Scenario:Aster - And Today We Rest!

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And Today We Rest!

(Captain)'s party has been keeping busy with the numerous requests they receive every day. Following Aster's suggestion, they decide to take a day off. Excited for a day off, Aster is eager to make it count. That night, the party notices Aster going into the woods alone, and decide to join her for a late stroll.

(Captain)'s party has been completing daily requests from the Knickknack Shack.
Sierokarte: Your package has been received! Thank you very much!
Aster: Thank you for your hard work, (Captain)! That job was the last one for now.
Aster: Um... you've all been working every day lately... why don't we take a day off in the airship?
Lyria: Good idea, (Captain) has been working so hard!
Sierokarte: Hehehe, (Captain). It's also important to rest when you can.
With Sierokarte's backing, (Captain)'s party decided to take the day off.
Aster: *Pant, pant*...
Lyria: Huh? What are you doing with all those blankets, Aster?
Aster: Ah, Lyria. I was just going to hang the blankets.
Aster: They're so fluffy and comfy, you'll fall right asleep!
Vyrn: Were you going to go hang everyone's blankets by yourself? That's a lot of work!
Aster: I can only do it on a day off, so I thought now would be a good time...
Lyria: Hehe, let me help! You'll get it done faster if we do it together.
Aster: Thank you, Lyria! Ah... you too, (Captain)? Ohh it's okay, I'll hold that one!
Aster: Aww... I'm sorry to drag you all into this... it's turned into to a big laundry job because of me...
Lyria: Hehe... not at all. I can't wait to sleep on clean sheets and a fluffy blanket!
Aster: Lyria... (Captain) too? Good!
Vyrn: Let's take it easy today then! Have an apple or something!
Lyria: Huh? Aster, where are you going so late?
Aster: U-Umm... I was going to go to the forest...
Lyria: Wha?! To... the forest? It's dangerous to go out so late!
Aster: U-Uhh, umm...
Vyrn: Alright alright, you have something to do in that forest? Let's go with her, (Captain)!
Aster: Wha?! B-But... it's everyone's day off, so I want you to take it easy today!
  1. A walk would be nice right now.
  2. I'll sleep better after some exercise.

Choose: A walk would be nice right now.
Lyria: Yeah! It's nice and cool out now, so why don't we go for a walk?
Aster: Uuu... I didn't mean to rope you into this... I'm sorry...
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Choose: I'll sleep better after some exercise.
Aster: But, but aren't you all tired...? I wouldn't want you to overwork yourselves.
Continue 1
Vyrn: Come on, Aster. You don't need to be so reserved! This is nothing!
Aster: Is... that so?!
Lyria: Hehe! Let's go, Aster. Here, take my hand!
Aster: ...Okay! U-Um... if you don't mind, (Captain)... could you hold my other hand...?
And so (Captain)'s party set out for a stroll in the night.

And Today We Rest!: Scene 2

Aster finds what she's looking for in the dark forest. It was a flower that shines in the night and emits a pleasant smell when dried. Aster snuck out to get this flower as a token of appreciation to the party for their hard work.

Aster: I-I didn't think we'd run into monsters... is everyone okay?
Lyria: Don't worry, everyone's alright.
Aster: Oh good... ah!
Lyria: W-wait! What's wrong, Aster?
Aster finds something and runs off alone. (Captain) and company follow her.
Aster: Found it! ...I'm glad the vegetation is similar to Cizierma.
Lyria: Wow...! This little flower's shining! So pretty...!
Aster stops in front of a small, shining flower at the base of a dark tree.
Aster: This flower shines like this during the night. That's why I came to pick it at night.
Aster: Not only does it smell really nice when dried, it relieves fatigue and prevents bad dreams!
Vyrn: Ah... so you came here to collect these. But why didn't you just tell us?
Aster: Um... I wanted it to be a surprise for everyone...
Lyria: I see, that's why you wanted to go alone... but I'm glad we got to see this flower blooming together!
Vyrn: Yeah! It's not every day you get to see something like this. Let's relax here for a bit before heading home!
Aster: Yeah! ...To tell you the truth, I was afraid of going to the forest alone... I'm glad you all came with me...
(Captain) and company enjoyed their night time stroll in the forest before heading back to the airship.

And Today We Rest!: Scene 3

As Aster thinks back on the day, she feels disappointed about creating more work for the others in an attempt to do something nice for them while they rest. However, (Captain) cheers her up and Aster is determined to work hard again the next day.

Aster: Ah... (Captain), it's getting late. Shouldn't you get some rest?
Aster: Me...? Um, I'm getting ready to dry out the flowers we picked in the forest yesterday.
Aster: If it turns out well, I'll make a scent bag out of it... I hope you'll use it.
Aster: When I was young, my mom would make it for me whenever I get sick. It really helps!
Aster: I was going to make it for you because I wanted you to rest well, (Captain)...
Aster: But I ended up making you all work more...
Aster: Huh? You want to go to bed together? Wouldn't I be in your way?
Aster: ...If you say so, I'll go with you (Captain)!
Aster: Hehe, even without the scent bag I'm sure I'll have nice dreams sharing a blanket with you, (Captain).
Aster: I wanted to do something nice for you, (Captain)... but you ended up doing something nice for me instead.
Aster: Oh! I've got a good idea! (Captain), are your shoulders feeling stiff?
Aster: My dad said I was good at shoulder massages! Leave it to me!
Aster: There... oh! Your shoulders are so stiff! That must be so uncomfortable!
Aster: Hehe, does it feel good? I'm glad I can help.
Aster: I'll do what I can tomorrow, too!
The kind-hearted Aster always does her best to make others happy.
Her journey with (Captain) seems to bring her much joy as well.