Scenario:Predator - Let Them Fall Where They May

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Let Them Fall Where They May

Acting on Tui's tip, Predator sneaks into the Acier bosses' meeting and finally sees the Don's face. The Don is impressed with Tui's plan to fill the power vacuum left by the Magasin Family, and leaves operations in Tui's hands. Tui deliberately assigns the other bosses to missions far enough away to leave the Don unprotected.

The distinguished representatives of the inner circle of the Acier family convene around a table, ready to begin their secret dealings.
Among them is the most recently inducted member, Tui.
Tui: ...
Bullish Underboss: Ah, you Tui? Heard a lot of talk about you. They say you do pretty good work.
Tui: I just try to fulfill my responsibilities to the best of my ability.
Weaselly Underboss: What're you faking modesty for? You've got nothing but confidence written all over your face.
Tui: Ahaha! All right, guys. Enough teasing the new guy.
Tui keeps the gaggle of gang lords entertained.
So transfixed are they that not a single one spots Predator crouching in the shadows.
Predator: (Hm. Every single one of them looks rotten to the core. I should clean this whole parlor out.)
Predator: (And Tui fits in seamlessly. That man has skill, all right.)
While the assassin is studying her prey, the door swings open.
The Don: ...
A grinning man walks in, his posture relaxed and commanding; the representatives bow their heads in deference.
Though Tui follows the lead of the others, the man stares at him with curious, perceptive eyes.
Tui: ...
Predator: (He's the head of the Acier family?)
Predator: (It's him! My mortal enemy!)
Anger surges from the pit of Predator's stomach until her whole body quivers.
Even though vengeance is a mere leap away, she bites her lip in an attempt to calm herself.
Predator: (I will have his head. Soon.)
Tui: (Believe me, I know how you feel, Ema. But you have to wait. His time will come.)
While Predator and Tui force their urges back, the ringleader gives the rest of his circus a cool look.
The Don: Hehe. The damned Magasin bit off more than they could chew with the Eternals! And sealed their fate!
The Don: This is a turning point—no, a miracle! What say you!
At their boss's cue, the representatives erupt into thunderous applause.
The Don: The moneylending, the land sharking, the smuggling, the weapons dealing—all the time we've spent building our muscle... It was all for today!
The Don: Now is the time for the Acier family to stand atop all the other crime families!
Another round of cheers causes the don's smile to curl into a cruel grin.
The Don: Now comes the hard part. What's the first thing we should do to ensure our meteoric rise?
The Don: Well? Any of you?
Bullish Underboss: Um, ahem... We could make a ton of weapons? Take out all the other pissant families?
The Don: Mhm. How about you? What do you think?
Weaselly Underboss: We haven't finished analyzing Serenity Heaven yet, so I think we should try to secure the market before anything else.
The Don: Hmm. That is an important point, yes. Well, who should we ask next—ah, of course.
The Don: Tui, this is your first meeting with the inner circle. Go ahead and prove to these idiots why you were invited here.
Though all eyes are fixed on the infiltrator, his demeanor is as collected as ever.
Tui: Forgive my arrogance, but I believe we should take control of the drug labs left behind by the Magasin.
Weaselly Underboss: Reports say the labs already fell into the hands of the Crew of Enforcers. Or were you not informed?
Tui: I looked into the matter and found that the majority of their labs were located in plain old local workshops.
Tui: Which means there should be plenty that are still ripe for the picking.
The Don: Hah.
Tui: After we claim them, we should produce large amounts of imitation Heaven.
Tui: Securing our hold on the market should be child's play at that point.
Tui's grand suggestion causes the boss to howl with delight, his underlings soon following suit.
The Don: Hahaha! What a coincidence, Tui! You've thought of the very same plan as me.
The Don: This is proof that you have what it takes to hang with the inner circle.
The Don: All right then. Let's see how far you'll go. This operation is yours to command, Tui! So go ahead, give us an order!
Tui: As a newcomer, I was not expecting such an honor... I'll make sure to live up to your expectations.
He gives a deep bow to the don before turning to address the underbosses.
Tui: I hope you'll put your trust in me as we march toward the greatest battle the Acier family has ever faced.
Tui: First order of business, we'll need to pick off any other families that dare get in our way.
Tui: We'll need to buy as much time as possible until we have the local labs completely under control.
Bullish Underboss: Hah! I'll take care of that!
Tui: Next, after procuring our facilities, we'll begin producing drugs immediately.
Tui: But we'll need to be ready for mass production, which means gathering the necessary resources in huge quantities.
Tui: Don't worry about the price. Heaven pays for itself.
Tui looks to the don, who nods and grins in approval.
The Don: Like he said. Do what needs to be done.
Weaselly Underboss: Leave the financial matters to me. I've got more than a few merchants in my pocket.
Tui: Thank you. Next up...
From the shadows, Predator listens intently as Tui crafts an elaborate plan for her archnemesis.
Predator: (He's been trusted with a crucial task. And he's using it as an opportunity to separate the goons from their boss.)
Predator: (I see you, Tui. Weaving tiny flaws into an otherwise perfect scheme.)
Lurking there in the darkness, she burns the image of the don's face into her memory.
She allows her anger to flare once more, until all that she can feel is her pure hatred for this man.

