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These tabs contain full Event cutscene scripts with major spoilers about the plot and characters. View these tabs at your own discretion.

THE FREEZE - Opening

One day, Jin invites (Captain) on an adventure to the far north, to the frozen land of Nordvjast. Jin wants to try a mysterious “delicacy” that he has heard about, but Soriz is not very interested. But when Jin mentions a secret hot spring surrounded by snowy scenery located in Nordvjast, Soriz gets excited and decides that they should go.

One day, as (Captain) is relaxing on the ship, Jin appears.
No version of Jin (Event) in crew

Jin: Hey, (Captain). It's been a while. Sorry to barge in like this, but there's something I wanted to—
Lyria: Jin! Long time no see! We last saw you that time on Venera Beach!
Any version of Jin (Event) is a crew member

Jin: Do you have a minute? There was something I wanted to discuss with you…
Soriz not in crew

Suddenly, Soriz, Jin's companion from their last adventure, comes into the room after him.
Soriz: Hey there! Coming through!
Vyrn: Huh? Hey, it's Soriz!
Soriz: Hey! Jin called me here! I have no idea why, though.
Vyrn: Yeah… what's this thing that you want to discuss?
Jin: Yes… I was wondering if you'd be interested in trying a delicacy from the north skies? I hear it's really something special!
Lyria: A… delicacy?
Eugen: North skies? Are you talking about the Nordvjast Ice Floes?
Jin: Yes, right there.
Jin: Nordvjast is an enormous continent, it stretches across multiple skydoms in the far north…
Jin: It's a harsh and unexplored realm.
Eugen: More recently, a few different countries have been surveying the island, and a land grab has begun on Nordvjast.
Eugen: Haha, sounds like a very exciting place if you ask me!
Jin: I knew it! You feel the excitement too!
Joel is a crew member

Joel: The Nordvjast Ice Floes… I'd like to go there and see them too.
Joel: I wonder if it's different to the sea in Auguste… I heard it's made of ice…
Vyrn: They're right! I'm psyched about the idea of going to an unexplored island!
Vyrn: I wonder what the "delicacy" that you can eat there is?
Jin: I only know that you can catch it in the seas of Nordvjast.
Soriz: Huh? Sounds like we don't even know if this "delicacy" exists!
Jin: Ah, you've got me there. But Nordvjast is not a realm that your average person can explore.
Jin: I knew that it would be impossible alone, so I wanted to ask (Captain) about it.
Eugen: Hmm… the mysterious delicacy of Nordvjast… I might know someone who can help us…
Jin: Really, Eugen?
Eugen: Yeah, I know a guy who runs an explorer ship in Nordvjast.
Lyria: An explorer ship? What's that?
Eugen: They're ships that carry out surveys and catch fish in Nordvjast. Hmmm, where did I meet him…
Jin: Aha! They do surveys, but more importantly, fishing! This person is definitely going to know something about Nordvjast's "delicacy"!
Jin: It'd be great if we could enlist your friend's help in our search!
Eugen: Sure thing! I've always been interested in the work those ships do up in Nordvjast!
Agielba is a crew member

Ardora: Is this "delicacy" tasty? I want to try some!
Agielba: Are you interested in the delicacy of the north too, Ardora? All right, let's go to Nordvjast!
Soriz: Sorry to ruin your enthusiasm, but this doesn't sound that amazing…
Jin: What? Soriz, this is the mysterious delicacy of an unexplored island that we're talking about! How is that not exciting?
Soriz: Well, I suppose it does sound interesting… but I don't like the idea of going somewhere that cold.
Jin: Hmm… It will be cold…
Jin: You were a great help last time when we fished the scourgefish.
Eugen: Well, what do you think, (Captain)? Are you interested in going to see the ice floes? Or how about to eat the mysterious delicacy?
  1. I want to eat the "delicacy"!
  2. I want to see the ice floes!

Choose: I want to eat the "delicacy"!
Lyria: It does sound very tasty, doesn't it? I'd like to try it too! I wonder what kind of food it is…
Lyria: The scourgefish was so delicious! I hope this one is that good!
Choose: I want to see the ice floes!
Vyrn: Ah, you too, (Captain)? I wanna see the ice floes too…
Ippatsu is a crew member

Ippatsu: The delicacy of the ice floes… I should bring some to my boss…
Vyrn: Massive chunks of ice just floating on the water… I can't even imagine something that crazy!
Soriz: Hmm… Nothing about that sounds that great…
Eugen: Ah well, that's a shame. I'm sure there are other interesting things you could get up to on Nordvjast!
Jin: Ah, of course! While I was investigating this "delicacy" I heard something about Nordvjast's hot springs…
Jin: I heard that there's a secret spring surrounded by snow. People who love hot springs are raving about it!
Soriz: …What?
Jin: And the landscape is supposed to be breathtaking. This spring is legendary for a reason!
Soriz: Secret spring… People who love hot springs… Snowy landscapes… mystical water… Fantastic!
Soriz: I've changed my mind! We're going to Nordvjast.
Jin: Woohoo! I knew you'd come around, Soriz!
Soriz: Yeah! I'll even do your ice floe fishing as well! Even if it's cold!
Soriz: And then, we'll all go and warm ourselves in the fantastic scenery of the secret spring!
Eugen: Good idea! Let's get going!
Soriz: Let's go! To Nordvjast!
Jin: Yes!
Eugen: Yes!
And so, (Captain) and the crew travel to Nordvjast, seeking the mysterious delicacy…
What awaits them in the cold reaches of the frozen north?

THE FREEZE - Chapter 1: A Phantom Delicacy - Episode 1

(Captain) and the crew arrive in Nordvjast, and ask a man who is living there about the mysterious delicacy. The man guesses that the delicacy that they're talking about is the trollkrabbe, a type of crab from Nordvjast, but he says that he has never tried it, and doesn't know any place where they serve it…

(Captain) and the crew arrive in Nordvjast.
The biting cold of the wintry weather makes (Captain) and the crew shiver.
Lyria: Brrr… It's so cold…
Any version of Lancelot is a crew member

Vyrn: Quick, let's head into somewhere warm! Where are Lancelot and Vane? They're taking forever…
Eugen: They said they'd meet us at the landing strip, but they must be running late…
Lyria: Maybe they got held up in Feendrache? I'm sure they're very busy…
Vane: Hey! (Captain)!
Lyria: Ah! It's Vane and Lancelot!
Lancelot: Sorry we're late. There were so many forms to fill out!
Vane: And it's so cold here!

No version of Lancelot in crew, Any version of Vane is a crew member

Vyrn: Quick, let's head into somewhere warm! Where are Lancelot and Vane? They're taking forever…
Eugen: They said they'd meet us at the landing strip, but they must be running late…
Lyria: Maybe they got held up in Feendrache? I'm sure they're very busy…
Vane: Hey! (Captain)!
Lyria: Ah! It's Vane and Lancelot!
Lancelot: Sorry we're late. There were so many forms to fill out!
Vane: And it's so cold here!
Continue 1
Eugen: Watch out, you'll catch a cold. Anyway, let's head toward where the people from the explorer ship are living.
Vyrn: Wow… I thought you said this island was unexplored! This area seems like a regular town!
Eugen: Well, this area is where people doing long voyages on the explorer ships stay.
Eugen: And it's not just them. Merchants have turned up to sell the things they need to do their jobs, and then you've got a town!
Jin: I'm just glad there are some people here. We can ask them about the delicacy and finally learn what it is!
Eugen: Hey, excuse me! Could we ask you something?
(Captain) and the crew ask a passerby about the delicacy of the ice floes.
Passerby: Delicacy… Oh, do you mean the trollkrabbe?
Jin: Trollkrabbe… From the name, I'd guess it's some kind of crab…
Soriz: A crab… How do you go about catching a crab?
Passerby: Catch it? Catch a trollkrabbe? Give up now, friend! It's dangerous to even try!
Eugen: Ah, it's difficult to catch, then? So… is there a shop around here where they serve trollkrabbe?
Passerby: Errr… I don't know… I've never actually eaten trollkrabbe. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful…
Jin: Don't worry about it! Thank you for talking to us.
Soriz: Hey, have you heard anything about the secret hot spring people are talking about?
Passerby: Yeah… I heard that an explorer group found it… but I don't know where it is.
After thanking the man, the crew move on, asking a few more passersby about the trollkrabbe.
But the reaction from the people is less than what they have hoped for. No one knows how to get hold of the mysterious trollkrabbe.
Jin: Surely this food can't be so rare that people who live here have never had the chance to eat it…
Eugen: You'd think that people who live here would at least have tried it once…
Lyria: It's a very rare crab, this trollkrabbe… isn't it?
Ippatsu not in crew

Soriz: Wow, this just gets harder and harder… Whoa!
Soriz steps on something and stumbles forward.
Soriz: What was that? Wait… a person?!
Lyria: Oh no! There's a person lying there!
Vyrn: Hey, are you all right down there?
Ippatsu: Urrrghhh… Ramen…
Ippatsu: Huh? Where am I?
Lyria: Phew… he's all right. What were you doing down there?
Ippatsu: I'm sorry… I seem to have expended all of my travelling money, and now…
Ippatsu: It's shameful, but I collapsed on the road.
Eugen: You'll freeze if you collapse out here! Why are you in Nordvjast?
Ippatsu: I'm gathering ingredients for my master, the legendary ramen chef…
Ippatsu: I heard that there's a mysterious delicacy to be found in Nordvjast. The kind that will make your mouth sing and your tongue tingle!
Ippatsu: I asked the people who live here, but none of them knew anything about it… So I'm stuck…
Jin: We've been having the same problem… How can the trollkrabbe be such a mysterious food?
Ippatsu: Ah, you're looking for the trollkrabbe too? Could I possibly come with you?
Vyrn: Of course you can! Right, (Captain)?
Ippatsu: Thank you so much! Let's seal the deal by going out to eat! I feel like… hmm… Ramen!
Ippatsu: There's a ramen stall around here somewhere! Seriously, slurping up a piping hot bowl of ramen when it's cold outside is the best!
Jin: I'm getting really cold, this ramen thing sounds like a great idea!
Ippatsu: Ramen is always a great idea! Right this way!
Soriz: He's energetic for a man who was collapsed on the road a minute ago…

THE FREEZE - Chapter 1: A Phantom Delicacy - Episode 2

(Captain) and the crew go to a nearby stall and order the trollkrabbe. But the meat they are served isn't very fresh, and they don't enjoy their meal. To make matters worse, the stall owner tries to rip them off, and despite their protests, (Captain) and the crew end up squaring off against some ruffians hired by the owner.

