Scenario:Ghandagoza - Way of the Fist

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Way of the Fist

Ghandagoza, a legendary martial artist, approaches the crew and asks (Captain) to be his student. Some thugs suddenly attack the crew, and (Captain) accidentally hits Ghandagoza in the ensuing brawl. The impressed martial artist then joins the crew.

(Captain) and company land on a small island to replenish their food stores.
They buy food and are on the way back to the Grandcypher when someone's stomach rumbles.
Eugen: Haha. Heading back now without grabbin' lunch won't do anybody any good. Who's up to try the local specialty at that restaurant?
At Eugen's suggestion, (Captain) and the crew head into the eatery.
Rackam: Hello! Got any recommendations, shopkeep?
Shopkeep: Welcome, welcome! This island is famous for its dairy products—wait... Are you guys travelers?
Rackam: Look out the window and see for yourself.
Shopkeep: The window? Hmm... Hey! That's the airship I saw moored at the cape earlier!
Rackam: Yep. That's our ship, the Grandcypher.
Shopkeep: The Grandcypher! So you're those hotshot skyfarers everyone's been talking about!
Vyrn: Hey, you're gonna make us blush!
Shopkeep: It wasn't a compliment. And we stopped serving food an hour ago. Sorry, but you need to leave.
Katalina: What! What's the meaning of this?
Shopkeep: It is what it is, ma'am. Believe me—this is not a time you want to be eating.
Lyria: But why? I want to try your food.
Shopkeep: Sorry, I guess I'm not making myself clear. I mean no offense. I'm actually trying to protect you.
Katalina: What in the skies are you talking about?
Shopkeep: He's hunting you.
Eugen: What do you mean by he? Be more clear!
Shopkeep: There's no time! Go now or he'll find you!
Thug 1: Hey, where's the grub, old man? Bring us everything you've got!
Thug 2: Out of the way! Yer in my seat!
Thug 1: Looky here! Some new faces. Who the hell are you bunch?
Rackam: See that ship out the window? That's ours. We're skyfarers.
Thug 1: An airship!
Thug 2: That's not any ol' airship! It's the Grandcypher... The one everyone's been talkin' about!
Eugen: Yep. So go ahead and keep disturbin' the peace. I dare ya.
Thug 1: (Who are these guys? There's something about them... They've obviously been through hell and back.)
Thug 2: (Especially the one in the middle. That kind-looking face isn't foolin' me. That one's got skills.)
Rackam: Why are you starin' so hard? Something on (Captain)'s face?
Thug 1: Let's get out of here.
Rackam: See that, shopkeep? Nothin' to worry about after all.
Shopkeep: Yes, there is! I wasn't talking about them! Oh no, he's here!
Shopkeep: It's over now. There's no escape...
Rackam: Huh? Did it just get darker all of a sudden?
A colossal, mountainous shadow extends over (Captain) and company.
The shopkeeper peers up and behind them, his look shifting from fear to terror. (Captain) and the crew slowly turn to around to see the source of his fright.
Vyrn: Wh-what the heck! I've heard of over the hill, but this guy is the hill!
Ghandagoza: Gahaha! It is I—the unrivaled warrior, the founder of the Eternal Rage Style, the one and only Ghandagoza!
Vyrn: What? Rackam, are you gettin' any of this?
Rackam: Nope, can't say I am...
Eugen: Hold on... The Eternal Rage Style?
Katalina: Eugen, you've heard of this guy?
Eugen: Yeah. Or, well, he certainly matches a rumor I've heard about an unbeaten fighter who roams about Phantagrande.
Eugen: According to the stories, his style focuses on ending fights with a single, all-powerful strike.
Eugen: And that's not all... Other accounts say he's sent men flying into the Grim Basin with a single punch. Or that he's taken on countless chariots by himself.
Eugen: But I've even heard about someone rollin' over in bed and accidentally destroying a mountain. All a bunch of a tall tales if ya ask me.
Katalina: I'm thinking those legends have their roots in this gentleman. He must be quite a warrior.
Rackam: If these stories are even true, I bet they're more than a little exaggerated.
Ghandagoza: I walk the path that will instill my fist with the power to fell a god with a sure strike. But believe what you will.
Rackam: A god? Don't make me laugh! You definitely talk the talk, I'll give you that much. But can you walk the walk?
Eugen: Whether he can face a god or not, what's more important is what does an infamous martial artist such as yourself want with us anyway?
