Scenario:Lilele - I Said Idol, Not Noodles!

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I Said Idol, Not Noodles!

Lilele is practicing hard for upcoming summer concerts that she assumes she has been invited to, but upon further confirmation, it turns out she has unwittingly agreed to participate in a number of ramen events. Nevertheless, Lilele will go forward with the ramen events in hopes that the exposure will land her an invite to perform at live concerts.

Lilele not in crew

When Lilele was a young child, she heard a song called "Our Future," sung to her by a four-member idol group.
Their brilliance enraptured the Harvin so much that she dreamed of emulating them.
She vowed to one day become the number one idol in all the skies.
Through a mysterious stroke of fate, she joins (Captain) and company on their journey.
And that's how a delightful voice comes to be heard on the deck of the airborne Grandcypher.
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Lilele is a crew member

One day a delightful voice can be heard on the deck of the airborne Grandcypher.
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Lilele: I close my eyes and see your smile,

the memory of its radiance undimmed

all this long while.
Lilele: Can you see my new color yet?

The color of the dream you gave me,

the dream-colored miracle that saved me.
Lyria: Wow, that was amazing, Lilele!
Eugen: Haha! I never get tired of hearing that song!
Lilele: Thank you. I'm just getting started!
(Captain) and Vyrn step out onto the deck. They join the others gathered around Lilele to ask why she's so fired up.
Vyrn: What's up? Good news?
Lilele: Yep! 'Tis the season for summer fests galore!
Vyrn: Summer... fests?
Lilele: Many different artists are going to showcase their music over the summer! We're talking about the biggest live concerts of the season!
Lilele: I've already received so many requests to come perform all over the place!
Lilele: Here, take a look-see!
Lilele plops down the mountain of letters in front of the crew members.
Vyrn: Whoa! You weren't kidding... All of these are from those summer thingies?
Lilele: Ahem! What do you think, (Captain)? Shocked?
  1. You're Ms. Popular.
  2. Who knew you were this popular.

