Scenario:Charioce XVII - Rise of the Nightmare

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Rise of the Nightmare

(Captain) and the others answer a summons to Charioce XVII's court, where they find a girl berating the king. The crew learns that Charioce has done some despicable things in his past, but he claims it was all for the realization of his goal.

Charioce XVII: I see... This is far ahead of schedule.
After Charioce receives a message from his officer, he slips deep into thought.
Royal Guard: Yes... The scholars say that it's resonating with something.
Charioce XVII: Fine. And how long will the barrier hold?
Royal Guard: About that... The scholars say it could break at any time...
Charioce XVII: Understood. In that case, bring those people here at once.
Royal Guard: Yes, sire!
Vyrn: Sigh... I'm glad we found an assignment and all, but there's nothing for us to do.
Lyria: You're right. Charioce told us to do whatever we want until he calls for us.
Lyria: But that's the same as telling us to wait around until he feels like talking to us.
Vyrn: Should we go down to the town and pick up an easy job in the meantime?
Lyria: What if Charioce calls for us before we're back? Wouldn't that be bad?
Vyrn: You ain't kiddin'... But, geez, I really hate waiting around...
Royal Guard: Ah, there you are, skyfarers.
Vyrn: What's up?
Royal Guard: His Majesty calls for you. Please follow me.
Vyrn: Whew... About time. C'mon, let's go!
(Captain) nods to Vyrn, and they all begin marching behind the guard.
Charioce XVII: Finally.
Nina Drango is a crew member

Entering the audience room, the crew sees Nina drawing close to a stern-faced Charioce.
Nina: Why... Come on, give me a real answer!
Charioce XVII: ...
Nina: Guess you won't bother to answer me. Then I won't forgive you!
Nina: I won't forgive you for hurting all those people!
Lyria: E-excuse us... It seems you're in the middle—huh? Nina?
Nina: Lyria? And (Captain) and Vyrn...
Vyrn: Wait a minute! Thought you were s'posed to be droppin' by your dragon village...
Vyrn: What're you doin' here?
Nina: Hey! That's my line!
Nina: What are you all doing here?
Vyrn: What? This fancy-schmancy guy asked us to do a job for him, so—
Nina: A job? Please don't tell me you took a job from this king!
Lyria: We did...
Nina: Why! Why would you do anything for this terrible person!
Lyria: He's a terrible king?
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Nina Drango not in crew

Entering the audience room, the crew sees a girl drawing close to a stern-faced Charioce.
???: Why... Come on, give me a real answer!
Charioce XVII: ...
???: Guess you won't bother to answer me. Then I won't forgive you!
???: I won't forgive you for hurting all those people!
Lyria: E-excuse us... It seems you're in the middle of something...
Charioce XVII: Don't worry about it. This girl has just come to chew my head off.
???: Who are these people?
Charioce XVII: They are skyfarers that have agreed to serve me.
???: Serve you! Do they know about you!
???: Do they know what a terrible king you are...
???: Huh? Have you told them all the horrible things you've done?
???: And even then they'd agree to help you!
The girl walks over to (Captain) and the others.
Vyrn: H-hey! Calm down! But wait—who are you supposed to be anyway?
Nina: I'm Nina. This king hurt my friends...
Charioce XVII: ...
Vyrn: What's she mean by hurt?

