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So Close and Yet So Far - Opening

A young prince, and heir to the throne of his kingdom, has fallen in love with a princess, who just so happens to be daughter of the hated enemy nation's king. Should they end their love affair? Or will they decide to be together at whatever cost? This is the tale of one brave skyfarer who dares to find a third choice.

A lone man walks across a deserted stage.
He stops halfway across, and with a calm, determined, voice begins to recite an epic tale.
???: On an island blessed by the gods resided two nations divided by a great wall.
???: One year and ten had passed since cessation of the blood feud betwixt these warring clans.
???: Enter two tragic, star-crossed, lovers born of these feuding families.
???: Where would their fealty lie? With their nations? Or with each other?
???: Their situation is nigh hopeless, until one day a solution falls from the heavens.
???: This is the tale of an intrepid skyfarer who dared to cross this uncrossable border.
???: Listen, if you will, to this, the most bittersweet of tales.
With gravity and grandeur, the man exits the stage.
The curtain slowly begins to open.

So Close and Yet So Far - Chapter 1: A Number of Complications - Episode 1

(Captain) and the crew are given tickets to a play in the Fortress City of Verona by Sierokarte. A sudden wind blew away the last half of the letter, but the crew decide to go to Verona with the remaining tickets anyway.

The crew are relaxing on the deck of the Grandcypher as they drift through the blue sky.
Lyria comes running out with a piece of paper in her hand.
Lyria: Everyone, you have to come look at this! We have a letter from Sierokarte!
Vyrn: Really? She sent us a letter? What does it say?
Lyria: Hold on, I haven't opened it yet.
Lyria carefully opens the envelope, and starts to read the letter within.
Lyria: "To the captain of the Grandcypher,
Apologies for sending this after so long without any contact."
Lyria: "You will find a set of tickets to a play in the envelope. Due to unforeseen circumstances, I will not be able to use them."
Lyria: "If it looks like the kind of thing you are interested in, please go in my place."
Lyria: "The theater is in the Fortress City of Verona, In Montague."
Lyria: Ah!
The wind picks up and takes the letter from Lyria's hands.
Lyria: Nooo!
The crew chases after the tickets as they flutter around the deck.
Vyrn: …That was close. Is that all of them?
Vyrn: By the way, does the letter say anything else?
Lyria: What? Oh! I'm sorry!
Lyria: The rest of the letter blew away in the wind…
(Captain) comforts the saddened Lyria.
Vyrn: Anyway, at least we know it's in Verona.
Vyrn: So, we should go and look for this "Montague", right?
Lyria: Y-yes! That much at least we know for sure!
(Captain), who is still comforting Lyria, sets a new course for the crew.
Vyrn: OK! Set sail! We're going to the Fortress City of Verona!
(Captain) and the crew set sail toward "Montague," in the Fortress City of Verona.

So Close and Yet So Far - Chapter 1: A Number of Complications - Episode 2

It is the day before Princess Juliet of the Capulets turns eighteen. Her cousin Tybalt wants to get her something for the occasion, so asks what she wants.

Within the area of Verona that the Capulets control lies an impressive castle.
An elegant young girl dressed in a simple yet refined white dress walks through a hall within.
???: Oh my, Deborah… What are you…
Deborah: Ah! Princess Juliet! I… Erm… I was just…
Juliet: …Spying the shadows again, were we?
Deborah: Apologies, your highness. I was just concerned about your dinner party with Sir Paris…
Juliet: You shouldn't be concerned about my affairs. I'm 18 years old, and someday I'll have to rule the entire nation…
Juliet: I'll never feel ready while everyone is still treating me like a child!
Juliet questions Deborah with a sour look on her face.
Deborah: Ah… Urm…
Juliet: Ah, what's wrong? I was just playing. I'm not actually mad…
Deborah: N-no, I was just thinking… My little Juliet has grown into such a strong, capable woman!
Deborah: I've been looking after you for so many years… You can't imagine how proud of you I am right now.
Juliet: Deborah…
Deborah: I’m sorry if I sometimes treat you like a child. I need to remember that you're a grown woman now…
Deborah: You're at an age now where even marriage wouldn't be out of the question…
???: Hey! Don't you think it's still a bit early to be talking about marriage?
Juliet: Ah!
Juliet: Ty-Tybalt! Don't scare me like that!
Tybalt: Hey, Juliet! What have you done to make Deborah cry this time?
Deborah: Sir Tybalt! You have this all wrong. These are tears of joy!
Tybalt: Hmm… I'm not convinced, but I'll leave it alone for now!
Tybalt: I wanted to show you something. Look at this awesome armor!
Tybalt shows off his brand new armor.
Tybalt: I've been made a captain of the city guard!
Juliet: Really? Congratulations!
Juliet: I never thought I'd see the day they'd appoint such a crybaby as a captain of the city guard.
Tybalt: What! What are you talking about?
Juliet: Heehee, I'm just kidding. This must be a dream come true for you, Tybalt.
Tybalt: Hehehe. That's Captain Tybalt from now on!
Tybalt: Don't worry, Juliet, I'll protect you from anything that would dare try to hurt you.
Tybalt: It's going to be tough, but I'm up to the task.
Juliet: Thank you, Tybalt.
Tybalt: …Oh!
Tybalt: Yes! I knew there was something else!
Tybalt: It's your birthday tomorrow, isn't it? Is there anything you want?
Juliet: Tybalt, you remembered!
Tybalt: Of course! Captains have to remember things like that! Now name it, whatever you want, and I'll get it for you!
Juliet: …But…
Tybalt: Don't worry about the price, just tell me what you want!
Juliet: Um… Well… I…
Juliet turns to look at Tybalt, then starts nervously telling him what she wants.

So Close and Yet So Far - Chapter 1: A Number of Complications - Episode 3

Prince Romeo, son of Lord Montague, and Captain Mercutio are on patrol along the wall separating the two halves of the Fortress City of Verona. (Captain) and the crew, who had not received permission to land, have been taken into custody.

Adjoining the area controlled by the Capulets is an area controlled by the Montagues, in which lies a similar castle.
The two areas are divided by an enormous wall that spans the length of the city.
Two armored men walk along the Montague side of the wall.
Townswoman 1: Look! Two gentlemen of Verona approach!
Townswoman 2: You're right! It's Captain Mercutio and Prince Romeo!
Mercutio: Huh? Well hello there.
Mercutio: Would you like to join us for a coffee?
Townswomen: Are you serious? Of course we'll come with you!
Mercutio: Of course I'm serious! There's two of you, and two of us. It must be fate.
Romeo: We can't go for coffee. We're on duty!
Townswomen: Oh… OK…
Mercutio: I-I'm really sorry. But let's do it another time? How about tonight, at the festival?
Townswomen: N-no, it's OK. Sorry for bothering you…
Mercutio: No, you scared them away!
The women walk off, and Romeo begins talking with a pained expression on his face.
Romeo: Did you forget that there was a serious skirmish last night with the Capulet guards?
Romeo: Aren't you at all worried that they might try something again today?
Mercutio: Hey, hey! You're not the only one who cares about this job, you know!
Romeo: I just wish you'd take your duties a little more seriously, that's all.
Mercutio: Hehe, if you knew what it was like to fall in love, you'd feel differently.
Romeo: Humph… I don't have time for love.
Mercutio: You're the most eligible bachelor in Verona! And yet, you wouldn't be caught even talking to a girl.
Romeo: You'd do better to think about your country from time to time.
Mercutio: I should have known better than to argue with the heir to the throne. Yes, your majesty!
The two men approach a checkpoint known as "the hole in the wall," when they see someone causing a fuss.
Romeo: …Let's go!
Mercutio: Hey, wait up!
Romeo and Mercutio rush toward the "hole in the wall" to see what's going on.
Romeo: What's going on here?
Mercutio: What he said.
Montague Guard 1: Prince Romeo… And Captain Mercutio!
Romeo: …I told you not to call me prince.
Montague Guard 2: I… My apologies! Pri?Err, Romeo…
Romeo: …Humph…
Mercutio: OK, now that's sorted… What was all that about just now.
Mercutio: They don't look like Capulets.
Montague Guard 1: But they look suspicious. See that weird lizard thing they have with them…
Montague Guard 1: There's no doubt that they're trying to smuggle the thing into Montague territory for nefarious purposes.
Vyrn: Hey, who're you callin' a lizard! My name's Vyrn, and don't you forget it, punk!
Montague Guard 2: Silence! You must hold your tongue in front of our Pri?Err, In front of Romeo!
Vyrn: But how else are we gonna explain that we had no idea we needed permission to enter this part of town?
Vyrn: Isn't that right, Lyria? You can't blame us for being from out of town!
Lyria: It's true, we didn't know the local laws and customs. But…
Lyria: Maybe Sierokarte had warned us about them in the rest of her letter…
Montague Guard 1: Ignorance of the law excuses no one.
Montague Guard 2: Humph. We can count ourselves lucky we weren't cursed with such ignorance.
Montague Guard 1: Well then, let's start processing these scoundrels!
The guard motions toward taking Lyria's arm.
(Captain) fixes the guard with a look so fierce that he seems to physically recoil from it.
Montague Guard 1: Wha!
Romeo: Huh?
Mercutio: Haha, looks like we got a live one.
Seeing just how serious (Captain) is, Romeo and Mercutio ready their arms.
Mercutio: Hehe… I just got this armor, so try not to bleed on it.
(Captain) and Mercutio circle each other with weapons drawn.
Romeo: Mercutio, what are you doing?
Mercutio: Don't blame me! It's this one here who seems to be itching for a fight.
Romeo: And why do you think that is? Stand down, Mercutio! No blood shall be spilled here today.
Mercutio: Hehe… Yes sir!
Mercutio sheaths his sword, and (Captain) follows suit.
Romeo: We'll take it from here. Move along!
Montague Guard 2: Yessir!
And so Romeo takes custody of (Captain) and the rest of the crew from the Montague City Guard.
Mercutio: Hey, are we allowed to do this?
Romeo: We have to. I don't want this situation to get any worse than it already is.
Vyrn: Hey, (Captain), I get the feeling we've been pulled out of the frying pan and into the fire.
Lyria: Hmm… They seem like good people, so why don't we just go along with it?

So Close and Yet So Far - Chapter 1: A Number of Complications - Episode 4

Thanks to Romeo's help, (Captain) and the crew gain permission to enter Montague territory. Romeo and Mercutio are shocked to discover that not only are the crew there for the Globe theater ship, but they already have tickets. Lyria invites the two guards to the show with them, and they all head toward the theater.

Romeo takes the crew to Verona Cathedral, which lies between the two warring sides of the city.
Romeo: Friar Laurence.
Mercutio: Oi! Old man! You in here?
Friar Laurence: If it isn't young Romeo and Mercutio! How long has it been since you last came to visit old Laurence…
Friar Laurence: So what brings you here? Do you wish to pray with me?
Mercutio: Yes, actually, I want to pray for Romeo's love life. It's circling the drain, let me tell you…
Romeo: Mercutio, just… No.
Mercutio: Hehe, I'm just having a bit of fun.
Romeo: Friar Laurence, I want you to give these travelers permission to enter our city.
Friar Laurence: Travelers, you say?
Romeo brings (Captain) and the crew up to meet Friar Laurence.
And so, thanks to Romeo, the crew gain permission to enter into the Montague side of the city.
Romeo: OK, now you and your crew can enter the Montague side of the city.
Romeo: I suggest you head to the central plaza.
Lyria: Romeo, thank you! You've been extremely helpful!
Vyrn: So now we can walk right into the city and do what we like, right?
Friar Laurence: Hehehe, you've come at a good time. There's a festival going on in the central plaza. You should go have a look.
Lyria: A festival? Yay, I love festivals! Let's go!
Romeo: Well then, this is where we part ways.
Mercutio: What? After all this, now you leave them to fend for themselves?
Romeo: Yes. We still have the rest of our patrol to perform.
Mercutio: But… What if they get into more trouble?
Mercutio: The festival's a busy place. Anything could happen to them! Maybe we should patrol the plaza instead!
Romeo: Humph, you just want to go to the festival, don't you?
Mercutio: You bet I do! We only have one life to live! We should take every opportunity to enjoy ourselves!
Lyria: Heehee… Mercutio, you're quite interesting.
Vyrn: He's not quite what I expected from when I first saw him.
Lyria: So tell us more. What kind of festival is it?
Friar Laurence: Well you see the Globe Theater ship is in town, and so to celebrate we've put on this festival and?
Lyria: Ah!
Friar Laurence: What is it, child?
Lyria: (Captain)! We forgot about the tickets!
Vyrn: Yeah, now that you mention it we did come here for the theater ship…
Romeo, listening to the crew talking, starts to slowly shake his head.
Romeo: I don't know how to tell you this, but the Globe has been fully booked for months.
Lyria: Wow, I had no idea it would be that popular.
Romeo: Yes. Bill the Bard's the only playwright active in these parts, so his plays are always sold out.
Romeo: The good tickets go for huge amounts of money, but even so they sell like hot cakes.
Lyria: Interesting. Romeo, you seem to know a lot about this.
Romeo: W-well, I just don't want you to get too disappointed when you can't get a ticket.
Vyrn: Thanks, but you really don't have to worry!
Vyrn: We already have tickets!
Romeo: Yes, yes. But even if you can't see the play, there are many other… Wait, what?
Lyria: Um… We already have tickets, so we should be able to make it…
Romeo: You have… TICKETS?
Vyrn: Whoa! No need to shout!
Romeo: M-my apologies. Would you mind showing me your tickets?
Lyria: Um, OK… Here they are…
Lyria gives Romeo the tickets they had been sent by Sierokarte.
Romeo: Th-these are… These are the real deal! Where in Phantagrande did you get these?
Lyria: Well, our friend over at the Knickknack Shack gave them to us.
Romeo: The Knickknack Shack? I wonder how she got them…
Lyria: Erm, Romeo, Mercutio, if you're not busy, would you like to join us?
Romeo: Are… Are you serious?
Vyrn: Of course! You've both been so helpful, it's the least we can do!
Vyrn: In any case, we have some spare tickets, and it would be a waste not to use them!
Romeo: Thank you a thousand times!
A grinning Mercutio speaks up to the now merry Romeo.
Mercutio: What ho? What happened to "we still have the rest of our patrol"?
Romeo: Argh! You're… You're right… Our duties…
Lyria: Oh, what a shame. But, if you have work to do, you can't just ignore that responsibility.
Romeo: Y-yes… We mustn't let our guard down.
Romeo is struck with a look of abject disappointment, while Mercutio seem unaffected by the bad news.
Mercutio: Heheheh… Oh! I almost forgot! There's one huge responsibility we've been neglecting this whole time!
Romeo: What's that?
Mercutio: The company who play at the Globe are incredibly popular.
Mercutio: Popular enough to have people who begrudge them their success…
Mercutio: I was told that we should patrol the theater in case anyone tries to disrupt the play. Did I forget to tell you that?
Romeo: …I see. So we are to mix with the crowd, and sniff out any trouble makers.
Romeo: A great responsibility indeed. One that should be given the city guard's fullest attention.
Romeo: OK! We shall head straight to the theater! It may already be in trouble for all we know!
Lyria: Yes! It would be terrible if something were to happen… I know, we'll help you!
Vyrn: Oh brother, I still don't know why he can't just say he wants to go…
Romeo joins (Captain) and the others, and they all leave the church.
Friar Laurence: Heheheh… Aah to be young again.