Eugen: Hmmm… there doesn't seem to be anywhere where we can eat trollkrabbe here…
Eugen: We should go and find the explorer ship. Shall we give up on finding somewhere that sells trollkrabbe?
Street Food Seller: Hey! You want to eat delicacy, yes?
Soriz: Whoa! Don't sneak up on people like that, old man!
Street Food Seller: You will come to my stall? I give you delicious foods!
Lyria: Erm… Do you sell trollkrabbe at your stall?
Street Food Seller: Da. We have fish, wine, hot drink, everything.
Soriz: Wow, what are the chances? Give us some of the famous "delicacy of the north"!
Street Food Seller: Come with me.
(Captain) and the crew head for the old man's stall, and ask for the trollkrabbe.
Vyrn: Wow, this is the famous trollkrabbe! Om… nom… hmm…
Lyria: Hmm… It's kind of tasty, I guess…
Soriz: It's not the best food I've ever eaten…
Agielba is a crew member

Agielba: It couldn't really live up to the hype, I suppose…
Eugen: I've gotta say, this doesn't seem that fresh. It's pretty tasteless.
Jin: Yeah… Don't they have any way of getting fresh meat?
Jin: Well, let's get the check and head off.
Street Food Seller: Here is check. Please pay.
Soriz takes the check from the old man and his jaw drops as he reads it.
Soriz: Wha-? Is this some kind of joke?
Street Food Seller: You order trollkrabbe. Trollkrabbe very expensive.
Eugen: What? You're just trying to rip us off!
Street Food Seller: You refuse to pay? You try to dine and dash?
Eugen: No! But this price, it's ridiculous!
Street Food Seller: You will not pay. But I have ways of getting my money. Now!
Joel is a crew member

Joel: Whoa, this is getting rough!
The stall owner signals, and some ruffians who had been lurking in the shadows surround the crew.
Soriz: You're gonna try and coerce us into paying? That's just bad business.
Street Food Seller: Get them, boys!

THE FREEZE - Chapter 1: A Phantom Delicacy - Episode 3

(Captain) and the crew are arrested by the town guards, after being accused of robbing the stall by the owner. They are thrown in jail, and must pay a high bail to get out. Then, the explorer ship captain Sanza, who Eugen had been in contact with previously, turns up at the jail and offers to pay their bail if they sign his work contract! (Captain) and the crew sign the contract, and head toward the explorer ship.

Eugen: Jeez… these greedy fools, trying to take our money… what's wrong with them?
Ippatsu: It's terrible. They're not even fit to lick my master's boots.
Street Food Seller: Ungh… You are strong…
Jin: We'll pay our bill. A fair price for what we ordered.
(Captain) and the crew go to hand money to the owner, but he suddenly raises his voice.
Street Food Seller: Help! They are robbing me!
Guards, employed to protect the town, rush over to the stall.
Soriz: Huh?
(Captain) and the crew are thrown in jail before they have a chance to explain the situation.
Jin: I can't believe that they wouldn't listen to us… What's gonna happen?
Ippatsu not in crew

Eugen: Sorry for dragging you into this mess, Ippatsu.
Ippatsu: Don't worry about it. I couldn't stomach their behavior either. All for one and one for all!
Timid Guard: Oh dear, you folks really messed up, eh?
Vyrn: Hey, let us out of here, man! They started it!
Timid Guard: Huh… I thought that might be the case. But I don't have the power to just let you out of here.
Eugen: Whaddaya mean?
Timid Guard: That stall is controlled by some powerful people. They even have friends within the guard barracks!
Jin: Wha-? The guards are supposed to protect the town! They can't be in the pockets of criminals!
Timid Guard: Well, it can't be helped. I won't tell anyone that you know, but you need to just sit there quietly until you get released.
Any version of Lancelot is a crew member

Lancelot: Grr… Do you have any shame?
Grumpy Guard: Soldier! Are you fraternizing with the prisoners?
Timid Guard: N-no! I was just keeping watch!
Grumpy Guard: Well then, stand up straight! Hey, prisoners. If you want to get out, you'll need to post your bail.
Eugen: Bail?
Grumpy Guard: Yeah! Think of it as an apology payment to us guards and the stall owner. Then you're free to go!
Vyrn: Grrr, you lousy, no-good—
Jin: Though it might be better to get this over with before we get into any more trouble.
Jin: It'll be hard to escape from here without hurting any of the guards…
Any version of Vane is a crew member

Vane: You're right. That guard who talked to us earlier wasn't a bad guy.
Agielba is a crew member

Agielba: I don't care… I just don't want Ardora to be in a place like this any longer…
Eugen: So, how much is this bail?
Grumpy Guard: Heh, at least one of you is smart enough to know what's good for you. Here's your "bill."
Vyrn and Lyria look over at the piece of paper that the guard hands to (Captain).
Lyria: Hmm… how many zeroes is that? One… two… three…
Vyrn: What the… how do you expect us to pay this much?
Grumpy Guard: Well, in that case you can stay there and rot in that cell!
Vyrn: Myoon…
???: If it's money ya want, how would ya like to earn some?
Vyrn: Huh? Who are you, old man?
???: You should know who I am, lad. You were supposed ta be comin' to me and settin' out on ma explorer ship!
Eugen: Wait, so you're Captain Sanza from the explorer ship?
Sanza: Aye. You must be the "Eugen" lad I contacted. Who woulda thought I'd find ya behind bars?
Jin: It's very embarassing… They wouldn't listen to a word we had to say…
Sanza: Heh. When in Nordvjast, do as the Nordvjasters do. Ya should pay yer bail and get out.
Sanza: Ah, but if ya can't pay, then ya can't get out. Ah well, I guess I'll have ta pay for ya.
Soriz: Really? Thank you!
Sanza: Heh. Well, ya can call this an advance on yer payment! Ya were goin' to join me crew anyway!
Sanza: Don't worry, I'll make sure ya work fer it! Here's yer contract!
(Captain) looks over the contract that Sanza hands to them.
Vyrn: "No experience necessary… Recruiting motivated young people… Possibility of travel…"
Soriz: "No quotas… Performance-based bonuses are available…" Hmmm…
Soriz: Ooh! That's quite the salary! You guys are raking it in!
Sanza: Heh. The buyers drive a hard bargain, but we take in a tidy profit!
Vyrn: Hmm, this contract doesn't seem too bad, you know!
Lyria: Yeah… I think we can manage!
Eugen: Yeah! It's just like we took on a slightly strange mission!
(Captain) signs the contract and hands it back to Sanza.
Grumpy Guard: If you're done with your little meeting, get out of my jail! I'm a busy man, I'd better not see you again!
Soriz: Pah! As if we'd try and get thrown in jail again!

THE FREEZE - Chapter 1: A Phantom Delicacy - Episode 4

(Captain) and the crew prepare themselves head for the explorer ship after they get out of jail. After a tearful goodbye, Agielba leaves his daughter Ardora and comes with the crew to board the ship. The explorer ship sets out on its exciting fishing and survey voyage across the ice floes of Nordvjast.

(Captain) and the crew are preparing to board the explorer ship.
Agielba is a crew member

Agielba decides to let Ardora stay in town with the people in charge of repairing the explorer ships.
Agielba not in crew

The crew hear a little girl's voice echoing through the cold air.
Ardora: Aww, daddy! Can I really not come with you?
Agielba: Ardora…
Agielba: No! The work we'll be doing on the explorer ship… it's dangerous!
Agielba: I could never allow myself to put you in danger, Ardora. Be a good girl and wait for me, OK?
Ardora: (sniff) OK… I'll be good.
Ardora: But you need to promise that you'll come back safe, daddy!
Agielba: Awww, you're such a thoughtful little girl, Ardora…
Agielba: Don't worry, daddy will definitely come back to you safe and sound!
Agielba not in crew

Vyrn: Hey, are you coming on the explorer ship too?
Agielba: Huh? Yeah, I'm shipping out with a captain called Sanza! Normally I'm an agent soldier.
Jin: You don't say… You seem like a sturdy fellow.
Agielba: Do you need something? I'm just saying goodbye to my daughter at the moment.
Lyria: We're helping out on Sanza's ship too!
Agielba: Really? Hah, I guess we're shipmates then! I'll see you on deck!
Lyria: OK! See you there!
Soriz: Right, let's head over to the port, then!
Ardora: Goodbye, everyone!
(Captain) and the crew board the ship, waved off by Ardora.
Eugen: Haha, this is a fine vessel!
No version of Vane in crew, No version of Lancelot in crew

Vane: Huh? Is that… Hey! (Captain)!
Vyrn: Hey, it's Vane! What are you doing here?
Lancelot: Long time no see, (Captain). Thank you again for your help last time.
Vane: The Order of the White Dragons are on an expedition to see the world! We're mostly doing agent work, though.
Lancelot: We were recruited by the captain of this ship.
Lyria: I see! So now you're doing the same kind of work that us skyfarers do!
Vane: I guess so! We'll be right at home working alongside (Captain) and the crew again, right, Lancey?
Lancelot: You're right, Vane! We've never been on a seafaring boat before!
Lyria: Haha, really? We went on one in Auguste! It was fun!
Lancelot: Well, I suppose that makes you my commanding officer, Lyria!
Lyria: Heehee! Hoist the mainbrace!
Joel not in crew

???: Hmm? Are you guys new to this ship?
Soriz: Yup! You too?
Joel: The name's Joel. And yeah, this is my first trip out to fish the trollkrabbe.
Joel: Well, I helped this old captain in Auguste once on his fishing boat too.
Eugen: Ah, you're from Auguste? It's so nice to meet someone from my home island! Pleased to meet you!
Joel: Pleased to meet you too.
Rough Fisherman: The boat's ready to leave! Is everyone aboard?
One of the ship's officers does a roll call, and the boat begins to pull away from the harbor.
Sanza: Avast, ye bilge rats! Get to yer stations, stop blatherin'!
Sanza: Anyone who can't pull their weight is goin' overboard!
Vyrn: Whoa… The captain's totally different to when he came and helped us get out of jail…
Eugen: There's nowhere to go on a ship, and you can't get more supplies easily…
Eugen: You've gotta be strict to keep the ship running smoothly.
Rough Fisherman: Get back to work, swabs!
Joel: OK, let's get to work!
Lancelot: Yeah!
And so, the crew's adventure on board the explorer ship begins.
They have no idea just how harsh their trials will be, far from the safety of land…

THE FREEZE - Chapter 2: Life on the Cruel Sea - Episode 1

Sanza orders (Captain) and the crew to prepare the fishing nets. When they ask how, he replies that they need to figure it out for themselves. Without any other options, (Captain) and the others begin searching for the nets.

