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Where I Belong

Elta, still afraid of monsters, feels unneeded as the children who usually listen to his music have suddenly stopped coming to see him. That day, he meets Aoidos and asks for his musical guidance. However, Aoidos encounters difficulty encouraging the timid minstrel to conquer his fears. As a last ditch effort, Aoidos cajoles him into battling a monster.

Elta: Whoa! Don't come any closer!
Monster: Grroar!
Monster: Grrr... Graaah...
Elta: Thanks, (Captain)...
Vyrn: Just a little more. Don't let your guard down yet, Elta! Get 'em, (Captain)!
Elta looks on as (Captain) fearlessly heads into battle with the monster.
Some time later on an island the crew often visits...
In a plaza near an entrance of a forest, Elta sits on a tree stump and begins playing when...
Elta: Sigh...
Vyrn: Hm? Why the sigh, Elta? Something wrong?
Elta: I was useless against that monster we fought off earlier...
Vyrn: I wouldn't say that. It was your music that subdued the monster, remember?
Elta: But compared to (Captain), I didn't contribute much to the battle.
While Lyria and (Captain) are out shopping, Elta confides in Vyrn.
Elta: I thought I had made some progress. I thought I grew up a little... But I'm still not good enough yet...
Vyrn: Whoa now! Don't get all down on me! Your music makes everything more fun.
Elta: My music... Yeah, so much for that. Look around us, Vyrn. It's been like this for days.
Elta normally spends his days in this plaza singing with the children.
However, recently they've stopped coming around. The only thing in sight is a rundown shack in the corner.
Elta: I haven't had anyone come and listen to my singing for some time now...
Vyrn: I'm sure they're, uh, probably just busy or something.
Elta: Right...
Elta: They're just tired of me and my songs...
Elta: I'm just a guy who starts shaking when monsters show up and whose music bores everyone. I'm useless.
Vyrn: What's got you down like this all of a sudden? No one thinks you're useless.
Elta: I'm sorry, Vyrn, but can we go back to the inn?
Elta: It feels like the town's become much more crowded in the last couple of days... It's a lot more festive, that's for sure.
Elta: Huh? Vyrn? Where'd you go off to?
Elta notices that he's lost Vyrn somewhere along the crowded street.
Elta: Oh no... Will Vyrn be able to make it back alone?
While Elta looks for Vyrn, a man approaches him.
Event Manager: Hey, is that there your instrument?
Elta: What? Yeah... Why do you ask?
Event Manager: Great! Just what I was looking for. I'm an event manager, and I've got a gig to run. Could you help me out?
Elta: Come again?
Event Manager: I just need a body to perform. We've got a major singer coming down, but they're running pretty late...
Event Manager: I don't want the fans to start a riot...
Event Manager: Come on! Help a guy out. I just need you to stall while the other guy gets down here.
Elta: What? But I wouldn't even know what to play!
Event Manager: Play it by ear! That'll be good enough. I'll take you to the stage!
Elta: Just wait a second!
The event manager takes Elta to the stage and forces him onto it.
Elta: Uh... What do I do?
Elta can feel the pressure of the crowd's eyes on him.
Elta: (They're all waiting on someone else, but somehow they've got me here instead...)
Elta: (I guess I've got no choice... I'll just have to play something!)
Elta: ...
Fan 1: Huh? What the hell is this half—
Elta lets go of his worry and begins his music with passion in his heart.
The mood in the crowd immediately shifts upon hearing his performance.
Fan 2: Oh, he's not bad. I'd even say the opener is pretty good, don't you think?
Fan 1: Yeah. His music's got a certain something to it.
Elta's music begins to command the audience.
However, during his performance someone else takes to the stage.
???: ...
Fan 2: Ahhhh! It's Aoidos!
Aoidos not in crew

Elta: ...!
Aoidos not in crew

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Aoidos is a crew member

Elta: Aoidos! He's the main performer for today?
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Aoidos: Ladies and gentlemen, my apologies for the late entrance.
Aoidos's explosive music rocks the crowd to their core, and they return the favor in cheers.
Aoidos not in crew

Elta: That's amazing! He's completely drawing them in!
Elta hides in the stage wing and watches as the man's energy takes the crowd like wildfire.
This is Aoidos's true power.
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Aoidos is a crew member

