Scenario:Katzelia - Any Way the Wind Blows

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Any Way the Wind Blows

Some time after falling out with Katzelia, the crew returns to the slums and are reunited with him, Haaselia, and Thomas. Katzelia no longer wishes to pursue his war of succession, instead striving to restore peace to his empire, and so he formally joins the crew. He reestablishes his pact with Judgement and vows to return to the slums once Galgenia is at peace.

Days and months pass after the showdown with the king of the slums.
(Captain) and company have come back to the island for the first time since King's disappearance to transport cargo for a job.
The rich and prosperous requester has asked for the crew specifically.
Vyrn: Hehe! This guy knows his skyfarers if he had the good sense to choose us!
Lyria: Oh! I think this is the shop.
(Captain) approaches the door of the shop. It opens and a man steps out.
???: Hey there! I've been waiting for you!
Lyria: Thomas!
Thomas: It's been a while. Y'all look well.
It's none other than Thomas, the wood supplier the crew met in the slums.
Vyrn: Wait... So the rich guy that hired us is—
Thomas: You guessed it! Me! I asked for you specifically!
Vyrn: Holy smokes! You mean you own this joint? How'd you do it?
Thomas: I put King's lessons to good use and never strayed from the path of doing honest business.
Thomas: Sometimes I'd snag a big deal, and then that led to another deal, and another... My luck kept rolling.
Thomas: Business was booming. Figured I'd need a shop, so I set up a place on this island.
Lyria: Oh, I see. I'm glad everything has worked out for you!
Thomas goes on to happily report that other residents from the slums have also since prospered.
Vyrn: So where do you want us to take the cargo?
Thomas: Actually the destination hasn't been finalized yet.
Vyrn: Say what? How's this gonna work then?
At that moment a pair of familiar figures make their entrance into the shop.
Katze & Haase: ...
Lyria: Oh my goodness!
Katzelia: Long time no see.
Haaselia: Have you been well?
Haaselia not in crew

Vyrn: Whoa! It's King and Princess! Where'd you guys run off to?
Haaselia is a crew member

Vyrn: Whoa! It's King and Haase! Where'd you guys run off to?
Katzelia: After we left your presence, we were found by imperial pursuers. We had no choice but to go on the run until recently.
Katzelia: We were at the ends of our ropes, ready to give up, when we happened across Thomas.
Thomas: Course I'm just a simple merchant. Even though I knew their lives were in danger, I didn't have the power to do anything.
Thomas: That's when I got the idea to call you guys.
Vyrn: I'm with you so far...
Katzelia: I decided to stop thirsting for a war of succession.
Katzelia: Defeat at your hands drove home the fact that I am a musician and not suited to war.
Katzelia: From now on my calling is to find a way to take back the empire through peaceful measures.
Katzelia: That is in the best interests of the citizens of Galgenia.
Lyria: I agree! That's the best way forward!
Vyrn: Wait... Then the cargo we're here to transport is...
Katzelia steps closer to (Captain).
Katzelia: (Captain), you are the captain of the crew.
Katzelia: Will you shelter us two exiles?
  1. You're more than welcome.
  2. Just don't lie anymore.

Choose: You're more than welcome.

Katzelia: I don't know how to thank you. You didn't even hesitate, despite the fact that I once took up arms against you.
Vyrn: Hehe, think nothin' of it! (Captain) doesn't do it for the thanks!
Katzelia: I am humbled...
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Choose: Just don't lie anymore.

Katzelia: I swear on my homeland, the Galgenia Empire, that I will never deceive you ever again.
Katzelia: And I apologize for the incident that transpired between us.
Vyrn: Well, I think we can accept that, right, (Captain)?
(Captain) nods with a smile.
Katzelia: I am humbled...

Continue 1

Haaselia not in crew

Haaselia: Thank you very much.
Haaselia is a crew member

Haaselia: Thank you very much for not just sheltering my brother, but for opening his eyes as well.
Lyria: You never said anything to us about Katze's intentions...
Haaselia: I was uncertain of what to do back then. I'm sorry.
Haaselia: I was powerless to persuade my brother who was so consumed with revenge.
Haaselia: But in my heart, I knew (Captain) would show my brother that war is not the answer.
Haaselia: I believed that losing to you would bring him to his senses, just as it did for me.
Thomas comes to say goodbye to Katzelia.
Thomas: Take care of yourself out there, King!
Katzelia: I am a king no longer. Just baggage.
Thomas: Nope! You'll always be a king to us! Doesn't matter where, doesn't matter when, you'll forever be in our thoughts!
Lyria: He's right! And you're not baggage, Katze! You're our friend!
Katzelia: Friend?
Orchestra Member 1: Katze! Hey, Katze!
Orchestra Member 2: Teehee, Katze is such an amusing fellow.
Orchestra Member 3: You won't find an imperial prince like him anywhere else. Maestro here is our empire's pride and joy.
The faces of departed comrades flash through Katzelia's mind. Never had he dreamt of ever making friends again.
Lyria: Katze! I feel the Judgement card calling out to you!
Katzelia: What?
Lyria hands the card to Katzelia.
Judgement: ...
Katzelia: Demon Cat...
Judgement: I have prepared another pact between us, Katze.
Katzelia: You would once more lend me power? But I no longer intend to start a war.
Judgement: I have been released from The World. My mission now is to judge The World. Such is the conclusion I have drawn.
Katzelia: Humph. And now you need a host to carry it out.
Katzelia: Very well! I am kin of an imperial usurper! You were an altered primal beast!
Katzelia: We both know the pain of betrayal by those close to us.
Katzelia: Let us join together, my fellow cursed companion, and blast fierce winds over the arena of judgment!
Judgement recedes into a single point of light on the card, and Katzelia pockets it.
Katzelia: I suppose possessing this power ends my short-lived tenure as baggage.
Thomas: Astonishing as always, King... Taming a primal beast like it's nothing...
The Grandcypher pushes away from dock.
Thomas: Stay safe, King!
Katzelia: Thomas, tell this to the townspeople for me! Once I reclaim the empire, I will come back to see you all!
Thomas: I'll let 'em know! We'll be here waiting as usual! Please take care of yourself!
And so the exiled emperor sets out on a new adventure aboard the Grandcypher.