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The New King

The young boy is buried, but the crew is given no time to mourn as a high goblin mage appears with a group of troops. She reveals that Goblin Mage has been taken to their goblin kingdom for reeducation and that the goblins have a new king leading them. But the conversation soon ends, and fighting breaks out. The crew is unable to keep up with the goblin forces and withdraws to safety.

(Captain) and company take the boy into a nearby forest, where they bury him and offer their prayers.
Teena: I bet your brother's watching over you from somewhere far, far away in the sky.
Young Boy's Sister: Yeah... I'm gonna do what Brother said and keep smiling and living!
Teena: Attagirl...
The conversation is cut short as the crew senses the presence of something close by and promptly hides in the shade of some trees.
Rackam: You don't think those goblins left behind some of their own after the attack, do you?
Lucius: If they did, then why are we hiding? Let's finish the fiends off.
Rackam: Calm down, Lucius. We've gotta watch over Miya.
Rackam: And remember what Feena said? They're smarter than before, and they attack like an army.
Lucius: ...
Teena: Shush! Somebody's coming...
???: Hehe, what beautiful flowers there are blooming here!
???: We can gather a bouquet big enough to please our princess!
Lyria: It's... picking flowers? Are we really looking at a goblin?
Lucius: Look closely at those ears. That's a female goblin. Hmph, only a fool would be picking flowers now!
Rackam: Hey, wait!
Lucius: Raaah!
???: ...!
Lucius swings his sword at the female goblin, confident in his victory.
But at the last minute, several goblins dash in front of her and stand in Lucius's way.
Lucius: Hmph...
???: Ho-ho... That was close. Too close. Well done.
Goblin 1: Kehehe! Thank you, High Mage!
Rackam: Don't be so reckless. There's too many to handle on your own.
  1. Let's fight together.
  2. You made Teena mad, you know?

Choose: Let's fight together.

Lucius: Oh? (Captain), you better not fall behind then.
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Choose: You made Teena mad, you know?

Lucius: What?
Teena: How could you be so selfish!
Young Boy's Sister: Master... You should listen to Teena.
Lucius: Not you too, Miya.

Continue 1

High Goblin Mage: You people are quite the fools. It would have been much smarter to wait for us to leave the island, then escape quietly.
Goblin 2: Hey... Let's clobber 'em!
As soon as one of the goblins raises its fist, the crew find themselves surrounded from all sides.
Vyrn: Guess Feena wasn't kidding. These guys've got some serious leadership goin' now, just like an army!
High Goblin Mage: Maybe you're not complete idiots after all. Yes, we tried learning from Menean Empire's accursed armies.
High Goblin Mage: The results were astounding.
High Goblin Mage: These vulgar, selfish morons became a completely different militaristic force. Trampling one measly village is now nothing for them.
Lucius: Enjoy your victory while you can. Tell me: is this all the troops you fiends have left on this island?
High Goblin Mage: What would you do if I said yes?
Lucius: I'd thank you for saving me the trouble of looking for you all.
High Goblin Mage: Oh my. You are a frightening one.
While the situation around her escalates, Teena scans the goblin troops for any sign of Goblin Mage and finds none.
Teena: Okay, enough playing around! Where are you hiding Goblin Mage?
High Goblin Mage: Goblin Mage? Oh... Are you asking after the little one who was with the agents?
Teena: Yes, her!
High Goblin Mage: I'm afraid you're just a tad too late. She already departed for our kingdom.
Lucius: Well, I'm afraid she belongs under the care of an agent you dared to injure. You will return her at once.
High Goblin Mage: The only returning she'll do is with us. Female goblins are scarce as is, and she only needs a bit of reeducation before she can serve our king once more.
Lucius: Your... king?
Lucius: Did none of you learn your lesson after the last one?
Lucius: Heh, I suppose that means I'll just have to kill this one too and remind you.
Lucius's words set off a wildfire of fury through the High Goblin Mage and goblin troops surrounding them.
High Goblin Mage: You were the one who killed the previous king?
Lucius: The one and only.
High Goblin Mage: Hehe, hahaha! To think we'd run into his killer here of all places...
High Goblin Mage: We have inherited his will. Nothing will stop us from retaking the Menean Empire's throne and exterminating all people within its boundaries.
High Goblin Mage: But we won't stop there! The entirety of the skies will know the goblins' might!
Goblin 1: Hail the goblins! Destroy the people! Kehe! Hehehe!
Goblin 2: King Killer! I'll kill you!
Lucius: I'd like to see you fiends try! Forfeit your lives!
Goblin Army: Graaah!
Their violent howls pierce the sky as the goblin army begins to advance from every side.
Lucius: Fight me!
Rackam: Eat this!
Lyria: Tiamat, please help!
(Captain) and company successfully fend off each attacker.
Goblin Army: Kill them! Keheee!
But no matter how many goblins they take down, more take their place.
Teena: (Captain), we can't keep going like this.
Young Boy's Sister: Sniff... Cry... I'm scared...
  1. Let's retreat for now!

