Scenario:Jin - Dedicated to Duty

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Dedicated to Duty

Jin is fishing in Auguste to find food that can help Sara recover, and he's struck by how small skydwellers are compared to nature. This realization reminds him how important it is to selflessly help others, so he renews his vow to aid (Captain).

Jin not in crew

(Captain) and company find themselves running around on an island in an effort to deal with a problem caused by a primal beast.
They end up fighting a swordsman named Jin over a misunderstanding, but they manage to clear it up.
Jin: Still, my erroneous belief caused so much trouble for you all.
Jin apologizes to (Captain) and company and then begs them to let him join the crew.
Jin: A long time ago, I was attacked by monsters, and a gentleman saved me. I yearned to be like him, so I chose a path of violence.
Jin: But once I became an adult, I found out just how hard life can be. And people need to eat to survive.
Jin: Before I knew it, I was claiming to want to help people, but it was really the money I was after.
Jin: And it's because of who I am that (Captain)'s willingness to selflessly help others strikes me as radiant and noble.
Jin: I would give my everything and lay down my life to help you follow that path, (Captain).
Thus (Captain) welcomes Jin as a member of the crew.
Jin is a crew member

Jin ends up joining (Captain) and company during their efforts to resolve a problem caused by a primal beast.
But not long after this, a girl that Jin is close to falls ill.
Jin temporarily leaves the crew to look for medicine for her.
It hasn't been that long since Jin left when (Captain) and company run into him again on Auguste.
Vyrn: Heh-heh! What a surprise! What were the odds of us bumping into you during our vacation?
Jin: I was shocked as well! I apologize for not staying in touch since I left the crew.
Sara is a crew member

Jin: I received word from Sara that her health has improved and that she's left Sable Island.
Vyrn: So are you done with looking for medicine?
Jin: Yes, I think it might be more useful to help Sara grow stronger without it.
Jin: They say a healthy body needs a healthy diet, so I thought I'd bring lots of delicious food back from Auguste.
Jin: The fish from these seas are famed for their great taste after all!
Lyria: That's right! The fish cuisine here is truly delicious.
Jin: You all came here to rest for a while, right, (Captain)?
Jin: I'd like to continue fishing until you're ready to leave.
  1. Don't you want to hang out with us?
  2. So you're addicted to fishing, huh?

Choose: Don't you want to hang out with us?
Jin: Well, hanging out is all well and good, but fishing is fun in its own way.
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Choose: So you're addicted to fishing, huh?
Jin: Ha-ha! Looks like I can't hide anything from you guys.
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Continue 1
Jin: You get to catch fish and have fun. It's like killing two birds with one stone. Or landing two fish with one hook.
Vyrn: So that's the score, huh? I think I'd rather just play in the water.
Jin: Hmm... I see. Well, each to their own.
Jin: Oops, it's nearly high tide. I'd better hurry up if I want to catch any fish!
(Captain)'s crew leaves Jin and goes to play on the beach.
(Captain) needs a break from all the fun and decides to go for a walk to look for Jin, who's out fishing somewhere.
Jin: Hmm... No luck at all today.
Jin: Oh? Hello there, (Captain). The fish haven't really been biting today.
Jin: Heh-heh... But fishing's fun even when you don't catch anything.
Jin: It's just you against the sea and the fish, and there's really nothing else like it.
Jin feels something pulling on the end of his line, but the fish slips away.
Jin: Ha-ha. Lost that one! It was a good contest nevertheless.
Jin once again baits his hook and casts his line out into the sea.
Jin: Fishing is both a contest and a dialogue with Mother Nature.
Jin: Until now I have borne the daily hardships of our world.
Jin: But fishing has taught me just how insignificant my struggles really are.
Jin: Compared to Mother Nature's great bounty, skydwellers are just specks. We must not forget that.
(Captain) and Jin sit down together on the beach and gaze out at the sea.
Jin: But you know what, (Captain)? I think the insignificance of each of us as an individual only makes the drive to help others that much more precious.
Jin: And I feel that even more keenly as I gradually detach myself from daily hardships.
Jin: Helping people without regard for any reward... Your path is a just one, (Captain), and I want you to keep on walking it.
Jin: I'll do everything in my power to make sure you can keep doing just that.
Jin puts down his fishing rod and bows deeply to (Captain).
Jin: Once more I entrust to you my life and my blade!
Jin, free from his troubles, continues his journey both for his friends and society.
And he follows (Captain) right down the same path of justice.