Scenario:Tikoh - The Magic Surgeon

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The Magic Surgeon

On a treasure hunt (Captain) and Mary meet Tikoh, a magic surgeon pursuing Navis—an organization which collects ancient weapons leading to a primal beast. Impressed with her medical prowess, (Captain) invites her to join the crew.

A young woman wielding a mysterious rod has made it to the depths of a cave.
Having evaded countless traps to reach her current location, she now stands before a weathered treasure chest.
Young Woman: Finally found it. Surely this has to be the real one...
A tinge of worry in her expression, she reaches out to the chest.
Young Woman: ...!
The woman turns around in a panic and senses someone fast approaching.
Young Woman: Whoever it is, the person's a pro to make it through all these traps...
Young Woman: I have a bad feeling about this... Here's hoping it's not who I think it is...
She imbues her rod with mana, preparing to unleash an attack spell at a moment's notice, then takes cover behind a rock.
Mary: Whew, I sure wasn't expecting there to be that many traps!
Mary: For me, it's nothing to break a sweat at though! Isn't that right, (Captain)?
Savoring this chance to see Mary's treasure-hunting skills up close, the captain offers words of praise.
Mary: Fortunately, it's only the two of us today. If we were a bigger group, I might've missed a trap or two.
Mary: Hm, looks like we've reached the end point.
The treasure chest they're looking for is resting on a pedestal.
Mary: Wait! Don't touch it yet, (Captain)! Booby-trapped treasure chests are a pretty common thing. And we don't want this one to go kaboom!
Mary: Gimme a sec to check the area first.
Mary begins observing every nook and cranny of the surrounding area.
Mary: Hm, nothing fishy here. Now to check that pitch-black corner.
Maintaining a crouched position, Mary turns to the shadows to find a pair of legs.
Young Woman: ...
Mary: Huh?
Mary slowly raises her head to get a better view.
Young Woman: ...!
Mary & Young Woman: Eep!
The mysterious woman unleashes her magic, hitting the cave ceiling.
Young Woman: Uh... That can't be good...
  1. Watch out!

Choose: Watch out!

