Scenario:Medusa - I'm Not Impressed!

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I'm Not Impressed!

The proud Medusa is about to experience her first Valentine's Day, but she misinterprets this skydweller tradition right from the get-go. Not wanting to spoil this primal beast's fun, her fellow crew members simply go with the flow.

Medusa: Hum-dee-dum...
Medusiana: ...
The soft rays of the new spring sun filter onto the Grandcypher.
Medusa: La-la-lah...
Medusa lazes on the deck, petting Medusiana.
Medusa: I'm so glad it's starting to warm up again. The cold stinks, doesn't it, Medusiana?
Medusiana: ...
Medusa: Hee-hee. Okay, I'll sing you another song. What should I sing...
Vyrn: Hey, get the lead out, Lyria!
Lyria: Hold your wings, Vyrn! I'm coming!
Vyrn: Careful! Don't drop the bags!
Lyria: I know, I know!
Lyria: Waah!
Vyrn: Whoa! Watch out!
Unlike Medusa, her skyfaring companions are full of diligence.
Medusa: Sigh... Those mortals are always so noisy.
Medusa is a crew member

A chance meeting led Medusa to join the crew.
Even now this proud primal beast treats her skydweller travelers with brusque disposition.
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Medusa not in crew

Medusa: They haven't matured at all since we first met!
(Captain) and company drift past the Lumacie Archipelago on the Grandcypher.
Medusa: I am Medusa, the proud primal beast who can turn anyone to stone with just a glance!
Medusa: Hee-hee... And my friend here is Medusiana, a gigantic serpent of fearsome might!
Medusiana: ...!
Medusa: Now tremble in fear, mortals!
Continue 1
Medusa: I was only going to give them a little scare.
Medusa: So how did I end up following them around everywhere?
The young girl shrugs and leans back against her scaly friend to stare up into the sky.
The minutes tick by.
Medusa: Hm?
Medusa lifts her head and looks side to side, up and down.
Medusa: Sniff, sniff... What is that sweet aroma...
Medusa: Okay, I have to know. Smells like it's coming from inside the ship.
Medusa: I'm going to go check it out! You wait here, Medusiana!
Medusa: The smell should be just around the corner.
Medusa peeks into the kitchen.
Lyria: That should just about finish it!
Rosetta: Not bad for a first try, wouldn't you agree?
Io: Yeah, but looks are important too. Could be a little cuter, I think.
Katarina: I agree with you there. Let's take that into consideration next time.
Lyria: Hehe, how fun—
Lyria: Oh!
Lyria: It's Medusa!
Medusa: What are you all up to?
Lyria: We're making chocolates for Valentine's Day!
Io: Or trying to is more like it.
Medusa: Valen... tine's?
Rosetta: It's a tradition in the sky realm.
Katarina: Ah, that's right. This will be your first time.
Io: Wanna learn more about it?
Medusa: Um, n-not really!
Medusa: It's not like I'm interested in the stuff you mortals do!
Lyria: But I think it's a wonderful event.
Medusa: How?
Lyria: It's a day where you get to express your feelings and appreciation to that special someone.
Lyria: It doesn't matter who you are, mortal or primal beast.
Medusa: Humph. And what is chocolate?
Io: It's a sweet candy that you can give someone to let them know how you feel.
Medusa: Sweet, huh... That must've been what I was smelling.
Katarina: Well, there's always room for one more if you want to join us...
Medusa: Fine!
Medusa: If you really insist, then I've got no choice but to participate in this Valentine's thingy!
Medusa: It'll be a cinch for an awesome primal beast like me.
Medusa: As if I'd be upstaged by mere mortals!
Lyria: Um, Medusa?
Katarina: She left...
Io: So much for working together...
The four chocolatiers watch in silence as the primal whirlwind exits the kitchen.
Medusa: Valentine's... Yeah, okay.
Medusa: I've got this covered.
Medusiana: ...?
Medusa: It's fine. First I need to make that sweet chocolate stuff they were talking about.
Medusa: But, see...
Medusa: Working with them would only slow me down. I'm not going to look silly in front of skydwellers!
Medusa: Right, Medusiana?
Medusiana: ...!
Medusa: Which reminds me. Io mentioned that looks are important too...
Medusa mutters to herself in thought before having a eureka moment.
Medusa: Hee-hee! And that's what's going to set me apart from the rest! I'll show them what for!
She puffs out her chest and cackles with glee.
Evening drapes over day.
Vyrn: Uh, what happened to Snake Girl? I thought I saw her hanging around this afternoon.
(Captain) doesn't seem to know.
Lyria: She came into the kitchen but then ran back out. I haven't seen her since.
Vyrn: Sheesh, where'd she go? That girl, I tell ya...
Vyrn: Oh well. She'll be fine if she sticks with that big ol' serpent of hers.
Lyria: Eek!
Medusa: I'm back!
Vyrn: Hey, stop crashing in like that! Can't you use the door like everybody else?
Vyrn: Who's gonna pay to have the ship fixed if it breaks? You?
Medusa: Oh, please! I'm not clumsy enough to do that!
Vyrn: Uh-huh, as if I'd bet the Grandcypher on that...
Vyrn: Wait a minute. What's with the new threads?
Medusa: Hee-hee! I can see the amazement in your eyes!
Vyrn: Speak for yourself.
Medusa: How do you like me now, skydwellers? Cute?
Lyria: Yes! It's very cute!
Vyrn: That's all well and good, but what I'm really asking you is why the wardrobe change out of nowhere?
Medusa: Sigh... How slow can you be?
Medusa: Take a look at the calendar. I'm obviously dressed to impress for Valentine's.
Lyria: Huh? Are you really supposed to dress up in something like that for Valentine's Day?
Io: Get a grip, Lyria! I've never heard of such a thing.
Vyrn: I'm almost afraid to ask, but how'd you get that idea into your head?
Medusa: You said it yourself, didn't you, Io? Looks matter a lot on Valentine's Day.
Io: I said that?
Io: Aha! Um, I was actually talking about how the chocolates looked...
Rosetta: Isn't it fine this way though? It's only natural to want to spruce yourself up when revealing your feelings.
Medusa: Hm? What are you all talking about?
Vyrn: Eh, just forget it. No point in dwelling on things that go over your head.
Vyrn: But, I mean, c'mon! How'd you end up choosing that outfit?
Medusa: Still can't figure it out? Gee, you are slow!
Medusa: Sugar Time: Love and Passion!
Vyrn: Bwuh?
Io: Uh...
Lyria: Huh?
Medusa: Hee-hee. While I was in town, I heard this was the cutest thing trending right now.
Medusa: My research into skydweller customs can't be wrong!
Io: I remember now! That's really popular with young girls. It's part of the little witches series.
Rosetta: Now that you mention it, I have seen it before too.
Katarina: I don't know anything about that. But then the people in town she overheard it from were—
Lyria: Little girls?
Vyrn: In the end it has absolutely nothing to do with Valentine's Day...
Medusa gives a little swirl, skirt fluttering as she flashes her compadres a triumphant grin.
Medusa: I bet your minds are blown right now.
Vyrn: That's one way of putting it...
Vyrn: Ya know what? I think we're good. This Valentine's Day is shaping up to be something else.
Medusa: Yep! You're in for a treat!
(Captain) can't help but give a little chuckle at the girl who seems to be enjoying her own little world.