Because of the duplicitous stall merchant, and the guards they had bought off, (Captain) and the crew were in jail.
In order to make their bail, the crew accept Sanza's aid in return for agreeing to work on his explorer ship.
Now that the explorer ship has left for open water, it has no means of making contact with the rest of the world.
(Captain) and the crew prepare themselves for the strict lifestyle of open-sea fishing.
Sanza: Ahoy! Look lively, ya landlubbers! Make ready to cast the nets!
Soriz: Cast the nets? How are we even supposed to do that?
Sanza: Don't just run yer mouth, lad. An' don't just try to steal an old man's knowledge! It's on-the-job training only here.
Lyria: On-the-job training?
Sanza: Baptism o'fire! Play-time is over now, kiddies!
Soriz: …Well this ain't what I expected. We don't even know where the nets are!
Joel: We'll be using them from here on out, so I doubt they're kept inside, they should be somewhere on the deck.
Ippatsu: Well, let's look for them first! It will be difficult to cast the nets without any nets to cast!
Lyria: That's certainly true, let's go, (Captain)!

THE FREEZE - Chapter 2: Life on the Cruel Sea - Episode 1: Scene 2

(Captain), Lancelot and Vane manage to get some nets, when Vane says he isn't feeling well, and has indeed turned a strange shade of green. The crew members are expressing their sympathies for him, when a monster lands on the deck of the explorer ship. To carry on preparations of the nets, (Captain) and the crew prepare to take the monster out.

Lancelot: We managed to get quite a haul of nets, eh Vane?
Vane: S-sorry Lancey… I'm just, I'm not feeling too good…
Lancelot: Are you okay? You are looking a little green.
Joel: Sounds like you're seasick. Try to have a little water, and look off into the horizon.
Eugen: It's the sway of the waves that does it. It can be rough if you ain't used to it, I do feel for ya.
Monster: Graaaargh!
Jin: Whoa! It leapt straight onto the deck!
Lancelot: I suppose in the stillness of the ice floes, this ship smashing through ice is quite conspicuous.
Eugen: Damn, we'd better get rid of this thing before it ruins all our hard work!

THE FREEZE - Chapter 2: Life on the Cruel Sea - Episode 2

For voicing displeasure at Sanza's strict reprimands, Sanza orders his men to throw Lancelot and Vane into the freezing waters below the ship. Acting quickly, Agielba casts the nets, and the party manages to pull the two men back onto the ship. However, the nets also pull monsters up, forcing the crew to fight them.

Soriz: Oof, it's just one thing after the other around here!
Lancelot: Well, at least now we have time to figure out what to do with these nets…
Sanza: Oi oi! What do you think you're doing? You can't still be fiddling with those nets?
Soriz: You must have seen that monster we fought off! There's no way we could have prepared the nets yet!
Sanza: Monster? You'll be wishin' you were jus' fightin' monsters when I'm through with yer! Just do as your told!
Sanza: You'd better start makin' yerselves useful! Since yer not prepared to earn yer keep, you've just lost a day of food!
Lancelot: Wha… you cannot do that!
Sanza: Lemme make something clear to ya, green hand. On a ship, the captain's word is law. I make the rules 'ere!
Lancelot: Of course, I understand the value of discipline… but to go this far is just tyrannical!
Sanza: Big words from a man tottering about like a child learnin' to walk! Just lookin' at ya is makin' me sick to me stomach!
Sanza: This ain't a pleasure cruise!
Men! Show these mouthy brats some discipline!
Salty Fisherman: Aye aye, sir!
Rough Fisherman: Aye aye, sir!
Before he could even launch another reply, the senior sailor had Lancelot's arms pinned behind his back.
Vane: What are you doing to Lancey! Unhand him!
As soon as it seemed Vane could overcome his seasickness and save Lancelot, he was grabbed by another fisherman.
Before (Captain) and the others could do anything to help them, the two men were tossed overboard.
Jin: How could you!
Sanza: Oh, did you say something? There's no room for dead weight on my ship, so I threw it overboard! Men! Pick up the slack!
Salty Fisherman: Aye aye, sir!
Rough Fisherman: Aye aye, sir!
Lancelot: Ugh… gah!
Joel: This is bad, this isn't the kind of water you should swim in!
Vyrn: Not only that, they were both still wearing their armour!
Lyria: Wh-wh-what should we do?
Agielba: Ah… hyaaaa!
While the others were panicking, Agielba grabs the nets and casts them out to Lancelot and Vane.
Agielba: …Yes! I caught them!
Soriz: All right! Now everyone, pull! Heave! Ho!
Jin: Heave! Ho! Heave! Ho!
Eugen: Heave! Ho! Heave! Ho!
Ippatsu: Heave! Ho! Heave! Ho!
Joel: Heave! Ho! Heave! Ho!
Agielba: Heave! Ho! Heave! Ho!
(Captain) and the others combine their strength, they manage to pull Lancelot and Vane onto the deck.
Vane: Guh…brr…
Lyria: Lancelot! Vane! Hang in there!
Monster: Grrrowwwr!
Vyrn: Whoa! We must have pulled those monsters up with them!
Jin: They're trying to drag Lancelot and Vane back into the water! (Captain), we have to stop them!

THE FREEZE - Chapter 2: Life on the Cruel Sea - Episode 3

Hungry, and angry at their mistreatment at the hands of Sanza and the other fishermen, (Captain) and the others are in low spirits. Then, Jin suggests that if they catch their own food, it should be OK to eat it, and the party agrees. Then, as they clean, they begin stealthily fishing.

After saving Lancelot and Vane, (Captain) and the others hardly catch their breath when the other fishermen return.
Salty Fisherman: Oi! What're you idling about for? You need to clean off the deck of all this mess! Can't ya do anything yer told?
Lancelot: Wait, (Captain) and the others were just helping Vane and I…
Salty Fisherman: Oh? Anyone who caused this mess can clean it up! Now shut up and get to work!
Joel: …Understood. Though, where are the cleaning implements?
Salty Fisherman: If you need something look fer it yerself! I don't wanna hear another word from your mouths!
Joel: …He seemed very angry. Did I do something to upset him?
Ippatsu: the atmosphere on the ship does seem a little strained…
Soriz: Well, nothing we can do but look for cleaning stuff, I guess.
Vyrn: That's true, let's go (Captain)!
Jin: Hmm, nothing over here. Do you think they'll have a cleaning cupboard or something.
Vane: If they use these things a lot, they might not put them away properly… might we have overlooked something?
Lyria: …Oh! I've found something! These are mops for scrubbing decks, right?
Eugen: Ah! Good work, Lyria! We'd better get to work then.
(Captain) and the others begin scrubbing the deck with the mops Lyria found.
Vane: Bleurgh, I had hoped moving about might make me feel a little better…
Lancelot: Are you still struggling, Vane? Maybe you just need to stay on the boat a little longer.
Joel: Everyone tends to react to the effects of seasickness differently… they do all tend to get used to eventually, but…
Vane: I hope I get used to it soon… Do you think this would be good place to do so?
Eugen: Yeah, we might want to get some sawdust or something, just in case…
Salty Fisherman: Hey! What're you doin' now?
Agielba: What… we're cleaning the deck, like you said.
Salty Fisherman: You blitherin', useless land lubbers! Those are the mops for the cabins!
Salty Fisherman: Blast me britches, they're filthy! Using these in the cabins will just make 'em reek o' seawater.
Lyria: I-I'm sorry… this was my mistake… please don't punish the others!
Salty Fisherman: Shut yer trap! You green hands are all responsible for one another! Cap'n's orders!
Lyria: Oh no… I'm sorry, everyone… this is all my fault…
Vyrn: This isn't your fault, Lyria! They never told us we weren't to use those mops!
Soriz: Yeah he's right, don't get so down on yourself!
Lyria: …OK. Thank you everyone.
Ippatsu: Phew… times like this I could really go for a bowl of ramen…
Soriz: Ach, don't even talk about food. I'm so hungry, are we really going to have to go without meals today?
Jin: …I wouldn't say that.
Eugen: Hmm? What do you mean by that, Jin?
Jin: They didn't say anything about getting our own food, let's go fishing!
Joel: …Ah, that's right, we could do that.
Soriz: Hahaha! I'm not sure what we'll be able to catch in this damn cold, but we are surrounded by ocean.
Jin: We should look for something we could use for fishing while we look for more cleaning stuff.
Agielba: Good thinking, then we can fish while we clean.
Lancelot: Haha! We'll be able to do it in secret, like wayward schoolchildren playing a prank.
Vyrn: All right! Sounds like a plan! Let's get to it!
Agreeing with Jin's proposal, (Captain) and the crew begin secretly fishing.
Though they do not have bait, soon the rod begins dipping…
Fish: (splish splash)
Jin: Whoa, it's quite a big one. Will this be okay?
Soriz: Don't know if it'll feed everyone… Us grown-ups had better figure out a way to eat it!

