Scenario:Ghandagoza - Rise, Unrivaled Master

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Rise, Unrivaled Master

Though (Captain) and the others are relieved to see Ghandagoza, they're simultaneously alarmed by his violent rage. Eugen posits that this fury is the result of Ghandagoza self-flagellating because he couldn't destroy the meteor, and the rest of the crew hurries to devise a solution.

Ghandagoza: Nnn-gah!
After Ghandagoza obliterates the attacking monsters, he cries out into the air.
Lyria: Oh dear! His voice is so loud. It really surprised me...
Vyrn: I thought my heart was gonna stop!
Ghandagoza: Nnnh?
Rackam: Finally notice us? You were in a world of your own there.
Rackam: We heard that you raised your fists against a meteor. Had us pretty worried.
Rackam: Eh, I've got a mountain of things I want to say.
Rackam: But we've gotta hurry back to the ship and evacuate with the islanders!
Ghandagoza: Heigh-hooo!
Rackam: Huh?
Ghandagoza lets out a battle cry and slowly begins advancing toward (Captain) and the others.
In this seemingly possessed state, he is almost unrecognizable as the typical even-tempered master.
Ghandagoza: Hooo! Hooo!
Rackam: Y'know, it feels like he's hostile toward us. Or is it just my imagination?
Eugen: He ain't just hostile—he's downright homicidal.
Rackam: Huh! Can't he tell who we are?
Rackam: Hey, Master! Snap out of it!
The party calls out to Ghandagoza a number of times, but nothing happens.
Rackam: Oh, hell! What are we supposed to do now?
Eugen: There are legends about the master...
Rackam: Huh! This is no time for that!
Eugen: In the end they never really rise above the level of rumors.
Eugen: That is to say, no one's seen any of those things happen.
Eugen: And the master himself hasn't spoken a word about whether they're true.
Eugen: But given the situation, it's hard to believe they weren't—which is why they live on as legends.
Rackam: What are you trying to say!
Eugen: Well, they say he tried to knock away the Grim Basin with the force of his bare fists and failed.
Eugen: He was enraged by his deficiencies and lost sight of himself... Then this unbelievable power came welling up.
Eugen: He used that to knock away the Grim Basin.
Eugen: Once his goal was fulfilled, he returned to normal.
Rackam: So what? You mean the master won't turn back to normal until he destroys a meteor?
Eugen: Yeah, I suppose so...
Rackam: That doesn't make a bit of sense!
(Captain), Lyria, Vyrn, and the young man agree that if Eugen's theory made sense for anyone, it would be Ghandagoza.
But as the master is approaching them, the more pressing problem is how to awaken him.
(Captain) and the others keep their distance as they hurriedly devise a plan.

Rise, Unrivaled Master: Scene 2

The young man attempts to encourage the frenzied Ghandagoza much as Ghandagoza once encouraged him. This returns the master to his senses.

Ghandagoza: ...
Rackam: Damn it... This is no time to be polishing our strategy. He's coming!
Eugen: Vyrn, take Lyria and the kid and hide!
Vyrn: Gotcha!
Ghandagoza: Whoooa! Urrngh!
Rackam: Agh! He's fast!
Ghandagoza: Hi-ya! Hi-yaaah!
Eugen: Graaaah!
Ghandagoza moves faster than anyone thought possible.
He pins (Captain) and the others to the ground in an instant.
Not only is the master far from awakening—he's at risk of annihilating the crew.
In this electrified atmosphere the young man emerges from the grotto in which he'd been hiding and stands in front of Ghandagoza.
Young Man: Ghandagoza...
Vyrn: Hey, you could get hurt! Come back!
Rackam: Take cover, you little fool!
Paying no attention to the warnings, the young man steels his resolve and assumes a fighting stance.
Young Man: Please... Open your eyes!
Young Man: Haaaaah!
Ghandagoza: Humph, that's nothing!
Young Man: Gwaaah!
The young man's blow is mighty, but it has no effect on Ghandagoza—in fact the young man is knocked back.
Though he has taken a beating, he hurries to his feet and stands once more in front of Ghandagoza.
Young Man: If you allow destructive impulses to command you, only anguish awaits. Didn't you say as much?
Young Man: Look at how many people here care about you, Ghandagoza.
Young Man: Forget about the meteors and hurry off the island with us!
Young Man: Aren't I right, Ghandagoza? Calm your heart!
Ghandagoza: Ooo... Ngaaah!
The young man's fervent plea stops Ghandagoza in his tracks.
And at the same time, the master begins to let out an anguished groan.
Rackam: Did he actually hear the kid?
Eugen: Master!
Lyria: Ghandagoza!
Ghandagoza: (This is pathetic... What in the world am I doing?)
Ghandagoza: (The role of elders is to teach the young.)
Ghandagoza: (Though I stand here before the tyke and my future apprentice, (Captain)...)
Ghandagoza: (I'm allowing these destructive impulses to control me. How could I allow thiiis!)
Ghandagoza: How foooolish of me!
Ghandagoza: Eternal Rage, Fist of Zero... Open Palm of Equanimity!
Ghandagoza's eyes snap open, and he bellows out at length.
He clutches his head forcefully with both hands.
The shock waves that had been emanating from Ghandagoza slowly subside.
Ghandagoza: Phwaaa...
Ghandagoza: ...
Rackam: So he's back to normal then. Everything's better, right?
Vyrn: Uh, I think so?
(Captain) and the party carefully watch Ghandagoza to see whether he's returned to his normal state of consciousness.

