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Dark Dragoon Forte

(Captain) and the crew visit a city to take part in a fighting tournament. The other participants, however, have withdrawn since a formidable warrior named Forte entered. (Captain) alone accepts Forte's challenge, and the two cross blades. Impressed, Forte joins the crew.

The crew catches wind of a fighting tournament that is about to be held in a certain city.
They head to the venue with intentions of testing their strength.
Right away, they notice a sign that says that the event has been canceled.
Vyrn: No way. What's up with that?
Promoter: Oh, were you planning on participating? Sorry, but as you can see, there will be no tournament.
Lyria: Why was it canc—
???: You there! You call yourselves warriors?
Lyria is suddenly interrupted by a brusque voice. The surprised crew turn toward the source of the outburst.
???: What sort of cowards flee before the battle even starts? Shame on you all!
Vyrn: Whoa, is that who I think it is? That's gotta be Forte!
Lyria: Do you know her, Vyrn?
Vyrn: No, not personally. She's super famous, though.
Promoter: Yep, the scaly guy's right. She's the one in charge of the Dark Dragoons.
Promoter: She's a dragon-riding warrior who's as solid as they come.
Lyria: Dark Dragoons? Is that a crew?
Vyrn: Yeah, that bunch doesn't mess around. They smash everything they come across, or so the rumors go.
Promoter: Not everything. They go after humans and monsters, good or evil, but they don't prey on the weak. Some call them heroes because of that.
Lyria: Wow. And a group that wild is being led by her.
Vyrn: Aha! I think I'm starting to get it.
Vyrn: Everyone backed out when they found out those guys were joining.
Promoter: Thanks for saving me the trouble of explaining it. It's all their fault. I'd run too if I knew I had to fight them, know what I mean?
Forte: Unbelievable! We came all the way out here expecting to do battle but now we have to go back with nothing to show for it.
Forte's Lackey 1: Hey, maybe it's for the better. That means our opponents knew enough to run away!
Forte's Lackey 1: So what if they didn't fight? A win's a win. Isn't that all that matters?
Forte: What did you say?
The air seems to freeze as Forte glares in disdain at the now-silent subordinate. (Captain) is standing far away but can still feel the cold wrath.
Forte: A victory without a battle has no meaning! It's nothing!
Forte: A win's a win? Don't you dare spew such trash!
Forte's Lackey 1: Forte, please, I'm sorry!
Forte: Whatever. But keep this in mind.
Forte: If you call yourself a warrior under my banner, then hunger. Hunger for battle. Hunger for victory. Hunger for it all.
Forte's Lackey 1: Yes, Captain!
Vyrn: Yikes. She wasn't even looking in my direction but I could still feel it from way over here.
Vyrn: Talk about power! I'm getting the chills.
(Captain) nervously nods in agreement.
And yet, (Captain) begins to contemplate what a fight with the exalted Forte would be like.
Forte: I'll ask one last time, weaklings! Who of you thinks he can quench my thirst for battle?
The crowd grows silent as Forte waits for an answer. (Captain) raises a hand slowly, trembling with excitement.
Vyrn: Hehe, that's what I thought! We came here to test our skills, not go home with our tails between our legs!
Forte: Oh ho, so there is someone with some guts.
Forte: You! What's your name?
(Captain) answers and readies their sword.
Forte: (Captain)... That's a fine name. I see that you command dragons, too. Hahaha, this'll be interesting!
Forte: Come at me, (Captain)! Don't hold back! Let's see if your blade can get past my Wings of Darkness!
With a slight nod, (Captain) launches at Forte and swings their sword with full force.
Forte: (Such speed!)
The blade just grazes Forte's cheek. For a brief moment before she disappears, a look of astonishment—or joy—crosses her face.
Vyrn: (Captain), behind you!
(Captain) quickly spins around while swinging the blade.
Forte parries the strike with ease.
Forte: Ha! Excellent! Fine work!
Forte: Your attack was powerful, but full of tenacity and conviction too. Ahaha! I haven't been this moved in such a long time!
Forte drops her weapon, and approaches (Captain) with a look of delight.
Forte's Lackey 2: Here we go again...
Vyrn: What do you mean?
Forte's Lackey 2: Looks like she's back to her old habits. It must have started after that argument with the Crew of Enforcers...
Lyria: Um, what is this old habit?
Forte's Lackey 2: You'll see.
Forte: Hmm, you are still a bit green. But I can tell that you possess grace, integrity, and fortitude. Makes me want to train you.
Forte: Then it's decided! From now on, you're a member of the Dark Dragoons!
Vyrn: What the heck!
Lyria: Wait! We're on a journey with (Captain). All of us, together!
Vyrn: That's right! (Captain)'s the captain of our crew! You can't take our captain away!
Forte: Humph. No good, huh? Oh well then...
Vyrn: Uh... She took that pretty well.
Forte: All right, I'm coming aboard! I can't allow such exquisite talents such as yours to slip through my fingers.
Forte: Hey! I'm leaving for a while! Take care of things while I'm gone!
Forte's Lackey 2: Roger!
Vyrn: Wait wait wait! Who said you could decide things on your own? Not only that, but why are you guys not objecting to this?
Forte's Lackey 2: Eh, it's always like this. Once she gets it into her head to train someone, she'll stick it out to the end.
Forte's Lackey 1: Yeah! She knows that anyone she trained herself will be a worthy opponent.
Vyrn: That's one heck of a reason!
Forte's Lackey 1: She might seem tough, but she's got a nice side so don't worry!
Vyrn: Really? All I see is someone who loves to fight.
Forte: Hey, little whelp! What are you mumbling about? Hurry up and show me the ship. We need to get (Captain) ready for training.
Vyrn: O-Okay...
The crew is giving Forte a tour of the airship when they hear the growl of an empty stomach.
Lyria: Ah, I'm sorry...
Forte: What are you apologizing for? If you were hungry you should've said so. Don't tell me you haven't eaten anything yet.
Lyria: Ah, well, it's not lunchtime yet, so...
Forte: Humph. In that case, we shall eat now. A strong body needs proper nourishment!
Forte: Tell me what you want to eat and I shall prepare it for you.
  1. I'll leave it up to you
  2. What do you want to eat, Vyrn?

Choose: I'll leave it up to you
Forte: I see. Then something meaty will suffice.
Lyria: Yay, meat! Sounds good!
Forte: I'm making you a salad too. You'll eat your vegetables and enjoy it!
Lyria: Okay! I'll eat my veggies, too!
Forte: Good answer! Let's go buy ingredients!
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Choose: What do you want to eat, Vyrn?
Vyrn: Something with apples!
Forte: Apples... I suppose I could make a fish saute topped with an apple glaze.
Vyrn: Apple glaze? My mouth is watering already!
Forte: Then it's settled. Let's go buy ingredients!
Continue 1
Forte takes the lead and steps off the airship.
As the crew follow Forte, they feel as if they have caught a glimpse of the mighty warrior's more compassionate side.