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Want Some Cake?

While walking through town, (Captain) and company are suddenly stopped by a coarse voice. The voice belongs to Nene, who has mistaken (Captain) for her runaway husband. Once the misunderstanding is cleared up, she decides to join the crew to look for him.

Walking through town, the crew is stopped by an unfamiliar voice.
???: Stop right there! I finally found you!
(Captain) is grabbed by the scruff of the neck and scrambles to turn around.
Nene: I knew it was you! It's me, Nene!
Vyrn: What's this? This lady apparently knows you, but do you have any idea who she is, (Captain)?
The only response Vyrn receives is an emphatic head wag from side to side.
When she sees this denial, Nene speaks even louder.
Nene: Don't you play dumb with me! I know you haven't forgotten about your own daughter!
Yae: What? Daddy, did you really forget about me?
Lyria: What's she mean by that? You have a daughter, (Captain)?
The captain's head shakes back and forth even harder.
Gran is the Main Character

Vyrn: Wait a minute, Lyria. We've been together a long time. There's no way (Captain) could have gone off and made a family without us noticing.
Lyria: Hmm... I suppose that's true. I was just a little surprised.
Vyrn: But whoever this woman is, she's quite a noisy character.
Djeeta is the Main Character

Vyrn: Wait a minute, Lyria! (Captain) is a woman!
Lyria: You're right! Nene, you must have mistaken her for someone else!
Nene: Nope. It's him all right. And he's just the kind of man who'd pretend to be a woman to get away from his family!
Vyrn: Hold your horses, Crazy Momma. Now you're just talking nonsense!
Nene: You little lizard! What'd you just say to me?
Vyrn: Hey! I'm not a lizard!
Nene: And I'm not your momma! I only respond to "miss"!
Vyrn: What? Um... Okay... If you say so, miss.
Nene: You got a problem with that?
Yae: Ha-ha... Got a problem?
Vyrn: I guess not... If it's that important to you, I'll call you miss. But aren't you mad that I called you crazy?
Nene: You've been very good today, dear. Here, have a candy to suck on.
Yae: Ha-ha! Candy time!
(Captain) and the others take Nene and Yae to a nearby tavern to hear their story.
Nene: Would you look at that! Did you guys really come here on that giant airship?
Her surprise is a little over the top as she gestures out the window toward the Grandcypher in the distance.
Nene: Estalucia, huh? So you guys are skyfarers too. No wonder you look so much like him.
Lyria: Look like who?
Nene: A good guy I used to know...
Nene's brilliant smile falters slightly, and she begins speaking in an uncharacteristically sad tone.
Nene: See... A long time ago, I was madly in love with a skyfarer. That's when Yae came into my life.
Nene: But then one day, my husband just left without so much as a word.
Vyrn: Oh, come on... He didn't just get scared of you and run away?
Nene: You could be right. I was a real bride from hell after all... Not! How could you say such a thing?
Nene: Isn't it obvious that no one could ever find a kinder or more beautiful lady than me?
Vyrn: If you say so...
Nene: What, you don't believe me? But now that you mention it, that's what everyone on the island said... "He left you, so forget about him."
Nene: But I don't think so. He might have been lazy, but he never would have run out on us.
Nene: If something came up, I wish he would've just told us... Because now we're hopping from island to island, trying to find the truth.
Nene finishes her water, and then she laughs and hits the crew with a sudden declaration.
Nene: Ha-ha! All right... I've made up my mind!
Nene: I'll hop aboard your airship and go with you to find my lazy husband!
Vyrn: Wait a minute! How exactly did you come to that conclusion?
Nene: Don't be so selfish. I just think I'll see my husband again if I go with you guys.
Vyrn: You're quite a pushy one. So, (Captain), what do you say?
  1. I say I've seen more than enough!
  2. No way, Jose!

Choose: I say I've seen more than enough!

Nene: Yeehaw! Then we're all set! I'm lookin' forward to this!
Vyrn: Hey, I don't think that's what the captain meant! Ugh... She's not even listening.
Lyria: This is great. Now we have a couple more interesting people on the team!
The crew can't help but like the mysterious pair, whether they're dauntless or just plain shameless.
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Choose: No way, Jose!

Nene: Oh, your captain is cute too! Ha-ha! You guys seem like a lot of fun!
Nene: Now don't be shy. Have some candy!
The crew can't help but like the mysterious pair, whether they're dauntless or just plain shameless.

Continue 1

With the addition of Nene and Yae, the Grandcypher becomes even livelier than before.