So Close and Yet So Far - Chapter 2: The Players Have Gathered and the Stage Is Set - Episode 1

The sun has set and Juliet, along with her entourage, enter the Montague side of the city.
Juliet, who can barely contain her excitement, turns to Tybalt and starts to speak.
Juliet: Teehee, I never thought I'd see the day when the Globe theater ship would return to our shores.
Juliet: Tybalt! Thankyouthankyouthankyou!
Tybalt: Come now, Juliet. 'Tis just a theater. Nothing to get too excited about.
Tybalt: Getting tickets for the show was a trivial task for one such as I, a Captain in the Capulet city guard!
Deborah: Please, you must both calm down a little.
Juliet: OK! I'm calm!
Deborah: Erm, your Highness… Though I appreciate your enthusiasm, you may want to lower your voice slightly.
Tybalt: Let her be, Deborah. This is Juliet's first time on this side of the wall, after all.
Tybalt: Everything is new to her.
Deborah: …But if Lord Capulet were to find out about this…
Tybalt: Ugh… I'd rather not think what he'd do to us if he found out.
Deborah: That's why we have to head straight back to Castle Capulet the moment the play is over!
Juliet: Look, over there! There's a gathering of people!
Juliet: Come on, you two, let's check it out!
Deborah: Your Highness! It's dangerous to go alone!
Tybalt: Juliet! Don't stray too far from us!
The main plaza in the Montague side of the city is bustling with life and is buzzing from the festival spirit.
Juliet is walking through the crowd, eagerly looking around at all the people.
Juliet: Wow, so many people. This is nothing like our side…
Tybalt: Crowds are all good and well…
Tybalt: But look at how dirty the streets are. Have the people no pride in their town?
Tybalt: This sort of slovenliness would not be accepted on the Capulet side of the wall, believe you me.
Juliet: …But look how happy everyone is!
Tybalt: It looks like there's some kind of festival going on.
Tybalt: We still have some time before the play begins, so perhaps we could take a quick look around.
Juliet: A festival… I must go and see what it's like!
Deborah: Please, do remember that we are in Montague territory! Try not to draw too much attention to yourselves!
Tybalt: Deborah, loosen up a bit. We got permission to enter the city, so we'll be fine.
Tybalt: Look at all the food stalls over there!
Tybalt drags Juliet and Deborah over to where a line of food stalls are set up.
Juliet, overwhelmed by the vast array of goods on sale, starts jumping up and down like a child.
Juliet: Oh my goodness, that smell! Tybalt, what is that heavenly aroma?
Tybalt: That, my lady, is the smell of calamari! From the giant squid of Auguste, if I'm not mistaken…
Tybalt: They marinate it in a sweet sauce, then slow cook it on a barbecue. A most delicious snack.
Juliet: Mmm… Calamari…
Tybalt: Heheh! Perhaps I should buy some.
Juliet: I-is that OK?
Deborah: Your highness, you mustn't! Who knows what they put into that sauce! You might get sick!
Tybalt: Deborah, when are you going to realize that Juliet isn't a child any more?
Deborah: You won't be saying that if she eats something bad and we have to explain to her father how she got sick…
Tybalt: (There's no arguing with her! The calamari will have to wait until we're alone.)
Juliet: (Teehee, absolutely. The moment we can get away from her, let's do it.)
Juliet: …My goodness, Tybalt, look at that! That box, with all the ropes… What is that thing?
Tybalt: Oh that? It's a lottery game! Look, under the box you can see all the prizes you can win.
Tybalt: You pick a rope and pull, and you win whatever prize is connected to it.
Juliet: How terribly fascinating!
Juliet: So the point of the game is that no one knows which prize is connected to which string?
Tybalt: Not exactly. I'm fairly sure the person running the stall knows which prizes are connected to which.
Juliet: They must be very generous people here, to put such a cute stuffed animal as one of the prizes.
Deborah: Your highness, you must be wary around such games of chance.
Deborah: It may seem as though there are some wonderful prizes, but they may not actually be connected to the strings you pull.
Tybalt: Come now, Deborah, can't you let a girl dream? Why do you hate festivals so? Did you have a bad experience at one?
Deborah: N-not at all! I just want to make sure the princess makes the most of this experience…
Juliet: Teehee…
Deborah: Your highness? Is everything all right?
Juliet: What? Oh, it's nothing.
Juliet: I was just thinking, this is one of those nights that I shall remember for the rest of my life.
Tybalt: It's just a festival, Juliet. There will be plenty more in the future.
Tybalt: But still, there's no reason not to make this a night worth remembering!
Deborah: Ahem… I don't want to spoil your fun…
Deborah: But remember where you are. I don't think you should do anything that will draw attention to us.
Deborah: There was that scuffle yesterday at the wall, so they're likely to be on the lookout for more troublemakers.
Tybalt: Don't worry, I can handle anything they throw our way! After all, I am Captain Tybalt of the Capulet City Guard!
Deborah: Tybalt, please don't talk so loudly!
Tybalt: Oh, apologies. I didn't think…
Deborah: Your highness, you too. Please try to make yourself as inconspicuous as possible.
Deborah: You have to try and act like one of the common townsfolk, OK?
Juliet: Yes! I'll do my best!
Juliet: Huh? Something's happening over there! Let's see what it is!
Just then, Tybalt overhears something troubling.
Montague Knight 1: Did that guy just say something about the Capulet City Guard?
Montague Knight 2: He's got some nerve, coming here after what his lot did to our friends…
Montague Knight 1: Let's teach this guy a lesson…

So Close and Yet So Far - Chapter 2: The Players Have Gathered and the Stage Is Set - Episode 2

Juliet joins in with the dancing townsfolk in the plaza, and meets Romeo, the man destined to be her true love. However, some guards discover that she and her companions are Capulets, and start to make a scene.

At the same time, the crew, having moored the Grandcypher by the theater ship, enter the plaza.
Lyria: (Captain), over here!
Lyria: Wow, there are so many people! It's so lively!
Mercutio: Yes, people come from far and wide whenever the theater ship comes to town.
Romeo: It's rare to have this many people gathered without incident, so stay sharp.
Vyrn: You could do with lightening up a bit, you know?
Mercutio: Ah, this would be ten times more fun if we had cute dates with us…
Mercutio: …What was that?
A musical troupe suddenly start playing a rambunctious tune.
Reacting to the music, the entire crowd of people start dancing as one.
Mercutio: Oho! This may be our chance for a little fun!
Mercutio: Come on everyone, let's dance!
Lyria: What do you say, (Captain)? Will you dance with me?
The only people left not dancing are Romeo and Vyrn.
Romeo: I'm sorry, I have work to do.
Vyrn: Guess there's no choice… Come on!
Romeo: What? Unhand me!
Vyrn drags Romeo into the mass of dancing revelers.
During this, Juliet and Tybalt also decide to join in with the dance.
Juliet: Tybalt, this is so much fun!
Tybalt: Hahaha, I'm glad you're enjoying yourself!
Juliet: I don't know why?maybe it's because it's so much more lively than the dances we do in the castle?but I love it!
Tybalt: Juliet, you look happier than you have in years!
Juliet and Tybalt enjoy themselves, engrossed in the music.
Deborah: Honestly, what are you two doing… Are you even listening to me?
Mercutio: Well hello there miss. Are you here on your own?
Young Woman: Erm, well I came here with my friend, but we got separated…
Mercutio: Goodness! Well, shall we go look for her then? I'll keep you company until we find her.
Young Woman: Erm… I'm not supposed to talk to strangers…
Romeo appears from out of nowhere.
Romeo: Mercutio, how much longer does this dance go on for?
Young Woman: (…Wow, he's so cool…)
Romeo: Hello, are you a friend of Mercutio's?
Young Woman: Erm… Would you like to dance?
Romeo: What? I-I couldn't, I mean I'm on…
Mercutio: …Romeo! Aren't you on duty? Back to work!
Romeo: Mercutio, are you mad at me for some reason?
The band start to play a more lively tune, and the townsfolk begin dancing even more energetically.
Juliet: Well met.
Townsperson: "Well met"? Hehehe, you sure are funny, miss!
Juliet: Oh, should it be "good evening"?
Townsperson: Hahaha! As long as it gets the message across you can say anything you want, darling!
Townsperson: You're not from around here, are you? I think I'd remember a face like yours. Where are you from?
Juliet: Erm, I'm from… Capulet…
Townsperson: Oh, you're a Capulet, are you? I guess you won't want anything to do with an old Montague like me…
Juliet: Oh! So… you're a Montague, then?
Townsperson: Of course! You know, there's been a lot of trouble with the soldiers lately, so a Capulet like you should be careful.
Townsperson: Still, I'd best not to get involved in any of this. It's none of my business.
Tybalt: Juliet! Don't stray too far!
Juliet: OK! I wont!
The band strike up the liveliest jig yet, and fate decides it is time for love to strike.
Juliet: Well met.
Romeo: G-good… evening…
Juliet: Good… evening…
As the two exchange pleasantries they are lit by a moonbeam, as though nature itself was helping them fall in love.
Romeo and Juliet, with eyes locked on one another, say not a word.
Around them the noise and music continues, as loud as ever…
But the only thing the two young lovers can hear is the sound of their hearts, beating together in unison.
They look at each other, bathed in otherworldly light, and both think that other is the most beautiful thing in the world.
At last the entranced couple seem to be about to speak, when all of a sudden…
…A scream cuts through the night air.
Deborah: Wha??
Tybalt: You! What are you doing!
Montague Knight 1: You… You Capulets… How dare you dance at our festival? Such insolence!
Montague Knight 2: The very sight of you makes me sick!
Juliet: Tybalt! Deborah! Who is…
Romeo: …Wha?!
Romeo rushes toward the source of the screaming faster than the speed of thought.
Mercutio: Humph, just some fools who got all hot and bothered by all the excitement.
Romeo: Mercutio, (Captain), hold up…
Lyria: Was there a fight?
Vyrn: (Captain), we should go help out!

So Close and Yet So Far - Chapter 2: The Players Have Gathered and the Stage Is Set - Episode 2: Scene 2

As Romeo and Mercutio deal with the city guardsmen, Juliet and her escorts flee the scene. With the peace restored, Lyria reminds everyone that the play is about to start, and they head to the theater.

The crew successfully hold off against the city guard, and everyone takes a moment to calm down.
The onlookers all agree that it was the guards who started it.
The crew try to hear the victims' side of the story, but they run off before they get the chance.
Mercutio: Humph. I've just about had enough with you idiots.
Montague Knight 1: Those guys… They were Capulets! We couldn't just let them be.
Romeo: I know there are still some raw nerves over the friends we lost, but you can't start a fight in the middle of town.
Montague Knight 2: …Yessir.
Romeo: However, without the other party here to corroborate your story, I can't deal out any punishment.
Montague Knight 2: What? So that means…
Romeo: Yes, just this once you're free to go.
Montague Knight 1: Th-thank you sir!
Montague Knight 2: This won't happen again, we promise!
The knights give a deep bow of apology to the crew, and leave.
Mercutio: Phew. Now that's effective leadership!
Mercutio: What's wrong, Romeo? Why the long face?
Romeo: It's… nothing.
Lyria: Erm… I hate to interrupt, but I think the play is almost about to start.
Mercutio: Th-the play! I almost forgot about that!
Vyrn: All right! Let's put all this behind us and go enjoy the show!
Mercutio: Romeo! Come on, you've been looking forward to this play for ages!
Romeo: You… You're right! I'm coming!
Romeo looks out at the now thinning crowd in the plaza.
Romeo: (…I didn't even get her name…)

So Close and Yet So Far - Chapter 2: The Players Have Gathered and the Stage Is Set - Episode 3

(Captain) and crew make it to the theater just in time to catch the beginning of the play, but the production is interrupted by the Royal Guard, who declare that the show is being put on illegally. They threaten to arrest everyone in the theater, which causes an uproar from the audience, who charge at the guardsmen. (Captain) and the crew take this opportunity to slip away back to the Grandcypher.

