Scenario:Illnott - A Crazy Proposition

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A Crazy Proposition

One night, (Captain) meets a young graffiti artist named Illnott, who prompts the captain to add a tag to her street art. The next day it becomes clear that Illnott is in fact the famous graffiti artist known only as the King of the Night, and the townspeople are dying to find her and her unknown collaborator. Eager to skip town, Illnott practically forces her way onto the crew.

One night, unable to sleep and craving the cool of nocturnal winds, (Captain) slips into town for a walk.
Suddenly, a pungent odor pierces the dark, accompanied by a strange hissing and rattling.
Curiosity piqued, (Captain) tracks the sound and approaches a row of old, deserted buildings.
Enraptured Woman: Sniff... Whew... Aha! Hahaha... Dope.
Alone among the wood and concrete, a woman leans into a wall and inhales. Then, enraptured, she laughs, her breaths rough and uneven.
  1. (Let's pretend I didn't see any of that...)

Choose: (Let's pretend I didn't see any of that...)

Hastily, (Captain) turns away from the bizarre scene.
But it's too late. The woman weaves in front of the captain, barring all routes of escape. As their eyes meet, she gives a little wave.
Enraptured Woman: Good night, little dude. Looking kinda pale there. Now why's that, when the sky is so dark and the moon so beautiful?
Enraptured Woman: See something you shouldn't have?
(Captain) blinks, taken aback by the woman's speed and stealth. The muscles in the captain's body tense.
Djeeta is the Main Character

Enraptured Woman: Whoops, you're a girl, huh? Whatever. If you're younger than me, you're a little dude.
Enraptured Woman: Cool it, little dude. I'm just trying to commemorate our meeting, all right? You don't run across many people in the dead of night.
Enraptured Woman: Must've been some kinda fate that brought us together. So. You up for something crazy?
  1. What are you planning?
  2. Who are you?

Choose: What are you planning?

Enraptured Woman: Heh. You trying to be cute, kid? Look around you. The shadows are deep, and the streets are empty.
Enraptured Woman: Perfect time to do something real messed up. It's gonna be phat.
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Choose: Who are you?

Enraptured Woman: Heh. Someone who lurks alone in the midnight dark. Someone who you don't want to know.

Continue 1

The woman smiles, and she begins to shake an odd device. She takes a step forward, as if to corner (Captain).
Illnott: I'm a guerrilla fighter, a bomber of the sleeping world. You can call me Illnott.
Abruptly, Illnott stretches out her arm and aims the device at (Captain).
Heart pounding, the captain leaps aside.
But all that emerges from the gadget is a mist of color.
With deft movements, Illnott guides her instrument through the air. A glistening image takes shape on the wall before her.
Illnott: Sniff... Whew... Dope. Getting some mellow wine, some sweet wildflower. Shoot. That's such a good combination...
Illnott: Take a good look, little dude. Is that wild or what?
Illnott leans in to her painting with the gentle movement of a lover bending in for a kiss. She inhales deeply.
Illnott: Sniff... Whew... I can't get enough. Tonight's a good night.
Illnott: Hey, kid. What are you standing there for? Come here. Smell it. Won't poison you, I swear. This isn't regular paint. It's magic, and it's gonna change your world. Sniff... Whew... Heh.
(Captain) watches from a safe distance, realizing that the strange scene from earlier was just Illnott taking in another one of her works.
While Illnott may be cloaked in an air of mystery and danger, the captain concludes that at her core, she is simply an artist.
  1. So by something crazy, you meant... painting?

Choose: So by something crazy, you meant... painting?

Illnott: Hah. You got it. We're going bombing.
Illnott: Don't freak. Damn, you know nothing about this world. Listen. Bombing just means painting as much as possible.
Illnott: But I'm not talking easels and canvases and a tiny palette of watercolors. I'm talking graffiti. It's a whole new art form.
Illnott: You haven't heard? All that talk going around, about how some artists and even felons are getting into vandalism.
Illnott's words conjure in (Captain)'s mind a meal at a smoky tavern and drifting rumors of a new brand of guerrilla art.
Illnott: All right. Class time's over, kid—moon's about to set. We better get a move on.
  1. I'm not much of a vandal...
  2. Um, no thanks.

Choose: I'm not much of a vandal...

Illnott: What, you wanna go sleep like all the other good little girls and boys? You don't know what the night has to offer, kid.
Illnott: Bombing's like an addiction. Can't pass by an undefiled slate without wanting to hit it. And, little dude, I'm about to douse you in color.
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Choose: Um, no thanks.

Illnott: Don't be such a prig, little dude. Who do you think you're gonna offend with some graffiti?
Illnott: Kid, you're missing out.
Illnott: It's the middle of the night. Prime time to play dirty.