Continue 1

Nina: Starting with the demon capital Cocytus, this man destroyed a whole country just for his goals.
Nina: Then, of all things, he made those demons into slaves.
Nina: There's no telling how much suffering he's brought to the world...
Vyrn: Whoa, buddy, is this true?
Charioce XVII: Yes. Every last word.
Lyria: Why would you do something so terrible?
Charioce XVII: I believe I've already told you. I have a goal that I must fulfill under any circumstances.
Charioce XVII: Everything I've done has been out of necessity. That is why I went—there is nothing else to tell.
Nina: Nothing else...
Nina: Then what about all those people that suffered!
Charioce XVII: What of them?
Nina: Huh?
Charioce XVII: Did you expect me to feel guilt? Change that expectation. I threw frivolity like that away long ago.
Charioce XVII: I will complete my duty as king. And I will sacrifice whatever it takes.
Charioce XVII: Furthermore, I will discard anything that is not necessary for this goal.
Nina: That's terrible...
Vyrn: Look, you've been dodgin' the subject since you first mentioned it—what is this goal of yours?
Charioce XVII: That is not for you to know.
Vyrn: Seriously! How do you expect us to work for you if you don't tell us!
Charioce XVII: I am compensating you enough to make up for the lack of clarity.
Charioce XVII: You have already agreed to serve me, which means you will do whatever task I say.
Vyrn: Look here, pal—
Lyria: Charioce... What are you going to make us do?
Charioce XVII: I will have you come with me.
Vyrn: And where is it that we're goin'?
Charioce XVII: You will know soon enough.
Lyria: We told you already that we won't hurt people.
Lyria: If you plan on making us cause someone harm...
Charioce XVII: Don't fret. I have no intention of going back on my promise.
Vyrn: You tellin' the truth?
Charioce XVII: I swear it upon the crown.
Lyria: Fine. We'll believe you.
Charioce XVII: Then let us be off.
Nina: Wait! I've got a question!
Charioce XVII: What?
Nina: That big thing you're having built underground... What's it supposed to be?
Charioce XVII: That, too, does not concern—
Lyria: Aah! Earthquake!
Charioce XVII: Could it be?
Nina: ...!
As the earth shakes, a colossal roar echoes throughout the castle.
Charioce XVII: Time for the awakening already?
Memories of Charioce's sworn enemy come flooding into his mind.
He ponders the worst as his eyes flair with both fiery determination and cold hatred.

Rise of the Nightmare: Scene 2

While (Captain) and the others are staying in Charioce XVII's castle, a loud roar reverberates across the land. The king explains that it's the call of Bahamut, who might've found a way to break the seal that binds it. Continuing, he reveals that all the sins he's committed have been to save his people from this terror.

