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Traveling Musician

The day after being invited to join the Viale Symphony Orchestra, Selfira sits in on the orchestra's rehearsal. She is deeply impressed but still unsure how to respond to the invitation. The next day Selfira joins the crew on a mission to deliver cargo, but she panics and is unable to play her instrument when she encounters a monster.

It is the day after Selfira was invited to join the Viale Symphony Orchestra.
Selfira: (They really are incredible...)
At the crew's urging, she has gone to observe the orchestra's rehearsal.
Conductor: Stop!
Conductor: Try not to use so much rubato before the third measure. And violins, play a bit more staccato.
Concertmaster: So something like this...
The concertmaster plays a short phrase.
Concertmaster: Was that better?
Conductor: Yes! Wonderful. Just like that.
Conductor: Okay, let's start over from the section where it says mezzo piano.
Selfira sits watching the orchestra from a distance, overwhelmed.
Selfira: (Wow... This is only rehearsal, but it already sounds so polished. Each and every one of the members is incredibly skilled.)
Selfira: (No, what's really impressive is the evolution of the music.)
Selfira: (As the sounds slowly change, the piece becomes more and more vivid.)
Selfira: (Sometimes it's as though they're competing, and at other times they support and enhance each other... It's exhilarating.)
Selfira has played with Elta before, but most of her time spent practicing has been on her own.
Thus the scene before her eyes is something brand new to her.
Conductor: Okay, let's take a short break. We'll tackle the third movement next.
The orchestra practice enters an intermission, giving Selfira a chance to let out the breath she's been holding since she arrived.
Orchestra Member: Um... You're Selfira, right?
Selfira: Oh... Yes. I was cordially invited to observe your rehearsal.
Orchestra Member: Hehe. You don't have to be so formal. The concertmaster told us about you.
Orchestra Member: Oh, hey! Would you mind playing some for us?
Selfira: Huh?
Orchestra Member: Ever since the concertmaster told us about you, I've been really looking forward to meeting you and hearing you play!
Selfira: Er... I...
Orchestra Member: You play the violin, right? I do too. What do you say we play a bit together—
Concertmaster: Now, now, don't be so pushy.
Selfira: Ah...
Concertmaster: She's so very kindly come to watch us rehearse.
Concertmaster: You're going to overwhelm her if you keep pestering her like that.
Orchestra Member: You're right. I'm so sorry! I just really wanted to hear you play and lost my head a little.
Selfira: No, it's fine. Thank you.
The orchestra member smiles cheerfully, but Selfira can give no more than a vague reply.
Lyria: Oh, Selfira! Welcome back!
The crew welcomes Selfira back to the airship with a smile.
Selfira: I'm back.
Vyrn: How was the rehearsal? I bet it was awesome, right?
Selfira: Yeah, it was. They were all extremely skilled and professional...
Selfira: ...
Lyria: Selfira?
Vyrn: Did something bad happen?
Selfira: No, nothing like that. It's just me.
Selfira: I was just thinking about how I never follow through with anything...
Lyria: You never follow through?
Selfira: I was so happy to be invited to join the orchestra yesterday. It made me feel like I had really grown as a musician...
Selfira: But when I realized I'd have to give up traveling in order to join the orchestra... I suddenly didn't know how to answer.
Selfira: I'm embarrassed that I wasn't able to decide right away.
Lyria: There's no reason to be embarrassed! It's an important decision, so it's only natural that you need to think about your answer!
Selfira: Thanks.
Selfira: But it's true. The way I am now, I just can't seem to follow through with anything—whether as part of the crew or as a musician.
(Captain) and the crew try to find the right words to say to Selfira as she stares at the ground sadly.
But before they can come up with any advice, Selfira raises her head as though she's shaken off her bad mood.
Selfira: Say, (Captain). Do you know your plans for tomorrow? I remember you mentioning you were going to take on some requests.
Vyrn: Yep. We're gonna be delivering cargo tomorrow!
Selfira: I see... Mind if I come along?
Lyria: Of course not! Let's all go together!
The next day, the crew departs from the town to deliver some cargo to a small village in the mountains.
Vyrn: Lyria! Are you getting tired?
Lyria: This is nothing!
Lyria: What about you, Selfira?
Selfira: Huh? Did you say something?
Vyrn: Hmm... This is getting kinda serious.
Lyria: Yeah... She seems so worried...
Vyrn: Well, she's got a lot on her mind. I guess the best thing to do right now is to let her be.
Lyria: You're probably right...
(Captain) and the crew decide to stop trying to engage Selfira in conversation and continue down the mountain path in silence.
Selfira: Sigh...
Selfira: (What am I doing? I volunteered for this mission, but here I am again not following through.)
Selfira: (I bet the crew is disgusted with me...)
Selfira: Oh, whoops. I'm falling behind.
Selfira looks up to see the crew's outlines growing smaller in the distance.
Selfira: I'm such a disgrace...
Monster: Grrr!
Selfira: Gyah!
Selfira: I can't believe I didn't notice that monster approaching!
Selfira readies her instrument as always, but in her haste she is unable to play properly.
Selfira: Oh no, what's wrong with me?
Monster: Groar!
Selfira: Aah!
Monster: Groar!
She opens her eyes to see (Captain) dealing the deathblow to the monster.
Vyrn: Sorry, Selfira! It took us a while to figure out you weren't right behind us!
Lyria: Are you okay? You're not hurt, are you?
Selfira: I-I'm fine!
Vyrn: Oh, guess there were still some monsters left! Let's take 'em out, (Captain)!
Selfira: I-I'll come too! I won't let myself fall behind again!