Ghandagoza: A brilliant question!
Ghandagoza: There's one foe that not even the strongest fighter in the skies can beat: time itself.
Ghandagoza: And after it claims bitter victory over me, the deepest secrets of the Eternal Rage Style, too, shall go to the grave.
Katalina: That would certainly be a shame.
Ghandagoza: Forgive my uninvited stares, but I saw the way you conducted yourself with those ruffians, (Captain). It was an impressive display.
Eugen: Huh? What display? (Captain) didn't even throw a punch.
Ghandagoza: True. But (Captain)'s mere presence was enough to deter those thugs. To win a victory without a single strike is a masterful thing.
Ghandagoza: (Captain), what do you say? Will you be the first disciple of the school of Eternal Rage?
Vyrn: Whoa! This big oaf's got crazy expectations for you, (Captain)! But then again, that's our captain!
Lyria: Wait.
Vyrn: What's up, Lyria?
Lyria: (Captain), all of us... We're all headed to Estalucia. So...
Ghandagoza: Oh, is that right? Well, all that ends today.
Ghandagoza: (Captain) will be too busy with my training. We'll go at it day and night until I'm satisfied my legacy is safe.
Lyria: What! No! There's no way we'll give up now. Right, (Captain)?
Ghandagoza: This is not giving up. I've been told since the beginning to abandon my "impossible" goals.
Ghandagoza: But I achieve the impossible. Every time. With this fist! This one right here!
Ghandagoza: Hi-yaaah!
Rackam: Whoa... That's some intense power...
Katalina: Talk about fighting spirit...
Shopkeep: Didn't I warn you? You're stuck now.
Shopkeep: Once he's set his mind on something, not a king or his entire imperial army can stop him.
Just as Ghandagoza's display of power reaches its climax, a few unwelcome customers barge into the establishment.
Thug 1: I'm back! And I've got reinforcements!
Thug 2: Heh-heh! Not even skyfarers can stop this many of us!
Ghandagoza: Listen up, riffraff. You've interrupted a crucial conversation between me and my disciple.
Thug 2: What's that, gramps? How about we bust you up first?
Ghandagoza: Come then—prepare to savor my Eternal Rage!
As Ghandagoza's fists tear through his foes with thunderous authority, everyone there realizes that the legends may well have been true.
Terrified of getting tagged by a stray punch, the majority of the crew stays out of the fight, but (Captain) leaps right into the fray to aid the giant.
Ironically enough, (Captain) accidentally hits the lightning-quick Ghandagoza with a full-force blow.
Ghandagoza: Oof! Th-this strike...
Eugen: Hey! (Captain), get outta there!
Ghandagoza shrugs off the hit and carries on as if nothing happened.
Rackam: What? You're not gonna take (Captain) as your pupil after all?
Ghandagoza: That is correct.
Katalina: Master Ghandagoza, why the sudden change of heart?
Ghandagoza: A fist is an oracle. Take one to the gut, and it tells you everything you need to know.
Ghandagoza: (Captain)'s father... The quest that bids you venture to the furthest reaches of the sky...
Ghandagoza: My own wishes mean less than nothing to someone consumed by a passion like that.
Ghandagoza: (Captain), that was quite an impressive punch.
Eugen: Master, you...
Katalina: Hm... You read fists like a fortune-teller reads cards. Impressive.
Ghandagoza: But now what am I to do? Who's to say if I'll ever find a disciple with half the caliber of (Captain)...
Lyria: Well, why not come with us then?
Eugen: Aye, that's it! I know you're not interested in being one o' his disciples, (Captain), but we can at least be his traveling companions. How bout it?
  1. Welcome to the crew!
  2. I'm not sure...

Choose: Welcome to the crew!
Ghandagoza: Wonderful! Such glorious battles we shall have!
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Choose: I'm not sure...
Ghandagoza: I do not plead lightly! Please, take me with you!
Ghandagoza chuckles to himself as he speaks.
Continue 1
Ghandagoza: Heh-heh. I may not have a disciple yet, but by traveling with you I'll be able to train (Captain). Even in defeat one can find victory!
Ghandagoza: (Captain), you'll be my successor one day. I never give up!
Eugen: Master, I don't think anyone doubts you would.
Ghandagoza: Gahaha! Well, let's get this journey started!
Ghandagoza: Hi-yaaah!
Ghandagoza—some regard his skill as the stuff of legend, yet others see it as the product of hearsay. Either way, he would soon go on to forge a new tale with (Captain) and the crew.