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Summer Recollections

Anne, Grea, and Owen pick out swimsuits with help from the crew in preparation for their excursion to Auguste. However, Grea becomes worried when she notices that Anne seems anxious about the upcoming trip.

The beach trip is a part of the Mysteria Academy of Magic's annual summer classes.
(Captain) and the crew received a request to guard and supervise during that time.
As a part of that mission, they've gone to Auguste.
Anne: Hey there, (Captain)!
Owen: Sorry for leaving all the luggage in your hands.
  1. You look great in that!
  2. Nice pecs!

Choose: You look great in that!

Anne: Eh-heh, thank you, (Captain).
Vyrn: By the way, what happened to Pianista? Isn't she with you?
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Choose: Nice pecs!

Owen: I train every day without fail.
Owen: As the princess's bodyguard, there's no telling when my body will become her shield.
Anne: Geez, Owen! That's, like, not fun to hear at all.
Owen: My... My apologies.
Vyrn: Haha, those two never change, do they?
Vyrn: Oh yeah, though—what happened to Pianista? Isn't she with you?

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Anne: Huh? Didn't she get here first? She left the changing room before I did.
Vyrn: Uh-oh, don't tell me she got lost.
Owen: No. If it's Grea you're looking for, she's over there.
Lyria: Huh?
Off in the direction that Owen points to, Grea can be seen hiding behind a small copse of trees. She peeks out at the others.
Anne: What are you doing, Grea? Hurry up and come here!
Grea: It's just... It's really embarrassing to be in front of you all in my swimsuit.
Anne: Why are you so worried all of a sudden? Everybody already saw you in that swimsuit when you tried it on.
Grea: B-but there are other people besides just (Captain) and the crew here...
Anne: You don't need to be so embarrassed.
Anne: (Captain) and Owen both said you look great in it, didn't they?
Grea: I mean... I guess, but...
Vyrn: You know, you stand out a lot more when you're trying to hide like that.
Anne: Yeah, he's right. Come on back over here.
Grea: Oh... Okay then.
An embarrassed expression still on her face, Grea nods and begins walking toward (Captain) and the others.
Grea: I'm back.
Anne: ...
Grea: What is it, Anne? You keep staring at me!
Anne: It's just that your swimsuit really does look fantastic!
Anne: It highlights your features so well!
Grea: Th-thank you...
Anne: Eh-heh! Hey, Grea. Let's have a ton of fun together on the excursion!
Grea: Okay!
Anne: Ton of fun... Hopefully...
Grea: Anne?
A nervous expression flashes across Anne's face.
Noticing this, Grea returns a worried stare in Anne's direction.

Summer Recollections: Scene 2

Anne doesn't know how to swim, and she asks Grea to teach her how rather than joining the beginner's class away from her friends. After a lengthy debate, it's decided that the crew will keep watch while Grea acts as her teacher.

Though they're taking part in a school excursion, the students all find their own ways of enjoying the ocean and the summer.
Grea and Owen decide to pit their swimming skills against each other.
Owen: Huff, huff... Looks like I won!
Grea: Huff... Huff...
Grea: You're incredible, Owen. I never even got close.
Lyria: Whoa, Grea and Owen, you're both so good at swimming!
Vyrn: Uh-huh! I can't believe you could swim so fast!
Grea: There was a river in the place I used to live. I loved swimming in it.
Owen: And I've received marine training from my chivalric order.
Owen: Next to swimming in a suit of armor, taking a dip in trunks is child's play.
Lyria: Huh? Wasn't Anne here with us?
Vyrn: Hm? Yeah, she was.
Grea: Knowing Anne, she's probably over there in the shallows practicing her magic.
Anne: G-glug! Urk... Cough, cough...
Anne's pained cries can be heard amid the sound of thrashing in water.
Turning their eyes in the direction of the cries, the party members see Anne struggling to stay afloat.
Grea: Anne!
Owen: Princess!
(Captain) dives into the ocean and rushes past the two other students toward the flailing Anne.
Anne: No! Cough, cough! M-my... feet...
Anne: Gweh! Cough, cough!
Seemingly in a panic, Anne flails around wildly.
(Captain) puts both arms under Anne's and supports her to prevent her from drowning.
  1. You're okay now!

Choose: You're okay now!