Let Them Fall Where They May: Scene 2

Predator moves to assassinate the Acier Don, but just as she is about to do so, the real Don and all his bosses arrive, having seen through Tui's plan. Tui and Predator are captured. The Don offers Predator the option to kill her mentor to save her own hide.

Just as Tui devised, the Acier underbosses move quickly to take control of Magasin's former labs.
When the big boss himself leaves the meeting to go back into hiding, Predator is not far behind.
Predator: ...
The Don: ...
The man comes to an abrupt halt and searches his surroundings. After a moment passes, he continues moving.
Predator: (Stay calm. Don't let this chance slip through your fingers.)
The Don: ...
Eventually Predator's skulking pays off when she's led to what could only be the kingpin's safe house.
Knowing that house staff will likely be busy at work inside, Predator restrains her vengeful instincts until a more opportune time.
Predator: (I'll wait until the house is asleep. That way no innocents will get caught in the crossfire.)
She stakes out the house until the skies turn pitch black. After confirming that the staff has gone to bed, she breaks into the compound.
Though hatred fills her every step, she calmly marches into the kingpin's room.
Predator: ...
The Don: ...
Predator: (Look at how peacefully he sleeps... He doesn't deserve to rest! Not after all the vile things he's done to innocent folk!)
Predator leaps above the bed and brings her feet down on the chest of the sleeping man.
The Don: Ngh...
Predator: Well, a very good evening to you.
The Don: Eek!
Predator: My, what a pathetic scream.
Predator: Could it be that you thought, somewhere deep down, that no one would ever betray you?
Predator: Too bad for you. Since the moment you became my target...
Predator: You were always doomed!
Predator raises her claw and aims for the man's exposed neck.
But before she can complete the deed, the door swings open, the lights flare to life, and a crowd of men storms into the room.
Predator: ...!
The Don?: Boss! H-help me!
Predator: Boss?
Predator: Hmph. So I was set up.
Though the carelessness of her actions stings, she glares at the pinned man as if undaunted.
Predator: I was overconfident, and it made me sloppy.
Predator: It's so obvious. A man renowned for caution would never let himself be tailed all the way back to his safehouse.
Wily Don: Hehe... Hahah! It wasn't just that, I'm afraid.
Wily Don: I realized that you and Tui were sniffing around my circle.
Wily Don: You both fell into my trap while attempting to set your own.
Predator: Then why let us get so far?
Wily Don: Had to test your skill. You and your partner get results. Don't find talent like that every day.
Wily Don: But on the other hand, what with us set to take over where the Magasin family left off and all, I decided it was high time we took out all our opposition!
The true kingpin gives a signal to the weaselly underboss and his men. They have Predator surrounded within seconds.
Predator: Hah. I knew you were cautious, but setting a trap for us instead of facing us head on...
Predator: That's far more cowardly than cautious.
Though her words are directed at the bloodthirsty mob boss, her eyes scan the room, searching for an exit.
Predator: ...
Weaselly Underboss: Now, let's give you a lesson you won't soon forget.
Eager Underling: Hehe! Death to traitors!
Predator: (This room is too small. It makes maneuvering almost impossible.)
