Scenario:Carren - Special Order Swimwear

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Special Order Swimwear

(Captain) and the crew are prepping for their upcoming vacation to the Auguste Isles. Carren, who is impatiently counting down the days until she can swim in the ocean, employs Korwa to design her a beautiful swimsuit.

Carren: Humm, humm, huuum...
The sound of Carren's joyous humming lightly fills the lobby of an inn.
Vyrn: Whoa, you're sure chipper. What's gotten into you?
Carren: Isn't it obvious? The beach—we're going to the beach! I've always wanted a luxury vacation like this!
(Captain) and the crew are in a village making a pit stop before heading to the Auguste Isles for some much deserved rest and relaxation.
A trip to the sea is an extraordinary thing to Carren, so she's become antsy with excitement.
Carren: Hey, Korwa's a famous designer, right? I got her to tailor a new swimsuit for me!
Carren: Oh, of course I'll pay her for her work. After all, an acting captain shouldn't pressure her crew members for a friends and family only discount.
Lyria: Haha. Oh, Carren, I can tell you're ready for this trip.
Carren: You bet I am!
Carren: The point of a trip is to do some helpful assignments, wear some cute clothes, and eat some great food, right?
Korwa steps into the room just as Carren finishes her thought.
Korwa: Carren, sorry I'm late. I finished making my last order, so I'll start on that swimsuit for you.
Carren: It's about time! So, uh, should we go to my room? You know, for measurements and stuff.
Korwa: That works. After you, sugar.
Carren: So, (Captain), I was thinking this swimsuit could be...
The party follows the chattering Carren to her room.
Carren: So we're going to add a skirt—a mini—and the color should be, well, I was thinking of red, but let's go with pink, and...
As the others listen to her ramble, it becomes apparent the girl has been designing her swimsuit over several days.
After thoroughly describing the design concept, it's time to adjust the size and color to Carren's specifications.
Carren: This must've been one long day! Thanks for sticking with me so long, Korwa!
Korwa: Haha. This is nothing. You should see what it's like when my schedule gets really crazy!
Korwa: Next I'll need to get your measurements and start cutting the fabric. It's going to be baggy at first, but we'll get you snug as a bug later.
Carren: Got it! Ooh, I can't believe this day's finally come!
Korwa: I'm happy you're so excited. Shall we get started? Come on—off with those clothes!
Carren: Okay! Thanks again for your help!
A high-spirited Carren giggles as she fumbles to unbuckle the belts on her coat.
Gran is the Main Character

Korwa: Wh-whoa, blockheads! What do you think you're doing in this room!
Vyrn: Eep! We didn't do nothin'! Why are you so mad all of a sudden!
Korwa: No boys allowed! Just wait outside until I'm finished with every last hem!
Korwa pushes (Captain) and Vyrn out the door.
The captain and Vyrn had followed the jabbering Carren all the way up to her room, unsure of when they were supposed to exit the conversation.
Vyrn: Sigh... We didn't do nothin' wrong, (Captain).
With no other option, (Captain) and Vyrn wait outside the room for Korwa to finish the swimsuit.
Eugen: Oh, (Captain). Why're you posted up here of all places?
Vyrn: Carren's getting a swimsuit made, and she threw us out.
Eugen: She got a hold of that designer lass, eh? Korwa's not known to give bargains. Wonder how much this'll set her back.
(Captain) tells Eugen the amount he heard from earlier in the conversation.
Eugen: That much? That's how much a swimsuit costs? You could get a quality weapon and still have change to spare for that price!
Vyrn: That's just how much she's been lookin' forward to the beach, I guess. She's been goin' on and on about it for forever.
Eugen: Well, it's her own piggy bank she's breakin', so I've got no room to lecture her.
While the men are talking outside the room, Carren's delighted voice echoes through the door and into the hall.
Carren: Hahaha! Wow! It's amazing! Korwa, your swimsuits are the best!
A pattering of excited footsteps rushes toward the door.
Carren: Tadaa! How's it look? Isn't it great?
Carren: It's exactly how I envisioned it! Designers are amazing! Korwa is amazing!
Carren: So what do you think, (Captain)? Ah, Eugen's here too. Isn't this swimsuit the best?
Eugen: It certainly looks, uh, expensive... But what's an old man like me know about fashion? What do you think, (Captain)?
Eugen peels his protective glance away from the grinning Carren to give (Captain) a scrutinizing glance.
  1. It looks good on you.
  2. Cute!