The show is about to start, and the excitement in the theater is palpable.
Among the crowd are Juliet and her compatriots, who not too long ago were escaping from the Montague city guard.
Deborah: I… I really think we should go home.
Tybalt: If we try to go back now, those brutes might be waiting for us at the "hole in the wall."
Tybalt: The best thing for us to do right now is to hide in the crowd here in the theater. It's safer that way.
Deborah: I suppose you're right…
Tybalt: The closer you are to danger, the farther you are from harm. Those guards would never guess we'd come here.
Tybalt: You agree with me, don't you, Juliet?
Tybalt: Juliet? What's wrong? You aren't still shaken up, are you?
Juliet: Huh? Oh, no, I'm fine…
Tybalt: You've been looking forward to this for so long! Don't worry, as long as I’m here no harm will come to you.
Juliet: …Thank you, Tybalt…
Juliet: (…Who was he?)
Tybalt is about to question Juliet further about why she seems distracted, when the lights in the theater dim.
As the room darkens, almost as if summoned by the change in lighting, (Captain) and crew appear.
Vyrn: Phew, just in time.
Romeo: I apologize once again. If it weren't for us, you would've been here much earlier.
Vyrn: Never mind. We got here on time, didn't we?
Lyria: I can't wait for the play to start!
Mercutio: Oh! There's something happening on stage!
The enraptured audience looks on with bated breath as a solitary figure enters the stage.
The man walks to center stage, where with a calm and dignified voice he begins to tell a tale.
???: In the distant past, ere the wall was erected…
???: In the city of Verona, under King Escalus's reign…
???: A great lion beast had rampaged the city…
???: All seemed lost, and hopes were waning…
???: But there were two knights errant who refused to accept such dire straits…
Romeo shifts his gaze from the stage to the audience.
At the same time, Juliet decides to look around at her fellow theater-goers.
???: The two formed a bond by that great beast-felling.
The wandering gazes of Romeo and Juliet meet.
???: Yet it seemed they were kept apart by the fates…
Romeo and Juliet continue to stare at one another, instilled with emotion.
???: It is of their tragic love that we come to hear of their tale.
The narrator exits the stage.
After a long pause, the stage curtain starts lifting.
Romeo and Juliet, despite having looked forward to this moment for so long, ignore the stage completely.
The two continue to stare at each other, as if fate had finally shined its light upon them, highlighting their shared destiny.
Suddenly, the stage door bursts open, breaking Romeo and Juliet from their trance.
A horde of armored men rush onto the stage, causing an uproar from the audience.
Commoner 1: Who're these buffoons?
Captain of the Papal Guard: Silence! We are the Montague Royal Guard.
Captain of the Papal Guard: It has been brought to our attention that this play contravenes a number of Lord Montague's decrees.
Captain of the Papal Guard: And so, we have no choice but to arrest all those present at this time. Resistance will be futile.
Tybalt: What!
Juliet: This isn't good.
Deborah: Never fear, your highness. I will keep you safe, no matter what!
Tybalt: Let's stay calm and try and figure a way outta here.
Vyrn: This doesn't look good…
Romeo: Humph, I'm sure if we told them that we're city guards they'll go easy on us.
Mercutio: I wouldn't be so sure. The Royal Guard are a different breed to the rest of us. You never know how they'll react…
The crowd all stand up as one.
Commoner 1: I'm not buying this! What have we done wrong? We're just here to enjoy the play!
Commoner 2: Yeah! I'd like to see you try and arrest all of us!
Captain of the Papal Guard: Very well. Now!
Montague Guard: Roger!
Commoner 1: Enough! Let's end this!
Commoner 2: Right! Come on everyone, let's get them!
The theater becomes a battlefield as the Montague Royal Guard engage the now livid audience.
Tybalt: …Now's our chance! Let's go!
Juliet: (…But what of him?)
Deborah: Your Highness! We have to follow Tybalt!
Juliet: Y-yes!
Vyrn: All right! We should get outta here too!
Lyria: Yeah, let's hurry to the airship!
Romeo: (…I hope she's all right…)
Mercutio: Romeo, what're you doing? Now's our chance to get outta here!
Romeo: C-coming!

So Close and Yet So Far - Chapter 2: The Players Have Gathered and the Stage Is Set - Episode 4

Safely aboard the Grandcypher, Romeo tells (Captain) and the crew that he intends to go and save Juliet. (Captain) immediately sets sail for the theater, and once there, by Romeo and Mercutio's great valor and bravery, they save Juliet and Deborah from the clutches of the Royal guard.

The crew successfully evade capture from the Montague Royal Guard.
They rush on board the Grandcypher, which is moored near the central plaza.
Vyrn: We should be safe now!
Mercutio: Wow, this is some airship! Now, let's make good our escape and set sail!
Lyria: Romeo, what's wrong?
Romeo: I can't… I can't leave now.
Mercutio: What's wrong with you? You haven't been acting right since the play started.
Romeo: (Captain)… I know I have no right to ask you this, but please, can you take me to the theater ship?
  1. What? But why?
  2. I see you have your reasons...

Choose: What? But why?
Romeo: Oh… Erm… Well… To tell the truth there's someone I very much want to save…
Lyria: What! Romeo, you never told us you had a friend at the theater!
Romeo: Friend is a little strong… I don't even know them really…
Vyrn: But then, why do you want us to go back into danger to save this person?
Mercutio: Wait… Is this… about a girl? It is, isn't it!
Romeo: I-it's not like that!
Romeo: I- I mean… She is a woman, but…
Mercutio: I knew it! Romeo's finally fallen for a girl…
Mercutio: (Captain), I’m with him! You have to get us to the theater!
Mercutio: I know it's a lot to ask, but believe me, it will be worth it!

Choose: I see you have your reasons...
Romeo: I'm really sorry, but I just have to go. Please!
Mercutio: Hehe, it's not every day Romeo here asks for help.
Mercutio: (Captain), I have to see how this ends. You have to take us back.
Continue 1
Vyrn: Oho! Looks like (Captain)'s wants to go back too!
Romeo: Thank you, I owe you all so much.
So (Captain) and the crew set sail toward the Globe theater ship in the Grandcypher.
Meanwhile, Juliet, Tybalt, and Deborah are being chased by the Montague Royal Guard.
Captain of the Papal Guard: There's no escape. If you surrender peacefully you won't be hurt.
Tybalt: Heh, it's not over yet!
Deborah: Tybalt! Whatever happens we must protect the princess!
Tybalt: I know! No need to remind me!
Juliet: Tybalt, Deborah… It's over. Let's surrender, while we still have the chance.
Deborah: We can't! Do you know what will happen if the Montagues discover who you are?
Juliet: …They may be soldiers, but they are still people. They won't kill us needlessly.
Tybalt: I can't let you do that! I… If I take out the guard in the middle, you could get through and escape!
Tybalt: For Juliet!
Tybalt lunges at the approaching Royal guards, and as he does…
The Grandcypher appears.
Romeo: Stop!
Captain of the Papal Guard: Huh? What! An airship?
Juliet: It's you!
Juliet spots Romeo on the deck of the Grandcypher.
Romeo: Quick! This way!
Juliet: O-OK!
Juliet jumps into Romeo's outstretched arms without a moment's hesitation.
Romeo grabs hold of Juliet and takes her into a loving embrace.
Deborah: Y-your highness! Wait for me!
Finally realizing what Juliet had done, Deborah also throws caution to the wind and leaps toward the Grandcypher.
Mercutio: What! No, I won't make it!
Mercutio somehow manages to grab a hold of Deborah's arm.
Deborah: …Phew… Now that was close…
Mercutio: …What were you thinking?
Tybalt: Juliet! Deborah!
Juliet: Tybalt! Over here!
Mercutio: If you're coming you'd better hurry!
Captain of the Papal Guard: Huh? Captain Mercutio? And Romeo! What are you doing on the ship?
Mercutio: Ah, we've been spotted…
Tybalt: You were in the plaza earlier…
The now retreating Tybalt starts making a mad dash for the Grandcypher.
Romeo: OK! Now, Jump!
Captain of the Papal Guard: What are you doing!
Tybalt: These guys just don't give up, do they?
Captain of the Papal Guard: Quick! Everyone, to the airship! We can't let these brigands escape!
Montague Guard: Roger!
Tybalt: Darnit! Just go!
Romeo: But…
Tybalt: Don't worry, I'll catch up!
Tybalt: Hyaaa!
Captain of the Papal Guard: Ugh, this one's tough!
Tybalt: Go! I don't know why, but I feel like I can count on that boy to keep you safe!
Mercutio: …OK! Let's get out of here before reinforcements come!
Vyrn: All right! Full sails ahead!
Tybalt: Go, go, go! There's not much time left!
Juliet: Tybalt!
Deborah: Your highness! Over here!
Tybalt: What are you doing! Don't let my sacrifice be for naught!
And so the crew leave Tybalt and the theater behind.
Romeo and Juliet are together at last, though this is the first time they've properly met.
The airship they ride will take the two fated lovers to their destiny.

So Close and Yet So Far - Chapter 3: Wavering Heart - Episode 1

Lord Capulet is furious at Tybalt for allowing Juliet to be captured by the Montagues. He orders him to be put in the dungeons, but then Paris, Juliet's betrothed, steps in and asks that Tybalt be allowed to help him in his search for Juliet's abductors.

???: …And then you just… walked home?
Tybalt: …Yes. That's all I have to say on the subject.
In the throne room of Castle Capulet, Tybalt is being questioned by Lord Capulet.
Lord Capulet: But if… If Juliet was not captured by the Montagues, have you no idea about what might have happened to her?
Tybalt: …Apologies my lord, it's all my fault. Please punish me however you see fit.
Lord Capulet: Enough! Be gone from my sight!
Lord Capulet: Take this cur to the dungeons!
Capulet Guard: Yes, Your Majesty!
???: Lord Capulet, please hold you judgment just a little longer.
Lord Capulet: Paris, what do you want?
Paris: If you put Captain Tybalt into the dungeons…
Paris: Then our chances of ever finding the abductors' whereabouts fall to zero.
Lord Capulet: Hmmmmmm… You have a point.
Paris: Would you permit me to take Captain Tybalt on an expedition to find Lady Juliet?
Lord Capulet: You wish to help find Juliet? I couldn't let you do that when you are here as our honored guest.
Paris: Please, I cannot bear to just wait here for news of her.
Paris: Besides… If she is to be my wife, I must make sure I am able to keep her safe!
Lord Capulet: Humph… You speak the truth. Very well, Paris, I shall leave you in charge of Juliet's rescue.
Paris: Thank you, your Majesty! I shall find your daughter, the Lady Juliet, come hell or high water!
Lord Capulet: …I really am sorry that you must do so much for us, even before you become part of the family…
Lord Capulet: Tybalt, you are hereby pardoned.
Lord Capulet: You have Paris's compassion to thank for that.
Tybalt: Your Majesty…
Paris: Come, Tybalt, let us be off.
Tybalt: My Lord…
Tybalt: (Juliet… We're coming for you…)

So Close and Yet So Far - Chapter 3: Wavering Heart - Episode 2

To hide her true identity, Juliet takes on the name "Julia." Deborah insists that they go back to Capulet territory as soon as possible, but is reminded that without permission they would likely just be shot out of the sky. They instead take refuge in Verona Cathedral, where Friar Laurence grants them permission to stay the night.

The crew, having successfully escaped the theater ship, make for the border between the Montagues and Capulets.
Vyrn: We made it. I'm not sure how we did it, but we made it.
Deborah: (…Your highness, I hope you aren't hurt…)
Juliet: (…I'm OK…)
Lyria: I hope your other friend makes it back safely.
Juliet: He will be fine.
Juliet: He'll be able to move more swiftly without me and Deborah slowing him down.
Romeo: I'm sorry we had to leave him behind.
Juliet: Don't be. There is nothing that could be done.
Juliet: Once again, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for rescuing us.
Mercutio: It's him you need to be thanking. We wouldn't have gone back for you if it weren't for him.
Mercutio: Isn't that right?
Romeo: What! Well, I suppose, but don't make it sound like more than it is!
Juliet: Oh! Well in that case, allow me to thank you especially. I'm very grateful.
Vyrn: Hehehe! You've both gone bright red! What's wrong with you two?
Mercutio: Hey… I don't remember you ever talking to a woman this beautiful before, how did you two meet?
Romeo: W-well, we bumped into each other in the dance in the plaza…
Deborah squeezes in between Romeo and Juliet.
Deborah: We are of course very grateful that you have saved us.
Deborah: But now we need to know, who are you?
Mercutio: Oh my, we were so busy with the rescue, we never properly introduced ourselves.
Mercutio: That little kerfuffle in the plaza earlier, that was caused by your friend, wasn't it?
Juliet: Yes. He…
Deborah: I'm sure you've worked it out. The man who was involved in the incident in the plaza was a member of the Capulet city guard.
Deborah: And in fact… we are Capulets as well.
Deborah: We came here to enjoy a night out at the theater, that's all. It's hardly a crime, is it?
Mercutio: Hey, there's no need for that confrontational tone with us. We're not the enemy.
Romeo: Mercutio, stop.
Mercutio: Very well. I suppose we ought to introduce ourselves as well.
Mercutio: I am Mercutio, captain of the Montague city guard, and this is one of my comrades in arms, Romeo.
Juliet: (…Romeo… His name is… Romeo…)
Juliet: (…I feel as though I've heard that name… Long ago…)
Deborah: Mercutio and Romeo? The two gentlemen of Verona…
Mercutio: Wow, so even the Capulets have heard of us? We're even more famous than I thought!
Mercutio: That'll speed things along, actually. If you know who we are, then you'll know that as Montagues go, we're practically pacifists.
Romeo: At the very least, please trust us when we say that we mean you no harm.
Romeo: And that we are here with (Captain), not as Montague guardsmen.
Mercutio: At the very least, you must realize we're the type to go rushing into danger to save complete strangers like yourselves.
Mercutio: So there it is. Do you feel a little safer now?
Deborah: Yes, I do as it happens. And now I should say, my name is Deborah.
Juliet: Erm, and my name is…
Deborah: This is my daughter, Julia.
Juliet: Y-yes, J-Julia…
Romeo: (Julia… Her name is… Julia…)
Lyria: Your name is Julia?
Juliet: What? Oh… y-yes… it is…
After Lyria asks her question, both Juliet and Deborah start to look a little nervous.
Lyria: My name is Lyria! I always enjoy meeting people whose names rhyme with mine!
Juliet and Deborah breathe a sigh of relief as they realize that they haven't been found out.
Juliet smiles and answers Lyria.
Juliet: Teehee. Lyria, I'm sure we'll be the best of friends.
Mercutio: OK, now that we're all introduced, what do we do now?
Deborah: We… We need to get back to Capulet territory, as soon as possible.
Mercutio: This area's notorious for monsters. I wouldn't recommend going out at this time of night.
Mercutio: Besides, if we just fly straight into the Capulet side of town, they might start shooting at us for violating their airspace.
Deborah: Yes… I suppose you're right.
Romeo: The hole in the wall is our best bet, but we'd better hold off until the heat dies down a bit.
Juliet: Understood. We… We'll do whatever you say.
Romeo: Thank you. But now that I think about it, we can hardly stay in the Montague side of town. They'll start chasing us down as well.
Mercutio: In that case, we should just stick to the border. That way neither side can get to us!
The crew set a course based on Mercutio's suggestion.
After flying a short way, the crew spy the large building down below, which moor the airship by for the evening.
Mercutio saunters into the silent building.
Mercutio: Hey! Padre! You're not dead yet, are you?
Friar Laurence: What is this racket? Have you any idea what time it is? A man my age needs his sleep…
Romeo: Friar Laurence, I apologize for coming here at this hour.
Romeo: But I'm afraid we are in dire need of somewhere to hide.
Friar Laurence: I knew you two would get involved with some kind of shenanigans at the festival. What is it this time?
Juliet: Father, it's actually us who need shelter.
Friar Laurence: What? Who are these people, I've never seen them here before…
Friar Laurence: Now, will anyone explain to me what's actually going on?
The crew explain their situation to Friar Laurence.
Friar Laurence: Now that is quite the story. If there's anything I can do to help, don't hesitate to ask.
Romeo: Thank you.
Juliet: I shall never be able to repay this kindness.
Friar Laurence: OK, OK, enough of that. Time for bed, methinks.
Vyrn: You're right. I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm pooped.
Lyria: (…Yawn…) It's been a busy day, hasn't it, (Captain)?
Friar Laurence: Romeo, if you have a moment before you retire for the night, I'd like a word with you.
Romeo: Of course.
The crew have been given permission by Friar Laurence to land next to Verona Cathedral.
The crew go to bed, leaving Romeo alone.