Predator: (But, even if I have fallen for his trap, my mortal enemy stands before me—I'll have my vengeance here and now!)
Predator: Haaaaa!
Predator makes a wild lunge at the mob boss.
Weaselly Underboss: Not on my watch!
Eager Underling: Eat this!
Predator: Is that all you've got!
Weaselly Underboss: Hyaaaa!
Predator: Ngh!
Vile Underling: Die already!
Predator: Aaargh!
Vile Underling: Urgh!
Predator: (They'll sap all my strength at this rate. Think, Ema, think...)
Predator: (I'm a predator. And predators never let their prey escape!)
Wily Don: Hahaha! Go on! Struggle more! It won't help!
The boss gives another signal, causing the hirelings to form a tighter barricade around the assassin.
The moment they begin to press in for an attack, a commotion echoes from downstairs.
Predator: ...?
Wily Don: Guess they got him.
Hey, girl. I'll give you a fair shot to save yourself. Follow me.
Weaselly Underboss: Close call, eh? Let's see how long you can keep that life of yours.
Predator: ...
Predator follows the crime lords downstairs into a large hall. What she finds there leaves her speechless.
A battered and bruised Tui is being held captive by the bullish underboss and his goons.
Predator: Tui!
Tui: Ema... Thank goodness you're alive.
Predator tries to dash toward Tui, but she's soon detained by the thugs, who bind her arms.
Predator: Let me go, damn it!
Wily Don: A daughter whose father was murdered. And a father whose daughter was murdered. What a touching reunion.
Wily Don: You're more a twisted family than partners in crime, aren't you? It's enough to move a guy to tears.
The kingpin looks back and forth between the pair of them and then sneers wickedly.
Predator: Curse you!
Wily Don: Good work, men. Hope it wasn't too much trouble getting Tui.
Bullish Underboss: Nah, it was just like you said, that he would try to weasel his way into our plans with a plan of his own.
Bullish Underboss: Gwahaha! Feels mighty stupid now, don't it, Tui?
Tui: When did you figure us out?
Wily Don: As Predator already heard, I've known everything all along. Just think about it critically for a moment.
Wily Don: It's not unheard of for a man of your caliber to go out and form his own family.
Wily Don: So why would a high flier like yourself join the Acier family to take orders like a common dog? I could smell the mutiny from a mile away.
Tui: Hah, hahaha! I knew it. I should've played dumber.
Wily Don: Now. I would hate for such a touching reunion to pass us by without doing something to commemorate it.
He leans over to Predator, the cruelty in his smile unfading, and whispers into her ear.
Wily Don: Here's your chance. Kill Tui. And I'll forget this whole incident ever happened.
Wily Don: In fact, this could be your chance to get into my inner circle. We'll have a spot open after he's gone, after all.
Predator: How dare you!
Wily Don: Kill Tui and extend your life span. Or die with him. The choice is yours.
Predator: ...!
Confronted with the ultimate choice, Predator's mind races as she struggles to both hold back her frustration and devise a plan of escape.
With her hated foe a mere step away, the vengeance in her eyes burns hotter than ever before.

Let Them Fall Where They May: Scene 3

As Predator struggles with the decision, Tui asks the Don for the same deal and attacks Predator. In fact, he is only putting on a show, hoping Predator will kill him and be able to escape. Predator refuses, and together they execute a new plan. Predator pretends to be killed, only to spring up and assassinate the Don.