Soldier 1: No... It can't be...
Soldier 2: This is the end. I'm too young to die...
A roar resounds throughout the castle. Fear takes hold of the castle guards.
Charioce XVII: Still yourselves. We've made preparations for a time like this.
Charioce XVII: All soldiers, report to your posts. Your lives are in my hands.
Soldiers: Yes, sire! As Your Majesty commands!
After the soldiers calm down and return to their stations, Charioce turns to a member of his personal guard.
Charioce XVII: Is Dromos ready?
Royal Guard: The frame and mechanical workings are functioning. However, charging it with magical energy is going slower than we feared.
Charioce XVII: Hurry it up. And send the scholar to me.
Royal Guard: Right away, sire!
Vyrn: What's happenin'? And what was with that roar from earlier?
Charioce XVII: That was Bahamut's roar.
Vyrn: Gah!
Lyria: Huh?
Nina: B-Bahamut? You mean the dragon that blasted this island, like, a couple of decades ago?
Charioce XVII: Yes. The dragon of calamity.
Nina: How could that be...
Lyria: Hold on a minute! Bahamut is—
Charioce XVII: You're not from this island, so there's no way you would know.
Charioce XVII: A few decades ago, a dragon brought death and ruin to my kingdom. It was the very avatar of destruction.
Charioce XVII: Witnessing its strength, the king at that time gave it the name Bahamut—half out of fear and half out of awe.
Lyria: (Does this have something to do with the Bahamut we know?)
Lyria: (Is it a different Bahamut?)
Charioce XVII: However, superlative warriors from around the island rose up.
Charioce XVII: They worked together to defeat Bahamut and seal him away, saving the island from certain doom.
Lyria: Oh my...
Nina: Bahamut burned so many people—so many villages—on this island.
Nina: My father was also killed in the flames...
Charioce XVII: That's right... You've lost something precious to Bahamut as well...
Nina: Yeah. You have too, huh?
Charioce XVII: I lost my mother. No, not just I.
Charioce XVII: Bahamut tore something away from the people of this country.
Nina: ...
Court Scholar: My apologies for making you wait, Your Majesty.
Charioce XVII: No mind.
Court Scholar: There were some delays in configuring Dromos. First we—
Charioce XVII: That doesn't matter. Keep your explanation brief.
Court Scholar: We cannot trust that the barrier restraining Bahamut will hold forever.
Court Scholar: So the soldiers are currently rushing to charge Dromos with magical energy.
Charioce XVII: Very well.
Nina: Wait! You're saying that seal on Bahamut is about to break...
Nina: Does that mean Bahamut's going to come back to life?
Charioce XVII: Indeed.
Nina: How...
Charioce XVII: Scholar. Tell her.
Court Scholar: Really, Your Majesty? That information is classified...
Charioce XVII: I don't care. There's no point in keeping it hidden any longer.
Charioce XVII: Reveal everything. So that there is no question where allegiances should lie.
Court Scholar: As you wish.
Court Scholar: It is unclear why, but the barrier holding Bahamut began showing signs of instability a few years ago.
Court Scholar: And in these last few days, these fluctuations have grown in speed and frequency. It is as if the barrier had been disturbed.
Court Scholar: As a result, the barrier has begun breaking down. When it has completely collapsed, Bahamut will be reborn.
Nina: No...
Vyrn: Okay, but what was that Dromos thing you were talkin' about?
Court Scholar: It is an anti-Bahamut weapon, constructed by imperial decree, that took a massive amount of money and lives to complete.
Nina: The king ordered it?
Court Scholar: Yes—in the event the calamitous Bahamut ever wreak havoc again.
Court Scholar: His Majesty wanted a way to fight back and protect the people of this land.
Nina: ...
Court Scholar: It was all for the people. His Majesty acts for the benefit and prosperity of the populace.
Nina: But this person destroyed the demon capital Cocytus and made its citizens into slaves...
Court Scholar: It was necessary for the development of Dromos. Cocytus refused to share vital information with us.
Court Scholar: So they brought the king's wrath upon themselves when he was forced to take the information with muscle.
Nina: Well, he could've talked it out! He didn't have to destroy anything...
Court Scholar: We entered negotiations a number of times and even offered a large sum of money. But it was to no avail.
Court Scholar: No one believed that the seal on Bahamut was weakening.
Court Scholar: So we had to take the information by force.
Nina: ...
Vyrn: Then what are you planning to make us do...
Charioce XVII: I need power to fight Bahamut. If I had Lyria's ability to control primal beasts, then I could fight Bahamut on even ground.
Charioce XVII: That is why I requested your service.
Charioce XVII: We will defeat Bahamut and save the people from calamity. That is my goal and my duty as king.
Charioce XVII: (Captain), lend me your power.
Charioce XVII: If not to defeat Bahamut, then to save the people of this country.
  1. You can count on us.

Choose: You can count on us.