So Close and Yet So Far - Chapter 3: Wavering Heart - Episode 3

Friar Laurence forces Romeo to admit that he's in love with Juliet, and then tells him that he approves of their union. Meanwhile, Deborah reveals to Juliet that the man she's fallen in love with is none other than the heir to the Montague throne, and warns Juliet that she would do well to forget him.

Having been asked to stay by Friar Laurence, Romeo is left alone in the cavernous cathedral with the pious old man.
Friar Laurence: Romeo, I know you must be tired, so I'll try to keep this brief.
Romeo: Don't worry, take your time.
Friar Laurence: Hohoho… I know you, Romeo!
Friar Laurence: To think that this day has come already…
Romeo: What do you mean?
Friar Laurence: I mean, you've found your one true love.
Romeo is left speechless by the friar's words. The silence in the cathedral becomes deafening.
Romeo seems unable to process what he had just been told, and has to ask for confirmation.
Romeo: True… love?
Friar Laurence: Yes, that young girl. Julia, was it? You love her, don't you?
Romeo: I… don't know. Can one call what I feel love?
Romeo talks as though he is trying to work out his feelings as he goes.
Romeo: …For as long as I can remember, I have always put my country before all else.
Friar Laurence: Hmm… That much I've known since the first time I met you.
Romeo: Love is but a fleeting emotion… The nation is eternal.
Romeo: I've always cared more for getting into scrapes with Mercutio than getting into any romantic situation…
Romeo: That was my life, and I enjoyed it. But then I met her.
Romeo: When I first laid eyes on Julia… It was just a moment, yet it felt like an eternity.
Friar Laurence: An eternal moment… Well I've never heard a more beautiful description for love.
Romeo: But… How do I know if she feels the same way about me?
Friar Laurence: Oh dear, what a pitiful thing to say. If only you had learned some confidence from Mercutio.
Romeo: Haha… Please don't compare me to Mercutio.
Friar Laurence: If you were to take a Capulet as your bride, that would definitely have an effect on your beloved country.
Romeo: And when that day comes, I hope you're there to officiate, Friar.
Friar Laurence: Hahaha! Don't you worry! I'll be praying for the both of you until that day comes!
Juliet: Haaah… What a day it has been.
Deborah: Your highness must be tired indeed. You should try to get some sleep.
Juliet: So much has happened, I don't think I could sleep if my life depended on it.
Juliet: …I do hope that Tybalt made it back to the castle safely.
Deborah: Tybalt has grown into a fine specimen of a man. I'm sure he'll be fine.
Juliet: Yes, I suppose so.
Deborah: Your highness, I must apologize for earlier. It was rude of me to pretend you were daughter.
Juliet: Teehee. I never thought I'd find myself pretending you're my mother, Deborah.
Juliet: But… I don't enjoy deceiving everyone like this.
Looking over to the smiling Juliet, Deborah begins to speak.
Deborah: By the way, your Highness, if I may be so bold, what do you think of that boy Romeo?
Juliet: What! Wh-why are you asking that all of a sudden?
Deborah: As I suspected. You know, your Highness, you've never been good at hiding your emotions.
Juliet: I… I don't know what you're talking about.
Juliet: But now that you mention it… I can't shake the feeling that I've met him before. He looks so familiar…
Deborah: …I don't believe it. My princess, falling in love at first sight.
Juliet: I wouldn't go so far as to say that.
Deborah: I would. And I did. You're just not willing to admit it.
Juliet: I am too… Anyway, so what if I have feelings for him? If I never act on them then no harm done, right?
Deborah: Wrong. You really have to forget about that boy.
Juliet: I… I do? But, why? Because he's a Montague?
Deborah: He… Well, he's definitely a delightful young man, I'll give you that.
Deborah: However, that is Romeo, heir to the Montague throne…
Deborah: Montagues and Capulets are like oil and water. We're just not compatible.
Juliet: I… I had no idea… Romeo… The heir to the throne..
Deborah: It may hurt now, but better the shallow cut of an opportunity missed than the dagger through the chest that is heartbreak.
Deborah: Now, do you think you'll be able to forget about Romeo?
Juliet: …Yes.
Deborah: Good. Then let's try and get some sleep.
Juliet: I think I'll go for a little walk before I do.
Deborah: Try not to stay up too late.

So Close and Yet So Far - Chapter 3: Wavering Heart - Episode 3: Scene 2

(Captain) and the crew are hopelessly surrounded by the Capulet forces, so in order to save them, Juliet hands herself over to the tyrannical Paris. Tybalt reveals to Romeo that she is to marry Paris the day after tomorrow in the Cathedral.

(Captain) and the crew have successfully held off the Capulet forces so far, but they are hopelessly outnumbered.
Romeo: Ugh… They just keep coming!
Mercutio: There's no way we're gonna win like this. We have to get outta here and regroup!
Vyrn: What! But what about the ship?
Lyria: (Captain), what if I were to summon a primal beast?
Juliet is on the sideline, watching the crew fight bravely against the Capulet guards.
She makes her mind up, and along with Deborah surrenders to the Capulet forces.
Lyria: Julia!
Juliet: I'm sorry, Lyria, but what they said was all true. My real name is Juliet.
Juliet: Lord Capulet's daughter… Princess Juliet.
Juliet: I'm sorry. I didn't want to lie to you…
Lyria: Juliet…
Paris: Well, you're safe now, Juliet.
Juliet: You have me, Paris. Now, please put an end to the fighting. Let's just go home.
Paris: Compassionate as always. Very well, I shall spare these scoundrels their lives.
The Capulet soldiers retreat back to Paris's airship.
Romeo: J… Juliet…
Mercutio: Where are you going! Cowards!
Romeo: Mercutio, wait. Juliet sacrificed herself so that we might live.
Tybalt: Indeed… We have lost.
Mercutio: What are you talking about?
Tybalt lets out a sarcastic laugh.
Tybalt: Juliet is to marry Duke Paris the day after tomorrow.
Tybalt: Paris has won, and we have lost.
At the command of the Capulet Bodyguard captain, the airship sets sail and leaves.
All the crew can do is watch as the ship shrinks into the distance.

So Close and Yet So Far - Chapter 3: Wavering Heart - Episode 4

Mercutio tells Lord Montague of Juliet, her upcoming marriage with Paris, and of Romeo's desire to stop it. However, Lord Montague has already been planning an attack on the Capulets in secret.

The following day, the crew return to Castle Montague with heavy hearts.
(Captain) and the crew start to tell the tale of what had happened, starting with Mercutio.
Mercutio: Lord Montague! I, Mercutio, captain of the city guard, have returned!
Romeo: Me too…
Lord Montague: Mercutio, Romeo… What have you gotten yourselves into this time?
Romeo: Father, I…
Mercutio: You see, you Majesty, last night we came across this most excellent crew of skyfarers!
(Captain) and the crew bow deeply before Lord Montague.
Lyria: I-it's an honor to meet you, my lord. My name is Lyria.
Mercutio: It turns out that they are on a research trip studying city planning, and have come to inspect our wall!
Lord Montague: Oho, I wouldn't have expected that, from the looks of them.
Mercutio: Neither did I! But they really have a passion for learning that you rarely see in people so young.
Mercutio: In fact just last night we talked into the night about the state of our country and where it is heading.
Lord Montague: I see. Well met, travelers! I apologize that your first taste of our great nation was these two fools…
Vyrn: Thank you! Your son was actually very informative, isn't that right, (Captain)!
After a long pause, Lord Montague begins to speak.
Lord Montague: As it happens, I've had my men tailing you since last night.
Romeo: What!
Mercutio: Oh. So, you know the truth, then?
Lord Montague: To come out of that sticky situation unscathed… I'm very impressed!
Lyria: Don't be! We wouldn't be here at all if it weren't for Romeo. Isn't that right, (Captain)?
Vyrn: So there's really no need to be so harsh on him!
Lord Montague: Ho ho ho… Thank you. I would be glad if you were to stay. My son needs good company such as yours.
Romeo: My apologies, father.
Mercutio: Poor Romeo here is suffering from the most terrible heartbreak…
Mercutio: So I'd hold off the rebuking for a little while…
Lord Montague: What's this? Romeo, in love? Now this is news.
Lord Montague: Though now that you mention it, my guards did say something about a girl at the theater… Did she spurn you, my boy?
Romeo: Please, father, I'd rather not talk about it.
Mercutio: What's more, the object of his affection is none other than the daughter of Lord Capulet, Juliet.
Lord Montague: Juliet, you say…
Mercutio: She is to be wed to the rich and powerful Duke Paris on the morrow. The situation seems hopeless…
Lord Montague: Juliet and Paris…
Romeo: …If you'll excuse me…
With that Romeo leaves.
Mercutio: Oh no, have I gone too far again?
Mercutio: Lord Montague, I'm afraid I must excuse myself also. Romeo, wait up!
Vyrn: We should probably go after him too. Catch ya later, gramps!
Lord Montague: Ah, perhaps the day has finally come, when Romeo will fly the nest.
Lyria: Thank you for your time, your majesty!
Lord Montague watches the crew leave, then calls for the captain of his bodyguard.
Montague Head Bodyguard: You called, milord?
Lord Montague: How go the preparations?
Montague Head Bodyguard: All of your allies have been notified, my Lord.
Montague Head Bodyguard: They all await your orders.
Lord Montague: Well done, captain. But before I do that, I have one more thing to take care of. Bring them to me.
Montague Head Bodyguard: Yessir, right away.
The captain of the bodyguards leaves, and the throne room falls into silence.
Lord Montague: Ho ho ho… The Capulets won't be expecting this…

So Close and Yet So Far - Chapter 4: Two Wishes - Episode 1

A nonplussed Juliet sits in silence as preparations are made for her wedding to Paris. She is saddened to hear that Tybalt has lost his captaincy, but he seems oddly unaffected by the bad news.

At Castle Capulet, preparations for Juliet and Paris's wedding are well under way.
Paris: My goodness… Juliet, you look beautiful.
Juliet: …Don't waste such words on me. They only fall on deaf ears.
Paris: What are you talking about? You are the most beautiful woman in all of Verona?no, in all the skies.
Juliet: Thank you. But, don't you think we're rushing things a bit?
Juliet: I mean… We hardly know a thing about each other…
Lord Capulet: Come now, things were going so smoothly after the feast.
Paris: I'm sorry I haven't been so forward until now.
Lord Capulet: And you know I'm not getting any younger. The country needs both of you.
Juliet: …I understand.
Deborah: …I think perhaps the princess is just a little tired.
Paris: Oh, I hadn't noticed. I do apologize. Let's leave the princess to rest, shall we?
Lord Capulet: Ho ho, we'll keep on making preparations in your absence, don't you worry.
Paris and Lord Capulet leave so that Juliet can get some rest.
But as they go, Tybalt arrives.
Juliet: Tybalt! How did it go? Are you to be punished?
Tybalt: Heheh. They decided that a demotion would be punishment enough, so no need for jail time.
Juliet: That's good, I suppose. I'm so sorry Tybalt. It's my fault you got into trouble. So soon after your promotion, too.
Tybalt: What are you talking about? If it weren't for you, I'm sure I would've been charged for something much more serious.
Juliet: Oh, Tybalt…
Juliet stares at Tybalt, with tears welling up in her eyes.
Tybalt: Hey, don't cry! You don't want your eyes to be all puffy for the wedding, do you?
Juliet: …Teehee, always thinking of me. Thank you, Tybalt.
Tybalt: That's what I'm here for, to cheer you up when you're sad.
Juliet: Thank you. I feel better already.
Deborah, who had been sitting not far from the chatting youths, couldn't help but break out into a smile.
Deborah: Come on you two, let's have some tea.
Juliet seems comforted by the fact that until the wedding she'll be surrounded by her close friends at least.

So Close and Yet So Far - Chapter 4: Two Wishes - Episode 2

Romeo learns from Friar Laurence of a plan to attack Juliet on her wedding day. While he is still working out what he's going to do to put a stop to the nefarious plot, Mercutio, (Captain), and the crew appear and offer to help.

