Scenario:Ilsa - Drill Sergeant and Designer

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Drill Sergeant and Designer

Ilsa spots a charming swimsuit in a clothing boutique but another customer beats her to the punch. But all is not lost—Korwa, the swimsuit's designer, enters the shop, and Ilsa is able to commission a custom swimsuit for herself.

Ilsa: Move those chicken legs! I won't tolerate dead weight in this unit! Don't make me shove my foot up where the sun doesn't shine!
Ilsa: Is this a game to you? I've seen faster maggots wriggling in a dung heap!
With the threat of the Foe constantly looming over the Society, no effort is spared in preparing for an impending attack.
The battlefield is a hellscape where only the strong survive—in order to prepare new recruits for this hellscape, Drill Sergeant Ilsa is relentless as usual with her drills.
Ilsa: Line up!
Ilsa: That's all for today's training. Dismissed!
Trainee: Yes, Drill Sergeant!
Ilsa hurriedly makes her way to head home after training, seemingly eager to leave. However, a trainee catches up to her from behind.
Trainee: Drill Sergeant Ilsa!
Ilsa: What is it?
Trainee: Well, it's not for a while, but I'd like to take some leave in order to return home. Requesting your approval, ma'am!
Ilsa: Understood... Recovering your body and mind is an essential part of training. Rest well.
Trainee: Yes, ma'am!
Ilsa: (Leave, huh... If anyone here needs some time off, it's me.)
Ilsa: (Unlikely with such a packed schedule though. Even with our upcoming training in Auguste Isles, work is still work after all...)
Ilsa: I wanna take it easy at the beach too...
Trainee: Huh? I didn't realize you were fond of such things, Drill Sergeant.
Ilsa: (Damn.)
Ilsa: (What the hell am I saying? The last thing I need is them getting chummy with me.)
Ilsa: What do you mean? I didn't say anything... and you didn't hear anything.
Ilsa: Are we clear?
Trainee: C-crystal!
Ilsa: Humph... That's what I thought.
Ilsa: Bring your leave of absence forms to my office. I'll stamp them for you.
Exhausted after another day of work, Ilsa walks through town on a warm evening.
Ilsa: (Sigh... I thought I'd be able to head back earlier today.)
Ilsa: (I'll need a new swimsuit for the upcoming beachside training... There should be a good boutique somewhere nearby.)
Ilsa: ...!
Ilsa stops dead in her tracks in front of a roadside boutique, her eyes drawn to a white swimsuit adorning its window display.
Ilsa: (What an exquisite design! I wonder if it's new?)
Shop Owner: I knew Korwa was the right one for the job!
The shop owner walks up to the display window, taking down the swimsuit Ilsa had her eyes so keenly focused on.
Ilsa: ...!
Don't tell me...
Shop Owner: Here's your change. Thanks for shopping with us today!
Ilsa: Damn.
Shop Owner: Welcome. Can I help you find something?
Ilsa: I wanted the swimsuit that young lady just purchased... Would you happen to have another one available?
Shop Owner: I'm sorry... That swimsuit was a one-of-a-kind original piece created by the famous designer, Korwa.
Ilsa: I see...
Shop Owner: We have a varied selection of exquisite swimsuits from other designers in stock that are also quite popular. Would you like to have a look?
Ilsa: Oh... Of course.
The shop owner walks Ilsa through the rest of their selection of swimsuits from other designers.
Ilsa: (They're all gorgeous, but none of them even hold a candle to the one from the window earlier.)
Ilsa: (I should've acted faster... Is this also the cursed fate of a drill sergeant?)
Ilsa: Sigh...
Shop Owner: How about this one? Out of our entire selection, I think this black number right here would look just ravishing on you.
Ilsa: Thank you. I like the design, but I've already decided to stick with white.
Ilsa: (Maybe I should come back another time... I can't get that swimsuit out of my mind right now.)
Korwa: Excuse me! A thousand apologies for our late arrival.
Lyria: Sorry... We would've got here sooner but our last job took longer than expected.
Ilsa: (Those voices...)
Shop Owner: Ah, there you are! I'm just glad you were able to make it in time before I closed up shop.
Korwa: I've brought the pieces you ordered. All right if I take a quick look to see if everything's in order?
Ilsa: If it isn't (Captain) and the crew. I trust you've been faring well?
Vyrn: Whoa, the scary lady's here!
Korwa: Oh! A friend of yours, (Captain)?
Vyrn: Yeah, something like that.
Zeta (Event) not in crew

When the Foe attacked an island, members of the Society were there to defend it from imminent invasion.
Fighting alongside Ilsa and her Society compatriots, (Captain) and the crew helped repel the Foe.
Ilsa is a crew member

Ilsa: It's been a while. Are you here on a mission?
Vyrn: We're just delivering an order of new clothes!
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Ilsa not in crew