Vyrn: Right!
Lyria: Yes! We'll protect the people from Bahamut!
Charioce XVII: I thank you. And what will you do?
Charioce stares Nina directly in the eye.
Nina: Um... Please don't look at me like that... If you stare at me...
Nina: No! Can't let it happen!
Nina: I mean... I can't let the people—my friends—get hurt.
Nina: And I see that you're serious about protecting people.
Nina: So I'll do what I can too.
Charioce XVII: Very well.
A thin smile appears across Charioce's lips.
Nina: Ah...
Vyrn: You're gettin' red.
Nina: N-no, I'm not!
Vyrn: Okay, you're not. Anyway, what should we do now?
Charioce XVII: Head for the barrier and lead the resurrected Bahamut toward Dromos.
Vyrn: Got it.
Seeing (Captain) nod in agreement, Charioce wastes no time in making preparations to head toward the site where Bahamut was sealed.
(Captain) and the others, riding aboard the Grandcypher, follow Charioce's vessel.
Charioce XVII: Why are you riding in my ship?
Nina: Just to be safe. If the airship crashes or something, I'll do something about it.
Nina: So, um, even if worse comes to worst, I'll just bring you to Dromos directly.
Charioce XVII: I see.
Royal Guard: Your Majesty, we are approaching the site of the barrier.
Charioce XVII: Good. Tell (Captain) and his crew to be on guard.
A flash of light streaks through the air, ripping through Charioce's airship.
Charioce XVII: Bahamut... You've awakened...
More streaks of light fill the sky and pierce through Charioce's airship.
Vyrn: Th-this is not what we signed up for!
Lyria: Look over there!
Lyria points to something flying through the air, something that looks a lot like a colossal dragon.
Lyria: Is that the Bahamut Charioce was talking about...
Vyrn: So that thing... It's not going to aim for us?
Lyria: Seems so—
In the next instant, Bahamut unleashes a beam toward the Grandcypher.
Lyria: Help us!
Lyria: Primeval dragon, child of flame and darkness.
Lyria: I summon you, Bahamut!
Proto Bahamut: ...!
Thanks to Lyria's power, the beam is deflected in the nick of time.
Vyrn: You're amazing, Lyria!
Lyria: Thanks! But we have to do something about this...
As if recognizing a new threat, Bahamut begins flying toward the Grandcypher.
Charioce XVII: Continue leading Bahamut like that.
Vyrn: Lead it where!
Charioce XVII: Follow my ship.
Charioce's ship changes course and begins heading back in the direction it came from.
Lyria: Let's just follow him for now!
Vyrn: We're gonna have to fight it off first!

Rise of the Nightmare: Scene 3

(Captain) and the others confront Bahamut head on, but they quickly learn they're no match for its awesome power. Charioce XVII orders a retreat. This gives the king time to activate Dromos, a weapon specifically devised to take down Bahamut.

Vyrn: Now's our chance! Follow that fancy king and step on it!
Lyria: Right!
Vyrn: But where did his airship go! They just vanished into thin air!
Bahamut launches a beam from behind them and grazes the Grandcypher.
Vyrn: Eek! That was too close for comfort! If he doesn't show up soon, we're toast!
Nina's Voice: Over here! Come this way!
Charioce XVII's Voice: Make it quick!
Lyria: Charioce and Nina!
Lyria looks in the direction of the voices and sees the pair standing on top of a lake.
Vyrn: How did you—wait a minute! Where is this Dromos thing!
Nina: Don't worry about it! Just hurry!
Lyria: Okay! We're headed there!
The Grandcypher begins flying faster, heading to Charioce and Nina's location.
Vyrn: What do we do next! If we stay like this, we're sitting ducks!
Charioce XVII: Turn back. Do not come any closer to our location.
Vyrn: You are not suggesting we do that!
Charioce XVII: If you continue to block my path, I can't use Dromos.
Lyria: Can't use it? I don't even see it...
Charioce XVII: Where are you looking? It's beneath my feet.
Vyrn: Wait... That can't be it...
Charioce XVII: If you understand now, hurry and get out of our way.
Lyria: Right!
(Captain) gives the order for the Grandcypher to descend in the reverse direction.
Charioce XVII: You should leave.
Nina: Nope. I'm going to be right here with you.
Nina: I've got a bone to pick with Bahamut too.
Charioce XVII: I suppose you do.
Charioce and Nina stare straight ahead at the approaching Bahamut.
Charioce XVII: I've waited for so long...
Charioce XVII: I will destroy you here. So that you may never do what you did before...
Charioce XVII: So that you will never cause man to suffer as you did!
Charioce XVII: That is my duty as king.

Rise of the Nightmare: Scene 4

After defeating Bahamut, Charioce XVII offers (Captain) and the crew anything they'd like as a reward. They answer by saying they want the king to stop committing terrible acts. Smiling, the king retorts that he has no intention of continuing down that path now that the people are safe from Bahamut.

