Scenario:Albert - Skyblade's Secret

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Skyblade's Secret

Albert parts with the crew for a while to investigate his thunder sword. Meanwhile the crew goes off to a glassware shop. The owner tries to extort money from the crew, but then Albert appears and scares him away.

The crew takes a job removing monsters on a treacherous mountain path.
They meet Albert along the way, and he assists them in hunting down the monsters.
Albert explains that his friend is possessed by the power of a strange primal beast, and he's scouring the skies in search of answers.
After hearing his story, Lyria reveals that she can sense primal beasts. Both she and the crew offer to aid Albert on his quest.
Albert not in crew

Albert is grateful and joins the crew to continue his search. A long time has passed since then.
Albert is a crew member

Albert continues his journey with the crew.
One day Albert finds his thunder sword quivering with a strange power.
He thinks the sword might be reacting to something and asks that they stop by a nearby town to search for clues.
Albert: Sorry, everyone. Would you mind if I go off on my own for a while?
Lyria: Sure! We have to do some shopping anyway, so that's fine with us!
Vyrn: Well... You do what you gotta do, but just be back by dinner, okay?
Albert: Hah. All right. Take care out there.
Lyria: Hehe. He sure left in a hurry.
Vyrn: We should head out too! Come on, (Captain)!
And so the crew heads out into the town and leaves Albert to his own devices.
Lyria: Wow... This place sure is bustling! There are so many people here!
Vyrn: Yeah! I heard this town is the biggest one around!
Lyria: Oh, really? I believe it!
Lyria: Hey, (Captain), do you want to go look at that glassware shop?
Vyrn: Ugh... You're gonna drag (Captain) over there? All right, we'll check it out for just a second!
When they arrive at the shop, they see all kinds of colorful teapots, urns, and other majestic wares.
Lyria: Wow! They're so beautiful!
Vyrn: All right, all right. Let's just have a look at the prices...
Lyria: Aaah! Who could afford that?
Vyrn: We'll have to come back after we save up some serious moolah!
Lyria: Agreed! Well, that was fun. We can go now, (Captain)!
But just as (Captain) and company step out the door, a shady-looking character eyes them and slyly walks closer.
He bumps into Lyria, and with an exaggerated fall, he drops his fine urn onto the sidewalk.
Shady Guy: Hey! Look what you did!
Lyria: Oh dear! I-I'm sorry!
Shady Guy: Tch... Your words ain't gonna bring back my wares, kid! You're gonna hafta do better than that!
Lyria: Um... So what do I do?
Shady Guy: Hah! You know what you gotta do! Pay up! Fork over the cash for this thing!
Vyrn: Okay, okay... You don't have to get so mad about it! We'll pay you for it already.
With a sinister smirk, the man scribbles a few figures down and presents the crew with an unreasonable sum.
Vyrn: What! You've gotta be kiddin' me! It couldn't have been this much!
Shady Guy: Hah hah hah... It was one-of-a-kind, you know. And it wasn't even the most expensive thing here.
Lyria: How are we going to pay for this? I couldn't save up this much money if I worked my whole life...
Shady Guy: Like I care! Now fork it over!
Vyrn: Any ideas, (Captain)? We're in big trouble here!
Just as things seem at their worst, a handsome young man appears on the scene.
Albert: Excuse me. You wouldn't happen to be causing trouble for these fine people here, would you?
Shady Guy: Huh? Who the hell are you? Get out!
Albert: These are my friends. Perhaps you all could explain what's going on here.
Lyria: Um... Well... I broke this urn, and...
Albert listens quietly as the crew retells the story.
Albert: Ah. Now I get it.
Shady Guy: Hehehe. I don't care who foots the bill as long as I get paid.
Albert: All right. Then I'll pay it.
Vyrn: Wait... You're not really gonna give him all that, are you?
Shady Guy: Heh. I like this guy. He actually gets it!
Albert: However... First I'm going to have to ask you a question.
Shady Guy: Huh? A question? Fine, whatever.
Albert raises his sword to the sky.
As he does, dark clouds suddenly begin to form where the sun had been shining brightly moments ago.
Shady Guy: Aaah! What's happening?
Albert: I forgot to mention this, but I can see right through any lie.
Albert: Go ahead, make up any story you want. The second you do, my lightning will strike and char you to a crisp.
Shady Guy: No way! Who... are you?
Albert: I am Albert. Some know me as the Thunderswift Lord.
Albert: Now, for my question... Is the price you told them the real price of that urn?
As Albert interrogates the man, the dark clouds above them churn menacingly, surging with lightning.
Albert charges his sword and points it directly at the man.
Shady Guy: Curse you... I'm not gonna forget this!
The man's face goes ghastly pale as he runs out of sight.
Albert: What a crook. We even said we'd pay for it if he told us the actual price.
Lyria: Oh dear... Thank you, Albert.
Vyrn: That was amazing! Lightning really does strike twice!
Albert: My powers are nothing worthy of praise.
The otherwise calm and collected Albert stands there with a pained expression on his face.
Albert: The Skyblade is a sacred sword known only to those in Levin.
Albert: But it wasn't exactly developed as a lie detector.
Vyrn: What? So then how did you get that kinda power?
Albert: When I received this sword, I made a choice.
Albert: But when I did, I didn't know the truth. I soon found that the choice I made was the wrong one. It's all part of the troubling past I have to live with.
Albert: And that's why... that's why I have to use this power to make it right.
Albert: I won't make the same mistake again.
Seeing the pained expression on his face, the crew can only listen in silence.
Albert: Heh. Sorry to bring up such a gloomy topic.
Vyrn: What? Why? We're friends! You've got nothin' to worry about!
Lyria: I, um... I was actually glad to hear more about you, Albert.
(Captain) tells Albert that he doesn't need to suffer his burden alone. The crew is here for him.
Albert: Haha... Thanks, everyone.
Albert smiles at their words, his heart warmed by their kindness.
This experience moves Albert and the crew to grow ever closer. From this day forward, their friendship is stronger than ever.