THE FREEZE - Chapter 2: Life on the Cruel Sea - Episode 4

The fish that the party manages to catch is very bony, so there isn't much that they can eat. Just as their spirits begin to drop again, Lyria notices a large amount of sharks swimming in the water. When Joel informs them that sharks are edible, (Captain) and the others cast the nets and pull the sharks onto the deck.

(Captain)and the others go to eat the fish they caught immediately, but…
Soriz: How is it, Ippatsu?
Ippatsu: Hmm… it's very bony. It'd make for a good stock maybe, but it doesn't look too good for eating.
Vane: So if we had a pot you could make a soup, but…
Jin: Hmm… I do believe there is a way that you can eat fish even when completely raw… right?
Lyria: Whoa! That was a bit of a shock… isn't that a shark?
Soriz: Wha, sharks? Damn, more fish we can't eat!
Joel: Hm? Though we can eat shark.
Soriz: What? Is that true?
Ippatsu: In fact, shark meat is a highly-prized ingredient!
Agielba: Why didn't you say so earlier! Fetch the nets! Let's catch more of them!
Lancelot: Make haste! Before they get away!
Soriz: All right! Arrr!
Soriz casts the net over the sharks and, though they struggle violently, with herculean effort the party pull them onto the deck.
Ippatsu: Well then, let's start cooking!

THE FREEZE - Chapter 2: Life on the Cruel Sea - Episode 4: Scene 2

Although the crew successfully catch the shark, their plan is discovered by the other fishermen, and they throw it back into the water. Saddened and hungry, (Captain) and the crew ask one of the fishermen, who explains to them about the special currency used on the ship, known as “pieces of eight,” and used to buy food and time off, among other things.

Soriz: Woohoo! It's down now! Ippatsu, quickly!
Ippatsu: Yes sir! Leave it to me!
Rough Fisherman: What are ya makin' such a racket about? What happened to yer work? Work, swab!
Agielba: Uh oh, we've been busted!
Rough Fisherman: Huh? What are ya doin' with that shark?
Vyrn: Well, the old captain said that we weren't getting any food, so…
Rough Fisherman: Huh? You don't plan to eat that, do ya? What part o' "No Food" didn't ya understand, bilge rat?
Rough Fisherman: We'll be takin' that!
The fishermen push the shark off of the boat and back into the frozen sea.
Soriz: No!
Rough Fisherman: If ya've got time for harebrained schemes like this, then you've got time to do more work, newbies!
Vyrn: Darn it… After all that trouble to get the shark…
Lancelot: I'm sorry… I wish I had been able to get to it before those fishermen put it back in the ocean…
Ippatsu: Well, we would have had to hang the meat and dry it, it's not like we would've been able to eat it straight away.
Soriz: What? So there was no point in catching it in the first place?
Ippatsu: Well… I suppose you could say that…
Agielba: Urgh… we just wasted even more energy…
As (Captain) and the crew get hungrier and hungrier, one of the fishermen approaches.
Friendly Fisherman: Arr, you look like a barnacle that's been in a storm… Pitiful…
Vyrn: You say that, but we haven't eaten in so long…
Friendly Fisherman: Ya fools… there's one thing to remember on this ship. Ya get food, and everything else, from the cap'n.
Friendly Fisherman: He can take away yer food, or make ya work double shifts, for whatever reason!
Vyrn: What? That's crazy!
Friendly Fisherman: That's why we have a special currency on the ship. Pieces of eight! We call 'em pieces.
Friendly Fisherman: If ya keep disobeying the cap'n, you'll be in trouble… Here, take these, it's not much but it'll help ya get on yer feet.
Lyria: These are "pieces"?
Friendly Fisherman: That's right, little girl. If ya do yer job, ya'll get an allowance from the cap'n.
Friendly Fisherman: Well, 100 pieces is about enough for a rice ball.
Eugen: Thank you, friend. No one on this ship has told us anything about what's going on…
Friendly Fisherman: Well, that's just how the cap'n is. Life on the ship is hard, and it's hard to find seadogs to serve on the crew.
Jin: Thank you kindly, sir. I will pay you back, even if I have to—
Friendly Fisherman: All right, all right, that's enough o'that. Anyway, I've gotta get back ta work. Seeya!
(Captain) and the crew watch the fisherman leave, astonished at the strictness of life on the ship.
With the small amount of pieces of eight that they have received, they can finally begin their seafaring lives in earnest.

THE FREEZE - Chapter 3: A Glacial Prison - Episode 1

Eugen and the crew feel that by just doing the work they're given, they aren't earning nearly enough pieces of eight, so they ask some more experienced fishermen if there's a way to earn any more. After sweetening the fishermen with a bribe, he tells the crew about a game that the other fishermen play to earn extra peices of eight.

(Captain) and the crew learn about the currency "pieces of eight" which is used on board the explorer ship.
To earn enough peices to eat, (Captain) and the crew work hard at their jobs.
Soriz: I'm raising the net! Watch your heads! Out of the way! Hnnngh!
Eugen: Phew… All right, time to separate the crabs from the fish, you guys! We'll go and lift up the next net!
Joel: OK, I'll collect up the crabs. Lyria, (Captain), you grab the fish!
Lyria: Yes sir! (Captain), watch out for the crabs' claws! They'll give you a nasty pinch!
Vane: Wow, these nets are getting real beat up. We'll need to dry them before we can fix them.
Lancelot: Vane… your face has gone a strange color… are you really OK?
Vane: I'm fine! You know me, Lancey, I'm as sturdy as they come!
Jin: Raise the nets! Hnnngh!
Jin: Phew… fishing is a very physical job!
Eugen: You aren't wrong. Where I'm from, all the men are sturdy and strong from their work.
Soriz: But we've barely earned any pieces from all the work we've been doing…
Ippatsu: You're right… The fisherman earlier said that you need some pieces to buy food on the ship, didn't he?
Agielba: Lifting all of these nets is only gonna get us enough for one or two rice balls each…
Eugen: What a swindle…
Rough Fisherman: Oi! Stop yer jawin', landlubber! We're busy here!
Eugen: Hey, you guys… how do you earn more pieces of eight?
Rough Fisherman: Huh? With elbow grease, of course! We don't slack off and chat like you!
Soriz: You callin' me a slacker, boy? You should stop with that talk before you say something you'll regret.
Eugen: Is there a way? A way to earn pieces a bit more efficiently?
Eugen: Come on, friend, you can tell us, right?
While talking, Eugen surreptitiously slips a few pieces of eight into the fisherman's pocket.
Rough Fisherman: Heh… now you get how things work around here.
Rough Fisherman: We play a little game! If you lose, bad things happen to you, though…
Rough Fisherman: If you win, you can have all the food and wine you want. You can even get a better room on the ship!
Agielba: Wha-? Why didn't you tell us that in the first place?
Rough Fisherman: Little fishes will just get eaten alive… Well, I suppose you swabs just became slightly bigger fishes…
Rough Fisherman: I can introduce you. If you want to get involved, talk to me when we next cast the nets out.
The experienced fisherman left Soriz and the others on the deck.
Jin: A game, huh… It would certainly be a good thing if we won… but how easy is that?
Ippatsu: But at this rate things are just gonna get worse and worse!
Soriz: You're right… Lyria and the others are getting really hungry…
Eugen: And Vane is looking paler and paler… We can't sit around and wait for things to improve.
Agielba: It's sink or swim! We have to participate in their game!

THE FREEZE - Chapter 3: A Glacial Prison - Episode 2

Tired from all their hard work, (Captain) and the crew go to bed. Meanwhile, Eugen and Soriz gather with the fisherman to play their game in the hope of earning more pieces of eight.

Lyria: Phew… At last we can go to sleep! Good night, (Captain)!
Joel: Not getting enough sleep is terrible for your health. Let's turn in.
Salty Fisherman: Hey! Time to get to work! You, Blondie! Come with me!
Lancelot: Wait! Vane's really not feeling well right now. I'll—
Vane: Lancey, I'm fine! I'll be back in a minute.
Staggering, Vane follows the fisherman.
Lancelot: ……
Joel: Vane… He's trying to help all of us, but I hope he's OK…
Lancelot: You guys should go to bed. If you don't get enough rest…
Lyria: Zzzzzz…
Vyrn: Huh, Lyria? She fell asleep just sitting there… She must have been tired.
(Captain), directed by Lancelot, picks Lyria up and carries her to the cabin.
Before sunrise, Soriz and the others go to pull up the nets that they cast out the night before.
Rough Fisherman: Pull, lads, pull!
Agielba: So we have to guess which color most of the fish will be, and how many of them will be that color…
Agielba: How are we supposed to get that right?
Salty Fisherman: Huh? If you've got a problem with the game, don't play it, bilge rat!
Eugen: Hmm, depending on the place, the fish could be completely different, and you just have to guess… Our chances of winning are pretty slim…
Soriz: Well, at least it's a game where the players have no way of cheating!
Soriz and the crew entered the game and made their guesses.
Ippatsu: Soriz, Agielba, you're guessing both the color and the number? How challenging…
Agielba: You've got to try for the biggest prize, y'know! I don't like half-measures.
Ippatsu: Ah, I see… Maybe I'll have a guess, too!
Rough Fisherman: OK, we're liftin' the nets now! Heave, lads!
Soriz: Hnnnnghhh!
The thrashing fish are tipped from the raised nets onto the deck.
Eugen: All right, let's count the fish and their colors!

THE FREEZE - Chapter 3: A Glacial Prison - Episode 3

Agielba manages to win the fishermen's game and goes to trade the pieces he has earned for food for the crew. He knows that he shouldn't waste any of the precious currency, but he is tempted by the grog and seafood, and ends up partying late into the night. Meanwhile, (Captain) and the other crewmembers wake up and get ready to go to work.

