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Wulf & Renie

On assignment to wipe out any remaining werewolves near a village, the crew runs into the little girl Renie and her guardian werewolf, Wulf, deep in a forest. Sandwiched between angry villagers who call for the extinction of werewolves and Wulf, who bears no hint of hostility, (Captain) and company invite the pair to join the crew.

Lyria: A werewolf?
Village Elder: Yes. A horrifying, dreadful subspecies.
The crew visits an island a short distance away from North Vast.
Vyrn: Werewolves, huh... First time I've ever heard of the creepy things.
The village elder asks the crew to find the remaining werewolves on the island and exterminate them.
Village Elder: This island has been around a very long time.
Village Elder: For as far back as I can remember, the people on this island have lived in fear of the werewolves.
Village Elder: We all thought that the conflict between us had come to an end seven years ago when...
The elder explains that a war long ago between the werewolves and the villagers led to...
The extinction of the werewolves at the cost of many civilian lives.
Vyrn: But some of them survived, you're saying...
Lyria: Have they hurt anyone?
Village Elder: Not yet. But sightings of large shadows and howls have been reported.
Village Elder: And three days ago, a boy from the village went missing.
Vyrn: You saying he was kidnapped by the werewolves?
Village Elder: I believe so...
Lyria: Then we have to hurry and find him!
Village Elder: Please do. We can't sleep at night because of how worried we are.
The crew splits and begins searching the deepest parts of the woods.
Vyrn: These woods are thick. There aren't even any roads...
Lyria: I don't think any of the villagers would go this far.
Vyrn: Yeah, they all got cold feet just talking about werewolves.
Lyria: But the elder did say no one has been hurt so far...
Lyria: I wonder what a werewolf is like. Are they big...
Vyrn: Yeah! And strong! And aggressive! The old man said so.
Lyria: Whimper...
Vyrn: Don't worry, Lyria! We got your back!
Lyria: Always good to know!
Lyria: We have to stay focused on finding that lost boy.
Vyrn: Yup! And fast!
With strong resolve, the crew heads deeper into the woods.
That's when they see something.
Vyrn: Hey! Is anybody there?
Lyria: We came looking for you! Please yell if you can hear us!
???: ...
Vyrn: Oh!
From behind a tree, the crew catches a glimpse of a small shadow.
Lyria: It's a girl! I'm so glad you're safe!
???: ...
Vyrn: She doesn't look hurt either. That's great...
Vyrn: Wait a sec! Weren't we looking for a boy?
Lyria: That's right... Then who is this?
???: Who are you?
Lyria: I'm Lyria! This is Vyrn and (Captain). We're skyfarers.
???: Sky... farers? Why are you here?
Lyria: We were asked by the villagers to find a young boy who's gone missing.
Vyrn: And we gotta take out the last of the werewolves living here too.
???: ...
Lyria: And what's your name?
???: There are no werewolves.
Lyria: Hm?
???: There are no werewolves in these woods.
Vyrn: You don't say... Either way, we've gotta find that boy.
???: ...
Lyria: It's dangerous being out here all alone. Why don't you come with us?
???: ...
The young girl shakes her head in refusal, leaving the crew bewildered.
Vyrn: Uh... Maybe she's afraid to go deeper into the forest.
Lyria: Then how about we take her home first?
???: ...
Vyrn: You don't want that either?
Lyria: What do we do...
Lyria crouches down, meets the girl's gaze, and smiles softly.
Lyria: It's okay. (Captain) is really strong. You don't have to be afraid.
Lyria: So how about coming with us? I know! You can hold my hand!
???: ...
Lyria tries to take the girl's hand when...
  1. Lyria!

Choose: Lyria!
(Captain): ...
Lyria: Wha?
As (Captain) pulls Lyria back toward the others, a gigantic figure falls from the sky.
Vyrn: Whoa!
???: ...
Vyrn: What the!
Lyria: A werewolf?
While gripping Lyria with one hand and holding a weapon in the other, (Captain) stares at the enormous werewolf.
???: ...
The two stare at each other intensely, unable to move.
???: ...
The little girl begins to smack the werewolf on the back.
???: Renie...
Renie: ...
Wulf: I can't. I don't think they wish to fight.
The werewolf looks upon Renie and shakes his head.
Renie: ...
Renie glances at the crew and then quickly hides behind the werewolf.
Vyrn: There's something off about this...
Lyria: I think there is more to this story...
(Captain) lowers the weapon and turns to face the werewolf properly.
Vyrn: Say, who exactly are you people? You're a werewolf, right?
???: Why have you come into the forest?
Lyria: We were asked by the villagers to do so...
The crew explains the task they were given.
???: So you're hunting werewolves...
Renie: ...
???: Renie...
Renie stares at the werewolf as if to communicate a silent secret, and then he begins to draw his weapon slowly.
Vyrn: Just wait a sec! We didn't come here to pick a fight!
Lyria: That's right! What we heard from the villagers and what we're seeing here isn't adding up...
Vyrn: Maybe we got the wrong guy?
???: I don't believe so. I am the sole survivor of my kind.
Lyria: But...
???: Enough.
The werewolf changes his stance to battle, while (Captain) steps back in bewilderment.
???: You will not take up arms?
  1. I don't want to fight.
  2. I wouldn't be a match for you.

