Scenario:Meg - As Plain as Can Be

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As Plain as Can Be

Meg's eyes light up when she learns of their next destination: Marshal Island. It is home to Master Charlot, founder of the Lumiora combat style that Meg took a one-year correspondence course in. The crew notices the striking resemblance Charlot's story bears to Charlotta's and suspects he may be a sham.

Meg: Meg here! Just an ordinary girl you'd find anywhere!
Meg: I worked hard at the local cafe to save up for a trip to Auguste, the place of my dreams!
Meg: Swimming at the beach, munching on good food... My vacay started out well enough!
Meg: A lot happened in between, but I've since ended up in a skyfaring crew!
Meg: The distinctive personalities of my fellow crew members make plain ol' me want to hide in a corner sometimes...
Meg: But that's just the shy part of me talking! I've got to get pumped up if I'm gonna keep Auguste safe!
You can do it, Meg!
Vyrn: Huh? What were you going on about, Meg?
Meg: I-it's nothing!
Lyria: Just so you know, Meg, we're always here for you if you need someone to talk to!
Meg: Thanks...
Meg recounts the time she spent with (Captain) and company in Auguste, a smile spreading over her face.
Meg: So? Where are we headed? I heard we've already taken on the next assignment.
Meg: Given the kind of stuff this crew does, can I assume we'll be battling some really outrageous monsters like in Auguste?
Vyrn: C'mon now, you make it sound like we go around pickin' fights with kooky baddies...
Lyria: Ahaha... I guess it is true that we get caught up in a lot of major conflicts...
Lyria: But we should be okay this time! It's a simple clear-the-monsters mission!
The crew briefs Meg on the details of the mission.
Her eyes light up when she learns that their destination is Marshal Island.
Meg: Marshal Island! Are we really going there?
Meg: I can't believe it... I'll finally get to meet him!
Vyrn: Huh? What's gotten you so hyped up, Meg?
Meg: This could be my chance to meet Master Charlot in person! Ohmigosh, ohmigosh, what am I going to say!
Lyria: Um... Who's Master Charlot?
Meg: He's my savior and my teacher!
Meg: When I secluded myself in the mountains for that one-year correspondence course on martial arts...
Meg: I followed the principles set forth by Master Charlot, founder of the Lumiora style of combat.
Meg: I'm so much stronger today thanks to him! That's why I have nothing but respect for the man!
Ursula: Sharrrk...
Meg: Good point, Ursula. I probably never would've met you if I hadn't toughened up.
Vyrn: The founder, huh? He must be crazy strong!
Meg: He's gotta be! I mean, I've never met him, but his career tells me so much!
Meg: Charlot is regarded as the finest leader ever in the history of the Lumiora Brigade, the most elite special ops group in his home country!
Meg: But he wasn't strong from the outset. He went through an incredible amount of pain, sweat, blood, and tears to get to where he is today!
Meg: As if that weren't enough, wait till you hear his reason for retiring!
Meg: Charlot's extraordinary height made him an easy target for enemies, so he decided quitting would be the best way to keep his subordinates safe!
Meg: So he's strong, works hard, and cares about his friends. Is he the epitome of awesome or what? I can't wait to worship him in the flesh!
Vyrn & Lyria: ...
Meg: Hm? What's wrong?
Vyrn: Where have I heard something like that before...
Lyria: Maybe it's just me, but that sounded a lot like what Charlotta's been through...
Vyrn: You're right! Except the height thing is reversed!
Meg: Charlotta?
Vyrn: Why don't we ask Charlotta herself to be sure!
And so the crew goes off to look for Charlotta.
Charlotta, having just been briefed on the situation, answers with a perplexed look and arms folded.
Charlotta: So I see... Other than that bit about height, it does sound a lot like my own past.
Charlotta: There's also the resemblance in name... Hm, I sense some sort of malicious intent...
Meg: Then... You mean...
Meg: Master Charlot and his Lumiora style are all a scam?
Vyrn: Well, hey, it worked for you, didn't it? The similarities to Charlotta could just be a coincidence after all.
Lyria: Let's go meet this Master Charlot in person! Then everything will be as clear as day!
Vyrn: Yeah! Let's pay the guy a visit after our assignment's done!
Meg: Thank you! I hope you don't mind, (Captain).
  1. I'm just as curious.
  2. If it's a scam, he's gonna pay.

Choose: I'm just as curious.

Meg: Yeah, it's a head-scratcher. I really hope we get this all cleared up.
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Choose: If it's a scam, he's gonna pay.

Charlotta: He certainly will. Whatever the case, cheating people out of their money is never the way!
Meg: R-right...

Continue 1

Having mixed feelings about this all, Meg is curious as to what she will find on Marshal Island.

As Plain as Can Be: Scene 2

The crew barges into Master Charlot's office only to find out he's a cheat who was profiting off of Charlotta's fame. Before passing out from a much-deserved thrashing, Charlot calls Meg a master. Pleased with the individuality that the title brings, Meg dubs her unique fighting style shark fu.