Traveling Musician: Scene 2

(Captain) and the crew arrive in the village, where Selfira meets a young girl who dreams of becoming a musician. But the other children argue that skyfarers are cooler than musicians, and an argument follows. Lyria tells them that Selfira is both a musician and a skyfarer, and Selfira is filled with confusion as the children turn to her, their expressions full of awe.

Vyrn: Whew... We did it!
After defeating all of the monsters, (Captain) rushes over to Selfira.
Selfira: I'm so sorry, (Captain)... I just...
(Captain) gently pats Selfira on the shoulder.
Vyrn: Don't let it bother you so much! Nobody got hurt or anything!
The crew try their utmost to cheer Selfira up, but she doesn't smile the rest of the way to the village.
(Captain) and crew arrive in the small mountain village and immediately head to complete the delivery.
But Selfira splits off from the others and wanders around the village alone.
Selfira: (I keep making a fool of myself... First at the orchestra rehearsal and now on this mission...)
Selfira: (Even though I know I can't just keep wallowing in uncertainty like this...)
Selfira trudges along, struggling to suppress the sigh that threatens to escape her lips.
The sounds of excited voices reach her ears.
Village Boy 1: Ha-ha-ha! No vessel can match the speed of our airship!
Village Boy 2: Hah! Then I guess you haven't heard how strong our airship is!
There are a number of children frolicking about in the small village square.
Village Boy 1: My crew's the one that took on this request. A job like this is still too hard for the likes of you!
Selfira: (They must be pretending to be skyfarers. They look like they're having fun... I bet they'd love to meet (Captain).)
Charming though the children are, Selfira quickly tires of watching and starts to leave.
Village Girl: Hey, wait!
A young girl emerges from the group and comes running up to Selfira.
Selfira: Huh? Me?
Village Girl: Yeah!
Village Girl: Hey, is that a violin?
Selfira: Y-yeah...
The girl's eyes sparkle as she stares at the case in Selfira's hands.
Village Girl: Are you a musician?
Selfira: Well, yes I am...
Village Girl: I knew it! Wow! I can't believe a musician came to our village!
Village Girl: I want to be a musician when I grow up!
Selfira: You do?
Village Girl: Hey, you know what? I went into town with my dad the other day to listen to an orchestra play.
Village Girl: There were so many instruments, and they filled the whole room with a bunch of pretty sounds!
Village Girl: It was like magic!
Selfira: Yeah, it was. I thought so too.
Village Girl: I wanna be a musician like that too one day.
Village Girl: I wanna hear the orchestra play again, but I don't get to go into town much.
Village Girl: But—yay! This time a musician came to us!
Selfira: You mean me?
Village Girl: Yeah! Will you play—
Village Boy 1: Pssh! Skyfarers are way cooler than musicians!
Village Boy 2: Musicians are boooring!
Village Girl: That's not true! You're only saying that 'cause you've never heard really great music before!
Village Boy 1: Hah! Skyfarers can go wherever they want on their airships. They're way better!
Village Girl: There are musicians who travel around doing concerts too!
Village Boy 2: But a musician can't fight against monsters!
Selfira: C-come on now, kids! Let's all calm down...
Shocked by the sudden argument, Selfira tries to pacify the children.
Village Girl: So anything's automatically cool if it can defeat monsters?
Village Boy 2: Duh! The stronger, the cooler!
But Selfira's pleas fall on deaf ears, and the fight continues to escalate.
Suddenly, Selfira hears a familiar voice.
Lyria: Ha-hah! Then that means Selfira is the coolest of them all!
Lyria appears and puffs out her chest proudly, pointing at Selfira.
Lyria: You see, she's a musician and a skyfarer!
The children's eyes widen at Lyria's proclamation, and they turn to stare at Selfira.
Selfira: U-um...
Seeing their sparkling eyes all focused on her, Selfira raises her eyebrows in confusion.

