 155 cm
Race (N/A)
Hobbies (N/A)
Likes (N/A)
Dislikes (N/A)

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Journal Entry[edit]

Sakura Shinguji
Sakura Shinguji NPC.png

RaceOfficially called "Type" in-game. Label Race Human.png
GenderGender is a character attribute used for game mechanics. A character's lore, appearance, and other factors do not affect this attribute. Female
Voice Actor Chisa Yokoyama
Sakura Wars: Skyblazing Maidens

ID 3990458000
Char ID
NameJP 真宮寺さくら(私服)
Voice ActorJP 横山智佐
Release Date

An aspiring actress of the Great Imperial Theater, Sakura also protects the Imperial Capital in her spirit armor as a member of the Imperial Assault Force. She is graceful and courteous, yet capable of unleashing destructive power with her Hokushin Itto-Ryu Sword Style. There's a clumsy side to her; occasionally stumbling on her co-star's costumes. Even so, she aims to be the top star with an unwavering spirit.



Special Cutscenes[edit]

This character does not have special holiday cutscenes.

Fate Episodes[edit]

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Wishes in the Sky[edit]

Under Ogami's leadership, Sakura and the crew continue fighting Koumas day after day. She fights with all her might for the sake of the Skydwellers. As she is about to lead another charge against a group of enemies, Ogami notices the toll on Sakura and suggests that she take a rest. Sakura is able to calm herself thanks to Ogami, and the unity of the party grows even stronger.

Following orders from Ogami, Sakura and the crew spend their days fighting the Koumas.
Sakura finds a pack and faces off against them, unleashing a furious attack.
Sakura: Hyaaaaaa!
Kouma: Graaaaaaagh!
Sakura: Done! Is everyone OK?
Ogami: Yes, we're all fine. It looks like we've taken care of all the Koumas in this area...
Vyrn: Whoa, that was crazy, Sakura! You keep getting more and more powerful!
Lyria: You're right, Vyrn! I've never seen anything like it!
Sakura: Haha... Do you really think so? Maybe I'm getting used to this world now...
Sakura: (Sigh...)
Ogami: (...Sakura?)
Sakura: I'm going to scout ahead. There may be Koumas lurking here.
Vyrn: Huh? Thanks for the offer, but why don't we take a break for now?
Sakura: I'm fine. We have to defeat the Koumas!
Lyria: But... You have to take care of yourself, Sakura! You've been fighting so hard...
Sakura: Thank you, Lyria. But really, I'm fine. Right, Ogami?
Ogami: ...
Sakura: Ogami?
Ogami: ...No. Let's rest here for a while.
Sakura: Wh-why? We need to hurry, or the Koumas will...
Ogami: ...Sakura, I think that you've been overexerting yourself since we arrived in this world.
Ogami: You're exhausted, aren't you?
Sakura: I...
Ogami: You can't carry on at this pace. Sometimes resting is just as important as fighting.
Sakura: I... I see...
Sakura: Ogami, you always know what to do!
Vyrn: Hehe! You're pretty good, Casanova! I didn't notice that she was tired at all!
Lyria: Well, it's just what you'd expect from the captain of the Assault Force!
  1. We should try and learn from him!
  2. I wonder...

Choose: We should try and learn from him!
Lyria: That's true. But you're no slouch yourself, (Captain)!
Vyrn: But anyway, Sakura, why are you in such a rush? Fighting these Koumas is just another day at the office for you, right?

Choose: I wonder...
Lyria: Huh? Well, I think he's doing a great job!
Vyrn: Hehehe! (Captain), are you jealous about having another captain around?
Vyrn: But anyway, Sakura, why are you in such a rush? Fighting these Koumas is just another day at the office for you, right?
Continue 1
Sakura: Well, I...
Sakura: I can't rest knowing that people in this world are having to fight the Koumas without Spirit Armor.
Lyria: Huh? Is it that strange that people fight without Spirit Armor here?
Ogami: Yes... In our world, there was a war known as the "Great Kouma War."
Ogami: We hadn't developed Spirit Armor, and our forces weren't fully prepared.
Ogami: There were people who fought against the Koumas without the armor at that time.
Sakura: ...My father was one of them. He lost his life fighting in that war.
Sakura: That's why I... I'm worried for the people of this world.
Vyrn: Ahh... So that's why you're so agitated.
Sakura: But Ogami is right. If I overexert myself, I will lose against even the weakest opponent.
Sakura: I have to save my power to keep my strength up, for the people who are fighting... And for those who await their return.
  1. That's the spirit!
  2. No, we have to make a lot of effort!