Choose: Let's retreat for now!

Rackam: First we gotta make an opening! One solid assault to get through the siege and then hightail it to the Grandcypher!
Lucius: ...
Teena: Lucius!
Lucius: Tch! Fine then!
Vyrn: (Captain)! Everyone! Time to make a break for it!
Not a second is wasted. An opening is made, and the crew rushes out of the woods to safety.

The New King: Scene 2

Having retreated to the Grandcypher, Teena notices that (Captain) and Lucius are nowhere to be seen. Rackam explains that the others have gone to infiltrate the goblin kingdom while pretending to retreat. Meanwhile, (Captain) and Lucius's infiltration mission isn't progressing smoothly.

Rackam and Teena somehow manage to escape the goblin army relatively unscathed.
Before hopping onto the Grandcypher, they help the injured villagers board the airship as well.
Rackam: Phew... Okay! We're taking off soon!
Teena: Wait a sec, Rackam! Lucius, (Captain), and the others aren't here yet.
Rackam: Oh... About that... They're actually on their way to save Goblin Mage.
Teena: Huh?
Rackam: It was a pretty well-made plan, considerin' the chaos. They tricked everyone into thinking they were running away when they're actually going after Goblin Mage.
Teena: Rackam! Why didn't you say something sooner?
Rackam: Lucius asked me not to—at least not until you noticed and asked about it first.
Rackam: He said he doesn't ever wanna get you mixed up in a fight with the goblins again.
Teena: Why—
Rackam: Whoa, hey! Don't shoot the messenger!
Rackam: Save that for Lucius when he gets back.
Teena: ...
Rackam: Now's not the time to sulk though. Lucius left us with an important mission to complete.
Teena: An important mission?
Rackam: Yep. We're headed to the Menean Empire.
Rackam: Pretty sure ol' Vizan and his anti-goblin unit would like to know the goblins are stirring up trouble again!
With the situation cleared up, the Grandcypher takes off for the Menean Empire.
Around the same time, Lucius and the others make their move.
They follow the goblins back to their base.
Vyrn: I gotta say, there's a lot more goblins here than I thought there'd be.
Vyrn: There weren't nearly this many back when their hideout was on that dark island, right?
Hordes of goblins strut about, secure in the kingdom they've built.
Lucius: Don't panic. The number of enemies changes nothing. They all lose the ability to move when you hit them in the head, so there's nothing to worry about.
Lyria: Um... Is it really okay that we left Teena behind?
Lucius: Yeah. I can settle things with these fiends and finish this once and for all.
At Lucius's grim countenance, (Captain) claps him on the back and assures him that he won't have to finish the fight alone.
Lucius: I guess you're right about that. I have you all with me to help.
Vyrn: Hehe, that's a pretty honest admission from ya, Lucius!
Lucius: Traveling with you all must've had more of an effect on me than I realized.
Vyrn: And what's wrong with that? We're your friends, after all!
Lucius: Heh. Enough of that. We need to search for Goblin Mage.
Conversation finished, (Captain) and the crew carefully scan their surroundings and keep an eye out for their missing companion.
Their search, however, doesn't go well. The goblin army's security is much tighter than originally expected, leaving no room for sneaking.
Lyria: There was a guard by that cave entrance too...
Vyrn: Darn it! There's gotta be a way around all this...
  1. Let's get Rackam and the others' help.
  2. I'll be a decoy.