Traveling Musician: Scene 3

The crew is alerted to the appearance of monsters just outside the village. Selfira attempts to lead the children to safety, but one of the young boys runs off to catch a glimpse of the monsters. Selfira finds the boy being attacked and pulls out her instrument, stopping the monster in its tracks with her melody.

Village Girl: A musician and skyfarer?
Village Boy 1: Whoa!
Village Boy 2: Seriously? That's so cool!
Selfira: Um, I'm—
Village Boy 1: Hey! Do you ride around on an airship? What's it like? Is it big? Is it fast?
Village Girl: No fair! I was talking to her first!
Village Girl: Hey, play your instrument! I wanna hear it!
Selfira: But I—
Villager: Skyfarers! Thank goodness you're still here!
Villager: We've got trouble! There are monsters right outside the village! Will you help us drive them off?
Vyrn: Uh-oh! Let's move, (Captain)!
Selfira: I'll help too!
Selfira reflexively starts to run after the others, but hesitates as she remembers her earlier blunder.
Selfira: ...
Vyrn: Selfira, you take those kids someplace safe!
Selfira: Got it. Leave it to me.
Vyrn: Thanks!
Selfira: Okay, kids! Follow me! It's dangerous, so make sure you stay close!
Selfira: (I'm so pathetic...)
Selfira: (But right now I need to worry about getting these kids to safety... I have to keep it together!)
Selfira: Okay, this way!
Village Boy 1: I'm gonna go look over there!
Selfira: ...!
Wait! Where are you going?
Village Boy 1: Those are skyfarers—fighting against monsters! I gotta see this!
Selfira: Come back!
Warning the other children not to follow her, Selfira chases after the boy.
Selfira: I have to hurry!
Monster: Grrr!
Selfira: A monster! All the way over here? Then where's that boy?
Village Boy 1: Eek!
Monster: Groooar!
Selfira: Look out!
The monster hunches down, preparing to launch itself at the boy.
Selfira: ...!
Selfira: (I'm not going to make it!)
Selfira whips her instrument out of its case and readies her bow.
Selfira: Please, let this work!
Monster: Groar...
The melody, first composed to put even the primal beast Midgardsormr to sleep, causes the monster to slowly come to a halt.
Village Boy 1: Huh? What happened?
Vyrn: Sorry, Selfira! One of the monsters escaped and came this way...
Lyria: Oh, it looks like it's asleep! I guess that's thanks to your song, Selfira!
(Captain) dashes forward, weapon at the ready, and nods in approval at Selfira's handiwork.
Vyrn: That's our Selfira! Let's take care of the leftover monsters while we have the chance!

Traveling Musician: Scene 4

After defeating all the monsters, the crew is greeted by the gratitude of the villagers. Upon seeing the sparkling eyes of the children, Selfira finds her answer—she wants to continue bringing music to people all across the skies. Selfira boards the Grandcypher and sets sail with (Captain) and the crew once more.

