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Official Profile

Age 19 Height 172 cm Race (N/A)
Hobbies (N/A)
Likes (N/A)
Dislikes (N/A)
Character Release
「テイルズ オブ アスタリア」の世界において、ルイニス街に妹のリリスと暮らしている青年。

Source [1]
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Age 19歳 Height 172cm Race (N/A)
Hobbies (N/A)
Likes (N/A)
Dislikes (N/A)
Character Release
「テイルズ オブ アスタリア」の世界において、ルイニス街に妹のリリスと暮らしている青年。

Source [1]




Special Cutscenes

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Fate Episodes

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Unfamiliar Blue Skies

On the way to visit his friend Leon in the town of Luinith, Stahn is suddenly swallowed by a black rift. A moment later he finds himself standing on a street corner. After pursuing his friend Leon, Stahn eventually loses sight of him. Soon after, he learns that he is on a floating island in a strange new world. He then attempts to gather information on Leon's whereabouts, which will lead to his encounter with (Captain) and the others.

The city of Luinith, on the western outskirts of the Kingdom of Sylvarant.
After bearing witness to the Crystallization Anomaly that appeared in the city, Stahn leaves his sister Lilith at home and sets out to meet his friend Leon.
Stahn: The Crystallization Anomaly has spread to Luinith...
Stahn: I can't just sit around doing nothing. Maybe Leon will have an idea...
Stahn: Hey, Leon!
Seeing his friend in the distance, Stahn tries to catch up with him.
Stahn: What the heck?
A black rift suddenly materializes before Stahn's eyes.
Stahn: Aagghh!
As he lets out a bewildered scream, Stahn is swallowed by the darkness.
And then...
Stahn: Hmm?
Stahn: What the?
Stahn finds himself standing at a street corner.
Stahn: The heck just happened? I remember heading toward Leon and calling out to him...
Stahn: Oh, there he is! Leon!
Stahn breaks into a run, just managing to see Leon's cape disappear into the alley ahead.
Stahn: Geez, Leon! Wait up already!
Stahn: Leon? Aw, shucks. He's gone... and I'm lost!
Leon is nowhere to be found. And to make matters worse, Stahn finds himself standing in an unfamiliar town.
Stahn: Er, what's going on? This isn't Luinith.
Stahn: You've got to be kidding me!
Stahn's mad search for Leon soon brings him to a port outside of the city.
Stahn: Clouds? Wait... the sky? Oh my gosh, the ground is floating!
Stahn's eyes widen as he gazes over the strange scenery that lays before him.
Stahn: This is incredible! And so beautiful... Wait, am I dreaming?
Staring out over the sea of clouds, Stahn gives his own cheek a pinch.
Stahn: Ouch! No, that definitely hurts. But if this isn't a dream, then why am I here?
Stahn: Well. I have no idea what's going on. But it seems like Leon is here, so I guess I'll keep looking for him.
Looking for information, Stahn passes through the doors of a bustling pub.
Waitress: Welcome!
Stahn: What the? Some of these people have animal ears and horns growing out of their heads! Now I know I'm in a different world...
Stahn: Um, excuse me?
Customer: Hmm? What's up, pal?
Stahn: I hope you don't mind me asking, but, uh... This isn't Luinith, is it?
Customer: Lui-who? Nope. Never even heard of a place by that name.
Stahn: I didn't think so.
Stahn: Then how about this: Have you seen a swordsman with black hair who's about this tall and wears a cape?
Customer: Can't say I have. Lookin' for someone?
Stahn: Yeah. I kinda got separated from my friend...
Waitress: What'll you have, hon?
Stahn: Oh, sorry. I'll have milk please.
Waitress: You got it. That'll be 150 rupies.
Stahn: Rupies? Not gald?
Waitress: Gald? What's gald?
Stahn: So my money's no good here, huh? This day just keeps getting better.
???: What's the matter, friend?
Stahn: Oh, just having a little cash-flow problem.
???: What, for milk? Hell, I'll cover you.
Stahn: No, no! I couldn't possibly!
???: Hey, so, we happened to overhear your conversation just now, and I think we've got an idea who you're lookin' for.
Stahn: Really? You saw Leon?
???: Sure did. Want me to take you to where I saw him?
Stahn: That'd be a huge help!
Waitress: So are you gonna order something or what?
Stahn: Oh, sorry! Could I get a rain check?
Waitress: Sure thing. Come back sometime, 'kay?
Shifty Goon 1: (Heh heh heh. Look at the sword that kid's packin'. Damn fine piece of weaponry.)
Shifty Goon 2: (Yeah. Doesn't seem like he's got any cash, but that'll just make it easier. All we gotta do is trick this dope and take that sword!)
Stahn: Sorry to keep you waiting! Uh, is everything all right?
Shifty Goon 1: Peachy. Now let's get a move on.
Stahn: Lead the way!
Deceived by their silver tongues, Stahn follows the thugs outside.
Little does he know that he'll soon have a fateful encounter with (Captain)'s crew.

The Battle's End

One morning on the Grandcypher, Stahn gazes out over the beautiful sea of clouds and is struck by the realization that he's in another world. As (Captain) and the others join him, a cheerful chat begins, but their reverie is soon interrupted by a monster attack. The crew gleefully leaps into the fray, saying that a brisk fight is the best way to wake up in the morning.