Supervised by the fisherman, Soriz and the crew begin sorting the fish.
Friendly Fisherman: Haha, you're playin' the game too, are ya? Good luck!
Soriz: Thanks! The crabs go in this box, right?
Friendly Fisherman: There's only tiny ones in here… Normally they're much bigger and heavier…
Rough Fisherman: All right, ye scurvy dogs, time to hand out the rewards! Line up!
Soriz: Darn it… I lost big-time…
Eugen: You fool… How did you make such a huge mistake?
Ippatsu: Argh, I got greedy and lost the game too…
Agielba: Don't worry, guys, I've got this!
Agielba holds up a bag brimming with pieces of eight to show to his worried comrades.
Soriz: Ohoho! Now we've easily got enough to get food for the whole crew!
Eugen: I earned a little bit too, we can finally breathe easy.
The crew, relieved at their sudden windfall, are called by the fishermen to return to their jobs.
Agielba goes to follow them, but a voice calls to him.
Rough Fisherman: That's a tidy sum ya got there, friend. You goin' to exchange them now?
Agielba: Hmm? Oh, right, I've got to exchange these with the captain, haven't I?
Agielba: (Captain) and the others need to eat too, so I'll go and exchange them!
Salty Fisherman: Give me some wine… and some chips, too!
Sanza: Stop barging like little kids, ye bilge swillers! Make sure ya've got yer money!
Agielba up with the other fishermen to see Sanza.
Sanza: What do ya want, lad? Food? Or a change of room?
Agielba: Erm, for now, just some food… Enough for… how many people…
Rough Fisherman: Huh? Ye've got that much booty and ye only want food? Ya penny-pinchin' landlubber…
Agielba: (Ignore him, ignore him! Don't waste the money!)
Salty Fisherman: Glug glug… Om nom nom! Ahhh, that really hits the spot!
Agielba: Gulp… No… no thank you! Just the food please!
Sanza: Wait a minute there, I'll heat it up for ye.
Sanza tips the contents of a net into a pot and heats it up, starting to grill the seafood.
Rough Fisherman: Ah… this seafood is so good, give me some more grog to wash it down!
Sanza: Mmm, that's because it's freshly caught! The shellfish and the fish are both especially good!
Rough Fisherman: Om nom nom… Ah, so good!
Salty Fisherman: Here, I'll pour you another mug!
Rough Fisherman: Cheers, buddy! Gulp, gulp, this is the life!
Agielba: Ungghh… it all looks so delicious…
Sanza: Here's some rice balls for you. All right, last orders, lads!
Salty Fisherman: Hey, pal, why are you looking so gloomy? Sit down and have a drink! You've earned it, right?
Agielba: But, this money has got to feed more people than just me… I can't waste it…
Rough Fisherman: Ahh, one drink ain't gonna hurt ya! All work and no play makes you a dull boy, right? You earned those pieces, not your friends!
Sanza: What ya gonna do, lad? I'm headin' back to the bridge if you ain't orderin'!
Agielba: Err… errr… Ah, damnit!
Agielba: All right, I'll stay for a bit and have some seafood!
Sanza: Here ya go! Enjoy yer meal!
Agielba: Om nom nom… Ah, so good!
Agielba: Darn it, this is the tastiest food I've ever eaten…
Soriz: Jeez, where did Agielba go?
Soriz: Hey, Agielba! Are you OK?
Soriz heads out onto the deck and finds Agielba face down on the floor, snoring loudly.
Agielba: (snore) (snore)
Soriz: Why are you lying there, ya great oaf?
Soriz: Urgh, he stinks of fish…
Agielba: (snore) My little Ardora… (snore)
At the same time, (Captain) and the others are heading back to work.
Vane: ……
Lancelot: Pull yourself together, Vane! You're all over the place!
Vane: Urgh… I'm sorry, Lancey… Gotta be careful…
Vyrn: And we don't have time to sit around either…
Joel: Let's earn as many pieces as we can today.
Lyria: Yes! Let's go!
Eugen: All right, we're lifting the nets now!
Lancelot: OK, ready when you are!
(Captain) and the others begin to lift the nets out of the water and sort the fish and crabs that come out.

THE FREEZE - Chapter 3: A Glacial Prison - Episode 4

Soriz and Ippatsu can't seem to win the fishermen's game. Getting hungry, they try and find another way to earn more pieces of eight. One of the other fishermen tells them that if they're able to catch a giant crab, Sanza will reward them, so they enlist the help of (Captain) and the others to catch one.

Sanza picks up the notes made by the fisherman about the size of their crab catch.
Sanza: Lessee here… Hmm… it seems the crabs aren't bitin' on this voyage…
Sanza: And the ones that we're catchin' are pitiful little things… We don't have the right bait…
Sanza: This beast is huge, even for a trollkrabbe… Arr, and it be expandin' its territory, too…
Soriz and the others continue playing the fishermen's game, but they aren't playing as well as before…
Soriz: Darn it… Another total loss…
Ippatsu: Yeah, we're not doing very well. What happened?
Ippatsu: Urgh… so hungry…
Friendly Fisherman: Ahoy there, yer lookin' a little the worse for wear!
Ippatsu: Even to help my master, a ramen-less existence is painful…
Friendly Fisherman: Ramen? What's that?
Ippatsu: Well! Let me tell you a thing or two about the wonderful dish that is ramen!
Ippatsu: Urgh… (rumble)
Friendly Fisherman: Haha, yer stomach's makin' a beast of a noise there, me hearty!
Soriz: We're out of pieces… Is there nothing we can do to get more?
Friendly Fisherman: Hmm… Well… Y'know that we haven't been catchin' as many trollkrabbe as we normally do…
Friendly Fisherman: So if ye were able to land that monster crab, I'm sure the cap'n would reward ya!
Soriz: I see… the crab…
Friendly Fisherman: Y'know the crab leeches? They lay those black eggs on the crabs. They say the big crab has more eggs on him than anyone else!
Friendly Fisherman: Well, just cos a crab has lots'o'leech eggs on it don't make it the right one, but it's a good start!
Ippatsu: Ah, thanks for the tip, friend!
Soriz: All right, Ippatsu! Let's catch that crab!
Ippatsu: Roger that, Soriz! I'll keep my eyes wide, like a… bowl of ramen.
Soriz and Ippatsu, full of vigor, lean out over the gunwale and look for crabs.
Soriz: There! Right there, a crab!
Ippatsu: And it's a big one! I wonder how many pieces Sanza will give us for that one!
Soriz: We can't let that one get away, quick, call (Captain) and the others! We're gonna catch it!

THE FREEZE - Chapter 4: Lament for an Explorer Ship

The crew have been on board the explorer ship for some time, and although Agielba has been accepted by the fishermen, Soriz an Ippatsu have had trouble integrating. Eugen sees this sad turn of events and wonders what kind of trouble they've stepped in this time.

(Captain) and crew have been aboard the explorer ship for some time, and have become accustomed to life at sea.
They have also gotten used to the peculiar personalities of the fishermen.
Soriz: U… Ugh… So… hungry…
Ippatsu: Ramen! That smell, I'd recognize it anywhere!
Eugen: Calm down, Ippatsu, there's no way there's any ramen in these parts. You're imagining things.
Ippatsu: Oh… Ramen…
Soriz: I'm done for… I'll never find that buried treasure…
Eugen: I told you it was a bad idea to trade your food in for more money!
Agielba: Oho? Well look who it is! I feel like I haven't seen you in an age!
Agielba: Why the long faces? Look, I got some food for ya. Dig in!
Soriz jumps onto the food Agielba dropped onto the deck and takes a big bite.
Soriz: …Fanks!
Agielba: Ha ha ha! Y'know apart from the fact that Ardora's not here I could get used to life on this ship!
Agielba: You just need to get in with the crew! When you do they're pretty darn generous. They even gave me a nice bunk!
Ippatsu: Agielba, please…
Agielba: Huh? Oh, sorry! But I'm just sayin', you don't have to be here in the doldrums, you just have to get in the crew's good graces!
Agielba: Though I can see how that might be tough for guys like you. Ha ha hah!
Eugen: He's acting just like one of the fishermen. It's like he's been brainwashed.
Ippatsu: …Ah! Over there! A mushroom!
Eugen: H-hey! You don't wanna eat that!
Ippatsu: But… But… OK…
Eugen: It seems no matter what we do we're gonna be in trouble.
Eugen: We've really got ourselves into a tight spot this time.

THE FREEZE - Chapter 4: Lament for an Explorer Ship - Episode 2

Vane, who was already suffering from seasickness, burns himself out trying to look after his crewmates and has fallen ill. Meanwhile Jin, who realizes that he can't rely on getting into the fishermen's good graces, has started procuring and preparing his own food in an attempt to become more self-sufficient.

Vane: Cough! Splutter!
Lancelot: Keep it together, Vane! Look, I've brought you some water, drink up.
Vane: Th-thank you, Lancey.
Lancelot: …I'm sorry I couldn't find you any medicine. Just rest up until this fever passes. Don't worry, I'll pick up the slack.
Vane: Lancey… You're doing so much for me… I'm sorry. …Cough!
Lancelot: I told you not to apologize! You've done so much for me in the past, this is the least I can do.
Vyrn: …Is he sleeping?
Lancelot: Yes, he just drifted off now. I wish we could do more for him…
Lyria: Vane, he… He's protected us, he's been so helpful around the ship, he's done so much for us…
Lancelot: Never fear, Lyria. The last thing he would want is to cause you to be sad. That's just who he is.
Lyria: You're right… But I need to help. I'll take over his duties!
Vyrn: I think we should all take turns in covering for him!
Jin: So this is where you all got to! I have some goodies for you!
Vyrn: Whoa, they look delicious! Way to go, Jin!
Jin: Heheh, I've learned a lot being aboard this ship. If I'd stuck to my strict code of conduct, I would likely have starved by now.
Jin: You can't rely on the kindness of the fishermen, you have to depend on your own wits.
Lancelot: Haaah, I wish I had that kind of talent. Vane was always so good at making snacks for us to eat on the road.
Jin: Haha, and I'm sure he'll be making them for you again in no time. Now, get back to looking after the poor man.
Lyria: Huh? (Captain), what is it? Oh! You're right! It's almost time to swab the deck!
Lyria: And then we have to clean the anchor… We can do this, (Captain)!

