Scenario:Elmelaura - The Wandering Chef

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The Wandering Chef

In that town, (Captain) and company set forth to said cart, operated by an itinerant chef named Elmelaura. Elmelaura was always on the hunt for unknown ingredients. She showed an interest in the talking lizard Vyrn, and asked the party if she could come with them on their journey so that she may discover even rarer ingredients.

Our heroes headed for a food cart that become topical among the people of a town the party had visited.
Vyrn: Whoa... Tons of people are lining up for you...
Lyria: Wow... I can’t believe there is cooking that can when over someone to this degree...
Elmelaura: Welcome! Welcome to the food cart of Elmelaura, the wandering chef!
Vyrn: Ahh! Huh? That huge knife!
Elmelaura: With this secret knife handed down from my ancestors...! I’ll present to everyone, a feast fit for a king!
Elmelaura: Now! Please give me your orders, stat!
When the party ordered their dishes, Elmelaura daintily waved her enormous knife about with her incongruously tiny frame...
The ingredients she would thus find would allow her to create the finest haute cuisine. This was all very enjoyable to the party, but...
Man: Hmph! Your cooking is no big deal!
Vyrn: Hey pal, did you ask to try all of it?
Man: Nah, but calling it “A feast for a king” is a ridiculous exaggeration! She is full of hot air!
Elmelaura: Hmhmhm? My cooking did not satisfy you?
Man: Ah. I wouldn’t pay a halfpenny for this slop.
Lyria: How can you say such a thing! That’s terrible!
Vyrn: Hey hey... You ain’t gonna dine and dash, are you?
Elmelaura: Oh dear... I am so terribly sorry that I was not unable to meet your expectations!
Vyrn: What the... hey! You shouldn’t be apologizing, you should be angry!
Elmelaura: Hmhmhm... For sure what he’s saying wounds my pride as a chef!
Elmelaura: “I have nothing to feed to the likes of you!” I’m not so sure it would be such a hot idea to say something like that!
Elmelaura: This is just one item I offer! I would like for you to try another!
Man: Wha...? Interesting. Go ahead and bring it out.
Elmelaura bowed to the man as deeply as she could, and whipped up another entree as fast as lightning.
Elmelaura: I’m staking my good name as a chef on this! My treat!
Man: Ah... This again...
After taking his first bite of the new dish that was brought out to him, his eyes opened wide and he took bite after bite of the dish.
Man: Agh... This...! I can’t stop eating it!
Elmelaura: Hahaha! How do you like it?
Vyrn: Whahaha! So, pops, are you going to eat all that again? Delicious, ain’t it?
Vyrn: H-hey! The old man collapsed!
Elmelaura: Hahaha! Just deserts for creeps who plan to dine and dash!
Vyrn: Wha?! Did you serve him poison or something?!
Elmelaura: Don’t be absurd! All I did was add an amount of my special spice that was almost, but not quite, a lethal dose!
Vyrn: Say what!? Don’t do such a dirty deed!
Elmelaura: For such recalcitrants I serve up “A feast fit for a king!2
Afterwards, guards came running in and hauled away the would-be culinary thief.
Vyrn: That notwithstanding, why do you such a gargantuan knife?
Elmelaura: Ooh! Naturally, you have quite the discerning eye! This knife was handed down to me by my grandmother!
Elmelaura: "The bigger the better!"That’s what my grandma taught me!
Elmelaura: If you want to make delicious soup you have to use a big pot!
Elmelaura: Therefore, the more steel in your nice blade, the better!
Vyrn: I see... I guess that sort of makes sense...
Vyrn: Though it’s quite odd for such a tiny person to be saying such things!
Elmelaura: Har har!
Elmelaura: One mustn’t say such a thing! It is taboo!
Elmelaura: I will slice and dice any creep who says such a thing and serve them to my customers!
Vyrn: H-hey! Wait a minute, knife girl! I was just joking!
Elmelaura: Talking lizards are an ingredient that I’m not experienced with... Get ready!
Vyrn: (Captain)! Do something!
Elmelaura: ... hmhmhm? An ingredient I’ve never tried... Hmhmhm!
Vyrn: What’s happened?! Knife girl...
Elmelaura: You were the captain, weren’t you? Perhaps you will meet up with another rare life form?
Elmelaura: After all, you are already accompanied by a talking lizard...
Vyrn: T-That’s right! That's right! The captain has already met up with many beings much stranger than myself!
Elmelaura: Hmhmhm... Hmhmhm! If that’s the case then I want to go with you, too!
Vyrn: Say what!?
Elmelaura: I want to go on a journey to discover new ingredients!
Elmelaura: I provide unparalleled service to everyone with my “Feasts fit for a king”! I look forward to serving you!
Vyrn: Hey hey... I’m am not exactly willing here, but... How about you? (Captain).
  1. Make soup for me every morning!
  2. Please don’t eat Vyrn

Choose: Make soup for me every morning!
Elmelaura: Hmhmhm! So you want me to make dishes that you could eat every morning without growing tired of them?!
Elmelaura: Requests are an expression of one’s expectations... I am so pleased! I will do my best!
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Choose: Please don’t eat Vyrn
Elmelaura: Understood! In place of that!
Elmelaura: Take me to find lots of ingredients that would be even rarer than a talking lizard!
Continue 1
Elmelaura: It’s decided! I look forward to journeying with you!
Elmelaura: Hahaha... Until now I had only taken trips that involved lots of flight connections between airships...
Elmelaura: This will save me travel expenses! That will allow me to make even higher-quality dishes!
Thus the itinerant master chef Elmelaura became a member of the Order.
Elmelaura: Hahaha... Rare ingredients... This is going to be fun!
Vyrn: H-hey! Don’t look at me when you say that!