Mary: Huh?
Rocks of all sizes begin crashing down on the three.
Mary: Ouch... You okay, (Captain)?
The area suddenly grows brighter as the young woman steps out of the shadows.
Young Woman: ...!
Mary: I didn't expect anyone else to be here... Care to introduce yourself?
Lighting up the surroundings with her rod, the woman remains vigilant.
Young Woman: I could ask the same... What brings you here?
Mary: Isn't it obvious? We're here for treasure! That's some attitude for someone who just attacked us!
Young Woman: I let loose my magic out of surprise... And I've never been very good at controlling the intensity of my spells.
Noticing something, the woman takes a step closer.
Young Woman: Y-you're hurt!
Small drops of blood are seeping out of the wound on Mary's forehead.
Mary: Ah, you're right. Must've happened when that rock hit me. It's not too bad though.
Young Woman: No head injury should be taken lightly. Let me take a look.
Mary: Hey, what's the big id—
Young Woman: Quiet, please.
The woman takes a good look at Mary's forehead before raising her rod, instantly closing the wound.
Mary: Wha... A healing spell! I feel better already; I'm impressed!
Young Woman: I've treated and disinfected your wound, but there's more to do. Lie down here.
Mary: Huh?
Nearly forced into a reclining position, Mary feels the light of the woman's rod beaming at her forehead.
Young Woman: Don't move.
The grains of sand on the ground begin moving on their own and slip under the back of Mary's head.
Mary: Eep! What is this? What's happening?
Young Woman: You can get up now.
Mary: H-hang on! What did you just do to me?
Pushing herself upright, Mary notices the image of a skull drawn on the ground.
Young Woman: Good news: no fractures.
Mary: Wha... You mean that's my skull?
Young Woman: That's what I've been trying to say. My special light passes through your body while the sand draws a diagram of the affected part.
Young Woman: There's no harm done to your body, so don't fret.
(Captain) and Mary express interest in this advanced form of magic.
Mary: So what's your story? You've shown you're not our enemy, but you don't exactly seem like a treasure hunter either.
Young Woman: I'm a doctor—a magic surgeon, to be precise. But give me a second. I have something to tend to...
Cutting the conversation short, she leans against the wall and slumps to the ground.
Mary: ...!
Your leg! You're hurt too!
Mary and (Captain) notice an inordinate amount of blood leaking from the woman's thigh.
Mary: You're banged up pretty bad yourself! Why would you focus on my injuries first!
Young Woman: A rock hit my leg pretty hard and severed a major artery. At this rate of blood loss, I'll be dead in less than a minute.
Mary: How are you so calm! Heal yourself!
Young Woman: Not happening... It seems like this room is booby-trapped to start falling apart in response to magic.
The cave-in is, indeed, proceeding slowly but steadily.
Young Woman: The light source from my rod is also magic... Using a powerful spell to cure my wound might just close off our escape.
Mary: There has to be some other way! You can't just give up!
Young Woman: I have no intention of dying. If I can't use magic...
The woman wraps a piece of cloth tightly around her thigh to stop the bleeding and lays out a blanket filled with tools on the ground.
Young Woman: I'll just have to perform a surgery.
Mary: A surgery?
Young Woman: Beginning the operation.
She jams the tools in her hands into her wound without a moment's hesitation.
Young Woman: Aperture of artery confirmed... Proceeding with sutures.
Unruffled, she handles the needle and thread with extraordinary dexterity, completing the task within a matter of seconds.
Young Woman: Operation complete.
Mary: Already?
Mary: Maybe you should've done that from the get-go...
Mary: Didn't that hurt though? Because it sure looked painful, opening yourself up like that...
Young Woman: Instead of anesthetics, I used my Asclepius Rod to dull my sense of pain.
Mary: Asclepius Rod?
Young Woman: It's an incredible tool that makes my medical magic possible.
Young Woman: And even the trace amount I used affected the cave's rumbling. We need to get out fast.
The woman stuffs her medical tools into her bag before standing up.
Mary: Hey, why did you save me first when you're the one who really needed treatment?
Young Woman: Good doctors prioritize their patients. Not to mention I had calculated my rate of blood loss and the time needed for a surgery.
Mary: So it's a combination of your healing magic and medical expertise, huh... You go, girl!
Young Woman: Mm-hm. Medical magic lets me work wonders in saving patients—
The sound of crashing rocks can be heard from elsewhere in the cave.
Young Woman: No time to sit and chat. We have to get a move on.
Mary: Who knows how many air vents are being blocked by the cave-in. Let's make it out while we can still breathe.
Young Woman: Agreed.
Young Woman: Hm, there should be something here... Found it.
She runs her fingers along the wall and finds a button to press, opening up a path leading upward.
Mary: A secret passage? Were you already looking for this before we got here?
Young Woman: Just following my instincts. If I were to design my own booby-trapped cave, I'd make sure to include a secret passage somewhere.
Young Woman: It's no different from a surgical bypass.
Before they proceed along the newly revealed path, the woman recalls her initial goal.
Young Woman: Whoops, I almost forgot.
She opens the treasure chest on the stand.
Mary takes the lead, searching for traps along the way. (Captain) follows closely while piggybacking the doctor.
Mary: We made it...
Young Woman: Y-you can let me down now.
She appears somewhat flustered as she gets off (Captain)'s back.
Young Woman: Thank you for carrying me out, but I'd rather not make you shoulder my body weight any longer.
The group rests for a spell, giving the woman time to heal her leg.
Mary: Feeling better now?
A concerned Mary gets up close to the woman's thighs.
Young Woman: I-I'd prefer you not stare! My legs aren't as thick as they might look!
Mary: Huh?
Young Woman: Nuh-uh, not thick at all! In fact, I'd go so far as to say my body proportions are just right!
Mary: Er... I just wanted to make sure that you're all better...
Young Woman: Ah...
Young Woman: Cough... Of course I knew that! I'm fine!
Though she seems to have misunderstood Mary's intentions, her leg is in much better condition now.
Mary: By the way, why were you so wary of us at first? Does it have something to do with that treasure chest?
Though the woman opened up the chest before their escape, its contents were empty.
Young Woman: A weapon was supposed to be in there...
Young Woman: Not just any weapon, but an especially ominous one created long, long ago...
Young Woman: But since the chest was empty, I'm not sure anymore. You should know that I'm after a group called Navis.
Mary: Navis? Tell me about it.
Young Woman: They're a bunch of psychopaths who have no qualms about murdering innocents in their quest for ancient weapons.
Mary: Navis, huh... I try to keep up-to-date with all the rumors concerning treasure that come down the grapevine...
Mary: But I don't recall hearing about any scavenger groups of ancient weapons going by that name...
Young Woman: Just goes to show how good Navis is at hiding the awful things they do...
Young Woman: Word is that they're gathering weapons to gain control over some primal beast.
Mary: A primal beast?
(Captain) and Mary break into a cold sweat at the revelation.
Young Woman: Each of the weapons they're searching for acts as a coordinate for the primal beast's location.
Mary: I take it that means once they've completed their collection, the primal beast will be theirs?
Young Woman: You catch on quick.
Mary: Call it my instinct as a treasure hunter. I have to solve so many puzzles in my line of work that it's become second nature.
Mary: So you've been traveling alone all along in search of Navis?
Young Woman: That's the gist of it. I've been in various crews, trying to gather as much info as possible.
Mary: With your skills, any crew would value you.
Young Woman: Haha... Not to brag, but I actually get scouted pretty often!
She wears a proud smile, even if she doesn't mean to boast.
Mary: Weapons that act as coordinates for a primal's location... What exactly happens when all the weapons are gathered?
Mary: I get the impression there could be some other treasure involved.
  1. Maybe we can work together.
  2. We'd like to help you.

