Scenario:Lucius - The Flower of Andalise

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The Flower of Andalise

(Captain) and company arrive in a field in the mountains.Lucius sees remains of what could have been a burned down village and instinctively stops.It turns out this is the place where Lucius' hometown was.Lucius vows to take revenge with his own hands on the destructive goblins for his mother and the other villagers.He wants to reach the conclusion to this story.

(Captain)'s party found themselves scouring the island's mountain plains in search of a special something.
The plains were scattered with countless walls and posts made of what looked to be wood. Lucius stopped in his tracks.
Lucius: Stop, (Captain). Wait for moment.
Vyrn: Hmm? What's the deal? We're in the middle of a field.
Lucius: To think I'd be here again...
Lucius: Seeing the island again... the look of the plains... I can't help but remember.
Lyria: Um... I don't really see anything special. Does this place mean something to you, Lucius?
Lucius: Ah. This was where... .where I was born and raised.
Vyrn: Wait... what?! So those goblins you were talking about... they...
Lucius: Yup. Then the fiends attacked... this is where the village used to be.
Lucius: I believed I would stay away until I destroyed them once and for all...
Lucius: To think this day would come when I thought it so far away.
Vyrn: Oh, no. C'mon, man! We never would've beat them if you weren't there!
Lyria: Yes! I know it was a hard fight, but we were so glad you were there!
Lucius: I was spent after it, as if a hole had opened in my heart. But now that I'm back, I remember.
Lucius: There is one last matter I need to take care of. The ringleaders.
Lyria: Wha...
Monster: Grrrr!
Vyrn: Hey! Son of a... it's coming!
Lucius: Wherever monsters appear, nature shows its face again.
Lucius: So be it. I bear you no ill will, mind you, but you're in my way.

The Flower of Andalise: Scene 2

Lucius seemingly hates his own father.His father was a skilled swordmaster, one of the best this world has known. After beating the young Lucius, he abandoned him and his mother and left the village.Soon after the village was attacked by goblins and destroyed.Lucius cannot forgive his father, believing that if his father had stayed to fight, then his mother would still be alive.As he tells the tale of his past, his father, Aletheia, appears.

The attack on his home had cost Lucius his mother. He slayed the wretched goblins and their king.
Whatever semblance of peace Lucius gained had fled now that he was back in the village. His face once again contorted into a grim mask.
Lyria: Er... by ringleaders, you mean...
Vyrn: Wait... so there's something other than the goblins out there?
Lucius: Ah, yes. My father...
Lucius: He left us. My mother, my sister, and me.
Lucius: Everyone knew he'd been an accomplished swordsman... I think, had he just been there, he could have at least saved mother.
Lucius: I know I sound bitter. But the thought haunts me...
Vyrn: Wow... I'm sorry to hear that, Lucius...
Lyria: But, Lucius... you're so good with your sword. How?
Lucius: They did. I could not yet even read or write. Yet my father was relentless.
Lucius: I'd yearned to be like him. It became a source of pride... and his lessons were fierce.
Lucius: It's all the more reason to lament striking down the demon king...
Lucius: I felled him and I was but a boy.And him... that so-called master swordsman...
Lyria: ...
Vyrn: Hrm... you said he was a fierce teacher. So why'd he leave?
Lucius: I don't quite recall. I was small, you remember. I do believe he'd become enamored with a certain sword... but he had to do something to get it.
Lucius: He'd made a contract having to do with some rich fellow. Part of it involved leaving the village.
Lucius: Perhaps he joined up with an agent outfit. The dog prized possessions above his own family.
As Lucius finished speaking, a figure slid from the shadow of an orphaned post.
???: Oh, that is too rich. Mind your mouth, boy. You're not that big yet.
Lucius: ...!
Aletheia not in crew

Vyrn: Uhm! Where'd he come from?! Who's the old dude?!
???: ......
Lucius: His eyes... untamed as ever.
Lucius: This man is my father. Aletheia.
Lyria: What?! Weren't you just talking about him?
Lucius: To think I'd see you again...
Aletheia: Hah. I wasn't exactly planning on making the trip down here, either...
Aletheia: Hmph... felt like something was calling me. Thought I'd come down, but I can't say I was expecting a reunion.
Aletheia: Couldn't have worked out better. I've been thinking it's about time I stopped running away from the past.
Aletheia is a crew member