Choose: I don't want to fight.
Lyria: Isn't there any way we could talk about this?
Go to "Continue 1"

Choose: I wouldn't be a match for you.
???: ...
Vyrn: Dang! This guy sure is big and scary!
Continue 1
???: ...
???: If you have no intention of harming us, then I will let you go.
Renie: Wulf!
The name escapes Renie's lips, and she begins to shake her head harder in defiance.
Wulf: Renie, it's okay. You don't need to worry.
Wulf affectionately pats Renie's head and then brings his sharp gaze back to (Captain).
Wulf: So, weak ones, what will it be?
Lyria: You... can't tell us what you're mixed up in?
Wulf: I see no reason to.
Vyrn: Sigh... There's your answer, Lyria.
Lyria: Okay... Let's go.
Wulf: You—
Lyria: We won't tell any of the villagers about you. Oh, but we need to find that boy...
Vyrn: Oh, yeah! Let's just deal with that problem.
Wulf: I picked up a boy earlier.
Vyrn: What!
Wulf: I brought him back to the outskirts of the village while he slept.
Wulf: If you're going back to the village, see to it that he gets home safely.
Vyrn: Leave it to us!
Lyria: Thank goodness! Let's hurry to help him!
Vyrn: Yeah! Let's move it!
Lyria: Goodbye, Wulf and Renie! Thank you for helping us!
And so the crew successfully finds and sees the boy all the way home.
Young Boy: I saw a werewolf! I really did!
Young Boy: He was a big monster! That's gotta be the werewolf, right?
Villager: So there are survivors! We can't let this stand or the village will be attacked again...
Village Elder: We cannot wait. We must take action now.
Villager: Hear, hear! Let's put them out of their misery once and for all!
Before the crew is able to say anything, the young boy's words spark bloodlust amongst the villagers.
Villager: The hunt starts now!
Villager: Skyfarers, you'll help us, right!
Vyrn: We...
Villager: We'll pay you handsomely!
Vyrn: This isn't good...
Lyria: Pant... Pant... We have to hurry!
Vyrn: Maybe we can find them where we first met.
The crew enters the forest with the villagers, diverging shortly thereafter to get to Wulf and Renie first.
Lyria: The werewol—I mean Wulf was a little scary, but I don't think he's the sort of person who'd attack a village without reason.
Vyrn: You can say that again. I'm worried about Renie too.
Lyria: No matter what happens, we can't just leave them all alone.
Vyrn: Let's step on it! We've got to find them before the villagers do.
Wulf: Why have you come back?
Renie: ...
Lyria: The villagers are coming! We had to warn you...
Wulf: I already know that. That is why I cannot spare any more words on you.
Upon closer inspection, the crew notices the large bag Wulf is carrying.
Vyrn: What's in that thing? You leaving?
Wulf: Yes. Now that they know I live here, I don't have any choice but to leave this forest.
Lyria: Are... you taking Renie with you?
Wulf: Renie is...
Renie: ...
Wulf: Renie, we'll be okay.
Wulf takes Renie into his arms.
Wulf: We leave together.
Vyrn: Where though? You got a plan?
Wulf: ...
Lyria: In that case... why don't you come with us? We're skyfarers!
  1. That's a good idea!
  2. Lyria!

Choose: That's a good idea!
Wulf: What?
Go to "Continue 2"

Choose: Lyria!
Lyria: Come on! Taking them on the ship is the best way to get them somewhere safe.
Continue 2
Vyrn: According to the villagers, werewolves are super rare, right?
Vyrn: We've never met one before, that's for sure.
Wulf: ...
Lyria: We don't know much about you, but you don't want to stand out, right?
Lyria: That means coming with us is the best thing you can do right now.
Wulf: That seems logical.
Renie: Wulf!
Wulf: Renie, we'll be okay. I'm strong.
Wulf: There is nothing that can stand in the way of me protecting you.
Renie: ...
Renie: If you say so...
Wulf: Good. Thank you, Renie.
Wulf turns his eyes to (Captain) once again.
Wulf: We're in your debt.
Wulf: However, if any of you try to hurt us, I will show no mercy.
Lyria: That won't happen! I promise! We would never do anything like that.
Wulf: Actions speak louder than words.
Vyrn: Then get on our ship and see that we're more than just talk!
Wulf: What strange people...
And so the curious pair known as Wulf and Renie join the crew on their journey.