The heartbroken Romeo has come to Verona Cathedral, and is telling Friar Laurence about all that has happened.
Friar Laurence: I see, so that night…
Romeo: And after all the help you gave me… I'm such an idiot…
Friar Laurence: Well, who could have known that she was Lord Capulet's daughter?
Romeo: Not me… Oh father, what am I going to do?
Friar Laurence starts to talk to the disheartened Romeo in a low voice.
Friar Laurence: I heard something, a rumor going around the church folk…
Friar Laurence: That there are designs to take Juliet out!
Romeo: What!
Friar Laurence: It's all supposed to go down during the parade after the wedding ceremony.
Friar Laurence: Word is the Montagues have hired someone to make sure she doesn't make it to the reception.
Romeo: And these rumors, are they reliable? Tell me, Friar, will Juliet be OK?
Friar Laurence: They could well be. The people I heard it from are not the type to make such grave news up.
Friar Laurence: At the very least, we can be sure that the Montagues are planning some kind of attack on the wedding.
Romeo: Then I must go to my father at once and put a stop to this madness!
Friar Laurence: Wait, don't do anything rash! You mustn't go straight to your father with this!
Friar Laurence: Letting him know that you're aware of the plot will only end badly. You must feign ignorance.
Romeo: But then, what should I do?
Before Friar Laurence can answer, Mercutio, (Captain), and the rest of the crew appear.
Mercutio: Romeo, I thought I'd find you here.
Romeo: Mercutio! And (Captain), you too!
Vyrn: We thought maybe you'd want to be alone, but Mercutio here just wouldn't listen!
Lyria: He was very worried about you.
Mercutio: Romeo's an emotional person. I was worried he might go and do something stupid.
Romeo: Thank you, all of you.
Romeo: Actually, you came at a good time. I have something important to tell you.
Romeo tells the crew of the plot against Juliet that he has heard of from Friar Laurence.
Mercutio: Whoa. I know you said important, but this is way beyond that. This could change everything!
Vyrn: I know we have to put a stop to it, but what can we do?
Romeo: Unfortunately we won't know what we need to do until we get there.
Mercutio: Hey, this isn't the kind of situation where you want to be winging it, Romeo.
Romeo: I know, but there's no time. I understand if you don't want to come. I can do it alone.
Lyria: Wait! If you're really going to do this, then we want to help you.
Romeo: (Captain), I'd never normally ask you to do anything like this, but I'm desperate…
Vyrn: Don't worry, (Captain) and I are happy to help a friend in need.
Romeo: (Captain)… Thank you…
Mercutio: …Well, looks like you have all the help you need. I'll stay here and hold the fort.
Romeo: Mercutio?
Mercutio: I mean, it's not like I have anything to do with her.
Romeo: …Well, I guess you're not wrong.
Romeo: It's settled then, then. Let's go, (Captain).
Leaving Mercutio, Romeo and the crew start making their way to the Capulet side of the wall.
Mercutio, seeing Romeo's figure shrinking into the distance, suddenly shouts out to them.
Mercutio: …Hey! I was kidding, you know!
Romeo: What! You were?
Mercutio: You're so gullible, Romeo. I swear, you'd believe the sky was yellow if someone told you.
Mercutio: I thought we were there for each other through thick and thin, but maybe I was wrong…
Romeo: Mercutio…
Mercutio: But you know, you've been taking advantage of our friendship lately. It's about time you start paying back these favors.
Romeo: Thank you. And you're right, I owe you a hundred times over.
Romeo: I really am sorry for putting you all through this. This is my problem, not yours.
Mercutio: C'mon, we can save apologies for later.
Mercutio: For now, we've got a princess to save!
Friar Laurence: Wait, I just remembered! There's no travel through the wall allowed today.
Romeo: Humph, now what…
Friar Laurence: I suppose… just this once… I could let you use the secret passage in the cathedral.

So Close and Yet So Far - Chapter 4: Two Wishes - Episode 3

Juliet and Paris's wedding parade arrives at the cathedral. Romeo rushes toward the carriage, sensing that Juliet might be in danger. Romeo's suspicions prove true, and just as Juliet steps out of the carriage a shot is fired. Tybalt saves Juliet from the bullet, but is gravely wounded in her stead.

On the main thoroughfare in the Capulet side of Verona, Juliet and Paris's wedding parade has just started.
As Juliet is slowly rocked side to side by the motion of the horse and carriage, she struggles to look happy.
Parade Spectator 1: Princess Juliet! You look so beautiful today!
Paris: Such lovely weather today. Even the skies are giving us their blessing.
Parade Spectator 2: Oh my goodness! Duke Paris just looked at me!
Paris: Heheh, look at that. Everyone is here to celebrate our union.
Paris: Huh? Juliet? Please try to look a little happier.
Juliet: What? No, I'm happy. Just a little tired, perhaps…
Paris: Oh. Well, I am sorry if you find the formalities boring…
Paris: And of course you must be tired, you've been through so much. We can have a rest once we're inside.
Juliet: Thank you, that's just what I need.
Deborah: Your Highness, maybe you should get out of the sun.
Tybalt: We've still a lot to do today, Juliet. You'd better pace yourself.
Juliet: Teehee. No need to worry, everyone. I just need a little lie down and I'll be right as rain.
(Captain) and the crew, who had secreted themselves into the Capulet side of the city, arrive at the parade.
Romeo: Blast! There are too many people here! How are we supposed to find the attacker?
Mercutio: This is the parade though, right? Where's the princess?
Romeo: Hmm? It seems there's something going on over there.
Mercutio: That must be the front of the parade. Romeo, let's go!
Vyrn: Hey, wait up, you two!
Lyria: Oh my, there are so many people… We're going to lose them.
Deborah: Your Highness? How are you feeling?
Juliet: Good, thank you. The shade has done me good.
Paris: If you're feeling better, then perhaps we should make our way to the church?
Paris: We have yet to give our vows, after all.
Mercutio: Romeo, I saw her! She's in the front carriage with Paris, I'm sure of it!
Romeo: Good work! But, it looks like they're very well protected. Just look at all the guards!
Mercutio: What should we do? It doesn't look like we'll be able to get anywhere near the princess.
Romeo: Agreed.
Romeo: (…Think, Romeo, think… How would you go about attacking someone so heavily guarded…)
Romeo: (…If they can't get close to her either, then maybe they're holed up in a nearby building…)
Romeo: (…The parade ends when the front carriage gets to the church…)
Romeo: (…The plaza will have a great line of sight from just about anywhere…)
Romeo: (…So if I were to do it, that's where I'd be waiting…)
Romeo: Mercutio! The attack is going to be from a distance, here in the plaza!
Mercutio: What! But, how do you know?
Romeo: No time to explain, you just have to trust me!
Mercutio: Fine! But, what do we do now?
Romeo: We stop the parade before it gets here!
Mercutio: What! And how do you propose we do that, genius?
Romeo: Come with me!
Mercutio: Ready when you are!
Romeo and Mercutio head toward the front carriage.
Tybalt exits the carriage first, acting as herald, and Paris follows shortly holding Juliet's hand.
Romeo and Mercutio run toward the carriage, hoping to get there in time.
Juliet emerges from the carriage.
Romeo: Juliet! Don't come out! Your life is in danger!
Juliet: R-Romeo! What is the meaning of this?
Paris: …You! How dare you interrupt us on this, our most joyous day!
Hidden in a nearby building, an unknown agent looks down on the scene as it unfolds.
???: Humph… What now…
The suspicious looking man places his finger on the trigger.
???: …Oh well, it's now or never.
Tybalt: What! Juliet quick, back in the carriage!
Tybalt moves to Juliet to hurry her back into the carriage.
A gunshot echoes across the plaza. The bullet that was meant for Juliet instead finds its way into Tybalt's back.
Tybalt: Uaghh!
Juliet, are… are you hurt?
Juliet: Tybalt!
The crowd falls silent, until the realization of what has happened ripples through the masses like an uproarious wave.
In an instant, the plaza is no longer a scene of celebration, but a mass of confused and panicked people.
???: …I missed!
The man composes himself and starts thinking about a plan B.
???: And here I was worried this was going to be too easy…
The man disappears in to the panicking crowd.
Juliet: Tybalt! Stay with me! Tybalt! Tybalt!
Juliet: So much blood… I can't… I can't stop it… Tybalt, why…
Deborah: Tybalt! Hold it together, man! This is just a flesh wound. We'll get you to a doctor and you'll be fine!
Tybalt: …Ha…ha… I'm… sorry…
Juliet: Stay awake, Tybalt! Deborah's gone to find a doctor. You'll be fine, just you wait and see!
Tybalt: It… hurts… I'm… fading…
Juliet: Hold my hand… Here, keep your eyes on me!
Tybalt: Juliet… The important thing… is that… you're safe…
Juliet continues holding on to Tybalt, waiting desperately for the doctor to arrive.
Outside of the carriage, Paris is facing off against Romeo.
Paris: It's Romeo! Quick, arrest this traitor!
Paris: Make him confess! Do whatever you must!
The enraged Paris takes his anger out on Romeo.
Capulet Escort 2: Dastards, what have you done to Captain Tybalt!
Capulet Escort 2: You're not gonna get away with this!
Mercutio: What, they think we're the ones who did this?
Romeo: I don't think we can talk our way out of this… Mercutio! We have to run!
Mercutio: Agreed! I'm not about to die for a false charge! If I go, I want it to be because I deserve it!
Lyria: Romeo! Mercutio! Sorry we couldn't get here faster!
Vyrn: …What's going on? This looks bad…
Mercutio: Haha, you guys came too? I like your enthusiasm!
Romeo: (Captain), Mercutio! Ready your weapons! We're getting out of here! Follow me!
Vyrn: OK! Let's go, (Captain)!

So Close and Yet So Far - Chapter 4: Two Wishes - Episode 3: Scene 2

The Capulet guards mistake Romeo, (Captain), and the crew as the attackers who shot Tybalt, and so give chase. Mercutio saves Romeo's life, but gets shot in the process.

The crew break through the Capulet guards in a mad rush to escape.
Capulet Escort 2: Ugh… They're tough, I'll give 'em that.
Capulet Escort 2: Halt! Stop!
Mercutio: Heh, it's amazing what you're capable of when you're life is on the line.
Romeo: We're not out of the woods yet. They're still coming!
Mercutio: OK everyone! Let's turn off the main road!
Vyrn: Roger!
Lyria: I think… I think we're going to make it!
Paris: Ugh… Don't lose them!
Paris: Fire at will! If we can't capture them, and least we can get rid of that nuisance Romeo!
Capulet Escort 2: Y-yes sir! Ready men!
Mercutio: Huh…
Capulet Escort 2: Fire!
Mercutio: Romeo, look out!
The Capulet guards' aim is true, and a bullet heads straight for Romeo.
Just in the nick of time Mercutio gets in the way, saving Romeo's life.
Mercutio: Uaghh…
Romeo: Mercutio!
Mercutio: It's… OK. 'Tis but a scratch. Let's get outta here!
Vyrn: You sure you're all right?
Lyria: Mercutio! If we don't take care of that wound soon…
Before the crew are able to turn off the main road, Friar Laurence appears from out of nowhere.
Friar Laurence: This way! It's a secret path. You'll be safe down here!
Friar Laurence takes the crew to a small and well hidden church.
The crew have successfully evaded their pursuers, and head down an underground tunnel beneath the church to safety.

So Close and Yet So Far - Chapter 4: Two Wishes - Episode 4

Friar Laurence brings (Captain) and the others to Verona Cathedral. Mercutio's wound proves to be more grave than they thought, and with his last words, he makes Romeo promise that he'll bring an end to the feud between the Montagues and Capulets. Tybalt's wounds also prove mortal, and he too shuffles off this mortal coil.

The crew, who have barely escaped with their lives, have been taken to Verona Cathedral by Friar Laurence.
The moment they get there, Mercutio collapses like a marionette whose strings have been cut.
Romeo: Mercutio! Come on, get up! You aren't hurt that badly!
Mercutio: …You're right. I've just been shot. Nothing serious about that.
Mercutio: It's funny… Something as small as a bullet… causes so much pain…
Romeo: Friar Laurence! Quick, we need a doctor!
Friar Laurence:
In reply to Romeo's pleas, Friar Laurence just shakes his head.
Lyria: No…
Vyrn: Lyria, let's give them some space.
(Captain), Lyria, and the others leave Romeo and Mercutio alone in the cathedral.
Mercutio: Uughh… It's getting dark. I think… I think this is the end of the road for me…
Romeo: Don't say that! There's no way you're gonna die like this. It's too uncool, right?
Mercutio: I told you… I didn't want to go after this girl…
Romeo: Conserve your strength, Mercutio.
Mercutio: You know… All this… Montagues… Capulets…
Mercutio: I've never understood… why we have to fight…
Mercutio: It's up to you… The fate of our country… is in your hands…
Mercutio: You'd better not mess it up… Because if you do… I'll haunt you for the rest of your life…
Mercutio: He he heugh…
Romeo: Hey, stay with me! If you leave us, who will lead the Montague city guard?
Mercutio: Isn't that… obvious? You will…
Romeo: I'm not ready to lead! It has to be you!
Mercutio: You really are a fool… I'm sorry, Romeo… I should have taken my job more seriously…
Mercutio: But… working with you has been so much fun… So long, Romeo… See you on the other side…
Romeo: Mercutio…
Try as Romeo might, his shouting could not change the fact that Mercutio was gone.
Romeo holds on to Mercutio's lifeless body, and cries out for him for what seems like hours.
Oblivious to the tragedy happening at the cathedral, Juliet attends to Tybalt's wounds in Castle Capulet.
Tybalt: Ugh… Argh… Guagh…
Deborah: Your Highness! It's Tybalt. I think he's waking up!
Juliet: Tybalt! Are you awake? It's me, Juliet!
Tybalt: Juliet? Where are you?
Juliet: Tybalt! I'm right here!
Deborah: I shall call for a doctor!
Deborah runs out of the room in search of a doctor.
Tybalt: Juliet… …mio's… blame…
Juliet: What was that? I can't understand you, Tybalt.
Tybalt: Romeo isn't to blame.
Juliet: …Tybalt.
Juliet: Thank you. I can't tell you how much that means to me.
Tybalt: Now… my debt… is paid…
A weak smile spreads across Tybalt's face.
Tybalt: The festival…
Juliet: …Yes? The festival? What about it?
Tybalt: That night… was the best night of my life…
Juliet: Mine too. The calamari, the lottery, the music, the dancing…
Tybalt: I'm sorry… I don't think I'll be able to take you to get calamari again…
Juliet: N-no… Y-you never break a promise… You're going to get better, and take me out…
Juliet: And… We never even got to watch the play…
Tybalt: To tell the truth… I've never liked theater…
Juliet: What…
Tybalt: It seems such a shame… the actors can never… stray from the plot…
Tybalt: Remember… you write your own part… your own story…
Tybalt: Hurgh…
Juliet: Tybalt!
It takes all of Tybalt's strength to cough, but he struggles through it to talk.
Tybalt: Make sure… your story… is a good one…
Juliet: I will…
Tybalt stares into Juliet's tear-filled eyes, and continues.
Tybalt: Juliet…
Juliet: What is it, my dearest Tybalt?
Tybalt: Smile for me…
Juliet: …There's no way I can smile at a time like this…
Tybalt: I… want my last…
Tybalt: My last thing to be… your smile…
Juliet: Tybalt, what are you…
Tybalt: No… Nothing…
Tybalt: Just… I can never stand… to see you so sad…
Juliet: OK, I'll try… How about this…
Juliet tries her best to smile for Tybalt.
Tybalt: Yes… That's the Juliet I remember… From now on… don't stop smiling…
Juliet: I won't…
Juliet takes Tybalt's hands in hers.
Tybalt: Always… Always be true to yourself…
Juliet: I will… Thank you, Tybalt…
Juliet: Even now… you're thinking of others before yourself…
Juliet feels his hands go limp.
She cries out, tears streaming down her face in an endless torrent.
Juliet refuses to leave his side, and stays with him, crying long into the night.

