Scenario:Robomi - The Android's Dream

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The Android's Dream

(Captain) and company take time off the battlefield to help calibrate Robomi. While they chat with Nicholas, Robomi overhears some talk of (Captain)'s dream and father, and she responds with an unexpected show of emotion.

(Captain) and the crew have been on the Rashomon research vessel for some time now.
After many days of fighting against the abominations, Robomi is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain.
Nicholas: Okay... Do you detect any irregularities, Robomi?
Robomi: I am getting anomalous readings from the right elbow. There is also some slight delay when opening or closing the thruster nozzle.
Robomi: Everything else is within acceptable parameters.
Nicholas: Hmm... Maybe some dust has gotten into the joint. If I disassemble the arm, a little oil could—
Vyrn: Hey, Mecha-Nick, is this the oil you're looking for?
Nicholas: Oh, Vyrn! How helpful of you!
Vyrn: Heh-heh! We're kind of stuck until you finish here, so I figured I'd help out!
Lyria: Um... I want to help too. If there's anything you need, just let me know!
As the crew continues helping with Robomi's calibrations, Nicholas, who's cleaning the elbow joint, speaks up.
Nicholas: So tell me, why'd you guys become a crew anyway?
Vyrn: Huh? Well, to put it simple: (Captain)'s got big dreams, and big dreams need a big crew!
Robomi: Dreams?
Nicholas: Dreams, huh? We engineers are no strangers to following those. Hopefully you'll find what you want. Now then...
Robomi: (Captain)... What is your dream?
Nicholas: Whoa! Robomi, are you all right?
Robomi: Tell me, (Captain). Tell me your dream.
Nicholas: I don't think I've ever heard you engage in small talk, Robomi...
(Captain) tells Robomi about the crew's goal to reach the Island of the Astrals, where the captain's father apparently is.
Robomi: Your father... That sounds... difficult.
Nicholas: What a surprise! I knew Robomi was capable of learning, but this is unprecedented.
Robomi: And what is your dream, Lyria?
Lyria: What? Me?
Lyria: Um... Well...
Robomi: To grow up and... be married?
Lyria: Wha?
Nicholas: Robomi, where'd you learn that word?
Robomi: Marriage... Children... Happily ever after... With him...
Lyria: H-huh? R-Robomi! Have you been looking at my jour—I mean, wh-what are you talking about!
Vyrn: Him? Who's that?
Lyria: Um... H-how should I know?
Nicholas: Ha-ha... Robomi's just full of surprises today. But I wonder what kinds of dreams a mechanical soldier like Robomi has.
  1. What's your dream, Robomi?
  2. Anyone special in your dreams, Robomi?

Choose: What's your dream, Robomi?
Robomi: I was built to eradicate the abominations and save our world.
Robomi: I am optimized for combat, and dreaming is not included among my functions.
Nicholas: So you say. But you've been changing lately...
Nicholas: I wouldn't be surprised if you learn how to dream one day.
Robomi: ...
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Choose: Anyone special in your dreams, Robomi?
Robomi: ...
Without saying a word, Robomi looks down at the hand on her stomach, to the astonishment of the crew.
Lyria: ...
Lyria: Um... Didn't you say that Robomi is slowly becoming more and more like a person, Nicholas?
Nicholas: Well... I suppose I did.
Lyria: Then maybe even her body will eventually start to become more like ours!
Nicholas: But... I wonder... I certainly can't rule it out as a possibility...
Lyria: And that means that Robomi's dreams will eventually come true. Right, Nicholas?
Robomi: ...
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Though surprised by Robomi's highly unusual behavior, the crew continues preparing her for launch.
Once her pre-flight checks are complete, her test flight begins.
Robomi: I was made to fight the abominations... I was made to protect the innocent... to protect the children...
Robomi: I hope... the dreams of (Captain) and everyone else... come true.
Robomi's final words are drowned out by the sound of the launch, and no one hears her.
Where Robomi's dreams will take her is a secret known only to Robomi herself.