Predator, cornered by the entirety of the Acier family, struggles to puzzle a way out of the dire predicament.
Unless she manages an impossible escape, she'll be pressed to make the ultimate choice: kill the man who has been a mentor to her... or die.
Predator: (What do we do... Come on, Tui...)
Tui: ...
Tui, seeing the desperation in Predator's expression, turns to the kingpin.
Tui: May I speak?
Wily Don: Hah. Sure, we'll give you time for a last request.
Tui: What happens if I kill Ema? Will you overlook my transgressions?
Predator: Tui... What?
The Acier family erupts in laughter at the confused betrayal on Predator's face.
Wily Don: Well, boys. What do we have here? Untie him.
Bullish Underboss: Hehe. Now things are finally getting interesting. Here ya go.
Freed from his bonds, Tui cracks his joints and takes a moment to stretch before he sinks into a fighting posture. His face is steely as he stares down Predator.
Tui: Prepare yourself, Ema.
Predator: Must we?
Tui: I said prepare yourself!
Predator: Ngh...
Tui's harsh attack sends Predator flying back, but she manages a deft somersault and makes a catlike landing.
Wily Don: I love it! You couldn't ask for a better show! Hahaha!
Predator: (There's no way Tui would actually try to kill me. He has to have something up his sleeve.)
Tui: You don't have time to stop and think! If you don't want to die, then give me everything you've got!
Predator: (As hard as he's fighting, if I don't fight back... He really will kill me!)
Tui: Haaaaaah!
Tui swings wildly, but through some stroke of luck, Predator dodges each of his blows.
Another barrage of attacks later, and Predator realizes that, despite the strength of his strikes, none of them have been aimed at her vitals.
Predator: (Tui, what's your plan?)
Tui: ...
Predator: Could it be!
It dawns on her suddenly.
He's throwing the fight. Purposefully trying to get himself killed.
Predator: Tui!
Tui directs their struggle to a corner of the grand hall, where he pulls Predator into a grapple.
From this vantage point, both of their faces are obscured from the Acier family, so Tui braves a whisper to his pupil.
Tui: Ema. Kill me. You have to do it to get out of here.
Tui: As long as you're alive, there's hope that our vengeance will live on with you. Don't hesitate! You hear me!
Predator: Hah.
Predator: Haaah!
Tui: Shyaaa!
They continue their struggle until eventually they're standing apart once more. Tension hangs in the air.
Predator: Hah. Tui, this isn't like you at all.
Predator: An assassin's duty isn't to worry about living. Her sole concern should be killing.
Predator: Or am I wrong?
Tui: Ema...
Tui exhales softly, studying the girl whose life was torn apart by tragic loss only to be stitched back together by vengeful desire. He knows what he must do.
They both take a deep breath and lock eyes before shifting into fighting stances.
Predator: ...
Tui: If that's how you see it, Ema, then let's at least afford each other a little mercy. One painless stroke. That's how we do this.
Tui: Hm...
Predator: Hnnngh...
Predator: ...
Tui: ...
Tui connects with full force; Predator crumples to the ground. Seeing her motionless at his feet, he brings his hands together as if to pray.
Tui: Ema, forgive me...
Wily Don: Ahaha! You're more of a devil than I am! Tickles me pink!
The Acier family laughs and jeers at the sight. Tui ignores the hostile crowd as he trudges toward their boss.
Tui: So? Will you overlook my transgressions or not?
Wily Don: ...
The family grows quiet, waiting for the kingpin to pass judgment on this tragically noble figure.
Wily Don: Tui. Come on, you're smarter than this...
Acier Family: Ahahaha!
Tui: So it was a lie.
Bullish Underboss: Use that noggin! Did you really think we would let a traitor live?
Weaselly Underboss: I guess not even a sharp guy like you, Tui, could get out of this with your wits.
Tui: Well, I guess a draw is better than nothing.
Wily Don: A draw? What do you...
Eager Underling: She's... She's gone!
Wily Don: Huh?
A panicked voice rises above the rest. All heads turn in unison to identify the disturbance.
Eager Underling: This is where Predator fell, isn't it? She up and vanished!
Wily Don: What do you mean, vanished!
Tui: Hah.
Wily Don: Tui, you bastard! What have you done?
Tui: I told you already, didn't I? It's a draw.
Wily Don: You tell me right now! What the hell is a draw supposed to mean!
The kingpin charges forward and grabs Tui by the shirt, when suddenly a black shadow comes racing up behind him.
Bullish Underboss: Boss! B-behind—
Wily Don: Huh?
Predator's Voice: Never take your eyes off an assassin.
He's mortally wounded before he can even turn around. Steel talons bloom from his neck, turning his terrified screams to hideous gurgling.
Predator: Someone should have been more careful!
Wily Don: Aaaaah!