THE FREEZE - Chapter 4: Lament for an Explorer Ship - Episode 3

In the middle of another of Sanza's long monologues Joel collapses from exhaustion. (Captain) protects the prone Joel from Sanza's vicious attacks, but is beaten by Sanza and the whole crew of fishermen in his stead. Joel feels so guilty about it that he returns to work.

In the ethereal semi-darkness just before dawn Sanza gathers (Captain) and crew for a meeting.
Sanza: Listen up, ye scurvy dogs! Our job is to traverse these seas to study Nordvjast in the farthest north. This work'll benefit all the skies!
Sanza: And we're also here to grab what delicious booty the sea'll give up so's we can bring it back to the folks back down south!
Sanza: When ye're sufferin', when ye think ye're about to fall prey to the cold, just think about how yer sufferin' brings them that happiness!
Sanza: And it'll bring in lots o' doubloons fer us, too! Now who can think o' a better job'n that?
Sanza: Now I hear a lot o' you young'uns complainin' about the hard work. Well in my day…
Joel: Ugh…
As Sanza carries on with his monologue Joel, who was listening attentively, starts to sway and turns a sickly shade of green.
Lyria: Joel!
Sanza: Huh? You! Listen to yer cap'n when he's speakin'!
Joel: S-sorry… C-c-captain…
Sanza goes in to kick the fallen Joel, but (Captain) steps in to stop him.
Sanza: Arr! What be the meanin' of this? Mutiny, is it? How dare ye look at me like that!
Rough Fisherman: Yer'e right, mutiny! We don't stand fer that kinda nonsense on this ship!
Sanza and the other fishermen get back to work once they get bored beating on (Captain).
Lyria: (Captain), are you OK? You too, Joel!
Vyrn: Who do those fishermen think they are?
Joel: (Captain), I'm so sorry. It's my fault you got beaten up…
Joel: I need to get back to work… I don't want to be any more of a nuisance than I already am.
Lyria: Joel… Don't you think you should rest up? You're not looking so great.
Joel: Don't worry, I'm OK. If you guys can work, then so can I.
Joel: And anyway, if I don't…
Vyrn: They'll just make you work anyway. I guess at least this way we're here to keep an eye on you. Ain't that right, (Captain)?
Lyria: Right. Come on Joel, let's swab the deck together!
Joel: OK… I just need to keep going. Just a little longer…

THE FREEZE - Chapter 4: Lament for an Explorer Ship - Episode 4

Sanza starts to become suspicious of Agielba's sudden rise in popularity with his crew. A senior fisherman suggests that Agielba's luck is so good that he could probably guess which color the next fish they caught would be. Agielba decides to give it a go, and they head to the nets being hailed in to see if he really could.

Salty Fisherman: Hah! Agielba, you're pretty good at this!
Agielba: Ahahahah! Just beginner's luck, I suppose!
Agielba: Sanza! How about you make up some of your famous milkshake?
Sanza: All right, comin' right up!
Sanza: (…He's getting' popular with the crew… A bit too popular…)
Sanza: (…The crew'd better not forget who's boss around here…)
Agielba: Ah, now this is the life! If only Ardora were here to enjoy it with me!
Rough Fisherman: Heheh, ye seem to be enjoyin' yerself.
Agielba: Hmm? Oh, I suppose. I'm sorry, you're not sour about losing against a beginner like me, are you?
Rough Fisherman: Oh, not at all. But, I can assure ye if we play again ye won't win a second time.
Agielba: I see what you're saying, it's best to quit while I'm ahead, right?
Rough Fisherman: Haha, I guess so. Lady luck's really taken a likin' to ye, laddy!
Rough Fisherman: I wouldn't be surprised if you could win any game put afore ye.
Rough Fisherman: Say, how's about ye guess what color the next fish we catch'll be?
Agielba: OK… Well the last fish was blue, so I'd say the next one is going to be red.
Rough Fisherman: Heheh, is that what ye think? We'll see.
Eugen: Hey! It's almost time to haul up the next net!
Agielba: Oh, I guess we'll find out soon enough whether I'm right!
Eugen: OK guys, Haul! Make sure no one goes overboard!
Lancelot: Ready? Heave-ho! Heave-ho!
Vyrn: All right! (Captain), let's catch some fish!

THE FREEZE - Chapter 4: Lament for an Explorer Ship - Episode 4: Scene 2

Agielba's streak of good luck has made him very popular with the fishermen, so when he loses the guessing game he becomes a very sore loser. He plays the game several more times and loses every time.

Soriz: Phew, that was quite a haul. Agielba, how'd you do?
Agielba: !
Rough Fisherman: Agielba, didn't ye say we were gonna catch a red fish?
Eugen: Red? To be sure there aren't any of them in my net…
Rough Fisherman: Well I guessed that I'd get purple and brown, and look how many I got!
Rough Fisherman: Looks like your luck's about run out!
Agielba: Damnit! OK, calm down… IT was just a stupid game…
Agielba: Just because I lost, it doesn't mean they think any less of me…right?
Agielba: H-hey! I'm up for another game, if you are?
Rough Fisherman: I don't mind. There are plenty of nets still to haul in.
Eugen: Agielba, just calm down! Don't be such a sore loser!
Agielba: I'm not being a sore loser! I just want to play another game, that's all!
Agielba and the fisherman play their guessing game several more times, and Agielba loses every one.
Agielba: …How!
Soriz: Hahahah! Welcome to the bad luck crew, Agielba!
Ippatsu: We're not such a bad lot, you'll be happy down here with us!
Soriz: C'mon, you just lost a couple games, that's all. No need to look so down!
Agielba: Shut up!
Sanza: Hahar. Luck be as fickle as the sea, never forget that, boy.
Sanza: Har har har har har!
Agielba, who had fallen to the deck in shame, looks up at Sanza.
Sanza's raucous laughter ebbed and flowed with the sound of the crashing waves.

THE FREEZE - Chapter 5: Tearing Off the Chains

Jin spots Joel floating in the icy waters and saves him. Joel reveals that he was told to put fish in certain nets to fix the game that Agielba was playing with the other fisherman. Finding this out, Soriz and the others confront the crew of the explorer ship.

On board the explorer ship Agielba has gained a great deal of popularity with the fishermen by playing games with them.
However, after losing and being a very bad sport about it, his reputation has been tarnished considerably.
Agielba: Sob…
Ippatsu: Wha-! Agielba's fainted!
Soriz: It's fine, just leave 'im there.
Jin: Phew, that's all my chores done for the day. Now, to fishing… huh?
Jin is about to start fishing, when he spots someone floating in the water.
Joel: Cough… Cough…
Jin: Joel! Wake up, grab on to this!
Jin throws a life preserver out to Joel and drags him back up onto the deck.
Joel: Cough! Thank you… I'm sorry I fell… Cough!
Jin: Don't thank me yet, not until we know you're OK. Just focus on breathing!
Joel: Haaah… Haaah…
Jin: Joel, you're normally such an excellent swimmer. What could have happened for you to be in such a position?
Jin: You were tired? But why were you swimming in these icy waters to begin with?
Joel: I was trying to get a fish in the net…
Jin: What? A fish?
Joel: Yes. I was just about to catch an incredibly rare fish, when… Achoo!
Jin: Come on, if we stay out here you're going to catch a cold! Let's get you into something dry.
Joel: B-but I still haven't finished my chores…
Jin: Don't worry about that! We can cover for you.
Joel: Thank you… Achoo!
Jin: I still can't believe he'd go to that much trouble just to recatch one fish…
Rough Fisherman: Hahahahaha! I gotta say, seein' your luck change so quickly's makin' me think twice about payin' the game again!
Rough Fisherman: C'mon, if ye wanna get back in with the crew, this time ye're gonna have to work fer it!
Jin: Stop!
Soriz: Jin?
Jin: Agielba didn't lose! The games were fixed!
Soriz: What!
Ippatsu: What do you mean?
Rough Fisherman: What're you doin' stickin' yer nose into our business? Them's mighty big words!
Jin: Indeed they are! But I have proof that you told Joel to put fish into your net!
Eugen: In the net… You mean he forced Joel to swim in these waters? But they're ice cold!
Agielba: What? So the game was fixed from the start? That explains it!
Rough Fisherman: Sh-shut up! The game's already over, there's no goin' back from that!
Soriz: So what if it's over! This isn't about the game any more, it's about what you did to Joel!
The two parties glare at each other, the tension palpable. (Captain) and crew overhear the commotion and rush over.
Lyria: Ahem! What's going on over here? You all look very serious!
Ippatsu: Good timing! We were just about to teach these no-good fishermen a lesson!
Eugen: Really? About time! Let's do it, (Captain)!

THE FREEZE - Chapter 5: Tearing Off the Chains - Episode 2

Captain Sanza comes over to investigate what is going on, and deciding that Agielba was to blame for the disruption he orders his crew to beat him up. He asks Soriz to join in, which causes Soriz to attack the fishermen instead.