Choose: Let's get Rackam and the others' help.

Vyrn: Good idea. Maybe we can round up the whole lot of 'em with Vizan on our side.
Lucius: I guess we've got no choice...
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Choose: I'll be a decoy.

Lucius: I was thinking of the same thing. Except I'll be the decoy, not you.
Lucius: While I've got them distracted, you guys can find Goblin Mage.

Continue 1

Goblin's Voice: Kehehe...
An unsettling laugh is heard from behind the crew members, causing them to whip around in surprise.
Lucius: Tch!
Goblin 3: Fooound you! Intruder alert! Intruder alert!
Goblin 4: Take their blood! Give their hearts to the king!
Lucius: Stop shouting. It's annoying.
Lucius: Here, let me help. Everything will quiet down once I slit your throats.

The New King: Scene 3

(Captain) and Lucius do their best to fend off the hordes of goblins, but there is no end to their numbers. Right as the situation turns dire, the goblin king reveals himself and challenges Lucius to a one-on-one match. Lucius agrees, but asks (Captain) to rescue Goblin Mage while the enemy is distracted.

Lucius: Haaah!
Goblin 3: Kehe!
Lucius: Eat this!
Goblin 4: Gurk...
(Captain) and company strike down the attacking enemies one by one.
But the horde of goblins shows no sign of depleting.
Vyrn: There's no end to 'em!
Lucius: We can't keep this up for much longer! You all run while I hold them off!
Lyria: We can't just leave you behind!
Lucius: (Captain), get out of the way!
Vyrn: Lucius!
Ignoring his friends' pleas, Lucius roars and charges into the next wave of goblin troops.
Lucius: Raaah!
Goblin 1: Kill!
Goblin 2: Kill them!
Goblins: Kehehe!
Lucius: (Forgive me, Teena!)
Teena: Hehe, Lucius!
Lucius: Graah!
Goblin 1: Augh...
Goblin 2: You stinkard!
Right as (Captain) prepares to join the fray, however, the brawl is interrupted.
???: Quiiieeet!
Goblin Army: ...!
At the shrill command, all the troops bow their heads and lower their weapons.
???: ...
Goblin Army: Kehe, kehe! The king is here!
Goblin King: Gaha! Gahaha! I'm impressed you actually made it this far. Should we roll out the welcome mat for you?
Lucius: (So this is the new king.)
Vyrn: Lucius, you okay? You can't just charge in like that!
Lucius: I guess I might've been a bit too reckless if even the lizard's worrying...
High Goblin Mage: Well, well. I didn't think we'd ever see you again after you ran away with your tail between your legs.
Lucius: Did you already forget? I told you we'd take back our comrade.
Goblin King: Comrade? Ah, that girl... Bring her here, Princess.
The king motions over his shoulder, and a female goblin walks forward with Goblin Mage.
Goblin Mage: ...
Goblin Princess: Oh my. What are you so afraid of? Aren't these your friends?
Lyria: Goblin Mage! We came to bring you home!
Goblin Mage: Oh. Um...
Vyrn: Huh? What's wrong? You're actin' kinda weird.
Lyria: The high mage said something about reeducation, didn't she? You don't think they already did something to her...
  1. First, let's get her home!

Choose: First, let's get her home!