Let Them Fall Where They May: Scene 4

With their vengeance accomplished, Tui bids Predator farewell. (Captain) and the others arrive to collect Predator just as she is wondering what to do with the rest of her life. They received an anonymous letter asking them to find their "runaway daughter" Ema—Predator's real name. Bolstered by Tui's caring gesture, Predator decides to resume her adventures with the crew.

After taking out the true kingpin...
Predator and Tui burn the Acier family's recipe for Serenity Heaven and the test batches of the drugs with it.
Predator: ...
Tui: ...
Evening soon follows, and Predator and Tui look hopefully toward the setting sun.
There in the sky, a Crew of Enforcers ship carries off the remaining Acier family members for criminal prosecution.
Predator: Hah...
Tui: The Acier family is no more. Our job is finally over.
Predator: We got our vengeance, didn't we?
Tui: Sure did.
Predator: I should be the happiest I've ever been. And yet here I am...
Predator: Haha. More tired than anything else...
Predator gives Tui a weak smile and leans over the wooden railing along the edge of the dock.
Tui: Ema. I'm sorry for getting you involved in this bloodthirsty mess.
Predator: Don't be ridiculous. I wished for this as much as you.
Predator: I have nothing but gratitude for what you've done.
Tui: If you say so.
Tui returns Predator's smile before slowly pacing off to a future unknown.
Predator: Tui? What are you going to do now?
Tui: Who knows? Might as well go where the wind takes me. And if that doesn't work, I'll follow my heart instead.
A breeze picks up as she watches him walk into the distance.
Predator: ...
Predator: Thank you, Tui.
Predator: I guess that leaves me out of a job. But I don't think I can return to a normal life. Not after all of this.
Thoughts of future possibilities fill her head, but three familiar voices distract her from her musings.
When she turns, she sees (Captain), Lyria, and Vyrn waving frantically and walking in her direction. Their faces are lit by bright, happy smiles.
Predator: Ah, (Captain)? Everyone... Why are you here?
Vyrn: As if we gotta explain it? We're here to pick you up, silly.
Predator: Huh? I don't remember asking you for support. Wait, how did you even know I would be here?
Lyria: Well, you see, an anonymous letter was delivered to the Grandcypher.
Lyria: It said to come get you. It even came with a map telling us where we could find you.
Lyria pulls out the letter, and Predator inspects its contents.
There, written atop orchid-themed stationery, is a request to "please kindly fetch my runaway daughter, Ema."
Predator: A runaway daughter, am I?
Orchids are said to represent good fortune. It doesn't escape Predator's notice that the letter has brought three little blessings all on its own.
She smiles and thinks fondly of Tui, the only person she believes could have sent it. She turns to (Captain).
Predator: I know I have no right to ask, especially not after leaving the crew like I did, but…
Predator: If it's all right, I would like to adventure with all of you again.
Predator: So would you allow me to rejoin your crew?
Seeing Predator's newly contented expression, (Captain) realizes she must have found her vengeance.
  1. Welcome back.

Choose: Welcome back.

Predator: It's good to be back, (Captain).
Lyria: Ahh! Welcome back, Ema!
Vyrn: Yeah! Welcome aboard, Ema!
Predator: Hey, don't call me by my real name! It's embarrassing.
Vyrn: Why not? After all... Things are over now, aren't they?
Predator: Yes. My time as an assassin has come to a close. I think it's best if I focus my energies on other things now.
Predator: I'll give this skyfaring thing my best shot, until I can find a new purpose at least.
Predator: Which leads me to ask, if any of you can think of anything that sounds interesting, please let me know.
Lyria: Of course we will!
Vyrn: Well, the day's not getting any younger! Let's head back to the Grandcypher and tell everybody the good news!
Predator: Yeah!
Thus a predator, who once lived only to stalk her prey, has forsaken her mask and returned to a life on the skyways.
As she runs hand in hand with her comrades toward the twilit dock where the Grandcypher waits, she thinks that maybe this life suits her just fine.