Choose: You're Ms. Popular.
Lilele: Mm-hm! My hard work has paid off!
Lilele: The stage will practically be my second home this summer!
Eugen: Hehe, can't wait to see you up there. Rackam and I'd better brush up on our cheers.
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Choose: Who knew you were this popular.
Lilele: How mean, (Captain). Have you been doubting my popularity all this time?
Vyrn: Nah, I think it's more like (Captain) doesn't keep up with this stuff.
Lilele: You better come watch me then, (Captain)! I'll show you what Lilele's all about!
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Lilele's anticipation for summerfests has reached a fever pitch.
Lyria: You've been practicing for so long, Lilele. Are you taking enough breaks?
Lilele: I'm totally in a groove right now! I don't have any time to spare for breaks!
Vyrn: Why's that? What's the rush?
Lilele: There are many idols out there strutting their stuff.
Lilele: You hear news all the time about movers and shakers in the industry producing new idol groups.
Lilele: If I don't keep my finger on the pulse, those idols'll snatch up all of my fans.
Vyrn: Oh... And that's enough to make you practice non-stop? Being an idol sure is tough...
Lilele: Well, that's not the only reason. I'm also watching what I eat.
Lilele: I'm controlling how much I put into my body in order to maintain my figure. Which means no ramen!
In her childhood days, Lilele's love for ramen caused her to gain weight from eating too much of it.
Lyria: Oh dear... An idol's lifestyle is so strict.
Eugen: Hrm... Are you sure you're okay? I'm a bit worried 'bout your health...
Lilele: I'm fine, really! Besides, I have to stay healthy, otherwise I can't participate in any festivals!
Sure enough, the crew members can't find anything particularly worrisome about Lilele's condition. She appears to be the picture of health.
Vyrn: Wait a minute. Letters... Letters... Say, aren't we supposed to give Lilele a package?
Eugen: Shoot, completely slipped my mind! The owner of the inn we always stay at gave us a box to hold on to.
Lilele: Really?
Eugen: Sorry, Lilele. I left it back in the ship's storage room. I'll go back and get—
Lilele: It's finally here! I'll go grab it myself!
The words are barely out of her mouth as she dashes away.
Lyria: I wonder what it is?
Lilele returns a short while later.
Lilele's Voice: I'm baaack!
Vyrn: Oh?
Lyria: Oh!
Eugen: Oooh!
The Lilele they see before them is totally different from the Lilele a moment ago.
Lilele: Give me your thoughts, you guys!
Lyria: Wow, Lilele... That swimsuit is really cute on you.
Eugen: Oho, I see. So that's what was in that box.
Lilele: Yep! This is the swimsuit ensemble I ordered for the concerts.
Lilele: It's going to make its debut this summer!
Lilele: Doesn't it look swell on me?
Lyria: Yes, very! It's perfect!
Lilele: Heehee. Thank goodness.
Lilele: Impeccable outfit, check! Flawless body, check! All that's left is to keep practicing, and I'll be ready for the live show!
Vyrn: So where's the first concert gonna be? Can we go see it?
Lilele: Actually I haven't read all the details yet.
Vyrn: Uh, isn't that kinda important?
Lilele: I didn't have time to read all the letters I got, you know. I was busy practicing and ordering the swimsuit.
Lilele: I already sent replies saying I'll accept the invitations, so there shouldn't be any mix-ups.
Lilele: If you're not busy, could you all help me confirm what these letters say?
(Captain) and company reach for the mountain of letters and begin reading them one by one.
Lilele: Ooh!
Lyria: What is it?
Lilele: This is an invite to judge the tastiest bowl of ramen at a ramen festival.
Lilele: They know how much I love ramen and sought me out!
Lilele: Teehee. I totally thought it was for some music fest, so I agreed to do it without knowing.
Vyrn: Hm, you get called up for those kinda events too, huh?
Lilele: All in a fine day's work for an idol. 'Tis the season for festivals, and I don't think one ramen event is out of the question!
Vyrn: Hang on... This letter is an invitation for a ramen festival too.
Lilele: Huh?
Lyria: And this one is asking you to be a guest for a ramen show...
Lilele: Huh?
Eugen: Um, Lilele? This letter wants you to come to some sort of king of ramen thing...
Lilele: Huuuh?
Lilele: J-just stop for a second.
Lilele dives into the letter pile, quickly scanning the contents of each correspondence.
Lilele: This one's ramen... And this one's ramen... And this...
Lilele: This isn't right... No matter which letter I read, it's only for ramen events!
She doesn't give up.
Lilele: Where are they?
Lilele: Where are the other letters!
Vyrn: Hate to say it, but I think you just read the last one.
Vyrn: Um, but you do have more letters somewhere else... right?
Lilele: ...!
Lilele: H-how can this be?
Lilele: These are the only letters I have, and they're definitely requesting me to make appearances!
Lilele: But...
But they all have to do with ramen tasting! There's not a single one about singing!
Vyrn: Seriously? Then what was the point of all that practicing you were doing?
Lilele: W-well, I thought all of these letters were inviting me to perform at summer fests all over the place...
Lilele: When you look at the request window for this time frame, this is prime time for live concerts.
Lilele: That's how it's supposed to work. So why...
Vyrn: Well, it's fine, isn't it? I thought you liked ramen.
Lilele: It's not fine. An idol sparkles when she's singing and dancing on the stage!
Lilele: At least that's what I picture in my mind anyway...
Eugen: Lilele's got the right idea. And I bet the fans want to see Lilele putting on a show too.
Lyria: Yes, Lilele is very popular. How did it come to this?
Vyrn: If that's how you feel, wouldn't it be better to back out of all those events you replied to?
Lilele: ...
Eugen: Probably for the best. That's more ramen events than one person can handle.
Lyria: Hmm... I agree. I don't want to see Lilele push herself too hard either.
Lilele: No!
Lilele: I'm gonna do it! Once I accept a request, I'll carry it out until the end!
Vyrn: C'mon. It's impossible.
Lilele: Even if it's just a ramen event, that doesn't change the fact that work is work!
Lilele: After seeing all I've done to prove myself, someone went to great lengths to deliver this to me! I'm not about to say no to that!
Eugen: Uugu... You're gonna make me blubber like a big ol' baby! You're so courageous, Lilele! I'll be cheering for you!
Lyria: Mm-hm! You're really amazing!
  1. We're all rootin' for ya.

Choose: We're all rootin' for ya.
Vyrn: Sure are! It ain't gonna be easy, but we'll be there to help if we can!
Lilele: Thank you, (Captain)! Everyone!
Lilele: I'm going to put my best foot forward!
Lilele: If I can rock all of these jobs and get my face out there, I just know an invitation to perform live will come!
At first Lilele is depressed that she hasn't received any requests to perform live.
But by showcasing herself at other non-singing events, she opens a path to bigger opportunities.
The crew is there to support this resolute Harvin every step of the way.