Scenario:Agielba - Ardora's Quest

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Ardora's Quest

Ardora has been saving up the allowance she earned from doing chores around the airship, so she can buy Agielba a birthday present. As Agielba watches her in hiding, he hears news of pirates boarding the ship and rushes out to defeat them.

Ardora: Scrubby scrub, squeaky clean! Clean the tub till it's nice and sparkly!
Lyria: Wow! What a good girl you are, Ardora! Helping out around the ship, huh?
Ardora: Yesh! I get an allowance when I do chores!
Lyria: An allowance? Is there something you want to buy, Ardora?
Ardora: Hehe! It's a secwet!
Ardora: Don't tell anyone that I'm buying daddy a birthday pwesent!
Vyrn: Haha! You just told us your secret!
Ardora: Ohh...!
Lyria: I-It's okay! I won't tell anyone, so don't worry!
Ardora: Nyuu... Pwomise me! You better not ever ever tell anyone!
As Ardora merrily does her chores, a looming figure watches her from the shadows...
Agielba: Awww! Did you hear that, (Captain)!! Makes me wanna cry...
Gran is the Main Character

Agielba: That's my little Ardora! What a good girl she is! Ey, (Captain)? Don't you think so,too?
  1. I can't wait to see her to grow up!
  2. Let me have her please!

Choose: I can't wait to see her to grow up!
Agielba: Huh? Hey... don't even think about it.
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Choose: Let me have her please!
Agielba: Wha...! No way!I won't give little Ardora to anyone! Not even you, (Captain)!
Djeeta is the Main Character

Agielba: That's my little Ardora! What a good girl she is! Ey, (Captain)? Don't you think so too?
  1. I want to give her a hug!
  2. She must really care about her dad!

Choose: I want to give her a hug!
Agielba: I know! You should tell her what a good girl she is too, (Captain)!
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Choose: She must really care about her dad!
Agielba: Yes! You've got that right, (Captain)! You should tell her what a good girl she is too!
Continue 1
Agielba: ... Wait, ,what was that? I hear some commotion from the stern of the ship.
Katalina: (Captain)! Agielba! There you are!
Katalina: Pirates are boarding the ship! Come quick!
Agielba: What?! I can't have pirates making a mess while Ardora is cleaning!
Agielba: I'll beat'em to a pulp! Move it, (Captain)!

Ardora's Quest: Scene 2

Ardora continued to do her chores without even noticing the commotion on the airship. Agielba smiles as he secretly watches her, but he finds out that there are still some pirates on the ship and he rushes out to battle once again.

While Agielba and the others are knocking the pirates around, Ardora peacefully continued to do her chores on the deck.
Ardora: Look, Lyria! The ship is squeaky clean!
Lyria: Wow! Good work, Ardora! I'm impressed!
Vyrn: I've got an idea! Hey, can't you buy the present now?
Ardora: Um... I just got this much, so...
Ardora: One... two... thwee... Oh! I have a lot!
Ardora: I can buy daddy a pwesent now!
Lyria: Wow, Ardora! You can add, too?
Ardora: Hehe! Daddy taught me! Daddy is super smart!
Agielba: Did you hear that, (Captain)? S-She might be some sort of genius!
Agielba: Hey! Are you listening, (Captain)?!
Katalina: Agielba... I've been looking all over for you, and you're here loafing about?
Agielba: Oh, sorry! I was worried about little Ardora. Just thought I'd check in...
Katalina: Hmph... The rest of the crew are all out, and we need all the help we can get right now...
Katalina: There are still some pirates on the ship! If you're worried about little Ardora, we need to get them out of here!
Agielba: All right, leave it to me! Those pirates will be outta here in no time!

Ardora's Quest: Scene 3

Ardora goes to the town to buy a present for Agielba. In order to support his daughter from the shadows, Agielba secretly trailed after her. He is eager to cause trouble for anyone who stands in the path of his precious daughter.

With the pirates defeated, Agielba watches over his beloved daughter again.
Ardora: I'm gonna go buy daddy's present now!
Ardora: Um... Vyrn and Lyria, can you come with me...?
Lyria: Of course! Let's go together, Ardora!
Vyrn: Yeah! We can't let a little one like you go shopping alone!
Ardora: Hmph... Ardora's not little! I can go by myself!
Lyria: Hehe. Then I have a favor to ask you, Ardora!
Lyria: Can you take me and Vyrn to the store with you?
Ardora: Sure I can! Follow me!
Agielba: Hey, (Captain)! Come on! We need to go after little Ardora!
Agielba: Little Ardora... You've grown up enough to go shopping now...
Agielba: Oh my! Daddy is so proud of you!
Agielba: Listen here, (Captain)! Don't let your guard down until little Ardora safely finishes her shopping!
Agielba: We're gonna take out anyone who stands in her path!

Ardora's Quest: Scene 4

Ardora made her way to the store, but the product she was looking for was already sold out. She cries when she's unable to get the present she wanted, but the party cheers her up by suggesting that she make a voucher for a shoulder massage. And so, Ardora deepened her bond with her father with a homemade present.

With Agielba's help from behind the scenes, Ardora avoids danger multiple times and arrives at the store.
Ardora: Huh...? How weird... Umm... Is it over here...?
Ardora: It's not here...
Lyria: What's wrong, Ardora?
Vyrn: Hey kiddo! Which one's the present you're getting for your dad?
Ardora: It's gone.
Lyria: What? You mean... someone else bought it...?
Ardora: Sob... Augh...
Ardora: I worked so hard to get daddy a present...
Agielba: Aw... It's okay... I don't need a present!
Agielba: I'm just happy to know you care, little Ardora...
Agielba: I just want to hug her right now!
Agielba: It breaks my heart that I can only watch her from afar...!
Ardora: Sob... Waaa...
Vyrn: H-Hey, don't cry! It's a shame that it was sold out, but cheer up...
Lyria: We couldn't get the present, but... I think Agielba just wants you to be happy!
Ardora: But... But... Sob...
Vyrn: I-I know! What about a voucher for a shoulder massage?
Ardora: A what...?
Vyrn: Oh, no. I once heard that dads all over the world get super happy when their kid gives them a homemade voucher for a shoulder massage!
Ardora: Really?! Then I'll make him one right now!
Lyria: Yeah! We'll help you!
She couldn't buy her present, but Ardora poured her heart into making a massage voucher.
Ardora: For my super cool daddy! This present is for you!
Agielba: L-Little Ardora!! What a wonderful present... Daddy is so happy!
Ardora: Hehe. Ardora will give you a shoulder massage whenever you want!
Agielba: Little Ardoraaa!!
And so, the bond between father and daughter deepened.
It will be some time later that Agielba will have to suffer through his daughter's inevitable rebellious teenage phase.