Choose: It looks good on you.
Carren: Hahaha! It's all thanks to Korwa!
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Choose: Cute!
Carren: Haha. Thanks, (Captain)! I feel like a million rupies!
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Djeeta is the Main Character

Korwa: Hmm, let's start with the bust...
Korwa writhes around Carren's body, occasionally holding up swatches of fabric to test colors against the girl's skin tone.
Korwa: Yes, yes... What a beautiful hue. Maybe we could use this as a base color...
Carren: Whoa, that's a dedicated material selection process.
Korwa: Haha. What can I say, Carren? I spare no effort for customers that spare no expense. Just watch—I'll make you an amazing, fashion-forward piece of swimwear!
Carren: (Captain), come help out!
(Captain) cuts cloth according to a pattern of Korwa's making. Then the captain and the designer begin trying this and that to elevate the piece.
Korwa: Hmm... I've thought about this too much. I can't tell what looks good anymore. It's always like this though.
Korwa: That's it! Break time!
Lyria, (Captain), could I get your opinions?
Lyria: Umm... How can I explain it? I get the feeling the base color should be more of a snow white. Maybe...
Korwa: You might be on to something there. How about we go with a cobalt-tinted alabaster? (Captain), where do you think we should go from here?
  1. It's not bad.
  2. Does it really fit, Carren?
  3. Too much cloth!

Choose: It's not bad.
Carren: Yeah, you're right. It's cute, and I'm already in love with it.
Korwa: No! Listen—I'm not shooting for mediocrity here! I promised you an amazing swimsuit, and that's what you're getting!
Carren: Haha. Gotta hand it to you, you know how to make a girl feel special.
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Choose: Does it really fit, Carren?
(Captain) feels a pang of regret at the careless statement.
Carren: Yeah... Why?
Lyria: Uh, uh... I don't think you need to lose weight or anything!
A serious look crosses Carren's face, and she pinches her gut.
While Carren is distracted, (Captain) playfully prods her sides.
Carren: Bahaha! Stop, stop! I'm ticklish! Haha!
Korwa: Hah... Lyria's right. You don't need to go on a diet at all. Let's get back to the swimsuit.
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Choose: Too much cloth!
Korwa: Yes... If it were a bit shorter...
Carren: Hmm... Okay! What the heck—let's just go half this size!
Lyria: Really? Carren, you're so brave!
Korwa: I see, I see... Bold girls go to bold places. That courage could be the defining characteristic of this piece...
As Korwa cuts the swimsuit to half its original size, everyone's eyes remain transfixed on the dwindling fabric.
Carren: Ahaha! No way, no way! I am not wearing this!
Korwa: Hmm... Nope, this isn't a size issue. It's about finding a contour that flatters the body line after all.
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After hearing the opinions of her trusted friends, Korwa spends the next several hours enraptured in an artist's struggle to find the perfect form.
Carren: Just look at it!
Korwa: Whew, I think I've done it. Well, how is it Carren?
Carren: I love it! Thank you so much, Korwa!
(Captain) and the others soon find themselves catching Carren's infectious smile.
Thrilled by her new swimsuit, Carren rushes into the halls to show it off.
Eugen: Oh, your bathing suit's already done? Looks good on ya.
Carren: Haha, I know, right? I can't wait to wear it to the beach!
Carren turns her head, catches sight of (Captain), and grows silent.
Korwa: Carren? What's wrong?
Carren: Nothing. It's just I wonder who would be cuter in a swimsuit, me or (Captain)...
Korwa: Haha. Do you want to go ask the boys?
Carren: Yep! So, Eugen... Who's cuter?
Eugen: Huh? Uh... Both of you... But wait a minute. (Captain)'s not even wearin' a bathing suit, and I don't know the first thing about fashion.
Carren: True enough!
Carren: Haha. Guess we'll just have a flirt-off at the beach, won't we, (Captain)? Whoever gets more compliments wins!
Eugen: What! That's too far, missy!
Eugen takes the joke seriously, causing his blood to run cold. (Captain) and the others get a laugh out of this reaction.
He scratches his head in embarrassment and steals an abashed glance at Carren to tell her his impressions of her swimsuit.
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Carren: It's been a long time since I've been this happy with a purchase! I'm so glad I saw this through!
Korwa: Haha. And I'm glad to hear that. To like my work this much, I honestly don't deserve the honor.
Carren: Whoa? Who said anything about liking it? I love, love, love it! I think I might even wear it to sleep tonight!
Eugen: Hey, hey! Not on my watch, missy! That's a bit unbecoming for a lass like you!
Carren's excitement continues to mount as the crew's beach vacation in Auguste creeps ever closer.
The young girl can only imagine the type of trip that awaits her.