Scenario:Sara - Sara's First Summer

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Sara's First Summer

Having never seen a beach before, Sara is frightened at first. The crew encourages Sara to have fun by helping her pick out the perfect swimwear for the occasion.

Sara (Event) not in crew, Sara not in crew

The Priestess of the Dunes was fated to give her life to seal away the primal beast Manawydan, who threatened to flood their world.
But thanks to (Captain) and Lyria's help, Sara survived the ordeal. She then ended her duties as Priestess of the Dunes.
Sara joins the crew with Volenna, who watches over her like a sister. The two depart the confines of home to journey across the open skies.
With summer fast approaching, (Captain) and crew decide to take a vacation at the Auguste Isles.
Lyria: Yay! Let's go to the beach, Sara!
Sara: Huh? The beach? What's that, Lyria?
Lyria: Ah, right. I forgot you've never been to the beach. Hm, how should I put this...
Lyria: Umm, it's kinda like a big lake. Well, imagine water as far as the eye can see... With waves, and... umm...
Volenna: In other words, a giant oasis?
Sara: Hm? But there are no waves at an oasis, Volenna.
Volenna: Yes, that's true... Tell us, Lyria. How can there be waves at the beach?
Lyria: Huh? Uh, that's a good question... What do you think, (Captain)?
As Lyria and (Captain) ponder the thought, Vyrn speaks up in a cheery voice.
Vyrn: Let's just go ahead to the beach so Sara and Volenna can see it for themselves! It'll be a blast!
Vyrn: Hehe, I can't wait to see their reaction!
Lyria: Haha, we'll just have to wait and see, then!
Sara: ?
The crew sets sail for the Auguste Isles.
Upon arrival...
Sara: !
Volenna: This is the beach? The water stretching endlessly across the horizon is beautiful. So, this is what Lyria meant...
Sara: ...
Having spent most of their lives in the deserts of Sable Island, the two stand agape at the wonder before them.
Vyrn: Heheh, I figured Sara and Volenna would be impressed!
Lyria: Hey, let's go down to the shore! Feeling the water and sand against your feet is so much fun!
Lyria holds her hand out invitingly to Sara.
But Sara hides behind Volenna.
Volenna: What's wrong, Sara?
Sara: It's huge. I mean, just look at it...
Sara: The captain showed me a map of the Auguste Isles earlier, but...
Sara: I didn't think it would be this huge...
Sara: It's too big... What would I do if I got carried away in the current?
  1. You can still have fun without going in.
  2. I'll hold your hand, if it helps.

Choose: You can still have fun without going in.
Lyria: Yeah! We can make sand castles, collect sea shells, and more!
Lyria: C'mon, Sara! Let's go play!
Sara: Um, okay... I guess I shouldn't be such a scaredy cat. We did come all this way.
Volenna: Yeah, might as well have fun while we're here, right?
Sara: I almost forgot. Graphos is with me, too!
Finally breaking a smile, Sara and Volenna follow the crew to the beach house to pick out a swimsuit.
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Choose: I'll hold your hand, if it helps.
Sara: Huh?
(Captain) grabs her hand.
Volenna: Heh. I'll hold onto this hand then, Sara.
Sara: Thanks, you two!
Sara: I almost forgot. Graphos is with me, too!
Finally breaking a smile, Sara and Volenna follow the crew to the beach house to pick out a swimsuit.
Continue 1
Sara: Wow, so many clothes, uhh, I mean, swimsuits here!
Seeing the wide variety of colorful swimsuits is an eye-opener for Sara.
Volenna: Find anything you like, Sara?
Sara: Well, there's so many to choose from.
Sara: Hey, Volenna... Can I ask you for a favor?
Volenna: Hm? But of course.
Sara: Can you pick out my swimsuit for me? Please?
Volenna: Huh, me? I hope you know my fashion sense isn't the greatest.
Sara: It's okay! I'll gladly wear any swimsuit you pick out!
Volenna: Well, if you insist. Let's go over there, Sara.
Sara: Thanks, Volenna!
Volenna takes Sara around the store to browse for the ideal swimsuit.
Volenna: Hm, this one matches the color of your hair, but your back would be exposed to the sun.
Vira: Why not try this one? These colors match Sara's skin tone pretty well.
Volenna: It does look nice, but seems a bit too fancy for Sara's tastes. Something cuter would be preferable.
No version of Vira in crew

Lyria: Hey, it's Vira! You came to relax at the beach too?
Vira: It's been a while, Lyria. And, hehe, it's more like I came to see Katalina.
Volenna discusses the finer points of each swimsuit with the other ladies.
Volenna: All right, let's go with this one! Sorry to keep you waiting, Sara. Well, what do you think?
Sara: It's so cute! Thanks, Volenna!
Sara takes the swimsuit from Volenna and rushes to the fitting room in excitement.
(Captain) holds Sara's hand, escorting her to the shore.
Sara: ...
Sara: Yeah!
Sara makes up her mind and steps forward to the shoreline.
Sara: Whee! The water feels great!
Sara: Haha, the sand is really ticklish here. It's just like Lyria said!
Sara shyly scoops up the waves with her feet. After taking another step forward, she finds her ankle submerged in water.
Slowly letting go of (Captain)'s hand, Sara stands gazing at the horizon.
Sara: Hey, Graphos...
Graphos: ?
Sara: It's amazing. It's all so amazing.
Sara: I mean, the sea is a little scary. But, seeing how vast and beautiful it is with everyone else here... it can be pretty fun.
Graphos: ...
Sara: There's still so much I don't know, things I can't even begin to imagine about the world.
Graphos: !
No longer fearful of the wide open sea, Graphos and Sara share their joy in the moment.
And with that, the young girl once known as the Priestess of the Dunes begins to enjoy her first summer vacation.