Scenario:Korwa - Ladies' Night Goes into Overtime

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Ladies' Night Goes into Overtime

On their way home from a party with the Lowain bros, Korwa, Sutera, and Lamretta spin a sequel for their Albion Fantasy High counterparts. Problem student Korwa is sick of class president Sutera's lectures when she's simply trying to enjoy her youth. Her feelings for the uptight Sutera may go beyond simple annoyance, however.

Sutera (Event) is a crew member

Lowain, Elsam, Tomoi, Korwa, Sutera, and Lamretta are having a friendly get-together.
Lowain and his buddies' flights of fancy form a lively background for the festivities.
The hour grows later as the friends chatter among themselves, until finally the three bros doze off.
Sutera (Event) not in crew

Korwa is a top-tier fashion designer who joined (Captain)'s crew in search of new stories.
She threw this bash to comfort Lamretta after a recent heartbreak.
Among the guests are Lowain, the Grandcypher's cook, and his two friends, Elsam and Tomoi.
Also in attendance is the guardian Sutera, who is hoping to learn the ways of feminine wiles.
The six of them enjoy a lively chat, with Lowain and his buddies' flights of fancy serving to spice up the discussion.
As the gap between fantasy and reality widens and narrows, the bros unwittingly drop off to sleep.
The light of a new day breaks over the Grandcypher.
Leaving the bros behind at the restaurant, Korwa, Sutera, and Lamretta totter homeward, rubbing at bleary eyes.
Sutera: Hmm... I'm not sure we should have left Lowain and the others there.
Korwa: They'll be fine. I think all that fantasy wore them out psychologically—they dropped like the temperature on a Mephorash night.
Korwa: Let 'em sleep it off at the restaurant.
Lamretta: Yawn... I'm beat too, an' it's not the booze or the all-nighter...
Lamretta: Mmggh... Mecha... psycho... Urgh, my head.
Sutera: Ah, Lamretta, are you all right?
Korwa: Hm... Yeah, I also kinda feel like I'm waking up from a weird dream.
Korwa: And that I'm better off not remembering it...
Assailed by unsettling memories, Korwa and Lamretta's faces take on a haggard look.
Sutera, on the other hand, still seems to be riding the high of an enjoyable evening.
Sutera: Hehe... That party really was just the thing.
Sutera: I feel like I've grown a bit just from attending.
Korwa: What parts did you enjoy most, Sutera?
Sutera: Hm... I think my favorite was the story set at school. That was really captivating.
Korwa: Oh, what did they call it again? Albion Fantasy High? They were really hyped up about that one.
Sutera (Event) not in crew

