Scenario:Mio Honda - Bursting with Curiosity

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Bursting with Curiosity

Together with our heroes, Mio dropped into the nearest town. The towns of this world were new to her eyes, and with great interest she bombarded the party with questions. While doing so, Mio suddenly asked the party if she could come along with them on their journey. When they heard the reason she had decided to trust (Captain), the party were pleased to grant her request.

Mio: Wha... wow! What a pretty town... It looks like a theme park!
Mio: Hey! Right, (Captain)? What kind of shop is that?
Mio: Hm...! Something smells delicious...
Vyrn: Good grief... don’t get so worked up.
With Mio in tow, our heroes passed through the forest and dropped into the nearest town.
Mio: The sky is clearly visible from here... Ah! Those are airships flying about, aren’t they?
Lyria: Yes! We also travel by airship.
Mio: Oh! That’s amazing... That’s the kind of world this is!
Mio: Huh? That shop clerk has sprouted horns...
Vyrn: Hm? Yeah, that clerk is a member of the Draph race. Both male and female Draphs grow horns.
Mio: Whaaaa! What is the deal with that person who has ears like a cat?
Lyria: That person is an Erune. Not everyone has the same kind of ears, you know.
Mio: Makes sense! I see...
Mio: Hey! Hey, what about that shop?
Vyrn: Mmm? That is the Knickknack Shack. It has been a great help to us.
Mio: The Knickknack Shack?! How about that! Such a shop!
Mio: So what about the shop next to the Knickknack Shack? What kind of shop is that?
Lyria: Um... I think that’s a tailor! Or so that sign would seem to indicate...
Mio: So there is a tailor here, too! Well, it certainly seems to be that!
Mio: That's it!From here on out, would it be okay for me to come along with you on your journey, (Captain)?
Vyrn: What's that?
Vyrn: What’s the matter? Asking something like that all of a sudden...
Mio: Hahaha... I tend to think about a lot of different things...
Mio: (Captain), there is something about you that reminds me of a producer.
Mio: A producer is somebody in a distant world who helps me shine...
Mio: Anyway, I know I can count on you! Because you feel just like my producer, (Captain).
Mio: Therefore, it seems like I would be able to rely on you, (Captain).
Mio: Plus I haven’t the slightest idea how to return to my original world...
Mio: Honestly, I would like for (Captain) and friends to help me!
  1. Not a problem!
  2. It might be difficult...

Choose: Not a problem!
Vyrn: Yeah! I think if you went with us to various islands you would find a way to go back!
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Choose: It might be difficult...
Vyrn: Hey hey... It’s fine! Abandoning somebody in trouble would not be worthy of a skyfarer!
Mio: Thank you! I can rely on you and your friends after all, (Captain)!
Lyria: Okay then! I look forward to traveling with you! Miss Mio!
Mio: Yeah! I’m quite looking forward to it! Lurian!
Lyria: Um... “Lurian?"
Mio: Hahaha... It’s easy to say, and it’s cute!
Lyria: Haha... yes! Thanks for the wonderful nickname!
Vyrn: So, girl, are you getting nicknames to everyone?
Mio: Yeah! Nicknames are easy to say, and they bring us all closer together!
Vyrn: Hmph... So what nickname you have in store for me?
Mio: Vyrn... Hm, Vyrn, maybe. That already sounds like a nickname!
Vyrn: No way...
Once again, Mio was welcomed into the fellowship by (Captain) and company.
Mio racked her brain for a while coming up for a nickname for Vyrn, but ultimately could not think any bright ideas.