Scenario:Almeida - Uncovering the Mask

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Uncovering the Mask

The crew has defeated numerous primal beasts following Almeida's arrival. She tinkers with weapons trying to perfect them as usual when the masked man known as Vaseraga shows up for an unexpected reunion. He tells her to stop obsessing over weapons, causing Almeida to run off in shock.

Since Almeida joined, the crew has defeated numerous primal beasts.
And today, as usual, she's tinkering with the Vaserav Hammer in an attempt to draw out its full power.
Almeida: Hmm, I don't think power consumption's the problem here. It feels like something else is missing.
Almeida: But what? It's not magic, that's for sure.
Almeida: ...
Almeida: Gah, this is getting me nowhere!
Io: Hiya, Almeida! Still trying to figure out what's wrong with your hammer?
Almeida: Huh? Yeah, I guess.
Io: Teehee, I might know a thing or two!
Almeida: Oh, nice! You know something about this?
Lyria: She has to! Look how sure she is.
Almeida: Then tell me!
Io: What you're experiencing is more commonly known as... love!
Almeida: L-love? Did you really have to bring that up again?
Io: But talking about love is so much fun!
Almeida: Wargh! Quit saying love, already! Seriously, I'm sick of this, Io!
Io: It's just a word, though. Love! See? Was that so bad?
Almeida: How many times do I have to explain this? The scythe he was carrying is what I care about! Not him!
Io: You just don't realize you're in love yet! Most people don't at first. I think!
Io: You can do it, Almeida! Love only blossoms when you're true to your feelings! Probably!
Lyria: Hahaha, you sure seem to be enjoying this, Io!
Almeida: That's the fifth time you've said love! I'm reporting this to Tzaka!
Vyrn: Hey, Almeida! You have a second?
Almeida: You too, Vyrn?
Vyrn: Well, it's about the masked man...
Almeida: I knew it! Just you wait, I'm gonna tell Tzaka about this, and... and...
Vaseraga: ...
Almeida: Gasp! Vaserav, is that you?
Lyria: Oh my gosh, Vaserav was Vaseraga all along?
Io: Wow! Now that you mention it, though, it does make sense.
Vaseraga is a crew member

Vyrn: Yeah, I thought it might be Vaseraga. And I was just telling him about you, Almeida.
Vaseraga not in crew

The stalwart warrior Vaseraga. He once fought alongside the crew during the investigation of a certain island.
Much about him remains a mystery. He seems to belong to an organization that tasks him with annihilating primal beasts.
Vyrn: I bumped into him at the port and was just telling him about you, Almeida!
Vaseraga: You must be that girl I encountered on Valtz.
Almeida: T-thanks to meet you! Y-you sure jammed me out of that bust back at the mine! I mean!
Almeida: O-oh right, about this hammer! I couldn't stop thinking about your scythe, so—
Vaseraga: Enough. This obsession of yours with weapons must end.
Almeida: Huh?
Vaseraga: It's more than you can handle. Just forget about it and go back to Valtz.
Almeida: !
Io: Aw, did you really have to go and say that out of the blue, Vaseraga?
Almeida: It's okay, Io. I'm the one at fault for trying to copy his personal weapon. It was insensitive of me to even try.
Almeida: I'm sorry, Vaserav.
Almeida: Still, creating the perfect weapon is my dream! Can you find it in your heart to forgive me?
Vaseraga: I don't like repeating myself. I only saved you because I was passing by. Forget about me and my weapon already.
Almeida: !
Almeida: Just... passing by?
Lyria: Oh no, Almeida!
Io: How could you be so cold to her, Vaseraga?
Vaseraga: ...
Vyrn: It's my fault for opening my big mouth. We gotta go after her!

Uncovering the Mask: Scene 2

Vaseraga explains that the pursuit of weapons is a dangerous path for Almeida. Convinced by his sincerity, she capitulates. Just then, a band of thugs come by to snatch her away. Thankfully, the crew quickly puts a stop to this and brings Almeida back safe and sound.