Rise, Unrivaled Master: Scene 3

(Captain) and the rest of the crew are relieved to see Ghandagoza return to his senses, but once all are aboard the ship and preparing for takeoff, a meteor begins bearing down on the ship. Standing tall on the deck, Ghandagoza states that nothing is impossible and intercepts the projectile.

In his normal mindset once more, Ghandagoza gives a genial grin to (Captain).
Ghandagoza: Gahahaha! Rest assured! You will not see me in that mortifying state again.
Rackam: Do us the favor, would you?
Lyria: Still, we're really glad that you're safe.
Eugen: There we have it! Master's back to normal, so let's get off this island!
Vyrn: Yeah! We better hurry or the meteors might start falling again...
Ghandagoza: Humph...
Ghandagoza glowers at the sky and follows the others as they hurry back to the airship.
Once they arrive the crew members ensure that the moored vessel has everyone aboard.
Rackam enters the bridge and begins to prepare for take-off.
A moment passes.
A flash illuminates the sky, and a squall of meteors begins to rain down on the ship.
Lyria: Oh no! The meteors have started to fall again!
Vyrn: Darn it! What are we supposed to do?
It seems to everyone that the airship is about to incur serious damage.
But there on the deck, Ghandagoza assumes a bold battle stance.
Ghandagoza: I can handle this...
Eugen: You might be a master, but those'll turn ya into paste!
Ghandagoza: Without decisive action the ship could sink. If I don't act now, then when am I meant to act?
Ghandagoza: The Eternal Rage Style turns the notion of the impossible upside down. I am Ghandagozaaa!
After Ghandagoza cuts off the crew's attempt at dissuasion, he goes to take on the meteors alone.

Rise, Unrivaled Master: Scene 4

As the ship is taking off, (Captain) and the others notice that the master remained on land despite the imminent meteor impact. Once the dust from the impact clears, the unscathed Ghandagoza is visible on the island, but there is no trace of any meteorite. A new legend about the master has been born.

Ghandagoza: My fists cry ooout!
The falling meteors are turned to dust by the weighty blows of Ghandagoza.
(Captain) and crew are speechless, unable to believe the spectacle before their eyes.
Ghandagoza: Gahaha! This is no time to stand in disbelief. The meteors are still falling!
Eugen: That's right... Rackam, we ready yet?
Rackam: All prepped and ready to go! Hang on to something, everyone!
Rackam: Let's blow it!
No sooner do the engines begin to purr than the ship accelerates and sails off the island.
(Captain) and the others breathe easier as they see the meteors falling down through the sky at a distance.
Vyrn: Phew... We're saved.
Lyria: L-look at that!
At Lyria's suggestion the crew looks up into the sky. Within the span of a moment, it turns a blazing crimson.
Rackam: Wh-what's going on? This one's bigger than anything else we've seen yet. It's a giant ball of fire...
Vyrn: We escaped by a hair!
Eugen: I guess it's all playing out just like the elder said.
Eugen: There's no telling what will happen to the island when the big one hits.
Eugen: We've managed to save a lot of lives, though. Can't ask for much more than that. Master must feel the same way.
Eugen: Ma—Master! Where in hell's name has he gone? Just a moment ago he was—
A sense of foreboding fills Eugen, and he looks down below.
It seems his intuition was correct: visible on the island is the lone form of Ghandagoza.
Eugen: Rackam! Master's still on the island!
Rackam: Huh! Why isn't he on board?
Rackam: Wasn't he on deck duking it out with the meteors a few moments ago?
Lyria: Rackam, can you take the airship back to the island?
Rackam glares at the colossal meteor and braces himself.
Rackam: What choice do we have? We'll fly back to the island full-bore...
Rackam: And then get out before the big boy drops!
Rackam: Sound good to you, (Captain)?
  1. Of course!