Sanza: Avast ye scurvy swabs! What be the meanin' o' this ruckus!
Sanza: Now I only let ye play ye're little games if it don't affect yer work. Now I see ye standin' around like lily-livered land lubbers!
Agielba: He started it…
Sanza: ARR! A likely story.
Sanza: Boys, grab 'im!
Salty Fisherman: Aye aye!
At Sanza's command the fishermen grab hold of Agielba.
Agielba: What the-! Let me go!
Sanza: Har har har. Watch and learn, boys! We're gonna teach this mutinous bilge rat a lesson he won't soon forget!
Sanza: Anyone loyal to me and the crew line up, and take turns beatin' 'im!
Eugen: Wha-!
(Captain) and the rest of the Grandcypher crew get in between Agielba and the fishermen.
Sanza: What are ye waitin' for?
Friendly Fisherman: Wha-! B-but…
Sanza: If ye don' share in dealin' out the punishment then ye'll share in receivin' it!
Friendly Fisherman: Ooh… Sorry, cap'n!
Agielba: UGH!
Rough Fisherman: Heheh, this'll teach ye to try'n rise above yer station!
Sanza: Har har har! That's the spirit, lads!
Agielba: Gwagh!
Sanza: You! Bring me the old man that's tryin' to protect the mutineer!
Salty Fisherman: Aye aye, sir!
Rough Fisherman: Aye aye, sir!
On Sanza's orders the fishermen drag Soriz to their captain.
Sanza: You, Ye've not had much luck aboard this ship, have ye?
Soriz: So what if I haven't?
Sanza: If ye join wi' us in beatin' up this sea dog, we'll give ye all the food and drink ye could dream of.
Soriz: Wha-!
Sanza: Think about it. We still have a mighty long time afore we head back to port. Ye'll do well to make yer life as easy as ye can.
Sanza: And if ye join in with us now, I can assure ye'll have an easier life than most.
Reacting to Sanza's words, Soriz balls up his fists.
Eugen: !
Sanza: Har har har har har!
Soriz throws a mighty punch.
Salty Fisherman: Guh… WAAAH!
Soriz: As if I'd ever attack a fellow crewmate! You're even stupider than you look!
Eugen: Hahahahahaha! Way to go, Soriz!
Jin: Huh, looks like the captain underestimated the bonds betwixt the Grandcypher crew members!
Sanza: Grrrgh! Boys! Send these no good scurvy-ridden sea dogs to the depths!
Soriz: Oho, you can try! I've been itchin' for a good fight for weeks!
Soriz: Bring it on!

THE FREEZE - Chapter 5: Tearing Off the Chains - Episode 3

The crew are aboard the ship and following the captain's orders in order to raise bail money so that they can stay out of jail. However, Vyrn realizes that they already are out of jail, and so they don't need to pay the bail money at all. Soriz decides that it's about time for Sanza to pay for his cruelty, so the crew go off in search for the detestable captain.

Soriz: Damnit, they ran away!
Jin: There are only so many place they can run to on board a ship.
Agielba, are you hurt?
Agielba: Don't worry, I've had worse beatings than this.
Friendly Fisherman: Well I never woulda thought ye were that strong!
Ippatsu: Hehe, well we are skyfarers…
Friendly Fisherman: But… If ye're that strong, why do ye bother followin' the cap'n's orders?
Soriz: Well, we need to raise up some bail money…
Vyrn: …AAAGH!
Lyria: Wha-! Vyrn, what happened?
Vyrn: Y-you know that we have to pay bail if we wanna stay out of jail?
Eugen: Right, but why…
Vyrn: Think about it! Where are we? We're out of jail, that's where!
Ippatsu: Huh? …Well I suppose now that you mention it…
Ippatsu: I guess we don't need the bail money after all?
Soriz: …Anyway, we can't just leave that captain in charge, doin' whatever he pleases!
Soriz: It's time for a mutiny! C'mon, follow me!
(Captain) and the others run onto the deck in search of the captain.
Sanza: This ain't no cruise liner! Get back to work!
Salty Fisherman: Aye aye, sir!
Rough Fisherman: Aye aye, sir!
Soriz: Get over here!

THE FREEZE - Chapter 5: Tearing Off the Chains - Episode 4

The fishermen who had up until this point been against (Captain) and the crew now join with them against the tyrannical Sanza. Vane and Joel, now fully recovered, also join in the fight against the captain.

Salty Fisherman: Ugh…
Sanza: Hey, no slackin'! Ye think ye're on vacation?
Friendly Fisherman: …What about you? What do you do around here anyway?
Buoyed by (Captain)'s rejection of Sanza's authority, the fishermen are no longer afraid to stand up to the captain.
Sanza: What! Are ye really gonna try an' mutiny against me?
Sanza raises his fist against the irate fishermen.
Lancelot: Wait!
Lancelot deflects the blow and Vane comes to stand with him in front of Sanza.
Vane: Get outta here while you still can!
Lyria: Vane! Are you all right?
Vane: Don't worry, I'm fine!
Sanza: Tch…
Joel: …Where do you think you're going?
Soriz: Sanza, you're going to pay for your cruelty!

THE FREEZE - Chapter 5: Tearing Off the Chains - Episode 4: Scene 2

Defeating Sanza, (Captain) and crew regain their freedom. Jin cheerfully reminds them that with Sanza out of the way they can once again start their search for the legendary trollkrabbe.

Sanza: Grrrgh…
Soriz: Heh! Now feel the power of our rage!
Soriz focuses all his rage and frustration into his fist and brings it down on the captain. Soriz flies back and hits the mast.
Sanza: Gwagh!
Friendly Fisherman: You… You did it! You took down the captain!
The fishermen rejoice at (Captain)'s victory over Sanza.
Sanza: H… Huagh…
Soriz: Hyaaah! I'm gonna kick you into next Friday!
Jin: Phew! OK, now we can focus on our original objective!
Soriz: Huh? Objective?
Jin: Of course, the crab!
(Captain) and the crew have overthrown Sanza, regaining their freedom
Now they have the opportunity to find that rarest of northern delicacies that can only be found in the ice floes of Nordvjast.

THE FREEZE - Chapter 6: Clear Skies in the Far North - Episode 1

(Captain) and the crew are getting excited about catching a trollkrabbe. The fishermen on the boat however aren't catching many crabs at all, troll or otherwise… and it comes to light that the area they have sailed into is the trollkrabbe's feeding grounds. The crew lets out a piratical yell as they head off to catch the trollkrabbe.

Sanza used to rule the confined world of the ship using pieces of eight, but his rule is falling apart.
The sparkle returns to the mens' eyes as they are cheered up by Jin's words.
Eugen: Yarh, crabs! We've come all this way to chow down on a trollkrabbe!
Ippatsu: We've struggled so much, a normal crab just wont suffice at this stage!
Friendly Fisherman: Arrr! We not be catching many crabs here… The captain, I mean Sanza be getting angry like the kraken.
Friendly Fisherman: Sanza said here be the feeding grounds o' the trollkrabbe, but there be non o' the beasts in sight…
Lancelot: Of course, the trollkrabbe must have chased all the other crabs away from this area…
Jin: Hey, that actually might be rather convenient! Let's go get that Trollkrabbe and feast!
Soriz: Hoist the main sail, boys! Yo ho ho, let's go go go!
Everybody: YARRRRRR!

THE FREEZE - Chapter 6: Clear Skies in the Far North - Episode 2

The crew pulls up the net that they using to try and catch the trollkrabbe and Lyria is surprised at the size of the shells they have caught. However, the fisherman on board tells them that crabs that have just molted their shells don't taste very nice. The party continues through the ice floe looking for deleicious trollkrabbe.

(Captain) and the crew take control of the rudder and steer the boat around laying nets to catch the Trollkrabbe.
Joel: They crab catching net we are using has been woven specially for catching huge things like the trollkrabbe.
Lyria: Wow, really? Oh, but, what about the little fishies around here?
Vane: The big fish'll get caught up in the net, wont they?
Lyria: Of course… even though we caught a lot of fish before, it wasn't exactly on purpose.
Lyria: Oh my Astral! In the net… It's huge!
Eugen: If you're talkin' 'bout fishing, I earned my stripes a long time ago, but it's not just something any old landlubber can do.
Jin: Look! That float has sunk deeply, the net must be bulging!
Lancelot: Right! Let's haul it in!
(Captain) and the crew haul up the net with practiced hands.
Ippatsu: T-that's…
Vane: CRABS! But, they're not moving…
Eugen: Hah, they're the crabs' shells that they lose after molting… But, they're huge!
Vyrn: Ew, what are all these soggy black blobs… Gross.
Soriz: Arrrrr! They're crab leech eggs! There's so many on the shells, the crabs must be stuffed with meat!
Friendly Fisherman: Aye, but just after the crabs lose their shells, their bodies be soft and watery, and taste like a bilge rat to boot…
Jin: Hmmm, so in other words?
Friendly Fisherman: The crabs who be molting lose their shells and the eggs that be stuck there at the same time, but if ye think about it in reverse…
Eugen: …the more eggs that are stuck to them, the longer its been since they molted, so the meat will be the most delicious!
Jin: So you're saying… We should aim for the crabs with the eggs stuck to them as much as possible!
Lyria: Eek!
Monster: Shraaaaaaagh!
Soriz: Avast! We be boarded!
Soriz: Let's send it back to Davy Jones' locker and then get to work on preparin' the next net, (Captain)!

THE FREEZE - Chapter 6: Clear Skies in the Far North - Episode 3

Everybody on the boat sits down to a pleasant dinner that Vane and Ippatsu have prepared, but previous lending and borrowing of pieces of eight is mentioned and triggers a brawl between Soriz and the fishermen. (Captain) and the crew are astonished, and begin to clear up after the meal.