Elta: A-amazing! He has the whole crowd in the palm of his hands...
Elta compares the reaction the crowd has to Aoidos with the reaction the crowd had to him and is blown away by the difference.
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Aoidos: Much obliged. Thanks to your music, my Dosse was kept entertained while they waited for me.
Elta: Dosse?
Elta: Anyway, uh, it was a good experience for me as well.
Elta: And, um... Can I, er...
Aoidos: Go ahead. Let me know what's on your mind.
Elta: Would you teach me how to do what you do with music?
Aoidos: Hm... You for real?
Elta: Yes, absolutely! Please... I want to lift the people who listen to my music even higher!
Aoidos: All right... Before I got on stage, I listened to you play. You're not half bad.
Aoidos: But your style of music and mine are beasts of a different kind. Why do you want to learn from me?
Elta: I... don't have memories of my parents, but I do remember one song from my past. That's been the basis of my music for as long as I can remember.
Aoidos: Oh? No memories of them at all?
Elta: That's right... But lately I've been thinking my music's too centered around that one song.
Elta: I want to grow even more... I want to bring joy to more and more people with my very own music!
Aoidos: Huh... Is this what they call fate? Or just a coincidence? I also happen to have no memories of my past.
Elta: What? Really?
Aoidos: Yeah... I've got memory loss. I don't know my parents or where I come from. There isn't anyone who knows the real me.
Aoidos: I mean that I, er... We have no place to call home.
Elta: No place to call... home...
Aoidos: Everyone else does. But not us. We don't have a place where everybody knows our name.
Aoidos: Music is our only connection to our past. That's what we have in common.
Aoidos: I'm looking forward to sharing that burning pathos of yours.
Elta: Th-thank you!
Aoidos: Haha... A youth with worries of his music. Let's get started, Jovendos.
Elta: Jovendos?
Aoidos: Yeah. Your new stage name.
This is where the paths of these two musicians intersect.
A few days later, Aiodos and Elta practice together in a secluded corner of the forest.
Elta: Ouch!
Unaccustomed to the fast pace of Aoidos's melodies, Elta's fingers begin to feel the strain.
Elta: Huff... Puff...
Aoidos: Come on, Jovendos. Do you think you can take your fans to heaven with that?
Elta: Um... Aoidos, what do you mean by "to heaven"?
Aoidos: Sigh... Did anyone teach you how to sing with words? Heaven is something you feel with your heart, not think with your mind.
Elta: G-got it! I'll try it again!
Elta attempts to start over, placing his fingers on the strings once more.
Elta: Agh!
Elta cries out in pain as red liquid oozes from his fingers.
Seeing this, Aoidos approaches him.
Aoidos: Jovendos. You need to decimate your world.
Elta: Decimate... my world? What...
Aoidos: What are you most afraid of?
Elta: What I'm most afraid of? That would be...
Elta: Monsters, I suppose.
Aoidos: Hmm... Perfect. Follow me, Jovendos.
Elta: Huh? Aoidos, wait! Where are we going?
Monster: Groooar!
Elta: Aaah! A m-monster!
Aoidos: That's right. I can't practice my shouting in the forest because the people in town hear me...
Aoidos: So I come here when I need to shout. The shouting, of course, attracts monsters.
Monster: Grraaar!
Aoidos: The reason I was late for that gig earlier was because of this guy.
Aoidos: Put in another way, this guy is responsible for us meeting.
Aoidos: But as you can see, he's pretty hostile, and the lumberjacks can't do their work.
Aoidos: So are you scared?
Elta: Isn't it obvious?
Aoidos: Good. Now is the time to conquer your fear, Jovendos. You'll take on this monster by yourself.
Elta: By myself? How am I supposed to do this alone? It's huge!
Aoidos: Come now, Jovendos. You want to improve, yes? Then face your fears!
Elta: Is this really supposed to help my music?

Where I Belong: Scene 2

Days later the crew enter a building where they find a singer calling himself Jovendos. It turns he is actually Elta in disguise. The crew and Elta receive a report that monsters have been seen in the same location that Elta usually plays music for the children. Elta immediately rushes to the location without fear of the monsters that lie in wait.

Elta: Aaaargh!
Monster: Grrr...
Aoidos: Haha. Well, look at you.
Aoidos: You decimated your own world. Now you've unlocked the path to a brave new you.
Elta: I decimated... my world? A brave new me...
A few days later, (Captain) and the crew take a stroll through town.
Vyrn: Ugh... Why're there so many people here?
Lyria: Ngh... It's hard to get through this crowd. Let's make sure to stick together.
Vyrn: Whoa! They've started movin'! Where is this mob going?
The crew is swallowed by the crowd, which eventually makes its way toward a building.
Lyria: Huff... Pant... Is this some kind of stage? There sure are lots of people here.
Vyrn: Hey! Look over there!
Vyrn points in the direction of a familiar figure.
Elta: ...
Fan 2: Ahhh! Aoidooos! We love you! Jovendos, too! What a cutie-pie!
Aoidos not in crew

