Scenario:De La Fille - Beach of Your Dreams

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Beach of Your Dreams

(Captain) and company come to Yudhisthira Island to have some fun. De La Fille claims she has no interest in the trip, but is oddly enthusiastic. Evidently, she has been looking forward to this visit for a long time.

De La Fille: Oh... So, this is Yudhisthira Island.
The adventures of (Captain) and company continue.
Seeking relaxation, they disembark at Yudhisthira Island, which is known for its beautiful resorts.
Katalina: Wow, it's just as beautiful as it looked from above. White sandy beaches, blue seas... This place is incredible.
De La Fille: Indeed. But then again, it's nothing compared to my jewels.
Vyrn: Hey, don't say that! We just got here!
Lyria: Yeah! And now that we're here, let's make the most of it!
Lyria: Okay, De La Fille?
De La Fille: Hmph. Very well.
Katalina: Whew... They weren't kidding when they said it was hot.
Lyria: Are you okay, Katalina? Don't push yourself!
Katalina: Haha... I-I'm just a little dizzy, that's all...
De La Fille: If you wear an outfit like that on an island like this, you're going to pass out for sure!
Katalina: Hey, wait a second. Where did you get that swimsuit?
De La Fille: I had it custom-made at the Knickknack Shack. It's been tailored for the climate here.
De La Fille: But it's not like I've been looking forward to coming here or anything...
De La Fille: And I would never wear an outfit like this normally.
Lyria: But De La Fille, you look so great in that! It's cute!
De La Fille: What? Really? Well, I spent a lot of time looking over it, so of course it looks good.
Vyrn: You know, for someone who didn't really want to come, you sure are gettin' fired up over that swimsuit!
De La Fille: What! W-well, uh... As a member of the royal family, it is my duty to maintain a respectable appearance.
De La Fille: And it can be quite difficult to consider all the latest trends and price points.
De La Fille: Wait, that's not what I meant! It's not as if I was actually worried about what swimsuit to wear.
Gran is the Main Character

De La Fille: Yes, that's it. So, (Captain), what do you think? About this swimsuit, I mean.
  1. It's a little flashy.
  2. It looks great on you.

Djeeta is the Main Character

De La Fille: Yes, that's it. So, (Captain), what do you think? About this swimsuit, I mean.
  1. It's too flashy.
  2. Not flashy enough.

Choose: It's a little flashy.
Gran is the Main Character

De La Fille: Erm... What do you mean? And why are you smiling at me like that?
Gran is the Main Character

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Choose: It looks great on you.
De La Fille: Hmph... Well, of course it does!
De La Fille: That being said, I don't mind getting compliments from you, (Captain).
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Choose: It's too flashy.
Djeeta is the Main Character

De La Fille: Teehee... Don't be so prude! This is our chance to have some fun.
De La Fille: Surely there's no harm in pushing the envelope a little.
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Choose: Not flashy enough.
De La Fille: F-flashier than this...? Is that what you're into, (Captain)?
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De La Fille: Anyway, this is no time for trivial conversation!
De La Fille: We must hurry!
Katalina: Hurry? Hurry where, exactly?
De La Fille: Can you see that food stand over there? They sell the most exquisite grilled corn there, but they only offer 100 per day.
De La Fille: We can't leave this place without trying some!
Lyria: Mmm... Well, it does smell good...
De La Fille: Oh, and we must reserve a cruise ship and tour the island!
De La Fille: And, of course, we should spend the evening at this hill renowned for its view.
Katalina: Well, there's no need to rush, is there? We'll still be here for a few more days.
De La Fille: Oh right... Silly me. How embarrassing.
Lyria: You sure know a lot about this island, De La Fille! Have you been here before?
De La Fille: No, never...
Lyria: Huh? Then how do you know about all the...
De La Fille: I-I've always dreamed of coming here... to Yudhisthira Island.
De La Fille: A long time ago, a certain someone told me about this island, and ever since then, I've wanted to visit.
De La Fille: I've collected information about this place since I was in the Gem Domain. But something always came up, so I was never able to come.
Vyrn: Something came up? Like, you were always busy or something?
De La Fille: That was part of the problem. But the biggest issue wasn't that I was busy.
De La Fille: It's that the travel costs were too high. Coming from the Gem Domain, that is.
Katalina: Travel costs, eh? Well, the Gem Domain is pretty far from here.
De La Fille: The royal family doesn't just throw money around, you know!
De La Fille: Quite the opposite, in fact! As representatives of our country, we're expected to be frugal.
De La Fille: Sigh... Well, any way you slice it, the fact of the matter is, I would never spend that kind of money.
De La Fille: Surely you find my way of thinking to be unbefitting of royalty, (Captain).
  1. That's not true!
  2. Actually, it suits royalty perfectly.

Choose: That's not true!
De La Fille: Teehee... Thank you. That's very kind of you to say so, (Captain).
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Choose: Actually, it suits royalty perfectly.
De La Fille: Thank you for saying so. You know, I believe the same thing.
De La Fille: Hehe... Looks like we share common values, (Captain).
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Katalina: Well, anyway... Now that we're here, your dream has come true at last. You should enjoy this trip to your heart's content.
De La Fille: You're right. This is no time to feel down!
Lyria: Yeah! Let's have the time of our lives!
Vyrn: All right! Time for some excitement on this vacation. Come on, (Captain)!
Together with De La Fille, the crew enjoys the rest of their vacation on the shores of Yudhisthira Island.