Scenario:Predator - Now Is the Time

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Now Is the Time

Predator's mentor Tui, who has likewise sworn vengeance against the Acier mafia family, tells Predator he has successfully infiltrated the upper tier of Acier management. They plot to assassinate the Acier Don at a secret meeting of the bosses. Predator takes her leave of the crew to enact her long-postponed revenge.

Predator not in crew

Ema once lived a humble, happy life at her father's metalworks factory in Agastia.
But tough times soon fell on the workshop, and her father borrowed money from the Acier crime family to make ends meet. That was when Ema's story changed from serene to tragic.
The Acier family orchestrated an "accident" which led to the eventual death of Ema's father.
They seized the factory as payment for the outstanding debt, leaving the young girl to fend for herself.
Before long a lone man appeared before Ema. His name was Tui.
Tui: Do you hate the Acier family?
Ema: Of course I do! What they did to my father... It's unspeakable!
Tui: Then entrust me with your life. And together, we will reduce the Acier family to dust.
Thus Tui proceeded to train Ema in the arts of war, transforming the mild-mannered girl into the vengeful assassin, Predator.
Tui: Our target shows himself only to the top brass. He's as prudent as they come.
Predator: ...
Tui: Which means there's only one way to get close to him.
Tui: We'll have to infiltrate the family and gain his trust.
Tui: And until that happens, you'll have to keep your passion for vengeance in check. Understood?
Predator: Yes, Tui.
With her advisor's guidance, Predator set off on her mission.
But in the course of duty, she happened upon (Captain)'s crew.
Lyria, recognizing the depths of Predator's loneliness, invited her to join the Grandcypher's ranks.
The assassin had one high-flying adventure after another alongside the crew.
Things began to change, however, when the Magasin crime family attempted to take over Stardust Town. The resulting conflict was vast, involving even the Eternals.
After the smoke cleared, the Magasin were no more.
As remnants of the defeated crime syndicate limped back to their island stronghold, the Crew of Enforcers began clearing out the stragglers.
Walfrid: Round up all individuals inside the building and transport them to Amalthea.
Walfrid: I’m certain there are innocents mixed in with those Magasin members, but we have to detain them all before separating the wheat from the chaff.
Monika: Yes sir!
Lecia: Make sure no evidence is destroyed!
Enforcers' Runner: Roger!
Predator: I don't believe it. I never imagined the Magasin would be wiped out in such a fashion.
Lecia's Voice: Lock down the airspace over the island! I don’t want any suspects slipping through!
Predator: ...
That night Predator and Tui rendezvous at their usual bar.
Tui: Well, who could have predicted this situation?
Predator: At this rate, we should assume families from all over the sky will begin working to claim the Magasin's top spot.
Tui: Among all the syndicates, the Acier family is one step ahead of them. Not that I need to tell you that.
Tui looses a heavy sigh and reaches into his pocket. He tosses a small pouch onto the table.
Predator: This is?
Tui: Serenity Heaven. Though it might be too soon to call it that.
Tui: When the Magasin began tightening their grip on the flow of Heaven, the Acier reacted by starting a secret operation.
Tui: It was all in the hopes that they could produce the stuff themselves.
Tui: Mountains of effort later, and they somehow managed to synthesize the recipe. This is from their first successful test batch.
Tui: The other products weren't much to write home about, but this stuff? Even a connoisseur could mistake it for the real thing.
Predator pinches the pouch of illicit substance and holds it up for examination. Her eyes, pained but intent, trace the small bag.
Predator: Where was it produced? I'll go destroy their supply.
Without waiting for a response, she stands and begins heading for the door when Tui gestures for her to sit down.
Tui: Wait a minute.
Predator: ...
Tui: Like I said, this is from a test batch. They haven't put it on the market yet.
Tui: And the Acier family wouldn't create a large-scale facility for an unproven product. That's bad business.
Predator: In that case...
Predator: They're after the Magasin's drug labs!
Tui: Ahaha! Perfect deduction, Ema. You've really stepped your game up.
Predator: Tui, I don't believe this matter warrants laughter.
Predator: I can't sit by and watch them resume the drug trade. We need to hurry and expose the Acier kingpin. Even if it means things get ugly.
Tui puts his elbows on the table and rests his chin in his hands. He gives a knowing grin to his accomplice.
Tui: No need. I've already been accepted into the upper echelons of the family.
Predator: What?
Stunned by his words, Predator's heart begins to race.
Predator: Tui... Is that true?
Tui: Indeed. They took notice of my reputation and rewarded me accordingly.
Tui: I have you to thank for that, Ema.
Tears of joy begin to well up in Predator's eyes, but she forces them back with a sharp breath.
Predator: This is no time to celebrate. This is only the first step toward vengeance.
Predator: Now that you're with the top dogs, you'll be allowed to attend their secret meetings, correct?
Tui: Yep, and I'll even come face-to-face with our scrupulous boss who's eluded us for so long.
Predator: ...
Tui: The ones who stand to benefit most from the fall of the Magasin aren't the Acier, Ema. It's us.
Predator: Finally!
Seeing the ever-aloof Tui excited by future prospects, Predator braves a question.
Predator: Ahem... You've waved me off every time I've asked, but I'll try again anyway.
Predator: Tui, what did the Acier do to you?
Tui: ...
Tui: The same thing they did to you, Ema.
Predator: Ah, well... I see.
Though her response is slight, she knows better than anyone what it feels like to lose a family. Dedication to vengeance reaffirmed, she leaves the bar.
Predator shoves her last article of clothing in a bag and takes a nostalgic look around her room.
A smile crosses her lips as she remembers fondly her times spent traveling the skydoms.
Predator: (I have nothing but gratitude for (Captain) and the crew for taking me in when I was so alone.)
Predator: (All the more reason why I can't let them get involved.)
A soft knock echoes from the door.
Predator: It's open. Come in.
Predator: Sorry to call you like this.
(Captain)'s face clouds with conflict at the sight of Predator's freshly cleaned quarters.
Predator: I know this is sudden, (Captain). But I have to leave the ship.
Predator: I appreciate everything you've done for me. Would you please give everyone else my regards?
Knowing Predator is not one to change her mind, (Captain) gives her a quiet nod.
They exchange goodbyes, and Predator gives her captain a huge smile.
Predator: (Captain)...
Predator: (You're still too nice for your own good. Up till the last moment.)
Her momentary hesitation doesn't go unnoticed; (Captain) guarantees her a spot on the Grandcypher should she want to return.
The offer causes the young woman to turn on her heel, but the gesture is less a refusal and more an attempt to hide her tears.
Predator: Though my thoughts might not be worth much, I pray that one day you'll be reunited with your father, (Captain).
Predator: Until next we meet.
With eyes hot and welling, the assassin walks out of her former chambers toward the promise of her deepest desire.