Vyrn: This crowd is really something! What's Elta doing in a place like this anyway?
Next to Elta is a red-haired youth commanding his instrument with tremendous power.
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Aoidos is a crew member

Vyrn: And Aoidos to boot? What are those two about to do?
Aoidos commands his instrument with tremendous power.
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Aoidos: Let's rip this! Judgment Night!
Aoidos and Elta's music come together in perfect harmony, taking the hearts of the entire crowd.
Elta: (Aoidos is really something! His energy is bursting through!)
Elta: (Ngh... This won't do! My fingers can't take much more of this! At this rate, I won't be able to finish...)
Elta realizes Aoidos's eyes are on him.
Aoidos: (Is that the end of your pathos?)
Elta: (...!
I can hear him? Aoidos's very thoughts... They're connected with my own!)
Aoidos: (Show me your pathos!)
Elta: (There isn't time to be worrying about the pain in my fingers!)
Elta: (Here's my pathos!)
Fan 2: Ahhh! Heaven! Heaven! Today's performance is even hotter than usual!
Elta: (I see... So this is heaven!)
Aoidos: (Heh... That's right. Now you know.)
There in the midst of the fans, lost in all of their glory, Elta comes to understand exactly what heaven is.
When the first song finishes, Elta walks off stage as Aoidos continues performing.
The crew is left speechless at the performance.
Vyrn: That guy playing up there just now was Elta... right?
Lyria: Umm... It looked like him, but it was almost as if he was a different person.
Vyrn: Right! It couldn't have been him... The whole crowd was cheering "Jovendos" anyway. It's gotta be someone else!
  1. That was definitely Elta.
  2. That was definitely somebody else.

Choose: That was definitely Elta.
Vyrn: So you think it was Elta? Well, if you say so then it must've been him.
Elta: (Captain)! You came to see me? And you brought the crew!
Vyrn: Yeah... That was something else. What's the deal here?
Elta: I've actually been performing here under the stage name Jovendos lately.
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Choose: That was definitely somebody else.
Vyrn: Right! That's not the Elta that we know at all!
Elta: (Captain)! You came to see me? And you brought the crew!
Vyrn: What! Elta! No way, it really was you!
Elta: Huh? You didn't realize it was me? Sorry... I didn't mean to surprise you like that.
Elta: I've actually been performing here under the stage name Jovendos lately.
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Vyrn: Did something happen to you? Your music feels totally different than before!
Elta: Well, the thing is...
Elta: Oh! The next song is about to start! This song has even more pathos than the last!
Elta: Heaven! Heaven!
Elta: (Captain), come on! Say it with me! Heaven! Heaven!
  1. Heaven?
  2. Heaven!

Choose: Heaven?
Elta: You... don't know what I'm talking about? But still, I think you can get it faster than I did!
Vyrn: What happened to you, Elta?
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Choose: Heaven!
Elta: Heaven! Heaven! I knew you'd get it, (Captain)!
Vyrn: Whoa! Looks like he's even got you pumped, (Captain)!
Continue 3
After the performance ends, the crew exits the venue to talk to Elta.
Elta: I just... I thought the sound I was producing wasn't enough to make people happy.
Elta: So I asked Aoidos to teach me about his pathos by being in his gig.
Vyrn: I don't really get what you're going on about, but I thought your music before was good too!
Elta: Yes, but... Hmm?
Elta: What's happened?
Some residents have gathered nearby to discuss something, but their expressions are grim.
Vyrn: What's up? Did something happen?
Resident: Yeah, there are monsters on the loose. We're talking about what to do about it.
Lyria: What! Oh no!
Resident: It's all right... They've only appeared in the forest for now... We should be okay for the time being.
Resident: But if they do decide to continue moving, they could reach the town. We've gotten word that they're near the shack.
Elta: What! You mean the shack near the stump in the plaza?
Vyrn: Wait a sec... Isn't that where you always play your music?
Elta: Yes, it is... That place means a lot to me.
Elta: But no one comes around to hear me play anymore, so there should be no one in harm's way... Thank goodness.
Vyrn: Elta... When you put it like that...
Resident: Wait, are you all skyfarers? Would you help us?
Elta: Of course! Let's go, (Captain). We need to stop those monsters.
Lyria: A-are you sure? These are monsters we're talking about!
Elta: Of course I am! Let's go!
Elta sprints off in the direction of the forest, and the crew follows behind.

Where I Belong: Scene 3

With the monster defeated, a child comes out from atop a tree to speak with Elta. He learns that the children were told to keep away from the area where Elta plays music because monsters have been sighted there as of late. With his confidence restored and his skills improved, Elta, still afraid of even the smallest monster, returns to the crew with a new sense of self.