In a small office on the street corner of a Marshal Island town, two men are making merry with drink.
Master Charlot: Hahahah! We're rakin' it in big, innit!
Underling: Gyehehe, we sure are, Boss! Charlotta's name is pretty well known, but most people don't even know what the lady looks like!
Master Charlot: Folks who've only heard of Charlotta have gotta be the biggest suckers. Any time someone suspects us, we can shrug off the similarities as happenstance.
Underling: Whoo! You're a genius, Boss!
Master Charlot: Wahahaha! Drink up! We're diggin' this gold mine for all its—
Meg: Um... Excuse me! You must be Master Charlot?
As the two men drink a toast, the crew—with Meg leading the way—steps into the office.
Master Charlot: Hm? And you are?
Meg: There's a rumor about the Lumiora style being a scam, but I don't want to believe it! Please tell me the truth!
Master Charlot: Ah... You must be one of my students...
Master Charlot: It breaks my heart to know all my hard work's bein' called a scam. I've spent my entire life perfectin' the Lumiora style.
Master Charlot: Please don't tell me you're here because it didn't work for you. Some people just ain't cut out for it.
Meg: Oh, it most certainly did work. I've gotten so much stronger.
Master Charlot: Wha? (She serious?)
Meg: I heard you were trying to pull the wool over everyone's eyes by using the name of the Lumiel Order of Holy Knights and their captain...
Master Charlot: Now that's just bloody nonsense! Who's feedin' you that poppycock? I oughta report you for disruptin' my business!
Charlotta: Ugh! Give it up already!
Underling: Watch yourself, kiddo! Don't be butting in on the grown-ups' conversation!
Charlotta: I am Charlotta, captain of the Lumiel Order of Holy Knights! And you are going to listen to me good!
Underling: Pssh, you're Charlotta?
Master Charlot: Aw, gimme a break... You're just a little squirt!
Underling: Heh. I'm sure it's just a bluff, Boss! Leave it to me to scare 'em off!
Underling: The hell is your problem! Don't be draggin' us into your bullcrap! I'm gonna have to teach you a lesson!
Charlotta: Stay back, everyone! I'll handle—
Meg: Haah!
Underling: Urk!
Meg: Weak... How sad that you can't even dodge such a basic attack. So it's true after all...
Master Charlot: Cor blimey... Did my phony martial art really work a miracle on you?
Master Charlot: Nah, that's just a load of rubbish. I scribbled that thing in a single day with a bottle in my hand.
Meg: ...!
So you admit it after all!
Meg: What about that pro tip you gave about repeatedly bashing a basilisk in the head with a rock until it dies?
Meg: I can't believe I actually followed your advice! You're awful!
Vyrn: Er... I'm pretty sure any monster'll go down if you bash it enough times...
Master Charlot: If you got this strong on my farce of a combat manual, then you've got a real gift, lady.
Master Charlot: As much as I'd love to send you off with a round of applause out of respect for your talent, I don't think that's in the cards today.
Meg: Fine by me. I wasn't planning on leaving yet anyway...
Meg: At least not until I smash your face in!
Master Charlot: Hahahah... My training manual might be a sham, but these fists of mine ain't. My time in the army was real.
Master Charlot: And you're gonna be sorry for knockin' out my assistant. Don't think you're gonna get aw—
Ursula: Sharrrk!
Meg: No holding back, Ursula.
Master Charlot: What in the name of Albacore is that? I don't remember puttin' anything like that down in the manual!
Meg: You messed with my pride big-time. And I'm gonna make sure you pay for that tenfold.
Master Charlot: Geez, gimme a break, lady... I was only tryin' to make myself some chump change... Can't we just let bygones be bygones—
Meg: Shut! Up!
Master Charlot: Aiieee!
More than eager to punish Master Charlot for his wrongdoing, Meg beats him senseless.
Master Charlot: Sniff... I'm so sorry... You're the master now...
Meg: Phew... I hope that teaches him not to scam anyone else going forward.
Ursula: Sharrrk! Sharrrk!
Meg: You did good today, Ursula.
Lyria: Hey, Meg? You're not hurt, are you?
Meg: I'm okay. Thanks for asking.
Meg: If anything, I'm still recovering from the shocking revelation that I spent an entire year in the mountains training in a fake martial art...
Meg: Sigh... That was really stupid... I took it so seriously too...
Lyria: Don't say that! You're an amazing person, Meg!
Lyria: I think you were able to become so strong because you believed in yourself and worked incredibly hard!
Lyria: The Lumiora style might have been fake, but your strength couldn't be more real, Meg!
Meg: Lyria...
Meg: I appreciate the kind words... I've definitely saved plenty of people with this newfound power of mine.
Meg: Master Charlot might be a con artist, but he seemed genuine enough when he said I have a gift. Hehe...
Vyrn: Hm? I thought you might need more time to recover; good to see you're feeling all right.
Meg: I mean... he called me the master at the very end. And a master of anything definitely isn't generic.
Vyrn: Yeah. I gotta hand it to you, Meg...
Meg: Haha. I'm probably the most generic person in the crew, so I'm stoked I got to spread my wings a little.
Vyrn & Lyria: ...
(Captain) and company scratch their heads and ponder over what it means to be generic.
Meg: Hey, Ursula? About our combat style when we merge to fight—what do you think of calling it shark fu?
Meg: I thought giving it a special name might make us seem more unique.
Ursula: Sharrrk!
Meg: Ahaha! I'm glad you like it too, Ursula!
Meg cracks a smile to match the toothy grin of her shark companion.
Having gained further individuality over the course of this trip to Marshal Island, Meg gains a significant boost to her self-confidence.