Choose: That's the spirit!
Sakura: Heehee... Thank you!

Choose: No, we have to make a lot of effort!
Sakura: Huh? (Captain)...
Ogami: Hahaha! (Captain) understands just fine!
Ogami: As captains, we have to be prepared to make all efforts to protect our warriors!
Continue 2
Vyrn: All right, let's eat! Then we can get back to scouting.
Sakura: Good idea. Thank you, everyone!
Lyria: No, thank you! Let's do this together!
And so, the crew learns about Sakura's strong convictions, growing closer to her as they do.

That Promise...[edit]

As the party rushes to defeat more Koumas, the weather starts to turn bad. Sakura's expression darkens along with the clouds. Ogami senses that something is bothering Sakura, and he revises his command style. Their goal lies just ahead and they continue to push forward, felling more Koumas along the way.

The crew hears about a town where Koumas have recently appeared.
Feeling uneasy, the crew heads to the location, but...
Vyrn: Haah... Haah... Nearly there! We should be able to see the town soon!
Ogami: OK! We should proceed with caution from here on.
Sakura: Yes sir! I'll take point.
Sakura: Um...
Sakura looks up to the sky. Black clouds gather overhead, and it starts to rain lightly.
Sakura: ...
Lyria: Hmm? What's wrong, Sakura?
Sakura: Huh? Oh, nothing, nothing at all! Let's keep moving.
Lyria: But... You don't seem well...
Sakura: Ah... No, I'm fine, honestly!
Ogami: (...I see... This weather, it's...)
Ogami: Don't worry, Sakura. I can adapt the plan to whatever happens.
Sakura: Ogami... Thank you.
Vyrn: Ah! There's the town!
Kouma: Graraaaaargh!
Vyrn: Eek! Uh oh, there's a ton of Koumas in that forest!
Lyria: Oh no! They're coming from the town as well. I think they've seen us!
Ogami: Ugh... But this could be a good opportunity! We'll shift their attention off the townspeople!
Ogami: Everyone, we need to keep pushing forward! Sakura, are you good to go?
Sakura: Yes! I'll cut a way through!

That Promise...: Scene 2[edit]

The party finally reaches their objective which is crawling with even more enemies. A bolt of lightning strikes a tree nearby, causing Sakura to lock up in fear. Unable to move, she becomes an easy target but the crew leaps to her aid.

The crew keeps pressing on, defeating Koumas as they go.
As even more Koumas flood in, the crew fights furiously against them.
The drizzle becomes a downpour...
Ogami: The Koumas on the eastern side are coming up fast! Pull the defensive line back and stop them!
Ogami: Vyrn, lead the townspeople away! (Captain), you secure the escape route!
Vyrn: Leave it to me, man! I just need to take 'em to the church, right?
Ogami: Good! Be careful, and also—
Lyria: This is bad! More Koumas have appeared at the western gate!
Ogami: What! More of them?
Sakura: I'm heading there now!
Ogami: Thank you, Sakura. Hold them off until we get there!
Sakura: Yes sir! Setting Koubu power to maximum, I'll finish this in one—
Sakura: Aaarghhh!
Ogami: Lightning... Are you OK, Sakura?
Vyrn: Whoa! Dude, that was close! It hit that tree over there!
Lyria: Ahh... What a shock! I'm glad everyone's safe.
Sakura: Ugh... Unnngh...
Lyria: S-Sakura!
Vyrn: What happened? She wasn't hit by the lightning, was she?
Sakura: The... The thunder...
Sakura: It's so scary!
Lyria: Huh? You're scared of the sound of thunder?
Vyrn: Are you serious? Even though you're such a powerful warrior...
Sakura curls up in fear. A Kouma, sensing an opportunity, moves in to attack her.
Ogami: No you don't!
Vyrn: They're coming round for another attack! (Captain), you've gotta protect Sakura!