Anne: ...!
Once it's clear that Anne has calmed down, (Captain) continues to hold her up and returns to the shore.
Grea: Anne, are you okay?
Owen: You aren't hurt, Princess, are you?
Anne: I'm fine. Thank you for rescuing me, (Captain).
Grea: Oh... good.
Grea: (Captain), thank you so much for helping Anne out.
Owen: (Captain), allow me to express my sincere thanks for saving the princess.
Owen: Let me also extend my apologies to you, Princess. You were in peril, and I was unable to assist you. What an embarrassment.
Anne: Don't worry about it. It was my fault for wandering away from you.
Vyrn: Anyway, that came out of nowhere. Was there a monster in the water or something?
Anne: ...
Hearing Vyrn's words, Anne looks down at her feet in silence.
Grea: Anne, what's going on?
Anne: Actually... I've, uh... never...
Vyrn: Huh? What'd she say?
Anne: I've, uh... never done this.
Grea: Anne?
Anne: I said that... I've never swum before.
Grea: Huh? Is that true?
Anne: Mm-hm.
Grea: Anne... You should go with the teachers and take beginner's lessons then.
Vyrn: Huh? You guys have that sorta thing?
Grea: Yeah! Not every single student can swim after all.
Grea: And there are lots of students who are coming to the beach for the first time.
Grea: So the teachers get all of those people together and show them how to swim.
Owen: Many people gain the ability to swim from those lessons.
Vyrn: Oh, huh. So if you take those, then...
Anne: No way!
Lyria: Anne?
Anne: If I took beginner's lessons, then I couldn't stay here with Grea, (Captain), and everyone.
Lyria: Is that true?
Owen: Yes. The beginner's course consists of a specialized curriculum, one separate from that of students who can swim.
Grea: But, Anne, you'll fail if you don't learn to swim.
Anne: Ugh... But...
Anne: Ah, that's it! I just had a great idea!
Anne: How about it, Grea? Why don't you teach me how to swim?
Grea: Uh...
Vyrn: Whoa, that came out of nowhere!
Anne: As long as I learn how to swim, that's what matters, right?
Anne: So it shouldn't make a difference who teaches me in the end.
Anne: If anything, it'd be better with Grea—that way I get to stay here with you guys.
Grea: B-but, Anne. I won't be able to teach you like the teachers can.
Anne: I know that! I know, but I still want you to show me how.
Anne: Please? Please!
Anne then bows her head to Grea.
Grea: A-Anne! If you make me your teacher, I'll do everything I can for you.
Anne: Really?
Grea: Yeah, really. I'd love to help you anytime you're in a fix.
Anne: Grea! Thank you!
In a show of joy, Anne hugs Grea.
Owen: Princess, Grea. Although it pains me, I can't allow that.
Anne: Huh? But why not?
Owen: Suppose that you were to break the rules and get in danger's way. What then? It's unthinkable!
Anne: But Grea will be here with me. I know it'll be fine!
Owen: I naturally have full and total confidence in Grea.
Owen: But that is that, and this is this.
Owen: If something were to happen, it's not clear whether Grea could respond appropriately.
Grea: You're... You're right.
Owen: Since that's the case, Princess, we should take those contingencies into account and request the teachers' instruction.
Anne: Mm... I do understand what you're trying to say.
Anne: But I don't want to be away from Grea—from all of you.
Owen: ...
Anne: What I'm trying to do could cause problems for everyone. I understand that.
Anne: But still, I...
Owen: Princess, although I understand your sentiment—
Grea: Owen, if anything happens to Anne, I'll take responsibility.
Grea: So please, let this one go.
Grea turns toward Owen and bows her head.
Owen: You too, Grea? Even if you take responsibility, what are you...
Owen: ...
Owen: I'd like to see the princess's wishes through as well.
Owen: I understand very well how much she was looking forward to this very day.
Owen: All the same, I'm the princess's bodyguard. And her physical safety has to take priority.
Anne: ...
Grea: ...
Owen: If there were at least a few others looking after the princess, things might be different though.
  1. Let us help.
  2. We'll watch so she doesn't drown.

Choose: Let us help.

Owen: Are you sure you wouldn't mind?
Owen: (Captain), you're supposed to be here on a mission. If you're tied up here with us, then—
Vyrn: Hey, dude! Did you forget what sort of a mission we're on?
Owen: I believe you were here to protect and chaperone the students...
Owen: Ah, I see. So that's what you meant. Both the princess and Grea are students of Mysteria, so they receive your protection.
Owen: Moreover, the princess is attempting to do something dangerous.
Owen: So you need to remain with her as chaperones. That's what you're saying.
(Captain) gives a firm nod.
Owen: Hm...
Owen: If you would be so good as to chaperone, (Captain), I won't take issue with these lessons.
Anne: Uh, so then! Can Grea teach me?
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Choose: We'll watch so she doesn't drown.