After defeating all the monsters, the crew is greeted by the gratitude of the adult villagers and the delighted voices of the children.
Village Boy 1: And then she played her instrument, and the monster went down just like that!
Village Girl: Wow, that's awesome!
Village Boy 2: Her instrument can defeat monsters? That's so cool!
Gran is the Main Character

Village Boy 1: The guy who showed up later was really cool too! I was like, now that's a real skyfarer!
Djeeta is the Main Character

Village Boy 1: The lady who showed up later was really cool too! I was like, now that's a real skyfarer!
The children circle around Selfira and (Captain), chattering excitedly.
Village Girl: You're so lucky. I wanna hear her play too! Play another song!
Selfira: ...
Selfira: All right.
Selfira: ...
When they get back to the town, the crew pay a visit to the Viale Symphony Orchestra at Selfira's request.
Concertmaster: Well, if it isn't Selfira and company.
Selfira: I'm sorry to barge in like this.
Concertmaster: It's no trouble at all. What can I help you with today?
Selfira: I came to give my response to your invitation.
Concertmaster: I see.
Selfira stands up straight, takes a slow breath, and begins to speak.
Selfira: I left my home island and set out on a journey in order to grow as a musician.
Selfira: Along the way I met lots of people and had lots of new experiences, and now here I am in this town...
Selfira: When you invited me to join the orchestra, I realized that I really have grown.
Selfira: It made me so happy...
Selfira tells the concertmaster about the girl who decided she wanted to be a musician after hearing the orchestra play.
Selfira: Your orchestra's music truly has power. I felt it myself when I listened to you perform.
Selfira: I believe it's thanks to you that this town is always overflowing with music and that the people here love music so dearly.
Selfira: I can't even find the words to describe how incredible the Viale Symphony Orchestra is.
Concertmaster: Haha... I'm happy to hear you say that.
Selfira: But...
Selfira: I think I'm going to continue traveling with this crew.
Lyria: Selfira!
Selfira: I want to bring music to people all across the skies.
Concertmaster: I see.
Selfira: You see...
Selfira: I'm a musician and a skyfarer—all in one!
Face full of pride and eyes sparkling, Selfira's declaration resonates with triumph.
(Captain) and the crew board the Grandcypher once more.
Selfira: Sigh...
Gazing at the distant blue sky, Selfira lets out a long sigh. She closes her eyes.
In her mind she sees the village children gazing up at her, clapping their tiny hands furiously.
Village Girl: Wow... That was so good!
Village Boy 2: Seriously! I've never heard anything like that before!
Village Girl: See? Didn't I tell you? Musicians are awesome.
Village Boy 2: I want to learn to play music too! Musicians are so cool!
The sight of their sparkling eyes so full of hope warms Selfira's heart.
Village Girl: Hey, will you come back to our village again?
Selfira: Yeah, I'll make sure to.
Selfira: But you ought to try traveling yourselves when you grow up. There's nothing else like it!
Selfira: Hehe!
Vyrn: What are you laughing about, Selfira?
Selfira: I'm just so glad I get to travel on this ship again.
Lyria: I am too!
Lyria: I would have been really sad if you'd left...
Vyrn: We would've let you go if that was what you wanted, but we would've really missed you...
Selfira: I'm sorry for making you all worry.
Selfira: There may come a day far in the future when I leave this ship...
Selfira: But not today.
Selfira: I won't stop traveling unless I find some place perfect, just like my great grandmother did.
Selfira: Until then I want to continue my journey with you all.
Selfira: I hope you'll have me.
Lyria: Yes! Of course we will!
Vyrn: Oooh yeah, your great granny left her crew because she fell in love with somebody, right?
Vyrn: Guess there's nothin' stopping you from finding somebody special too, huh, Selfira?
Selfira: Wha!
Selfira: Hang on! That's not what I meant!
Lyria: It sounds lovely to me!
Selfira: You too, Lyria? Stop teasing me!
The sounds of cheerful voices echo through the Grandcypher as it soars along on its way.
And as it soars, it heads toward new skies where the traveling musician's melody will surely be met with adoration.