Scenario:Soriz - Guardian of Dreams

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Guardian of Dreams

Katalina, Io, and Rosetta enjoy their bath while (Captain) and company prevent Soriz from making any unwarranted advances. But the night brought monsters.

Rosetta: Whew... there really is nothing better than a nice, long dip. You can just feel the tension melt away...
Io: Hrmmm... don't you think this water is a little hot?
Rosetta: Well, well... I did hear the the water here does wonders for one's skin.
Io: Hah... well I guess now I HAVE to get in...
Rosetta: Hehe... don't forget to count to 100, young lady.
Io: You! I am not some kid!
Katalina: ...
Rosetta: Oh? What's the matter? I can't imagine anyone making a face like that in a hot spring...
Katalina: No, it's just... you remember when we split up? Soriz was smiling, right?
Katalina: I'm finding it hard to believe he'd just leave us alone.
Rosetta: Hehe... why don't you just relax for a bit, Katalina?
Katalina: Wha?! B-but what if he's out there... plotting and planning. Ack!
Rosetta: Haha... It's a hot spring. It's okay to let your guard down, you know.
Rosetta: We'll be fine... just fine. The little ones will keep him from getting up to any shenanigans...
Soriz: Laaa dee da dee deee~
Vyrn: Hrm... he's in a good mood. But he's not doing anything too suspect... yet.
Lyria: Yeah! But we still need to keep an eye on him... make sure he stays out of trouble!
(Captain), Vyrn, and Lyria stuck to the singing Soriz like glue, making sure he kept away while the women bathed.
Soriz: Ah... the very heavens shine down on us. What a man could do on a day like this!
Vyrn: Hey, hey. Where are you taking us, old dude?
Soriz: Hm? What's this, then...
Monster: Gwoooaaargh!
Soriz: I believe we've found ourselves a dancing partner!
Soriz: A nice warm up before the main event! Show them who you are! (Captain)!

Guardian of Dreams: Scene 2

Soriz followed his heart, leaving the cave and continuing down a mountain trail while (Captain) and company attempted to keep him out of trouble. They happened upon a troop of Imperial soldiers on the search for Katalina, threatening to disturb her rare moment of peace.

(Captain), Vyrn, and Lyria leave the cave along with Soriz to find themselves on a mountain trail.
Vyrn: Gotta say... I'm almost impressed...
Lyria: Um... so is there some place we're going to, or...
Soriz: Lyria... I'm going to tell you something. All men pursue romance. Yes, every one of them.
Soriz: Nay, more than just pursue. It is no less than a way of life! MY way of life!
Vyrn: What the... hey! You're taking us back to the hot spring so you can bother them, aren't you!
Lyria: You can't! You need to just stay away, Soriz!
Soriz: Gah! No need to be such a stick in the mud, Lyria!
Soriz: It's just words! What's the problem? Am I right?
  1. I have to say I'm a bit curious...
  2. Well, I'm rarely on the receiving end...

Choose: I have to say I'm a bit curious...
Soriz: Dahahaha! What would a young lady know of such things? Am I right, (Captain)?
Soriz: No, wait... a sense of the romantic is not bound by gender...
Soriz: I seem to have forgotten that in my pursuits...
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Choose: Well, I'm rarely on the receiving end...
Soriz: Dahahaha! Let them come! I welcome any and all advances!
Soriz: No lady should feel too shy to profess her love! And if the mood should hit you, my lady...
Continue 1
Lyria: A-anyway! I think you should just let them be!
Vyrn: That's right! Welp... that cat's out of the bag...
Soriz: Hark! Over there, (Captain). Do you see it?
Imperial Soldier 1: Hm... that's the one, alright. You see her?
Imperial Soldier 2: Indeed... our dear perpetrator is soaking in a hot spring. Couldn't be more perfect.
Imperial Soldier 1: Hmph... former First Lieutenant Katalina. I can almost smell the promotion...
Soriz: I'll stop you right there! You dare do this on such a wondrous day?!
Imperial Soldier 2: Wha?! Who the hell are you?! And what are you doing here?!
Soriz: Hot springs, and I want you to dig the wax out of your ears and listen to me closely...
Soriz: Hot springs are for ladies to wash away their troubles... and for them to wash away mine...
Soriz: Romance is man's paradise. And that paradise is this hot spring.
Soriz: I'll give no quarter to those who seek to disturb it!
Imperial Soldier 2: Hey! You're the skyfarers that the First... er, former First Lieutenant was with!
Soriz: Indeed we are! But as of right now I am just another man on a quest for romance!
Soriz: There's only one language aspiring thieves of tranquility would understand... that of the fist!

Guardian of Dreams: Scene 3

Vyrn opens his mouth to tell Katalina of their encounter but Soriz stops him, saying it would only bring her unnecessary stress. But it was all in vain. Katalina's scream as she caught sight of Soriz headed to the spring in his skivvies was a sound they wouldn't soon forget.

Having driven away the soldiers, (Captain)'s party makes their way back to the hot spring.
Vyrn: Oh? Looks like they're about done with their bath!
Katalina: Lyria, Vyrn... and you, (Captain). I know it must've been a pain in the butt trying to keep an eye on him.
Katalina: But we've got him now. You guys get in there and enjoy a nice bath.
Lyria: Yeah! Let's go! (Captain)! Vyrn!
Katalina: Oh... one more thing. Soriz, he... he didn't try to come back here, did he?
Vyrn: Hehe! Nah, we made sure to keep him busy!
Vyrn: Oh, and we met some guys looking for a girl... Imp-
Vyrn: Urk?!
Soriz: I'll have to stop you right there...
Soriz: How do you think she would feel if she knew that the Empire had followed her all the way here?
Soriz: And we chased most of the Imperials off, did we not?
Soriz: So keep whatever happened there a secret between us men.
Vyrn: Hrm... can't say you don't have a point...
Katalina: What's up, guys? Vyrn looked like he was about to say something...
Soriz: Oh, it's nothing! Nothing at all! Right...?
Soriz: Nothing quite like a nice, long soak to wash away the dust of the road. Am I right, ladies?
Katalina: Hm? I can't say about the dust, but I do feel... lighter, somehow?
Soriz: Hehe... that works, too. And your forehead is so much less wrinkly now!
Katalina: Wha?!
Soriz: Well, then... I'd better pop in there and wash off all this sweat!
Soriz: Whoo! You too, lizard! I'll treat you to a very special Soriz-style back scrubbing!
Katalina: Ohmygodohmygod?! Wh-why do you have to have to get undressed right here?!
Soriz: Bless your heart... but muscles are meant to be seen!
Soriz: These pythons simply cannot be tamed! Eh? Eh? Feel free to take a squeeze!
Katalina: H-hey! You stay right where you are!
Soriz: Don't be shy! You don't see spectacular pecs like these every day! Ungh!
Katalina: Ohmygod!
(Captain) had learned something of Soriz's true gentlemanly nature today.
But Soriz would never show it. His public face would forever remain that of a man endlessly chasing his idea of romance.