Owen: If you would be so good as to chaperone, (Captain), I won't take issue with these lessons.
Owen: (Captain)'s swimming prowess when rescuing the princess was truly beyond reproach.
Grea: Yeah, every little motion seemed deliberate. It was so beautiful.
Anne: Wow, that's really incredible.
Owen: Still, most amazing of all was the split-second decision making of (Captain).
Owen: The instant it was clear that the princess was drowning, (Captain) jumped into motion without a moment's delay.
Grea: Yeah. But we were all too shocked to do anything ourselves.
Owen: Indeed. It was a great embarrassment to me as the princess's bodyguard.
Owen: Nonetheless, that incident gives me the confidence to say that Anne will be safe and secure so long as (Captain) is with her.
Anne: A-all right then! So can Grea teach me?

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Owen: Sure. You're free, Princess, to do as you please.
Anne: Thank you, Owen!
Anne: And thank you, (Captain), and everyone else, too!
Anne beams from ear to ear, and her smile spreads to (Captain) and the others.
Grea: Okay then, Anne!
Anne: Let's do this, teacher!
Under Grea's instruction, Anne begins her swimming practice.

Summer Recollections: Scene 3

Under Grea's tutelage, Anne makes good progress on her swim lesson. Suddenly a monster appears from the waves and snags Anne's swimsuit in the confusion. The crew prepares to fight the monster to get it back.

Anne has admitted to (Captain), Grea, and the others that she's never swum before.
Grea is now teaching her how it's done.
Grea: Looks like you're okay putting your face underwater. Next let's practice kicking your legs.
Anne: Hey, hey, Grea! Hold my hand tight. Don't let go no matter what, all right?
Grea: Yeah, I know! You don't need to look so worried!
Anne: Mm. All right then, here goes! Here I go!
While Grea grasps her hand, Anne practices kicking her legs.
Grea: Good job, very good job! Keep your legs in motion, and then put your face underwater.
Anne: Okay. One... two...
Grea: ...
Anne: Blurb, blurb, blurb!
Grea: C'mon, Anne! Come up for air!
Anne: Phwaaah... huff, huff... Ah, ah yeah. If you don't come up for air, you'll drown.
Anne: But, Grea, what's the right time to surface?
Grea: The right time? As long as you do it before you get uncomfortable, you'll be fine.
Anne: Oh... yeah?
Grea: Yeah! Now try taking a breath while paddling your legs.
Anne: All right!
Grea: There you go. Just like that. Just like that.
Anne: Pweh! Huff, huff...
Grea: Yeah, very nice. So now I'm going to let go for just a little bit.
Anne: Huh? No, wait, I—
Anne: Bweh, cough, cough, agh!
The moment that Grea releases her hand, Anne begins panicking and flailing.
Grea: Calm down, Anne! Your feet still touch the bottom here.
Anne: Cough, cough... Darn it...
Anne: I swallowed a whole bunch of water.
Grea: A-are you all right? Do you want to rest there on the beach?
Anne: No, I'm fine. Let's keep going with practice.
Anne: I want to learn how to go fast so I can swim with you, Grea.
Grea: Anne...
Anne: Oh, but let me know before you let go of my hand. When you let go all of a sudden, I panic.
Grea: All right. I'll be sure to properly warn you next time.
Hearing those words, Anne nods and begins kicking her feet again.
Lyria: You can do it, Anne!
From the beach, the party gazes at Anne and Grea's swimming lessons.
Owen: Huh, the time has certainly flown.
Owen: (Captain), pardon me, but I'm going to step away for a bit.
Vyrn: Huh? Where are you going?
Owen: Off to procure some food and beverages for those two.
Owen: So at any rate I'll be—
Anne: Aaaaaah!
The shouts of Anne and Grea pierce the air.
(Captain) and Owen see the panicked look in each other's eyes and dash toward the pair.
Owen: Princess! Grea! Are you okay?
Anne is hiding behind Grea and seems alarmed.
Grea: Watch out, (Captain)! There's something in the water!
(Captain) and the others tense up, and their faces turn pale.
Vyrn: Something in the water? Hey, what kinda thing? A monster?
Grea: Sorry, I didn't know quite what it was, but...
Grea: Something slimy suddenly wrapped itself around our bodies...
Grea: And we panicked.
Owen: Are you in any way hurt?
Grea: It's okay. I didn't get hurt, and neither did Anne.
Grea: But, uh, Anne's swimsuit came off.
Gran is the Main Character

Grea: So don't get too close, Owen and (Captain).
Djeeta is the Main Character

Grea: So don't get too close, Owen.
Owen: Understood. I suppose the circumstances give me no choice.
Owen: But what could possibly have—
Grea: There!
Grea shoots a burst of magic in the direction of the splash.
Vyrn: So it was a monster! The darn thing was hiding in the ocean!
Anne: Aaah! On that monster's tentacle—it's my swimsuit!
Grea: I've got this! I'm going to take it back!
Owen: Then I'll watch after the princess in your stead.
Anne: Owen, do not look in this direction!
Owen: Very well.
Vyrn: Pianista, we're gonna join in too!
Lyria: Yes, it's our job to protect the students!
Grea: Thanks, (Captain).
Grea then turns back toward the monster.
Grea: That swimsuit belongs to Anne! And you'd better give it back!

