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The following fates need to be properly checked and/or flagged for MC gender differences.

Scenario:Alexiel - Divine Beauty's Vacation
Scenario:Alexiel - Scorching Summer Break
Scenario:Azazel - Truth behind the Murky Well
Scenario:Clarisse - Clarisse, Alchemist Enamored
Scenario:Dancing Avengers: Flames of the Heart - Chapter 2: A Contender's Limits - Episode 1
Scenario:Diantha - Promised Letter
Scenario:Forte - Dark Dragoon Forte
Scenario:Gachapin - Detective Dinosaur
Scenario:Ghandagoza - Rise, Unrivaled Master
Scenario:Grimnir - A Choco-Mad Cyclone Cont.
Scenario:Heles - But Still They March On
Scenario:Herja - Her Chosen Path
Scenario:Herja - The Melancholy of Herja
Scenario:Jessica - A Girl in Hesitation
Scenario:Jessica - A Girl in Summer
Scenario:Kou and the Hollow Existence - Ending
Scenario:Magisa - Past, Present, and Future
Scenario:Metera - The Troublesome Stowaway
Scenario:Mio Honda - Bursting with Curiosity
Scenario:Miria Akagi - More Mature Than She Looks
Scenario:Mirin - Sentimental Samurai
Scenario:Primal Resonance - Chapter 4: Unearthed Motives - Episode 1
Scenario:Primal Resonance - Chapter 6: Loved Ones - Episode 4
Scenario:Reflections for a White Clover - Chapter 6: And a Spring Forever Gone - Episode 1
Scenario:Robertina - Tubist Robertina
Scenario:Rosamia - A New Mask
Scenario:Rosamia - Wish upon the Wind
Scenario:Rosetta - Wanted! Repel Tactics!
Scenario:Second Advent - Chapter 6: When Worlds Collide - Episode 3
Scenario:Soriz - A Nice, Fulfilling Life
Scenario:Soriz - No Rest for the Wicked
Scenario:The Art of Mercy - Chapter 6: Fight to the Death - Episode 4
Scenario:Wulf and Renie - Wulf & Renie

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