Choose: Maybe we can work together.

Mary: Great minds think alike, (Captain)!
Mary: So assuming you're not affiliated with any crew right now... How would you like to join ours?
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Choose: We'd like to help you.

Mary: My thoughts exactly, (Captain). For one thing, her medical magic would definitely come in handy.
Young Woman: So you trust in my skills, huh.
Mary: We sure do! But joining us would be a boon to your cause too, especially since a primal's involved.

Continue 1

Mary: It's just me who's the treasure hunter; (Captain)'s our crew captain.
Mary: You wouldn't believe how many primals our captain has come in contact with over time!
Mary: We fought some... befriended some... Point is, we've got tons of experience with primal beasts!
Young Woman: What a surprise... Your crew must truly be one of a kind...
Mary: Travel with us, and chances are you'll be able to gather intel on primals and weapons that much more easily.
Mary: Besides, I still owe you one for tending to my wound.
Young Woman: ...?
Well, you got hurt in the first place because of me.
Mary: C'mon, now! It was my injury, so I ought to be able to make what I want of it.
Young Woman: Pfft... What a do-gooder... You make no sense.
The woman gives the proposal a bit of thought before responding.
Young Woman: Hm, I suppose I have no reason to refuse.
Mary: Great, it's decided then! Glad to have you on board.
Mary: Oh, I haven't introduced myself yet, have I? I'm Mary!
Tikoh: And I'm Tikoh.
Tikoh: Pleased to make your acquaintance, (Captain), Mary.
Tikoh: Sorry for firing off my magic earlier. Now that we'll be traveling together, I'll take care not to make the same mistake twice.
And so the magic surgeon Tikoh joins the crew.
However, at this point in time, (Captain) and Mary know nothing of her spine-chilling past.