Lyria: Right!
Lucius: Easier said than done at the moment. We're surrounded and need a way out.
High Goblin Mage: Your Majesty, if I may.
Goblin King: Hm... Speak.
High Goblin Mage: The bloodthirsty warrior among them is the one who slew the previous king.
Goblin Princess: That one did?
Goblin King: Interesting...
Lucius: Feeling indignant because someone wronged you? I know the feeling well.
Lucius: If you want a try at revenge, go ahead. I'll take you on.
Goblin King: Gaha! Gahaha! You're an amusing one!
With a disturbing smile dancing across his lips, the king approaches Lucius.
Goblin King: How about a one-on-one match between you and me?
Lucius: ...
Goblin King: It'll be a fair match. No tricks. Nothing to worry about.
Goblin King: If you win, I'll let you walk out of our kingdom.
Goblin King: And if you decide to take your friend here with you, then by all means, feel free to.
Goblin Mage: ...
Lucius: You'll keep your word?
Goblin King: Yes, of course.
Lucius: (The goblins are a mindless mob. If I take this one's head, the rest of them will fall apart...)
Lucius: I accept your challenge. Nothing would make me happier than to exterminate more of your kind, after all!
Vyrn: Hey, you sure about this? You're not looking too hot after all that fightin' earlier...
Lucius: I'm not about to let a chance like this slip by.
Goblin King: King Killer...
Goblin King: Today, this king will be the one to kill youuu!
The king raises his weapon high into the sky, and the goblins cheer and holler like a crowd in an arena.
Goblin Army: The king's fighting! Kehe! Kehehe!
Goblin King: Kehehe!
  1. Lucius...
  2. Let me fight instead!

Choose: Lucius...

Lucius: Don't look so worried. I'll be fine. I've got this.
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Choose: Let me fight instead!

Lucius: Instead? You want to get in the way of my fun?
Lyria: But...
Lucius: Relax. I won't lose.

Continue 1

Lucius takes a deep breath, then leans in close to whisper to (Captain).
Lucius: I don't trust a word out of any fiend's mouth.
Lucius: So while I have everyone distracted with the fight, you all need to save Goblin Mage.
(Captain) considers Lucius's words, then gives a firm nod.
Lucius: Heh, I'm counting on you, (Captain).
Lucius: Now, king of fiends! Your time has come!
Goblin King: Heh... This bloodthirsty murderer has got my blood boiling too!
Goblin Army: Kehe! Kehehe!
Lucius: Haaah!
Goblin King: Heee!
With the terms set, the fight between Lucius and the goblin king begins.

The New King: Scene 4

Seeing through Lucius and (Captain)'s trickery, the king commands his troops to assault the crew without restraint. However, the Grandcypher appears over their heads with reinforcements, finally giving Lucius the chance to save Goblin Mage. Everyone reunites on the Grandcypher, but Lucius can't shake the lingering hatred he feels toward goblins.

