Scenario:Andira - Andira's Journey to the Sky

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Andira's Journey to the Sky

Andira, the newest member to (Captain)'s crew, shows a great deal of interest in a particular job. It is a job investigating the cause of a fire burning on a nearby mountain. Deciding to take the job, the crew set sail for the island where the burning mountain is. While relaxing on the deck of the airship, Andira starts to groom (Captain)'s hair. A monster appears suddenly, interrupting their moment of relaxation.

Several days have passed since Andira joined (Captain)'s crew.
She appears to have taken to life on the airship like a duck to water.
Vyrn: Hey, Andira! Wake up, ya sleepy head!
Vyrn has come to wake up Andira, who despite it being after noon had still not appeared from her cabin.
Andira: I'm awake… Just five more minutes…
Vyrn: You said that yesterday, then stayed in bed until evening!
Andira: Thanks, I knew you'd understand…
Vyrn: You're not listening to a word I'm saying, are you?
Lyria: Hee hee… I don't think anything or anyone can get between Andira and her sleep.
(Captain) turns up to see what was happening.
Seeing Andira still asleep, (Captain) let's out a laugh.
Andira: Huh? (Captain)?
Andira: Yawn… Good timing, I was just about to get up.
Andira stretches out with her tail and swings down to (Captain).
Unfortunately, Andira is still half asleep…
Vyrn: What the?
The crew have all gathered together. They are discussing where they shall go next when Andira interjects.
She mentions a mountain covered in brilliant flame that they she wants to check out. She wants to know the cause of the flame.
Andira: Hey, hey! I wanna go here!
Andira's enthusiasm and insistent look is enough to make the crew head straight for the mountain.
(Captain) and Andira are out on the deck of the airship, whiling away the hours by basking in the sun.
Andira: Your hair looks a bit weird today…
Andira: Oh no, look! A split end!
Andira starts grooming (Captain) without giving a moment's thought as to whether it would be weird.
Andira: Your fur still isn't quite fluffy enough for my liking, (Captain).
A monster's roar interrupts their moment of tranquility.
Andira: Oh, seriously? Can't we have a moment's peace?
Andira: Come on, let's get to work.

Andira's Journey to the Sky: Scene 2

(Captain) and crew arrive at the burning mountain. Andira reveals that her interest in the mountain stems from a family legend, involving one of her ancestors called "Sanzo," who is said to have visited such a place. As they approach the foot of the mountain their way is blocked by the appearance of two ruffians named Gold Horn and Silver Horn, who tell them to leave. When Andira refuses to leave the two men turn into monsters and chase after the crew.

The crew arrive at an unusual mountain that has one side set aflame.
Vyrn: Andira, why did this job interest you so much?
Andira: Well, about that. There is a legend in my family…
Andira: And part of it involves someone called "Sanzo" and a flaming mountain.
Lyria: I see! So you're looking to learn more about this legend!
Andira: That's right. Though, I doubt I'll find anything. Even if this is the mountain in the legend, it's a story from long ago.
The crew continue talking as they head ever closer to the burning mountain.
???: Halt! What business have you here?
Two rough looking men appear suddenly before the crew.
Andira: We're here to investigate the flaming mountain. And who are you?
???: You don't need to know that. Now, turn around and go back the way you came.
Andira: Understood. And if we could, believe me we would.
Andira: Unfortunately we have been sent here, we can't just leave. You shall have to let us past.
???: …Very well then. Gold Horn, it's time.
Gold Horn: Understood, Silver Horn.
The two men transform into monsters.
Vyrn: Whoa, they were monsters the whole time!
Andira: Everyone calm down, we can handle this.
Lyria: O… OK
Andira: First things first, me and (Captain) have to take on these things.
Andira: OK, let's go!

Andira's Journey to the Sky: Scene 3

The monsters, now defeated, return to their human form. Seeing the crew's true potential, the ruffians seem to have a change of heart and ask the skyfarers for help. It seems their brother, known as Demon Horn, has gone on a rampage and they can't stop him. This is why they stopped [:nickname in the first place; they didn't want anyone else to get hurt. (Captain) and crew decide to take on the frenzied beast.

Losing the battle Gold Horn and Silver Horn turn back into humans and surrender.
Gold Horn: You… You're not like the other skyfarers we've come across.
Silver Horn: You're right. They might even be able to stop him.
Andira: Now, would you be willing to talk?
With a glance to each other as though in search of support, Gold Horn and Silver Horn give in and agree to help.
The crew listen to the two ruffians' story as they continue farther into the woods.
Gold Horn: There were three of us originally. But a few months ago our older brother, Demon Horn, started actin' strange.
Silver Horn: The mountain is the way it is because of our brother. He did this…
Andira: I see.
Gold Horn: He was always a lot stronger than us, so even if we wanted to there's nothing we could do to stop him.
Silver Horn: That's when we started stopping travelers from going any farther. We didn't want anyone else to get hurt.
Gold Horn: Please, we need your help. Try and get our brother back under control.
Andira: …About that…
Gold Horn and Silver Horn's story seemed to affect Andira, who seemed to be lost for words.
Andira: What do you think, (Captain)?
  1. This sounds like a family matter.
  2. Maybe there's something we can do.

