Scenario:Arulumaya - The Ultimate Referee

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The Ultimate Referee

The Jewel Resort Casino liner invites the crew to participate in a special winter tournament and asks Arulumaya to oversee the tournament to prevent any potential cheating.

Arulumaya, a skilled fortune-teller, can see into the future.
Arulumaya not in crew

But as powerful as she might be, much of (Captain)'s future remains a mystery to her.
Arulumaya: All I could see in (Captain)'s future was a turning point that would definitely shake the world.
Arulumaya: I would like to use my power to lead the world in the right direction.
Arulumaya: I hope that by staying with (Captain), I can help make the world a better place when that turning point comes.
Arulumaya: I'd also like to be there to see it with my own eyes.
(Captain) accepts Arulumaya's request and lets her join the crew.
Some time has passed since she joined the crew. The season to be jolly is just around the corner.
No version of Ladiva in crew

Ladiva, a duelist from the Jewel Resort Casino liner, visits the crew to pass on an assignment.
Any version of Ladiva is a crew member

Ladiva has gathered the crew to relate an assignment from the casino liner.
Ladiva: The Jewel Resort is holding a special duel.
Ladiva: I'm sure the audience would love it if you joined.
Ladiva: Christy says she's absolutely dying to see you participate.
Vyrn: Heh! Well, I'm glad you thought of us!
Lyria: (Captain)! Let's go help the resort out. It sounds like it might be fun!
Persuaded by Lyria, (Captain) accepts Ladiva's offer.
Ladiva: Oh, thank you! I have a feeling it's going to be a very exciting night!
Arulumaya: Are you done with your talk?
Ladiva: Just finished! Oh my, Arulumaya, you look simply divine! Do you need me to do any adjustments?
Arulumaya: It fits perfectly actually. Thank you for making this for me, Ladiva.
Lyria: Arulumaya, you look amazing! What're you all dressed up for?
Arulumaya: The Jewel Resort has asked me for some help.
Vyrn: Help? Like what they asked us to do?
Arulumaya: Not quite. I've been asked to do something a little different. You already know that the duel participants will be separated into four colors, and bets will be placed on which color will win.
Arulumaya: Even with normal duels, cheating tends to get easier as the number of participants goes up.
Ladiva: So we're getting Arulumaya here to oversee the event and make sure no one's breaking the rules.
Lyria: Oh! Because if anyone tries to cheat, she can see it before it happens!
Arulumaya: That's right. We wouldn't want any spoilsports to ruin the night, would we?
Ladiva: There isn't a fortune-teller in the sky more famous than Arulumaya. With her around, cheaters will think twice about trying anything funny.
Ladiva: Sorry for shoving this on you, honey. I know it won't be easy.
Arulumaya: Pay it no mind. I'm honored to be of service. And if it guarantees your guests have a great night, all the better.
Having accepted the request, the crew heads toward the casino liner to start preparations.
Arulumaya: So this is the famed casino liner. Impressive.
Arulumaya: Hm? Are you that surprised it's my first time here?
Arulumaya: Well, in a place like this, being able to see the future is a bit too much of an advantage.
Arulumaya: It just wouldn't be fair to the other guests.
Arulumaya: That's why the thought of stepping foot in a place like the casino liner had never crossed my mind.
Arulumaya: Discovering a place with fresh eyes is always a pleasure for me. So many new possibilities. It makes for good conversation too.
Arulumaya: Life always seems to be full of surprises with you around.
Arulumaya gives (Captain) a wide, gentle smile.
Arulumaya: I'm really looking forward to what we'll see once the special duels start.
Arulumaya: Oh, there's nothing to worry about. I don't need to see the future to know you'll be playing an important role on the big night.
Arulumaya: I'm expecting great things from you, (Captain).
Arulumaya gives (Captain) a pat on the back as a sign of encouragement.
They both set out with determination in their hearts to do their very best at their new assignments.