Ilsa: Thanks again for your help last time.
Vyrn: You're still in your uniform—does that mean you're on a mission right now?
Ilsa: Not exactly. I just happened to stop by this boutique on my way home.
Vyrn: Whoa... It's pretty surprising to see a hardcore drill sergeant like you at a place like this!
Ilsa: I have to be severe when it comes to my duties, but even I enjoy treating myself after work to shopping and sweets every now and then.
Ilsa: Anyways, what brings your crew to this island?
Vyrn: We're just delivering an order of new clothes!
Continue 1
Ilsa: Oh... Is she a designer?
Ilsa takes a look at Korwa, who is making lively conversation with the store owner.
Shop Owner: Everything looks in tip-top condition to me. And don't even get me started on how enchanting these new designs are, Korwa!
Korwa: Your approval means the world to me. I'll do my absolute best for the next order as well!
Ilsa: Korwa?
Ilsa: The Korwa? The one that designed that swimsuit?
Putting two and two together, Ilsa scrambles over to Korwa and the shop owner.
Ilsa: Pardon me, but... Can I ask you something?
Korwa: Certainly. What is it?
Ilsa: I've heard that you're quite a famous designer, but is there any chance you would be able to take on a personal order?
Korwa: But of course! However, made-to-order pieces will take a little longer—not to mention cost more compared to bulk orders.
Ilsa: Very well. I've already prepared myself to do whatever it takes.
Ilsa tells Korwa of the swimsuit tragedy that took place before her very eyes prior to Korwa's arrival.
Korwa: So that's what happened... I'm honored you've taken such a liking to my work.
Ilsa: Ever since I saw it in the display window, I haven't been able to get the image of myself wearing it at the beach out of my mind.
Ilsa: To properly appreciate Auguste's beautiful waters, I'll need a swimsuit that's just as beautiful.
Ilsa: If you can make the time somehow, I'd like you to make that swimsuit for me!
Ilsa: Please!
Korwa: As a designer, there is no higher praise than having someone so captivated by your own creation.
Korwa: The only problem may be time... When do you need it by?
Korwa takes out her schedule as Ilsa gives her a rundown of her agenda for the forthcoming days.
Korwa: Hmm... Let's see...
Ilsa: I know this is on very short notice... Perhaps I'm being unreasonable.
Korwa: So sorry—just one moment please.
Korwa: Okay, so that one is already wrapped up... I'll need the seamstress here... Okay. If I leave these dates open...
Korwa: As long as we can decide on a design by...
Korwa: All right! That should do it!
Korwa: Not a problem. It looks like I'll be able to get your order ready in time!
Ilsa: ...!
Thank you!
Korwa takes out a quill pen and a loose piece of paper, ready to jot down a list of necessary items and material.
Korwa: Since this swimsuit will be made-to-order, do you have any alterations you'd want me to make to the design?
Korwa: This swimsuit you had your eyes on—was there anything you wanted to add to it?
Ilsa: That swimsuit's design was just what I had in mind—actually, if this one part here were more like this, it might be better...
The two peruse the store's selection together as Ilsa lists every detail that comes to her mind about accessorizing and styling.
Ilsa: Fishnet lacing around the chest like this swimsuit here would look nice. Oh, and if possible, some gold trim for contrast.
Korwa: Excellent. Did you have any ideas for the waist area? How about something bold, yet minimal?
Ilsa: Shorten the length if possible—do you think you could use a thinner material here?
Korwa: Of course! Would you like to take a look at some cloth samples? Just let me know which one feels good to you.
Ilsa: You've even brought samples with you? Much appreciated. Let's have a look.
Ilsa: Hmm... This one feels...
Lyria: Wow, Ilsa's really getting down to every last detail!
Vyrn: Yeah! It sure was nice of Korwa to take on this order for her!
Ilsa and Korwa lose themselves in the creation process until the store's closing time.
When the swimsuit is finally finished a few days later, Ilsa picks up her order from the store owner and takes it back to her room to try on.
Ilsa: Hehe... Incredible... It's a perfect fit!
Ilsa: (This mantle was a great idea. With this I can keep Nybeth just within reach without a problem.)
Ilsa stands before the mirror, admiring the new swimsuit while trying out various poses.
Ilsa: (I still haven't thanked Korwa for putting so much time and effort into making this... I wanted to tell her at the store directly.)
Ilsa: (At the very least, I should write her a letter of thanks, otherwise I wouldn't feel right wearing this.)
Ilsa takes out a blank sheet, letting her gratitude flow from her pen onto the paper.
Ilsa: (It'd be a total waste to have such a lovely swimsuit and not take it to a resort or on vacation.)
Ilsa: (That does it. After training at Auguste is over, I'm taking some time off. Even if it's just for a day!)
Ilsa's heart fills with anticipation as she continues letting her feelings of gratitude loose onto the letter.