That Promise...: Scene 3[edit]

Ogami made a promise to Sakura long ago to never reveal her weakness to thunder. Sakura is grateful that he hasn't broken that promise after all this time when a sudden burst of thunder sends her jumping unconsciously into Ogami's arms. Lyria shows up just at that moment, and Ogami frantically tries to clear up any misunderstandings, causing Sakura to storm off in a huff. And so the crew empathetically watches over Ogami's trials and tribulations.

When the rain finally clears, the crew defeats the Koumas. The townspeople celebrate their victory.
But in the midst of the celebration, Sakura remains saddened...
Sakura: I'm sorry... I... I caused so much trouble for all of you...
Vyrn: Don't worry about it! We were able to get them all in one fell swoop thanks to you!
Lyria: He's right! Don't be sad about little things like that!
Sakura: OK... Thank you.
Vyrn: But seriously, what's up, Sakura? You were like a different person back there with the thunder...
Sakura: Huh? Oh, that's...
Ogami: Don't worry about it.
Ogami: The townspeople are asking for you. They want to say their thanks to all the skyfarers who saved them.
Sakura: (Ogami...)
Vyrn: Oooh! I love basking in praise! Let's go, Lyria!
Lyria: Heehee, come on, (Captain)!
(Captain) and the others head to the gathering.
Ogami: Hah, they're a lively group, aren't they... To go from battling furiously to celebrating just like that...
Sakura: Heehee, you're right...
Sakura: ...Ogami. Thanks for earlier.
Sakura: Thanks for keeping your promise to not tell anyone about my fear of thunder...
Sakura: You made it so long ago...
Ogami: Of course I did. I'm not going to forget promises I made to you so easily.
Sakura: Ogami...
Sakura: Eeeeee!
Ogami: S-Sakura!
Sakura, terrified by the thunder, jumps unexpectedly into Ogami's arms.
Sakura: Ah! I'm so sorry! I was shocked by the thunder, and...
Ogami: Ah, it's OK, don't worry about it.
Ogami: Actually, you'd better stay here until you've calmed down... If you don't mind, that is...
Sakura: Ogami...
Ogami: Sakura...
Lyria: Whoa!
Sakura: L-Lyria! What are you doing back here?
Lyria: E-er-er, I was just c-coming to call you two over, and... And...
Ogami: Ah! This isn't what it looks like! There was thunder, and then—
Sakura: Ogami! What do you mean "this isn't what it looks like"?
Ogami: Huh? No, you've got it all wrong, Sakura! That's not what I meant...
Sakura: Humph, you don't want Lyria to misunderstand what's going on here?
Sakura: Fine! I don't care anyway!
Ogami: S-Sakura! Oh, she's gone out.
Lyria: I'm sorry... I feel like this is all my fault.
Ogami: No, it's not. You didn't do anything, Lyria.
Ogami: But now what... Where did Sakura head off to? I don't know this area. I can't see her at all...
Sakura: Eek!
Ogami: More thunder? Where are you, Sakura?
Lyria: Over there! Just on the other side of that fence!
Ogami and Lyria follow the squealing Sakura, and manage to avoid any more trouble.
But Sakura is still in bad mood and the crew gains a newfound appreciation for Ogami and the troubles he goes through to soothe her.

Side-scrolling Quotes[edit]

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
真宮寺さくら、参ります! Sakura Shinguji, reporting in!
行きましょう、大神さん! Let's go, Ogami!
みんな今頃、どうしてるかな…? I wonder what everyone's up to right now...
舞台稽古も頑張ります!ああ、オンドレ様~ Time for dress rehearsal! Ahem... Oh, dear Ondre!
(主人公)さんは、演劇に興味あります? Do you have an interest in theater, (Captain)?
邪魔はさせません! I won't let you get in the way!
あたし達は、一歩も引きません! We won't take a single step back!
お父さま……あたし、頑張ります! I'll do my best, Father!
体が勝手に動く…どういうことかしら? My body's moving on its own. Just what is going on?
(主人公)さんも、凄腕の戦士ですね! You're a splendid warrior, (Captain)!


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