Choose: This sounds like a family matter.
Andira: Right? I think we'd only be getting in the way if we interfere now.
Go to "Continue 1"

Choose: Maybe there's something we can do.
Andira: Heehee, that's just like you, (Captain).
Andira: Let's think about it a bit more.
Continue 1
All of a sudden, a massive roar that shook the ground swept over them accompanied by a wave of searing heat.
Gold Horn: Brother… Is there anything left of you in there…
Vyrn: That's your brother? Jeez, you weren't lying when you said he was strong.
Silver Horn: We'll do what we can, but please, help our brother!
Demon Horn: GROARGH!
Andira doesn't react at all to the sudden appearance of the giant monster, and instead turns to (Captain) and others.
Andira: I'll go in first.
(Captain) is worried for Andira.
Andira: Don't worry. He'll never be able to hit me.
Andira lets out a mischievous laugh.
Andira: Once I draw his fire, (Captain), you have to find an opening and then give it all you got!
Lyria: Andira, are you sure you'll be OK?
Demon Horn: GROARGH!
Andira: Huh?
Demon Horn comes in with a massive attack. Andira deftly dodges, dragging Lyria out of the line of fire as she does.
Lyria: Th-thank you…
Andira: Phew, that was close.
Andira: OK, just leave the rest up to me.
With a flourish of her scepter as long as Andira herself she turned to face Demon Horn.
Andira: Hey, over here! I'm the one you want to be fighting, aren't I!
Andira: I, the wielder of the power of the Monkey King, gladly accept your challenge!
Andira shows a hint of anger, but quickly recovers back to her calm self.
Andira: OK, now let's take this monster down!

Andira's Journey to the Sky: Scene 4

(Captain) and the crew try to confront Demon Horn, but no matter what they do he won't tire out. Andira senses how desperate the situation has become, and so uses her magic to create several clones of herself. One clone slips past Demon Horn's attacks and is able to place a gold headband on his head. As Andira incants a spell, Demon Horn calms down, and becomes human once again. Seeing that the flames on the burning mountain have started to recede, Andira feels closer than ever to (Captain) and the crew.

The crew are battling with Demon Horn. However, his seemingly limitless reserves of energy are slowly wearing them down.
Andira: Ugh… At this rate we'll be done for before long.
Andira: (Captain), can you take over for a bit?
With a nod (Captain)switched with Andira at the front of their attack.
Andira: I'm pretty tired, so I don't know how effective this'll be…
Andira pulled out a few strands of her hair and blew them softly toward the monster.
Andira: Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations… Transform!
All at once there seemed to be countless Andiras.
Andira: Go!
From within the blinding light came forth a torrent of attacking forms.
One of the forms slipped past the monsters attacks, removed the halo from around its own head and placed it on Demon Horn's.
Andira: Magic Headband, I order you to bind this creature!
The Monkey King's golden headband tightened over Demon Horn's head.
As Andira continues with her incantation Demon Horn slowly starts to shrink, and eventually turns back into a human.
Gold Horn: Brother?
Silver Horn: Brother!
Gold Horn and Silver Horn rush to Demon Horn's side.
Demon Horn: Brothers, what's going on…
Seeing the embracing brothers, Andira is filled with a great sense of relief.
Andira: Hah hah hah… It… worked…
Andira had used up the last of her strength to bring Demon Horn back, and she faints in (Captain)'s arms.
Some time later
Andira awakens to a soft and pleasant jolting.
In front of her she sees (Captain)'s back.
Andira: Yaaawn… How long was I out?
Vyrn: We still have a ways to go before we get to the ship, you should rest up a bit more!
Andira: Oh, Vyrn… Aren't you going to tell me to get up?
Vyrn: What! Would I do a thing like that?
Andira: Hee hee… I'm sorry. I was trying to make a joke.
Lyria: You know, those three brothers were really thankful for what you did back there!
Vyrn: They said that even the fire on the mountain might start to die down.
Andira: …Really? That's nice…
Lyria: Hmm? Is something wrong?
Vyrn: Are you down because we didn't find anything about Tenjiku?
Andira: No… That's not it…
Andira stops herself, then starts up again slowly, obviously very embarrassed.
Andira: You see… I… I'm an only child…
Andira: I was just thinking how nice it must be to have brothers and sisters who will be there for you.
Lyria looks over at the forlorn Andira, then offers her a suggestion.
Lyria: In that case, you can think of me as your sister!
Andira: What! But… you can't just come out and say that…
Lyria: Why not?
Lyria: You're always getting on so well with (Captain), I was getting a bit jealous!
Andira: What? There's no need to be!
Andira: I… I want to stay with all of you, just like (Captain)!
Lyria: Then, why don't you try this? Try calling (Captain) sister!
Andira: What? Why would I do that?
Lyria: Don't think about it too much, just go right ahead and say it. Ready… Go!
Andira: …You're acting strange today, Lyria. I don't get what you're trying to say!
Lyria: You don't have to always take things so seriously, you know.
Andira: OK, I get it! I should… I should just say it!
Lyria: Yes! Just give it a go!
With a loud gulp, Andira starts forming the word.
Andira: S… Sister…
Andira: No! I can't do it! It's too weird!
Lyria: It's not weird! That sounded really natural just now!
Lyria: Come on, try it again.
Andira: I told you I can't!
Vyrn and (Captain) watch on and laugh as Lyria and Andira argue.
Vyrn: You'd think they would've noticed by now…
Vyrn: That they're already more like sisters than most real sisters. Don't you think, (Captain)?
(Captain) laughs at Vyrn's observation.
Andira: What are you two laughing at?
Andira: You have to stop Lyria!
Lyria: Hey, where are you going? It's my turn now!
Lyria: Come on, call me sister!
From that day on, Lyria and Andira grow ever closer day by day.
Andira's relationship with the crew continues to change, day by day, as they continue on their journey.