Lucius: ...!
Vyrn: Oh? Aletheia, huh... You follow us from the ship or something?
Aletheia: ...
Lucius: His eyes... untamed as ever.
Lucius: This man is my father. Aletheia.
Lyria: What?! R-really? I didn't even notice him!
Lucius: Never thought I'd see you again... you must've stowed away on the ship.
Aletheia: Hmph... you have any idea how many places there are to hide on a ship, boy? Not many. I had a real time of it.
Aletheia: I thought, hey, so long as I'm on the island I might as well catch up. So I followed you.
Lucius: Is that right... well you should start by apologizing! Apologize to mother! And to Teena!
Lucius: Apologize to the village! And apologize to me!
Lucius: This place holds little more than bones now... but they do not rest easy!
Lucius: You'll apologize if I have to dig them up, one by one!
Aletheia: Lucius...
Lucius: Much as I hate to say it, you could have saved us if you were there! Why did you abandon us?!
Aletheia: Heh... abandon you, is it? I did no abandoning. Not by any means, boy.
Aletheia: Listen. It may amount to little more than an excuse, but hear me out.
Lucius: Sigh... fine. Out with it. But it had better be good.
Aletheia: First we'll need to deal with those monsters. Get us a little peace and quiet.
Monster: Grrrr!

The Flower of Andalise: Scene 3

Aletheia abandoned his family for a sword and left the village.Aletheia's protestations that he had to go fall on Lucius' deaf ears, and incensed he draws his sword.Lucius and Aletheia prepare for a fight.

Aletheia: I... I loved your mother more than anything in this world. You and Teena as well.
Aletheia: And I loved this village. No matter what, it was still my home.
Lucius: And you threw it all away for some sword!
Aletheia: Ah... I got caught up in some things... It's possible, had I given up on the sword, I could have saved the village.
Aletheia: But it was out of my hands. I chose what I thought was best at the time.
Lucius: You thought it best to abandon your family?
Aletheia: You know nothing, Lucius.
Lucius: I know plenty! The fact that you knew you could save us makes it all the worse...
Aletheia: Hmph... seems nothing I can say will satisfy you.
Lucius: You speak of satisfaction. You're not even the dog I thought you to be!
Aletheia: Very well.Let our swords speak for us, Lucius. That ought to settle things.
Lucius: Very well! We'll finish this once and for all!
Lyria: H-hey... there's no need for you to do that!
Vyrn: Whoa, there! Don't butt in! This... this is what men do.
Lucius: Mother... give me strength!
Aletheia: Come, then! Strike at me with everything you've been holding in your heart!

The Flower of Andalise: Scene 4

At the end of the fight, Lucius decides to take Aletheia's sword from him.With the point of his former sword at his throat, Aletheia tells the story of the sword's origin and the true reason why he left the village. Fitted in the sword is a jewel passed down within Lucius' mother's family, and a jewel seemingly targeted by evil people.He left the village to lure away the evil people who had been threatening the family.Lucius still can't tell his father that he forgives him, but his hatred has lessened.

Aletheia: Ungh!
In that brief second, Lucius's blade became a blur. Aletheia's longsword was knocked from his grip, spinning uselessly through the air.
Before anyone had a chance to blink, Lucius's sword was at Aletheia's throat.
Lucius: This, father, is the sword you sold your soul for! I hope it was worth it!
Aletheia: Hah... no matter what the reason, I did abandon you. All for a sword...
Aletheia: Heh... for Andalise to take my life would be no less than I deserve...
Lucius: Andalise? Is that what you named it?
Aletheia: Heh... indeed I did. The Blade of Andalise. Named for the flower. Your mother loved them.
The name had been taken from a flower that Aletheia's wife, Lucius's mother, had loved. A name it shared with one jewel.
The stone had been set in a pendant, passed down in Lucius's mother's family for generations.
But it had caught the eyes of a certain organization. They'd burned down his mother's hometown trying to get their hands on it.
Concerned for his wife's well being, Aletheia set the jewel Andalise in the sword and left, hoping to lure them away.
Aletheia returned from his journey to find the village forever changed.
Though he'd managed to shake the organization, he wasn't prepared for the goblins. It was they who ravaged the village.
Aletheia: I suppose the only thing that matters is that I couldn't save my family.
Aletheia: Hmph. Might as well take all that rage and pain you've been brewing. Figure I had it coming.
Lucius: So... what happened to the people who were after mother?
Aletheia: Ah. A few natural disasters here, a few accidents there. They were bad guys. It was bound to happen sooner or later.
Aletheia: The fact that I didn't even raise a hand to stop it did little to assuage my guilt.
The man after Andalise was the lord of the town in which Lucius's mother had been born.
His status as a social elite protected him from any direct action on the part of Aletheia.
He came down with an illness as Aletheia waited for a chance, his passing mercifully quick.
Lucius: ...
Aletheia: Lucius. The sword should be yours. Your mother will watch over you.
Lucius: Don't think this means I've forgiven you.
Lucius: But... I do have some questions about mother.
Exhausted, Lucius fell to his knees and asked his father about his dear, departed mother.
Tormented by hatred, Lucius learned of the cruel truth from his father's own mouth.
He had been waiting for this chance all his life. But perhaps...