So Close and Yet So Far - Chapter 5: Beyond Sadness - Episode 1

Lord Capulet appoints Paris as the leader of his army, and with the combined power of Paris's army they declare war on the Montagues. On the other side of the wall, the Montagues hear of the Capulets' plans, and assemble the troops. Civil war seems inevitable.

And so, the attempt on Juliet's life results in the loss of both Tybalt and Mercutio.
Capulet Bodyguard: Lord Capulet… It seems Captain Tybalt has indeed passed away.
Lord Capulet: Is that so… Thank you, you are dismissed.
Capulet Bodyguard: Yes sir!
Lord Capulet: Tybalt… Your sacrifice shall not be in vain.
Lord Capulet: Paris… I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask for your aid once again.
Paris: I am at your service, Lord Capulet, as always.
Lord Capulet: Thank you, Paris. You're a good man.
Lord Capulet: That's why I feel comfortable giving you this responsibility. I want you to take charge of the city guard!
Paris: My Lord! You honor me. I shan't let you down.
Paris: I shall rally our troops, and we will bring the Montagues to their knees for what they have done!
In Castle Montague, Lord Montague is having a council with his bodyguards.
Montague Head Bodyguard: It would appear that the attack on Juliet was a failure.
Lord Montague: Ugh… I'm surrounded by idiots. Find the agent, and bring him to me.
Montague Head Bodyguard: Y-yes sir…
Though the council has come to an end, the captain of Lord Montague's bodyguard stays behind.
Lord Montague: What's this? You have more to add?
Montague Head Bodyguard: I have news from one of my spies regarding the details of the attack.
Montague Head Bodyguard: It seems Romeo and Mercutio were seen running toward Juliet's carriage moments before the shot was fired.
Lord Montague: What were they thinking! They could have been hurt!
Lord Montague: So, did your spy happen to say what they are up to now?
Montague Head Bodyguard: They fled the scene, and no one knows where they went.
Lord Montague: Hmm… Well, I can deal with them later.
A member of the Montague Escort division bursts into the throne room, interrupting the conversation.
Montague Escort: My Lord! A Capulet emissary has arrived, seemingly with a declaration of war!
Montague Escort: It would appear that Lord Capulet has enlisted the aid of his ally, the Duke Paris.
Lord Montague: Humph, this is a bold move.
Lord Montague: Tell the troops that there is a direct order from their king and commander to assemble in the castle at once.
Montague Escort: Yes sir.
Lord Montague: And so it begins… I hope you're ready, Capulets…

So Close and Yet So Far - Chapter 5: Beyond Sadness - Episode 2

Romeo has been so distraught over losing Mercutio that he hasn't slept or eaten since it happened. He snaps out of it when he hears that their actions have sparked a civil war, and he vows to put a stop to the violence. Friar Laurence stops the boy from rushing into the fray and doing something stupid, and tells him that he has an idea instead.

The Montagues and Capulets throw themselves headlong into a war before they've even had a chance to grieve their fallen comrades.
Romeo: …Mercutio.
Lyria: Oh, Romeo… He's just been repeating that name since last night.
Vyrn: If he doesn't snap out of it soon we might lose him as well.
Friar Laurence appears from out of nowhere.
Friar Laurence: …The town is in an uproar. It seems this attempt on Juliet's life was the trigger people were waiting for… A trigger for war.
Friar Laurence: I don't see either side backing down from this conflict.
Lyria: How terrible.
Vyrn: We manage to save Juliet from her fate, but spark a war in the process…
Romeo: I… I can stop this.
Lyria: Romeo?
Vyrn: You can stop it? But, how?
Romeo: If I take charge of the Montague forces, then somehow…
Romeo: I will force my father to reconsider!
Vyrn: A nice thought kid, but do you really think you can change your old man's mind?
Romeo: I have to try! It's the only way!
Friar Laurence: Romeo, wait! Now is not the time for haste. We must consider our next move carefully.
Romeo: Friar Laurence…
Friar Laurence: I have an idea, if you're willing to listen…

So Close and Yet So Far - Chapter 5: Beyond Sadness - Episode 3

Juliet is still in mourning over the passing of Tybalt, when Paris comes to her asking once again to exchange vows, this time so as to raise the morale of his troops. Paris then heads back to the barracks, leaving Juliet alone with an awful decision ahead of her.

In Castle Capulet, Juliet is alone in her room, grieving.
Deborah: Your highness, you must drink something. You've not had anything since yesterday.
Juliet: …Deborah… Oh, I’m sorry…
Juliet: Don't worry. I'm just not thirsty.
Deborah: If you say so, your Highness.
Deborah: If you need anything, just let me know.
Juliet gives the downhearted Deborah a weak and hollow smile.
The two are interrupted when Paris enters the room.
Paris: Juliet, how are you feeling?
Juliet: Much better, thanks to you.
Paris: That is good to hear.
Juliet: So… The war with the Montagues has finally begun..
Paris: Yes. I shall personally see to it that Lord Montague pays for what he did to Tybalt.
Paris: The enemy seems well equipped for the battle, so I fear this will not be over quickly.
Paris: To that end, I have a favor to ask of you, Juliet.
Juliet: OK, if there's anything I can do…
Paris: It would mean a lot, to not only me, but to the troops as well, if they could see that we had finally exchanged vows.
Deborah: Paris! Can't this wait? Can you not see that Juliet is still in mourning for her cousin?
Deborah: Have you no tact at all?
Paris: I don't mean to make light of Tybalt's passing. I know it hit Juliet especially hard…
Paris: But, as the commander of our army, I have to think of my troops as well.
Paris: The men are despondent. If there's any way to improve their morale, it's my duty to explore it.
Juliet: Is that so…
Paris: We don't have to make a big deal of it. We can do it just the two of us.
Deborah: But…
Paris: You don't have to say anything now. I'll come back tomorrow. I look forward to hearing your decision.
Paris: Well, I really must get back to my men.
Paris leaves as blissfully ignorant of Juliet's feelings as he was when he entered.
Deborah: Your Highness…
Juliet: What am I going to do?

So Close and Yet So Far - Chapter 5: Beyond Sadness - Episode 4

Marriage is taken very seriously in Verona. Once married, a couple cannot be separated. Friar Laurence has worked out that if Romeo and Juliet were to marry, they could very well end the civil war before it begins. He plans to get Romeo to bring Juliet a potion that will make her appear dead, so that rather than marrying her off to Paris, her family will bring her to the cathedral instead.

In Verona cathedral, Friar Laurence is talking to the crew.
Friar Laurence: Marriages conducted in Verona have a special significance.
Friar Laurence: Did you know that?
Lyria: A special… significance?
Romeo: Can't say I've heard that before.
Friar Laurence: Then let me explain. Any marriage presided over by a priest from Verona gets a blessing from the gods themselves.
Friar Laurence: In other words, it becomes a holy bond.
Friar Laurence: And so nothing is able to break the solemn vow between the two people, which enjoins their souls as one.
Romeo: Nothing can break the solemn vow? So you're saying…
Friar Laurence: Couples who marry in Verona must be made aware that a marriage is for life. Once entered into, only death may separate them.
Vyrn: Incredible! That's quite a commitment!
Vyrn: I guess people have to think carefully before deciding to marry, then.
Friar Laurence: Exactly. Any couples who marry within our city walls must accept that once married they share one fate.
Lyria: A shared fate…
Friar Laurence: Since time immemorial, this is what marriage has meant in Verona. Something not taken lightly, nor readily cast aside.
Friar Laurence: It is said to have been brought about in honor of a tragic couple.
Friar Laurence: Long ago they saved the city, but in the process could no longer be together.
Lyria: I see. So even though they loved each other…
Lyria: They were forced to be apart? How sad!
Friar Laurence: Indeed. Verona wouldn't exist today if it were not for those two…
Friar Laurence: …Yet they lived so long ago, there are few now who know their story.
Vyrn: So, what has this got to do with us?
Friar Laurence: Oh yes, my apologies. I think maybe I started in the middle. Let me go back to the beginning.
Friar Laurence: I propose that we end this war by getting Romeo and Juliet to marry.
Romeo: What! But, what would that do?
Friar Laurence: I think it's obvious to anyone who has eyes, and even to a few who don’t, that you two are madly, deeply, truly in love.
Vyrn: You're right. I mean, you wouldn't have gone through so much to stop just anyone from getting shot.
Lyria: Indeed! I think you two make a lovely couple.
Friar Laurence: Under the auspices of the church and in this most holy cathedral…
Friar Laurence: You, Romeo, should exchange vows with your beloved Juliet!
Friar Laurence: Once you two form the unbreakable bond of marriage, the two sides will have no choice but to cease hostilities.
Vyrn: Now I get ya. Not a bad idea!
Friar Laurence: The bond that you two forge here in this church, no man would be able to undo!
Lyria: Ah, so you think by bringing them together it will bring the two nations together as well?
Lyria: I think that's really romantic!
Romeo: But Wait! What do we do about Paris?
Friar Laurence: A priest has been called to go to Castle Capulet tomorrow morning.
Friar Laurence: Paris and Juliet are to be wed on the morrow.
Lyria: Oh no! We have to hurry, before she marries the wrong person!
Romeo: But if we want to get to Juliet by tomorrow morning…
Romeo: We'd have to steal ourselves into Castle Capulet tonight!
Friar Laurence: Don't be hasty. Now, while I believe you could get into the castle without too much difficulty…
Friar Laurence: Getting out with Juliet without being spotted will be far more tricky. It's too dangerous.
Vyrn: What if we use the Grandcypher?
Friar Laurence: Too conspicuous. Secrecy is the only way this plan will work.
Lyria: Hmm… Then what can we do?
Friar Laurence: I think we should try to find a way to get Juliet to come here.
Vyrn: What do you mean?
Friar Laurence: I have this medicine, and if we could get it to Juliet…
Romeo: This is…
Friar Laurence: Yes… This is a potion of my own design that will put a person into such deep sleep that it looks like they have passed away.
Friar Laurence: If Juliet were to drink this tonight, then tomorrow morning it will look as though she passed away in the night.
Friar Laurence: When her family discovers her "body" in the morning…
Friar Laurence: They'll bring her straight here.
Vyrn: Well, that's definitely one way to get Juliet to come to us.
Friar Laurence: Romeo, do you think you can do it?
Romeo: Yes! Just leave it to me!

So Close and Yet So Far - Chapter 6: 'Till Death Us Do Part - Episode 1

Juliet is torn between doing what is best for her family, and doing what is best for herself. Romeo appears at her window, and tells her of his plan to marry her. Learning that it could put an end to the war, Juliet takes Friar Laurence's sleeping potion.

It is the night before the Royal wedding. In Castle Capulet, Deborah is attending to a distraught Juliet.
Lord Capulet comes to talk to his daughter.
Lord Capulet: Juliet, how are you?
Juliet: Father…
Lord Capulet: I know that you're still grieving for Tybalt, so please forgive me for putting this on you as well…
Juliet: Oh Father…
Lord Capulet: What is it, my daughter?
Juliet: Is there no way for this war to be averted?
Lord Capulet: Once started, a war can only be ended by surrender or outright victory.
Juliet: But what about negotiating a ceasefire?
Lord Capulet: Everyone, on both sides, have been waiting for this moment for the last 11 years.
Lord Capulet: I don't think we could stop the fighting even if we wanted to.
Juliet: I see…
Lord Capulet: What's wrong? Have you no faith in our troops?
Juliet: It's not that…
Lord Capulet: Your marriage to Paris will boost the men's morale to no end, they will surely be victorious!
Lord Capulet: Well then, I'll let you get ready for tomorrow.
With that final remark, Lord Capulet leaves Juliet's chambers.
Deborah, who had gone unnoticed during Juliet's exchange with her father, finally speaks up.
Deborah: Your highness should not be used as a tool in this foolish war!
Deborah: It has always been, and gods willing shall still be for some time yet, my duty to make you happy, Your highness.
Juliet: Deborah…
Deborah: Ah! Did I say all that out loud? My apologies, your Highness.
Juliet: No need to apologize, Deborah. Thank you.
Deborah: Your highness, the wedding may be tomorrow, but as long as we have hope, all is not lost!
Deborah: You could fake an illness!
Juliet: Teehee… I'll consider it.
Deborah: If that is all for tonight, your Highness, I'll wish you a good night.
Juliet: Good night, Deborah.
Juliet is left alone in her bedroom.
Juliet walks to her window, which she opens to feel the cool night breeze.
Juliet: Oh, what am I supposed to do?
Juliet: Do I do what is best for my family? For the Capulets?
Juliet: Or do I follow my heart, at the expense of my father, my subjects…
Juliet: Romeo… What would you do?
Juliet: What I wouldn't give to have you here beside me…
As Juliet stares out at the city, a shadow flits by the corner of her vision.
Romeo: Your wish is my command, my dearest Juliet.
Juliet: Romeo! How did you get in here?
Romeo: As if a simple wall could keep us apart, my sweet.
Juliet: Now's not the time for levity! I dread to think what they'll do if they find you here!
Romeo: Have no fear, my love. The darkness covers us, and protects our secrecy.
Romeo's expression changes and he becomes more serious as he faces Juliet.
Romeo: Juliet, we have both lost people we held most dear.
Romeo: We must put an end to this war, before anyone else is forced to feel the pain we now harbor in our hearts.
Juliet: Of course! You and I are of one mind, my dear Romeo!
Romeo: To that end, we must be wed tomorrow, in Verona cathedral…
Juliet: What!
Romeo: You… don't want to marry me?
Juliet: No! I mean, that's not what I mean!
Juliet: You are my heart, my life, my moon and stars! My everything!
Juliet: But, it's so sudden… And I still don't understand…
Romeo: O-of course, I'm doing this all wrong. I haven't even explained the plan yet. I’m sorry.
Juliet: No, no, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to imply that I didn't want to… you know…
Romeo: Come now, you have nothing to apologize for.
Trying to cover up his embarrassment, Romeo launches immediately into explaining Friar Laurence's plan.
Romeo: So that's why I need you to drink this sleeping potion.
Romeo produces the potion from a hidden pocket, and gives it to Juliet.
Juliet: If I drink this, I will appear to be dead?
Romeo: Yes. Of course you won't really be dead, just sleeping. Apparently doctors use this on patients during surgery.
Juliet: …I understand.
Romeo notices that Juliet has started to tremble.
Romeo: …Are you scared?
Juliet: Yes. But, if this really will put an end to this foolish war, then we must do it.
Romeo: Juliet, your strength warms the cockles of my heart.
Juliet: Teehee… There is still so much you don't know about me.
Juliet: I'm actually quite bad at drinking medicines, especially if it tastes bad.
Romeo: Haha, you're right, we still barely know each other.
Romeo: …But we have the rest of our lives to find out more.
Juliet: You're right. I… I want to know everything there is to know about you, Romeo.
A silence falls over the couple as they stare into each other's eyes.
Romeo draws in closer as he gets lost in the depths of Juliet's mesmerizing eyes.
As the two draw ever nearer, their faces are stuck by the first rays of dawn's piercing light.
Romeo: I must go. I can already hear the skylarks singing below.
Juliet: That is no skylark. It's a nightingale.
Romeo: It must be a skylark. Morning is not far off, after all.
Juliet: That isn't the sun. It is a guiding light, piercing through the night.
Juliet: It is merely a beacon, showing you the way home.
Juliet: So please, just stay with me… Just a little longer…
Juliet, overcome with emotion, begins to cry.
Romeo strokes Juliet's hair as he gets further lost in her eyes.
Romeo: If it meant I could be with you, I would call for the guards myself, right now.
Romeo: I would do anything, if you were to ask. I would go to the edge of the sky, and beyond for you.
Romeo: I do not want to leave. I want to stay here, with you, for ever.
Romeo: Just say the word, and I would leave and never return.
Romeo: What do you say to that? Shall we spend eternity here together in this never-ending night?
Romeo's words seem to shake Juliet to her senses.
Juliet: Morning has come… You must leave.
Juliet: That is indeed a skylark singing.
Juliet: It is a foul beauty, that serves to tear us apart.
Juliet: You must leave. The sky is lightening as we speak.
Romeo: …The brighter the skies, the darker our hearts.
Deborah's voice rings out from the adjacent room.
Deborah: Your Highness? Is everything all right in there?
Juliet: Yes! Everything's fine! I just couldn't sleep!
Romeo: Farewell, Juliet.
Romeo: I eagerly await our first kiss… Today, as we wed…
With that, Romeo jumps out of the window and disappears into the city.
Juliet: Romeo… For love…
Juliet tips the contents of the bottle into her mouth, and collapses where she stands.

