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Into the Sunset

Lunalu is selling her romantic storybook at the Sphiria Book Fair, and Lyria and Vyrn arrive to cheer her on. Lyria reads the first half of Lunalu's book and comments that it is very warm and easy to understand—words that Lunalu takes to heart.

No version of Lunalu in crew

One day the crew undertook a certain assignment and met a monster artist named Lunalu.
But despite being a monster artist, her workroom was filled with pictures of men...
Lunalu: Right now I'm only known for drawing monsters. But I really want to be recognized for romantic art.
The crew stared at her blankly, and she continued.
Lunalu: Knights in shining armor... princes from far-off lands... Don't you ever dream about such things?
Lunalu: Personal fantasies like that are captured very well in illustrated storybooks.
Lunalu: But as for what I'd want to create... I guess you'd call them romantic storybooks.
Lunalu had always been bothered by the fact that her artistic skills and interests were at odds with each other.
Unable to give up on her dream, Lunalu joined the crew to collect romantic storybooks and start seriously pursuing her goal.
Lunalu: Amazing... To think that I'll have the chance to gather all kinds of romantic objects...
Lunalu: Is this a dream? If it is, I hope I don't wake up.
Since then Lunalu has gained a lot of experience on her travels and made steady progress toward improving as an artist.
Lunalu: Glance...
Lunalu: ...
Lunalu: Oh, they saw me looking. W-welcome!
Lunalu: Aw... There goes another one...
Lunalu: Sigh... Don't tell me I'm not even going to sell a single copy...
Lunalu: No. The fair just started. It's too early to give up!
The Sphiria Book Fair.
Having finished her romantic storybook, Lunalu is finally selling it at her first booth ever.
But love stories between men are not yet popular among the masses, so business has been poor.
Lunalu: I guess being friendly is the key... It's important to greet my customers with a big smile.
Lunalu: I'll try practicing in the mirror. Let's see... If I just raise the corners of my mouth like this...
Lunalu: Grin...
Vyrn: Wh-whoa... What's going on, Lunalu? Why are you smiling like an evil villain who's up to no good?
Lunalu: Huh? Who are you calling an evil villain? You're supposed to smile when greeting customers.
Lunalu: Wait... Vyrn? Lyria?
Lyria: Hello! We came to cheer you on. Congratulations on finishing your book!
Lunalu: Th-thanks. You didn't have to go to all this trouble.
Vyrn: How's the reception? You drew one of those romantic storybook things, right?
Lunalu: The reception? Well... I haven't even sold a single copy.
Lunalu: But it's fine. My main goal this time was just to participate. I'll worry about results and whatnot later.
Lunalu: First I'll get a feel for where I stand, and then I'll use the knowledge I gain to take the next step forward.
Vyrn: Hmm. That makes sense. You're real serious about your art, huh.
Lunalu: I suppose. I want to be a professional one day, so I need to be realistic.
Lyria: That's really impressive! Are the books on this table yours, Lunalu? Do you mind if I read it?
Lunalu: Er, well... It's for adults only...
Lunalu: Well, the first half is safe... And I would like to hear your thoughts...
Lyria: Yay, thank you! Then I'll go ahead and read the first half.
Vyrn: Oh? Your art sure has changed a lot. When we first met you, it was pretty scary.
Lunalu: Hm... I-I suppose. I still have a long way to go though.
Lyria: Let's see... It takes place on a beach... And there's a man with long eyelashes...
Lunalu: Urgh... Why are you giving a play-by-play? Please, just read it...
Vyrn: Huh? Hang on, Lyria. There's a piece of paper between the pages.
Lyria: Oh, you're right. There's some writing scribbled on it.
Lunalu: Scribbled writing?
Lunalu: Augh! It slipped into that book?
Lunalu: Stop! I changed my mind! No reading allowed!
Vyrn: Heh, I know what that was. It was your autograph, right, Lunalu? So you were hoping for a big reception!
Lunalu: N-no... I wasn't practicing my signature or anything! And I definitely wasn't hoping for a long line!
Lunalu: I just... had some free time, so... Mumble, mumble...
Lyria: Haha... Illustrated storybooks are really neat. There's so much art in them.
Lyria: Something about them feels... warm.
Lunalu: Huh? Warm?
Lyria: Yes. There are still a lot of things I don't understand, so regular books confuse me sometimes.
Lyria: But when I read illustrated storybooks, I can understand everything perfectly.
Lyria: And that makes me really happy. It makes me feel like it's okay for me to read too!
Lunalu: Lyria...
Lunalu: ...
Lunalu: You're right. You don't need to have lots of knowledge to enjoy them. That's what's so good about illustrated storybooks.
Lunalu: Yeah. I hope they'll become more popular!
Lyria: Me too! I want everyone to read your book!
Lyria: Oh, I know! I'll help you sell it!
Lunalu: Wait, I wanted to know what you thought... Oh well, I'll ask her later.
Lunalu: I'm so glad I met (Captain) and everyone in the crew...
Lunalu: I was able to start working toward my dream, and I made a lot of kind friends like Lyria—
Vyrn: Whoa! What's with this scene! Don't you think it's a bit much?
Lunalu: Oh, are you reading the second half? Er... I guess that would be surprising.
Lunalu: But that's what romantic art's all about. A story between men has got to have passion. And besides, in the past, relationships between men were very common—
Vyrn: B-but... You can't just let it all hang out like that. All that stuff's covered up on the other pages.
Lunalu: Hang out? Let me see that.
Lunalu: Ahhh! I forgot to fix that page!
Lunalu: Wh-what should I do? This goes against the book fair's rules... If anyone sees it, I'll definitely get kicked out!
Lyria: Welcome! We have a wonderful book for sale right over here!
Lunalu: Wait, Lyria! Stop advertising it!
Lunalu: I have to get this fixed right now! I should be able to correct twenty copies by hand!
Lunalu: Here, Vyrn! Use this brush to cover everything up with black lines!
Vyrn: Huh... You want me to do this too? Can't I have a different job?
Lunalu: Please! Please!
Lunalu: I'm begging you!
With Vyrn's assistance, Lunalu is able to overcome her sudden crisis.
Taking Lyria's feelings about romantic storybooks to heart, Lunalu reaffirms the significance of her chosen trade.