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Primal Phantasy!

While meandering the streets of Auguste, the Primal Pals begin reminiscing about the day that Medusa and Nezha met. It was back when the serpentine primal was searching for her sisters with Baal when they accidentally stumbled into Nezha's territory.

Satyr: Wow! There's so many people here!
Medusa: Too many if you ask me.
Satyr: Is Auguste always this crowded?
Nezha: I'm afraid I don't know, as I do not frequent this island.
The Primal Pals minus Baal are strolling through town before Auguste Festival kicks off.
Medusa: Any place with a good ocean view is always packed with mortals, but this is crazy.
Satyr: This festival is an even bigger deal than I thought.
Medusa: There's going to be musicians from all over the Sky Realm playing, right?
Satyr: Yep! I'm actually pretty excited myself.
Medusa: It's just a few mortals blasting loud noises.
Nezha: A few mortals plus Baal, you mean.
Medusa: Well yeah. But still.
Satyr: You're not looking forward to watching him play?
Medusa: It's not like I haven't seen him perform before.
Satyr: But this is the big stage! There's going to be a huge crowd and everything.
Medusa: So what? Baal will play like he always does, no matter how many people are staring.
Medusa: Even if he doesn't, I'm sure the show won't be that different.
Satyr: Haha, well, I'll just have to be pumped enough for the both of us then!
Medusa: Sigh... You're really fond of him, aren't you?
Satyr: Aw, don't you worry! I love you just as much!
Medusa: H-hey, stop that!
Satyr: I've got enough love to go around for the both of you!
Medusa: Okay, okay, I get it! Now can you get off?
Nezha: What about me?
Satyr: Of course I love you too, Nez!
Nezha: I see.
Medusa: Nezha...
Medusa: To think you were such a sourpuss when we first ran into you.
Satyr: You and Baally met him when you two were traveling around, right?
Medusa: We sure did.
Nezha: What fond memories.
Medusa: You say that with such an indifferent look on your face.
Baal: We came here on your information, not mine. You have no right to blame me.
Medusa: I know that! I'm not blaming you, all right?
Baal: Really? Then can you explain why you're giving me so much attitude?
Medusa: Excuse me? I am not! When do I ever give you attitude, huh?
Baal: Right now. For starters.
Medusa: Well, that's only because you're being annoying!
Medusa: It's not like I'm upset we haven't found a single clue about my sisters on this island or anything!
Baal: Hmph.
Medusa: That's it! I've had enough of your attitude!
Medusa: Medusiana!
Medusiana: ...!
Baal: Try me.
Medusa: Let's settle this the good old fashioned—
Nezha: You there. Trespassers.
Baal: ...!
A third party arrives on the scene.
Medusa: Who're you?
Nezha: I am Nezha. What is the purpose of your presence here?
Medusa: Huh? Can't you see we're in the middle of something?
Nezha: A complete lack of decorum in addition to trespassing onto my land...
Nezha: I suppose you must be confident in your abilities.
Baal: ...
Medusa: A-and? What's your point?
Nezha: I've been searching for a way to pass the time, and a bout would do perfectly.
Medusa: A fight, huh? You think you can handle us?
Baal: "Us"? Don't drag me into this!
Nezha: It will only be a fair fight if I face the both of you at the same time. Now come!

Primal Phantasy!: Scene 2

The Primal Pals have barely sat down to enjoy a nice cup of coffee when a man claiming to be a diehard fan of Baal approaches them. This causes Satyr to daydream a scenario where all four of the Primal Pals get together to make a band—Primal-★-Slap, featuring a primal slap fight between Medusa and Baal over who plays what.