Lucius: Agh!
Goblin King: Is that all you've got? I thought you wanted my blood spilt, not yours.
Goblin Army: Now you know our king is strong! Kehehe!
Lucius: (His strength is absurd... Far stronger than his predecessor.)
Lucius: (Damn it. I won't be able to hold him off for much longer. You need to hurry, (Captain)...)
Goblin King: Eyes over here! Or are you trying to die?
Lucius: Urgh...
But Lucius's gaze drifts back over to (Captain) even as the king's attacks grow more vicious.
Vyrn: Outta the way! Seriously, you need to move!
High Goblin Mage: Oh my. That wasn't a very well thought-out plan. Or did you really think you could rescue the child so easily?
Goblin Mage: Ah...
Goblin Princess: Oh, strong, brave soldiers! Would you be so kind as to protect little ol' me?
Goblin Army: Kehehe!
A group of goblin troops reacts to the princess's call and rushes to make a ring around her.
Vyrn: How the heck're we gonna break through that?
Lyria: (Captain)! If we don't hurry, Lucius will...
Feeling the pressure growing, (Captain) turns to see Lucius prostrated before the goblin king.
High Goblin Mage: Can you really afford to look away right now?
Lyria: What?
Goblin 1: Destroy them!
Goblin 2: Not one step closer to our princess!
Many troops surge forward without mercy and drive (Captain) and company into a corner.
Vyrn: Darn it! What're we supposed to do?
Right as the situation turns dire, an enormous shadow falls over their heads. The crew looks up to see a familiar shape.
Lyria: Ah! It's the Grandcypher! And that's an anti-goblin force airship!
Vyrn: Heeey! Over here!
Teena: Oh my gosh! There's so many goblins... Rackam, this has to be the right island!
Rackam: Can you see (Captain) and the rest of 'em?
Teena: Yes! They're being surrounded by the enemy...
Rackam: All right, let's help them out and get this whole thing settled!
Rackam signals to the Menean ship containing the goblin-hunting force and guides them to the island straight ahead.
Rackam: Hang in there, guys!
Goblin King: So you tricked me.
Lucius: Heh... Maybe I did.
Lucius: But how about we focus on wrapping this business up?
Goblin King: Hmph. I suppose we should finish this fight.
Goblin King: Once we get your friends rounded up, I'll make sure to parade your head around! Gaha! Gahaha!
Goblin King: Go, my minions! Get those intruders and leave this one to meee!
Goblin Army: Kehehe! Kill them! Kill! Kiiill!
Vizan: Brave skyfarers and agents! Protect our Menean Empire and obliterate these goblin vermin!
Vizan: Follow after me!
The force obeys Vizan's command and charges to meet the oncoming goblin army once everyone lands.
Rackam: Hey, you guys... are totally not okay, huh?
Lyria: Haha, well... Thanks for coming when you did! I don't think we would've stuck it out for much longer...
Vyrn: I'm surprised you found us at all. How'd you know this was the island?
Rackam: You can thank Vizan for that.
Rackam: He already had a list of potential goblin-hosting islands prepared, so we had a general idea of where to look.
Rackam: I tell ya, those goblin hunters are something else.
Teena: Lucius!
Lucius: We can talk later. Right now we should take advantage of the chaos and save Goblin Mage. Come on, (Captain)!
The princess and high mage had taken off with Goblin Mage when reinforcements arrived. Lucius and (Captain) search for them as the goblin army and anti-goblin force clash fiercely.
Lucius: Hold it!
Goblin Princess: Eep!
High Goblin Mage: Princess! Please leave this to us and run!
Goblin 3: Protect the princess!
Goblin 4: Kehehe!
Lucius: Out of the way!
Lucius leaps into the air and soars right over the goblin army.
High Goblin Mage: How...
Shaking their shock off, the goblins turn to chase after him, but are blocked by an imposing (Captain).
High Goblin Mage: You! Step aside!
Goblin Army: Move! Graaah!
(Captain) weaves left and right, calmly dodging every attack the goblins throw and striking each attacker down in swift retaliation.
Goblin 3: Wh-what?
Goblin 4: Grah!
High Goblin Mage: Curse you...
With the goblin guard handled by (Captain), Lucius reaches Goblin Mage's position unhindered and approaches her.
Lucius: Let's go. Feena's waiting for you.
Goblin Mage: Fee...
Goblin Princess: You killed our king and now you'll even take this child from us?
Lucius: ...
Goblin Princess: She's one of us goblins. Do you really think she can live happily with people?
Goblin Mage: Oh...
Lucius: I don't know what you did to her.
Lucius: But she smiled happily enough with us before you took her.
Goblin Princess: Don't lie to me. People are... You're all monsters!
Lucius: I probably seem like one to you, don't I? I have killed your king and so many of your brethren.
Lucius: But you and I... We're much the same. The ones we care about are killed, we grow resentful, and then we take revenge.
Lucius: That's how it's always been.
However, the princess refuses to lend an ear and gives him an even more hostile look.
Lucius: So it's come to this... I know full well it's not easy to change someone's mind, but I still hoped for a different outcome.
Lucius raises his blade, intent on permanently ending this conversation, when Goblin Mage suddenly thrusts herself between them.
Goblin Mage: U-um...
Lucius: ...?
Lucius: (Are you trying to tell me... this goblin is someone you care about?)
Lucius: (Or did she do something to you?)
The tears building in Goblin Mage's eyes are enough to make Lucius pause, but not for long.
Lucius: Tch! What am I hesitating for? You're all responsible for the death of Miya's brother!
High Goblin Mage: Murderer! Step away from the princess! Yaaah!
Taking advantage of Lucius's hesitation, the high mage casts a spell at him.
  1. Watch out!

