Scenario:Carmelina - A Helping Paw

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A Helping Paw

Carmelina receives an invitation to perform in a circus at the Jewel Resort Casino Liner and asks the crew along. There, they meet a very aggressive lion traumatized by his previous owners. Christina, the casino manager, does not know what to do with him. Carmelina offers to take the lion off her hands, and Christina agrees on the condition that the two of them put on a great performance in the circus.

Carmelina: The Jewel Resort Casino is hosting a circus? That sounds amazing!
Carmelina stands on the deck of the Grandcypher, a freshly-delivered letter in hand. She reads it over, eyes sparkling.
The Jewel Resort Casino is pleased to announce a thrilling new attraction.
We will be hosting a circus, guaranteed to spellbind young and old alike.
We would be honored if you, the renowned acrobat Carmelina, would agree to perform.
Carmelina: There's nothing like the thrill of performing for a crowd.
Carmelina: I just know if I can get them under a spotlight with me, (Captain) and the others'll be hooked, too.
Carmelina: Then we'll be the best performing troupe ever!
Carmelina: All right! Let's see what (Captain) says!
Carmelina: (Captain)!
Lyria: Whoa! What's going on, Carmelina?
Carmelina: You'll never believe it! The Jewel Resort Casino wants me to perform!
Carmelina: You guys have to come with me!
Carmelina is a crew member

Vyrn: You too, Hoops?
Carmelina is a crew member

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Carmelina not in crew

Vyrn: You too, Hoops?
Carmelina is an acrobat who strives to make each performance more dazzling than the last.
Impressed by the various talents of (Captain)'s crew, she joined in hopes of tempting them to perform with her.

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Carmelina: Me... too?
Ulamnuran: That's right! They sent me an invite too!
With a flourish, Ulamnuran produces a letter identical to Carmelina's.
Ulamnuran is a crew member

Ulamnuran: I was just askin' (Captain) if we could swing by the Jewel Resort!
Ulamnuran is a crew member

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Ulamnuran not in crew

Ulamnuran: I was just askin' (Captain) if we could swing by the Jewel Resort!
Ulamnuran is the world's greatest traveling performer... at least to hear him tell it.
He saw the crew's journey to Estalucia as an opportunity to take his performances all the way to the ends of the skies.

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Any version of De La Fille is a crew member

De La Fille: As it happens, I received one as well.
Any version of De La Fille is a crew member

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No version of De La Fille in crew

De La Fille: As it happens, I received one as well.
De La Fille is Princess of the Gem Domain.
She joined forces with the crew in order to put a stop to black market circulation of dark essence.

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Carmelina: Really? I didn't know you were a performer too, De La Fille!
Carmelina: What kinda show are you gonna put on?
De La Fille: I wasn't invited as a performer.
De La Fille: You see, the Gem Domain is sponsoring this event.
De La Fille: That's why they extended me an invitation.
Carmelina: Aww... And here I was hoping we could team up.
Lyria: Hahaha...
I'm looking forward to this, though! I've never been to a circus.
Vyrn: Me neither.
Carmelina: In that case, you gotta come with! I'll be your guide!
Carmelina: From finding the best seats in the house to wowing the crowds yourselves, you can count on me!
Carmelina: You're all gonna catch the performing bug, I guarantee it!
Lyria: Haha... Um... What do you think, (Captain)?
  1. A circus sounds like fun. Let's go!
  2. I can't say no to you guys.

Choose: A circus sounds like fun. Let's go!

Ulamnuran: Now you're talking!
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Choose: I can't say no to you guys.

De La Fille: I'm so glad. And as a sponsor, I was really hoping the two of you would perform.

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Carmelina: Great! Not a moment to lose then! Jewel Resort, here we come!
And with that, they set a course for the Jewel Resort Casino Liner.
When they arrive, (Captain) and the others head inside to find Christina—the manager—in her office.
Christina will be running the event and has promised to fill them in on the details.
Christina: So that should bring you up to speed about the event program. Do you have anything to add, kittens?
Carmelina: Nope, no problems.
Ulamnuran: Same here.
Christina: Good. Let's move on to setup.
Carmelina: Oh, wait a sec!
Christina: Yes?
Carmelina: (Captain), Lyria, could I talk to Christina alone?
Lyria: Huh? Why?
Carmelina: Well... It'd spoil the surprise if you guys knew about my act in advance!
Carmelina: And I really want you guys to get the full experience! Please?
  1. You got it.
  2. Aww...

Choose: You got it.

Carmelina: Hehe. I'm gonna knock your socks off on opening night, just you wait and see!
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Choose: Aww...

Carmelina: It'll be worth it when you see the show! Trust me!
Carmelina: As a performer, I live to surprise my audience!
Carmelina: Won't you humor me?