Satyr: Wowee, the three of you are so cool! I'll never get tired of hearing this story.
Nezha: Despite quarreling mere moments before, the teamwork that Medusa and Baal displayed was splendid.
Medusa: You say that like you weren't holding back the entire time.
Nezha: Perhaps, perhaps not. It was quite a long time ago, so the memory has faded somewhat.
Medusa: Sheesh, you sound like one of those mortal geezers.
Satyr: Haha! I wish I could've seen the whole thing firsthand.
Medusa: Take my advice: it's better that you didn't.
Medusa: Whatever you believe Nezha was like back then, I can tell you he wasn't cool at all...
Satyr: Is that so?
Satyr: But Nez got you two to stop fighting.
Satyr: Which he does these days too, so he seems like the same cool primal to me!
Nezha: Well, these days they're both far stronger. I might have some trouble handling them now.
Medusa: Heh! So you admit I hit harder now.
Medusa: But enough of that.
Having walked through most of town, the three decide to take a break at a beachside cafe.
Medusa: How's your drink, Satyr? Mind if I take a sip?
Satyr: Sure. Can I get a taste of yours?
Medusa: Yeah, here.
Satyr: Mmm! That's the good stuff! Both sweet and refreshing!
Medusa: Yours is a little sour, but not half bad.
Satyr: What's your coffee like, Nez?
Nezha: It's good and cold.
Medusa: I'll take a hard pass on the coffee.
Nezha: You never were one for bitter flavors.
Medusa: I just don't get how it's supposed to taste good.
Satyr: You know, this is the first time we've sat down together and had a coffee break, isn't it?
Medusa: Now that you mention it, I guess so. We've never done this before.
Nezha: We should have one with Baal once the festival is finished.
Satyr: Definitely. It's going to be great, but I'm almost more excited to hang out with everyone after!
Satyr: I wonder if Baally knows what there is to do on Auguste?
Medusa: No clue. But if I see him strutting around the place like one of the local mortals, I might laugh my scales off.
Music Fan: Um, excuse me!
Medusa: Huh?
A stranger approaches their table, suddenly cutting into the conversation.
Satyr: Yes?
Music Fan: I'm sorry to interrupt, but I overheard you mention Baal...
Nezha: Do you know him?
Music Fan: I don't know-know him, but I am a fan!
Satyr: Whoa! Baally has fans?
Music Fan: Yes'm. I've been one for years.
Music Fan: I thought you all might've been fans too, but I suppose you know him on a personal level.
Medusa: I guess you could say we know him... More like we're stuck with him, if you ask me.
Satyr: And we wouldn't have it any other way!
Satyr: Baally's been one of our pals for a long, long time!
Music Fan: That's... That's amazing! You don't know how much I idolize him!
Music Fan: I came to Auguste Festival specifically to watch his performance.
Medusa: Really? Just for him?
Music Fan: I had to rush and struggle to get tickets, but I was happy to do it!
Music Fan: It's kind of tougher now since he's switched focus to playing for Doss. It used to be easier when he was taking on solo gigs.
Music Fan: Not that I'm saying I don't like the Doss too. It's just... Aoidos takes the spotlight in the band.
Music Fan: I feel like the audience is missing out on a lot when all they focus on is him.
Music Fan: Still, Doss does have a sound that naturally draws people in.
Music Fan: And I get to see Baal work wonders when he's onstage with Aoidos.
Music Fan: He's the only one who can put on such a smooth and effortless performance next to that guy!
Satyr: Wooow...
Music Fan: It really makes me wonder... With so much talent at his fingertips, why has he devoted himself to a supporting role?
Medusa: That's because he's a pri—
Satyr: Meddy!
Satyr frantically slaps her palms over Medusa's mouth.
Satyr: Meddy, you can't tell him!
Medusa: Wh-why?