Summer Recollections: Scene 4

Anne's swimsuit is recovered from the defeated monster, and she successfully learns how to swim. Anne and Grea rest by the shore—as Grea falls asleep with her head in Anne's lap, Anne tells her they'll be friends forever.

(Captain) and company have defeated the monster and recovered Anne's bathing suit.
After Owen and the others leave to report this series of events to the teachers, Anne and Grea resume swimming practice.
Grea: Okay, Anne, I'm going to let go of your hand now.
Anne: All right.
Even after Grea releases her hand, Anne is able to kick her legs and remain above the surface.
Anne: Hah! How'd I do, Grea!
Grea: You were swimming all by yourself.
Anne: Yaaay!
Anne hugs Grea tightly as if to express her joy from head to toe.
Anne: Thank you, Grea! I know how to swim now thanks to you!
Grea: What do you mean? It was all because you practiced so hard. But still...
Anne: Huh? What is it, Grea!
Grea: I can't believe you learned to swim so quickly. You're such a prodigy, Anne.
Anne: Not really. I couldn't have done it without such a good teacher!
Grea: Ahaha, that makes me so happy!
Grea: Okay, Anne! Let's take a little break then. We've been swimming so long you have to be tired.
Anne: Huh? I'll still fine. I mean, I finally learned to swim, so...
Grea: No, we should really at least take a break. Swimming's a lot more tiring than you'd think.
Grea: If you keep going when you're tired, your legs could cramp up, and you could drown.
Anne: Ooh, I don't want that.
Anne: All right then. Help me practice more later on.
Grea: Sure.
Grea and Anne sit on the rocks and rest.
Anne: That breeze is great.
Grea: Mm... Yawn...
Anne: Eh-heh, what a big yawn. Feeling tired?
Grea: Just a little. Today we were... We were swimming all day.
Anne: Ahaha... I'm sorry. I kept you all to myself.
Grea: Don't worry about it. Like I told you before, I'd love to help you.
Anne: Hmm, but still... Ah, that's it!
Anne: Hey, Grea! Since you taught me how to swim, let me do something nice for you!
Anne then places Grea's head onto her lap.
Grea: Anne, what are you...
Anne: My lap can be your pillow!
Anne: Oh, and if you're sleepy, you can just sleep right here!
Anne: I'll wake you up when the others come back.
Grea: Yeah, but...
Anne: This is my way of saying thanks, Grea. Don't sweat it.
Grea: Oh, uh, then I guess I'll just borrow your lap for a little bit.
Anne: Yeah!
Grea: ...
Anne: ...
Grea: Hm... I don't know why, but your lap is super comfy. It's so relaxing.
Anne: Really? That's so nice.
Anne: This is my first time ever laying anyone's head on my lap, so I was a little nervous.
Anne: Still though... Eh-heh-heh!
Grea: Anne? How come you just giggled all of a sudden?
Anne: Aaah, it's nothing...
Anne: Your head there in my lap—it's nice for you... and for me too.
Grea: Really?
Anne: Yeah. Your body heat and your weight feel amazing, Grea.
Anne: Aaah!
Anne: Ooh, that gust...
Grea: Anne, your hair's all messed up.
Grea reaches out her hand and runs it through Anne's hair.
Grea: Your hair is so nice and smooth, Anne.
Anne: Really?
Grea: Yeah. It feels so good on my fingers that I want to keep touching it and touching it.
Anne: Grea, it tickles when you play with it like that.
Grea: Ah, s-sorry. It was just such a nice feeling, and...
Anne: Your hair's beautiful too though, Grea.
Anne softly strokes Grea's hair.
Grea: Mm... Your hand... feels so good... Anne.
Anne: Wanna go to sleep for a bit?
Grea: Yeah, I will.
Anne: Okay. Good night, Grea.
Grea: Good night, Anne.
As she enjoys the sensation of Anne's hand, Grea gives in to her sleepiness.
Anne smiles warmly at Grea.
Anne: Eh-heh, it's always so fun with you, Grea.
Anne: Let's be friends forever.
Anne goes on caressing Grea's hair for a very long time.