So Close and Yet So Far - Chapter 6: 'Till Death Us Do Part - Episode 2

The sleeping Juliet has been brought to the cathedral, and Friar Laurence chants a spell meant to wake her up. It transpires, however, that the spell was to summon Primal Beast Oxymoron. Friar Laurence escapes on Oxymoron, taking Juliet with him.

The next day, the crew's plan comes to fruition as Juliet's "funeral" takes place at Verona cathedral.
Romeo and the crew watch the ceremony from the shadows.
Friar Laurence: If anyone has any parting words they would like to say to Juliet…
Deborah: Oh Juliet! Why did you have to leave us!
Deborah: I never knew such sadness, such pain, could be possible until this day.
Deborah: What a terrible, accursed day!
Paris: All hope has been broken?smashed, torn… lost!
Paris: O cruel and pitiless death! Why must you take that which is so loved by all?
Paris: How cruel and brutal you are! You will turn all to ashes and dust!
Paris: Love! Life! The very skies! Will you not be satisfied until all is gone?
Friar Laurence: Such grief. And yet, no plea for mercy can bring back those we have lost.
Friar Laurence: Juliet will find peace in her resting place, deep within the cathedral's catacombs.
With those words, Friar Laurence ends the funeral.
With the funeral over the crowd leaves, and Friar Laurence calls out to Romeo and the crew.
Together they take Juliet down into the catacombs.
Friar Laurence: Now we should be safe from any spying eyes.
In the dark and musty basement, the crew is surrounded by foreboding statues.
Friar Laurence: Romeo, could you please place Juliet on that stone table?
Romeo: Of course…
Romeo places Juliet on the huge, moss-covered slab of a stone table.
Lyria: So… When do you suppose she will wake up?
Friar Laurence: I'm afraid there's no way of knowing when she'll awaken. Only time will tell.
Vyrn: I know! Romeo, maybe if you kiss her she'll wake up!
Romeo: What! I would never! I can't kiss someone without their consent!
Vyrn: Talk about romance being dead…
Friar Laurence: Ho ho… Just because I don't know how long the effect will last, doesn't mean I don't know a way to wake her up.
Romeo: You mean there's another way?
Friar Laurence: Yes. There is a prayer of wakefulness which I can use that should do the trick.
Friar Laurence: Romeo, can you hold her down? The process can sometimes be a bit… jarring.
Romeo: OK!
Romeo lightly takes hold of Juliet's arms.
Romeo: Not long now, my love… Soon we'll be together.
Friar Laurence starts chanting his prayer over Juliet's prone body.
Friar Laurence: Thou who rouses the sleeping lion… and freezes the roaring flame…
Friar Laurence: Thou with the sharpest and dullest horns… who flies on leaden wings…
Friar Laurence: Thou who lived an eternity in a single moment… who knows both love and heartbreak…
Friar Laurence: Thou who lives in a contradiction… O great Primal Beast, Oxymoron…
Friar Laurence: You make the impossible possible, lend us your power, I summon you to this realm!
As Friar Laurence finishes his incantation, Romeo and Juliet star glowing with an otherworldly light.
Juliet: …ugh…
Romeo: Juliet…
Juliet: …huh? …Romeo?
Romeo: Ouch… Juliet… You're… You're burning up…
Juliet: I'm what…
Romeo: Aaaaaagh!
Juliet: Ugh… Aaaaaaaaagh!
Vyrn: H-hey! What's going on?
Lyria: Friar Laurence… Did you just say… primal beast?
With a great rumbling and a blinding light, an unfathomable beast appears before the crew.
Friar Laurence: Mwahaha… I've waited so long for this moment… And it's finally come…
Romeo: What? What's the meaning of this? Friar Laurence, what are you…
Friar Laurence: I must thank you, my dear Romeo! However you have now outlived your usefulness.
Friar Laurence: Primal Beast Oxymoron, take me out of here!
Romeo: Juliet!
The primal beast known as Oxymoron seems to accept Friar Laurence as its master.
Oxymoron is drawn to the glowing Juliet as a moth to the flame, and breaks its way out of the catacombs, taking her with it.
Lyria: Eek! Such… power…
Vyrn: They just destroyed the whole cathedral!
Romeo: Dastards! They took Juliet!
Romeo: (Captain), let's go after them!

So Close and Yet So Far - Chapter 6: 'Till Death Us Do Part - Episode 3

It is revealed that Friar Laurence has been possessed by the ghost of Iago, who fell in the war 11 years ago. He declares that he intends to destroy the two ruling houses of Verona and set up his own hegemony. (Captain) and the crew rush to the airship to pursue Oxymoron.

The crew are chasing after Friar Laurence and the primal beast known as Oxymoron.
Paris and Deborah, hearing something happening within the cathedral, have come to see what is going on.
Deborah: Eek! Wh-what is that thing!
Paris: I… I have no idea!
Romeo, (Captain), and the crew appear.
Romeo: That's a primal beast! Friar Laurence has just summoned it!
Paris: Romeo! What in the skydom are you doing here?
Romeo: No time to explain! We need to save Juliet from that… thing!
Paris: What? But that's… Juliet! How dare he desecrate her body!
Lyria: It's OK! Juliet is still alive!
Paris: What! Someone please tell me what's going on here!
Friar Laurence: Well, well, you decided to come back… Let me tell you, you've made a terrible mistake.
Paris: Friar Laurence? What is the meaning of this? Explain yourself at once!
Friar Laurence: Laurence, Laurence… I can't stand that name. I'm not Friar Laurence…
Iago: My name is Iago, the one true heir to the throne of Verona!
Paris: What do you mean, Iago?
Paris: Iago was lost 11 years ago in the war!
Iago: Indeed, I fell in that horrific war… No, I didn't fall… My life was stolen…
Iago: Romeo… It was none other than your father who did me in!
Romeo: What! What nonsense is this?
Romeo: My father would never do anything as evil as that.
Iago: Are you so sure? Who do you think it was who planned the attack on your beloved Juliet?
Iago: Romeo, even you must have noticed. It's not like he's particularly good at hiding his true self.
Romeo: Silence! You know not of what you speak!
Iago: I was one of his victims, remember. But I had unfinished business which tied me to this world, so I came back as a ghost.
Iago: Mwahaha… Now, It is time for me to destroy both the Montagues and the Capulets, and reign as king of all Verona!
Iago: I'll bring that stupid wall down and bring the two peoples together. We shall live in harmony!
Iago: And when I am lord of that paradise, I shall take your beloved Juliet to be my bride.
Romeo: I can't let you do that!
Paris: On this point I think we finally have something we agree on! I can't allow you to leave this place!
Vyrn: Hehe! Looks like these two are working together for once!
Lyria: Deborah, get behind us. You'll be safer there.
Deborah: Y-yes…
Iago: Apologies, but I haven't the time to bandy words with you.
Iago: Fly, Oxymoron!
Vyrn: Oh no! They're getting away!
Lyria: Quick, let's get back to the airship! (Captain), let's follow them!
Romeo: Wait, look. Monsters are coming! They must be attracted to the primal beast.
Paris: Let's split up. We'll take care of these fiends!

So Close and Yet So Far - Chapter 6: 'Till Death Us Do Part - Episode 4

Oxymoron and Iago appear on the battlefield between the Montague and Capulet forces. Romeo and Paris arrive in the nick of time to deflect the primal beast's attack, and together start making their way toward Oxymoron.

Meanwhile, at the border between the Montague and Capulet parts of the city…
High in the air, a battle is taking place between the two nations' forces.
Lord Montague: Prepare to deploy on my command!
Leave none alive!
Lord Montague: Send the troops to the left and right, we'll take the enemy from behind!
Montague Head Bodyguard: Yes sir! Commanders, deploy your troops!
Capulet Head Bodyguard: Lord Capulet! The enemy approaches, dead ahead!
Capulet Head Bodyguard: And there are more coming from both sides! We're going to be flanked!
Lord Capulet: Ugh… Where is that Paris when you need him?
Capulet Head Bodyguard: Lord Capulet, what are you orders?
Before he can answer, a huge shadow appears between the two armies.
Iago: Hah, it's happening.
Capulet Bodyguard: S-something has appeared in our line of fire, sire!
Lord Capulet: What! What is it?
Capulet Bodyguard: Unknown, sir! It is an unidentified flying object. It's moving!
Lord Capulet: Is it some kind of weapon from Lord Montague? Commander, send your troops in to investigate!
Capulet Bodyguard: Yes sir!
Montague Head Bodyguard: L-lord Montague! An unidentified flying object has just appeared between our forces and the Capulets!
Lord Montague: What! What is Capulet up to now… Humph, doesn't matter. Let's just get it out of our way.
Lord Montague: Tell the troops to concentrate their fire on the unidentified object!
Montague Head Bodyguard: Yes sir! All troops, ready your weapons!
The Montague forces close in on the object.
Lord Montague: Everyone, fire at will!
On Lord Montague's orders, his entire army opens fire on the flying object.
The weapons seem to have no effect.
Iago: Ha, as if your pitiful weapons could do anything against us.
Iago: They are useless against the power of a primal beast.
Montague Head Bodyguard: Sir, a human has been spotted on the object!
Iago: Long time no see, Montague. Do you remember me?
Lord Montague: Friar Laurence? No. Who or what are you that wears the face of the clergyman?
Iago: Come now, Montague. Surely you must remember me.
Iago: You finished me off in the war of succession 11 years ago… It is I, Iago!
Lord Montague: What! It… can't be…
Lord Montague: Iago fell…
Iago: Mwahaha… So you do remember me!
Lord Montague: But, what nonsense is this? The dead do not just come back!
Iago: Ha ha, it was my hatred of you that tied me to this world, and now I've returned!
Iago: But enough talk…
Iago: I have one goal, one purpose with this afterlife. To end you and retake the throne of Verona for myself.
Lord Montague: No! I can't allow you to do this! I have worked too hard to lose it all here!
Lord Montague: I slain you once, Iago, and I can do it again!
Iago: Hah! As long as I have my primal beast there's nothing you can do to stop me!
Lord Montague: What! A primal beast?
Lord Capulet: Something's wrong. Isn't that Montague's friend up there?
Capulet Bodyguard: Lord Capulet, are you OK?
Lord Capulet: I want a closer look. Pilot, take us in.
Capulet Bodyguard: Yes sir!
Iago: Well, well, Capulet's joining us. I'd hoped he would.
Lord Capulet: You are interfering in an internal affair between the Capulets and Montagues!
Lord Capulet: Leave, before you get caught in the crossfire!
Iago: You have guts to be saying that even after seeing what you are up against.
With a theatrical wave of his hand, Juliet appears before Iago.
Iago takes Juliet in his arms, and gently caresses her cheek.
Lord Capulet: Is that… Juliet!
Lord Capulet: You monster! How dare you parade a girl's lifeless body before her bereaved and grieving father!
Iago: Ha ha! It's a little late for that, wouldn't you say? You chose the battlefield over your daughter's funeral.
Lord Capulet: You dastard… Why are you doing this?
Lord Montague: Capulet, watch out. That's Iago, and he's riding a primal beast.
Lord Capulet: What! Iago? But, what does he want with my daughter? And a primal beast?
Lord Montague: Don't ask me! Ask him, if you're so concerned!
Iago: How foolish you both are. You know nothing of what I intend to do.
Lord Montague: What's that supposed to mean?
Iago: The Montagues and Capulets. And the mighty church that connects them…
Iago: That gave power to heir after heir for generations…
Lord Capulet: What are you talking about?
Iago: Enough talk. There's no point explaining anything to either of you. You won't be around much longer anyway.
With that, Iago sends his primal beast higher into the sky.
Iago: Finally, the dirtied and despoiled families of Montague and Capulet will be washed away.
Iago: And I, the true heir of the great King Escalus, will finally be able to rule!
Iago: Oxymoron, lend me your power! Together we can bring order to this world of chaos!
A great whirlwind of flame burst forth from the Primal Beast Oxymoron.
Both Lord Montague and Lord Capulet are engulfed in a freezing, flaming maelstrom.
Romeo: Father, no!
Paris: Lord Capulet, sorry I'm so late!
Romeo and Paris: Arrgh!
Romeo and Paris's assault comes just in time, and it manages to put a stop to the primal beast's attack.
Lord Montague: R… Romeo… You saved me…
Lord Capulet: Paris! You came!
Iago: Humph… How bothersome…
Iago: But this could work. Now I can remove the next generation as well in one fell swoop!
Romeo: Paris, let's take him down!
Paris: All right! But we're going to have to cut a path to that thing first!