Satyr: Baally didn't tell anyone he was a primal when he joined the band.
Medusa: Oh... That's true, huh?
Music Fan: Um, what were you about to say?
Satyr: Don't worry about it!
Satyr: We're just delighted to hear from his biggest fan, that's all!
Nezha: I do apologize for being unable to properly respond to your enthusiasm. None of us are well-versed in music, despite being his friends.
Music Fan: No, I'm the one who should be apologizing. Barging into your conversation out of nowhere and mouthing off by myself...
Nezha: I'll be sure to let him know you dropped by.
Music Fan: You will? Please tell him that I'll be his fan till the day I die!
Satyr: You got it!
With a giddy smile, the man bounds away.
Medusa: Hmm.
Satyr: What's up, Meddy?
Medusa: That whole exchange was kind of weird.
Satyr: You think so? I thought it was great.
Satyr: I didn't know Baally was so popular.
Satyr: Makes this Primal Pal pretty proud!
Medusa: I'm not buddy-buddy with him or anything, so that part doesn't really matter to me.
Medusa: But as a fellow primal beast, I guess I'm kind of proud.
Nezha: The feeling only builds on my excitement for the show to start.
Satyr: Hey, speaking of music... Nez, how come you've never given music a shot even though you've got all sorts of adorkable hobbies?
Nezha: Music, you say...
Medusa: Now that Satyr's brought it up, I'm curious too. Never thought of joining like an orchestra or something?
Nezha: No, the thought hadn't crossed my mind whatsoever.
Satyr: For real? Totally thought you'd be into it.
Nezha: Music always seemed like an activity to enjoy as the audience, perhaps because I've listened to so many of Baal's performances.
Medusa: Pfft. What kind of reason is that?
Nezha: I suppose... Not a good one. I hadn't realized until now.
Satyr: Hey, hey, how about forming our own band then? Just think about how fun it'll be for the four of us to jam together!
Medusa: Uh... You're assuming I know how to play an instrument in the first place.
Satyr: Obviously you'll be on the guitar, like Baally!
Medusa: Okay, wait!
Nezha: A dual guitar band showcasing Baal and Medusa. That would be quite nice.
Satyr: Which leaves the drums to Nez and the bass to me.
Medusa: I said wait, Satyr!
Satyr: This is going to be great! What should our band name be?
Medusa: Are your ears broken or what?
Baal: So, about the new songs we're going to play at our next concert—
Medusa: Hold it right there!
Satyr: Ah, this one is so cool! It could totally be the break-out debut for Primal-★-Slap!
Nezha: I believe so. It's very catchy, and if we properly arrange it, its popularity is all but guaranteed.
Medusa: I said hold it!
Baal: What do you want?
Medusa: I'm going to be the lead guitarist this time around, got it? We agreed to it.
Baal: Absolutely not. You can be lead next time.
Medusa: Why!
Baal: Your technique's not up to snuff.
Medusa: Shut your trap! It'll be fine if I practice!
Satyr: Come on, Meddy, don't get your snakes in a bunch. Maybe we should just let Baally handle it.
Medusa: You don't think I can handle lead either, huh?
Satyr: That's not it at all! You're going to be the singer for this song.
Satyr: Everyone's eyes are going to be on you, so it might be best if you focus on your singing and not your strumming.
Baal: Satyr, tell it to her straight—she needs to stop splitting her attention between guitar and singing.
Baal: We can't risk having you end up being mediocre at both, injecting dissonance into our sound.
Medusa: What!
Satyr: Don't get too mad, Meddy. Baally's only thinking about what's best for Primal-★-Slap.
Medusa: And you think I'm not?
Baal: Do you see our point now? Just drop it, and let's get back to practice.
Medusa: Yeah, I see your point.
Medusa: None of you believe in me at all!
Medusa: Well I'll show you! Let's take this outside!