A giant hand emerges from the lake. It fires a beam at Bahamut. When the ray collides with the dragon, the avatar of destruction is reduced to ashes.
Lyria: That's what Dromos can do...
Vyrn: That was only one shot. Just how powerful is that thing?
Charioce XVII: We're going back to the castle.
Nina: Already?
Charioce XVII: If you have time to get sentimental, then you should be thinking about what comes next.
Charioce XVII: We need to confirm damage reports and ready the military—there's too much to do
Charioce XVII: This is not a situation where we can afford to waste time.
Charioce XVII: In any case, we've completed what we came to do. That's enough for now.
Lyria: Understood!
(Captain) and the crew accompany Charioce back to the castle.
Charioce XVII: First I give you my thanks. Thanks to you, my duty as king—
Charioce XVII: Nay, my dearest wish has been fulfilled. You truly have my gratitude.
Charioce XVII: I shall offer you an equal reward as an expression of my appreciation.
Charioce XVII: Say what you want. By the power of my crown, I shall provide it.
  1. Free those you enslaved.
  2. Stop hurting people.

Choose: Free those you enslaved.

Nina: Yeah, and cut it out with all the violence too.
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Choose: Stop hurting people.

Nina: Yeah, and you better free the demons you enslaved!

Continue 1

Charioce XVII: I have no qualms with these requests.
Nina: Really?
Charioce XVII: Why?
Nina: It's just... You agreed on a whim...
Charioce XVII: My goal is complete. There is no reason to do those things any longer.
Nina: Well, good.
Nina gives a satisfied smile.
Charioce XVII: Now. As for your service, what is it that you wish from me? Land? A title? Money?
Nina: Um... Didn't we just say it...
Charioce XVII: I had always intended of freeing the demons after accomplishing what I set out to do.
Charioce XVII: It's not a reward.
  1. But it's enough for us.

Choose: But it's enough for us.

Charioce XVII: Are you sure?
(Captain) looks Charioce in the eye and nods.
Charioce XVII: Hm. Just as I suspected, you are either fools or too benevolent for your own good.
Charioce XVII: If you ever find yourself in trouble, do not hesitate to come to me. You will have my support.
Vyrn: You mean you'll help us out if we end up between a rock and a hard place?
Charioce XVII: Yes. You will have the full backing of a king.
Vyrn: Sounds great to me!
Vyrn: I can fly easier knowing that a king's got our back!
Charioce XVII: You have earned this privilege. You should feel proud.
Nina: Ah... Actually, I have a request...
Charioce XVII: Speak.
Nina: It's, um... Will you go shopping me with in town!
Charioce XVII: Humph. Very well.
Nina: Really! You're not lying?
Charioce XVII: I do not lie. I can accompany you for so much as shopping.
Nina: Yay!
Nina: Then it's a promise!
Charioce XVII: It is.
Charioce XVII: Hm. (Captain) and the others should join us.
Charioce XVII: The king shall guide you through his streets.
Nina: Heh...
The moment Nina hears Charioce invite (Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn, she droops over like an ill-watered daisy.
Lyria: Heh... Heh-heh... If it's okay, we'll pass this time. We've got another job to get to.
Vyrn: That's right. You and Nina should just go without us.
Charioce XVII: I see. Then it will be just the two of us.
Nina: ...!
Lyria: Have fun, Nina!
Nina: Oh my go—um... Thanks.
Vyrn: Get 'im, tiger!
Nina: Right...
Charioce XVII: One last thing. I give you permission to talk to me as you do the commoners.
Vyrn: Ah... Now that you mention it—
Lyria: Heh-heh... We've been talking normally to you the whole time.
Charioce XVII: If the circumstances were different, I'd have you jailed for offense to the crown.
Charioce XVII: But I like you. So you're excused this once.
Charioce faces (Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn and does something exceedingly rare—he gives them a friendly smile.