Stahn: Aaah... What a beautiful morning!
One morning Stahn wakes early and steps onto the deck to look out over the skies.
Stahn: What a gorgeous sea of clouds.
Stahn: I can't believe islands are floating in the sky. No bones about it—this is a totally different world.
Vyrn: Hey, buddy!
Lyria: Yawn... Oh, good morning, Stahn! You're up early.
Stahn: Morning, Vyrn! Morning, Lyria! Morning, (Captain)!
Vyrn: What were you lookin' at?
Stahn: The clouds. They're quite stunning.
Vyrn: Heh. That's right—islands don't float in the sky back where you're from, huh?
Stahn: They sure don't. I've never seen anything like it.
Lyria: But even if you had, the way the morning sun lights up the sky is still plenty beautiful!
Vyrn: Heh heh, that's for sur—
Uh-oh. Look over there!
Monster: ...!
Lyria: Monsters!
Stahn: Let's take 'em out, (Captain).
Vyrn: If anyone's still feeling sleepy, this'll get you up on your feet!

The Battle's End: Scene 2

After exterminating the monster threat, the crew stops by Auguste. While frolicking on the beautiful beaches, Stahn mentions how he'd like to bring friends from his own world here, which pleases Eugen. However, this peaceful scene is soon interrupted by a monster assault, causing Stahn to take up arms in protection of Auguste's lovely seas.

After exterminating the monsters that attacked the Grandcypher, the crew makes a stop at Auguste.
Stahn: Wow! The ocean!
Vyrn: Please don't tell me you've never seen an ocean.
Stahn: Of course I have! I'm just impressed that you have seas of clouds and seas of water.
Stahn: And what a beautiful sea it is!
Kicking off his boots, Stahn dashes toward the water.
Stahn: Aaah... The water feels great!
Stahn: Hey! Get over here, you guys!
Lyria: Yay! Here I come!
Vyrn: Good grief. He's like a little kid. Well, I suppose we'd better join him.
Stahn: It really is beautiful. I wish I could bring everyone here.
Lyria: Who's "everyone?"
Stahn: My friends back in my own world. I bet it'd be even more fun if they were here.
Stahn: Although Rutee might complain that she can't make any money off it...
Stahn: And Leon might gripe about how he'd rather go with absolutely anyone else.
Stahn: Still, I bet they'd both come along!
Eugen: Ha! You look like you're enjoying yourself.
Stahn: I'm having the time of my life!
Eugen: Glad to hear it. I was born in Auguste, you know.
Stahn: Really? Lucky you! It's a wonderful place.
Eugen: Yep! I'm proud to call it home.
Monster: !
Vyrn: Uh-oh. We've got company!
Stahn: We've gotta protect Auguste's peaceful oceans!

The Battle's End: Scene 3

After the crew exterminates the monsters, Stahn tells Eugen that he'd like to have him visit his home one day. Later Stahn falls into a deep sleep from which the crew can't wake him. However, they soon remember a piece of advice he gave them called the "Aileron Family Arte: Wake the Dead" which involves a frying pan, a ladle, and a lot of very loud banging.

With the monsters that descended upon the coast eliminated, tranquility returns to the waters of Auguste.
Stahn: Phew! I'm glad nobody got injured.
Eugen: That's for sure! Would be a shame to see any blood spilt here.
Eugen: You know, while I love the skyfaring life of travel and good friends, there's something to be said for the occasional trip back home.
Stahn: I know how you feel. I love my hometown too.
Eugen: Oh yeah? What's it like?
Stahn: The town itself is beautiful, and the people are all very kind.
Eugen: I'd love to see it myself one day.
Stahn: And I'd love to have you! We'll make the rounds and introduce you to everyone. You can even meet Lilith.
Eugen: Who's Lilith?
Stahn: My sister. She's quite the chef—I bet she'll whip up a real feast for us!
Eugen: Ha ha! I can hardly wait!
Stahn: Zzz...
In his dreams, Stahn sees white sand and blue seas.
He finds himself frolicking with his friends along the beaches of Auguste.
Vyrn: Enough's enough! Wake up already!
Stahn: Mmm... Best fish ever... Couldn't eat another bite... Zzz...
Vyrn: This is pointless. He's out like a light.
(Captain) and company find themselves at a loss as to what to do about Stahn.
Stahn: Zzz...
Lyria: Ahaha, I've never seen anyone sleep so soundly.
Vyrn: Hey, Lyria. Didn't Stahn have something special he wanted you to do if he wouldn't wake up?
Lyria: Hey, yeah! What was that again?
Aha! Here we go!
Lyria produces a frying pan and ladle.
Vyrn: Uh... Okay?
Lyria: Stahn called this the "Aileron Family Arte: Wake the Dead."
Lyria: Ready, (Captain)? You're up!
Nodding in understanding, (Captain) takes the frying pan and ladle from Lyria and holds them at the ready.
Stahn: Zzz...
Lyria: ...
Lyria covers her ears with both hands while (Captain) takes a deep breath.
Vyrn: Wait, what are you about to...
Moments later a raucous cacophony of steel echoes across the skies.

Side-scrolling Quotes

JapaneseThis is an official transcription. EnglishThis is an official translation.
よっしゃあ!次いくぞ! Right on! Let's move!
はあ……腹減ったなー Man, I'm starving...
まだまだっ! It'll take more than that!
(主人公)、背中は任せてくれよな! I've got your back, (Captain)!
負けるわけにはいかないぜ! I won't lose!
よし、次だっ! All right, keep it coming!
やるなー(主人公)! Not bad, (Captain)!
焼き尽くせっ! Burn to ash!
リオンのやつどこ行ったんだ? Where the heck is Leon?
リリス、心配してるかな I wonder if Lilith is worried...