Primal Phantasy!: Scene 3

After listening to Satyr drone on about the fictional band, Medusa gives the cute primal a piece of her mind. But this only prods Satyr to continue her delusions. Next she dreams up the scene of Primal-★-Slap selecting their stage costumes, complete with yet another argument between Baal and Medusa.

Medusa: That's a wild imagination you've got there...
Medusa: Why would we get into such a huge fight over music?
Medusa: I'm starting to wonder what you think of me, Satyr.
Satyr: Ahaha, sorry.
Nezha: Perhaps music wouldn't stir your ire, but as for petty arguments in general, well...
Nezha: You do remember that a few weeks ago, you and Baal fought over whether the cat you saw was male or female, don't you?
Medusa: Ah...
Satyr: Meddy...
Medusa: Um, well, uh...
Medusa: It's not like you're innocent either! You got wrapped up in the fight just as much as us!
Satyr: Me? Oh, you're talking about the band thing, not the cat.
Medusa: Yeah, your made-up story! Aren't you supposed to be the one who breaks up our fights?
Satyr: I mean, maybe?
Satyr: It is kinda fun watching you two duke it out. And you both seem to get a kick out of it!
Medusa: The only thing I'll kick is his teeth! Are you serious?
Nezha: Hmm. I see.
Nezha: You're upset because Satyr took Baal's side during the conflict.
Medusa: Excuse me?
Satyr: Aww, Meddy!
Medusa: That's a pretty bold assumption you're making!
Satyr: I'm so sorry, Meddy!
Satyr: How about a do-over? Like...
Satyr: Awright, how's about this set list for our next gig?
Nezha: We'll have to bunker down and do some more serious practice if we're to be prepared for the real deal.
Medusa: You guys, we haven't hashed out one important detail yet.
Nezha: If you're referring to the practice schedule, aren't we about to work on it right now?
Medusa: Not that! Our costumes! We have to figure out our costumes!
Satyr: Whoopsie! Stage outfits are pretty important, huh? You have an idea in mind already, Meddy?
Medusa: Obviously they have to be something cool and flashy so they'll highlight my amazing features!
Satyr: That's one vote for the cool team.
Satyr: Is cute no good? I was hoping everyone could show off their sweet sides.
Medusa: What exactly did you have in mind?
Satyr: Err... How about Baally and Nez give their opinions first?
Nezha: I'll trust in whatever the rest of you decide.
Baal: Do we even need to bother with clothes?
Medusa: You want to go out naked on stage then?
Baal: Don't be ridiculous. I'm referring to performing in what we usually wear.
Medusa: Those clothes you've got on are meant for blending in with the mortals. And they're working—you look like a boring nobody.
Baal: Sounds perfect to me.
Medusa: Okay, let me rephrase: you've got on clothes that blend in with normal skydwellers and not the flashy ones that crowds actually want on stage.
Baal: Why is it any of their business what I'm wearing?
Baal: We're there to play music, not have a fashion show. Our sound should be what grabs their attention.
Satyr: I get what you're trying to say, Baally.
Satyr: But that's no reason not to dress up, right?
Medusa: Exactly!
Medusa: Of course we want our music to grab them! But what's wrong with adding nice visuals to compliment our sound too?
Baal: Sigh... Fine. Do whatever you want. Just don't drag me into anything stupid.
Satyr: Baally, come on! That's not the spirit!
Medusa: Ugh, why do I even bother with you?
Baal: You? Bother with me? I assure you it's the opposite.
Medusa: Wow. You—the one who's being completely unhelpful right now—are really going to say that to me?
Baal: I'm not the one causing a scene.
Baal: I'm merely pointing out that you're focusing on the unimportant details. We need to work on our performance above all else.
Medusa: Don't change the subject! You really boil my venom, you know that? You never listen to what I have to say!
Baal: And you never listen to me. I suppose we'll have to settle this somehow, otherwise you won't let it go.
Medusa: Hah, now there's something we finally see eye to eye on.
Baal: Then no reason to waste any more time. Let's take this outside!

Primal Phantasy!: Scene 4

After Auguste Festival concludes, Satyr has a leisurely walk with her Grandcypher buds. Vyrn turns to her and asks, "What are you looking for?" She responds, "True love," and implies that she may have already found it within (Captain). Never one to drop her advantage, she runs ahead of the others before they can press her for more details.