Choose: Of course!
Rackam: All right... Hold on tight, everyone! We could be in for a bit of a bumpy ride!
As Rackam attempts to shift the course of the ship, the voice of Ghandagoza rings out from the island.
Ghandagoza: Don't concern yourselves with meeee!
Ghandagoza: Evacuate this instant!
Rackam: Bah...
Rackam: What right does he have to say that!
The ship speeds down vertically toward the island.
But time is in short supply.
Rackam: Damn it! We're not going to make it!
Lyria: Ghandagoza!
A thundering crash announces the violent impact of the colossal meteor with the island.
The resulting gales blow the ship back out into the sky.
Once the violent winds settle, (Captain) and the rest of the crew make an emergency landing on the island.
The dust stirred up by the meteor strike obscures the crew's sight.
But the members nonetheless rush out of the airship in search of Ghandagoza.
Rackam: Hell, I guess we should've lashed him to the Grandcypher's mast...
Eugen: Remember who you're talkin' about now. The master's bound to be alive—don't you worry.
Rackam: Heh, 'course. Never doubted him for a second.
Rackam: I mean, a warrior like that's the stuff of legends.
(Captain) and the others silently hope that Rackam is correct.
As the dust settles, (Captain) and company see the outline of a dauntless figure in the center of the island.
Rackam: That wouldn't be...
Eugen: Yep, it's the master. It's you, Master!
Young Man: Ghandagoza!
Standing before the crew in the moonlight, Ghandagoza seems like a veritable god of destruction.
Ghandagoza: ...
Vyrn: Hey, the big old guy's face is twisted up like a demon. Are you sure he's okay?
Lyria: Gulp...
Seeming to sense someone's presence, Ghandagoza turns back and smiles at the party.
Ghandagoza: Relax! It is I, the master of the Eternal Rage Style, Ghandagozaaa!
Ghandagoza: Gahaha!
Rackam: Do you have any idea what we've just been through?
Rackam: The important thing is that you're okay, but...
Rackam: Why didn't you evacuate on the ship with everyone else?
Lyria: Yes! If anything happened to you...
Ghandagoza: Hmm? The idea of anything happening to me is—
Lyria: Ghandagoza! We were very worried about you. But you... you...
Ghandagoza: You're correct. I was too focused on myself.
Ghandagoza: Apologies, everyone.
Hearing Ghandagoza's words brings a smile of relief to (Captain) and the others.
One of the people present, however, furrows his brow.
Rackam: What's gotten into you?
Eugen: Nothing... There's just a little something on my mind.
Eugen's eyes dart over the scene, and he tilts his head curiously.
Eugen: That giant meteor... the ball of flame... There isn't a trace of an impact.
Rackam: Hahaha...
Rackam: Unbelievable. I refuse to believe it...
Eugen: You're thinkin' what I'm thinkin'...
Rackam: I told you I refuse to believe it!
As the islanders begin shuffling off the ship, they let out whoops of joy.
Village Elder: Wow... It's a miracle! As big as that meteor was, the village is still standing.
Villager 2: We can... still live here on the island? You mean that?
Villager 3: Darn tootin'! It's all thanks to those skyfarers.
Villager 1: Thank heaven, thank heaven!
Hearing the islanders' cheers, (Captain) and the rest of the crew are able to gather why Ghandagoza remained on the island.
Eugen: Master... Did you stay here on the island to protect the town?
Ghandagoza: For now what matters is that we help the town in whatever way we can.
Ghandagoza: Gahaha!
Ghandagoza laughs jovially but doesn't answer Eugen's question.
Since no trace of the colossal meteor remains, Ghandagoza must have destroyed it.
But there are no witnesses to confirm what actually happened.
In that sense what happened was like that of any other legends.
Rackam: Hey, Eugen! Does this mean we've got a new legend on our hands?
Eugen: You bet we do. I'll be sure to pass it on to future generations.
Eugen: I'll tell 'em tales of the old master that they'll never believe.
Eugen: Well, it'll be up to them whether they put any faith in the stories.
Rackam: Heh, I can't say that I want to, but I guess I have to believe...
Rackam: Believe in the legend of Ghandagoza, scion of the arts of the Eternal Rage Style.
In the days ahead, new legends are sure to be born...
Because Ghandagoza is not yet so old as to withdraw from the world and take on an apprentice.