Elta: Do it, (Captain)!
Monster: Grrr...
Elta uses his newfound pathos to stun the monster, leaving (Captain) to deal the final blow.
Vyrn: Who'da thunk it... Elta's not afraid of monsters anymore!
Vyrn: But are you sure you're okay with this new style of music?
Lyria: I'm kind of sad, though... I loved your old music, Elta... I'm sure the others feel the same way.
Elta: ...!
Elta: Thank you, Lyria. I'm happy to hear that.
Elta: I want to help many more people be happy. That's my only wish...
Elta: But the old me had limits. As Jovendos, I can break through what's holding me back.
Elta: Look at the plaza. Don't you see? I used to play with all the children, but now...
In the plaza there is not a soul in sight.
Or at least, so Elta thought.
Boy: Hey! Elta!
Elta: Whoa!
A young boy reveals himself from behind a tree and makes a dash for Elta.
Boy: Hahaha! I found you! I was waiting here all day.
Elta: All day? Why?
Boy: Mommy said that monsters show up around here sometimes. And mommy said I should stay away.
Boy: But you weren't on the island, so you didn't know that, right? I came to tell you.
Lyria: But... why would you wait for Elta here if you knew that monsters might show up?
Vyrn: Kid, you shoulda gone to town to tell us!
Boy: I tried to. I heard the skyfarers were in town and went to find Elta.
Boy: And when I asked people if they saw someone with your outfit and instrument, there wasn't anyone who said they saw you.
Vyrn: Weird, he should be an easy guy to spot.
Boy: I mean... People thought I was talking about some guy named "Jovendos". They all said the same thing!
Vyrn: ...
Lyria: ...
Boy: I dunno who Jovendos is... So that's why I came here without telling the grown-ups.
Boy: But then the monsters showed up, so I've been hiding there this whole time.
Elta: I... I see.
Boy: Anyway, this Jovendos person probably looks a lot like you... I wanna see him in person too.
Elta: I'm sorry.
Boy: Huh? What are you saying sorry for?
Elta: Well... because...
Vyrn: It's fine, Elta... He probably won't get it.
The mood is bleak with tension and gloom. Suddenly a voice breaks the silence.
Resident 2: Hey! Are you all right?
Elta: You guys!
The children who used to listen to Elta play have come with their parents to see the skyfarers who kept the monsters at bay.
Girl: Thanks for getting rid of all the monsters, Elta! Let's have another singing party!
Elta: ...!
Elta: O-okay! Let's do that!
Lyria: Elta, I want to sing too.
Vyrn: Yeah! Let's get it rockin'!
Elta: Haha... Okay, let's start!
Girl: Yay!
Soon enough the group begins singing together in harmony as Elta's joyous melodies permeate the air.
Elta: Thank you, everyone.
  1. We like you just the way you are.

Choose: We like you just the way you are.
Elta: (Captain)! You really think I should be my old self?
Vyrn: Of course! It was the old Elta that joined our crew, not Jovendos.
Elta: I'm... I'm so happy!
Aoidos: Haha... I couldn't help overhearing your conversation.
Elta: Aoidos! I...
Aoidos: Well played, Jovendos. You've decimated yet another world... Who would've thought you could grow so fast?
Elta: What?
Aoidos: That's the finale for our duet. Let's just say our music takes us down different paths!
Elta: ...!
I see... I'm sorry.
Elta: I guess I just can't leave the old me behind! I may have been trying too hard to become somebody else.
Aoidos: Worry not. Our love of music still binds us together. Perhaps someday we'll rock another stage once again.
Elta: Okay! I would love to!
Aoidos: Let me just say that I could feel your pathos in that performance. I knew you had it in you.
Aoidos: Hasta luego. I'm off to my next gig.
Hence, Elta chooses to go back to his former self, but with a little more wisdom than before.
Vyrn: Come on, gang! We're off!
The crew takes Vyrn's lead and heads back to the town. While walking back, Elta recalls Aoidos's words.
Aoidos: I mean that I, er... we have no place to call home.
Elta: (Aoidos might have said that, but I do have a place to call home—this crew.)
Lyria: Hehe, you sure look happy, Elta. Did something good happen?
Elta: I was just thinking how great it is being able to travel with you all.
Vyrn: Well, you did get stronger. Not to mention having an experience like that will probably be good for battles, and—
Vyrn: Hm? Looks like we've got some stragglers.
Lyria: Where's Elta?
Elta: Ahhh! M-m-monsters! They really are terrifying!
Vyrn: That was a really fast one-eighty...
The crew collectively breathes a sigh of relief, now certain that Elta really has returned to his former self.