Medusa: Ha! Yield if you know what's good for you!
Baal: Ugh...
Nezha: If I may...
Satyr: Nez?
Nezha: Arguing over differing opinions isn't necessarily a bad thing.
Nezha: A good fight should end up strengthening both parties after all.
Nezha: But is squabbling over matters unrelated to music truly what we should be doing?
Nezha: How are we meant to function as a band if we keep this up?
Medusa: W-well, Baal was...
Baal: Nezha has a good point. This band was never going to function from the start.
Satyr: You don't mean...
Medusa: We're going to disband?
Nezha: It might be for the best.
Satyr: No way!
Satyr: And so the band broke up... Goodbye Primal-★-Slap.... Sob...
Medusa: Why are you getting distraught over a pretend situation? It's not even cry-worthy.
Satyr: But it's so sad!
Nezha: Do you think Baal would really use "let's take this outside"?
Medusa: Why are you getting hung up on that part?
Medusa: Forget the band and music stuff, I have complaints about the argument you made me and Baal have.
Satyr: Ahaha, about that...
Medusa: I'm honestly curious what you think of us deep down inside.
Medusa: Because you made it sound like the Primal Pals are only about us fighting!
Satyr: That's not what I meant!
Nezha: It probably isn't the primary characteristic of our group, but it's certainly a focal point.
Medusa: Can we not? I thought our thing was finding stuff!
Nezha: Yes, well, that's another focal point.
Medusa: Speaking of which, any news on that front?
Satyr: Weeell... to be honest I don't have any new info to share. Sorry.
Nezha: Same here.
Medusa: I... actually don't either.
Nezha: How are Stheno and Euryale doing?
Medusa: Hmm.
Medusa: Same old, same old.
In Medusa's hands are two cores—the sleeping forms of her beloved sisters.
Medusa: They're stable but it might still be a while until they wake up.
Satyr: Aww, man...
Medusa: Just have to be patient! Besides, I've got nothing to be afraid of when they're always here with me.
Nezha: I see... Yes, that's a good way to think of it.
Satyr: I can't wait to meet your sisters, Meddy.
Medusa: Haha! And I can't wait to introduce you!
The Auguste Festival begins and, after a few spectacularly rowdy hours, concludes without issue.
Medusa: Baal, we did you the honor of watching your show!
Baal: I know. I heard beforehand that you would, and you certainly made yourself easy to spot in the crowd flailing around like that.
Medusa: Wait, no, you saw me?
Nezha: Medusa did make quite the scene.
Baal: It made it easier to spot you, too, being right next to her.
While Baal chats with Nezha and Medusa, Satyr approaches (Captain) and the others.
Satyr: Lyria, you did great out there.
Satyr flashes a bright smile as she walks up to Lyria.
Satyr: Your singing was very lovely!
Lyria: Oh! Thank you so much!
Satyr: Not only were you cute, but totally composed too! I think my heart skipped a beat!
Lyria: Ahaha... Hearing you say that makes my own heart skip a little as well.
Satyr: By the way, are you guys free tomorrow?
Lyria: Tomorrow? I don't think we have anything planned, right?
(Captain) confirms that they are indeed free.
Satyr: Woohoo! Do you want to hang out then?
Satyr: Since we took the time to come to Auguste, Meddy, Athena, and the rest of us were planning on making the most out of the beach.
Satyr: I was thinking it'd be great to have you guys join the fun too.
Lyria: We'd love to! Count us in for sure!
Satyr: Really? Yay! Love that enthusiasm!
Satyr: You don't know how happy it makes me to finally be able to spend some more time with you guys.
Satyr: Especially since now I know you guys are out there searching for something, just like us!
Vyrn: What are you searching for anyways, Ribbons?
Satyr: Hehe, well if you're really that curious...
Satyr: I'm looking for true love!
Vyrn: True...
Lyria: Love?
Satyr: Awww, you're blushing so hard! Aren't you just the cutest thing?
Lyria: Ah!
Vyrn: You're joking, right?
Satyr: I'm serious as serious can be. Seriously!
Vyrn: Uh-huh. Sure.
Satyr: Meddy was looking for her sisters, while Baally's still searching for someone...
Satyr: Hm... And Nez might be after the same thing as me.
Satyr: I mean, aren't we all looking for someone to a share a little something special with?
Lyria: I guess so. I think I understand that kind of feeling.
Satyr: I figure if I look for true love, I'll find that special something and special someone.
Vyrn: Can't say I don't know what you're talking about, but I didn't expect that kinda stuff from you.
Satyr: Yeah?
Lyria: Have you found any hints or clues yet?
Satyr: Honestly? I'm not really sure.
Satyr: But what if it's (Captain) I've been looking for this whole time?
Lyria: What? Um, but, you can't...
Satyr: Haha, or maybe it's you, Lyria? Or how about Vyrn?
Vyrn: Come again?
Lyria: Oh my!
Satyr: Haha! No idea what the future brings, right?
Satyr's lighthearted laugh fills the flabbergasted ears of her friends.
Medusa: Hey, Satyr!
Satyr: Hello! Meddy, what's up?
Vyrn: Sheesh, she's always got a curveball ready, huh?
The three exchange wry smiles as they watch Satyr bounce happily away to chat with her pals.