Scenario:Ippatsu - Ramen at the Beach

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Ramen at the Beach

After their fun in the sun, (Captain) and company go to the beach house for some ramen. There, Ippatsu finds that a bowl of ramen could be too hot for a young girl like Sara. He wonders if there is some way to solve this problem.

Ippatsu not in crew

Ippatsu. A voracious fanatic and connoisseur of a dish known as ramen.
He once traveled all of Phantegrande in search of ingredients for a ramen master.
But that master has gone to a skydom beyond. Ippatsu now seeks to cross the Grim Basin to find him.
Ippatsu: I've gathered all the ingredients I could, but I've yet to find an airship that can take me to the ramen master.
Ippatsu: And attempts to contact the Luminary Knight that took him there have been... unfruitful.
Ippatsu: But! By travelling with you, there's hope to meet the master yet!
(Captain) welcomed Ippatsu with open arms, taking him in as one of the crew.
(Captain) and company head to Auguste for some rest and relaxation after their adventures.
After checking into Siero's beach house, the crew wastes no time heading to the beach.
Lyria: Ah!
Ippatsu: Lyria! Are you all right?
Lyria: Hehe, I'm okay! That wave was just bigger than I expected!
Lyria lies on the soft seashore, looking all too delighted for someone who just lost balance. (Captain) helps her to her feet.
Vyrn: Whew! I don't know about you guys, but I'm whipped! I need a break from all this fun.
Ippatsu: I'll second that. All this swimming's made me a tad chilly.
Lyria: Oh! How about we head back to the beach house then!
No version of Sara in crew

Lyria: Sara and Volenna said they'd meet us there once they're back from Kaz's place.
Ippatsu: A splendid idea, Lyria!
Ippatsu: This sounds like the perfect opportunity to try the ramen there!
Vyrn: Whoa, they have ramen? I never even noticed. You're good!
Ippatsu: Heh! I'm always on the lookout for ramen! No time better spent than on ramen, after all!
Ippatsu: Well then, what are we waiting for!
Ippatsu: Ramen! Ready or not, here we come!
No version of Sara in crew

Sara: Lyria! (Captain)! Sorry, hope we didn't keep you waiting...
Volenna: Apologies. We lost track of the time.
Lyria: No, no! Great timing, actually! We just got here too!
Sierokarte: Ooh, customers! Can I get you anything?
Ippatsu: Ramen! Ramen for me, please!
Sierokarte: Okie dokie! One bowl of ramen coming right up! You sure do love your ramen, Ippatsu!
Ippatsu: Guilty as charged. Broth is my blood and soup is my soul!
Vyrn: Aww, now I wanna try some too... Siero! One more for me, please!
Sara: I've never heard of this ramen dish before, but um... I think I'll give it a try too.
Ippatsu's enthusiasm ends up convincing everyone that they want some ramen as well.
The first bowl of steaming hot ramen hits the table. Ippatsu pounces on it and slurps it with gusto.
Ippatsu: Mmm! Ooh, mmm!
Ippatsu: Ahh! Amazing!
Ippatsu: Stock from free-range local fowl! Seasoned to perfection with sea salt!
Ippatsu: Served hot enough to warm you up from the inside out.
Ippatsu: I can't say it trumps the ramen master's work, but it certainly is a most delightful bowl of ramen.
Ippatsu: After a long swim, it's just what one needs!
Ippatsu: This is what I call ramen!
Sara: Wow, is it that good?
Ippatsu: Why, of course! Go on, try for yourself!
Ippatsu: Big slurps, now!
Sara: Oh, um... like how you did just now?
Volenna: Careful, Sara. Make sure it's not too hot for you.
Sara: All right, I will... Here goes nothing!
Sara: Wow! This is great! You need to try this, Volenna! Open up, here comes the yum yum train!
Volenna: Haha, now what have I told you about spoonfeeding your elders, young lady?
Lyria: It's good, right? And we all have Ippatsu to thank! If not for him, we'd never have known about—
Ippatsu: ...
Vyrn: Ippatsu? You okay? You're usually goin' crazy when you find a new ramen buddy.
Ippatsu: Huh? Oh! Of course! Of course!
Ippatsu: It's a fine day for me indeed when a new soul discovers the joys of ramen!
Ippatsu: However, I believe I've come to realize its weakness.
Lyria: Um... You mean, ramen's weakness?
Ippatsu: Yes. You see, ramen is best eaten when it's absolutely piping-hot.
Ippatsu: And while one can cool it, blow on it before each bite, or slurp...
Ippatsu: For the uninitiated, ramen can be a touch too hot for comfort.
Lyria: Hmm. Yeah, I guess so! It was pretty tough for me when I first tried it.
Ippatsu: Precisely!
Ippatsu: If only there was some kind of ramen that wasn't hot...
Ippatsu: Would it be possible to create such a dish?
(Captain) and the others exchange glances as Ippatsu drifts deep into thought.
Ramen that anyone can enjoy... Can Ippatsu give life to this impossible idea?
Ippatsu's journey, as he shall soon find, has only just begun.