Continue 2

Illnott: Anyway, we aren't doing anything illegal this time. This place has been abandoned for years.
Illnott: Doesn't belong to anyone now. No one's gonna accuse you of anything. They don't have that right.
Illnott: So do me a favor and get that stick out your ass. Let's mess things up! Right now! C'mon!
In that moment, (Captain) realizes two things. One, that Illnott has made a strong case, and two, she isn't someone who takes no for an answer.
Sighing, the captain gives a barely perceptible nod.
Illnott: Cool! Acting like a real night lurker now, little dude. Better get you your paint too.
Illnott: Five Finger Discount!
After retrieving a bottle from her pouch, Illnott shouts what sounds like a spell.
Immediately, the color fades from the weeds around her, leaving them an ashy white.
Illnott: My magic—nah, I should say, one of my skills—lets me temporarily drain color from stuff.
Illnott: But the pigments come out pretty intense. So you've got to deposit them into these bottles I filled with a special-made thinner. Then, you shake.
Illnott: Shoot... That's a good color. Sniff... Phew... Dope.
Illnott: Come here, little dude. Want you to get a whiff of this stuff. Then you can make art with it.
Illnott: Start off with a tag. It's like a signature. Write your name however you want.
Obediently, the captain scrawls "(Captain)" on a wall.
Illnott: Hey, that's a cute style. Got a real knack for this. You sure this is your first time? 'Cause you're a beast, little dude.
Illnott smiles and ruffles (Captain)'s hair.
Illnott: Your tag's already pretty cool. But mix in the magic of the night, and it'll blow your whole damn mind.
Illnott: This is my style. I've got a thing for vampires and bats... Our badass overlords of the night.
Illnott: Shoot. Our stuff looks good together. That's one wild harmony we got going on.
  1. This is pretty fun.
  2. Yawn...

Choose: This is pretty fun.

Illnott: Heh. That's right, little dude. One taste of midnight mischief, and you're hooked.
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Choose: Yawn...

Illnott: Yawn... Mm...
Illnott: What? The moon fading already?
Illnott: Night always flies when you're having fun. Wish it'd stick around forever though—right, little dude?