Joel: …That should do it.
Vane: If we reinforce the nets like this, no matter how massive the trollkrabbe is, it wont be able to escape.
Lancelot: We tried to pull up the other nets, but apart from the one filled with shells in, they were all ripped to shreds.
Ippatsu: This crab must be outrageously huge…
Ippatsu: If we want to catch something like that, we should rest once the net is submerged so we can get our strength back!
Agielba: Argh! That Sanza, he stored away a big stockpile of food and grog… Tight-fisted old dog…
Eugen: I'm not in the least bit sorry we kicked him off the boat now.
Agielba: Aye… the grog-snarfing blowfish.
Vane: Everybody! Dinner's ready! Heehee, having unlimited fish and shellfish is such a luxury…
Lancelot: Certainly! Our hometown had neither river nor sea, you see.
Vane: Ippatsu helped me season the food, so dinner is super tasty tonight!
Ippatsu: No, no, I was just sticking my oar in.
Ippatsu: (Sigh) If only my master were here…
Ippatsu: He could make such delicious ramen with this seafood…
Soriz: Well, that ramen's not here, Vane's dinner is. Now let's hurry and eat!
(Captain) and the crew spread the food out on the deck of the ship and begin to eat.
Vyrn: Ooooo, the soup… It really warms my cold body through.
Lyria: Teehee, a nice warm dinner makes me really happy.
Jin: Lots has happened… but now we have all joined together to hunt down a single crab. …I'll remember this journey forever.
Eugen: Hey, Jin! Remember we haven't caught the crab yet! You're speaking like this is over!
Lyria: …Oh! You've just reminded me. You gave me some pieces before, but I never returned the favour.
Friendly Fisherman: Huh? What ye sayin', lassie? Don't ye be worryin' 'bout it.
Lyria: But, you were so kind to give it to me, I was really happy. So, I want to thank you…
Friendly Fisherman: Arr, well if ye be insistin', me sholders feel as tight as riggin' in a storm…
Lyria: Of course! Leave it to me!
Agielba: Hmm… talking of repayment…
Agielba: Hey! Soriz, Ippatsu… you two borrowed some pieces from me and never paid me back!
Soriz: Whaaat! We don't even use that stuff anymore, forget about it!
Agielba: That's not the point! This is a matter of fisherman's honor!
At Agielba's words, a squabble breaks out between the fishermen about who borrowed what and when.
However, as is the norm with hot-blooded fishermen, it didn't take long for the peacful quarrel to turn into a fist fight.
Lyria: EEK! Stop! Stop it!
Eugen: Don't panic… We're just play fighting, a nice friendly brawl!
Joel: It looks like they're going easy on each other… It looks quite fun actually…
Lancelot: (Sigh) Men are the same where ever you go…
Vane: But Lancey, when you were in the Order of Black Dragons, you got must have got mixed up in that sorta stuff all the time!
Lancelot: V-Vane!
Joel: Well…for the time being let's just clear up the plates and cooking pots.
Vyrn: Agreed! If we hang around here, we are gonna get dragged into a brawl.
Soriz: AHHHHHAHA! I'm not done yet! Who else wants some of ol' Soriz!
Ippatsu: If that's the case, I'll take you on.
Soriz: Oho! Ippatsu, you've got a good punch on ya!
Ippatsu: Not bad yourself, Soriz!
As the boat ploughs through the water, the men talk with their fists, and the bond between them grows stronger.

THE FREEZE - Chapter 6: Clear Skies in the Far North - Episode 4

(Captain) and the crew try to pull up the net with the giant trollkrabbe in, but it seems the crab is trying run away and is dragging the net with it. With Soriz taking the lead, the men shout in union, combining their power to pull up the net. Finally they are successful and a huge trollkrabbe is hauled onto deck.

Joel: Urgh, this net is broken too…
Ippatsu: This giant trollkrabbe just doesn't seem to want to be caught…
Jin: Woah! Everybody, look over there!
Lancelot: What is it, Jin?
Jin: Look at that float! It's been pulled almost compley under the water!
Joel: Really? Usually you can still see half of 'em on the surface…
Vane: So, since the float has sank so deep… The thing in the net must be really heavy!
Jin: It's the giant trollkrabbe! Full steam ahead!
Jin: Right, let's haul it in! Heave ho!
Jin: W-w-wooooah!
The crew starts to pull in the net, but their efforts are met by a strong resistance.
The pull from the net is so strong that Jin, who is at the front of the group, is almost pulled into the sea.
Eugen: Jin! Be careful!
Eugen and Soriz grab Jin and pull him to safety.
Vyrn: Darn it! The giant trollkrabbe is dragging the net along with it… You're not gonna let a tiny little crab scare you away, are you?
Eugen: It's not got a snowball's chance in Hellheim! Right ya scury dogs, all hands on deck!
Lancelot: Aye aye sir!
Joel: Aye aye sir!
Vane: Aye aye sir!
Soriz: Hoist the main sail! Let's land this yellow bellied bilge swiller!
Ippatsu: ARRRRRR!
Lyria: You've caught one! You've caught a trollkrabbe!
Vyrn: W-w-wooooah! The boat's tilting over, it must be huge!
Trollkrabbe: (CLACK, CLACK, CLACK)


After enjoying a banquet of fresh trollkrabbe, the group rows back to harbor. Seeing that his friends are tired, Soriz proposes to take the crew to a secret hot spring called Sølv Huset springs. (Captain) agrees, and the party heads there without delay. While everybody is bathing however, Soriz disappears to look for some secret buried treasure that he has heard is hidden in the springs. But, for some unknown reason, maybe because his eyes are so tired, he mistakes his bathing friends for a treasure chest. The shock of seeing naked men where he expected to be gold and diamonds causes him to fall into the spring, roaring with despair.

After a long stuggle, (Captain) and the crew have sucessfulyl caught a giant trollkrabbe
The crab is immediately cooked up, and everybody gathers on deck to feast on the delicious meat.
Vyrn: Astrals above! This is sooo tasty! It's just as good as you said it would be!
Lyria: It's really sweet too! Trollkrabbe is so yummy!
Joel: This is the first time I've eaten a crab this delicious…
Soriz: Oho, it's like a mountain of meat! I'm gonna stuff my face! C'mon, (Captain), you can eat more too, I'm sure!
Friendly Fisherman: Hey, your cup is empty, here have some grog, Agielba!
Agielba: Hey hey, don't spill it now! This is the best day of my life!
Eugen: Hey, what do you like better, grog or trollkrabbe?
Agielba: I beg your pradon!
Eugen: Haha, I'm messin' with ya! This trollkrabbe is way better than any grog, or any shellfish you can get on shore for that matter!
Vane: Hey Lancey, do you want to try some of the brown meat?
Lancelot: You know, Vane. You should stop worrying about me all the time and just enjoy the crab meat!
Vane: Hahaha, Lancey, you're so nice! OK, right… I'm gonna take a bite!
Dancing dragons… It's delicious! It's sooooo delicious!
Ippatsu: I… I have to take this ambrosia of the sea to my master…
Ippatsu: But, how can I get it to him? By airship? Hmmm…
The banquet continues until almost dawn.
The sun rises over the trawler as it makes it way back to the makeshift harbour.
There to greet the men who step off the boat is the sun, bright in the cloudless sky, and the snowy landscape of Nørdvast.
The fishermen reluctantly say farewell and one by one, head back to their homes.
Ardora: Daddy! Welcome back!
Agielba: Ardora? You came out here to meet me!
Agielba and Ardora hug one another, reunited at last.
Ardora: I waited here every day for you to come home, daddy!
Agielba: What! You're very brave, Ardora!
Ardora: Daddy! Daaady!
Vane: Awww, what a moving reunion…
Vyrn: Isn't it nice for them! But anyway…
Vyrn: That trip was super tiring… My body is creaking like an old tree!
Soriz: Heh heh, we should go and relax in the secret hot spring!
Eugen: H-how did you find out about that, Soriz?
Soriz: I asked one of the fishermen while we were eating the trollkrabbe and he happened to know!
Soriz: Sølv Huset hot spring is nestled between two sheer cliffs that rise out the snowscape.
Ippatsu: Whoa! I cant image a better sounding place to bathe.
Soriz: So whaddaya say, (Captain)? Shall we go and rest our acheing bones?
Lyria: Ooooooooo, (Captain), I wanna go too!
Joel: I think it sounds like a perfect way to unwind.
Soriz: Right! Then let's get going!
(Captain) and the crew head through the snowfields toward Sølv Huset hot spiring.
Sure enough, just as Sorix had said, nestled snuggly between two cliffs, is Sølv Huset hot spring.
(Captain) and the crew are surprised at the wealth of facilities at the hot spring and decide to stay awhile.
Everybody slips into the waters of the hot spring apart from one man, Soriz.
Soriz: I'm back! Now, where's that buried treasure… I hope I find you soon, oh beautiful pirate booty….
Soriz: This treasure… it will be as if I found Eldorado! All the effort scrambling in these bushes will be worth it!
Soriz: Oh wait for me, sweet treasure, wait for me…
With the passion of a treasure hunter sparkling like sapphires in his eyes, Soriz climbs the wall of the hot spring.
Soriz: (What's that… I see the shape amid the steam… could it be… a treasure chest?)
???: Hey, could you pass me the soap?
???: Oh sure! Here.
Soriz: …Hey wait, that's… OH NO, MY EYES!
Soriz is shocked by the sight of his friends in the bath, and flings his hands up to cover his eyes, letting go of the wall…
He falls, arms flailing like an octopus, directly into the hot spring, making a huge splash.
Eugen: Hey, who's that! Somebody just jumped into the water!
Jin: Soriz? You're in high spirits, practicing your cannonballs… There are other costumers here you know…
Soriz: (How could I, Soriz, the most keen treasure hunter of them all, mistake a man for a treasure chest…)
Soriz: (It's impossible… I mean… they aren't even remotely the same shape or size…)
Eugen: …Soriz? What are you doing? Hey come up! You're gonna drown if you stay down there much longer! Hey, Soriz!
Eugen: …What? I think he might have drank too much sea water…
Soriz: But… he told me it would be here! But, there's no treasure in sight, only naked men! DAMN YOU ZANZAAAAAA!
Lyria: Hey, is that Soriz's voice?
Vyrn: Hmm? Naa, you must be hearing things…
Lyria: You think? Maybe I imagined it…
Vyrn: Ahhhh, You know, milk tastes best when you've just got out of the bath…
Lyria: Teehee, but it's still not as good as that trollkrabbe! That was the scrummiest thing in the skies!
Vyrn: Yeah, it was delicious, wasn't it… But yanno, I think I've had enough of boats and crabs for now. What about you, (Captain)?
(Captain) nods deeply in agreement, sipping their milk, content in the warm waters of the hot spring.
For the crew, this seemed like the most appropriate way to end their long and turbulent journey to catch a trollkrabbe.
Crabs Ahoy!