Scenario:Europa - To Uncharted Waters

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To Uncharted Waters

Europa approaches (Captain) and the crew with questions about what a "vacation" is. The crew are more than happy to help her find the answer to that question herself.

One day the crew find themselves completing a mission far more quickly than expected.
Lyria: Hehehe. We got the job done in no time! Nobody got hurt either.
Vyrn: It's kind of a let down how easy that was! But now we've got nothing to do, huh?
When the crew received the mission, they were told to be ready for a tough and long challenge. However, the unexpectedly quick finish leaves them wandering aimlessly around town.
It's in the middle of this aimless wandering that a voice requests their attention.
Europa: Excuse me...
Lyria: Europa! Did you need something?
The voice belongs to none other than Europa, a primal beast who serves as the disciple of Gabriel, one of the four primarchs.
Europa not in crew

Fascinated by all things that encapsulate beauty, a fateful battle with (Captain) and company revealed to her the charming and luminous nature of mortals.
She abruptly appeared aboard the Grandcypher's deck not too long after and expressed her wish to join the crew.
Though her request was in accordance with her duties to Gabriel, she also wanted to see more of the wonders the Sky Realm had to offer.
Europa is a crew member

Her fascination with wonders never ceases, and no matter how much of the world (Captain) and the crew show to her, she is always curious for more.
Vyrn: Are you hungry? 'Cause we sure are—
Europa: I wish to know something. What is a vacation?
Lyria: A... vacation?
Europa: Yes. I heard the word from some people passing by.
Europa: They seemed to be in a remarkably good mood while discussing the topic of vacations.
Vyrn: It's kinda hard to explain, but I guess it's like taking a day off, going to Auguste, and playing in the water and stuff?
Lyria: Actually, people do other things too, but when I think "vacation," I think "Auguste"!
Europa: I see... Auguste has quite a beautiful sea from what I've heard. How is one supposed to play in it?
Lyria: Huh? Erm, you can swim in it, splash around, build sandcastles on the beach...
Vyrn: Just floatin' in the water is plenty of fun too! Hehe!
Europa: I understand now. You're speaking of frolicking in the sea.
Lyria: Um...
Europa: I too have experienced this. There used to be a spring, untouched by the influence of people, that Gabriel and I would enjoy together.
Europa: The sensation of interacting intimately with nature is truly marvelous. A vacation is an admirable activity!
Vyrn: Umm... I don't think she gets it. A vacation doesn't have to be that super special or anything.
Lyria: Y-yeah... How can we explain it better?
  1. Experience is the best teacher.
  2. How about we give her a crash course?

Choose: Experience is the best teacher.

Vyrn: Huh? Then that means...
Lyria: Oh! Are we going to Auguste?
(Captain) nods with a smile.
Go to "Continue 1"

Choose: How about we give her a crash course?

Lyria: That's a good idea. I mean, Europa wants to learn more about people, right?
Vyrn: I'd feel bad if we left her with the wrong impression too...
Vyrn: Hold on. Does this mean what I think it means?
(Captain) nods with a smile at Vyrn's excited gaze. Lyria suddenly makes the connection.
Lyria: Oh! We're really going to Auguste then?
(Captain) nods a second time.

Continue 1

Vyrn: All right! We've got a lot of time anyways since the job's done already!
Lyria: Yaaay! We can show Europa what a real vacation's like!
Europa: Oh my! We'll be heading to Auguste then? How exciting.
Lyria: First things first! We need to get you a swimsuit, Europa!
Following Lyria's enthusiastic declaration, the crew begins to search for the perfect swimsuit.
Europa: I'd almost forgotten that mortals wear swimsuits when swimming.
Europa: As a water primal, I'm flattered that people would make clothes for the purpose of being in the water. However, I never would have expected this...
Staring at the countless rows of swimsuits lining the store racks, Europa utters her astonishment.
Lyria: Choose one, Europa! Everyone on vacation in Auguste wears a swimsuit!
Europa: I suppose I must then. Though I must confess, I have no idea where to start.
Lyria: Choose the one you like the best! That's all there is to it.
Europa: Choose the one I like the best? That seems quite difficult considering how many swimsuits there are.
Europa gazes at each swimsuit she walks past, moving further into the store, before she suddenly comes to a stop.
Lyria: Did you find one you like? You should try it on!
Europa: Try on, you say? Well then.
Europa: I apologize for keeping you waiting.
Europa: What do you think? I don't look strange, do I?
Lyria: Gosh... You're so pretty, Europa!
Vyrn: If by strange you mean amazing, then yeah! Hey, (Captain)! She looks great, doesn't she?
At (Captain)'s nod, Europa gives a relieved smile.
Lyria: This swimsuit really is super pretty, but what made you choose this one?
Europa: These wonderful, soft colors reminded me of Gabriel somehow.
Lyria: Hehe. You must really love Gabriel.
Europa: By the way, these sandals are such curious pieces of footwear. Could I try walking around in them?
Vyrn: Yeah, sure!
Permission given, the swimsuit-clad Europa leaves the dressing room and walks out the store.
Lyria: E-Europa! Stop! You can't go outside in your swimsuit!
Vyrn: Yeah, yeah, yeah! And you can't just leave without paying for it!
Europa: My sincerest apologies for the trouble I've caused. I didn't know that trying the outfit on was restricted to the dressing room.
Europa: However, may I ask why Lyria insisted that I couldn't go outside in my swimsuit?
Europa: I recall that you said everyone goes swimming in the sea while wearing swimsuits.
Lyria: Oh, umm... That's because you'd give the townspeople a shock, right? People don't usually wear swimsuits walking through town...
Europa: Is that so? But wearing a swimsuit in the sea is not shocking?
Europa: The nuances of this world are difficult to navigate. In any case, I am extremely sorry for the trouble.
Europa: I swear I will never again attempt to wear a swimsuit into town.
Lyria: Umm, it's not that big a deal, so there's no need to worry so much.
Europa: I'll be careful to limit my swimsuit activities to the ship while we travel to Auguste.
Lyria: Er...
Lyria: Ahaha... I wonder how that will go...
Vyrn: I'm startin' to get a little worried here...
Vyrn: Well, I'm sure things'll be fine! C'mon, let's get to Auguste!
The crew can't help but worry for Europa, who has not yet fully grasped how to interact with people.
But not even worry can beat out the excitement they're feeling as Auguste approaches, and a nice vacation on the beach awaits.