Albion Fantasy High is a fiction born from the fevered imaginations of Lowain, Elsam, and Tomoi.
During tonight's party, the trio added Korwa and the others to the cast as students and teachers.
Sutera: And it was quite educational! I learned so much about life at the Albion Military Academy!
Korwa: Ahaha... I think they've taken a few liberties with respect to the actual academy.
The three friends think back on the yarn Lowain and his bros wove.
Lamretta: Jin was so cool as a teacher... Totally dreamy.
Lamretta: And that world's Farrah and Elsam were just made for each other, don't you think?
Korwa: Hm... As far as the guys on the crew are concerned, Farrah gets along pretty well with Juri, doesn't she?
Korwa: Elsam and Juri are completely different types... I wonder how that'd turn out.
Lamretta: Yeah... Elsam was such a goof-off. Hall monitor Farrah was always on his case.
Korwa: Mmm... I don't think Farrah sees Elsam as anything more than a problem child yet.
Lamretta: Yer right! And Elsam just thinks of her as a pain in the patoot who won't leave him be.
Lamretta: But maybe one day, a teacher asks Farrah to tutor him 'cause his grades are so bad...
Korwa: After hours of studying together in a deserted classroom, they discover new sides to one another they never guessed at!
Korwa: Yes, yes! The perfect way for young love to blossom!
Sutera: I see... Situations like these only arise in a school setting.
Korwa: And then, and then! What if it turns out that Vira's actually—
The friends come to a stop at a street corner, lost in their story.
Suddenly Korwa remembers a complaint.
Korwa: Oh yeah... I know it was just fiction, but in that world, Sutera and I were at each other's throats.
Korwa: We hadn't patched things up when the story ended either. That bugs me.
Sutera: I agree... But I suppose given the way our characters were set up, they'd naturally have trouble understanding one another.
Lamretta: Hehe... You still have much to learn, young acolyte. They jusht need the right push to see each other's side of things.
Lamretta: Then their bickering will turn into a deep and lasting friendship. It's a tale as old as time!
Sutera: I see... Is that how it works?
Korwa: Of course it is! You really know your stuff, Lammie!
Korwa: For example, let's say—
Korwa: Hmm...
Korwa: Right! I don't have any interesting classes today, so I'm gonna ditch! Gotta use my time wisely!
Korwa: Now what should I do instead...
Sutera: Don't tell me you're planning to skip school again?
Korwa: ...
Sutera: Not on my watch! It's part of my job as class president to see that you attend your classes!
Korwa: Yeah, yeah. I hear you. I'll be there when the bell rings, so you go on ahead.
Sutera: Sigh...
Korwa: Off you go. What kind of example will you be setting if you skid into class just under the wire?
Korwa: Geez...
Annoyance written plainly across her face, Korwa watches Sutera leave
Korwa: She's always acting like the model student... I make sure I show up to any class that's actually worth my while!
Korwa: Where does she get off lecturing me anyhow? My grades are better than hers!
Korwa: I bet that apple-polisher's only a class rep to earn brownie points with the teachers.
Korwa takes great pride in her swordplay and her academics. She devotes herself to constant self-improvement, determined to overshoot every goal she's given.
She does, however, spend a lot of time with delinquents like Lowain and his friends.
Coupled with the fact that Korwa ditches any class she feels isn't useful, her reputation in the faculty's eyes is less than stellar.
Today, yet again, she skips class to hang out with Lowain and the others in the school courtyard.
Korwa: That girl just doesn't know when to lay off.
Tomoi: You said it. I'm a teacher, an' she's still always up in my grill tellin' me what I can't do.
Lowain: But Korwie, you are ditching.
Elsam: Gyaha! He's gotcha there! Aren't you gonna get in trouble for cutting class right after she warned you?
Korwa: Ugh, shut your piehole. How are you three any better?
Elsam: Good... point.
Korwa: And you're a teacher! Why're you hanging around with us?
Tomoi: Good... point.
Korwa: Besides! Cutting class, hitting the stores and stuffing our faces with sweets on the way home, falling in love...
Korwa: Those are all precious experiences we can only have in the prime of our youth!
Korwa: I'm nailing all my core classes, I'll have you know.
Korwa: So why does she constantly have to yap at me about regulations?
Korwa: Rules, rules, rules! I'm suffocating with all the rules! Learn a few new words, you overgrown parrot!
Lowain: Whoa, Korwie, pump the breaks—you're spinning outta control.
Elsam: Yeah, you hangry? Chomp this chicken and chill.
Tomoi: Yeah, friend-o, settle. Sutera can come down hard on people, but...
Lowain: Mmm... You two're just incompatible.
Tomoi: Yeah, I mean, obvs. But, like—don't you kinda go lookin' for fights with her, Korwie?
Korwa: Who, me? With Sutera?
Korwa is caught off-guard by Tomoi's observation.
Lowain: I do kinda get that vibe, now that you mention it. Like Korwie's tryin' to get under her skin.
Tomoi: Ooh, I get it. The class rep's only pickin' up what Korwie's layin' down, right?
Elsam: Yeah. If the two of you were so different, wouldn't you just steer clear of each other?
Korwa: Mm... I see your point...
Korwa: I see your point, but I still don't think that's quite it...
Lowain: Hm? What is it then?
Lowain and the others exchange confused glances at Korwa's vague statement.
But far from being able to explain it to them, she finds that she, herself, is unsure of her feelings.