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(Captain) sighs and agrees.
Vyrn: Oh, fine...
But what're we supposed to do in the meantime?
Christina: Hm? Please yourselves.
Lyria: Uh, then, um... I'd like to watch everybody set up for the circus!
Christina: Hm... Generally, that area would be off-limits to anyone except employees.
Christina: But I suppose I can make an exception for you, kitten.
Lyria: Thank you so much, Christy!
Christina: Certainly. Oh, and would you stay, De La Fille? I'd like your input as one of our event sponsors.
De La Fille: My pleasure.
Vyrn: All right! If you need us, we'll be in the big top!
Carmelina: Gotcha. See you guys later!
(Captain) and the others leave Christina's office.
Lyria: Wooow...
Vyrn: Coool...
(Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn wander around the circus venue, marveling at the preparations underway.
Lyria: Hey, look, (Captain)! A lion!
Sure enough, there is a lion stretched out on the floor of a nearby cage.
Lion: ...
Lyria: W-well... since it's in a cage... it should be safe to take a closer look, right?
Lyria gingerly sidles up to the bars.
Lion: Grrr!
Lyria: Meep!
The moment Lyria gets close, the lion surges to his feet and attempts to charge the crew.
Lion: Gahh! Graar!
Vyrn: Whoa, Lyria, are you okay?
Lyria: Y-yes... That really startled me though...
Lion: Groooar!
Vyrn: Yeesh... This kitty does not play well with others.
Carmelina: Oh! There you guys are!
(Captain) spots Carmelina and Ulamnuran heading toward them.
Lyria: Carmelina! Are you done with your meeting? And is that a new outfit?
Carmelina: These are my circus duds.
Carmelina: Whaddya think? They just scream circus, don't they?
The acrobat does a little twirl to show off her new finery.
Lyria: Um... I'm no circus expert, but I think your costume is gorgeous!
Carmelina: Hehehe, thanks!
Vyrn: Hey, Ulam, how come you didn't get a makeover?
Ulamnuran: Cause this is my battle gear!
Ulamnuran: I made a special request to appear in my usual outfit.
De La Fille: By the way, I could have sworn I heard someone scream earlier. What happened?
Lyria: Ehehe... Um, you see that lion over there?
Lion: Mrr...
The lion is still prowling around his cage, eyeing the crew and emitting a low growl.
Christina: Ah, yes. I should have warned you about him.
Lyria: Warn us?
Christina: Yes, this one's quite the troublemaker. He's badly injured a number of his handlers.
Vyrn: Geez... That's one cantankerous kitty!
Christina: Quite. So you'd do well to give him a wide berth.
Lyria: Okay...
Carmelina: Hi there. Don't be scared...
No sooner has Christina finished her warning than Carmelina is walking up to the cage.
Vyrn: Hey, get back here, Hoops! You heard the lady!
Carmelina: It's fiiine, guys! Just leave it to Carmelina.
Carmelina: Hey, big guy. What's got you all jumpy, huh?
Lion: Grrr! Grar!
Just as before, the lion tries to attack Carmelina through the bars of his cage.
Carmelina: Yep, just like I thought. He's scared of us.
Lyria: Of us?
Carmelina: Mm-hm. He thinks we're gonna hurt him. That's why he's trying to scare us off.
Lion: Grrr...
Vyrn: How can you tell? Do you speak lion?
Carmelina: When I was performing with my jester troupe at court, I often took care of the animal performers.
Carmelina: So I've got sort of a sixth sense when it comes to critters!
Carmelina: Just what happened to this poor guy? He didn't get this scared of people by accident.
Christina: Mm. This lion belonged to a circus performer who I've since fired.
Christina: The lion was so violent he would attack anyone who approached him, including his handlers.
Christina: When I asked his owner, the man said he'd been using the creature to work out his frustrations.
Christina: Withholding food... whipping him without provocation...
Lyria: That's awful...
Christina: Shameful. I couldn't let it pass.
Christina: So when Lady Luck gave him the cold shoulder at the tables, I took that lion to settle his debts.
Christina: Haha... After all, you can't have a circus without one, now can you?
Carmelina: Sigh... That explains why he's so scared of us.
Lion: Grrr...
Lyria: So... what's going to happen to the lion now?
Christina: For the moment, I plan to let him alone. I haven't settled on a long-term plan yet.
Carmelina: Well, in that case... Can I have him?
Christina: Are you serious?
Carmelina: I sure am!
Vyrn: Hey, hey, don't go deciding that on your own! This lion is—
Carmelina: Don't worry! I promise, this big guy'll be putty in my hands in no time.
Carmelina: Just leave eeeverything to me.
Christina: Well, kitten? Do you think Carmelina can make your fellow feline purr?
Christina looks to (Captain) for a verdict.
Carmelina: Pleeease, (Captain)?
  1. Sigh... All right.
  2. Do you promise to take care of him?

Choose: Do you promise to take care of him?

Carmelina: Of course! I'll be a model pet owner!

Choose: Sigh... All right.

With a rueful smile, (Captain) acquiesces.
Carmelina: You're the best, (Captain)!
Christina: If my little kitten here says you're responsible enough, then I'll leave the lion in your care.
Christina: On one condition.
Carmelina: What's that?
Christina: That you take proper care of him, and put on an excellent performance at the circus.
Carmelina: Hehe. I'll make sure everyone is satisfied.
Carmelina: Just wait and see!
Carmelina: I want you to enjoy yourself too, big guy! Okay? Peace!
The lion's responding growl does nothing to dim the confident smile on Carmelina's face.