So Close and Yet So Far - Chapter 6: 'Till Death Us Do Part - Episode 4: Scene 2

Lyria realizes that Oxymoron is using Juliet's life force to power its attacks. The combined forces of the Montague and Capulet armies opens up an opportunity for Romeo, aboard the Grandcypher, to get in close to the primal beast to deliver a finishing blow.

Romeo and Paris rally the troops from both sides, and lead them to the primal beast.
Above the wall that divides the great fortress city of Verona, a great battle unfolds.
Iago: Mwahaha, even working together you can do nothing to stop me!
Romeo and Paris regroup at the Grandcypher to come up with a new strategy.
Romeo: What are we going to do? We threw everything we had at him, and he didn't even slow down!
Paris: I don't know. And we still need to find a way to save Juliet, as well…
Lyria, who had been listening from the side, butts in between the two commanders.
Lyria: Erm!
Romeo: What is it, Lyria?
Lyria: About that primal beast…
Lyria: I think it's using Juliet's life force to fuel itself!
Paris: What!
Lyria: So… I think we need to rescue her as soon as possible…
Lyria: If we leave it too long, we may never be able to wake her!
Paris: Then what are we waiting for? Let's get back out there!
Romeo: Paris, wait. If we go out there without a plan then we're certain to fail.
Paris: But what can we do?
Romeo: I have an idea, if you'll just stop for a moment to listen to it.
Paris: OK, but keep it short.
Romeo, breaking into a smile in spite of the dire situation, gathers the crew around him and starts explaining his plan.
Romeo: …That primal beast seems to draw its energy form those two things either side of its head.
Romeo: It looks like it draws energy in from them before releasing it as an attack.
Paris: I see… Well it's certainly true that there was a regularity to its attacks.
Paris: During breaks between its attacks, it did look like it was drawing something from those things.
Romeo: Right. So it's during that charging time that we need to attack.
Paris: I see where you're going with this. We need someone to act as bait to draw its fire…
Romeo: You catch on pretty quick. So, for the bait…
Paris: I'll do it!
Romeo: No. I should be the one to do it.
Paris: What! But, why? Do you not trust me?
Romeo: To tell the truth, it's because I'm the better pilot.
Romeo: And whoever acts as the bait will need to do some fancy flying. That's why I want to volunteer myself.
Paris: Hahaha… You're clearly not afraid to put yourself in danger, are you?
Paris: Well, if you do take yourself out of the picture, I guess I'd be free to marry Juliet then, wouldn't I?
Romeo: I hadn't thought of that… I'll have to make sure I come back then.
Romeo: Well, let's get on with it.
The crew are about to implement their plan when…
Lord Capulet: Wait! What should I do?
Lord Capulet: I can't just stand idly by and wait for you to save my daughter!
Paris: But… We can't risk anything happening to you, Lord Capulet.
Lord Capulet: Please, I need to help!
Romeo: Very well. Lord Capulet, you can help Paris.
Lord Capulet: Thank you! I shall do everything within my power to ensure the success of this mission!
Lord Montague: Humph… I'm sure you will…
Romeo: …Father…
Romeo shouts orders to the surrounding airships.
Romeo: Listen up! Our primary objective from now on is to retrieve Juliet, at whatever cost!
Romeo: I shall be taking charge of the Montague forces, and we'll be taking on the primal beast!
Paris: And I'll be leading the Capulets! We'll be behind the Montagues, waiting for our chance to attack!
Vyrn: (Captain), we gotta get a piece of this action too!
Lyria: Yeah, we need to help out as well!
The crew leave the deck of the Grandcypher and head to their assigned positions.
The Capulets and Montagues are ready to work together for the first time to rescue Juliet.
Oxymoron engulfs both armies in its contradictory freezing flames.
Montague Bodyguard: Ugh!
Capulet Bodyguard: Hey, are you all right? Come on, let's get you to a medic.
The troops from both armies are starting to work together.
Iago: Fools! Do you honestly think that working together will help you?
Iago: Oxymoron! Take them all out! Down to the last man!
Romeo and the crew appear before the great primal beast on the Grandcypher.
Romeo: Iago, I'm here to put a stop to your ridiculous campaign.
Iago: Hahaha! Try as you may, nothing can stop me now!
Romeo: We shall see…
With a gaze as keen as his sword's edge, Romeo brings his hand to the hilt of his blade.
Romeo lets loose with a dazzling display of swordsmanship, momentarily staggering the primal beast.
Iago: You just don't give up, do you? Such insolence shall not go unpunished!
Romeo: Give it your best shot!
Iago: Very well. Oxymoron! Let's give this cur what he wants! Full power!
Romeo: (…If this is anything like before, this should be our chance…)
Romeo: Paris, get ready!
Paris: Just leave it to me!
Iago: Play your little games all you want, you're still going to lose.
Romeo dodges the primal beast's powerful attack.
Paris takes advantage of the small interval in which the primal beast must recharge to close in on it.
Paris: Hyaaaaaa!
Iago: No! We have to recharge…
Iago: Is what you want me to say, isn't it? Well why do you think I brought this dead weight of a woman along with me?
Iago: Now Oxymoron, absorb the rest of Juliet's magic! Give them everything you can muster!
Juliet: Ugh… Aaaaaagh!
Oxymoron's most powerful attack strikes Paris's airship square in the bow.
Or so it seemed. At the last moment, Lord Montague brings his ship in front of Paris's to protect it.
Instead of Paris's ship, it is Lord Montague's that begins sinking toward the ground.
Iago: What! But… Why would Lord Montague risk his life for a Capulet?
Romeo: Father!
Lord Montague: Romeo… You still have a lot to learn. His plan was obvious if you know how to think like an evil doer.
Lord Capulet: Montague! Why…
Lord Montague: Ha… Don't think for a moment it was about you. It's just, one must reap what one sows…
Lord Montague: And I have sown such rotten seeds over the years, it's about time I take responsibility.
Lord Montague's ship finally reaches the ground, where it immediately bursts into flames.
Unfortunately, even with Lord Montague's heroic defense, Paris's ship was pushed off course.
Paris: Romeo! Now's your chance! Do it!
Romeo nods at Paris's order.
The Grandcypher accelerates to full speed, aiming straight at Oxymoron.
Romeo: (Captain), I think I’m gonna need your help with this one!
Vyrn: Leave it to us! Primal beasts are our specialty.
Lyria: Let's deal with this primal beast and rescue Juliet!
Romeo: Hyaaa!

So Close and Yet So Far - Chapter 6: 'Till Death Us Do Part - Episode 4: Scene 3

Though it seems at first that Iago had been destroyed along with Oxymoron, he has in fact survived and attaches himself onto Romeo. However, when Juliet promises him that they will make the Verona he had envisioned a reality, the power of their love exorcises his spirit for good.

Romeo, (Captain), and the crew have defeated the Primal Beast Oxymoron and rescued Juliet.
Iago: But… it was so close to destroying Verona…
Iago: Primal Beast Oxymoron… How could a ragtag group such as this defeat such a powerful beast?
Iago faints, and falls prone onto the deck of the Grandcypher.
Lyria: Please, we implore you! No more destruction, OK?
Lyria absorbs Oxymoron's essence.
Romeo: Incredible. So, that's it? It's over?
Lyria: Yes. That primal beast will not cause any trouble as long as I keep it under control.
Lyria: I don't think it's going to get loose, so we should be fine.
Vyrn: Phew. I thought we were done for this time…
Vyrn: But thanks to Romeo, we managed it.
Romeo: No. It is my father you should be thanking.
Paris: …As loath as I am to say it, we would have failed were it not for the Montagues.
Lord Capulet: Humph. I never thought I'd see the day when I'd be saved by a Montague.
Just then the unconscious Juliet, who had broken Oxymoron's spell, wakes up.
Juliet: Uh… Ugh…
Romeo: Juliet!
Paris: Well I never! She's alive!
Juliet: Where… Where am I? Why is… everyone…
Juliet: This must be a dream… Or worse, I've shuffled off this mortal coil…
Lord Capulet: Don't be preposterous!
Lord Capulet: We put our differences aside, and went through more than you could imagine to save you. Don't act like it's just some daydream!
Vyrn: Hehehe! Well put!
Lyria: Juliet, how are you feeling?
Juliet: My… My head still hurts a little.
Lyria: The war is over. Everything's going to be all right!
Juliet: What? You lie… This must be a dream… The war is really over?
Lyria: It really is! The war is really over!
Juliet: It's over… I never thought I'd see the day…
Juliet slowly comes to her senses.
The crew tell Juliet about what had happened while she was unconscious.
Juliet: Wow… All that happened while I just lay here sleeping?
Juliet: The whole country is in ruins because of me…
Juliet looks out at the ruined city with a forlorn look.
Vyrn: Don't get the wrong idea! It was the old man who actually used the primal beast!
Lyria: Oh, yes… I'd almost forgotten about poor Laurence!
Romeo: …Wait. We can't know for sure if he's recovered. He still might be Iago.
Paris: You're right. We aren't out of the woods just yet.
The crew ties up the still unconscious priest.
Romeo and Paris try to rouse the tied and unconscious Friar Laurence.
Romeo: Hey, wake up.
Paris: That's never going to work. Let me try.
Paris slaps Friar Laurence strongly on the cheek.
???: Uh… Ugh…
Romeo: Wake up! Tell us, which one are you?
???: Huh? Ah! It's… It's you two!
Romeo: Tell us now! Are you Iago? Or Friar Laurence?
Friar Laurence: What are you talking about? It's me, Friar Laurence!
Friar Laurence: Ugh… Hey, where am I? Am I tied up? What's the meaning of this!
Paris: But Romeo, how can we tell if this is really Friar Laurence, and not just Iago trying to trick us?
Romeo: Hmm… I'm not sure.
Paris: Do you think we should just leave him tied up?
Romeo: That might be a good idea, at least until we can be sure which one he is.
Friar Laurence: Wha-what are you saying? You can't be serious!
Friar Laurence: You can't leave an old man tied up like this! I demand that you release me at once!
Romeo: Wait. Iago renounced his claim to the throne and became Friar Laurence 11 years ago…
Romeo: Back then I hadn't met Friar Laurence yet.
Romeo: So if this man doesn't know me, then that means that he's the real Friar Laurence, doesn't it?
Friar Laurence: What are you blithering on about?
Paris: But, this could still be Iago, just pretending to be the priest.
Romeo: Hmm… Then I give up.
Vyrn: Lyria, can't you sense which one he is?
Lyria: Um… I can't tell…
Lyria: After all, I never noticed before.
Friar Laurence: How… How much longer are you going to stand there talking while a poor old man is tied up here and in pain…
Lord Capulet: Do you think the rope is really necessary? At the very least, can't we untie him?
Lord Capulet: I can't abide the mistreatment of the elderly.
Juliet: I… I suppose that should be all right. There's no way he can get past all of us.
Juliet: Even Iago couldn't take all of us on…
Romeo: Juliet, don't jinx this.
Romeo turns his back and scoffs at Juliet's naivety.
The moment Romeo's back turned, a black mist starts emanating from Friar Laurence.
Friar Laurence: Ugh… Urghh…
Once the black smoke has fully escaped him, Father Laurence collapses to the floor.
Juliet: Romeo, behind you!
Before he has time to react, the black smoke grabs hold of Romeo.
Romeo: Ugh… What is this… Urgh… Aargh…
Paris: Romeo! Just hold on!
Romeo: No… Don't… Don't come any closer…
Romeo is enveloped entirely by the black mist.
Iago: At the… very least.. I will… have this boy…
Iago: For the… Montague's sins… I will take… Romeo… as a sacrifice…
Juliet approaches Romeo, who is almost totally smothered by Iago's ghost.
Paris: Juliet! Stay away!
Juliet doesn't hesitate as she rushes toward Romeo and wraps her arms around him in a loving embrace.
Lord Capulet: Juliet! The curse!
Juliet: I don't care.
The black mist expands from Romeo, and envelops Juliet too.
Juliet: Ugh… I can feel the hate… rising…
Iago: Hate, hate, hate… Montagues… Capulets… I hate them all…
Juliet: Oh, Iago… I'm so sorry…
Juliet: No one… No one understood your pain…
Juliet: No one tried to help you…
Juliet: It must have been unbearable, having to live like this… Alone with your hatred…
Juliet: But… Please… I'm begging you, don't take Romeo…
Iago: I must have my revenge… His father… killed me… I must be avenged!
Juliet: No sin goes unpunished… Even if it takes years, or decades…
Iago: Those are just empty words! I must have my vengeance. If not through Romeo, then how…
Iago: The dream we held on to for so long… Our beloved Verona…
Iago: All these people… fighting… bickering… It was never supposed to be like this…
Juliet: Romeo and I… We can change things… You'll see…
Juliet: We'll bring down that accursed wall… We'll bring an end to the conflict…
Juliet: Together we will make your dream?your Verona?a reality!
Juliet: Through our love!
Juliet places her hands on Romeo's cold cheek, and gives him the gentlest of kisses.
The couple are engulfed in a brilliant pillar of light, with the embracing lovers at its base.
The dark mist, defeated by their love, is sucked up into the pillar of light.
The black mist bursts and disperses into the ether, along with the pillar of light.