Choose: Watch out!

(Captain) dashes in front of Lucius and deflects the magic blast away, barely defending him in time.
Lucius: Sorry you had to do that, (Captain).
High Goblin Mage: You are quite the nuisance.
The rescue is enough to bring Lucius back to his senses. He takes in the fighting between the goblin army and Vizan's force and recollects his thoughts.
Lucius: First things first, we have to rescue Goblin Mage!
Lucius: Stand down!
Goblin Princess: Eep!
Lucius shoves the princess out of the way and firmly grabs Goblin Mage's hand.
Lucius: Let's return to the Grandcypher, Goblin Mage!
Goblin Mage: Oh!
Goblin Mage: Oh!
Goblin Princess: Don't you dare!
(Captain) sees Lucius and Goblin Mage retreating and follows after, deflecting attacks every step of the way.
Lyria: Goblin Mage, I'm so glad you're okay.
Goblin Mage: Um...
Teena: Lucius, why did you leave me behind?
Lucius: ...
Rackam: Whoa there, I told you to save the sibling squabble for after this whole mess, yeah? We still gotta jet outta here first.
Lucius: Why are we retreating? Vizan's force is here. We can completely turn this fight around and exterminate every last one of the fiends.
Rackam: Y'see, I had to make a promise with Vizan to get his help.
Rackam: And that promise was to retreat from the island as soon as we got Goblin Mage back.
Rackam: We don't really have much info on our enemies, so it'd be too dangerous to chase them deep into their territory.
Lucius: But...
Rackam: Besides, do you really think you can get anything done when you're all beat up like that? You're gonna worry Teena to death.
Lucius: ...
Rackam: (Captain), we're keepin' our promise and pulling back, yeah?
  1. We are.

Choose: We are.

The crew continues their retreat alongside Vizan's force and leave the island without further fanfare.
Vyrn: Phew... We should be safe now, right?
Feena: Goblin Mage... You're okay! You're really okay!
Goblin Mage: Fee... Ehehe, it's really you, Fee!
Feena: Ohhh! Thank you so much for saving her, guys!
Goblin Mage: Are your wounds okay?
Feena: Yeah, I'm totally fine now! They all stopped hurting as soon as I saw your cute lil' face!
Goblin Mage: That's good then!
Lucius: (Heh, so she can still smile like that. I guess that means she had full control of herself when she was protecting that princess.)
Lucius: (There was no need to worry about any malicious magic after all.)
Lucius: (Hmm... Maybe she simply felt empathy for one of her own kind.)
Lyria: Oh, it's so wonderful to see Goblin Mage back to normal!
Vyrn: You said it. I sure was worried when she looked at us all afraid, but I'm glad everythin' worked out in the end!
As Feena and Goblin Mage continue to hug and cry together, (Captain) and the rest of the crew gather around them, relieved.
However, Lucius's gaze remains fixed in the direction of the goblin island.
Lucius: ...
Lucius: Agh!
Goblin King: Is that all you've got? I thought you wanted myblood spilt, not yours.
Lucius: (If I don't become as strong as that man... the one once known as a master swordsman...)
Lucius's thoughts wander back to his father as he broods over his never-ending conflict with the goblins, hatred burning in his heart.
With Lucius distracted by his resentment, this leaves no one on the ship attentive enough to notice the new issue hiding among them...
Goblin Mage: ...
For the strange glow in Goblin Mage's eyes cannot be anything but a precursor to another conflict that awaits them.