The crew catches up with Almeida who once again confronts Vaseraga.
Almeida: So uh...
Vaseraga: ...
Io: Hey, Vaseraga. Can you tell us something about your situation? It just seems like you're being mean, otherwise.
Vaseraga: I cannot. There are certain rules I am bound to.
Vaseraga: What I can say is that it's all for her. The perfection you crave is dangerous, Almeida.
Vaseraga: Forgive me. You possess a profound insight. But that's precisely why I'm warning you not to pursue this path.
Almeida: ...
Almeida: I get it. I'll stop.
Lyria: Just like that, Almeida?
Almeida: My savior wants me to stop. Besides, it's all in my best interests, right?
Almeida: I'm just glad to know I was right about you, Vaserav. You really are a softie at heart.
Vaseraga: I am nothing of the sort. However, there are certain unpredictable—
Almeida: It's okay, I get it. You have rules to follow, right?
Io: Okay, then! Can you make me a new staff, Almeida?
Vyrn: Ah, right! You can count on me to help, too!
Almeida: It's fine. Don't worry about it, Vyrn.
Almeida: Anyway, sorry guys, but... I'm gonna go take a little walk by myself.
The crew watches her trudge off into the distance in silence, unable to think of anything worth saying.
Just as she walks out of the forest—
Thug 1: I've got the girl! Bring the carriage over!
Almeida: Gah! Let me go, you rotten scumbag!
Vyrn: Huh? What are those guys doing?
Lyria: Oh no, they're going to take Almeida away in that carriage!
Vaseraga: Io! I need a spell in the direction that carriage is headed!
Io: Got it! How about... this!
Thug 2: Waugh! They're using magic? Hurry up and get us out of here!
Thug 3: What do you think I'm trying to do? The horse's feet are frozen!
Vaseraga: Urgh!
Thug 3: Arrgh!
Almeida: Let go of me, you creep!
Thug 1: Augh!
Thug 2: I don't believe this! These guys are way tougher than they said!
Vaseraga: So you're hired hands.
Vaseraga: You're going to tell us who hired you. Don't let any of them escape, Almeida!
Almeida: Huh? R-right! You've got it, Vaserav!

Uncovering the Mask: Scene 3

With the thugs taken care of, Vaseraga retracts his previous admonishment of Almeida and advises her to follow her heart. In contrast to the overjoyed Almeida, Valseraga grows concerned in learning of his organization's involvement in her kidnapping.

After taking out the thugs and returning to town, Almeida approaches Vaseraga.
Almeida: Thank you for saving me again, Vaserav.
Vaseraga: Don't mention it.
Almeida: I gotta say though, the way you rocked that scythe was incredible! There's gotta be some primal be—
Vaseraga: ...
Almeida: Oh right, sorry. Rules are rules, let's just forget what I said.
Vaseraga: Understood. But I'd like to retract my previous statement, as well. Do as your heart wills.
Almeida: Huh? Then does that mean... you'd be cool with me making weapons?
Vaseraga: That is correct. It appears the situation has changed. If building weapons would help you find a way forward, then—
Vaseraga: I've said too much.
Almeida: Thanks, Vaserav! I'll do my best!
Io: Good going, Almeida!
Vyrn: Haha, for real! Just leave the primal beasts to us!
Lyria: By the way, I've been meaning to ask. What's your real name?
Vaseraga: Vaseraga.
Almeida: Ahahaha, looks like I misheard you the first time. Sorry, Vaserav!
Almeida: Uh...
Vaseraga: Heh.
And thus concludes Almeida's fruitful reunion with Vaseraga.
Now more determined than ever, Almeida proves to be a valuable addition to the crew.
Client: I'm sorry! Please, you gotta listen to me! I'm way down the totem pole! I have no idea who ordered this, I swear!
Vaseraga: Humph. A flawless cover-up, as usual.
Client: So uh, can I go? I promise I'll never lay hands on that girl ever again!
Vaseraga: Hm. So this is the organization's doing. Are they trying to scare her? Or worse?
Vaseraga: Whatever happens, I'll be waiting for their next move.
Meanwhile, the reunion with Almeida allows Vaseraga to sense the advent of something larger looming in the distance.