Continue 3

Illnott: Ugh. You ever seen light so foul? It's gonna roast me alive...
Illnott: Hey, kid. Don't know about you, but I thought our meeting was worthwhile. Wouldn't mind doing this again.
Illnott: Just remember: night time is my time. You ever want to come out and play again, you come to me.
Illnott: Good night, little dude.
Her piece said, Illnott bounds off, a hare fleeing fangs of light.
Left alone in the morning stillness, (Captain) stifles a yawn and heads back to the Grandcypher.
Vyrn: Hey, (Captain)! Wake up! We've got trouble!
(Captain) sits bolt upright, roused by Vyrn's screeching.
Vyrn: Bout time, sleepyhead! Folks in town have been making a ruckus since the sun came up!
Lyria: We can hear them, even through the walls of the Grandcypher. Isn't that odd? It was so peaceful yesterday.
Vyrn: Yeah. Something big musta happened.
Overcome by a sense of foreboding, (Captain) quickly cleans up and hurries into town.
There, the captain makes a beeline for the source of the commotion, pushing through a throng of gawkers and agitated voices.
Finally, the crowd thins enough for (Captain) to see a familiar group of buildings, covered in graffiti.
Boisterous Fellow: Hoooly crap! They came! They really came! The King of the Night strikes again!
Rude Ruffian: Hey, I was here first! I found it first! The graffiti's mine!
Tough Guy: Oh yeah, jackass? Well, this is our island! You take another step closer, and I'll kill you!
Mayor-like Man: The only ass here is you! These buildings belong to the town! This art is a gift from the King of the Night to the locals!
Strong Woman: Give it a few weeks, and we'll be flooded with tourists. What am I doing, standing here? Gotta get the shop ready!
Vyrn: Huh? What's happening? Why're they fighting over some painted walls?
Lyria: Who's the King of the Night? Did they draw those pictures?
Boisterous Fellow: You can't be serious!
Lyria: Ah! What?
Boisterous Fellow: You don't know the King of the Night? I mean, they're only the best! The most whimsical! The most epic guerrilla artist ever to sail these great blue skies!
Strong Woman: Oh, you poor, ignorant kids. Let me educate you.
Strong Woman: The tour de force you see in front of you... Graffiti itself. They are the brain children of a distinctive genius—the mastermind known as the King of the Night.
Vyrn: So they, uh, invented these paintings?
Boisterous Fellow: You got it! And they fly from island to island, painting these giant masterpieces all in one night. No one knows who they are or where they're gonna strike next.
Boisterous Fellow: Man, they've gotten huge. If the King's drawn on it, a single brick or rock could sell for millions!
Lyria: Gasp! Millions?
Strong Woman: You bet. I've heard talk of a small country that emptied out their national treasury, just to get their hands on some of the King's graffiti.
Vyrn: No kidding! Don't know if I believe it, but even hearing the rumor's crazy.
Lyria: Now I can see why everyone's making such a fuss.
Vyrn: Yeah, look at all these people going bonkers over some paintings. This King of the Night's gotta be the real deal. Sure would like to meet them someday!
Strong Woman: Afraid that's a pipe dream. They've never revealed themselves, not even once.
Strong Woman: We call them a king, but to tell the truth, we don't know if they're a man, a woman, or what. Heck, we don't even know for sure if they're mortal.
Boisterous Fellow: Part of the charm! People can't get enough of the mystery! And we can't get enough of the King of the Night!
Lyria: I see. All that mystery makes you want to know them even more.
All of a sudden, two light bulbs go off in (Captain)'s head.
Lyria: Um, (Captain). You're starting to sweat. Are you okay?
The first, that the strange woman who so admired paint and shadows was none other than the King of the Night...
Rude Ruffian: Huh? What's this say? (Captain)? Hey, this wasn't done by the King of the Night!
And the second...
Tough Guy: So we looking at a collab? With the King of the Night? What sort of crazy fool is this (Captain)?
That it would be a good idea to beat a retreat. Immediately.
Lyria: Um, why is your name up there, (Captain)?
Rude Ruffian: What the! (Captain)? You here?
Before the crowd has time to react, (Captain) turns tail and dashes onto a side street.
But during the miraculous escape, the captain is dogged by a single question.
Did Illnott really paint all that graffiti last night?
After they shake their pursuers, (Captain) tells Lyria and Vyrn about all that transpired the previous night.
Then after sundown, the trio roams the sleeping town in search of the King of the Night.
Before long, they stumble into a quiet alleyway, where a lone woman lazily beckons to them from the shadows.
Illnott: Good night, little dude. What's this? You throwing me a party?
Lyria: Is she the one who made you draw that graffiti, (Captain)? The, um, King of the Night?
Illnott: Shoot, kid. You tell your friends here about last night?
Illnott: What happens in the shadows stays in the shadows. No one ever teach you that?
Vyrn: Hey! You're the one who got (Captain) involved! What are you after?
Illnott: After? I just like drawing what I want where I want. What, that not a good enough answer for you?
Illnott: Then how about this? I want to mess people up with my graffiti. I want to toy with them, shock them, watch them lose their damn marbles.
Illnott: Heard you had some fun without me today. 'Parently, the whole town was out hunting after you, foaming at the mouth like a pack of wild dogs.
Illnott: Heh. And all it took to drive them insane was a little piece of graffiti.
Illnott: I woulda loved to see all that. Almost makes me wish I was a morning person... Nah, who am I kidding? I'd rather die.
Vyrn: Gosh! She's crazier than all the rumors about her!
Illnott: Heh. Why do you got to attack me like that? You didn't get into trouble, did you, little dude?
Illnott: Now, let's talk business. When that sun comes up, you and I are conspirators. Only a matter of time before one of us gets caught.
Illnott: No one's gonna lock us up, but it's still gonna be a pain in the ass. Neither of us wants that.
Illnott: How I see it, only one way out of this. You let me on your airship, and under the cover of night, we make our getaway.
  1. Is this what you were after all along?

Choose: Is this what you were after all along?

Illnott: Nah. I was planning on using you as a decoy to skip town.
Vyrn: What is wrong with you, seriously...
Illnott: Heh. But I changed my mind. Wasn't bad lighting up the night with you. Wouldn't mind wrecking more towns together.
Illnott: Mm... Tell the truth, I got some other reasons for tagging along... Me wanting a dependable ride being one of them.
Vyrn: I bet that's the biggest one!
Illnott: Heh. Reason's a reason, all right?
Illnott: Now that that's settled... I'll take any room you can spare. Best if there's a coffin though.
Vyrn: Hey, no! Nothing's settled! And why the heck do you want a coffin? You really are a weirdo!
Lyria: Haha. Oh well. I don't think she's a bad person... I don't mind if she joins us.
Illnott: That's right. I got a bad personality, but I'm a decent person.
Vyrn: You just admitted to having—never mind. I'm tired of trying to keep up with you.
Illnott: You ready, little dudes? We're gonna bomb it all up! Let's get real twisted!
Vyrn: Hey, wait! Stop pulling!
Illnott grabs hold of the trio and drags them into the darkened town.
And so the crew of the Grandcypher find themselves the not-so-willing hosts of the agitator of the skies, the King of the Night, Illnott.